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00:10 >> O welcome back to 3 A B and today live. We've been having
00:14 an incredible program. I felt annoying the Holy Spirit all
00:17 around. I loved to be an atmosphere where everybody is
00:23 our vocabularies gone down to one word that evangelists.
00:26 And so my vocabulary always say never was very bad. But now
00:31 it's even glasses. Just evangelism. Iran may cause.
00:34 That's what we want to comment on that. We're here with that.
00:38 Yes, I I'm going to say as an aside, we can introduce again
00:42 for water. If you're just joining us, if not induce
00:45 doctor, and then, of course, Dan don't need us and then
00:48 help. And so we're so thankful that you all are here. And if
00:52 you miss this, you can then replay again a few hours.
00:55 If you want to watch the first part of this program shore and
00:59 then it replays, I think on Sunday afternoon, whatever.
01:01 But you can look at to go to 3ABN website you won't want to
01:05 miss. The first hour was incredible. He's telling us
01:08 that God is alive and he's on the throne is coming back for
01:11 Pier 5 Brighton Pier 5 church. But are mission in life is to
01:17 go ye into all the world and how better to do that. And a
01:21 partner with brothers and sisters who want to share Jesus
01:24 in the marketplace and size your poster child for that that
01:28 mission and then to go you and all the world. So that a great
01:31 time. We've been talking about books. We've been talking about
01:34 all business. We've been talking about ministry round
01:38 the world, but we want continues. I want to go back to
01:41 you.
01:42 >> Doctor and where we want to go from here now. Yeah. So at
01:44 the first hourly, we ended with Denzel talking about new
01:49 beginnings and so we can continue. This star is in the
01:52 end. He's going to leave some room for the read through a hub
01:56 of what you're going to be very excited. Oh, yeah, this those.
02:00 >> I can. I can spend a lot of time on this because it's so
02:02 exciting to see. And what's really it's the most important
02:06 part of about this is when you see brothers and sisters being
02:10 able to share Jesus and get that privilege is sharing Jesus
02:13 like my dear friend to a bill to grant always says it's a
02:16 disease. And once you do it, there is no cure, OK, and
02:20 that's that's where we're at today is that once you start
02:23 sharing, geez, you want to continue to do it.
02:26 So in the next picture will show is that one of the things
02:29 that we were some people challenges they said, well,
02:32 if you preaching of it in the Philippines, that's pretty
02:35 easy. You know, because a lot of people were baptized in the
02:37 Philippines, which is not true. But if they said that, and so
02:41 we said, let's try it more difficult place. So we went to
02:44 the that put that picture you just saw was from Cambodia.
02:47 So we decided evangelists, Sixers in Cambodia. That's
02:50 where our family with the fit with the ryens and several
02:53 other people. We work together to hold an evangelist they can
02:57 meeting in in Cambodia and through that period takes about
03:00 5 years. But we went from a church and you are you are
03:03 there with us at that time, Danny. But we went from a
03:05 church of 300 members to over 3,000 members in 5 years by
03:10 systematically taking a business model, but also use.
03:15 And again, I don't want to ever diminish because the holy
03:17 Spirit is what does the work. But as we work for him, it's
03:22 amazing how the Lord bless us and what it showed there that
03:25 that lady, we heard as a Bible worker
03:28 and we gave her a DVD player and she does found a TV and
03:32 borrowed a TV and she plugged it in and started doing the new
03:35 beginnings sermons right from there. And when I got back to
03:39 sear after 10 months that was there and then came back,
03:42 she had given that over 800 people, she'd given the
03:46 complete series 2 and I said no way, you can't do that. And she
03:50 looked up at me and you know, because if you can see that
03:52 picture, I stand about twice. It is. She says, sir, I worded
03:56 it 5 times a day, every day says for the last 10 months,
04:00 2 different groups. And that wasn't the only one. There are
04:03 several other people that did that same type of thing.
04:05 But the point was after that, the next picture will show is
04:08 my wife because after we got done all our family had
04:11 preached except for my wife. So she had to preach in.
04:14 She's in the so she went down to Panama to preach and
04:17 Angeles. ISIS was share him and at that time and why was there
04:21 a man in the U.S. I member and I said to him, told about what
04:24 happened in Cambodia and he said, well, how about if I buy
04:28 the DVD players, if you buy the does know this is one DVD
04:30 players, really $300 a piece. He said by a by a dozen DVD
04:35 players and I'll give him in the church and you give you
04:37 some indecisive. We'll send you the deaths. So I send the dis
04:41 in about 4 months later, he calls me up and says I need
04:43 more guests and I go what to do with the last us he goes.
04:47 You won't believe this every week someone is coming in being
04:51 baptized from the first set of DVD from the from the sermons.
04:57 So the idea came about why don't we just start training,
05:00 laypeople, given DVD players given guests and let them go
05:05 into their families and do it in a small group setting
05:08 instead of a big setting. Lets do in a small group
05:10 setting and let everyone get the privilege of being able to
05:13 share Jesus. And so that's what we did. And so I remember going
05:17 going and meeting with the doctor, Ryan and Mark Finley
05:20 and visiting with them and started talking about. So in
05:23 the next picture, we decided to go Mark family and I went to
05:26 all I want to excuse me. We also want to tell you that
05:29 the youngest person we know that's done. This is 7 years
05:31 old. And the next picture we know is a man who is 92.
05:35 So if you're between 1979 to 2, you can do this. It's that
05:40 easy. But in the next picture we went to
05:44 we want to Moldova and we did in the middle of the winter.
05:47 It was 50 below 0. If people, those are never been that cold
05:52 in my life. The wind was going through the walls in Minnesota,
05:56 a Minnesota at 50 below 0. But it was really warm in the
06:00 churches. Could people are so excited to be able to share the
06:03 gospel? And so Pastor Finley and I did the training there
06:07 and to make a long story short, they baptize more people in one
06:11 day than they ever did in any year in the history of Moldova.
06:15 Just to give you an example is bitter. The baptism that they
06:18 had there and walk over the last year. And then the next
06:21 year we went and we started going all around the world,
06:23 not such as that. I went around because we also had we also had
06:28 several lay people involved, Lisa Hodges and I move for get
06:32 a bunch of names here. But the row com or on the but a big
06:36 ones, Barber Taylor's been around and between us all,
06:39 we we probably have trained tens of thousands of people to
06:43 do this and then they're going out and they're sharing Jesus.
06:47 And it's really exciting to see the change. And a couple of the
06:50 pictures we're showing you can just show the next few pictures
06:53 here. It shows there a place like this is in Vietnam.
06:55 We're training people in the it outside of Vietnam to go back
06:58 into Vietnam. The next picture we're showing going in all this
07:01 shows one of our trains, that centers where we trained over
07:03 2000 people in one day. I mean, just in the next picture,
07:08 all this is interesting. This is riding posture. I
07:10 think, you know, him boat ride team went to our training,
07:13 said there, never forget this. He went to trade through the
07:16 training system said showed him how to do the training. And
07:19 when he got a nice as well into training and I looked him said
07:22 you can't,
07:23 he goes what I mean. I can't I says you've never preach.
07:25 You cannot J train less. You preach. And that challenged
07:29 him in from that. He started preaching and he has preached
07:31 ever since that time, both full-time multiple times grand.
07:35 He's involved. He's got some really phenomenal ways. He
07:38 Sharon Jesus in the marketplace and we've done it in train,
07:41 the trainers and communist countries, too, all over the
07:44 world. We've trained people to do the to share the gospel.
07:48 And so now, you know, DVDs are no longer in style. You can I
07:51 get downloaded from the Internet. And so now we've got
07:54 it to where we've we've made HD to where you can go to our it's
07:57 a website and you can download those sermons. And we're just
08:01 now getting to put a lot of languages into it that we just
08:04 we're starting the process just now to do that. We also have
08:07 for young people so young people can preach will sever
08:11 children so they can do it so that they can preach. So so
08:14 we're preventing these tools for people to go and share
08:18 Jesus and there's no excuse not to go.
08:21 >> Yeah, that is beautiful. And a man just ask you
08:25 something. And this is kind of
08:27 >> stock. But
08:30 each of you has a fire.
08:33 Do you notice the eye? You have a fire and there's so many
08:37 Christian folks who who might say I don't feel like that.
08:41 I don't have that scene burning desire. Each of you has a fire
08:47 for evangelism. What would you say
08:50 is is
08:52 how did you get there?
08:54 How did you get?
08:56 Well, you know, I'm just I'll go food just because
09:00 >> I was born raised the some of the evidence never left the
09:03 church. Another one off the reservation. Love the Lord.
09:06 It's such a bit like Denzel, you know, we were giving doing
09:10 7 school. We talked said the school had the right concept of
09:13 God, etc, etc. It wasn't until I got to s I that I recognize
09:19 something about myself. That was heartbreaking. And that was
09:22 I did not actually have a boon for souls and I that that boon
09:27 for souls. And it was in 2008 when mock funny, mock funny is
09:32 in impacted all of our lives but impeached the summit and
09:35 remembers the summit titles and whatnot. It was Pentecost
09:38 revisited
09:40 and I recognize because he said he was talking about
09:45 when at the end of time, Ellen, what makes a statement
09:49 that will be going door to door and then he said, did he see
09:53 you?
09:54 I remember thinking, oh, he didn't. I was not one of that
09:57 number. And so that's what then
10:00 began to speak to me in a powerful way and
10:05 well unstoppable. No, yeah, yeah. You look at people and
10:10 the weather could miss it. I know they need to buy the
10:12 study. They need something. Yes. And that's what happened
10:14 during COVID. For example in dental have to stop that.
10:16 I will be struck. People are being lost or things that we
10:19 hold in. Love so much. Yeah. So yeah. So that's how I got
10:23 the fire was from going to it's I don't have to be someone
10:27 that's off the reservation to come to a site. Some distrust
10:31 doing the right thing. Yes, but never knowing that that love
10:34 for another human being that Jesus Christ had. And so I
10:37 think for me it was coming to us. I'm learning to love
10:42 centers. Yeah, people that just didn't dress the same. Didn't
10:45 look the same. So for me, that was what did it. It's
10:49 beautiful.
10:50 >> But, you know, one of things that he is so important is I
10:53 want to get off this planet. Let's face it. This world's
10:56 really messed up. This really is not to get better. We know
11:00 it's not can get better until the Lord comes. And the real
11:04 part of it is I think it's so important is that if we had a
11:08 love for people as Jesus had, we would be more intentional
11:12 about sharing Jesus. And yeah, I really believe that a man and
11:15 I think that's the thing that they pray is that Lord make me
11:20 love people as you love people. I think that's what gives the
11:23 fire is knowing that it and once you do it, you want to do
11:27 it again and again and because there's nothing better. You
11:30 know, I've been blessed. I mean, I've been in several
11:32 careers have been able to do a lot of different different to
11:36 things in my life. And I will tell you there's nothing
11:40 that's better than that sharing Jesus, right? And that's right.
11:44 And if you can do that, you just want to do it again and
11:47 again, I think that's the that's what's really all about
11:50 for me. It on.
11:52 >> I grew up in a pastor evangelist home.
11:55 But the time I was 20 years old, I've gone through 20 of
11:58 Angeles tick series
12:00 and it was more part of me than I even realized.
12:03 But you know how it is our young adulthood. I was kind of
12:06 been there done that. I was off trend.
12:09 It was not until a little later in my early 20's
12:13 that a friend of mine brought a cassette tape, a builder
12:16 Seabrook's home from a a best of UL in Lincoln, Nebraska.
12:20 At that time, Karen was working. She's a nurse and she
12:23 had to work on a on a Sabbath afternoon in the nursing home,
12:26 taking care of some patients. And I was home taking care of
12:29 our little son who is not even a year old yet. And I put that
12:32 tape on. Listen, Tilda Brooks Preach a sermon called a faith
12:36 to celebrate.
12:37 And when he did that, the Holy Spirit reached inside and
12:40 grabbed me and all the things that come to all those years of
12:45 being a preacher's kid, which incidentally was a wonderful
12:47 experience for me. Some people say being a preacher's kids bad
12:50 for me. It was awesome. But in that moment I realized that
12:55 what really made me tick
12:58 was not the projects I was working on in college or the
13:01 studies out of the perfect career I was looking at I
13:04 remembered back to seeing the faces of people in the
13:06 baptismal pool. And I realize that that's what really made me
13:11 take was seeing someone go under and come back up with the
13:15 beautiful fresh look on their face. And I realized that's
13:20 where it's at. And from that moment on and then little
13:23 later, we discovered a assign it just exploded. But that's to
13:26 me seeing an individual that makes that commitment for a
13:31 turn. A team. That's what matters. Well, if they would
13:34 take office world is that? Yeah. And so that's where the
13:37 fire comes from from me.
13:38 >> Humana has its own unit and you have that doom.
13:44 >> Absolutely. And so you think that's why we're all here?
13:47 Yeah, yeah, that's right. You have the same and hopefully
13:50 you do too. No. You have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord
13:54 and Save your life. Now is the time to do it, man and all you
13:58 have to do it. Met your center. We say the sinners prayer or
14:01 not the center I'm sorry for medicines plays forgive me.
14:05 And the Bible says and when we do that, he's faithful and just
14:08 to forgive us from our sins and cleanse us from all
14:11 unrighteousness. Once we give her some income, but give our
14:14 life to Jay-Z's, then it's a matter going, tell what he's
14:17 done for us. And that's what each of the men were doing.
14:20 And
14:21 >> so no are going to do any of the cause.
14:24 Bible studies is one of my my passions, but we were sitting
14:29 down. You were there to an annual council. That's Joe
14:32 Conference annual meeting. So there's a general conference
14:36 session every 5 years. And in between, there's a yearly
14:39 meeting annual council
14:41 and this past October, there were several presentations on
14:47 health
14:50 and the gospel and also to things and I members sitting
14:53 there and thinking
14:54 when I want to be able to have any Bible studies like that,
14:57 I never
14:58 I knew that that was the case and don't want is some very
15:01 interesting statement. She she's the first to be the
15:05 gospel of the Wood and the Gospel of health actually says
15:09 that those should never be separated. And so that boost
15:13 the new yesterday project, which is the because she showed
15:18 the first graphic, the new Beginnings, Health and Bible
15:21 study guides. They will be available October 30. I got the
15:26 wood today. And so this is it's a it's a set of 20 lessons.
15:31 They will not be digital. They're going to be hard copy
15:34 to sit down with somebody and really into in with them just
15:38 what you and which is exactly. And
15:42 they are great pick up paper and it's a partnership again
15:46 with it is written.
15:47 I want to be to first of all and you can go through some of
15:50 the images of the of the Bible studies. You see them there.
15:55 It's health and the gospel still up in the corner is the
15:57 gospel portion. And then we have the bible station. Just go
16:01 through them there. And you see the season that we're going to.
16:04 I'm a little quiz to at the end of this. He'll get ready for
16:07 the quiz. Haha. But what makes some very important statesman
16:11 statements. She said the Lord is calling for revival of the
16:17 principles of health. The far right
16:19 7, the average he says, have a special look to do as messages
16:25 to label for the souls and bodies of men. In that. She
16:28 said something very interesting. Health reform is
16:31 to stand out prominently
16:34 in the proclamation of the food Angels message. Can you believe
16:37 that to stand up prominently in that the precipice of health
16:42 before found in the wood of con? We see that. In fact,
16:45 John said, but I wish that you prosper and be in health just
16:49 as you sow a process. So he put those 2 together.
16:53 The gospel of health is to be from any link with the ministry
16:56 of the vote. And that's what we're going to get to see how
16:59 that looks. No,
17:01 it is the law to decide that the restoring influence of
17:05 health reform shall be a part of the last effort to proclaim
17:09 the Gospel message. And we believe in living in the end of
17:13 time,
17:15 she says in perfect and complete unity with the Gospel
17:18 Ministry, the work of health reform reveal its God given
17:22 power under the influence of the Gospel. Great reforms will
17:26 be made by medical mission. Look, I'm a physician, but
17:30 Denzel can do it done. Can do it all to participate in
17:33 medical mission. A book she says this
17:37 but separate medical mystery. Look from the gospel,
17:40 she says, and the work will be crippled. And so what we
17:46 decided to do and we're going to show a video just a second
17:50 after I talked to John Brat right beside to partner with it
17:52 is written
17:54 to make a set of study guys that will be when some to
17:57 people and draw them into the gospel message. You know,
18:02 Ellen White talks about the right of the gospel being the
18:05 health ministry work.
18:07 And so we put that together and we have QR codes. That's very
18:10 popular will be of short videos, foot 2 minute videos
18:15 that was sort of draw the post and it gives them the health
18:18 and then draws them to continue studying the lessons. So at
18:22 this time to go to video, one, it's entitled God cares and
18:26 will of discussed a little bit more as we go on. So God cares
18:30 is the first video.
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18:37 [MUSIC]
18:42 >> If you heard of an article that was titled What We're Not
18:46 Eating is killing us, would you be curious? Of course you would
18:50 start to not go was actually published and it encompassed
18:54 189 different countries around the entire globe. And the idea
19:00 was what we are not eating that is killing us is these foods
19:03 here, whole grains and seeds and nuts and fruit and
19:07 vegetables and all these wonderful things. Actually,
19:11 that have been examples of this kind of died in the blue zones
19:16 that company, much of the world, including Japan, Italy,
19:21 and a small town in Loma Linda, California. They eat these
19:25 kinds of foods, the goons and vegetables and not send whole
19:29 grains and all this wonderful diet. Well, they're going to do
19:34 do this nutrition time as we study together will be to look
19:39 at food in 3 categories. Redbox foods, yellow box foods
19:44 and green box foods, green maids gold, which means these
19:48 foods are held them to electric, just supports the
19:51 back that their health promoting. And there was little
19:54 evidence with that even would contradict that. The Redbox
19:58 foods cause hum. And the broad consensus to than ever says
20:03 that indeed, these foods cause yellow box food compared to the
20:08 Redbox Foods. I kind of iffy, but actually we'll see as we
20:13 study together that they also cost. So we will look at all
20:18 these various foods in all the categories. They'll be listed
20:21 in the boxes in the hand out so that you can see them. What we
20:25 do know is that God didn't give us a diet that was identical to
20:30 the diet we see before us here in the Casey cares for us,
20:33 give us whole grains and beans and legumes and fruit. And what
20:37 we'll find out the study is that God cares.
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20:45 [MUSIC]
20:46 >> So what we did is we
20:49 it was this was a fun project is really got to my heart.
20:52 So we decided to do. First of all, I said to to Jon Lester,
20:56 27 goes no, the 2.25 basis, you know, some of those 30's,
21:00 a kind of redundant use treatment to 20. And so we have
21:04 the the Gospel beast that he settled on the gospel stuff you
21:08 want to talk about then we said these are the the top U.S. want
21:12 to do. We do nutrition. We do sunlight war to and they're all
21:17 those 8 laws so that it was the pills are covered. And so my
21:21 twin sister, Linda, that was not me right. And the director
21:24 who works with Reagan and John Rash over the ones that were
21:28 engaged in doing the right thing they did. We see in the
21:30 needed that the health and then John did the the Bible Study
21:34 pot. But how are we going to put it together? So it felt to
21:36 me to come up with how we can. I'm gonna marry these beat,
21:40 want to some around him topic and then was going to cost.
21:43 You want to really come together and draw people into
21:46 it. So that's what we did.
21:48 So the we did them. I love the work was done by was flying on
21:53 on planes and beseeching the Lord to help me find itself
21:58 topic that would go with things are so this could be part of
22:00 your your quiz.
22:02 But what we did is
22:06 went at it and said really thoughtfully went through.
22:10 What is it that would engage people what they need to know.
22:14 And so I want to at this point
22:18 before I give you the quiz, I want to look at the Bible
22:21 studies inside of them be so the covers with a look at me
22:25 with that record will be getting a quick. And so one is
22:32 number the on on rest. And so this was on the Sabbath and
22:37 there's the instead the boy was taken. You go back one, please.
22:40 Most times the QR codes are at the end. But we decided to put
22:44 the QR code at the beginning that that then they have a
22:48 video and they invited into the study and then GOP's them on
22:52 bond, by the way, is a genius graphics. And so he did.
22:56 He say you can see this study here. Now
22:58 these are being proof read to make sure that no crazy errors.
23:02 I want to stop there at the picture of the cross. This is
23:06 got case first, any I think this is one the Sabbath.
23:09 Why would the cost be in there? Well, Ellen, what makes a
23:11 statement
23:13 that there's one great she says Central Truth. I love Ellen,
23:17 White
23:18 and around this revolves all systems of truth. But we
23:22 believe that means the 10 Commandments. That means the
23:26 sentry. That means all of the things revolve around the
23:29 cross. So that was my only a few have watched Pollyanna,
23:32 but I was like Polly Heart and telling John Brown, I want you
23:36 to make sure that some of the crosses lake because Ellen
23:39 White's, it should be we want to follow her counsel. And so
23:42 we that was my only advice to him. And so you saw this.
23:46 They know that see the video that goes with that study and
23:50 to people click on it and they'll be let into the rest of
23:53 the state will see the video.
23:54 [MUSIC]
23:59 [MUSIC]
24:05 >> Interesting how we use different birds to describe
24:07 what kind of sleeper we are early-bird night out. Those are
24:10 self explanatory but they're also Swiss or alert from the
24:14 moment they wake up until the moment they fall asleep.
24:16 What Cox can take a nap on a moment's notice. Sleepy all the
24:19 time.
24:20 Most songbirds find a secluded branch or tree left out there
24:23 down feathers, turn their head to face the back, tuck their be
24:26 Ken close our eyes and can easily shut out the chaos of
24:29 the world. Maybe you're more like a mallard duck who sleeps
24:32 with one eye closed and the other opened with part of the
24:35 brain always on thinking wary of danger,
24:39 their migratory birds asleep while in flight they sleep and
24:43 navigate. At the same time. The I know some of us that was
24:46 you doesn't work that way.
24:48 It's definitely not me. And that would be me too many rob
24:53 time from sleep to do what they feel they have to do to achieve
24:57 and be successful. And yet contrary to what many think
25:00 sleep is the most valuable time of the day. That morning cup
25:04 Abreu will never give you what a good night's sleep. Well,
25:07 as coffee, strengthen your memory now can recalibrate your
25:10 body rhythm know, does it help detox your brain? Absolutely
25:14 not. But sleep does all that and more and night. Time is the
25:19 only time that we enter into the most restorative sleep.
25:22 The study merges into the topic of spiritual rest and that God
25:26 set aside a specific time for us to experience spiritual
25:30 restoration, like no other time, there's nothing else.
25:33 No tonic, no vacation that can take the place of this week.
25:37 Leigh Day, God set apart. We miss out on keeping the
25:41 state because we think we can't stop got a work team P
25:44 successful yet contrary to what the world thinks. The Sabbath
25:48 is the only time that we enter into the most transcendent
25:51 restorative spiritual arrest.
25:53 [MUSIC]
25:59 >> And a beautiful. Yeah. I love the way you here putting
26:03 together the health and spiritual principles, right to
26:07 be exact. And that's that's how it was the sign and those
26:10 winning because they look to me to make sure that it all fit
26:13 together nicely, which I could present look for doing that.
26:16 But I do this does Chris Time that we can have fun tonight.
26:20 >> Because I medical school. So the question, haha,
26:28 students, residents fellows. So I want to ask you a question
26:32 if you go in it.
26:33 >> Going to have a Bible study on the green. I think, you know
26:37 the answer ready on the great controversy. What would you
26:41 what health principal would you talk about?
26:45 Don't be shy. You can put your hand up an answer to that.
26:49 How the Sun Open book is an open book with snow, huh?
26:53 He know it came to me. Is those flying to an S I vent?
26:59 I thought seat.
27:01 Now why scenes?
27:03 Because fees of rebellion was so in heaven
27:06 by saying, OK? And so so this this one that saw nutrition its
27:10 seeds and nuts and so that the contrition topic is going to
27:14 all the different parts of knots and then finally cease
27:17 their bad. It goes into the great controversy. So impressed
27:22 you to do that. I never thought no regret for the next one is
27:26 the second quiz and then we'll get to the other video so we
27:29 can get on with the end of things. But how about this?
27:32 The second Angels message? What would you do
27:36 for the second come out about a lot?
27:38 I mean, what would you do for that one?
27:43 It came to me again, those flying and I said, look,
27:45 I have nothing. I have absolutely nothing. Nothing's
27:49 coming to my mind. And I was quite stressed. That's where I
27:51 am right now. Haha, I'm going to give you that right now.
27:57 And so it came to me
28:00 processed foods because Babylon is a mixture of truth in our
28:05 own and soap processed foods. Interesting, my husband just
28:09 before I came here and on to the set,
28:13 Ford, me of an article that was published in I think was John a
28:18 about that. But they risks
28:22 processed foods. How dangerous? The actually. And so we use
28:25 processed foods. Now we're placing oh, great. You eat in
28:28 the below knee already.
28:31 How about
28:32 the Impossible Burger?
28:34 Well, beyond meat, you know, the
28:38 I'm not going to publish. Also in haha in Chama in 2019
28:47 saying that, you know something, this food was not
28:49 this was not food.
28:51 So those are not food there processed things that are just
28:56 of no benefit to you.
28:58 And so you're bursting on bubble right now. But but but
29:03 he look at the next video. Look at the next study. I want
29:05 to give some some hope. I was presenting this. It S I meeting
29:10 in what but union. But the union
29:14 I was presenting that the Bible studies and a woman who was in
29:18 the food business
29:19 was very impressed after he's finished. If you missed it,
29:23 had to use the pink room.
29:25 And so I went to the pink room and those women coming in after
29:28 Michigan. I want to talk to you
29:30 and she said the Holy Spirit spoke to me while I was
29:33 listening to you and she's in the food business. She said I
29:36 use a lot of Impossible Burger and beyond the shows I've been
29:40 impressed by the Holy Spirit not to use those things anymore
29:43 because I want to see my people healthy food. So, you know,
29:47 people can give the state even though you're not there yet
29:50 the horse but will speak to us foods to the studies and then
29:53 to others. So the last thing I will show you is the is the one
29:58 on the cross.
29:59 Now, we could have used all sorts of things and we can
30:01 bring up those studies there.
30:03 This one is titled when a grain of wheat dice
30:08 and that I got from John 12 where Jesus is talking to the
30:13 side of the visit here. It's grace. This was on whole grains
30:17 and Jesus giving them giving them a little example of what
30:21 happens to agree to tweet me says Alexa, Green of Wheat
30:25 Falls to the ground and dice. It remains alone. Then food the
30:28 on. He says
30:30 he talked about his own express. This coming up,
30:32 what slice a father's save me from this. But for this cause
30:36 came into this world is talking. But the cost of 2 Don
30:39 pick right up on that in the nice thing about the studies is
30:42 John picks up and you see the course there. He picks up on
30:45 all the things that we gave during the health portion of it
30:50 and goes right into the to the gospel study so that this very
30:54 seamlessly done and these are going to be available to it is
30:57 written there doing all the the storage and the fulfillment.
31:02 They're they're hot. They have earned over the correct,
31:04 but housing hours, QR codes that your will for the QR codes
31:08 and they're going to be ready. October food. I got that would
31:11 today. I'm very relieved, but they'll they'll be available
31:15 through it is written with which we're partnering with and
31:18 very happy. But that's the noose new pot of a new
31:21 beginning so that so we can do the best list of meetings and
31:23 still need studies and they get these studies. There will be
31:27 probably a QR a link on our S I Web site that we have in the
31:31 middle. I'm hoping that that will be the case exactly
31:33 because and they'll be a curable. This other thing on
31:37 the back of the of the of the box. They'll be a link to it is
31:41 written John Thrasher. Some amazing things on his website.
31:44 We're not competing with anybody. We just want the
31:47 gospel to get out there. Just amazing things on his
31:49 website that people can also look at. We want to have a
31:51 continual experience. But the Lord, not just that we can
31:55 continue and have them be blessed. And so I want to take
31:59 too much more time to look like we're going to be OK.
32:01 >> So I just want to mention India, I think, especially in
32:04 in this part and in first world countries, especially like in
32:08 the U.S. doing Bible studies, opening up a Bible point,
32:12 a piece of paper and filling out the blanks. That's what
32:16 really people want today have found that that is they don't
32:19 need all the digitally. All this fancy things that a lot of
32:22 people, they just want to have, the fellowship, the friendship,
32:25 but going into the word of God. And that's the key.
32:28 >> And everything that that would ease. And so it's meant
32:31 to be elbow to elbow, just motion with them. And it's
32:34 nice. You can bring them to your home if you like and make
32:38 something prepare before the Bible study and something that
32:40 you made that is is pot based. So yes, it all the nutrition
32:44 things are plot base, but I think that's what God for us.
32:47 So I think that that's going to do.
32:51 And so we're going to Segway. And if there's any, if anybody
32:54 wants more information they can go to it is through site a Web
32:59 site, hopefully at some point. But the are going to be
33:01 available through it is written.
33:03 >> October noted they are putting up the Web site from
33:06 time to time. Yeah, exactly on through. Yeah. Exactly.
33:10 Exactly.
33:11 >> So hopefully these will go like wildfire. Not because we
33:16 want to have or for material out there but we want people
33:19 safer. The can be bought healthy people. Yeah, I can
33:22 hear the word of God. Yes, and not. You know, sic Christian
33:26 people don't really know. Many don't know
33:29 >> where to start, right? Or they don't know the
33:32 connection between what the eat and and their general health,
33:36 right? They just kind of don't make a connection. So this is
33:39 great and also giving spiritual principles as well. Exactly.
33:43 Going back to a man in that.
33:45 >> And it's not it's not by the study light. All of the doctors
33:48 are COVID every last one of them.
33:49 >> So great. Does it raise? You mentioned that she was just
33:52 last week. A person came into our church for the first time I
33:56 got to visit with him and he'd he'd been studying our church
34:00 on the website. And he said, you know, the thing that
34:02 impressed me most about your church is that you're worried
34:05 about the hole person and not just one part. And he said
34:10 that's one of the main reasons. Why want to come into your
34:12 church today, men.
34:13 >> And then not heard that before, too, that people,
34:16 especially people who are health conscious. You know,
34:20 when they find a church that focuses on the whole person,
34:23 they're really interested.
34:24 >> And then you're going to hear that when we get to the
34:28 age for might that's going to if we get there, what Dennis is
34:35 going to talk about Roos over Africa.
34:38 >> I will try to make this quick. You know, Dan, you said
34:40 we had 2 hours and we you know, that's a lot of time. And I
34:43 knew it wasn't going to be enough time because we could
34:46 talk about each one of these topics for 2 hours worked.
34:49 But the topic I want to talk about briefly as roofs over
34:51 Africa. This is a new project that was it's not a new project
34:55 to the new project because it first started way back. Why say
34:59 way back to 20 plus years ago? We started is I started helping
35:04 with giving Russ over Africa. I've been over in Africa were
35:08 you know, they don't have a home. They have no place in the
35:11 show. The first pitcher, the roofs over Africa will shake.
35:13 There's an a sample of the church that I went to look at,
35:17 that. That's one of our brothers and sisters, our and
35:20 worshipping in places like that. And all they have just
35:23 logs to sit on. I mean, we complain about comfortable chip
35:27 ruse and they just have a little stick to sit on. That's
35:30 it. And so what we saw there in what was interesting is that
35:34 when I went over to Africa, I was at places where they're
35:37 actually growing trees for the rafters in rough seas. They
35:41 were actually building the bricks out of the mud around
35:44 the church. And so the idea came about was what they
35:47 couldn't afford was a hard currency to by the material for
35:51 for ruff's. And these are big churches. So as I went through
35:54 a process of doing over 11,000 of these churches, WA rookie in
36:00 Africa, roofs on the on the church was ever go. And we did
36:03 this program will then if you go the next picture, you saw
36:06 his picture, my cousin and the steel supply business. Pam
36:10 McNeal says that that's his business, his son Levi. And
36:13 they provided an idea of building a what we call one day
36:17 church, a church that could be built in one day. And will this
36:21 quickly go through these pictures? Because the time and
36:23 this is the first picture that this is the first church that
36:26 was built in Zambia actually had the privilege of of doing
36:29 that. You're a building that church. Here's one in South
36:32 America. And the next picture is shows that that's another
36:36 one in Zambia, Africa that's actually in Zimbabwe. But
36:40 what's there now? We're going to schools researcher out how
36:43 to build schools and we build hospitals and built all kinds
36:47 of greenhouses and various things that is side is done
36:51 through the years of these one day structures. I know, Danny,
36:54 you've been involved in it and you we've had a lot of side
36:58 projects talking about this, this particular great project,
37:03 which is and from this, there has been over 10,000 structures
37:09 have been built. Wow, you know it. And it's just amazing what
37:12 the Lord has done of a it is not by accident. That to the
37:17 cousin has a steel supply business. And my father has a
37:21 has a has a manufacturing business. And my my cousin is
37:25 in the use is in the machinery business. And it's amazing how
37:30 the Lord gives gives all these different ways of bringing this
37:33 together for homes but get. But we still have a problem.
37:36 And the problem is we have more demand than ever before for
37:40 churches. And so we decided we can make a lot more roast
37:44 because people are figure now there are members or for how to
37:47 put the bricks and get the trusses. So we're going to go.
37:50 We went back this year to just building crews brought skews me
37:54 providing the 10 for these roofs for for Africa. And if
38:00 you see the next picture, you'll see the container.
38:02 And this has been done since a s I
38:05 and we have picture of a of a container with 10 in it.
38:10 And then the next one was just this last week. But I just got
38:13 a picture of the first rough. Yeah. It was completed from the
38:17 U.S. I offering wow, that is already been done and that's
38:21 done in Africa's well and in the need is great. The need is
38:24 really, really great when it comes to the need of our
38:30 of our brothers and sisters in doing this rip ride jacked.
38:34 So what we need is a course we're raising money for that.
38:37 Some people want to help with that project for $1000. You can
38:41 do a church, put a whole roof. I put the whole roof and a
38:43 church and they're not small churches they hold about
38:47 between the depending on Africa south can hold anywhere from
38:50 100 and they go up to up to 300 people.
38:52 >> That it can hold. So I mean, I can do in just a real quick
38:55 challenge to the folks at home. I think I can do one of those
38:59 I would take that would do I would do it. We would do one of
39:02 those. And I'd like to say how many folks at home that you
39:06 join and then you add match that just $1000 for road.
39:10 You can imagine these folks have in church out underneath
39:14 the tree. Many times
39:17 I've seen it trait. This really means everything to the they
39:21 can fill and they make the sides, as you said, that
39:23 figured out how to do it but to get those rooms over there.
39:26 So I'm happy to do it. And where would they can to go the
39:30 website? If you look out of line right there, it says
39:33 Wright and Simon are strays Dot Org and we'll have a donate but
39:36 donate going. But it just put roofs on the R R folks know
39:39 about donate buttons when they got me a B and Y. Yeah. So
39:42 tonight we want to think about and pray about it. I'd like to
39:46 say 1000 people that there's no reason that 1000 people
39:49 watching this program could do $1000. So I we are 3ABN viewers
39:55 and your data center for a long time. They they are in the
39:59 movers and shakers. Yeah, people have much to the ABM
40:02 people that as Ayers that are out doing things. And so some
40:06 of you say, well, maybe I've never done this before and
40:08 never pursued participated tonight. Your opportunity.
40:12 I don't know about. You have been ministry a long time.
40:15 Nearly 39 years. But this is still exciting to me. Yeah,
40:19 that's a and h one of this infectious that that. Yeah,
40:23 that's right. Where it isn't it. And then really I want to
40:26 be a part of this. Yeah. And I want to say something too
40:29 about your dad. You can said a lot about your mother, but
40:33 Garland would want him to hear that made. But it's one that
40:38 literally most brilliant people that I've ever met when it
40:41 comes to 2 ideas. And the man has got tremendous ideas.
40:45 But he also knows how to take that idea and get into a
40:49 working system tell it comes into fruition to and very
40:53 innovative
40:54 an inventor so many things but mostly a love for people so on
41:00 they have done as family and merrily. Thank you so much.
41:03 God bless you. I knowing everyone's attention and tries
41:07 not to get it and you all may not be on a sentiment. She and
41:10 I can said tonight that are hats off to one of the you
41:15 talked earlier about the shoulders of people ahead of
41:18 U.S. dollars, one dollars, Lou. And you know where the McCain
41:22 mention the these people have helped so much around the world
41:27 you never know here. But in a turn to, I'm sure you will find
41:31 out. So we want you to go to the website, push the button
41:35 and say, yes, I can to maybe only do half have roof. That's
41:38 5 in to $500. Whatever you can do, the sag only give 10.
41:42 That's all right. We'll be much others do that. So we're going
41:45 to ask you. Think about it. Prayed about it with the Lord.
41:48 Have you do this? Absolutely. That's something we really
41:51 don't care about much and because he said Goian all the
41:54 world. So this is one way we can do it. But how much he'll
41:57 impression how much to get somebody may give 10. Somebody
42:01 may give 10,000 or 100,000 and that's not unrealistic. We've
42:05 had it. So the Lord is speaking do tonight. We ask you to go
42:08 the Web site and side missions Ministry asked, I'm Ministries
42:12 Dot org and you can donate right there. We're hoping and
42:16 praying that you listen to the holy Spirit and let's get these
42:19 roofs gone.
42:20 >> And you know, Danny,
42:23 one of the things that's awesome, we look back. We did
42:25 11,000 roofs in the first phase and we did 10,001 day church
42:30 structures when they structures and now we're shooting again
42:33 for another 11,000 ruff's. The thing we can look back and
42:37 know is that every time we have put up a structure or put a
42:40 refund, we feel that that facility with people that
42:44 builds up in, the more the more of those we go, the more P if
42:47 they don't have a place to worship and windy day. So it's
42:51 a wonderful thing. But I want to shift into our our last
42:54 discussion and that this is a really exciting one to I'm I'm
42:58 very enthused about this is called Hearts for Mission
43:00 International. And I think that and you're going to give us a
43:03 little.
43:04 >> Related to the I m. So if we can bring up the first slide,
43:07 though, be great.
43:08 The first image you're going to see is going to be
43:12 of these 2 people. Joan called Doctor Joan Coggan whose it was
43:17 a cardiologist and duck to Ellsworth Wareham. He died at
43:21 the age of 104 was a parade on hot that he was 97 years old.
43:26 Knocking a couple quick things to tell you. She both of these
43:29 to get the start of the overseas hot program in first,
43:34 both Saudi Arabia and all this call Haas permission. Can we go
43:39 back to the 2 Coggins picture? I've got 2 quick stories,
43:42 but join Coggan. I don't know where you would. Johnny.
43:45 28 1986.
43:47 You know what happened in an giant dry? 28 1986. I do.
43:52 I was making rounds. I was a resident making rounds with
43:55 Joan Coggan on cardiology and he went into a patient's room
43:58 because the challenger was going up. But the teacher,
44:01 Christa McAuliffe on board and we were around a patient's
44:05 bedside in the student Har
44:07 when the challenges blew up midair. First time that ever
44:10 happened. So remember Joan Coggan, because of the exactly
44:13 where I was, what we're doing. We quickly got the patient's
44:16 room just and she was not one to not have. Would she always
44:21 made a whole lot to lose? Second one, my twin sister was
44:24 with her in Saudi Arabia on a hot
44:27 and with the hot team from Loma Linda.
44:30 And my sister said,
44:32 don't call control, don't so you really back into it know
44:35 what it is like? No, but you couldn't drive a calm. But the
44:38 studies did not know what to do with Joan Collins was a larger
44:42 than life. Haha. She had a hot and she drove on the site,
44:46 though she had a sense of humor and she was yeah. But county
44:48 ala just.
44:50 >> And no wonder that that program took off. So it did in
44:54 1963 until 2008 Loma Linda sponsored the heart team that
45:01 was responsible for Greece for Saudi Arabia and China and
45:05 Africa going around saving lives. But in 2008 things
45:09 change some, you know, the basically some of the doctors
45:12 that have been part of this champion, we're no longer the
45:14 retired or something passed away.
45:16 But there was a young doctor named Non Wong
45:19 who actually was a classmate. My medical school class doctor
45:22 W*** is a a cardiac surgeon, a in Southern California. I just
45:27 met him less than a year ago,
45:29 but he was a young surgeon at the end of the program.
45:34 And he didn't number of these surgeries. And he was really
45:37 distressed after thinking about it that this the program never
45:40 existed anymore stopped.
45:42 And so they went back and checked with Loma Linda to see.
45:45 Would you be possible to start this thing? And they said,
45:47 well, you know, we've got too many things going right now.
45:48 So they differed
45:50 even though they're willing to help and they are helping about
45:53 that time. This is for you have the idea that a friend knows a
45:55 friend that knows a friend and doctor Nate Lou, who is a good
46:01 friend of mine and a member of our church in Fallbrook.
46:03 He called Me One day, says, Dan, I'd like to run an idea by
46:07 any said, we have this opportunity. A doctor W***
46:10 wants to put a new heart team together. And so I said,
46:13 well, sure, let's have dinner. So we had dinner at an Italian
46:15 restaurant. You know, it was really a wonderful time
46:18 together. I got a chance to hear the man's heart. We
46:21 started talking about it among our aside leadership team,
46:23 especially assigned mission Zinkhan. And one of the things
46:27 that's happened when some of the foresight of our early
46:31 people walk on their shoulders.
46:33 This was Harold actually hear Lance. We put into the bylaws
46:37 and the structure of a assigned mission sink the ability to
46:40 have a department structure for if we saw a ministry that
46:43 needed to go, we can actually adopt it, bring it in and help
46:46 it and really go. It's only been used a few times, but we
46:49 said this is something that could be really good. So
46:52 negotiations happened and we actually established a
46:55 department of assigned missions, ink that's called
46:57 Heart for Missions International. And Doctor Randy
47:01 Bivens, one of our board members as the chairman of this
47:03 group doctrine on Wong is the lead guy. That is the surgeon.
47:08 And they have been putting this plan together and they're going
47:10 to be having their first trip over to Africa.
47:14 I'm here in the next several months, actually in November,
47:17 I believe, is the first trip. But they're going to be doing a
47:20 specialized kind of a procedure. Now, I'm I'm going
47:23 to be deferring to to to Andy on a couple of these because
47:26 she's the medical person in this group. I'm excited about
47:29 it, but she's the one that can get the details. But one of the
47:32 problems we've got in Africa number, was there just millions
47:35 of people that need heart surgery, that there's no
47:37 opportunity for every day Sub-Saharan Africa
47:41 and many of these are based on a disease that is that is
47:45 causing a destruction of the mitral valve that I say that,
47:48 right? You said that you knew you say, OK, mitral valve in
47:52 our heart. Can you imagine if your heart doesn't work
47:54 for us? It's something that is a problem. Your your life is in
47:57 really difficult spot. And so they tested this out. There's a
48:01 Doctor.
48:02 Loma Linda train. Doctors actually been working in Kenya,
48:04 has a heart surgeon.
48:05 And they actually were testing this about a year ago when they
48:09 were looking at a young young man named Banda, a young
48:12 African boy who had this kunst. This problem with his heart
48:16 valve is Michael Heart health.
48:18 And they actually were able to go in and test this idea and
48:21 they did a replacement of his valve and gave him the gift of
48:26 life. And this is a problem that's endemic to that whole
48:30 part of the world. Young people have this valve problem and
48:35 it's a simple
48:37 procedure to replace that and they can go from having a life
48:40 spent. Maybe 25 years, too.
48:42 >> 75 years. And I want to just one thing is not just inmate to
48:45 the valve. It's an auto immune response to a bacteria
48:49 infection that the post-game show up to caucus plan Jenny's.
48:53 So they get that infection. And that's not a new reaction.
48:57 And so it can affect the hot it can affect the vote to convict
49:00 the lining of the heart. Also the thing. So it's it's
49:03 just poor. Poor medical care in the first place, you know,
49:07 seen in this country is called the magic fee, even rheumatic
49:10 heart disease, but from a bacterial infection. Some of
49:13 that we creaky strep throat is how they would get police
49:17 treated script throat. So.
49:19 >> So in any event, this team has been coming together over
49:23 the last few months because we actually acted on this back in
49:25 our meeting in in February. And they have been putting
49:28 their team together. Hearts for Mission International is now
49:32 officially under the umbrella. They assign Missions Inc.
49:35 They have a team that is coming together. We have volunteer
49:37 physicians that are there's a whole group. There's
49:39 anesthesiologist. There's you know, there's people that run
49:42 them and the equipment, the machines, they're organizing
49:45 the whole thing. We have to take equipment over there
49:46 working with different hospitals. They're actually
49:48 even looking now at the idea of teaching having a teaching
49:52 element, are there going to teach surgeons there to do this
49:55 procedure? So it's not just them coming in for 3 weeks and
49:59 doing as means they can do. They want to teach. So it can
50:01 be spread because there's so much need. We're very excited
50:05 to have them as a part of our assigned missions. And this is,
50:08 again, the the health outreach you're talking about health.
50:10 This is a situation where life
50:13 and can be given back to someone this young Banda,
50:17 he actually had that that surgery and that the picture is
50:20 up for a moment ago a moment ago. This is the perfect poster
50:23 child for the project because there are thousands and even
50:28 millions of young
50:30 boys and girls like Banda, they can have life given back to
50:33 them with a simple medical procedure that I really want to
50:38 say. Doctor W*** doctrine on Wong has really had a heart for
50:42 doing this and it's his passion. And we've said,
50:45 let's come around this, make this happen. Here's the
50:47 interesting thing.
50:49 We're talking about people wanting to make, you know,
50:51 donations potential. I want to share this idea.
50:54 If you have to have that kind of a surgery in America or in
50:57 Europe,
50:58 you're talking over $100,000 just to have that surgery.
51:02 They now have figured out that for $5,000, all costs in
51:08 everything and they're bringing the valves out of a place in
51:10 Europe.
51:11 They can actually do a complete
51:14 restoration for someone's life for $5,000. I grant that's when
51:19 you give a person life. And so again, if anyone is interested
51:22 in donating to that cause again, yes, I Missions Inc.
51:27 Yes, I ministries dot org all donated. But then again,
51:32 you've got to say hearts, OK, if you want to get to that
51:34 helps to help a young person with heart, a heart valve
51:39 replacement in Africa. That's the way to do that. And we're
51:42 very excited about it. I want to appreciate the whole team
51:45 express appreciation of the whole team that is putting this
51:47 together. But they they come together. Doctor, Doctor
51:50 Bivens, doctored long Doctor, Lou, and many others. I'm not
51:54 mentioning all the different names, but there's a whole
51:56 group of people that are coming together make this happen.
51:58 And again, S I is in the perfect position to be the
52:02 catalyst to help get this establishing get up off the
52:07 ground and let it run again because we had such an
52:08 incredible run from 1963 to 2008. We're hoping that this
52:13 goes from 2023 toward comes, you know.
52:16 >> And I want to make what I know that I'm just flew.
52:19 Yeah, but, you know, it's interesting from that first bit
52:22 of of hot surge in Saudi Arabia, 17 by the 18 people.
52:27 But 18 young people went to last year because of the health
52:31 message. So they went to last year. One of them was a woman
52:35 from that team going over there in the back in those days.
52:38 So very important thing. I want to also mention that one
52:42 of the bombs that
52:45 that Madison was
52:47 was no full was the medical those medical. Those education
52:50 is agriculture. So we're not straying off the reservation by
52:54 by adding this is a department. It is part of this and who we
52:57 are in our DNA. So that is exciting. So we're looking at
53:01 books.
53:02 >> And we're looking at it as their donor for books to
53:06 there's adult. You can do the same. You go to the same
53:08 website and when I get hit, donate and say books and donate
53:13 to help us and more and more that were on whatever the
53:15 lawyers are pressing you to do. Now. I have one more Web site
53:18 as long as you're saying that there's a website that is also
53:21 going to be put up. If somebody wants to order these the words,
53:24 if somebody wants to say I want to get a case or 3 or 10 cases
53:27 of these, I want whole bunch steps to Christ. I want to cry
53:30 said whatever you want. If you go to the website that they
53:33 have up there right now, I don't know what exactly.
53:35 But if they can put that lashed the site, you can order a
53:40 supply of these to put in your car in your home and start just
53:45 to have a simple plan to say. I want to give out 10 of these
53:47 this week next week will give 50 but start, you've got to
53:51 start someplace. And so we have all these resources available
53:54 for anyone that would like to get them. And I know we've
53:57 given a lot of Web sites tonight. There's lot of things
53:59 happening, but somebody is going to feel a tug.
54:02 >> To do one all right tonight. But then then I would just want
54:05 to mention that these are just a couple of the projects that
54:08 we've been involved with in a U.S.. I we're involved in lot
54:12 of different projects because we have a lot of great members
54:15 that have a passion for sharing Jesus. And I think one thing I
54:19 think we're going make sure that everyone understands we're
54:21 just part of the tools we're just having the privilege of
54:25 being able to help guide does all the work we just get the
54:28 opportunity to present. So I want to make sure that no one
54:31 thinks that it's us that we're taking this credit because God
54:34 gets all the credit for everything we do, because it
54:38 it's all his men were just we're just had the privilege of
54:41 being part of this. But we were involved with the 30 40
54:45 projects a year. We want to talk about 3 or 4 of them.
54:48 We've got many more as we can talk about that.
54:50 >> As you can see, we're running out credible.
54:54 >> You know that aside, of course, this all under the
54:56 umbrella of a a sign that we're not only talking about the
54:59 spiritual, but the physical, I mean, the whole the whole body.
55:03 I mean, yeah, it's amazing. And again, as you mentioned,
55:06 a lot of people come to the ad that has changed because they
55:09 say, well, we were just interest in the health
55:11 messaging. So we want to come or somebody else as spiritual
55:15 problems are someone else with medical problems. But all of
55:18 this under a U.S. I'm we've only talked about a few
55:21 projects. So if you're not excited and you know, impressed
55:25 to give to support this bygone the website, I want you to
55:28 check your Paul haha if you're still with us, because I don't
55:32 know how you can still be alive and not be excited. Be a
55:35 Christian. And so I want to participate in this. I want to
55:38 be a part of that. I still have my phone and for some of you
55:42 because I can get your phone call after we go off the air.
55:45 Sometimes they do. That's why keep it here. If you want to
55:48 make a donation, you need to go. The Web site are all tell
55:51 you what the website is. We have about 30 seconds.
55:55 Who wants to give a closing thought?
55:57 >> I just want to see, you know, please come to s I
56:00 because you might you might have a hot for good, but you
56:02 just don't know what to do. You'll get ideas from just
56:05 mingling in the exhibit hall, as you mention of any one of
56:09 us, not that we're perfect. But
56:11 >> and the Web site, we can say when the conventions are that
56:15 OK? Alright, Yvonne closing thought.
56:18 >> Just get involved. I mean, that's how the fire happens.
56:21 When you're serving when you're doing for others, when you have
56:24 a burden for so if you don't burn fizzles, the Lord will
56:27 give you a mask him for asking.
56:30 >> They in our time is just about gone. So if we can put up
56:33 the Web site one more time and again, you can always be didn't
56:37 get to store any reason. Please call 3 ABN and then
56:40 we'll make sure you get this Web site for a NASA Lord.
56:43 What do we have yet to do? Our time is all gone until we
56:46 say next time a tenure and richly bless you abundantly
56:49 more than you could ever asked. One thing
56:51 [MUSIC]
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