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00:10 >> Welcome back to the second hour of 3 ABN TODAY LIVE HERE
00:14 at the 3, A B and studios in West Frankfort, Illinois.
00:17 If you just joining us, I kind of feel badly. I know the good
00:21 news is you'll be able to see the program and a repeat,
00:24 but we just had one out with Scott Ritter. Most could have
00:27 you, Scott.
00:28 You know, Scott is a guy that I just cannot believe as you tell
00:31 me the first hour that you fearful of public speaking
00:34 Mazen, but the Lord headed, if you have to live, yeah, they
00:37 should. And I'm just kind of for those with just joining us
00:41 snippet.
00:43 >> Yeah, somebody might say, oh, I missed the first hour.
00:45 Who is this guy? OK? Media on the brain is probably what most
00:48 people know us by about 420 phys in-person seminars and
00:52 churches all over from 2012 to up to the present day. We've
00:56 been moving toward doing more digital like you guys are doing
01:00 as producing more media. Finally got my own little green
01:03 screen studio the camera. I'm always doing brick and
01:06 mortar for 10 years and reaching many people that way
01:09 and answering God's calling and opening the door as he opened
01:12 the doors to go to churches. And now there are so many souls
01:17 on these digital platforms and to help them find have the
01:22 tools to break free that the understanding of the social
01:24 control, the mind manipulation that's happening. So basically
01:27 reaching people online is the is are our next efforts are
01:31 about the truth. Ministries belt of jurors Dot TV is the
01:34 best place. People can find us and want to know what is Scott
01:37 writes. I'm all about you watch media on the brain that the
01:39 digital disconnect, by the way is highlights of media on the
01:43 brain. So your viewers are pretty well up to speed on
01:45 media on the brain. The new technocracy series which we're
01:48 talking about here. But that's also on belt of TRUCE. DOT TV.
01:52 Do you have a team? Yeah, yeah, we do that. We have nothing
01:55 like 3 a B operation and oh, yeah, God is good. People come
02:00 to bat for support. Us were able to do it full time,
02:02 which is a real blessing and I'm able to travel with the
02:06 family. Oh, I forgot to tell you the RV story, Tahoe,
02:12 right at the beginning of the first hours like its good,
02:15 I 3ABN maybe here safely.
02:18 I never told that I should have told the Sun Digital
02:20 disconnect. But the 3 Indian audiences here in this for the
02:22 first time, the first visit to 3ABN this was probably 2014 for
02:27 a today interview is Shelly Quint. We had we were coming
02:31 on. I think it was I-80 across from the West and that's how I
02:35 recollected at the moment. We're in. Our small RV is made
02:38 in 2015
02:40 and we travel around and we're not full-time living in the R
02:42 B, we've we've always had our home in Michigan, but we are
02:45 out and about and like, all right, we're going go to 3 a B.
02:48 And that's going to be a great interview. What an opportunity
02:50 to reach people with the media on the brain message and Ike.
02:53 I kid you not not once but twice. The only time this has
02:57 ever happened in
02:59 30 years of driving. Almost for me now at this point
03:03 twice, I got run off of the road off of the highway into
03:05 the ditch. Once the motorhome topsy-turvy and you're thinking
03:09 you're about to roll out a slop on your side, at least right
03:12 now role. But it was it was intense. It was the whole
03:16 family, which is a car. Yeah, it was. It was cars ahead.
03:19 Cars coming in. It was, you know, when you're used to
03:21 driving in traffic, right, drive carefully. And I got the
03:24 family in the RV. So this is not I hope people get the wrong
03:27 idea. Like you got rid of my knowledge. It was, you know,
03:30 we've got to run right up the road one too times and is
03:33 adding to that on the same journey to 3ABN, you know,
03:36 8 or 9 years ago or whenever that was, you know, the devil
03:38 shows his displeasure in many ways. That's why I thought to
03:41 tell a story because you specialize in that and
03:44 understanding the reality of Holy Angels. Evil Angel own
03:47 from God's word. I knew you'd see the significance of that.
03:51 >> That happened to us in St. Louis. Yeah, we had we had a
03:54 whole youth day.
03:56 Churches packed and at the night we were just about to go
03:59 across the street to the gymnasium, play some games
04:01 together.
04:02 And I said as you go home tonight,
04:04 be careful. The devil will do whatever he can
04:08 to hurt anyone of us will injure us. It was my life and I
04:12 my mother-in-law and 2 nieces. We got on the highway about 1
04:16 o'clock in the morning
04:18 and I'm getting on the freeway getting on this way. So if you
04:22 slide, if you slide, you should slide that direction.
04:25 We're getting on the freeway this way and vehicle just well.
04:28 I've got pushed. This would allow and my wife said what's
04:31 going on said I don't even know
04:33 before. We know we were rolling and over and down an embankment
04:37 and held on a 1 o'clock in the morning. The vehicle was
04:40 totaled. Windows blew out 5 of us in the vehicle. Thank the
04:43 Lord that we were belted in except one nice. She was padded
04:46 by the 2 that were around her. But God saw that coming because
04:50 the day before
04:53 I detailed our SUV,
04:56 I had books in the back tools in the back. You know,
04:59 screwdrivers and all I took everything out. Even the seats
05:02 in vacuum. The car looks like it just came out of the
05:04 showroom.
05:05 The Lord saw ahead of time. Yeah, because if those items
05:10 were in there, we would have been cut up. Yeah, didn't
05:13 terribly injured. We all walked away from the hospital about 3
05:16 o'clock in the morning with not a single scratch in the windows
05:18 blew out. Nobody got cut. So we knew we see the spiritual
05:24 attack. You know,
05:25 so you're right to do the Lord. You see the devil says their
05:28 verbal and they're on their way to 3ABN to talk about what I'm
05:31 doing to people. You know, I don't like it, but the angel of
05:34 the Lord in camps throughout those who fear him and delivers
05:37 them. And that's what happened. You we've seen that happen to
05:40 us. So it's true.
05:41 >> That is that sometimes people get scared by the
05:43 demonic attacks and these kind of things. And just remember
05:46 that verse claim that first day, that person and, you know,
05:49 go with James 4, very 7. It's not only resist the devil
05:54 and he will flee from you. But it's the prerequisite,
05:56 submit yourselves, therefore, to God. So make sure we're in
05:59 right relationship with God because the 7 sons of scheme in
06:03 the book of acts, I think you just have power over devils and
06:05 you come out of him now and they're like we know Jesus.
06:07 We know all you are and they rip your clothes off for these
06:11 guys and beat a mob. Yeah, so I don't want to be in a
06:14 compromised situation when it comes to me in the Lord.
06:18 I want to know connected and have that assurance continue.
06:21 And that's not a performance space thing. Oh, that's that's
06:24 Lord. Grant me a measure of faith. I make make me willing,
06:28 you know that I'm willing to be willing, give me your spirit.
06:31 I need more of you. And so when we know we're struggling,
06:35 the bible calls that a righteous man falls 7 times.
06:38 He gets back up. So if you've struggled, if you messed up,
06:42 it's time to get back up to our cause. Your righteous man or
06:44 woman. Some of it yourselves there for the God, resist the
06:47 devil. And yeah.
06:48 >> Now I've asked a question just before we went to the
06:50 break. I want to introduce that question again and then go
06:54 ahead and
06:55 take it where you feel. It's important to keep your team in
06:59 the Social robot. Yeah.
07:00 >> Oh, yeah. The social road. So we were getting into Sophia
07:02 and they've got these are pretty primitive compared to
07:05 what they really could be rolling out in the near future.
07:08 And so when you ask futurists like Ray Kurzweil and others,
07:13 you know, was the future hold, he says there will be still a
07:16 con entities. There will be virtual entity is hollow,
07:19 grab, make and to tease and and biological humans, you know,
07:23 competing for the same space. But the ultimate future that
07:26 they foresee with that and was not going to let it get to
07:30 this. I can tell you, I know that from Bible prophecy
07:32 because it's a living breathing, biological souls as
07:36 we are that are making decisions. And we'll come back
07:39 to that because there's a whole idea of controlling the mind.
07:43 But
07:44 it with the devil wants to counterfeit everything goddess,
07:49 right? So God is to create. The devil said I will send out
07:54 will be like the most high. But could he ever create?
07:58 No, no, no. God speaks this world into existence in 6 days
08:03 and house double feeling at that point. He just must be
08:05 frustrating. I can do that. Haha. Yeah. He had sold a bill
08:12 of goods to his. Yeah. One-third of the Angels is that
08:15 I could be in the position of God and then got says watch
08:17 this and he creates this world in 6 days and the Devils
08:22 wringing his hands. I wish I could do that. And for 6 1000
08:26 years, all he could do was mess up God's creation. That's it.
08:30 Tempt us in this in mind. The mess up our lives until you
08:34 start getting the virtual world and you're going, could this be
08:39 the Devils attended? There's good uses for computers and
08:43 technology. But if it's a place that we go to replace living
08:47 Ryan, God's actual reality, if the virtual reality take a
08:51 video game, for example, a massively multiplayer online
08:55 role playing game. You enter into that narrative. You adopt
09:01 an identity. You have a community in their social
09:04 media, social robots, if you will, because we're becoming
09:08 autumn of ties into a virtual plane of non existence and its
09:12 virtual non reality. Yeah, right.
09:15 So 10 years ago when I was doing media on the brain
09:17 seminars, I was quoting from video game designers and video
09:21 game addiction recovery specialist to talk about the
09:24 experience of stepping into that game. And they're writing
09:27 from a completely secular standpoint, right? But they
09:30 sound spiritual games. Take our senses beyond the confines of
09:34 reality. When you step into that video game, it's as if you
09:38 are achieving a higher state of consciousness and being a new
09:42 way of existence. And I'm like that sounds like the kind of
09:46 lie, the serpent. What does that even the even the gardens
09:50 take of this? And should you ever read the book patriarchs
09:52 and prophets? The pictures are as when she eats at yeah,
09:56 she imagined herself as entering upon a higher state.
09:59 Stay dry and that's exactly what this game designers.
10:01 I'm reading this book and reading patriarchs and prophets
10:04 side by side. The virtual is seems to be what was your
10:08 question? How did I get on to that? Yeah. What was it about
10:13 the robot? Okay. So yeah. It started really with the
10:15 video game industry. That's where you became this other
10:19 being in there with other people. And it's it's a it's
10:22 it's an entering wedge into non-human non social contact in
10:28 a virtual play. Social media then takes it to the next
10:30 level.
10:32 >> He's an amazing. Don't forget that point. Yeah.
10:34 We call it social media and yeah, that's exactly what it's
10:37 lacking. Yeah, social skill and it's amazing what we're
10:41 creating a society that's almost mute yet. They can't
10:44 communicate like this. Oh, so true.
10:46 >> As searchers. Yeah. Empathy and emotional intelligence and
10:49 all these things are down 40% drop in empathy after social
10:53 media empathy, caring about other people's feelings,
10:55 the language of of of facial contact human to human
10:58 gestures, et cetera, lacking a generation. And so I show you
11:02 caught me. I like to call it not social media but anti
11:06 social media. Yeah. Maybe it has its place. You know,
11:08 you promote a series on there. You stream video using a pen,
11:11 right? You said let's not television came in. It was just
11:14 like that. Why would we put that in a house? You have to
11:17 learn how to,
11:19 as the Bible says that children of this world a wiser than the
11:22 children of light. Yeah, but God is not an intelligent.
11:25 He is the supreme intelligence on a button on the president on
11:29 a mission to you. We need to allow our sense is created by
11:34 God to be accessed and and given to God. That's where the
11:39 will and the Mets are comes in and that's where he receives
11:41 worship. Yeah, it's Satan wants to be the creator because he
11:44 wants worship the wise. And when we give him all of our
11:47 time, all of our attention when we live in his world and set of
11:50 God's what are we giving him were giving him our life that I
11:53 worship? Yeah. And so the social robots.
11:57 >> Our our our our the digital invading the human space is
12:01 Cilic on life forms coming to life in our real environment
12:05 counterpart that with the matter first and you've got the
12:08 end of it. The virtual interface gone extreme. Not
12:12 just the video on the list. Oh, that would be an example of
12:15 one of the tech not take tech technologies. Yes, I will send
12:18 Technocracy. Haha. I guess the metaverse would be a
12:21 technocracy. I'm not convinced people are going to step into
12:24 that. They've been heavily promoting it. But yeah.
12:28 >> Yeah. I mean, I'm thinking of all the ways that this
12:30 technology is really taking people over. Yeah, it's getting
12:33 to the place where you could. I mean, I've seen this software
12:36 where you could imagine what you're going to look like in 20
12:38 years and you can just have the computer policy. Was Scott's
12:41 going to look like when he's 50? Yeah, 2060. When he 71 is
12:45 80. Somebody did that once in a city. I don't need to. Steve.
12:50 Could you just wait to like? Yeah, I don't know. Yeah.
12:53 I look like it too much right. And then some people say,
12:56 well, what it was like, oh, it was a kid when he was 14.
12:58 So the computer they take structures of your face or
13:03 wanted to experiment what she says a, you know, they have
13:06 software now that could put you in old movie black and white.
13:09 Yeah, they take your face and they superimpose it and you're
13:13 talking you through the eyes and everything. This is this is
13:16 really where
13:18 your existing where you didn't exist before, but you're not
13:21 existing there. But you think you are right. What is it you?
13:24 >> And really that's, you know, aside from the social robots
13:27 just to tie a bow on that. You remember the Sofia image
13:30 earlier. I said we've got a touch on it. It's just as
13:32 simple as this. They granted his citizenship citizenship.
13:36 Yeah.
13:37 In Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian government is in transit or
13:41 citizenship. So when when Ray Kurzweil, the future is from
13:44 Google says there will be various different life forms.
13:47 They call still look at that. They have a phrase called Cilic
13:51 on life forms.
13:53 Oh, that's not a life. Or if the economy, many computer
13:55 chips, right? They call it non biological life or post
14:00 biological life. Now I have a line and technocracy that post
14:04 biological life is a post biological lie. Wright has.
14:07 There's no such thing as post bio bio means life. Right?
14:12 So post life life. That was biological life is an oxymoron.
14:16 Is it about the personal life after death? Yeah, that's
14:18 that's right where you are taking it with. I want to see
14:21 that the version of me 30 years older.
14:23 Well, you know what courage while also says he says that
14:27 since we are in putting all of our personality traits are
14:32 voice print. Our data are searches are purchase history.
14:36 Everything about me is going on there. Yeah. And it knows me
14:41 better than I know myself. It knows me better than my
14:44 spouse knows me doesn't know me better and God knows, right.
14:47 But it's trying to get to collect all this for future.
14:51 Use any current use, of course, the cell right things, right?
14:53 This is just a corporate pitch. But the future use of this is
14:57 what the what these World Economic Forum types are
15:00 claiming is that that will become
15:04 8 secondary version of you so that when you shed your
15:08 biological existence and breathe your last, you know,
15:12 show not surely die. So it's another one of the Devils lie.
15:16 >> Yeah, and you know, in the world, you mention World
15:19 Economic Forum
15:22 and I got a lot of blowback from mentioning that once in
15:25 the wrong context. But the World Economic Forum in a
15:29 nutshell is how to digitally connect the world in the World
15:32 Economic Forum. Yes, but you write all this information is
15:37 being fed in people. You know, when you get those pop ups was
15:40 like 20% off and you click yes. When to give you an email right
15:44 away. They said, you know, people don't necessarily read
15:47 the conditions which they say they can access an alter and
15:50 modify your e-mails and your pictures and use them for their
15:53 own use. And the people so excited for 20% off to give
15:56 youth to get people that they don't know. Yeah, full access
16:00 to their lives and before you know it all this information is
16:02 gathered to carry. You want before your existence right
16:06 after your existence came to an end. But, you know, as to
16:09 school, but could the World Economic Forum now in how they
16:11 use in this information?
16:13 >> Because it's something we talk about in reference to that
16:15 yet. Well, the idea that you'll be able to have your existence
16:19 continue on after you. They call that existence. They call
16:23 it. You're uploading your consciousness to the cloud,
16:27 not conscious. This is something that happens within
16:30 the hard wiring of my brain that God gave me. But you can
16:34 upload your consciousness. This is just a mimic a
16:37 counterfeit of you. So if they can, holographic Lee in the
16:40 future portray you. This is what Kurzweil says. He says I'm
16:43 gonna bring my father back from the dead.
16:46 The dead. No nothing. But if we have all their data, we can
16:49 communicate with that. See, see how that becomes an entering
16:52 wedge for actual operations of demons and people buying into
16:56 that because if we can do that, do it technologically and we
17:00 can do it. Holographic Lee. Then when the Marian apparition
17:03 or grandma comes and tells me God's law has been changed or
17:06 whatever we're just used to seeing like things like this
17:08 because we believe that consciousness continues after
17:11 and Cilic on. Why not have a spiritual version of it,
17:14 too? Yeah, I will mention the August because when you mention
17:16 hologram.
17:18 >> He was going there too. And I know what I'm talking
17:19 about. The singer. Yeah. That died had a con son paid to
17:23 go see. The Khan said he was already dead. But as the
17:25 holographic to the death daughter and the father,
17:28 all y'all. Oh, yeah. And that King Cole and Natalie Cole same
17:31 together. Now, the Bible, of course, as the dead. No,
17:34 nothing amount.
17:35 >> So is says he will in June just in the book of job.
17:39 >> When he goes to the grave, he will come up no more neither
17:42 and visit his house. The sun's come to on him. He knows and
17:44 not pay below. He perceives that. Not yet. I don't know
17:47 anything.
17:48 >> So when we saw earlier Harare statement that history
17:51 will and when we become gods, this is another aspect of you
17:55 will be like God is you will be it will not surely die. You
17:59 upload your consciousness and become immortal
18:02 another way that they mean by that. And the World Economic
18:04 Forum he asked about put out a very interesting graphic.
18:08 And this was actually the World Government Summit in Dubai,
18:11 similar similar type of events as well as the one in Davos
18:15 with the World Economic Forum. But there's a human finger and
18:19 then a little robot here. We've got a graphic on that.
18:22 I find it. But it when you look at that, it's meant to remind
18:26 the viewer of a certain Renaissance Era Sistine Chapel
18:30 pay at Gaga, Adam. So that's in our collective consciousness of
18:34 the finger of God creating man. They're right. Notice where the
18:38 position of the human finger is in the World. Government summit
18:41 graphic. It's where not a secure place because of that.
18:45 Yeah. So since we create artificial intelligence,
18:48 we are now the creators. He will be like on his true and
18:52 when we become got another thing. That Harare means by
18:54 that phrase is when you study their writings, they did really
18:58 look forward to to improving. Harare speaks about this in
19:01 great length. All the clips, by the way, are in Technocracy.
19:05 Don't take my word for the I know this sounds crazy, but I
19:07 don't want to do any speculation. Every single
19:10 things got to be their own words. That's just how I do
19:12 things as an academic. But his statements about if we can wire
19:17 our brains into the cloud, we can think right into the
19:21 Internet and access all data and information and knowledge
19:25 and even download personality traits, download memories of
19:28 other people and we can define it. I mean, this is ultimate
19:32 God creation power, counterfeit to the 10th power. And so
19:36 that's the point at which they would say we have it. We have
19:40 evolved. This is their words evolved into a new species that
19:45 we're transcending. The biological in our brains can
19:47 become Cilic on. We can have nanobots swimming around in the
19:51 capital areas of our brains that will connect right in.
19:53 So then the dividing line between me as an autonomous
19:56 biological being reading something studying, something
20:00 in making a decision has led by God that would be broken and we
20:04 would become merged into the group mind and they would call
20:08 that the AI Tech. Not proceed God.
20:11 >> All right. Everybody thinking the same because I
20:14 predicted the way you behave is going to be and that whole
20:18 ideology of continually feeding information. It's designed to
20:22 create scenarios and determine how Scott's going to spawn if
20:27 this crisis occurs. Can we rely on him to be supportive of us?
20:30 Yeah. Will he become relevant or irrelevant then because his
20:34 contribution is so minuscule, we could just give it a Scott.
20:37 Yeah, because we know exactly what his decision is going to
20:40 be if the situation occurs. So it's not just an economic
20:44 aspect of it, but it's a whole nother way of trying to predict
20:48 that's what commercials all about. They want to predict.
20:50 You might mention a word in this happened. We talked about
20:53 something sometimes within earshot of our computers.
20:58 >> What happens? Yeah. Oh, yeah. And you'll see an ad
21:01 talking about this. I was after an event, you know, the the DVD
21:04 table of after sundown, Raul chatting with people after a
21:07 meeting on the brain seminar and the word had been going
21:09 around that this was happening. And I said, well, let's give it
21:12 a test and I'm sitting there with a bunch of other people.
21:14 And I is this some kind of crazy theory that's out there.
21:17 And I just start talking about a certain product in earshot of
21:20 my fom have and I named it a few times and like others,
21:24 different styles of this and fashions of that and that I
21:27 kind of, you know, amp it up a little bit. Then I pull up a
21:29 news website Open up my with my Web browser. Go to a news
21:33 website. What kind of ads will be embedded in that page?
21:36 Yeah, exactly. That was on. And that is exactly what we
21:39 were talking about. So that's been around for a while and
21:43 they'll do even, you know, auto fill auto suggest where you're
21:46 typing and I want to search this its powerful. How what the
21:49 suggestions that they make people choose them so they
21:53 start shaping in shifting the way we think Google specialized
21:57 in this. Yeah, big time. So those those are those are
21:59 ways of mind manipulation of the Edward Byrne Azn model,
22:03 not so the futuristic thing. That's just what we're dealing
22:05 with right now. Just be sure to be in God's word and know that,
22:09 you know, we we have that that control because I don't think
22:12 do you think mask a pastor, this mascot, the origin of
22:15 prophecy student,
22:18 can history get to that point? We're all human beings are are
22:22 wiring their brains into some hive mind and there is no
22:26 individual human consciousness left. No, I don't think any of
22:30 that. Why not?
22:32 >> And the reason I say No is because our guide book is the
22:35 Bible. You know, this decision about eternity. And that's the
22:38 bigger picture here. He turn life eternity living for cod
22:42 choosing to accept or reject him. This man on a conscious
22:46 level. Yes, you know, Joshua, 24 15 doesn't say machine
22:49 chooses. Choose you to stay. You'll serve. It's an
22:52 individual thing.
22:54 Men are trying to make it appear as though it's not
22:56 individual yeah to trying to predict a behavior but notice
22:59 what they cannot predict. They could predict as well as
23:02 they can based on what you have already done.
23:05 That's what they really actually profiling what you've
23:07 already done, not what you're about to do. So they're not 100
23:11 per cent cent. Accurate? Yeah. And but know that that
23:15 the choice that's going to be the reason why you're safe.
23:17 The loss is a decision you consciously make not your
23:21 computer make for you.
23:23 >> I could I see that in revelation, 13 icy decisions
23:26 that are being made 13 of 14 right between the seal got in
23:29 the market to be saying those are decisions that are being
23:31 made and yes, people are being manipulated. The whole world
23:34 wonders after the beast, but it's like there is groupthink
23:37 happening is happening now. Yes, right at the mass
23:41 formation. That's a social phenomenon where you get groups
23:45 with some grievance, get groups with some agitation with some
23:49 dissatisfaction and then they target
23:52 the other that the Demon Eyes group, the Jews, certain race,
23:57 etcetera. And when you have that pattern ING in recent
24:01 years, even as you say, well, where could that take us in the
24:03 near future in prophecy? Well, it's those those
24:06 commandment keeping people have got those servants of Jesus.
24:09 They are the reason that that has to was.
24:12 >> And so this in areas already drawn. This is what I would
24:15 encourage the audience because we talk about a lot of
24:17 technocracy and things that are just futuristic and some people
24:20 are saying
24:21 I've never heard that before. Yeah. There are those
24:24 individuals that are not as privy. Yeah. In a in a
24:27 psychological and academic way to the things that we sometimes
24:30 research and put together so we don't want to lose you in the
24:32 sauce. In essence an is this is where the world is headed.
24:36 Yeah. This is where the world already is on so many different
24:39 levels and already there and your trust in us like a vacuum.
24:43 If you don't have an anchor in cars, word if your life is not
24:47 and could in a real relationship with conscious
24:50 decisions between you and God,
24:52 you can easily become the victim. Yeah. And the product
24:56 of all of your decisions in your search is the new
24:59 ideologies. Yeah. And then somebody else will be in
25:02 control
25:04 rather than you. But you know, second, the second Corinthians
25:07 5.10, shows me that we'll never get that way because we must
25:11 all appear before. The judge says he describes a method.
25:14 Every one of us must give an account of the things that he
25:17 has done in the body. Yeah, it's not in the audience.
25:21 Haha next tech. Not. Yeah. It's going to get a reference
25:26 from Pastor John and the by good dry weather will be got a
25:29 weather. We have to make this. We have to us out.
25:32 What did you do? Any computer know? What did you do in the
25:34 body? Yeah. Okay. That might be not conform to be transform and
25:38 that your body become a living sacrifice. Now mine said again,
25:42 yes, the sound much. Yeah, yeah. Not additional. Not not a
25:45 spirit of fear.
25:47 >> But of of power and of love and a sound mind, there's a lot
25:50 of fear going around these days. I mean, you're the what's
25:53 the next thing that we're supposed to be afraid of.
25:55 That
25:57 perfect love drives out off the off in and great piece. Have
26:00 they which la there's so much benefit to being in God's word
26:03 and being in nature. And if some of the news broadcasts and
26:07 the next crazy thing that's happening is a burden
26:10 emotionally spiritually to us. Just unplug. Yeah, it's it's
26:13 it's good to know what's going on and a measure that with
26:15 prophecy. But you can get in balance in that. And you can
26:18 have till 2 in the morning like got to know all the details of
26:21 all the conspiracies. And, you know, I want all the details of
26:24 God's word. Yeah, I know what the deceptions are and I see
26:28 what guys where it is. And so I don't minimize this
26:31 conversation. I'll say this. I've never taken the brain
26:34 chips in the nanobots swimming around in my brain. I like the
26:37 Amish. They were just, you know, 150 years ahead of their
26:40 time. You know, we do not want the internal combustion engine.
26:43 Yeah, maybe maybe that was a little a little more sensitive,
26:45 a conscience. And most of us would have God bless the Amish,
26:48 but they were right on. We're going to draw a line somewhere
26:51 with technology. There are coming into our world in this
26:55 time in which we live technologies where we have to
26:57 say, even though it's not a moral issue, per se, am I
27:02 giving up my human consciousness to merge into
27:06 that? And so you could be that, you know, the Amish 2 point.
27:09 Oh, if you almost Thomas, you know, we want to maintain book
27:13 reading in use of screens and technology in balance and
27:16 growing food and living in the country. If we're able to these
27:19 these blessings that God gives to us, I think that we can
27:22 recapture not in a fanatical way. Of course, I'll be honest
27:25 example. The people that misunderstand that the idea
27:29 they were right in saying we need to draw the line on some
27:33 things are things may be different. The brain being
27:37 merged into the into the you know, the cloud. That's a line
27:41 that is definitely going to be in the sand that many
27:43 Christians was.
27:44 >> Chilly. We're living in the days when knowledge shall
27:47 increase. And I was thinking of.
27:50 >> Have a question for you that we have the eye robot vacuum.
27:55 Yes, you just don't like it. I like it because hike. But my
28:00 question about the though we don't even use it anymore.
28:04 But what does have that have to do with the robot?
28:08 >> Depends on one's individual preference and unconscious on
28:11 the matter. You know, I don't want to be the the the robot is
28:15 and give everybody their marching orders and rules of
28:17 what's in and what's out. I believe I've read council
28:20 somewhere when the washing machines and things like that
28:23 were coming in. But these are labor saving devices. Oh,
28:25 yeah. And that, you know, mothers can get out after just
28:28 be your house was Rajon Ken Noda, improve their minds and
28:31 play with their children, take them into nature. And these are
28:34 all different quotes. Not all from the washing machine,
28:36 but I don't have any principal opposition to the to the robot
28:40 vacuum cleaner. But yeah, there's a pastor. Have a side
28:43 of my table straight. Well know the IRA issued sometimes years,
28:48 right? Sometimes my wife is just I'm going to have the
28:52 vote.
28:53 >> Because we have wood floors in the living room. So it's a
28:54 lot easier now. And but sometimes I'm a kind of crazy
28:59 guy and some sense, you know, the I'm about is going straight
29:03 and is a piece of dust right there. He just turns. Haha.
29:08 So I get out the that was you have all of the iRobot
29:12 everywhere and sometimes about the run, some of the of one of
29:14 my company, according to the kind of.
29:17 >> So I get the idea that if we outsource all human labor,
29:21 too, to a robot, it if pilots on how to apply flight planes
29:26 anymore. You know if I don't know how to navigate with a map
29:30 without series right here saying this is the way walkie
29:34 in its yeah. Those on whose driverless car. Yeah. Yeah.
29:39 Yeah. You know what? That's part of the World Economic
29:41 Forum you're going to ask you about because remember the
29:43 headline that was welcome to 2030, you will owe nothing have
29:48 no privacy and life has never been better. I think they have
29:51 that on the graphic. But that was a Forbes magazine have
29:53 headlined by the W**. Yeah. And it got everybody's like
29:57 wait what we're going to have. No privacy. We're going to own
30:00 nothing. Getting their state to talk to real estate will be a
30:03 thing of the past. Yeah. Yeah. Because you could.
30:06 You collect and concentrate and everybody in what they call
30:08 mega cities. They put out these little cartoons. They're in.
30:11 They're in Technocracy 10 years ago, 12 years ago now for
30:14 children in school. It was mega cities on the move and it was
30:17 different scenarios about the futuristic society and that the
30:20 global technocrats are constructing. And it was it was
30:23 about no private ownership of vehicles. It was no autonomy
30:27 are assigned your career based on just algorithms of your
30:29 personality type and you're going to your children be
30:32 assigned a school and assigned a career. And you're a lot of
30:35 certain amounts of caloric, a, you know, for our carbon output
30:38 Sunday. And, you know, the whole carbon thing from from
30:41 the pope and loud out seeing his environmental encyclical.
30:44 So there's a lot of, you know, sort of agendas built into that
30:49 and propaganda that's been had to push people toward that
30:52 eventually, Ali, and that future of phasing out humans.
30:56 What about what is the metaverse? Okay? Yeah. We were
30:59 talking on that with you know, we've got yes. Remember when
31:02 Facebook just near to go change the name of their company.
31:06 Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook change their name to Metta.
31:09 I demand that a platform, Sam, and it was all about we want to
31:13 really push this idea of not just on a phone, not just on a
31:16 computer screen that you're doing and the social media and
31:20 video games and stop. But we want to make this a place where
31:23 you're immersed in living in an virtual reality that mirrors
31:28 and patterns there it is community. Yeah, exactly.
31:32 Mark Zuckerberg notice the symbolism here. He's the one
31:36 without the goggles. Yes, still living in reality. All of the
31:41 underlings are all sitting. He's walking by Pete Earley.
31:46 The symbolism in that they put out this photo to put that if
31:49 they put that out there as a message, perhaps that some,
31:53 you know, they're going to be up to cast society here in
31:56 Harare talks about this. He says those who are not
32:00 evolving into the new species, they call it trans humanism.
32:04 We're going to go and send human and we're going to become
32:07 gods. As we mentioned earlier, those who do not she that level
32:11 of of of of transcendence they're going to be left
32:16 behind. They will be the useless class. And what will we
32:19 do with the useless class because their labor is not even
32:21 a needed any more right to enrich the corporate
32:24 establishment. He says the best answer we have right now is
32:27 drugs and computer games to keep people happy you. Why are
32:30 men?
32:32 And so that's that's kind of the idea with the matter
32:35 versus. But it's sold on this information superhighway times
32:39 10. It's a place that you can go in experiencing on field
32:42 trips to Europe from a classroom in America. And you
32:45 can see your grandma and I want to know your and of California,
32:49 you know, you can be there together. So this is going to
32:52 be an improvement. Not a cartoonish thing. Not like
32:55 that. Uh, yeah. But there's there's there's a graphic I
32:57 want I people think of them ever says like people with
33:00 giant heads walking around like this is my avatar. Like eyes is
33:03 a video game. Most people get interested in a video game.
33:07 But there's a graphic showing what they can do with graphic
33:10 imagery. You take a picture of a snowy road
33:13 and then that's the one on the left. That's an actual photo.
33:16 The I can generate that same place in the summer like that.
33:21 The book's real cause of the same exact will. So so the
33:25 reason I share that photograph inner the AI generated image in
33:29 Technocracy is to communicate that if we were to accept this
33:32 metaverse member, Satan wanted to be the creator, create a
33:36 universe that he couldn't create a world, but he can
33:39 create a virtual world like he did with the video games like
33:41 he's done with anti social media. And what he wants to do
33:43 with the matter is if you can get us all live in and they're
33:45 doing on the Bible verses sad. So us I'm going to be a
33:50 plagiarist. I wanna be like, yeah, he's real good. Oh,
33:54 yeah, we're is. Did I don't know if the listener Scott say
33:57 it again. Get away from the Bible verse into them ever.
34:00 Yeah. There you go. That that would be the counterfeit.
34:02 >> That's counterfeit. Yeah. There's another picture you
34:04 have that shows that I took a shisha again. Here's another
34:09 one. The same highway. The one on the left is the correct one
34:12 with the blue skies and one of the riders when the next.
34:16 >> It does look real and this is not showing something
34:19 shocking. There's a very primitive technology they were
34:21 doing the 6 years ago. All right. What they're doing,
34:23 they can do total deepfake videos of you that is, you
34:27 know, a total fake. But as you because they've got video of
34:30 you, they've got your voice print. And it sounds just like
34:32 you looks like you can submit that in court. Can you have not
34:35 yet? But it could come to that point where there are
34:38 challenges, new judicially on this and one of the rights of
34:41 citizenship of the robots and all these kind of crazy things.
34:44 But that matter verse it was kind of a flop honestly when
34:49 they rolled it out. Yeah, it was like, why? Why? Why so?
34:53 I might be that humanity collectively is stay saying no,
34:56 I don't want to live with VR goggles on. All right. So that
35:00 could be just what we've learned through the process.
35:03 If it doesn't pan out as being a major technology invading our
35:06 lives. What we've just learned is that was the Devils
35:10 additional attempt to create an alternate universe for us to
35:13 escape into. Wow. What about the great reset? The great
35:18 reset. This is the clouds. Schwab wrote his book COVID-19
35:21 in the Great Reset. He said he's giving us an opportunity
35:24 COVID COVID when all of a global pandemic or global
35:27 response, the World Health Organization and all you have
35:30 all these efforts to to do the same response everywhere.
35:33 So it becomes standardized. But the great reset is more of
35:36 an economic term. But he says the pandemic's give us an
35:40 opportunity to create a new economic system haven't met.
35:43 Another was never let the great crisis cold waves. Actually.
35:46 Interestingly in his book, he says even though COVID isn't an
35:49 ex essential crisis or Harari says its rights, not that
35:52 deadly virus. I know many people died from it, but
35:55 compared to like black plague, another major right. That makes
35:58 it was small compared to major pandemics in Harare, a story
36:01 and as saying even though wasn't, you know, at least
36:03 extremely deadly virus, it gives us opportunities. Look
36:06 what we were able to do. We were able to lock down into
36:08 your tire countries. Now think about what that will allow us
36:11 to do. Also with climate change 5. So we do lockdowns to shut
36:14 down emissions to shut down a business activity to reduce
36:18 carbon emissions so that the great reset, nothing have no
36:22 privacy, et cetera. The nothing is your is your clue. If you
36:26 study economic systems throughout history, you know
36:29 that what in God's 10 Commandments US-South shalt not
36:31 steal. So that implies ownership that, you know,
36:34 got affirms the idea that, you know, you you work your turn
36:38 and that's that's the bread for for your family. The idea also
36:42 is in the declaration, Independents, which is quoted
36:44 affirmatively and one of my favorite books, the great
36:46 controversy. And it says that people they collected on the
36:50 shores of America from from other places in the world
36:54 coming to a place where they could enjoy the fruits of their
36:57 own labor. And so that economic system of freedom is something
37:01 that's in God's order.
37:03 By the way, I should just quote, part of that from the
37:05 great controversy because there's a much better reason
37:07 why people came to the place called America. Yeah.
37:11 Revelation 12 says the Earth helped the woman helped.
37:14 Yes. So the church of God was given refuge during time of
37:17 persecution. Yeah. The rest of the quote in the great
37:19 controversy is and they were also given, yeah, that that
37:22 that liberty of conscience and and the freedom, that's the
37:25 main benefit of a free society. But the economic system is
37:28 something that the W** is after. They they want to
37:32 reverse the free market model and go toward the the dark ages
37:38 economic model of feudalism. Remember during the papal times
37:42 everything was hierarchical. You can do it like a triangle
37:44 right to the pope at the top of the papal system. Yeah. You
37:48 have cardinals and bishops and all the way down to the
37:51 commoners. But there was a corresponding political and
37:54 economic system with the king at the top and then below him.
37:58 You have nobles, you a feudal lords and then you have the
38:01 peasants. Yeah. And so that was the dark ages, economic model,
38:04 if you will, is for all the feudalism. And it was where you
38:07 own nothing. So land ownership was not a part of feudalism.
38:12 So when they say you will nothing and have no privacy and
38:14 and will be super happy. It's a Ritz and Neo Feudalism.
38:18 Right? So I don't want to get too technical with you. Can I?
38:21 I if I bring your listeners to an economics class for the
38:24 remaining 20 minutes that all sleep like everybody didn't
38:28 well thought great economics class, but that's the great
38:30 reset in that show. Basically you've got global government
38:34 debt that is unsustainable since World War. 2 has just
38:37 been run up more and more debt and the debt to GDP ratios are
38:41 unsustainable and it's never going to be paid off. She
38:44 cancel the debts. You have a reset, a restructuring, a new
38:47 monetary system, central bank, digital currencies to be able
38:51 to monitor and control all economic activity. And that's
38:53 where your specialty comes in and teaching revelation 13.
38:56 Nobody know South.
38:58 >> Right revelation 13 for those who are watching. If you
39:00 have to buy what you can look at that we're not going to go
39:02 through that right now but caught in his what is already
39:04 created. Let me not reuse a phrase is already predicted
39:08 where this is headed. So but we do have in revelation 17,
39:13 the kings of the at the Richmond, the mining and the
39:15 chief captains, every bondman, every frame and the military
39:18 might we have this conglomerate this this coalescing of all the
39:23 powers of the earth riding upon the woman, the scarlet colored,
39:27 you know, supporting the woman on the beast. The woman is
39:30 sitting on this power that's just
39:32 globally connected, socially,
39:34 politically financially and and socially politically
39:40 financially and religiously. And so we know where it's
39:43 headed script. Really what I like about what Scott is doing
39:45 here, he's taking us behind the scenes to help us see in the
39:50 digital world. And this is very important to know, because
39:53 everything we do today
39:55 just controlled by some kind of digital means whether we just
39:59 bought by credit card firm, what are we on a device or
40:03 whether we use a computer, whatever the case may be.
40:05 And what I like that you're talking about is
40:08 if you fear that
40:11 then you don't have a great love relationship with Scott.
40:15 Wanted to pull that back. The technocracy in comparison
40:20 to the Cla. G let's look at that together.
40:24 >> What what is how is God defined in the Bible? God is
40:27 love. All right. And that's the beginning of the end of the
40:30 conflict. The ages series, if your listeners and after all,
40:33 not white, read the conflict in the 80's here read patriarchs
40:37 and prophets prophets and kings, the desire of ages acts
40:40 of the apostles and the great controversy. The first 3 words
40:43 in that series are the words God is lost. The last 3 words.
40:46 Our God is love at first, John, for a God is love. And and
40:50 that's not a mere sentimental ism. No, that's not just a
40:53 feeling. And just like in offense a full thoughts.
40:56 That is a principle. It's a principle that Jesus Christ was
40:59 so selfless that he would go to the cross for our salvation.
41:02 It's a principle of beneficence and giving. In fact, if you
41:05 think about who got is God must be more than a singular
41:09 solitary entity like in our in our friends, the Muslims and
41:13 Islam. Its there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his
41:16 prophet. Yeah. Yeah. A single solitary dot for eternity
41:20 passed before the creation of Angels win, though, son of God.
41:23 The Holy Spirit can that God the love. He's all alone.
41:26 You cannot be love unless you have. This is why the 3
41:29 matters. Yeah, he's not just some optional thing is
41:31 something I believe in and teach with all my heart because
41:34 I believe that God is love. And so Jesus there never was a
41:37 time and he was not in unity with his father and voting
41:40 there by the right. Some people know what I'm quoting from
41:43 wonderful, wonderful devotional book. So that's who got U.S..
41:48 Artificial intelligence is intelligence in the sense of I
41:52 Q only
41:54 right, not the principle of law. I mean, God is an
41:58 intelligence, an intelligent designer. So he's the Capitol.
42:01 I I Q right. But we also talk these days about eat you,
42:05 meaning the relational aspect. Think that's something Satan
42:10 not think about this does an artificial intelligence doesn't
42:13 don't robots, robots kind of resemble Satan in the following
42:17 way. It says Satan, a mastermind a high I Q on.
42:20 Yeah. But 0 E Q 0 Love but same thing with artificial
42:24 intelligence. It's a Uber intelligent with IKEA with
42:27 information
42:28 and but 0 love a robot. Can I love? As we're saying there is
42:32 no such thing as a social robot price. Artificial intelligence
42:35 is information is useful to us. But what is Daniel say about
42:39 the last days as we're growing in Christ and Daniel than this
42:44 Apostle Paul that will grow to the measure, the stature,
42:46 the full list of 5, 6, times this parable of the week
42:49 growing to maturity as we are growing. Daniel Cause that
42:53 knowledge show increase, right, right. And we often think that
42:56 this is a true application that verse the Internet information,
43:00 right? But knowledge is more than information, right?
43:03 What is the biblical meaning of the word to know the term to
43:06 know that an emotional it? That's a conscious connection
43:09 yet.
43:11 >> Had no again. And she conceived and go. This is life
43:13 eternal that, you know, that's and that's not just the
43:16 informational connection because many people could be
43:19 inflammation and connected. But transformation, Lee
43:23 disconnected. So I always say is the phrase my wife knows I
43:26 use we could be in farm but not transformed up and be
43:30 transformed by the renewing of your mind. So look at that
43:32 today.
43:33 The world doesn't want your mind to be transformed. It
43:36 wants to just to be informed. Yeah, informed
43:40 can not control. Transform.
43:42 >> Connotes relationship. Exactly. Exactly. So knowledge.
43:46 Show increase in day at 12 is in the context of the
43:48 prophecies. Yeah. At the it's sealed up. It's going to be
43:52 open as a little book and Daniel 10 knowledge to link
43:55 receipt that book. He gain the knowledge of the prophecies
43:57 metaphorically, of course, right. But that knowledge,
44:01 if I have a knowledge of the prophetic facts, is that
44:04 sufficient notice to know, by the way, your listeners may not
44:08 know what happens in the green room before we go live on
44:10 Thursday night lie. We have a nice chat. I will talk a bit
44:14 about. Yes, we're finishing each other's thoughts here.
44:17 Well, I'm Lei ended up with who is God and what is knowledge.
44:20 And you're finishing that thought because we're reading
44:22 off the same biblical scripture is not a man's thoughts.
44:25 Rises God's thought. So I just love how you pick that ball up.
44:29 When I pitch that he has the day like that's what knowledge
44:32 is in the Bible. It's it's it's relational knowledge and
44:35 spiritual relational with our God. So if
44:39 through our technology, we're becoming disconnected with each
44:41 other,
44:42 disconnected from God. We may live in the information age,
44:45 but it's not the biblical knowledge age. And I do want to
44:48 miss out on knowledge showing an increase. I want to be in my
44:51 when my Bible, I want to be with my family and people that
44:53 I love most. I want to be deepening those relationships.
44:57 And that's not to say the Internet and all screens are
44:59 all that all the time. They have their uses and functions,
45:02 right? Look something up. That's fine. But the most
45:05 important things have to stay the most important things,
45:07 right? Yes, by the way. Do you know what the CEO of Google
45:10 Eric Schmidt said at one point in the interview with Charlie
45:13 Rose, he said
45:15 he said we through creating Google search engines. Yeah.
45:18 The search engine. He said we are
45:20 making people thinking more shallow
45:23 and we are reducing critical thought. Wow. You know that.
45:27 That's so hard. You know, even the information I want to have
45:31 a memory too. Time back on the icaew top of the yeah. I got
45:36 it. I wanna not outsource all my thinking to Google,
45:40 right? Because the information leads to conclusions. Like you
45:43 said information is what I what how did you phrase that in
45:47 terms of the information being what we take in to make our
45:50 decisions on. But the information, if it's just too.
45:53 >> Get control of you is not leading to transfer. Yeah.
45:56 And so you being informed, but you're not being transformed.
46:00 Look at the information super high, which is a very old term.
46:03 Now at the old check out the information superhighway now,
46:07 but said again, he has formed by the renewing of your mind.
46:11 So if the world courage control your mind, it will not come to
46:15 the point of transformation because
46:18 your mind is not being renewed. Yeah, it's just being informed.
46:23 And so that information that is going out there, it leaves out
46:27 certain things that Jesus is so replete with. That is a
46:30 reflection of the father. Have I been with you so long
46:32 that you're not seeing the fog, that room
46:35 compassion, robots will have compassion. You can build that
46:38 in because it happens in the moment. Yeah.
46:42 >> Well, they can fake it and we don't get. This is a quote
46:44 from Sherry Turkle and her book alone. Together. She said it
46:47 says we won't care that we're being duped. Like we will know
46:51 that we are being duped by and care. And Harari says that even
46:54 you know how we're talking about outsourcing all human
46:56 labor to robotic labor, like physical labor, blue collar
46:59 jobs, right?
47:01 Or are we talking about how attorneys doctors at the
47:04 specialties said, you know, that you think need, you know,
47:06 high human intellectual attainment son, the degrees,
47:09 that that that can be performed by eye in the near future.
47:12 And but what about the bedside manner? What about the right to
47:15 ask? Well, what about the doctors love and care and
47:17 compassion? Yeah, he says I will be able to 8 that his
47:20 prediction as future us is that it will become so convincing
47:24 that we won't tolerate the the human beings that just aren't
47:27 as good at it. It's kind of like the man that fell in love
47:29 with the lady. He love his heart was was was wedded to
47:34 that. They can do it right. He was duped. Yeah. He had to
47:37 sue Moss. What the future
47:40 generated that he created. Pick all that.
47:43 >> To put things. He wanted this robot to have him as a I
47:46 have and just a touch on in. But where I fall short in those
47:50 critical moments in the surgical room,
47:52 what what what I read in the future just Michelle Cottle
47:56 talked about this is where the computer falls off his in that
48:00 critical moment.
48:01 This person is
48:03 78.
48:05 They decide saving them. Is an economic benefit, too
48:11 or is it a family connection? Yeah,
48:14 all we got to spend that much money on a surgery to give them
48:18 3 more years.
48:20 Well, we're going to say it's going to cost too much to save
48:24 them.
48:25 Whereas the human compassion says yes to family loves them.
48:29 Yes, picking him 2 more years. I would want the same thing.
48:33 I can make that split decision. Yeah, because they say what's
48:37 the Technomic impact gift this computer which cause
48:41 millions to make waste time, quote, unquote, on a guy that's
48:45 going to die anyway, make those spent decisions to let him die.
48:49 Or as we say, hey, you know what? His wife is waiting for
48:52 him. She wants him home. The doctor says
48:55 I thought about my grandfather in that moment. I did
48:57 everything I can say that man. I cannot. And that's the
49:01 compassion that, yes, God puts in us and that can never be
49:05 duplicated by artificial intelligence. That's why it's
49:08 called.
49:09 >> All right, if it's not official, but that was so
49:11 beautiful. And and, you know, usually we're used to thinking
49:14 of euthanasia in these dark topics, all what's going on in
49:17 the headlines in Canada in recent months. And
49:20 you put it so beautifully of what the human compassion does
49:25 offer. Yeah. And that we've got to keep offering and have the
49:28 compassion for the unborn. Yeah. Have the compassion for
49:31 the elderly and every human soul and in wars were there to
49:35 serve. The wounded were there to serve the displaced and the
49:40 refugee of every race and religion. And that's the that's
49:44 the arms of Jesus Christ. That right arm of compassion
49:47 and caring, try that wind's the soul. So it's just beautiful.
49:50 Yeah. That's where when it comes down to it.
49:53 >> That's what separates machine. Yeah. God's creation.
49:56 Yes, it's not their okay. He had compassion on them to.
50:01 Yes, you know, wow, they were last without a show. Yeah.
50:04 He he said
50:07 causing moments. John. Behold, the mother yelled yes, I was a
50:12 moment when a person's on their deathbed and there's another
50:15 family member there. They're saying I may not make it.
50:18 Yeah. Could you take him my mom? Yeah. Could you take care
50:21 of my son? Does the things that the machine can do is put the
50:25 decision? Is that cod built in us? Yes, that can never be
50:29 duplicated by machine. Sure. So now we have about 6 minutes
50:33 left here tonight on the program. We talked about so
50:35 many things that really
50:37 many people are going to go back and look at their antennas
50:39 and this social robots, madam First lady said, you know,
50:43 artificial intelligence, the hue trance humanism, you know,
50:46 all these different things that you talked about. And I I take
50:49 my hat off to your academia. These are things that we need
50:52 to know so that if you want to say, what's the purpose behind
50:57 this, this information that you gather in glee,
51:00 what would you say? Your mission is for learning these
51:03 things?
51:04 >> That's a subtitle to Technocracy is what comes next.
51:08 And I think that's the key West you ever heard row Row Row your
51:11 boat gently down the stream. Yes, that sounds so nice.
51:15 But we just did a video on our on our new to doing more videos
51:19 now and I was at Niagara Falls and it only took little
51:23 segments leading up to 9 way back when the rivers just
51:26 looking nice. Cool. Yeah. And it was,
51:30 you know, you might be on this nice river on a kayak or canoe
51:33 needs, but you don't realize what's ahead in. You're
51:36 probably going to want to be not going the direction that
51:38 the cultural trends around you are taking, but that the waters
51:42 take. Yeah.
51:44 So you had an opportunity just to to paddle upstream back
51:48 there. But now next clip the waters are raging now next
51:52 clearances and trust me. This is not where you want to
51:54 go right off of the hook. If you follow, the Bible says
51:58 do not follow the crowd to do evil as due to arrive, right?
52:01 It don't be conformed. Be an individual, be a thinker,
52:05 not a mere reflector of other men sought. And so the idea is
52:09 where do we stand now and what decisions need to be made now
52:13 so that we're not going down the wrong track here, gently
52:17 down the stream that the big tech, you know, the world,
52:20 really merrily merrily, it's a good all the time is the
52:22 addition sees I love doing everything they throw at me and
52:25 increasing frequency and quantity to the point where
52:28 I've got this pleasure trip that you were describing
52:31 earlier, we get addicted. Our relationships are
52:33 disrupted. We're already seeing the fruits. I'm just doing
52:36 taking our cues from big tech
52:39 when we do what they suggest every time as many times as it
52:42 pleases instead of having
52:45 back to digital disconnect. Yes. Said of having those
52:47 things that we put rules boundaries,
52:51 prioritize our relationships have ways that we have a check
52:55 on our digital immersion because if we become immersed
52:59 in the technologies as they exist today, it might sound
53:02 like a crazy futuristic dystopian future that there's
53:06 no way I'm ever going to do that. If you were to go back 20
53:09 years and described the way that you're interacting with
53:11 technology is now. Do you think you're 20 system itself of 20
53:14 years ago be a little shocked, fiat. Maybe we've already
53:17 crossed some lines that we want to say. You know what? I got to
53:19 put some boundaries on my use of these devices and with
53:22 especially with our children's yeah, our children grow up
53:25 fully human and let them decide when they're older, whether
53:30 they, you know, want to bring these things and to what
53:32 extent? Because if you make them an attic from an early
53:34 age, you've taken away their free will see little kids with
53:37 their
53:38 >> phones and and I and small and the average is in there.
53:42 Yeah, baby. Barely sit up. Yeah. And I look at their eyes.
53:47 Yeah. Omar to some of the department, they're in the
53:50 shopping carts and to give them the eyes and just like, you
53:52 know, Lou is going to rise. Yeah, yeah. And if you take
53:56 away if you try to pick up the moment that that device gets
54:00 left out because they think it was it.
54:02 >> Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
54:05 >> Yeah. Put it back. Okay. Okay. Don't upset you and it's
54:09 become a battle because they are no longer. You're no longer
54:12 that parent. Yeah. You have chest given over the molding of
54:16 your child to a machine.
54:19 >> Yeah, it's amazing. They need their mother. They need.
54:21 They need that bond is so important because how are they
54:24 going understand who got is this to their parents at those
54:28 early ages? So that connection the presence.
54:32 >> And so in in in the way I look at your programming like
54:37 what you do on 3ABN. What I also see is that
54:41 the ultimate
54:43 and of Supreme God
54:46 is that we prepare for another world and that, yes, I just
54:52 haven't called the great reset cars going to have a great me
54:54 said, you know, Morrison will cry and what the yeah, yeah.
54:59 Some of the ultimate create. He said he's going to be the
55:01 great reset that Jesus has gone in a compassionate, loving
55:05 substitution Arie, sacrificial way to make our lives to front.
55:09 And that's what we're committed to hear. 03:00PM. That's when
55:11 the U.S. significant part of it. This is so necessary for a
55:15 generation that is literally
55:17 disconnected from God. You're reading you and your blowing
55:21 the trumpets all.
55:22 >> That will connect if I were to say. And one word you got to
55:25 Julius Connect is reconnect. Reconnect with these U.S..
55:28 The 3 Angels messages, the cross Jesus soon coming to
55:32 being prepared for that time of trouble. That's going to break
55:34 up on the world. That's what that's what gets me up in the
55:36 morning doing this as it does for you.
55:39 >> You know, Scott, every time you come here, thank you for
55:41 coming in. I know breaking opening some things. The
55:43 terminology technocracy. That's a new word that to your
55:47 dictionary. Yeah. Don't spend a whole lot of time there because
55:50 we have a great a book to read. Not Facebook faced the book
55:55 when the time comes for the Lord to be a part of the lies.
55:57 And so what's what's down the road if you give us 30 seconds
56:00 here, 12 seconds.
56:01 >> Folks get on our newsletter. Age e-mail me Belt of Chers
56:04 Ministries at G Mail dot com and I'll I'll I'll keep you
56:08 updated on the news letter about what the next. Yeah.
56:11 Yeah. I was on the news letter. Yeah. And it's informative.
56:17 It's practical is biblical and its president truth. So that's
56:22 the number one thing I recommend people do so that we
56:25 don't lose you here. We can keep a relationship going
56:27 forward. That's right. And we all in the same boat getting
56:30 people ready.
56:31 >> And as I think I like the capital to say, are you ready
56:34 for the final movement? That's what Scott has been talking
56:37 about. On all the things you mention tonight. These
56:40 invasions are trying to keep you on prepared. Yeah, you can
56:44 call to final movements dot com. The archers are going to
56:47 be hosting a evangelistic series and you can join us
56:50 wherever you are in the world. You can download videos and be
56:54 a part of our lessons. But we thank you, Scott, for being
56:56 here. Thanks for the Belt of Truth, a tightly fastened and
57:01 on behalf of 3 D and my wife and I until we see you again
57:05 because she's
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