Three Cosmic Messages: Earth's Final Conflict

The Seal of God and Mark of the Beast Part 2

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00:41 Welcome! Thank you for joining us again.
00:44 Three Cosmic Messages is a series of presentations
00:48 on the book of Revelation.
00:49 We are actually on #12.
00:51 We have journeyed through the great messages
00:55 of the three angels outlined in Revelation 14:6-12.
01:01 If this your first time with us, be sure to go back and pick up
01:05 and watch the other 11 presentations
01:09 so that you can kind of get caught up where we are.
01:12 There are three messages pictured as being carried
01:16 by angels in mid heaven
01:18 outlined in Revelation 14 verses 6 to 12.
01:22 We are on the last of those three angels' messages
01:26 or the third angel's message.
01:28 That message says, outlined here in Revelation chapter 14
01:32 verse 9: "Then a third angel followed them
01:36 saying with a loud voice: 'If anyone worships the beast
01:40 and his image and receives his mark
01:42 on his forehead or in his hand
01:44 he himself shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God
01:48 which is poured out full strength
01:50 into the cup of His indignation. ' "
01:52 This is a solemn warning from a God
01:57 who has a heart of immense
02:00 infinite incomprehensible love.
02:03 So as we go through this second message on the mark of the beast
02:09 you'll remember that I presented one last time
02:11 and this is the second part of that message...
02:13 a two-part message.
02:15 Remember where the message is coming from.
02:17 It's coming from the heart of One that loves His people
02:21 beyond what we possibly could ever imagine. Let's pray.
02:25 Father in heaven, as we launch into this message
02:28 help it be saturated with, dripping with love.
02:31 Help it be filled with grace.
02:33 But Lord, we know that Your warnings sometimes are
02:36 straight forward... they are urgent.
02:39 You pull the curtain aside and help us see truth from error.
02:42 So help us understand that as we study.
02:45 In Christ's name, Amen.
02:46 The topic of this presentation is:
02:53 These three angels flying in mid heaven
02:56 give God's last message for humanity.
03:00 This message is a message to prepare a people
03:03 to stand when Jesus comes...
03:05 to prepare a people for earth's final crisis.
03:08 A crisis that's going to break upon this world
03:11 as an overwhelming surprise.
03:14 The central issue in this final conflict -
03:17 this age-long controversy between good and evil -
03:19 is over worship.
03:21 This battle began in heaven.
03:32 The creature - the one created by God -
03:36 this angel of dazzling bright- ness that was created perfect
03:40 in the heavenly realms - chose to rebel against God.
03:45 Now how rebellion occurs in a perfect world?
03:48 That's what the Bible calls "the mystery of iniquity. "
03:51 But the Bible tells us what went on behind the scenes,
03:54 what went on in Lucifer's mind.
03:57 That he wanted to rule... wanted to set his throne
04:01 above the throne of God.
04:03 So the issue was one of authority;
04:05 the issue was one of worship and one of obedience.
04:17 In heaven the devil said to the angels:
04:20 "It's not necessary to obey. " One-third of the angels
04:23 accepted his lie and followed his delusions.
04:27 When Lucifer came to earth he said to Eve:
04:31 "Is it necessary to obey?
04:33 Has God said you can't eat of that tree? " And again
04:35 the issue was one of obedience or disobedience.
04:38 Down through the Old Testament and into the New Testament era
04:43 the same issue: obedience, worship, loyalty,
04:47 the authority of God.
04:49 These are great issues in the controversy
04:51 between good and evil and Christ and Satan.
05:00 We do not keep the commandments of God in order to be saved
05:05 but because we ARE saved.
05:07 So our obedience springs from a heart of love.
05:11 We love Him because He first loved us.
05:16 Now who is this beast power? We introduced this last time.
05:20 What is the mark of the beast and what are the real issues
05:23 over worship in the last days of earth's history?
05:26 The beast we pointed out is not a political power
05:30 but it's rather a religious political power
05:34 or a religious counterfeit power.
05:36 We showed that last time.
05:38 It would arise out of Rome.
05:40 The dragon - Satan - working through pagan Rome
05:44 would give the seat of government or authority
05:47 to this new power. That happened with papal Rome.
05:51 It would become a worldwide system of worship.
05:54 That, as well, happened with papal Rome.
05:58 It was described as a blasphemous power.
06:00 Now that seems rather strange.
06:03 Why would a religious power be claimed a blasphemous power?
06:08 You'd think that a blasphemous power would be an atheistic
06:10 power. But that word blasphemy is used to identify
06:15 the beast power and the fallen religious power
06:18 the same as the beast power
06:19 called Babylon or the antichrist.
06:21 Let's look at some of the references in the Bible
06:24 that explain to us the use of this word blasphemy
06:28 and what's it all about.
06:46 Again you have that idea of blasphemy on the name of this
06:50 beast.
06:57 So you have blasphemy associated with the beast power.
07:01 This is true also in Revelation 17 verse 3.
07:08 Remember? We studied that a woman in Bible prophecy
07:11 represents the church. A fallen woman, a harlot woman
07:15 who has left her true lover,
07:17 represents a church in apostasy.
07:19 So this woman, sitting on the scarlet-colored beast,
07:22 the fallen church directing the beast power, the state,
07:27 has a cup full of names of blasphemy.
07:31 Again, blasphemy is associated with the beast,
07:34 with the antichrist, with this fallen power that has
07:38 MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT on her forehead.
07:40 Now how do you define blasphemy?
07:43 Let's go to the Bible.
07:49 Was Jesus a blasphemer?
07:51 Absolutely not! He was all He claimed to be.
07:54 But the Jewish leaders accused Him of blasphemy. Why?
08:09 So any human being that claims the privileges
08:13 and prerogatives of God's equal is guilty of blasphemy.
08:17 Was Jesus a blasphemer? Certainly not!
08:20 Why not? Because He was the divine Son of God
08:23 tabernacled in human flesh.
08:37 In Luke chapter 5 verse 21
08:39 we find another claim by the scribes and Pharisees
08:43 that Jesus was a blasphemer. They said:
08:51 So there are two characteristics of blasphemy,
08:55 two Biblical examples.
09:09 Why so? Why is that so?
09:11 It's because that human being exalts themself above God
09:17 or that human being takes the place of God.
09:20 Does the Roman church that we've identified as this beast power
09:26 growing out of pagan Rome
09:28 and becoming a worldwide system of worship
09:30 does its leader claim the privilege and prerogatives
09:34 of God's equal. Do its priests claim the authority
09:38 to forgive sins?
09:55 Now let's go directly to some church sources.
10:00 If you want to find out anything about an individual organization
10:05 that is true, you should definitely go directly
10:08 to their sources. So let's look at the sources.
10:10 One source written for Catholic priests says this:
10:30 Now this is a Catholic manuscript - Catholic book...
10:34 document - that is saying this. I continue:
10:47 So it's linking Pharisees of the past -
10:52 first century - with what they call Pharisees of today.
10:55 They're asking who can forgive sins?
10:57 Now this is Michael Mueller in the book The Catholic Priest
11:00 printed in Baltimore, Catholic Informata, 1876,
11:05 pages 78 and 79. Now he answers the question this way:
11:13 We go on, though. That's not one isolated statement.
11:17 In the Bible in contrast to that we find:
11:32 See, what led to this idea
11:35 that the Catholic priest was the medium between God and man
11:39 that could forgive sin? The idea was that human beings
11:42 were not righteous enough.
11:44 Human beings were not holy enough.
11:45 We could not approach God so we needed a mediator.
11:48 That idea is true... we ARE unholy.
11:51 We ARE unrighteous. We cannot approach God...
11:54 we need a mediator. But thank God
11:57 there is one Mediator between God and man
12:00 and that is Jesus Christ.
12:02 You know, I mentioned in an earlier presentation that
12:05 I was brought up in a lovely Roman Catholic home.
12:08 And this text means a great deal to me
12:11 because I will never forget the hot July day
12:15 in Norwich, CT, when my mom
12:17 was sitting in the back yard. I had accepted Jesus Christ.
12:21 I had accepted Him as my true Mediator
12:24 but my mother was still locked in many of the superstitions
12:27 and falsehoods of Catholicism.
12:30 And I remember going to her and saying: "Mom, you know
12:33 I was taught from the Catechism by the priest
12:37 that there's one mediator between God and man
12:39 and that's the priest. And I couldn't approach God
12:42 'cause I needed a mediator. But I opened my Bible
12:45 and I read I Timothy chapter 2 verse 5:
12:49 "There is one Mediator between God and man
12:52 Jesus Christ. " And I said: "Mom,
12:54 we have a Mediator and that's Jesus. "
12:57 "Mom, you can kneel by your bed
12:59 and come directly to Jesus. "
13:00 And I can remember her glossy eyes and the little tear that
13:03 came down her cheeks.
13:05 To understand for the first time in her life
13:09 that Jesus was her Redeemer.
13:11 Jesus was her Savior.
13:13 Jesus was the One that could forgive her sins.
13:16 No human being could do that.
13:26 You know, not long ago... In fact, not so many years ago
13:30 in the late 20th century, in the late 1900's... 1984 in fact,
13:35 this is not some ancient document.
13:39 The pope said that there was no forgiveness directly from God.
13:44 We find that as a headline by one of the staff writers
13:47 in the Los Angeles Times.
13:49 "No forgiveness comes directly from God the Pope says. "
13:52 Well, the Bible says something different.
13:54 What does the Bible say?
14:06 If we do the confessing, God will do the forgiving.
14:11 We need a sacrifice. Not the sacrifice of the mass
14:15 but the sacrifice of Christ.
14:17 We need a priest. We cannot come before God
14:20 and Jesus indeed is our Priest.
14:31 In Christ, by Christ, because of Christ
14:35 we are made at one with God.
14:38 He is our dying Lamb.
14:41 He is our living Priest.
14:43 He appears before the very throne of God
14:47 for you and for me.
14:49 But yet the church teaches something quite different
14:55 and amazing. It says:
15:08 Remember one of the definitions of blasphemy
15:11 is when one exalts them self above God or takes
15:17 the privileges and prerogatives of God,
15:20 claims equality with God.
15:22 Notice... I go on reading this statement:
15:47 That's Lucius Ferraris in his article on the Pope
15:51 in Prompta Bibliotheca volume 6. Comes directly from Italy -
15:57 this Catholic document - defining the Pope's role
16:01 as indeed God on earth.
16:19 Pope Leo the XIII also said
16:22 in an Encyclical Letter June 20, 1894:
16:31 So it's very very clear that the papacy
16:35 fits the description of Revelation 13.
17:09 So here Revelation 14
17:13 describes the beast power
17:16 and eventually the mark of the beast.
17:18 Revelation 13 describes the characteristics
17:22 of the beast. II Thessalonians says that
17:25 there would be a power that would rise up claiming
17:28 equality with God. We see that indeed in the Roman system.
18:00 But yet there's another proof... a mathematical proof.
18:14 What does that mean?
18:16 The authority "to continue forty-two months? "
18:20 Well in the Bible as we've studied in this series
18:24 one prophetic day equals one literal year.
18:28 We call that the day/year principle.
18:30 Each prophetic day in the Bible equals a literal year.
18:34 Now that's not every time a day is mentioned in the Bible.
18:37 In the Bible when a day is mentioned it's a day.
18:40 But when you have prophetic beasts...
18:42 when the Bible says: "I stood upon the sand of the sea;
18:44 saw a great beast rise up out of the sea
18:47 and his mouth was a mouth like a lion,
18:50 feet like the feet of a bear
18:51 and he was like a dragon and like a leopard... "
18:57 When you see all of those composite symbols
19:01 then you know that's not a literal animal.
19:03 So when you have symbolic prophecy
19:06 you also have symbolic time periods.
19:10 Now in the Bible one prophetic day as we've mentioned
19:14 equals one literal year. Numbers 14:34 says:
19:24 One prophetic day equals a year.
19:27 Now in Biblical times there were 30 days in a literal month.
19:33 So if you have 42 months where this beast power would reign,
19:37 42 times 30 would equal 1,260 prophetic days
19:43 or 1,260 literal years.
19:55 We didn't begin to develop the 365 and 1/4-day calendar
19:59 till later. So the point is
20:01 they had 30 days often in 12 equal months:
20:06 1,260 years of literal time or 1,260 days
20:11 prophetic time. Now let me give you a little history
20:13 of Christianity... what happened.
20:15 Babylon rules; Medo-Persia rules;
20:17 Greece rules; Rome rules;
20:20 the Roman Empire is broken up.
20:22 As the Roman Empire ruled from 168 BC
20:26 to about 351 AD.
20:28 In the days of Constantine 30 years before that
20:32 when the Barbarian tribes were attacking
20:34 Europe and coming down Christianity is legalized
20:39 by Constantine throughout the empire.
20:41 Now the reason he does that is he wants to unite
20:44 the empire: he wants to unite paganism and Christianity
20:47 so he doesn't lose his empire.
20:49 But as things continue to fall apart
20:52 Constantine moves his capitol
20:54 in AD 330 from Rome to Constantinople
20:59 which is now Istanbul, Turkey.
21:00 As he does that he leaves this leadership vacuum
21:03 in Rome. And the pope then fills this void
21:07 and becomes not only a powerful religious leader
21:10 but a powerful political force to be reckoned with
21:13 in Europe. So for this period of time
21:15 you have the papacy which is strong in its leadership
21:19 and you still have Roman emperors.
21:35 It is in this year that the last of the Barbarian tribes
21:39 who do not accept the papacy are driven out of Rome.
21:43 And in 538 AD the pope becomes the supreme ruler
21:48 of the Roman church and the church throughout Christendom.
21:52 And at that period church and state unite
21:57 and this period called the Dark Ages begins.
22:00 So if this 1,260-year period
22:03 of papal supremacy, of church-state union, begins
22:07 in 538 AD and you go down the timeline 1,260 years
22:10 it would take you to 1798 AD.
22:12 Who was ruling Europe in 1798 AD?
22:16 What did the Bible predict?
22:23 The Bible predicted that the papal power would have a deadly
22:26 wound and go into captivity then in 1798 AD.
22:30 Napoleon is ruling. He looks to the south.
22:33 He sees his rival power in the pope of Rome.
22:36 Sent Berthier, his general, down to Rome in 1797 AD.
22:42 Berthier comes back empty-handed.
22:44 The prophecy wasn't to be fulfilled until 1798 AD.
22:47 1798 AD Berthier returns.
22:50 He takes the pope captive and Pius VI dies in exile
22:53 in Valencia, France, in 1799 AD
22:56 exactly fulfilling the prophecy.
22:59 So as we look at this prophecy what do we see?
23:03 We see a power, the papacy, growing out of pagan Rome.
23:07 We see it becoming a worldwide system of worship.
23:11 We see its priests claiming that they can forgive sins,
23:14 its leader claiming the authority of God,
23:17 and we see it ruling for 1,260 years.
23:20 We see then the papal power going into captivity
23:22 and many people at that time felt that the papacy was dead.
23:25 But the Bible predicted a revival of papal power.
23:29 It predicted at the time of the end
23:32 that once again church and state would unite.
23:34 Do we see that taking place?
23:37 Revelation 13:12 says that the deadly wound would be healed.
23:42 That the papacy would rise again to prominence.
23:46 And today we see that prophecy fulfilled around the world
23:51 as the pope travels the world as an ambassador of peace.
23:56 As he travels the world and thousands and millions gather.
24:01 As political leaders kneel to kiss his ring.
24:05 As he addresses congresses around the world...
24:08 Parliaments around the world.
24:11 As presidents come to greet him with their families.
24:15 As he comes to address even Congress in the United States
24:19 and bless America. The pope has arisen
24:23 as an ambassador of peace. Even atheistic countries
24:28 welcome him there. He is recognized as the moral
24:32 leader of the world.
24:47 With politicians today
24:51 losing the confidence of the population
24:54 with politicians facing moral falls and dishonesty
25:00 with corruption in government
25:02 with the institutions of society failing
25:06 men and women are looking for moral leadership.
25:18 Could it be that the devil himself
25:22 is preparing an amazing deception?
25:26 The word antichrist doesn't mean against Christ
25:29 it means another Christ.
25:30 Could it actually be that the devil is preparing a deception
25:35 where church and state will unite again
25:39 in a time of chaos and calamity where the pope of Rome
25:43 will appear as the moral leader of the world?
25:47 Where human decrees and commands will be passed
25:51 compelling worship?
25:57 ... the devil is planning one of his greatest deceptions
26:00 for humanity.
26:05 ... there is the need for moral leadership.
26:14 ... and certainly in a world where pandemics run wild
26:18 and viruses seem to be out of control
26:21 threatening the lives of millions
26:24 there is the need for somebody to step forward.
26:27 There is the need for moral leadership in our world.
26:30 At a time of economic crisis where the world's economy
26:34 hangs on a slender thread
26:36 there is the need for moral leadership.
26:38 And what does the Bible predict?
26:40 The Bible predicts that the solution to the problems
26:44 of this world is not a human being in a church/state union
26:49 but it is rather the coming of the Prince of Peace!
26:52 There will never be peace on earth until the Prince of Peace
26:55 comes: the leader that we are looking for.
26:58 The true moral leader is Jesus Christ!
27:01 He is the Blessed Hope of the world!
27:03 He is the One that will come as King of kings
27:05 and Lord of lords.
27:07 He is the One who will stream down the corridors of time.
27:10 Every human leader will let us down.
27:12 Every human leader will fail us
27:14 but there is One that will never fail us!
27:16 He is the One that came... tabernacled in human flesh.
27:20 He is the One that defeated Satan.
27:22 He is the One that died on the cross.
27:24 He is the One that rose from the dead.
27:26 He is the One that intercedes in heaven.
27:28 He is our Lord and Savior that will come
27:30 in the clouds of heaven.
27:32 Now what vehicle do you think the devil might suggest
27:36 to unify society?
27:38 What vehicle might the beast power use
27:41 to unite the entire world?
27:45 Maybe history will give us a lesson.
27:51 The Roman Empire was crumbling
27:54 and as it was Constantine - the pagan Roman emperor -
27:59 tried to unite church and state.
28:07 I wonder: in a world that has a shaky foundation,
28:12 in a world that is falling apart
28:14 could it possibly be that the world, at a time of
28:19 economic political crisis,
28:22 natural disasters... At a time with the threat of thermonuclear
28:27 war and viruses and pandemics,
28:30 at a time of such uncertainty,
28:32 could it be that men and women would turn to religion
28:36 as the savior of the world?
28:38 That happened back in the days of Constantine.
28:41 But something more specific.
28:43 Constantine attempted to blend pagan ideas
28:48 and ideas from Christianity.
28:51 And one of those things that he attempted to do
28:54 was establish a common day of worship
28:59 as a day of rest and peace for the world.
29:51 And a common day of worship
29:53 could be the very strategy that Satan is using
29:58 at a time of enormous crisis in an attempt to unite the world.
30:31 How did this change of the Bible Sabbath ever take place?
30:34 It took place in the early centuries
30:36 through amalgamation... union of church and state...
30:40 where pagan practices were brought in.
30:42 That's how it took place.
30:44 And the church actually acknowledges this.
31:12 See, the church changed the Sabbath -
31:14 falsely - from the seventh day of the week
31:17 that was written with the finger of God on the tables of stone
31:21 never to be changed and God said: "Remember it. "
31:22 The church changed it in the early centuries
31:25 to accommodate paganism
31:27 in a divided empire that was falling apart.
31:30 Could that ever happen again? We shall see.
31:34 Now notice: this statement goes on:
31:53 So the beast power that rose out of Rome
31:58 is identified as the papacy... the Roman church.
32:01 Not certainly an individual pope
32:03 but the system that grew out of there.
32:06 Are there many Roman Catholics that love Christ? There are.
32:09 Are there many that have never heard these things...
32:11 some possibly watching this broadcast?
32:14 Absolutely! Certainly!
32:16 Do they have the mark of the beast today? Definitely not.
32:19 Nobody today has the mark of the beast.
32:22 What does Revelation 14 predict?
32:25 Revelation 14 is God's final call
32:28 to come out of every law-breaking church.
32:31 Revelation 14 is God's appeal
32:34 NOT TO receive the mark of the beast.
32:36 It comes from the heart of a loving God...
32:39 a heart of God that overflows with love for you and for me.
32:43 The heart of a God that wants you saved.
32:45 The heart of a God that wants you with Him in eternity
32:48 more than anything else.
32:50 The mark of the beast is the change of the Sabbath
32:54 substituting man's authority for God's authority.
32:59 So the issue is much more than the issue of a day.
33:04 Some people say to me: "What difference does a day make? "
33:07 It's the issue of authority.
33:10 Does any human power have the authority to change
33:13 the very law of God?
33:15 It's an issue of worship.
33:17 Who do we worship: the Creator or the creature?
33:22 Whose laws are supreme?
33:24 The laws of man or the laws of God?
33:51 Pope Benedict XVI on June 6, 2012 said this...
33:57 You say: "Well how could that ever happen? "
33:59 Look at this encyclical. He says:
34:06 And then he goes on to say:
34:23 So here the pope of Rome is suggesting
34:26 that Sunday should be a day off.
34:29 It should be a day for social interaction.
34:32 He even says it should be a day for nations to rest
34:37 so the earth can rest in a time of climate change.
34:41 He also says it should be a day with our families
34:44 and a day of worship.
34:46 So the pope, who is emerging as the great moral leader
34:50 of the world at a time of insecurity and international
34:54 crisis suggests that Sunday, the first day of the week,
34:57 can be one of those vehicles that unites all humanity.
35:03 He goes on to say:
35:06 The Bible says that the Sabbath is the Lord's day.
35:09 Mark chapter 22 verses 27-28 it says:
35:12 "The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath. "
35:14 Luke chapter 6 verse 5 says "The Son of Man
35:16 is Lord of the Sabbath. "
35:18 Matthew 12:8 says "The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath. "
35:20 I go on with the quote:
35:32 So the pope presents the Sabbath
35:34 that he calls Sunday... the Sunday Sabbath,
35:37 not the true Bible Sabbath...
35:38 but he presents that as a day of freedom.
35:42 So the idea is the whole world unites
35:45 and there is freedom for everybody.
35:48 Freedom from work... freedom to be with your family.
35:52 Freedom to worship God.
35:54 What about those that eventually conscientiously
35:58 could not go along?
36:00 Ellen White in the book Great Controversy pages 592 and onward
36:04 makes this observation.
36:06 She really echoes the words of Revelation 13
36:11 about the beast and no man being able to buy or sell.
36:14 She expands on that. She says:
37:06 Isn't this exactly what Revelation 13 says?
37:09 It says unless they receive the mark of the beast
37:11 they cannot buy; they cannot sell.
37:15 That eventually a death decree will hang over their head.
37:18 But God's people will be sealed for eternity.
37:22 In this time of crisis rather than accepting
37:26 the mark of human authority,
37:28 rather than accepting a false Sabbath,
37:32 God's people indeed will be sealed for eternity.
37:44 In the heart of those commandments is God's seal.
37:55 Every king would have his seal.
37:58 Every political leader would have their seal
38:02 and when they stamped that seal they stamped authenticity
38:06 upon a document. The seal indicated that the document
38:11 was genuine.
38:25 The seal in essence had to identify the one
38:31 whose authority it was.
38:41 So God's seal is found in the heart of His law.
38:47 In Exodus 20:8, 9, 11 we find that the Sabbath -
38:51 right in the center of God's law -
38:54 has the identifying characteristics of the seal.
39:10 He is our sealer.
39:13 He is the One who has authority. He's the Lord.
39:16 He is the Maker of heavens and earth.
39:19 That's His title: the Maker of heavens and earth.
39:21 The Creator. And what did He create?
39:23 Here's His territory:
39:30 Let's look at it this way. Here are the elements
39:32 of the authentic seal found in the heart of God's law:
39:49 So here in the book of Revelation
39:51 there are two worships: worship of the Creator,
39:55 coming and worshiping Him on the Sabbath,
39:58 entering into that Sabbath rest,
40:01 resting from our works trusting in His,
40:04 resting in His grace, resting in the One that made us,
40:07 having a sense that we're not some speck of cosmic dust
40:11 but He created us, He made us, He fashioned us.
40:14 We are anchored in Him.
40:17 We are sons and daughters of the King of the universe,
40:20 the Creator. We rest in the fact He created us.
40:23 We rest in the fact that He redeemed us.
40:26 We rest in the fact that He's coming again for us.
40:29 True Sabbath worship is worship of the Creator.
40:32 But there's also worship of the beast. The acceptance
40:35 of a counterfeit Sabbath that's a substitute
40:38 that came into the church in the time of compromise
40:42 that will be a vehicle of unity in the last days
40:45 with a church/state union.
40:57 Now notice: the seal is received only in the forehead.
41:00 Why? Because the forehead is a symbol of reason.
41:04 It's a symbol of conscience; it's a symbol of judgment.
41:07 It's a symbol of the freedom of choice.
41:09 God never coerces. The devil either deceives you
41:12 by putting the mark of the beast in the forehead
41:14 or he deceives you by putting it on your hand.
41:17 That is to say he pressures you... he coerces you.
41:20 But God never pressures the seal of God,
41:23 So the plagues do not fall on the earth -
41:27 the seven last plagues - until the message of God goes out
41:30 leading men and women back to Jesus,
41:33 leading them to the authority of Scripture,
41:36 leading them to worship Him as Creator.
42:11 ... to accept the mark of the beast
42:14 through an economic boycott or the threat of death.
42:30 ... undermine the authority of the Creator.
42:38 Satan hates the Creator. He hates the fact that Jesus
42:42 can create and he cannot.
42:44 And so he's attacked Christ, he's attacked the Creator.
42:47 He's attacked the authority of creation.
42:50 The great controversy between good and evil will bring
42:53 all humanity to a test, and that's what these three cosmic
42:57 messages are about. They're messages of love
43:00 to your heart and to mine
43:03 by a God that wants you with Him forever.
43:14 ... and we open our hearts to serve Him as our Lord.
43:42 Church and state will unite.
43:46 Like in the days of Constantine
43:49 like in the days of the Dark Ages
43:52 the powerful church will superimpose
43:57 its laws on humanity.
44:01 State powers, government powers, political powers
44:05 desiring to forego a crisis
44:08 with this world falling apart
44:10 thinking indeed that if they unify
44:15 God's blessing will be upon the world.
44:19 Satan fuels this false revival with counterfeit miracles.
44:24 The sick are miraculously healed.
44:27 Now God's going to work miracles at the time of the end.
44:30 Don't misunderstand me.
44:31 But the devil is going to use false miracles.
44:35 How do you tell the difference between the false and the true?
44:38 In genuine miracles we are always led back to obedience.
44:43 In false miracles men and women are led to be emboldened
44:47 in disobedience... disobedience to the laws of health
44:52 in every nerve and tissue in their body.
44:53 Disobedience to the law of God including the Sabbath.
44:57 Genuine miracles lead us to allegiance to God
45:00 and accept His authority in genuine obedience.
45:03 False miracles lead us to be emboldened
45:05 in the sensational caught up in the miraculous
45:11 rather than the clear teachings of the living Word of God.
45:16 God is looking for a group of people
45:19 who demonstrate the triumph of His grace.
45:23 In the darkest hours of earth's history
45:26 the light of Jesus' grace is going to shine thru His people.
45:29 In the most fierce times of persecution
45:32 just like Jesus on the cross trusted the Father in darkness
45:36 they - through their faith of Jesus living in their hearts -
45:41 because their faith in Christ brings the faith OF Christ
45:45 into their lives. Because the spirit of Christ
45:48 lives within them they are strengthened and empowered.
45:52 It is written of this group of people in Rev. 14 verse 12:
46:05 They are God's honor convoy.
46:09 They are God's light in a world of darkness.
46:12 They are God's people.
46:15 A number of years ago, 1741,
46:20 you remember the story of the writing of Handel's Messiah.
46:26 You may have at Christmas time or some other time
46:30 of the year listened to that fabulous, fabulous
46:34 orchestra rendition with the choruses and the choirs
46:40 singing Handel's Messiah.
46:43 And your heart thrills with that, but you may not be aware
46:46 of the story behind the writing
46:51 of Handel's Messiah.
46:53 At the time that Handel wrote the Messiah
46:56 he was quite discouraged.
46:59 In fact, he was quite depressed.
47:04 He was bankrupt or near bankrupt.
47:07 He had a few dollars left but very very little.
47:11 The creditors were coming after him.
47:14 He was right on the verge of bankruptcy.
47:18 His health had really broken;
47:20 he hadn't had much success in the last musical scores
47:24 that he wrote. He was about ready to give up.
47:28 But as he was he began to think of Jesus
47:33 and he read the book of Revelation.
47:35 And as he read the book of Revelation
47:38 he was impressed with Revelation 11 verse 15.
47:50 In the darkness that comes in the future
47:53 when we hang on by faith in the time of greatest challenges
47:58 this promise will inspire our hearts as it inspired Handel's
48:02 heart: "The kingdoms of this world have become
48:04 the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ
48:07 and He shall reign forever and ever. "
48:09 Handel continued to read
48:10 and he read Revelation 19:6.
48:23 You remember that from Handel's Messiah.
48:25 "Alleluia! The Lord our God omnipotent reigns! "
48:30 When the beast power enforces his will upon humanity
48:34 we can sense that we are on the winning side.
48:39 That the power of the living Christ will deliver us
48:42 and one day He will reign.
48:43 Handel read further:
48:50 He then began to write, and as he wrote
48:54 it was as if his pen was divinely guided...
48:58 and it was! When one of his associates
49:02 a servant came in after Handel had finished the Messiah
49:06 in a very short amount of time George Frideric Handel's
49:12 head was in his hands.
49:14 He looked up with tears coming down his face and he said:
49:24 Jesus comes. He streams down the corridors of the sky.
49:28 One day you and I WILL see the face of God.
49:31 Hang on, my brother! Hang on, my sister!
49:34 Maybe for you the time of trouble is right now.
49:37 Maybe for you the time of trouble is in your home.
49:40 Maybe for you the time of trouble is with your health.
49:42 Maybe for you the time of trouble is with your finances.
49:46 But you're going through sometime of trouble right now!
49:49 And you might say to me: "Pastor, don't talk to me about
49:52 a future time of trouble because I'm overwhelmed now. "
49:54 One day Jesus will come.
49:56 Look beyond what is to what will be.
49:58 Look beyond the darkness to the light that is dawning
50:01 in your life through Christ right now.
50:03 Cling to the promise. This life is not all there is.
50:07 Jesus Christ is coming again!
50:09 He WILL stream down the corridors of time.
50:12 He IS our Blessed Hope.
50:14 Listen as Charles comes and sings
50:19 a song about the return of Jesus.
50:23 The Savior can't be far away!
50:25 The signs of the times all indicate that.
50:28 The signs of the times are revealing
50:31 that we are headed for crisis.
50:33 But the message of the 3 angels speaks to this generation.
50:36 It calls us to prepare for the soon coming of Christ.
50:39 It calls us on our knees; it calls us to seek God.
50:43 It calls us to open our hearts to His grace.
50:45 It calls us to receive His power.
50:47 It calls us to the faith of Jesus. Listen as Charles sings:
50:57 There'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes;
51:02 there'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes;
51:07 there'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes
51:11 to gather His loved ones home.
51:16 To gather His loved ones home;
51:20 to gather His loved ones home...
51:25 there'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes
51:29 to gather His loved ones home.
51:34 There'll be no more sorrow when Jesus comes;
51:38 there'll be no more sorrow when Jesus comes
51:43 but a glorious morrow when Jesus comes
51:48 to gather His loved ones home.
51:52 To gather His loved ones home;
51:56 to gather His loved ones home...
52:01 There'll be no more sorrow when Jesus comes
52:06 to gather His loved ones home.
52:10 And there'll be songs of greeting when Jesus comes;
52:15 there'll be songs of greeting when Jesus comes
52:19 and a joyful meeting when Jesus comes
52:24 to gather His loved ones home.
52:28 To gather His loved ones home;
52:32 to gather His loved ones home...
52:37 there'll be songs of greeting
52:40 when Jesus comes to gather His loved ones home.
52:46 Now there'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes;
52:51 there'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes;
52:55 there'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes
53:00 to gather His loved ones home.
53:04 To gather His loved ones home;
53:09 to gather His loved ones home;
53:13 there'll be no dark valley when Jesus comes
53:18 to gather His loved ones home...
53:22 to gather His loved ones
53:27 home!
53:35 And that's why He's coming:
53:38 to gather His loved ones home.
53:41 Jesus is lonely without you.
53:46 Heaven would be a lonely place for Him
53:48 if you were not there.
53:51 There's a place in His heart only for you.
53:55 You say: "Mark, how can that be true?
53:58 Seven billion people on earth
54:01 clawing at one another for living space.
54:03 How can it be true
54:05 that there's a place in Jesus' heart only for me? "
54:11 Are you a mother or a father?
54:14 Do you have one child? Two children? Three children?
54:18 Let's suppose tragically so
54:22 that you lost a child.
54:25 Do the other two's love make up for the one you lost?
54:30 If you had five children and one child died,
54:33 would the love of four make up for the one that died?
54:37 That one that died is special.
54:40 That one that died has a place in your heart
54:44 that nobody else can fill.
54:48 But who is it that put in the heart of a father or a mother
54:54 the capacity to love
54:57 two children, three children, five or seven or eight?
55:00 Who did that? It is God.
55:02 And in God's heart there's a heart of infinite love.
55:07 There is an ocean of love in God's heart.
55:10 And the God that placed in a mother's heart the ability
55:16 to love two children or three or more
55:20 has in His heart the capacity
55:23 to love an infinite amount.
55:25 And if you're not there,
55:27 He's going to miss you forever.
55:29 The reason He gave these three cosmic messages,
55:33 the reason He gave them in Revelation,
55:36 is because He knew in the last generation
55:40 you would be there.
55:42 In His foreknowledge and His wisdom He saw you.
55:46 And He's appealing to you to step out and follow Him.
55:50 This may be new for you,
55:53 but He invites you today to step out from the majority
55:57 and follow Him. You may be an Adventist
56:01 and have heard these messages before
56:04 but there's some decision God wants you to make.
56:07 It's not only intellectual material for our minds...
56:10 it's for our heart. It's the message of Christ
56:14 to change our life.
56:16 Is there some cherished idol in your life?
56:19 Some sin you've been clinging to?
56:21 Some habit you've not given up?
56:23 The appeal of God is to worship the Creator
56:28 and find power in Him to overcome. Let's pray:
56:32 Father in heaven, we come to You just now.
56:37 We come from varied backgrounds,
56:38 we come from different understandings
56:41 but Lord... we come.
56:42 We come to You as our Creator
56:44 and ask you to re-create our hearts.
56:46 We come to You as our Redeemer
56:48 asking You to give us peace and grace and forgiveness.
56:52 We come to You in hope of the coming King
56:55 and we long to be caught up with You and meet You in the air
56:58 and live with You forever.
56:59 In Jesus' name, Amen.
57:01 May the grace of Christ and the power of Christ
57:06 and the love of Christ daily fill your life
57:11 until He comes again in Jesus' name is my prayer.


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