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00:11 >> Welcome back to our Thursday night Live. We're so blessed to
00:14 be able to bringing to you tonight. Eldred Ted Wilson and
00:18 his precious wife, Nancy Elder. Ted Wilson, of course, is the
00:21 General Conference president of 7th Day Adventists and his wife
00:25 is a wonderful helpmate to him. And I could so encourage you to
00:29 have a new Guinea. And Doctor Yvonne, the first hour is weak.
00:32 Look at the biblical understanding of the word of
00:35 God and the relevancy for us today. And we look at the Imp
00:39 Horton's of Understanding Christ, our righteousness,
00:43 both to justify us and to sanctify us to give us victory
00:46 over thin. And the stories the first hour of the evangelistic
00:50 trip. You all just took an Africa coming back from that
00:54 that encourages me and energizes me and wants me to go
00:58 to be a part of the blessing is on the going to share the
01:02 gospel. So I'm looking forward to the second hour.
01:04 >> Yeah, absolutely. No. Doctor Vaughn's to Danny Joe
01:07 Wilson misses Wilson total member involvement. Yes,
01:11 our full isn't doctor evil. It is because, you know,
01:13 again, I I like it's good to go to Web sites and have all
01:16 organized there. But like Missus, Wilson mentioned,
01:18 it's like, Okay, you don't need a website. Just look around
01:20 your sphere could be the grocery store, the gas station
01:23 attendant, whoever apps you can make a difference.
01:25 >> Absolutely. That's the beauty of it, though. You don't
01:28 have to be some theological expert. You can just you.
01:34 And as as Wilson said, our job is not to convict. That's the
01:38 Holy Spirit shot. Our job is just to spread the word and to
01:42 be available to spread the word. And so, I mean, I just
01:45 think it's beautiful and we can do that with just with our
01:49 sphere of influence, our families, our neighbors,
01:52 our friends, or even acquaintances. People in
01:55 hospitals are wherever that it's we can do that. And it's
02:00 not a big it's not hard difficult thing to do.
02:03 >> I don't think so much ever be too old or too young.
02:06 So sometimes some may say, well, I can't make a
02:08 difference. What yes, you can thinking about here in my
02:11 Bible. I have this I think is you still do my bill to see
02:15 this?
02:16 See this little sticker to little Penguin sticker right
02:19 here. This is of a little child. The came along, and I
02:22 knew that didn't have very much. And they gave me their
02:24 little sticker on a trip one time and gave me the little
02:27 sticker. And, you know, that just made a difference in my
02:29 life to just like they're willing to give. They're
02:31 unselfish, too, like, hey, this is what I have. You pie like my
02:35 stick around to give him a little penguin stickers.
02:37 All you know that we can there be to be too young to old.
02:39 You can make a difference. Like you mentioned. You don't
02:41 have to have a massive theology degree.
02:43 >> You can make a difference in somebody's life. That's you
02:45 know, I'm very thankful for elder Wilson and Nancy to make
02:50 themselves available. That's right. Because we need to here
02:55 the vision and we we need to know that God is still in
02:59 charge that they're still you can tell is not just reading
03:03 this need. Both of them is coming from their heart and
03:06 evangelism is what it's all about. An and said for a long
03:10 time for mine and they are vocabulary. Mine was never that
03:13 big anyway. But it's getting down to one word evangelism
03:17 event. Yeah. Evangelism. So thank you for your vision
03:22 for your hard work that you do your schedule. I don't know how
03:25 you keep up with it. I don't think I could but praise the
03:28 lard dollar done. An incredible job and thank you for casting
03:32 the vision is that every 7th Day Adventist Church member
03:35 around the world. Yes.
03:37 >> That man shifting gears here. I I think we started the
03:42 program at the top of the first hour with talking about the
03:45 urgency of the times that we live in that we're living in
03:48 the last days of hers history. And in the last days we're
03:52 going to see sin become more open sin become more rampant.
03:58 We're going to see things that we wouldn't have seen so many
04:01 years ago. Now, I'm I would consider myself middle aged
04:05 and this is something that I had not seen even in my younger
04:09 years. And those of you watching might say, Joe,
04:10 you're still young and I rethink that. Haha, I remember
04:14 him saying even 20 years ago,
04:16 I'm now you see e-mails with tag lines that say he pins
04:22 or sometimes they say
04:24 they and them. We see the understanding of sexuality
04:30 change
04:31 and more. And the world I grew up in even 2030, 40 years ago
04:38 is vastly different than the world we see in these on time.
04:41 So talk to us other Wilson and sister Nancy, about a biblical
04:45 understanding of human sexuality. What does that look
04:50 like in these last 8?
04:53 >> Well, that of course, is a huge subject and a very
04:57 delicate one and a challenging one. And we need to get into
05:02 that and understand it from a biblical perspective. Just
05:06 before I do that, I just want to comment. Danny said he
05:10 didn't know how we got
05:13 handle all the travel and the challenges and all this kind of
05:17 thing. And let me just tell you, it is only by the grace of
05:20 God and leaning on him in prayer
05:24 that we get through anything that we face. And we just
05:28 praise God, we're living witnesses. If we can say it
05:32 that way. And you are to all of us as to what God can do
05:36 through an individual. If you are completely committed to
05:41 him, he will carry you through. I face all kinds of
05:45 unbelievable challenges. Different situations a night
05:49 sometimes tell Nancy, well, I don't know exactly what's going
05:52 to happen, but let's just trust. And then afterwards,
05:55 I said, why did I ever doubt why did I ever wonder if the
05:58 Lord was going carry us through because he just carries us
06:02 through and you I get this impression from the Lord.
06:05 I will carry you through, but you've got to lean on him.
06:09 And that's the
06:10 the personal aspect, I guess of all of us. As we are
06:14 Christians, we need to learn to lean on the Lord completely.
06:19 And at times I don't I mean, you know, you your take on more
06:24 worry and responsibility or so. And then you say, no, I need to
06:28 just give it to the Lord and let him give me the words and
06:32 the wisdom I need. I pray for wisdom every day. Let me tell
06:36 you
06:38 just touching on the aspect of
06:41 total member involvement and I will go and how to get
06:45 involved. Nancy did say just look around your neighborhood
06:49 and I would say go to your local church. Talk to your
06:52 pastor. How can just say I want to get involved much more in
06:56 personal witnessing, how can I do this? How can I learn to
07:00 give Bible studies? How can I find Bible studies? How is it
07:05 that we can organize programs that will reach out health
07:10 programs and in family finance programs in youth outreach?
07:16 How can we do these things and then be able to drop people
07:19 into a relationship with him? Just go to your local pastor,
07:24 get involved in your local church and the whole idea of I
07:29 will go. That was really kid. We had a Brazilian lady who
07:34 gave us the message. I don't know about all this stuff.
07:37 >> I will go. I already went on to hold on one thing.
07:41 >> So I mean, that's fantastic. And so you can say I went
07:45 that's fine. But just keep on going. Yeah. But now getting
07:49 back to this subject jail that you brought up,
07:53 it gets back in my opinion
07:57 to the very first part of what we talked about regarding the
08:01 word of God.
08:02 How does the Bible
08:06 say things in a way that is
08:09 relevant to a situation and not to be compartmentalize into
08:15 some context that has nothing to do with us today and that's
08:20 what many people want to do or they want to reinterpret it.
08:25 What the actual words on the page or in your tablet or your
08:31 phone way, how are you access the word of God they want to
08:35 reinterpret what those actual words say.
08:42 The scripture points out
08:44 in
08:47 he bros
08:50 chapter 4
08:53 and verse 12
08:55 says the word of God
08:58 is living and powerful.
09:02 So the word of God in itself
09:05 has a power that comes because it was inspired by God.
09:12 Obviously, these words, I mean, something they actually have an
09:16 intent.
09:18 It isn't as though God just said, well, let's see about me.
09:21 Throw a few words down, see what those profits can come up
09:25 with an well, you get kind of get the general picture,
09:28 but that there's nothing really too specific about it. No,
09:32 it says here the word of God is living. In other words, this
09:35 dynamic,
09:36 it's real. It's contemporary. And these words, of course,
09:41 for written by Paul. I believe that Paul wrote Hebrews and
09:47 that these are not only for
09:51 those times there for these times.
09:56 Powerful. It's living. It's sharper than any 2 edge sword
10:01 piercing even to the division of Soul and spirit. Another
10:06 exit so accurate. It's so powerful
10:11 is even more powerful than the sharpest soared onto edges that
10:16 you can find.
10:18 And it says and it is a deserved their of the thoughts
10:22 and intents of the heart.
10:25 The Bible
10:26 is the greatest repository
10:30 psychological approach is possible because
10:36 is accessed through a connection to the throne room
10:40 of heaven
10:42 and the creator who created this, where better to go to
10:46 find out about mental health,
10:50 physical health, about spiritual health, about social
10:55 health, then to go to the one who originated all of that.
11:00 And that is the creator.
11:03 When you a look at that scripture again and you look at
11:08 it,
11:10 the the book of Second, Timothy Chapter 3, this is very
11:15 familiar techs to everyone, but understand it now in the
11:19 context of today and how people are trying to turn the words of
11:25 God on their head,
11:27 in other words, make them
11:29 say exactly the opposite of what you actually read
11:35 logically as you look at it,
11:38 it says here in verse
11:42 15
11:45 and that from childhood, you have known the Holy Scriptures.
11:49 That course Paul is talking to Timothy a younger leader
11:54 and he's saying you knew these from when you were young
11:57 which are able to make you wise for salvation
12:03 through faith, which is in Christ Jesus.
12:06 And then he goes on to say all scripture,
12:10 not just the scripture, you like,
12:13 not just the scripture you think applies to somebody else.
12:18 All scripture
12:19 is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctor
12:24 and the doctor and sounds like it's a
12:28 wood in kind of
12:31 legal lipstick, oppressed. No doctrine is centered in
12:35 Jesus. Christ is the belief and understanding that Christ has
12:40 and it is for us. It is our belief system this as its
12:45 profitable for doctrine for, you know, understanding what is
12:48 truth for reprove.
12:51 Now, people don't like to hear about that.
12:54 I mean, the Bible is going to tell me where I'm wrong.
12:57 I don't like that.
12:59 Well, that's what scripture is about. It helps to guide us
13:03 back into the full pathway of truth
13:06 for correction. That's another one. No, today people don't
13:10 want to be corrected its it's politically incorrect to be
13:15 corrected.
13:17 But that's what it says here for instruction and
13:20 righteousness. Don't forget that beautiful quote that I
13:23 mention from Welfare Ministry page, 2.50, Christ
13:27 ever lived
13:29 to relieve suffering and teach righteousness to teach about
13:33 himself and about
13:35 his
13:37 wish for us to be like him through his power, the purity,
13:43 the righteousness
13:45 of Jesus Christ
13:47 says in verse 17 that the man of God,
13:50 that's everybody, everybody, every person who believes in
13:53 God may be complete,
13:55 certainly equipped for every good work.
13:59 So the scripture is accurate.
14:02 It is for encouragement. It is for reprove. It is for
14:06 believe it is for helping us to find our way.
14:13 When we come to
14:15 the aspect of human sexuality today,
14:20 you'll find people who are wanting to take the very tax,
14:25 the talk about the purity,
14:27 the talk about the way God wishes for us to live it in an
14:33 ideal approach. And it is possible through God's power
14:38 to change your way of thinking.
14:42 As I already mentioned, that's why
14:44 drunkards become sober. It's not because they go through
14:47 some special rehab program. It's because their mind is
14:51 changed it yes, rehab programs can certainly help. But many
14:56 rehab programs are built on the very word of God to help you to
15:00 understand your purpose in life, how you can relate to
15:03 people how you relate to got. So
15:07 the aspect of human sexuality is being twisted so that the
15:14 actual words of God are turned upside down.
15:19 You take France's in Romans chapter one.
15:23 It talks about homosexuality. It talks about
15:28 gay lifestyle. If you want to put it that way, it's not
15:31 written in that sense. But it's talking about a people doing
15:36 things. You can read it for yourself in Scripture.
15:40 First, 27, a man leaving the natural use of the woman burned
15:45 in their l*** for one another men with men committing what is
15:49 shameful and receiving in themselves the penalty of their
15:52 air, which was due.
15:55 You go on to read in the last part of that chapter Romans,
15:59 one
16:00 and I have to tell you, there are people
16:04 even within the 7th am this church
16:07 and other churches
16:09 who are wanting to reconstruct
16:13 the very understanding of what the word say here to represent
16:18 something almost the opposite of what they actually read.
16:23 It is a an approach that is taking into your own hands,
16:29 something which God never gave to us. And that is our ability
16:34 to actually R-word the Holy Bible.
16:39 A God doesn't want us to do that. He gave us these words
16:42 for instruction for reprove, for correction, for
16:46 encouragement, for belief.
16:48 So that truly would understand how God wants us to live,
16:53 not how we want to live.
16:56 When you go on to the end of the chapter, let's not just let
17:00 our viewers think that were just talking about LGBT
17:05 situations and homeless sexual situations. We're talking about
17:10 anything that is going against the law of God against what the
17:16 ideal is that God wants us to live.
17:20 And it says here that in verse 29, that those who the people
17:26 will be filled with all unrighteousness sexual
17:30 immorality, wickedness coverage of snus, maliciousness full of
17:36 envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil mindedness. They are
17:41 whispers Backbiters haters of God violent, proud boasters
17:46 inventors of evil things disobedient to parents
17:50 undeserving and untrustworthy on loving and forgiving and
17:54 merciful who knowing the righteous judgment of God that
17:59 those who practice such things are deserving of death, not
18:03 only do the same but also approve of those who practice
18:07 them.
18:08 You see,
18:09 I want to just say this out of complete respect and love for
18:13 people,
18:15 we should treat people with respect,
18:19 treat them with Christ like love
18:23 those who are going against what God says is the ideal in
18:29 any aspect of life. If your coverage is if you're a boost
18:34 or if you are disobedient to your parents, if your
18:38 envious, all these things are against what God has indicated
18:43 is his ideal for his people. Now, you might say, but I'm a
18:47 sinner. I can't meet those requirements.
18:51 I want to tell you, that's why God calls for each of us to
18:55 call on his name
18:58 to allow him to fill our lives, to change us from our former
19:04 beliefs into what he wants us to become. And it's all a
19:09 miracle from heaven.
19:12 So when we're dealing with the human sexuality
19:16 revolution today, actually,
19:18 people trying to convince other people that a certain lifestyle
19:23 is just the way I was born. I can't do anything about it.
19:27 You just need to accept that
19:29 it goes against the very word of God, which says
19:35 if you come to the lord and meal at the foot of the cross,
19:39 he will change your life
19:42 and give you a new life. You will become a new creature
19:47 in Jesus Christ just as Second Corinthians chapter 5 tells us
19:55 those very words. It indicates that if anyone is in Christ for
20:01 17, a second Corinthians chapter 5,
20:06 if you are in Christ,
20:08 you are a new creature old. Things have passed away.
20:13 Behold, all things have become new
20:16 and then God says now
20:19 through Paul.
20:21 Now all things are of God who has reconciled is to himself
20:25 through Christ Jesus Christ, and he's given us the Ministry
20:29 of Reconciliation. So once you are changed, once you are a new
20:33 creature and this doesn't have to do only with the gay
20:38 lifestyle, homosexuality has to do with every cent.
20:42 Every put propensity to Sen. We become new creatures in the
20:47 Lord. We then have a story to tell. And our story is to bring
20:51 people into reconciliation with themselves. But most
20:55 importantly, with God,
20:58 7 Day Adventists have a great responsibility
21:01 to show care and love for all people.
21:05 But 2 in that process point people to the one who can
21:10 change all of us
21:12 into becoming new creatures for Jesus Christ, people who are
21:17 following what God has indicated is is ideal for each
21:22 of us and it is possible through the power of Jesus
21:27 Christ.
21:28 NC
21:30 thoughts you have on the subject.
21:38 >> Once this all to have the abundant life
21:41 and to be happy,
21:45 I like the way some people refer to as God's Commandments
21:51 because happiness rules.
21:53 And that would mean,
21:58 you know, we we can outline them all if we
22:02 if we're in
22:03 I'm married and have issues, God,
22:07 God can bring reconciliation. He can bring hope
22:11 and change.
22:13 And regardless of what we face,
22:17 God is there
22:19 to help us be re stored.
22:23 That doesn't mean if
22:27 always like if I'm born without a hand,
22:31 that he will restore my hand,
22:33 but he will help me
22:37 be able to cope with and except
22:42 what the results send have brought on our species. And we
22:46 all know
22:48 well, a lot of people understand that even as a
22:52 species, we are imploding. We are getting contrary to
22:56 evolution. We're not getting better and better.
22:59 We have more and more mutations.
23:02 We have more and more issues with each successive
23:05 generation, whether or not you do have a very clean lifestyle
23:09 or whether you you are better off. If you do, you have fewer
23:13 mutations.
23:15 God helps us to cope
23:21 with some of these
23:24 issues that we face because of sin. And he helps us to live
23:28 according to his well, regardless of what we face.
23:31 >> And really it's important that
23:34 7th Day Adventists and other Christians who believe in
23:38 scripture
23:40 share these
23:42 thoughts and these
23:44 ideal
23:46 aspects of what God wants us to become
23:49 with love and with care, not beating people over the head,
23:54 not being disrespectful but pointing them to gods
23:58 complete potential
24:01 for us as centers to become more and more like him.
24:06 So the argument that some may use, but I'm just born this
24:11 way,
24:12 I can't change.
24:14 I mean, if you're a kleptomaniac and you just go
24:17 into stores and keep stealing
24:19 sooner or later, the law will catch up to you and they'll
24:22 say, no, that's not what you do and put you in prison so you
24:25 can steal
24:27 God can take a kleptomaniac
24:29 and change them so that they become generous and kind and
24:34 loving and refrain from that.
24:36 Whatever sin we are facing whatever challenge in our
24:41 lives,
24:43 we need to stand up and say
24:45 God has the answer to change your life. You can become a new
24:50 creature in Jesus Christ because those old things will
24:55 not lead you to heaven
24:57 on the Jesus and his re forming power in your life will prepare
25:02 you
25:03 for what is to come. I want to
25:06 read a quotation from
25:09 the spirit of prophecy. It comes from spiritual gifts,
25:13 pages and 94 95, the little little books that small volume,
25:22 but powerful words here.
25:25 God has given us. This is actually on page 94 spirit.
25:29 Your guest.
25:30 God has given sufficient evidence upon which to base
25:35 faith.
25:36 He wish to believe the person actually in the context is
25:41 talking about some of the misconceptions of creation,
25:45 of of evolution and all this kind of thing. And this can be
25:49 applicable to almost everything
25:51 that God has given sufficient evidence upon which to base
25:54 faith, if you wish to believe in the last days. And here's
25:58 here's what's happening right now.
26:01 In the last days, the Earth will be almost destitute
26:05 of true faith
26:07 upon them nearest pretense.
26:10 The word of God will be considered unreliable.
26:15 Well, human reasoning will be received, though. It be in
26:20 opposition to the plane. Scripture
26:28 want to tell you, that's where we are right now.
26:30 So that's why it's so important that we base our understanding
26:35 of all things, human sexuality and everything
26:39 based upon the word of God and not based upon
26:43 misinterpretation of the word of God, according to what
26:48 someone thinks it should have said
26:51 because human logic
26:54 is not God's logic.
26:56 God has his truth.
26:59 Well, I've said enough probably at this point.
27:01 >> Now, thank thank you for instead of looking in the
27:05 camera, I feel like you right here. We see you here. I'm
27:07 going to look right into the monitor here where we can say
27:11 you, but I want to thank you for taking a stand for truth.
27:14 And then because 20 plus years ago, I wrote a little book
27:18 called The Forgotten Commandment. And I've been
27:20 saying if I wrote it today and have to say the Forgotten
27:24 Commandments, but it s on it because even Christians inside
27:29 the church outside the church. Well, as we know, one of the
27:34 remnant, the remnant church identifying marks this, those
27:38 who keep the commandments of God, right and have the faith
27:41 of Jesus. Now we 7th, they haven't done so many of us want
27:45 to preach that. Well, we've got to keep the 4th commandment.
27:48 Got to go to church Saturday. Got to worship the, you know,
27:52 on God's holy day. But they're making exceptions on the 6th
27:56 and 7th. I'm on
28:00 abortion and same sex marriage, adultery. All of that people
28:03 say why just talk about same sex marriage? Well, that no.
28:08 You said it includes everything every cent we can through
28:12 Christ game victory over every sense we're not the judge,
28:17 but I believe and I thank you for being willing to stand up
28:21 in a time that everything you say is so scrutinized by people
28:27 in social media and it comes under, you know, well, politics
28:32 well, you talk about the Bible that somebody says, well,
28:35 that's against my politics. You talk of what the Bible
28:38 says. Somebody says that's against my race. It's a time
28:41 that it's really hard
28:44 to tell the truth and not too many people are willing to take
28:47 the stand. But you said it. We're not to judge and we give
28:51 it in love. We love everybody. God loves everybody. We're all
28:55 center saved by grace. But those of us within the 7th Day
29:00 Adventist Church have to take a stand for what the Bible says.
29:05 We can't compromise. And I tell people then say, well, we hired
29:09 a, you know, music director and he's homosexuals openly holmen
29:14 sexual. And there's some churches have done it.
29:17 And but you know, that he's such a nice kind of make all
29:20 the excuses. And I said, well, if somebody came to your church
29:24 and said, hey, I'm a thief, you know, but I want to be your
29:27 treasure. Would you hire me? You know, you're going to say,
29:30 well, no, I'm sorry, we can't do it or I want to pedophile.
29:35 But I really want to to to, you know, teach your children.
29:38 You're not going to have any trouble saying no, but if we
29:41 come because this is such a political thing, the gay and
29:45 homosexual lifestyle people are afraid to deal with. So thank
29:49 you. You did it beautifully. It kindly you didn't throw
29:53 stones at any one. None of us can do that. You simply said
29:58 here's what the Bible says and I can't change it. I didn't
30:01 write it. God wrote it as well. Understanding what you said and
30:05 here it is now is for you to decide. But we as a people in a
30:09 church cannot compromise on the 10 Commandments of God. If we
30:12 compromise on those, we have no business really emphasize in
30:17 both Commandment. So thank you for your stance, both of you
30:21 for what you're doing that.
30:25 >> And then let me just add that, you know, unfortunately,
30:28 but social media the day,
30:31 everybody can say anything they want and try to denigrate other
30:35 people. And we don't want to do that. You know, I like what one
30:39 of my colleagues has indicated. We are not against people.
30:46 We are for the Bible.
30:50 And if we take that stance, I think we can better
30:54 help people to understand. We're really trying to support
30:57 God's ideal.
31:02 Let me make it very plain. The 7th day of this church does
31:04 not accept same sex marriage. I've already made that
31:08 statement essentially the world broadcast. We believe in the
31:13 marriage between one man and one woman
31:17 adultery comes in in a hetero sexual situation. That's not
31:21 what is right. There are all kinds of perversions which are
31:25 not right. God wants us to be part of the ideal. And even if
31:31 you find yourself in a very muddled, confused situation,
31:37 you
31:38 must believe I implore you to believe that God has the power
31:43 to take you out of that situation. Whatever it is,
31:47 whether you're an alcoholic and whether you are a philandering
31:51 or whether you are a thief, it doesn't matter what it is.
31:55 He can take you out of that situation. And as Second
32:00 Corinthians chapter 5 says, make you a new creature in
32:03 Jesus Christ. That's the power of the Gospel. Now, you know,
32:07 even on this broadcast, you know, some people are probably
32:10 going to
32:11 well, there goes well, sun again. Here is what I mean.
32:14 He said this and I we were going there. I'm a part of
32:16 that.
32:17 Well, you know what
32:19 say? I'm trying to stand for what the Bible says and what
32:24 God wants us to say. And then don't worry about what other
32:28 people say. And and if you really get this courage,
32:31 all you have to do is turn to Christ's words in Matthew
32:36 Chapter 5 and just read them and don't just think of other
32:40 people think of a situation you're going through verse 11
32:45 and in Matthew. 5 bless. And are you when they revile
32:49 and persecute you
32:51 and say all kinds of evil against you falsely
32:55 for my sake, this is what Jesus is saying. He's saying people
33:00 are going to
33:01 they're just going to
33:02 denigrate you. They're going to be against you and say all
33:05 kinds of faults, things,
33:08 rejoice and be exceedingly glad. That's really an
33:11 interesting come and given the challenges that that many
33:16 people face being reveille then denigrated. But it says
33:22 rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in
33:26 heaven for so they persecuted the profits who were before
33:31 you.
33:33 None of us claim to be profits. But it means those who were
33:37 representing God and each of us has the great privilege of
33:42 representing Bible truth to people in love and saying,
33:48 give God a chance to change your life. He's changed my
33:54 life.
33:55 >> Yes, it's so what you really preaching here is victory in
33:59 Jesus. And I think that that's one of the things that
34:02 so many people don't get. It's like God is omnipotent.
34:08 And many people think, well, I was born this way and I can't I
34:12 can't change it. No got if if God can change, then he's not
34:17 all powerful.
34:19 And so some people, they say, well, I prayed and I've been
34:23 praying and nothing's happened. Then I'm just going to go out
34:26 there and just do me. Well,
34:29 the line wants us to continue in prayer. He will continue.
34:32 He's working sometimes. And one pastor said prayer is a
34:39 process, not an event. And I think that that's really true
34:43 that we have to stay in prayer that we have to ask the Lord to
34:47 help us as with any other son. This not just, you know,
34:50 that this is once in this so much worse than every other
34:54 sense in the sand. And so the Lord would have us to come to
34:58 him for victory and come to him with what we have to
35:02 acknowledge that it's in many people don't even want to hear.
35:05 This is a sin, right? So once you once you call it what it
35:10 is, what is the remedy for Sen Jesus Christ? There is victory
35:15 in Jesus Christ. So thank you so much for explaining that
35:19 there is victory in Jesus that that's where we turn. When we
35:25 don't know where to go, what to do. Jesus is the answer.
35:31 >> In fact, the a wonderful mentor of mine
35:35 was
35:36 quite agent now, but the I call on call call the family talk
35:42 the family about him.
35:44 The Elder G Ralph Thompson used to be the secretary of are
35:49 General Conference for many years. That wonderful gentleman
35:53 from originally from the island of Barbados,
35:56 a mentor of mine.
35:59 >> And one of his favorite songs, as I recall, was that
36:03 very one doctor, a van that you are talking about, victory in
36:09 Jesus. You know, that particular song just
36:14 gives you such a an understanding that the victory
36:17 is not in our cells.
36:19 It's in Jesus Christ, our Lord and it. That's where the
36:24 emphasis needs to be placed. God wants us to become more and
36:30 more like him and threw his power. We can do that
36:35 and it will be to the glory of his name hammers and then.
36:39 >> And no G 8 g Routh elders. The route is to be a 3ABN,
36:43 board member back in the day for several years brought that
36:46 was a great asset to the board.
36:50 >> And Spurs lord know we've been talking about the
36:53 evangelism and we've been talking about some wonderful
36:56 topics this evening. And again, we just appreciate
36:58 the the approach in the belief in the word of God and the
37:02 Wilson you and Missus, Wilson and for standing for truth.
37:05 I know that we talked about earlier about revival, the
37:07 reformation with talk about victory in Jesus, which I love
37:10 to talk to us about revival, the reformation and how that
37:14 happens in our own lives personally.
37:20 >> And of course, starts with a source that will make the
37:26 change
37:29 revival. And reformation has to start
37:32 with the word of God.
37:35 There's no other place to start.
37:39 Most people have access to the word of God. Now some people
37:43 don't read. So that's why I've done this. Well, radio produces
37:47 what they call God pots. These are little devices that
37:50 now can record
37:53 voluminous amounts of things, the entire Bible with Bible
37:57 studies and all kinds of stories and inspiring thing so
38:02 people can hear
38:04 most people can hear some people can't. They're hearing
38:07 impaired.
38:08 Most people can see, but some people are
38:12 visually impaired. So the church has Adventist
38:16 possibility ministries reaching out to all those who have
38:21 unique challenges in their lives so that they can see even
38:28 without using their eyes so they can here even without
38:32 using their ears. In other ways,
38:37 each of us for the most part has access to the word of God
38:43 and many people and at least in some countries have multiple
38:48 copies of the Bible in their homes.
38:52 All you need is one copy.
38:55 In fact, one of these days
38:58 when persecution sets in in a very profound way and it will
39:03 come.
39:04 Scripture tells us that
39:06 the book, the great controversy tells us at.
39:09 Let me tell you, I believe every word that the great
39:12 controversy says, I believe every word that the holy word
39:16 of God says
39:18 we know that persecution is coming
39:21 when our rights will be taken away.
39:25 It will be those verses and those thoughts that have been
39:30 placed in the mind that will remain
39:33 because we won't even have the word of God. I have to tell
39:37 you, my
39:38 their wife has a special program that she's involved
39:42 with. She has little flash cards, middle
39:46 beautiful texts that she is memorizing. She she is fixing
39:51 the word of God in her mind and she quotes those to me at times
39:56 and
39:58 the word of God,
40:00 even when we will not have access to it, if we have placed
40:03 it in our minds, well, then give us the basis and the
40:08 foundation for making this connection to have an because
40:13 as we just read in the word of God,
40:16 it is a living word, a dynamic word. It does something to your
40:23 life. So when you are
40:27 revived
40:29 by his word
40:31 when you are revived by a connection to have been through
40:35 the Holy Spirit, speaking to you
40:40 and the Holy Spirit gives you impressions, you may not hear
40:43 an audible voice, but you will definitely feel an impression
40:48 that you should do this or that or that this is truth
40:52 follow in that way.
40:54 The Lord has promised the holy spirit to us. In fact, we need
40:57 to pray for the latter rain of the Holy spirit that even
41:02 during
41:03 the time right now, the Holy Spirit is guiding and leading.
41:06 Absolutely. But the time's going to come when
41:10 the work of God will go like wildfire
41:14 through the grass
41:15 through the stubble.
41:17 In other words, it will be dynamic
41:20 because the Holy Spirit will be in it. And we'll be amazed as
41:24 to what God has done. But it starts with your own personal
41:30 relationship with Jesus. And that is based upon the
41:34 reading of the word. So if you're not reading the word
41:37 right now, those of you who are watching,
41:40 I encourage you to find a Bible.
41:43 You know,
41:45 there are different versions that the people will recommend.
41:48 But if you only have one Bible around, find that one and start
41:52 reading it and then you can grow into understanding God's
41:58 messages for you.
42:00 And then of course, prayer is so key to that end revival will
42:06 not start
42:08 unless it is involved with intense prayer, praying to God
42:14 pleading with the Lord,
42:15 you know, asking the Lord to guide us, asking the Lord to
42:19 bless this program
42:20 and that the words that were sharing, we'll really be
42:25 meaningful in somebodys life. Not because we're saying them,
42:28 but because we're pointing people back to the source of
42:32 revival, which is a connection with the written word, which is
42:37 a representation of the living word, Jesus Christ. So when
42:41 you're revived, it means you are awake and spiritually.
42:46 You then can begin to understand all these beautiful
42:50 instructions in the word of God and in the spirit of prophecy
42:54 to then be
42:56 reform. Well, some people don't like that word reform done
43:00 reformation. It's too
43:04 to heavy. It's too onerous. It's not it's not Christ like,
43:10 well, let me tell you, that's exactly what Christ once that
43:13 he wants this to be changed.
43:14 And that's a constant process for all of us. Do not believe
43:19 in any sense that any of us who have part in religious
43:24 administration and direction that we have achieved
43:29 everything there is to achieve and we are now perfect.
43:34 We are in need of being reform by the Lord not know by other
43:39 people necessarily. All of us need to be reformed by the word
43:44 of God
43:45 and by his indwelling spirit becoming those new creatures
43:51 and see you.
43:52 You've thought a lot about this. I know. And you have
43:56 a deep understanding of the conviction about how the word
44:01 of God actually changes.
44:06 Maybe you could share just for a few moments
44:08 for however, long you want.
44:11 >> I think the more I study
44:17 the more I since I need God in my life,
44:21 it's not like you're climbing a ladder and you feel like you've
44:24 arrived because the closer
44:27 the the more we see the the beauty of
44:31 of God's character, the more we see our own faults
44:36 and our own weaknesses.
44:40 I realize that without
44:43 that abiding and God throughout the day
44:47 I will fail. I will disappoint him. I will not reflect his
44:51 character because I have nothing and myself to do.
44:54 That is only as Chrysler's and me
44:58 and I just pray. Lord, help me to a Biden you throughout the
45:04 state, not just right now but throughout the stay,
45:07 but that
45:08 that comes only as we
45:11 as we focus on what is eternal.
45:14 And I think we're living at a time and this Earth's history
45:18 that our choices are not a what
45:22 we can do. A lot of good things. But what are the best
45:24 things that we can do and how can we spend our time in the
45:28 best way?
45:31 I think more and more as we see
45:35 history unfolding.
45:38 We
45:39 have to be so intentional and focusing on clinging
45:45 to Jesus throughout the day
45:47 to transform us to give us the strength
45:51 and and to to die to self. Not just in the morning,
45:55 the say Lord in the knee of Self and I love that. And and
45:59 Christ optic lessons 159 page 159 were says
46:05 now our to parents can take the place of a true.
46:08 I haven't looked at a recent untrue, heartfelt relationship
46:13 with Christ, but we can't empty ourselves of self. We have to
46:17 rely on
46:18 Christ to do that for us with a totally depend upon him.
46:23 And the more I learn the more memorize and that's why I love
46:26 the tax. Because when when you're feeling when I'm feeling
46:31 weak or inadequate, I just cling to those and
46:34 and say that in my mind and the Lord strengthens me
46:40 to meet whatever I faced during the day. But I think that's why
46:44 we have to hide. Gun got says
46:48 my mind is going blank.
46:51 You know, I would have my head in my heart that I will not
46:54 stand against the we need to have
46:57 our minds and our hearts saturated with the word of God
47:02 in order to sustain us to hold us throughout the day.
47:05 So to me, the more I study, the more I read them or fall with
47:10 Jesus and the more I long to know
47:15 and understand God's beauty and character just
47:21 just is
47:23 incomprehensible its it will take an eternity to understand
47:27 salvation and to understand the grace of God. I'm you know,
47:32 I'm just sitting here tonight thinking that there's someone
47:34 watching right now or listen on radio right now. And you're
47:37 saying I want an experience with Scott. I want Jesus in my
47:43 heart.
47:44 I want a revival and I might not even want to be reformed.
47:49 But God make me willing to be willing that you would do that
47:53 work in my life. I need the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
47:56 in the latter rain sister. Nancy, would you pray right now
48:00 for the viewers and the listeners, those who are maybe
48:02 in the Valley of decision, those who are struggling with
48:05 addiction and Sen dealing with things all of us is that we
48:09 would experience that victory in that transformation.
48:15 >> Let's put our heads.
48:18 Heavenly Father,
48:20 you love us more than we can even begin to comprehend.
48:25 Your love is so vast. So deep so wide, lord, we we don't
48:30 understand your patients with us or long suffering, but we're
48:35 so thankful for it.
48:37 You love us, Lord, regardless of what we've done regardless
48:41 of what we may be doing now. But you long
48:45 to give us the abundant life
48:48 to give us your joy, your piece, your happiness,
48:53 Lord, you created us and you alone
48:57 now exactly what we need to obtain
49:01 that abundant life
49:03 and you give us an instruction and your word,
49:07 lord, we are helpless. We are dependent upon you
49:11 for every step
49:13 every moment of the day and our relationship with you.
49:17 So Lord, we commit ourselves to you
49:20 knowing that we are totally dependent upon you to MTA's of
49:25 self
49:26 because only a self us dead.
49:29 Can we be filled with your spirit?
49:32 And we know that
49:34 that those who have died in Christ, they don't respond.
49:37 They don't know what is going on there sleeping
49:40 and lord, if you emptiness of self and we're dead of self,
49:44 we will not respond when we're tempted to be annoyed. We will
49:49 not respond when we are tempted and anyway
49:52 because you will be living in us.
49:55 So Lord, I just want to encourage each one
49:59 when they stumble and fall. But you are there to pick us
50:02 up.
50:03 You have a wonderful plans for us, Lord and you long to guide
50:06 us to pick us up to hold us in your arms to carry us through
50:11 whatever challenges we're facing.
50:15 So Lord, I just commit to each person out there who may be
50:18 listening to you who may be struggling right now.
50:22 May they censure presence? May they censure strength and
50:26 your promise of deliverance Lord because you love them.
50:29 So
50:32 father, please help us to grow and understanding to understand
50:37 now just how much you cherish us and long to spend eternity
50:43 with us.
50:44 >> Thank you for hearing.
50:47 >> The prayer and our hearts in Jesus name. I pray. Amen and
50:53 then.
50:54 >> Thank you so very much. Thank you.
50:56 No Wilson. We started this this program talking about the
50:59 urgency of the times with which we live in.
51:03 And they want to just talk a little bit more about here at
51:05 the closing of this program about Christ's second coming.
51:09 I know that year or so ago, you lost when your precious
51:13 grandchildren tragically. And I know we all have loved
51:16 ones and friends that have gone to sleep in Jesus. But talk to
51:19 us about the wonderful hope and then cursed. We have thinking
51:23 and and a mentor Christ's second coming.
51:28 >> The second coming is a subject that just
51:33 animates me enormously. I love to preach about it. I love to
51:38 share it with people. It is the blessing of hope.
51:41 It is the time when eventually there will be no more crying,
51:45 no more death, no more pain.
51:48 The former things will be passed away and we will be
51:52 living in a any colonel setting of righteousness and
51:58 perfection.
51:59 It will be a time when we will be with Jesus all the time.
52:05 Any time we won just about I mean, it's just going to be
52:08 phenomenal.
52:09 The second coming of Christ is what just animates me. I I'm so
52:14 excited about it. The crucifixion of Christ, his life
52:18 is perfect life
52:20 and never send. He died for us and the cross.
52:23 He was in the great heroes and he is interceding for us and
52:29 the most Holy Places are heavenly a priest in the hand,
52:35 the Heavenly Sanctuary? Yes, I believe there is a sanctuary
52:39 and haven't and he is interceding in the most holy
52:43 place on behalf of each of us. But soon he's going to take off
52:47 those priestly robes in put on his kingly roads
52:52 and he will come in a blaze of glory. And the Bible says every
52:57 I will see him.
52:59 It doesn't matter whether you are in southern Illinois with 3
53:03 ABN. Whether you are in Hong Kong, whether you are in Silver
53:08 Spring, Maryland, whether you are in Harare, Zimbabwe or
53:12 Mumbai, India, it doesn't matter where you are.
53:17 Every I at that time we'll see him exactly in real time.
53:23 Not by the wonderful electronic aspects that 3 ABN them Hope
53:28 Channel and others are involved with satellite television.
53:32 No, not not. Even with that. It will be a bar rack Euless
53:36 invention or
53:38 or event by God himself. Every I will see him
53:42 every I will see he's coming and we'll look up and we'll see
53:47 this marvelous God coming, who who has made a way of escape
53:52 for us. And we will say this is the god that we've waited for.
53:56 Jesus will look down and say well done. Good and faithful
53:59 servants entered the joy of your Lord. And Matthew, 25
54:03 tells us that when we are ministering to people, it is as
54:08 if we're ministering to Christ and Christ wants us to be
54:12 ministering to people, to help them, to understand fully what
54:16 it means to be Christ alike. And we will be with the Lord
54:20 Forever. The second coming is part of our name of 7th Day
54:24 Adventists. We are Adventists. We believe in the second.
54:28 Add to that, the second coming of Jesus Christ,
54:32 what a privilege it is to to realize that as backache
54:37 chapter 2 verse 4 says that just shall live by his faith.
54:44 We will be able to access eternal life by our faith in
54:50 the promises of Jesus Christ, his grace and his power to save
54:55 us.
54:56 And, you know, just if I can close with this marvelous techs
55:01 that I think will challenge everyone
55:04 to be ready for the Lord for were coming to the very end of
55:08 time. I believe with all my heart, everything around us is
55:12 disintegrating. We've already said that.
55:14 But God is constant. He is there. And in Jeremiah, 33
55:19 verse 3, it says call to me and I will answer you and show you
55:24 great and mighty things which you do not know. God has a
55:28 direct planned for your life.
55:32 Those of you watching each of us he wants us to call on him.
55:36 Claim is promises. Allow him to reveal to us what our role is
55:41 in total member involvement and then say yes, Lord, I will go.
55:46 You have shown me great and mighty things. I am a great
55:50 believer in your power for my own personal life. And for
55:55 those with whom I'm going to share
55:58 counting the privilege to be a 7th day Adventists. Thank you,
56:02 3 ATMs for what you're doing.
56:04 >> Thank you to listen. This is Wilson for being here with us
56:07 this evening. And 3ABN, we are praying for you. Mister De
56:10 Doctor Van watching close us out today.
56:12 >> When they're little prayer specially for you, we've been
56:15 praying for everyone else. Spittle us. Let's pray for the
56:18 best. All right. Again, thank you for your blessings. Your
56:21 love. We pray for anointing of the Holy Spirit to continue for
56:25 your legion of angels to follow wilderness and Wilson are as
56:29 they go around the world, continue to give him clarity of
56:32 mind and in Lord their willingness to go forward and
56:36 stand up for truth even when it's not popular. Thank you
56:40 that they're here tonight. Thank you. That they've been
56:42 able to share their vision with the World Church. You continue
56:45 to lead guide and direct in Jesus name. I pray, amen.
56:51 So I believe it. But our time is all gone for the folks at
56:54 home until we say next time a Lord richly bless you.
56:58 >> Among them a more than you could ever ask for
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