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00:31 Welcome to The Creator Revealed.
00:33 I'm Tim Standish, and I'm a scientist.
00:37 I work at the Geoscience Research Institute
00:40 in Loma Linda, California.
00:43 I am also a Christian.
00:47 That means that I believe the Bible,
00:49 and I believe the account of creation
00:54 that's recorded in the Bible.
00:55 Amen.
00:57 And we have enjoyed so much the knowledge
00:59 that you have shared with us during the series.
01:03 This is something that,
01:05 you know, when we all encounter people
01:08 who believe differently than we do.
01:10 But when you encounter someone like that,
01:13 how do you share these beautiful evidences
01:18 of the biblical creation?
01:21 That is really a very tough question.
01:24 And it's one that obviously I've struggled with a lot
01:27 because I have many friends,
01:30 and I've had colleagues over the years
01:32 who have very different views about origins.
01:38 But the first question I think we need to address
01:40 is why would we bother to tell them.
01:43 What's so important about this?
01:45 So let's turn to the Bible because it actually gives us
01:49 the reason.
01:51 This is Revelation 14:6 and 7,
01:54 it's probably a familiar text to many people.
01:56 But I want you to look at specifically
01:59 what is telling believers to do.
02:03 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
02:07 having the everlasting gospel."
02:09 So hey, this is important.
02:11 This is the everlasting gospel and what is to be done with it?
02:14 It's "to be preached to all those who dwell
02:18 on the earth to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people."
02:25 Wow, that's everyone, this is it.
02:29 This is the one.
02:30 I know that when I was young,
02:32 I heard people talking about the gospel and I'd asked them,
02:35 "What is the gospel?"
02:36 And usually, it was, "Well, Jesus died on the cross.
02:39 So, you know, we've been saved from our sins,"
02:41 and that is the gospel without a doubt.
02:45 But here, it's coming at it
02:47 from a little bit of a different angle.
02:49 It's one that I as a scientist can actually understand,
02:54 hopefully, reasonably well.
02:56 So I read this text to this point
03:00 and it's gotten me quite excited.
03:01 Okay, here it is.
03:03 And this angel is saying with a loud voice,
03:07 "Fear God and give glory to Him,
03:10 for the hour of His judgment has come, and..."
03:13 Oh, dear me, if it's stopped there,
03:15 I would be thinking, "Ooh, that's pretty bad news.
03:18 Judgment, I don't like that."
03:20 But remember,
03:22 we're talking about God's judgment here.
03:23 This is righteous judgment.
03:25 This is not arbitrary judgment.
03:28 God is not wanting to come and destroy His creation.
03:34 Actually, God's judgment is the restoration
03:37 of His creation.
03:39 Amen.
03:40 This is an amazing...
03:41 this is fabulous, good news.
03:43 And...
03:44 And He judges in favor of the saints.
03:45 Precisely. Precisely.
03:47 And it goes on,
03:48 and it tells us this is what we should be doing.
03:51 It says, "Worship Him who made heaven and earth,
03:57 the sea and the springs of water."
04:00 So this is it.
04:03 This is the everlasting gospel that we as Christians,
04:05 all of us, have been called to preach to all the world,
04:10 and as we can see,
04:11 at its very core, is the creation.
04:14 Amen.
04:16 Worship of the Creator God who is coming back
04:18 to do a new creation here.
04:22 It's fabulous, fabulous news.
04:25 To me, understanding the Creator
04:28 that God is it helps us understand...
04:30 I mean, if we understand his character,
04:32 we understand creation better.
04:34 But if we understand creation,
04:36 we understand his character better
04:38 because His invisible attributes
04:41 are shown in the things that He has created.
04:43 The creation is such a powerfully beautiful thing.
04:46 Who wouldn't want to share it?
04:48 And who wouldn't want to worship a God like that.
04:50 I know, it's amazing.
04:52 So what I've got here are six things that we can do.
04:57 Okay.
04:59 That I believe will be helpful as we seek to share
05:03 this wonderful truth with the world.
05:06 Number one,
05:08 only ever speak on subjects you know more about
05:14 than the person you wish to convince.
05:17 In other words...
05:19 In other words, Shelley Quinn,
05:21 don't go to a geologist with his PhD,
05:26 who is an atheist and try to explain
05:29 everything to him when he knows more than I.
05:31 Exactly. Okay.
05:33 Exactly.
05:34 What we have, all of us, is a testimony.
05:38 And that testimony is unquestionable,
05:41 that is your experience.
05:43 So you certainly have that.
05:47 But also, you know, for example,
05:49 if you're a pastor
05:50 or you're a student of the Bible,
05:52 it is highly probable
05:54 that you know more about the Bible
05:56 than the person that you're sharing it with.
05:59 You know, be a source of information
06:02 that that person is not already expert in.
06:06 Be helpful in that way.
06:08 Don't come in and try to pretend that
06:10 you know more about their area of specialty
06:12 than they do.
06:14 That's simply not going to work.
06:16 It's a temptation sometimes, but don't do that.
06:21 You will lose, then you will not honor Christ.
06:24 Now I want to give this quotation here,
06:28 from Charles Darwin,
06:29 as an example of something
06:31 that anybody should be able to spot.
06:33 Hey, this is...
06:35 there are areas
06:36 where you may not be a scientist.
06:38 But as you see statements like this,
06:41 all Christians should be able to recognize what it is.
06:45 So let me read it and tell you about it.
06:46 So Darwin wrote,
06:48 "I would give absolutely nothing
06:51 for the theory of Natural Selection
06:53 if it requires miraculous additions
06:55 at any one stage of descent."
06:58 And...
06:59 So Darwin would not approve of progressive creationism,
07:04 the idea that God created
07:07 or he put the materials out there,
07:09 then he let something developed and he did a miracle
07:12 and he let something develop?
07:14 No. No, he doesn't.
07:15 He is a materialist.
07:16 Can you see
07:18 that it is his materialistic philosophy,
07:20 this is a religious belief that Darwin is expressing here,
07:24 we should be able to recognize that
07:25 this is not science.
07:27 I mean, if we observe a miracle,
07:29 we should be able to document that as scientists.
07:32 Why?
07:34 Why would we not be...
07:35 Who?
07:36 Where does this arbitrary rule come from?
07:38 That is philosophy or religion.
07:40 Okay. It's not science.
07:42 So we should be able to tell the difference
07:43 at least to some degree,
07:46 perhaps not 100% of the time.
07:47 But this is an example.
07:48 So as we talk about these things,
07:50 keep an eye out for that.
07:52 Don't try to argue about the science
07:53 that you probably know less about.
07:56 But certainly you can spot the religion in there.
07:58 Okay.
07:59 Because we are religious people.
08:01 We believe the Bible, we're Christians.
08:03 A second recommendation that I would make,
08:05 get your facts straight and then stick with them.
08:08 Stick with the facts.
08:11 Don't go in with some half-baked crazy theory.
08:16 And hyperbole.
08:17 Exactly. Yeah.
08:19 If you hear somebody who,
08:21 you know, sounds like they're making
08:23 really dramatic claims and things,
08:25 check, double-check, triple-check those,
08:28 make sure that's really true because if you go in there
08:32 and you have your facts wrong,
08:35 I'm afraid you're going to lose your credibility.
08:38 And that loses your ability to share Christ with people.
08:44 You know, the Bible talks about this sort of thing.
08:46 Lying lips, even if it's unintentional,
08:48 "Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,
08:51 but those who deal truthfully are His delight."
08:54 So these are things that the Bible actually
08:57 lays out for us as well.
08:59 Better to keep silent than to say something
09:02 that turns out to not be true.
09:08 Number three, avoid speculation.
09:12 You know, the world is full of people
09:15 who are speculating about everything all the time.
09:19 It seems to be the hobby of choice.
09:21 That's right.
09:22 We're Christians.
09:24 We like facts.
09:25 We like reality.
09:27 We don't have to make up stories and speculative things.
09:31 We don't have to have imaginary extra universes
09:34 and stuff like that.
09:35 When you...
09:37 You know, I see people doing it on a regular basis.
09:40 And generally speaking,
09:42 these speculations are the filling gaps
09:45 where there are questions.
09:47 Some questions actually we do not have answers to.
09:51 We don't know everything, neither does anybody else.
09:56 If somebody is acting like they know everything,
09:58 they are simply ignorant themselves
10:02 or they're trying to trade on your ignorance.
10:04 Makes me think Proverbs 4:18,
10:06 "But the path of the righteous grows brighter
10:08 and brighter until the coming day."
10:11 So we're in a continual learning process,
10:14 and to act like we have all the truth
10:15 or know everything is wrong.
10:17 That would be absolutely wrong.
10:20 Here, Paul writes about this,
10:21 "Let no one deceive you with empty words,
10:24 for because of these things the wrath of God
10:26 comes upon the sons of disobedience."
10:29 We should not be deceitful, or speculative,
10:32 or use empty words
10:34 to try to convince other people,
10:35 it's no better going either way.
10:38 Number four, seek to understand what's holding the person back
10:42 from believing.
10:43 It's almost never the science.
10:45 So let me let me just point this out.
10:47 Scientists are human beings.
10:49 Here's a wonderful quote, this is from a philosopher,
10:53 I believe.
10:54 It's not recent, but still it's true.
10:56 Human nature doesn't change.
10:59 He wrote, "It is a form of scientific idolatry
11:03 supposing that scientists are entirely free
11:05 from the passions that direct men's actions,
11:08 and we should have little patience with it."
11:11 Scientists are human.
11:13 So let's look at an example of this
11:17 in Charles Darwin's writing.
11:18 This is in his autobiography, he writes,
11:22 "I can indeed hardly see how anyone ought
11:26 to wish Christianity to be true,
11:29 for if so the plain language of the text seems to show
11:33 that the men who do not believe,
11:34 and this would include my Father,
11:36 Brother and almost all my friends,
11:39 will be everlasting punished.
11:41 And this is a damnable doctrine."
11:45 And, you know, I have to agree with him
11:48 with the final sentence at least,
11:51 that teaching and it is in air and I grew up believing that
11:57 we were going to be burned for forever.
12:00 And it wasn't until I did deep Bible study on this
12:04 and realized the truth, God isn't like that.
12:08 God is not like that.
12:09 We have a beautiful, wonderful God to share.
12:11 Not a God who is wanting to throw us into hell of fire
12:14 and burn us there for eternity.
12:15 And that's pretty clear in the scriptures.
12:18 Darwin was taught that falsehood,
12:21 but it put fear into him.
12:24 And I will tell you that I encounter people
12:26 all the time who throw out this very argument.
12:29 Absolutely.
12:30 It's not logical. Almost every atheist.
12:33 It is not logical.
12:34 Yeah. Okay.
12:35 If that God exists, man,
12:37 you better sit up and take notice.
12:39 But this is not the God of the Bible.
12:42 Amen. Amen.
12:44 Number five, do not argue to show that you're right
12:46 and the other person is wrong.
12:47 I mean, come on...
12:50 Christianity is about love and humility.
12:54 And we're trying to save these people,
12:56 not make them look foolish.
12:57 And I chose to illustrate this.
12:59 Ephesians 4:14 and15,
13:01 "We should no longer be children,
13:04 tossed to and fro and carried about
13:05 with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men,
13:08 in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting,
13:12 but, speaking the truth in love,
13:17 may grow up in all things into Him
13:20 who is the head, Christ."
13:23 This is what...
13:24 you know, this is what we're trying
13:26 to do as Christians,
13:27 we're not trying to make ourselves look smarter
13:29 or more correct than everyone else.
13:31 And finally, I encourage people to share what is beautiful
13:36 about the creation
13:37 and encourage contemplation of this,
13:39 rather than fixating on questions
13:42 for which there is no answer.
13:43 There are plenty
13:45 of unanswered questions out there.
13:47 We'll find answers to many of them.
13:49 We'll have to wait until Jesus comes.
13:50 Yes. Yes, we do.
13:52 But there are profound,
13:55 beautiful truths in scripture that we have to share.
13:58 And those truths are evident
14:03 in the Bible as well.
14:06 That's what we have to share.
14:08 Let's share that glorious truth.
14:10 Great advice. Great advice.
14:12 And as Paul told Timothy,
14:14 when someone disagrees with you,
14:16 you must gently instruct in hopes
14:18 that God will give them a change of heart.
14:21 Please stay tuned.
14:22 We'll be back in just a moment with a special guest.


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