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00:11 >> Welcome back to the second hour of are exciting. Update of
00:15 the evangelism with Adventist World Radio. A WR for short.
00:21 If you missed the first hour, shame on, you know, actually go
00:24 to 3 a B M plus DOT TV. You can catch it or on YouTube and you
00:29 can just watch it on demand. You can hear the exciting
00:32 stories about Europe for Christ. What's taken place in
00:36 2023 with a WR in conjunction with the church all over
00:41 Europe. We heard from Doctor Jan with the initiative with
00:45 inspiring and mentoring, equipping and empowering young
00:48 people to become involved with evangelism. And an exciting
00:53 update with 100 new radio stations. Lord willing and my
00:57 coming year. Praise the Lord. If you're just joining us,
01:01 we have elder Dwayne McKee who is the president of a WR with
01:04 this and other McKee. We're looking forward to an exciting
01:07 full second hour.
01:08 >> I have absolutely no. We're happy to be here. Thank
01:11 you so much. The partnership and friendship we have with 3,
01:14 Amy and this is magnificent. Thank you. And I bring
01:17 greetings from the general conference from our wealth and
01:19 then we're just happy to be a part.
01:21 >> Amen. Absolutely. Love the partnership with a WR as well
01:24 and love working with these people who love evangelism
01:28 coming around the table here. We added a few new guests we
01:32 have hopefully our pronounce his name, right, elder. We some
01:36 Ali. Did I pronounce? All right. That's right. Yea,
01:39 you are a WR Nazareth directors. So tell us what does
01:43 that mean?
01:45 >> Well,
01:47 we decided to stop or reduce to shun him as that. It because of
01:51 the location of Nazareth in the Middle East, us on the air to
01:54 the border with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and we can teach school
01:58 most of the country's North Africa.
02:01 But the main focus is on the our community that they are
02:05 living use that island, which is about 2 million people and
02:09 Palestinian state attorneys. We have 5 million Gaza Strip.
02:13 That isn't a little almost like 2 million people.
02:16 So that's our focus, therefore, mess that it was the best
02:19 location.
02:20 >> To reach out for the art of populations, men and you are
02:24 raise 7th Day Adventists there in Israel.
02:26 >> No matter. Haha from consider with the most family.
02:32 And actually I was. And you kept it to be mount to take
02:37 over my for those
02:40 position as the chief of the cry of them.
02:43 But the Lord, some with America West Way through my journey to
02:47 kill my sister, he
02:49 change me to be one of his followers.
02:52 >> So we're going to hear more of your exciting story now from
02:55 the some knives we have on the table here. Look at that.
02:58 And okay. That's it.
03:00 >> Yeah, it is. And then I don't bend standstill night.
03:02 Do not been. Are they supposed to be straight if you try to
03:05 Bennett breaks?
03:07 >> So we're going to have some video and hear more of this
03:10 exciting journey of how God is leading and working in elder.
03:14 We sums life and the ministry there is really coming around
03:18 the table here. We have Danielle Hazell and Daniel,
03:21 you are WR video producer and his dad. I just made this
03:27 connection. His dad is Frank Oz. Look, he's at the BRI
03:30 Booker Research Institute and Wonderful Man of God. He's been
03:34 here on 3 them before, but I've never met his son. So I'm so
03:38 excited and you you can be here tonight.
03:40 >> Yes, I'm very excited. It's strange for me because I
03:42 find myself usually in the opposite side of the camera.
03:45 So this is new to me. But I'm I'm really excited to be
03:49 sharing and meeting you here.
03:51 >> Absolutely. And tell us you've got some sort of looks
03:54 like military are bulletproof vests going on. So the
03:57 objective.
03:58 >> That's true. These these vests, we put them on every day
04:03 when we were in Ukraine. But let me backtrack to explain
04:06 a little bit.
04:08 Let me go to to get in to rescue a friends and it is
04:12 rescue and ends. They understood that when disaster
04:17 hits hope can be a question of life and death. And so they
04:21 their own special missions and delivering hope to people who
04:25 are hit by disasters.
04:27 >> And just interesting that second, their incredible
04:30 ministry, I know the entree be moved or we try to them.
04:33 They go specifically when disasters hit. They go to
04:36 specific areas in the minutes, right? And they w our partners
04:39 with them and sends our gods pods with them. And that day
04:43 now just recently in the and you talk more about this and
04:46 Ukraine, a.
04:47 >> They they were on the border and they they were given not
04:50 God pods. And they told him to come inside and tie the bunker
04:52 because shelter coming from the other side. And they ran inside
04:56 and there was a one of their comrades had just been shot and
04:58 killed. He was inside.
05:00 And we they said to us,
05:03 no soldier well refuse about. I got up on the Bible.
05:08 >> That's right. And then the 2 Asian and in the Ukraine is new
05:11 to them because usually rift is asked to. So that's a tornado
05:14 or her account for likewise. So Ukraine came up and the war
05:19 started and it was not an easy decision for them. Should we go
05:22 there? Because usually it's not a conflict zone and they're all
05:26 you know, they're all family fathers to have kids at home.
05:29 And but they did. They decided to go Ukraine and we send them
05:33 a got thoughts, a big load of em and they went out and to
05:40 distribute it to the people are affected most its its soldiers
05:43 and civilians who who face death and face destruction
05:48 every single day. And it's it's this it's as high risk area
05:56 that they went in knowing that it's risky. But knowing that
06:00 the need is the most right there.
06:04 And so that was the mission early on. And that's why we
06:08 went. That's and that's not the first thing you put on every
06:12 morning. But on cots, cots are refers to that prayer and then
06:16 put on our air for the honor. And we went out in the streets
06:22 and we we met civilians when we met a lot of soldiers who who
06:28 we're all hungry for for something to hold on to.
06:31 And we were able to give them.
06:34 I caught up on or give them a Bible and a, you know, and pray
06:39 with them and in meant a lot of them. I think it's you can see
06:45 we were really close. We were in between artillery fights as
06:49 it was going on. And you can see if someone returns from the
06:53 very front they they look drained. It takes a lot out of
06:57 you being this close to death.
07:00 >> And it's not just physically demanding its emotion, right?
07:04 Yeah, shattering.
07:05 >> Right. It hits you on so many levels. And
07:09 and those are the people who are really, really receptive to
07:13 to just something to hold onto and and meant a lot to them.
07:18 I think it meant a lot and that that people were there giving
07:21 them the cough in-person knowing that someone made
07:25 they're made their own way all the way to to see them crave
07:29 them.
07:31 >> Yeah, it was. That was really meaningful to do give
07:33 out compounds as well. Or are you involved in capturing the
07:36 right video or what was your role? So mainly I was there to
07:40 capture my my mission. My mission is to make this story.
07:44 Shareable, I want to let people know about it. And so I was
07:48 there with a camera capturing it.
07:50 >> But there are moments when we're, you know, hanging out in
07:55 between events and where was able to to go to to I remember,
08:01 is this lady that we met? She lift out there. It was in
08:06 inside of explosions. So we could see on the horizon,
08:09 smoke rising
08:11 and she lives there. That's her house and tanks roll by every
08:15 day and must be and must be really heart. And
08:20 I was able to to talk to her in my mind like verbal and just
08:25 ring of Morris. My Russian and Ukrainian is not that well and
08:29 many speak Russian because it's so far east from,
08:33 but we were able to talk to her and give her a cop on. And so
08:37 there are various moments. Yes.
08:39 >> And the president of a WR was unaware he was that close
08:43 to the front line, his father, who was not either.
08:46 >> Yes, that that it developed to this story develop as we.
08:54 Yeah, right? Were you scared?
08:58 >> Yes, I mean there there were moments I I was scared. I think
09:02 it's it's just a natural reaction we have. But we we
09:06 spend a lot of time in prayer and sharing this
09:10 if the whole team about how we're feeling about what we
09:13 should do next. And
09:16 we're very considerate of of making the best decisions to
09:19 our abilities and then.
09:21 >> Praying a lot about. And yeah, so you putting together
09:24 new documentary. That's right. And what's the objective in
09:26 purpose? The documentary?
09:28 >> So the documentary is really
09:31 and on the one side, it's supposed to tell the story and
09:36 make you connect with these people who do something.
09:39 But it's it's more than just or story also asked of you are I
09:44 think there's a message to someone
09:46 and it's supposed to take with them. And I think that message
09:50 is it takes 2 to make a meaningful impact to take.
09:55 You have to take on risks and that can look different for
09:58 different people and this food. This is just a version of what
10:02 what it means to to tease friends, frock Greg Dylan,
10:06 Ben, to them, it meant going there because that's the kind
10:10 of mean different things to different people. But it really
10:13 takes for us to to make a change.
10:16 >> Of course, we get composites, both 2 Russian
10:19 soldiers and 2 Ukrainian soldiers. You know, we're
10:22 totally neutral that week. Everyone needs to know about
10:24 Jesus and hospice for all. Yeah. So again, soldiers on the
10:28 front line don't refuse the Bible who are happy to have and
10:32 their language.
10:33 >> Yeah, and I I remember the ones have morning last
10:37 everywhere.
10:38 We've got this contact for one of the commanders of the local
10:41 training unit and she invited us and
10:45 it was just really meaningful sharing. It was like 7 school,
10:49 you know, where their 09:30AM, to. We've got to talk to them.
10:52 We saying we have this hope in front of the soldiers and they
10:55 were just gearing up for battle and they're about to go into a
10:59 fight and
11:00 a day really needed something to hold on to its I I remember
11:06 yeah. And I mean, yeah, it means a lot to them that
11:10 to to have something they can carry the them. And that's.
11:15 >> And that's I have it right here is those are the offense.
11:19 That's what they look like. So doesn't look like yeah,
11:21 sands.
11:23 >> As a devices, you can listen to viable and can listen to
11:27 you. The Peking speaking. Yeah. This is something we
11:30 always carry the U.S. and as they do so.
11:34 >> One I would OK, go ahead. Yeah. Lou area, thank you so
11:40 much. Thank you. I love that. Okay.
11:44 Solar panel. So our charges so just charges this out. You
11:48 don't need a batter. You don't need electricity. You know,
11:50 you just heard was the south. Yeah, that's right.
11:54 >> And so, too, if you want to know more about the documentary
11:59 and if you want to take a look at behind the scenes like how
12:02 does getting mate we're, by the way, we're in the middle of
12:04 making this the film some stuff in in Ukraine, of course.
12:09 But I'm still going to film if
12:12 50 London and we're actually going to be there tomorrow.
12:16 And I think there's a lot of the family aspect is involved
12:19 in documentary. So we're not we're not wrapped in. And if
12:22 you want to know more about it, if you want to take a look at
12:24 behind the scenes, how it's getting mate, then you can go
12:27 to a WR, don't work, slash front lines, OK? And that's and
12:33 find more. You can sign up there. If you are interested in
12:36 showing this film in your local churches showed and or mythical
12:40 of of people that you want, you can
12:43 go there inside of the female.
12:45 >> I love that. So WR DOT org slash front front line. Our
12:50 front line frontlines, front lines with an S you could you
12:54 also go to give you our Dot org website and just.
12:58 >> Scroll through the wind. All the fine and there to just
13:00 take a look at most direct ways. A WR dot work for his
13:04 flash frontlines. Okay. I love that Ford Slash frontlines
13:07 person will have that. The I brought a trailer for you to
13:10 see him get a feel for what the documentary will be and to the
13:15 end, if you will see this link for you around.
13:17 >> How long is the object of how long you want the
13:20 documentary to be or you don't know? Yeah, you know, I think.
13:22 >> I want this story to dictate that. Okay. And depending on
13:28 what this story asked for and we will have we will expand or
13:32 make it shorter. But in general and I wanted to be a short
13:35 documentary that we can show in. That means I dial a month
13:38 on their 30 men under 30 years ago.
13:41 >> Okay. Perfect. And the release date is hopefully
13:43 Twenty-twenty forward. You have that Star Trek soon. And 2204
13:47 in.
13:48 >> As we're still filming and haven't transition to
13:51 post-production yet and it's difficult to pinpoint an exact
13:54 date but very soon in 2024. Is our goal.
13:58 >> That's perfect. Thank you so much, Dan. You were going to
14:01 trade out. Guess again here during this robot. The trailer.
14:04 But thank you so much for being here. Thank you for your work
14:06 in ministry with a WR and for sharing here. Thank you,
14:09 man. And give her greetings to dad. I just have to get that
14:12 in, OK? So now what we're going to look at the trailer that
14:14 Danielle has been putting together for this upcoming
14:17 documentary.
14:18 [MUSIC]
14:21 >> I think you're going to be back too late to be able to get
14:24 a train to Kiev. So are best off, too, right now.
14:36 Thank you so much. Talk today. Thanks for giving us all a
14:44 bright and early and to start the street.
14:47 >> We look forward to that day when you come into this for
14:50 this day in which they were in 2 guide or for some states are
14:55 in.
14:57 I pray to Jesus name.
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15:05 >> He has to.
15:09 >> Move
15:20 [MUSIC]
15:25 [MUSIC]
15:30 [MUSIC]
15:35 [MUSIC]
15:39 >> were you for your service?
15:43 [MUSIC]
15:47 You're encouraging.
15:48 [MUSIC]
15:53 [MUSIC]
15:58 [MUSIC]
16:05 And best of all.
16:06 [MUSIC]
16:11 [MUSIC]
16:16 [MUSIC]
16:18 [MUSIC]
16:21 >> Says on the back
16:23 wasn't home
16:25 for what is our hope or joy or crown rejoicing?
16:29 Was it not even you in the presence of our Lord? Jesus
16:31 Christ has come even you.
16:35 [MUSIC]
16:40 [MUSIC]
16:43 >> Wow. And then that's going to be incredible document will
16:46 be hit with it. A heavy topic. But yeah, when there's times
16:51 like this, when you're in desperation, you're looking for
16:54 hope. You're looking for answers and looking for
16:56 healing. So that's going to be incredible documentary coming
16:59 in 2024, you can go to a WR DOT org forward slash front line
17:05 and you can check that out. That's incredible. And okay.
17:07 Yeah,
17:09 yeah. I meant we traded out some guests here. So Daniel has
17:12 traded out during this and we have Pastor elder Jason Morgan
17:16 here with us. Delighted to have you here. You are. I think I
17:20 first started following you and he worked with amazing facts
17:23 for years. But you're an evangelist here, pastor and
17:26 currently use services. So see it. Director of trust services
17:30 say they don't relationship us. Don't apply. I love that.
17:34 What led you to a WR? What's your journey a little bit.
17:37 >> This man, right? Just such a great ministry. You know,
17:39 I really when I started I didn't realize how big and
17:42 brought it up. You are was until I got to know exactly
17:45 what they're really doing on the ground in terms of ministry
17:48 and evangelists and some credible with this mission is
17:50 doing.
17:52 >> Yeah, I'm and how long have you been with a WR just a
17:54 couple months with you? Ye. That's like saying We Air
18:00 Pastor Jason is an incredible evangelists. We aired Angeles 6
18:03 years and the amazing path. Prophecy. Yeah, yeah. We are
18:06 then in 3 D and I know we hear from people who appreciate and
18:09 really like it. Something like France alert. That's one.
18:11 Yeah. We have more plans for him to. You'll find out more
18:15 about that in a good. That's what I did so well. The McCain,
18:18 we want to go to Liberia.
18:19 >> Iberia. Yeah, it's really around the World. South Africa,
18:23 Liberia, Papa New Guinea. We're having whole churches
18:26 again and again and again. Used to be wow like pot and a
18:32 lot of men Dorrel Richard, one church and into churches and 3
18:36 churches now has over 500 church. Just change their sign
18:39 that bill, you just become 70 at. And it's incredible to me
18:43 just Maisie what is happening around the war in Liberia?
18:47 I think we have a little video we can show and we can talk
18:50 over that I believe. And in the Liberia, we have a pastor at
18:54 all. There is to it and live area. Yes, like this is
18:57 Liberia. And we just got actually this just happened to
19:00 be a pastor there. The WR broadcaster says yes, as
19:03 unknowns as it's happening again, but are just changing
19:06 their sine. And so there, I think the sign down and put up
19:09 in a WR Adventist church shined that. So that's so these are
19:14 whole church culture. It is becoming a seven-day. Have us
19:18 doesn't happen in America,
19:20 but it does. It's happening. It's happening to happen.
19:25 It up in Montana. Okay. Got patted on the CAC. He was an
19:28 evangelist many with their to Pastor.
19:31 >> Pass through the U haha.
19:34 >> He was a church because I'm a poet who was selling
19:36 blueberries on Sunday at her. She said, you know that a local
19:40 church here, the Methodist Church, a they don't have a
19:43 passion right now. And and while the church member said a,
19:47 >> I feel fine here. He's means his Herring, United Methodist
19:50 Church. There it is. Yeah, right there. Back to the Bible
19:53 Saturday. Yeah, he says so.
19:57 >> They this is the church and
20:00 just thrilling. We just had him at the General conference.
20:02 We interview him there. And while the CAC out, okay,
20:07 he was invited coming. Precincts are preaching for a
20:09 few months. And then they said, you know, we like to grow just
20:11 a few people in 9 people are coming or so. So he's well,
20:14 you can we can do a series of meantime, how do that? And then
20:17 he said, you know, but the point we're going to talk about
20:21 Abbott, the prime mark of the beast and everything they did,
20:23 the dad say at this and say that we have is from the Bible.
20:27 They said if it's in that, you know, do we say all of it was
20:30 in the vibe? I believe it is not. The Bible is not for me.
20:33 That's of the events in the Bible preaching. And so he
20:36 preach it and appreciate the Sabbath and they
20:41 and the whole church. The whole church accepted the 7th 8007th
20:44 and F yeah, the last of them. Yeah. There since here. They're
20:47 really hungry for the GIs. Are there yet with work with
20:50 them. The very since their last last word I got was that the
20:53 Methodist conference there in the area, Montana
20:56 said, OK, had been, as you can have the church.
21:00 He you know, it's a 7. They have a church now. Just
21:04 incredible.
21:05 We just have never seen anything like that before.
21:08 I have a friend with me.
21:12 We somehow will tell his story a little bit later, but I think
21:16 it moves. It says, you know, let's move right into that now.
21:19 That's alright. Absolute. Okay. Yeah. Somebody and
21:23 Chicago. A pastor found one of our videos online. Watch that
21:28 and got a hold of we some got his e-mail address and email
21:32 due over in Israel and they said we want you to come to our
21:35 church in Chicago. Some panic also church.
21:38 >> Huawei, is that well, here we have. Would you say you have
21:41 friends here and area? I said to him, you are calling me on
21:46 the other side of the war vet. I can send you liken it to your
21:50 team. We have really very good Foster said that they can elect
21:54 shared with you. Our fundamental believes. He said
21:58 all I want you to come to my church. He had heard your
22:01 stories. He first of 4 had my story and he went from I
22:05 started to check Morrow for a WR. The View is Siri is and he
22:11 watched a with a church like good can be serious them when
22:16 cities as well.
22:18 And he insisted that he wants to kill me.
22:22 So I thought I was I would be here and 3 ABN. And then in
22:26 Tennessee, I kind of like the spend 2 or 3 days by you.
22:30 So I was in the right to that of the church by them in
22:32 Chicago.
22:34 They wanted to know more about the seven-day Adventist Church
22:37 where the possible use in there. But that's where he's
22:39 coming from now. He just a huge issue for us. What I should let
22:46 them I shared with them or from them into believes they agreed
22:49 with it up to the point of this, about there was there to
22:51 the conflict so that it's split into 2 groups. One group,
22:54 they said we accept the set up
22:57 with the pasta and his family and that they decide that just
23:01 keeping this about wow, another group said no, we will not to
23:06 accept that.
23:07 And
23:09 the good thing, the good news, the last words of the buses,
23:12 even if they would fire me. Yeah, I would be
23:16 was 5th book with us about.
23:17 >> I'm Joe. The issues happened yesterday. He just drove down
23:21 yesterday afternoon from Chicago to 3 a B a
23:24 it happened yesterday helping.
23:27 >> It's amazing. You know, churches are catching on to
23:29 something great into slices about to take place and they
23:32 they're catching the urgency to get back to the Bible. This
23:35 shouldn't surprise us because we're told a lot of rain falls.
23:37 This is going to happen. And I share a verse from Isaiah
23:41 chapter to this is a remarkable prophecy. It says he reversed
23:44 to initial come to pass in the last days. And so last days
23:48 that the mountain of the Lords House will be established in
23:50 the top of the mountains
23:52 and shall be exalted above the hills and all nations show flow
23:55 into it, which is a symbol church in the last days.
23:58 And then it says that many people, many show going say
24:01 commute, let us go up to the mount of the Lord to the house
24:04 without a jacket
24:05 and he what he just this ways. And we will walk in this pass
24:08 for out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word from
24:11 Jerusalem. So we have the gospel commission to take it to
24:14 the world were also told that people will come to us, people
24:17 who look at God from the Church for answers for Light. And
24:20 that's just incredible.
24:21 >> Yes, it's amazing. And he reached out to you. He saw the
24:24 story. You just came from their yeah for him was and the
24:28 church.
24:30 They said we don't want to hear above the 7 day Adventists from
24:34 Christian or from those that they grow up in the church.
24:38 We want to understand why you U.S. month previous Muslim.
24:42 Now you decide it for the seven-day Adventist while you
24:45 will from being like a Muslim who today are set for.
24:51 So for them that makes them somehow. And I said, look at
24:55 present a little bit, have no program. I would come in a
24:57 shared with you. We pray for them now that the whole church,
25:03 I want to give their heart to the Lord and they all would be
25:06 in Munich and accept this about like the pasta and some of his
25:10 church members today.
25:11 >> And that's exciting to see it happening now. Yeah.
25:15 >> And we just happened to schedule this meeting. We
25:18 didn't know that this is going to happen is I said this
25:20 morning. And Jason, you need to work with together. You have to
25:25 go back to Israel. We could like a you tube, something to,
25:30 you know, a zoom meeting and then we can start a series of
25:33 meetings there. We can set that up in time. And so all those
25:37 who have questions still.
25:38 >> You need to do follow-up. Yeah. So we can do that
25:42 ourselves. We just the beginning and opening the door
25:45 saw for us
25:47 like for the future. This is happening in America. A man is
25:51 not just overseeing overseas here. Yeah. I want to support
25:55 his spirit out. Everyone was. All right. Let's go back and
25:58 hear your story. Other worrisome, how did you first
26:01 discovered to be the video now? Want to start to show the video
26:04 and what it's doing. Okay. Let's go to that video right
26:07 now.
26:08 [MUSIC]
26:11 >> Being born Muslim, we son was tied to hate Christianity.
26:15 So in his sister decided to become a Christian. He was sent
26:18 his family to kill her
26:21 because a miraculous stream from got he decided to speak in
26:25 studying the Bible.
26:28 He soon returned to NASA to share his new belief of his
26:31 family
26:32 and his uncle upon hearing this became very angry and ordered
26:36 his stone.
26:38 This happened over and over until finally, his brother
26:41 stepped in and then his father advised to simple to flee the
26:45 country.
26:47 Years later after his father and uncle died, we since mother
26:51 invited him to return.
26:53 He immediately saw an opportunity to share Jesus and
26:55 Nasser. So he decided to set up a center of influence. Will he
27:00 use the Bible to teach English to his fellow people?
27:04 We also gave police and a WR cod pines which he distributed
27:08 among his community.
27:11 >> We recently though things took a turn for the worse
27:14 sons of his dead uncle found out what we son was doing.
27:18 They too have participated in Histone many years before and
27:22 now rally to mom and went to we since House to attack.
27:26 [MUSIC]
27:32 We since wife on. She heard the commotion downstairs and rushed
27:36 out to see what was happening.
27:39 She knew right away that we son was in serious trouble and fell
27:43 on her knees and began to pray. We sons brothers rushed to
27:47 protect him when he was hit with a metal rod. The Venice
27:50 own cousin pulled out his knife and stabbed the sun
27:54 to his astonishment, the knife that leaving him on home.
27:58 [MUSIC]
28:01 We since brother then picked up the best knife and said
28:04 >> try again to kill them and the dog.
28:07 >> As a mom retreated, they threatened you will not know
28:09 where or when, but we will kill you.
28:12 Several months later, we some we see the shocking phone call
28:15 that the same 2 cousins have been killed while riding a
28:18 motorcycle.
28:20 It just reminds me that if God is for us who can be against
28:24 us.
28:26 >> Wow. That's a powerful storm. All right.
28:29 All right, Lisa.
28:33 >> Yeah, thank you. It's a lot of members. You know, his
28:38 sister.
28:39 I just met her a few weeks ago when you are again. That's why
28:44 the doctor and Germany and she said for the last how many
28:48 years, 17 years, 17 years she would have nightmares coming
28:53 killer. Yeah,
28:59 when I have so many questions but let's look at the night
29:01 tonight. That is the very night. That's tonight. That God
29:04 one. Yeah, not bad. I talked to Garland McNeil. Let you know he
29:08 doesn't steal. Yeah. He looked at that night.
29:11 Look at that. He said no man, Beth this night. Yeah.
29:16 You can't stay in the field, doesn't then
29:19 you have to heat it. He did. And he did. But you can see the
29:21 marks no heat.
29:24 Any kind of been this night. You can't get a break.
29:31 So that's a knife.
29:35 The Angel Man. Yeah.
29:38 God's safety are like, yeah. And then, yeah.
29:42 >> So the other American that my mother gave it to you who
29:46 keep asking me about the knife or the time. Yeah. Is there
29:50 this is this is the shirt.
29:52 >> He's a really that you are wearing the shirt. I was
29:54 wearing a shirt on when they came. Yeah. This is the your
29:59 cousins who came against you. It is my cousin that might give
30:02 it. Doesn't this ones that were killed in a motorcycle
30:05 accident? That's when they hold. The inherent
30:09 was the way it was. In fact from one side here. Yeah.
30:14 And it just went like that.
30:16 Yeah. Well, I feel that, you know,
30:21 ice, let's pull out.
30:24 >> So God that has them on was in our life and those no
30:28 scratches nothing. And it's back to have been no nothing.
30:31 >> What was going through your mind when the mob was coming at
30:34 you and
30:35 what were you feeling when we thank you.
30:37 >> You see this is not the first time that I faced such a
30:41 challenge and such a conflict because of my condition at the
30:45 weather daily deceived her threatening messages from some
30:49 of my cripe. So members
30:52 that they there was killing me because of Mike, the shiny
30:56 thing
30:58 and this minute on what they thought about is my wife and my
31:02 daughter. Yeah. And
31:07 to stop this bloodshed now because it would be of that
31:10 crash happened in that day between my father's house and
31:13 the rest of the crime. That would be really be a war.
31:17 I believe that
31:22 each one of us has a purpose in this life. I'm Jesus is calling
31:25 us to fall for this purpose by the time that we fulfill our 4
31:30 force and his plan in our lives who were with us to sleep.
31:33 I think he would come with a customer but the place.
31:36 So a nice the bulletproof best have by then you have a I
31:41 remember the bulletproof vest that we are. Each one is so far
31:45 says waiting as follower of Jesus spread fun for a lot of
31:48 cases.
31:50 Nothing can harm us
31:52 because when it's time for us to be put to sleep, he would
31:58 determine the time. But the same time we say from throw
32:01 yourself indenture them. So be wise.
32:05 But that's my life. Today is about my life is that she says
32:09 a chose for me to preach the gospel on and the mitts off my
32:13 cry
32:14 I would do with and I keep being Chris with the him and
32:18 keep doing it no matter what, because I know that I have the
32:21 calling to be there. The proof is the growing of the church
32:26 and many people are coming. No, the log from my own tribe
32:32 on from the next and other crimes and then use that among
32:35 the ropes and use a and even in West Bank.
32:38 So
32:40 >> there is a lot that we're broadcasting on radio through
32:44 the Internet all the way. The Saudi Arabia of all across
32:48 the Middle East and
32:50 >> people are responding broadcasting in Arabic. Yes,
32:52 no, nothing at the WR is doing a lot of programs and our big
32:59 language we do within the classical language that
33:02 all are obscured and the outcome of the Senate. No
33:05 matter the country know about the myth of the bad because all
33:09 Arabs understand the classical language
33:12 we will is that
33:15 most of that on this 60% of the viewing and the listeners they
33:19 are from studio to be from Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt,
33:24 they speak of the most like conservative countries, Muslim
33:27 countries. And what surprises us more of that. The majority
33:32 of the viewers they are we were expecting woman to be the
33:36 viewers, but we were so surprised to see that the
33:39 majority they are men. Really? Yeah. I mean, from the age of
33:42 25 to 60 and why do you think it's mostly men watching?
33:46 Because it's the first things that we receive him.
33:50 >> So we don't know why. Why, why? Why goes?
33:53 >> What I believe from from that. But they live the
33:57 Americas that I lived in and use the on the West Bank.
34:02 It lies the people. First of all, also 100 for the word of
34:05 God. Yeah, the problem in my culture of the people are
34:09 scared, sometimes shy. Sometimes they don't want their
34:14 neighbors to know anything about them. So especially men
34:18 because the they look about the honor of the family for them,
34:23 it's very important to honor of the family in the name of the
34:25 family. So they want to believe, but they want to be
34:28 hidden. Yeah, so and therefore, you would see that if the
34:34 father over the House will accept will have a Bible to
34:39 read. That means his wife is allowed. That means he's to the
34:43 island and it seems that does is no god is doing now. This
34:49 mayor, a kid by using this man put into this mine by the
34:52 minute he beats the man. It is the whole the whole
34:54 family now and that's cultural.
34:58 >> Now that makes a lot of sense. Can you? I know we want
35:00 to talk more about the work there, but can we go back to
35:01 your story for one moment you are sent to kill your sister,
35:04 correct? That's right. And then you instead of killing her,
35:09 you became interested in studying the Bible and
35:11 Christianity. What led you to even want to study?
35:15 >> The 30 is is larger than that. I mean, I didn't go to
35:20 kill my sister in the beginning care because they didn't know
35:22 about that Russia anything. I would bet against my culture
35:27 and Islam and I left my family. I was involved with the Russian
35:31 mafia and that time
35:33 let that they tried to kill me, you know, because I wanted to
35:36 escape them.
35:37 And then my system actually was that if huge place she was
35:41 living in that time in Austria, miraculously, I got her phone
35:46 number and they could have that. They need that to get
35:50 like out over the country. And she was also the same time
35:53 looking for me and 2,
35:55 we invite me to come there.
35:57 So somehow I arrive Austria as escaping using the and the
36:02 program to fuse the and their
36:06 the college where I used to study. I discovered that she's
36:09 a cruise ship.
36:11 So I come back to my family and for my family. My family called
36:17 me and asked me to go on this mission. They secured parent
36:20 can have for the honor to sit on it. If you are a far that
36:24 house
36:25 and then come back and muting this journey going to kill had
36:32 back in Austria, I fished a lot of programs
36:36 and through
36:39 seeing the people around me. Yeah. Having this faith,
36:42 I decided for one time to start praying for the God.
36:46 Both of those commission. Why if he was on set on that,
36:50 okay. And indeed it was again another America's he stopped
36:54 answering my prayers.
36:56 So I was more interested in knowing who is this God that he
37:00 on since my prayers
37:02 that start getting a lift on such a good thing. Bible
37:06 studies got popped eyes. My sister that hair was such a
37:12 good life.
37:14 Accept the fact that I am now. Yeah, that's true or not with
37:18 him changed here like Saul to Paul.
37:21 >> You know that early believers had a hard time
37:23 accepting Paul is a converted or changed.
37:26 >> So I just family stone him twice, tried to kill him,
37:29 play, went back and told him so his and then like, like the
37:34 video says his father also died. His father was the chief
37:37 for the Tri talk about a month. And so he was slated to take is
37:43 that place? This is one of the largest tribes and that part of
37:46 the world.
37:48 >> In Nazareth or is outside the euro as well or
37:50 >> we are we to mark the 5th is in the ascendant him. Mike
37:55 Aitken said that, though, for the measure won because they on
37:58 the most land of president. But what kind of accent tool?
38:02 We have pockets because on the West Bank and Jordan as we're
38:05 okay and usually does well, they are better love.
38:09 Absolutely. All right. Yeah.
38:11 >> Is there more Jewish people are Muslim people living say
38:16 and that's her.
38:17 >> Isn't just about Muslims and Christians, Muslims and
38:20 Christians.
38:21 So
38:23 we are about 200,000 people living in that set.
38:26 >> So you're starting a center for evangelists in there?
38:30 >> Well, we we have the sense that for and through one's
38:34 coldness of it like folks in 3rd. I mean, can you can you
38:38 believe it or use it as never ever had church will be
38:43 speaking church before? Yeah. This is the first one. That is
38:47 the first one bit. Yeah credible. We thank the Lord for
38:52 all of them at this time. We thank if it wasn't about a
38:55 WR I I don't know how we would do it. I can imagine I'm the
38:59 only possible speaks. The language speaks out of ink and
39:03 my district is 7 million people.
39:06 So how to teach how to get there to the people, how to
39:09 approach them. The project of ANWR in mass that it at this so
39:14 attractive that touched the hearts of thousands of people
39:18 that they stalked like calling us asking us for Bible in auto
39:23 break. I never ever distribute materials
39:28 or by both, but going just in the streets and giving to the
39:31 people going up and down because they are very expensive
39:35 material. It's and most of the time we experience that people
39:37 they would take an oath in the bin. Yeah, I give our week 5 is
39:42 just a bond request and people would call me. We have your
39:46 programs. We are interested in lending more. We would like to
39:51 have our big 5, 0, and this minute I would go through that
39:54 household. I tended by post
39:56 and they would wait for the call for Bible study. The less
40:00 let's say 6 months we distribute it to about 500,
40:04 the company's rehab and a quest. Yeah. 300 of them.
40:10 These families, they still in contact with me for Bible
40:13 studies up.
40:14 >> Praise the Lord. 300 of them. Most of them in Israel or
40:18 NOAA and he's been in West Bank with bank. Yeah.
40:21 >> So we praise the Lord. If it wasn't about the way how
40:25 we're WR functions, I would not be able to reach.
40:30 >> All this people, it would be Impossible Union rescue a
40:34 contactless couple weeks ago and they said we want to have
40:38 confidence for the soldiers. Yeah. And so we're shipping in
40:44 there in time areas. We haven't center worship in 1000 god,
40:47 ponds and 500 will be for Arabic and 500 will be Hebrew.
40:52 Wow. What a move. But the Bible on their chairman to accept it
40:56 now.
40:57 Now, tell us what we need to look at a couple pictures.
41:00 I think we had 2 of the pictures that that we can show.
41:03 I want to see the video, especially the ones who are his
41:05 bad, causing some people in the West Bank upstairs had had to
41:09 go in and we've got to get a church there. Pastor had.
41:12 But that's great we're doing now is I'm sure there's and
41:16 rented this condo has a swimming pool. He's baptizing
41:19 people. And this is downstairs can show that video. Let's take
41:22 a look at that right now. Does it?
41:25 >> We're looking at soldiers here fighting.
41:28 >> Yes. Is there a baptism going on? Yes, what's happening
41:32 here? There was a conflict between it seems the soldiers.
41:36 Yeah, the Palestinians groups, right.
41:40 And the minute I was bumped ising people inside of a
41:43 swimming pool inside of the house upstairs and that.
41:46 Yeah. So
41:48 I'm hitting the guns and the shrew think wow. And after the
41:53 baptism, it was very emotional about this. So for a baptism
41:57 off, 2 brothers were there the whole entire family with a wife
42:01 and the kids, the trigger that
42:03 and you would see that this people are reborn. Yeah,
42:08 yeah. And then having a new life and when I step out,
42:12 I step in blood
42:14 of someone was killed,
42:16 his blood was flowing. And you would see that this people were
42:20 washed by the blood of the lamb and this person died. Yeah,
42:25 without having the chance of feeding them as a message of
42:27 Jesus Christ. And it was really, really am very sad
42:33 scene out here to see him
42:36 the conquest of the victory of Jesus and how Satan is trying
42:40 to get to defeat. But I want more of his own was victorious.
42:45 These always that we know no matter what.
42:49 And that's what
42:50 a lot of times we experience and and our mission field and
42:56 in our work and and use the and in the Palestine instead,
42:59 attorneys.
43:01 >> Could the wars going on right now in the midst of that?
43:04 >> People are accepting cheese and there's a picture. I think
43:06 we could show that picture of a of the they you're in a home
43:10 with the 10.
43:12 >> I don't for a wall. That was a house off all and that people
43:19 that that the after they passed away, we discover we can't look
43:24 at the next one as well
43:26 as a father of men at Pearson a over the rebels that lives
43:33 there and maybe there's another. That's the mother of
43:36 that. The condition how they live and this Harry M
43:40 and after we provided for them have medical help. They were
43:46 very sick and they passed away and left on the I received a
43:51 phone call.
43:52 They kept my phone number. And when the sun came back,
43:55 he found a phone number and he called me and he asked Joe,
43:59 who are you to have my parents? So it was to make the sofa
44:04 short. So they picked me to replace between the mountains
44:09 and here I am. And the mitts off people with masks, you
44:12 know, with face covering their face with the Rams
44:16 and asking get, why did you have my parents? The question I
44:21 said because I am Christian. He said, but your name is with
44:23 somebody. Yeah, I was. How can you be a Christian? Yes.
44:28 I thought that is heading with him. The message followed Lord
44:32 and savior and he became more interested from or why you are
44:36 different. I tried my people, my neighbors. They didn't help
44:40 my my parents. But, you know, I was like coming from far away
44:44 helping them.
44:46 It started with just the him and another for me. Yeah.
44:50 Sharing with them the the message of Jesus Christ and
44:55 then the next meeting. Yeah. Of sudden growing and growing
44:59 and growing Karam
45:02 to the extent that they put the weapon on the side, they took
45:06 the mask so way off.
45:08 Let the they get up the ice.
45:12 Really? Yeah. Yeah. They came back to normal life and they
45:16 are helping me now and distributing the Bible. Is this
45:19 some places? I cannot change what I kind of go there because
45:22 I am robot them using it. We saw I use the help that they
45:27 had made this a view of the Bible's to specific to people.
45:31 >> And specific areas. You need to tell us before we're out of
45:34 time about the family, 12 of them and the girls and about
45:38 young people. These are ages 18 to 30.
45:41 >> Yes, that's another of the story that's in Bethlehem and
45:46 that they have and that the AL West Bank, but in Bethlehem,
45:49 the bliss with just as well as ball. Yeah, yeah. It's their
45:53 phone caller from this some and with his wife and they have 10
45:57 children
45:58 and they when they're they got by but companies and they were
46:03 reading the Bible. They want to know more about the Jesus,
46:06 this chatting with me that dreams livings at the seams.
46:12 Actually, that's really important to mention. Yeah.
46:16 95% over the Muslims that they got up diced. They all receive
46:22 visions.
46:23 >> Really? Yeah. It's very important to them. Vision and
46:27 divisions were of what?
46:28 >> Well, 12 yard. This calling them each one a different way.
46:31 But all was that they would see this slide now from the sky and
46:36 the voice calling them come through me. Follow me. Wow.
46:40 Yeah. This is a direct appeal from God so that 95% you would
46:44 hear stories that it's amazing. An amazing how God's ways are
46:50 not like our ways gets folks. I'm not like I want to put and
46:53 you know that my culture is very sensitive. 2 prophecy and
46:59 provisions, OK? So and how it works on that. Yeah. And he
47:03 puts their hearts. So this Muslim training with me this
47:07 visions and they should with the Bible and about crime here
47:10 you come from a very, very strict confirm conservative
47:14 Muslim background today. They give their lives to the
47:18 load measure and one house, one family members.
47:22 >> And that once she got out, you've got to about the dream
47:25 the girl had. Yes, you know, the one girl rejected.
47:28 >> One of them. Yeah. This seems like a daughter. One of
47:31 the north that it is check that. And then she had been her
47:34 dream. She so that got this calling care of but cheese if
47:39 using to get their of the same time on her family members is
47:43 already by him by this. We're some way the slight, OK?
47:47 Yeah. And yeah.
47:52 Then she she watched Cam is a video. Then to what scam is
47:56 viewed got on. No, no, she has his serious, OK? Because there
48:00 is an American. She thought it lies in Kenya that this is
48:05 here. The truth.
48:07 >> Yeah, that's what I'm here on CNN. My dreams and the same
48:10 thing I can be saying in the video yet. Yeah. How the girls
48:14 watch Cami that? Yes, the men watch mine.
48:17 >> Having from the Muslim Brotherhood is not supposed to
48:23 watch woman woman to go obeys the law that we have both of
48:28 them conflict. That not a break. Yeah. That was huge
48:31 project. They're doing that
48:33 and you'll see that the men watching the U.S. the and the
48:37 rains and the ladies watching a camera's view.
48:41 >> God wants to reach us all with the gospel. What year you
48:44 just came from is a right. That's neither here. So what is
48:47 a situation like right now there?
48:49 And how can we pray? You know, how can we pray? The 3ABN
48:52 family, our viewers and listeners, how can we pray for
48:55 the work?
48:57 >> Right now in Israel, I was talking him on the phone a few
49:00 days ago and he said, I'm crying.
49:02 I said, you know, he says for for all these people I'm
49:06 working with I want to be bad times now. Their target.
49:09 Yeah, targets.
49:11 They want to be Christians. They're not involved in any of
49:14 the stuff that just is so sad because, you know, we we need
49:17 to pray that somehow the war was stop and you've got the
49:20 Holy Spirit would touch people's hearts and change.
49:23 >> You see the think is county a measure. And in just a and
49:27 Gaza itself, we have 50 families that they have taken
49:30 by bus to us to be. Are you ready to be baptized east of
49:34 contact with them? Know that the program, the broken and
49:36 it's not just that they don't have it come to what helps me
49:39 as much as the I don't have a contact with them. I don't know
49:42 anything about them. I don't believe they're still alive
49:46 motive. They died
49:48 nothing now. So we know more about those that they live in
49:52 West Bank. You know that and guys that we don't they don't
49:55 have Internet. My phone calls, nothing at all there.
49:59 The water is is very good. Bet that bad. I mean, innocent
50:04 people are killed from both sides. Yes, and we pray that
50:08 the Lord will bring peace. Yes, but that's a mentioned
50:11 before.
50:13 I don't believe that peace will exist there in the Middle East.
50:17 I mean, time the only way that peace with come there when both
50:22 sites, Jews, Arabs, Muslims and Commission with No Jesus Christ
50:28 is yeah, because he's the King of peace and are just following
50:32 Jesus Christ. You can live in a peaceful walk. Yeah. And since
50:37 each one is fighting for this, put it in park. And I don't
50:41 believe that there would be I mean, like this. But what do
50:44 what we do as a follower of Jesus? What we can do is pray
50:48 and then for God, he was being with them and that he has a
50:51 plan. We pray for these families that they lost that
50:54 truth. And we pray for those that they are in pain. We pray
50:57 for the economy if he's right. That stock now. Yeah. Getting
51:03 warsame member for
51:05 we pray for. I love that they are captive in both sites.
51:09 You know that the Lord with comfort them and that they
51:12 would have peace in their hearts that they want to know
51:15 that he is the one man that he was saved them and touch their
51:19 hearts and their lives. That's what we can do in a loop.
51:23 By the way we just bought.
51:25 >> We bought the radio studio on this bill. Does a bank note
51:28 in the second floor? 3rd floor have been purchased already by
51:31 the by the mission. And we have. That's where you have
51:34 your center there for the church. And then we bought the
51:37 top floor of the radio station and now the
51:40 crystal first floor, which is are the second floor now.
51:43 Haha it. We bought that too, came up for sale. The reason is
51:47 that the gangs there are 2 big bangs and Nasser and 1 of them
51:52 want to buy and put a casino there. I will buy consecrate.
51:55 We are able to put a million dollars together. 1.5 million
51:58 taxes and everything to buy this the floor. And we're going
52:02 make a center for digital evangelism. Oh, we're going to
52:04 have a little Bible school there. We're excited about this
52:09 is are all the property is extremely expensive. Yachts.
52:12 Great. We have wonderful people who supported us in and we had
52:15 to have the funds to help.
52:16 >> Is it that is a veteran of it? A tiny country really small
52:20 and therefore a property is extremely expensive. That and
52:24 we praise the Lord and we would like to thank them on air.
52:27 Yeah, along or all those that they participated in the 2
52:31 nations. Yeah. The support all and WR projects worldwide and
52:36 specifically those that they've been at it for buying this
52:39 first floor and that's it. And that to save the whole
52:42 brushing by the minute this gangs would buy it. And then
52:46 the whole project of the center for influence and that it used
52:49 to show would be in vain because nobody would come to
52:52 us, correct, because it would be watered down on the abuse
52:55 them to Graham, the woman's to come there to pickpocket
52:59 forward programs and activities. So thank you very
53:01 much. Thank you. Thank you for all your support and a nation
53:05 that may God bless you all.
53:06 >> The men were coming down to the end of the second hour.
53:09 We need a whole nother our but yeah, give each one of you
53:12 opportunity. Let's go around the table and chair a closing
53:14 thought. Whatever's on your heart from this will start with
53:16 you, Pastor Jason.
53:18 >> Well, you know, got workers. This has to win. So should be
53:20 our first consideration. And that's what it's all about,
53:22 where, you know, we're living at the very end of time that we
53:26 all believe that. Yeah, but there's so many people out
53:28 there starting for truth. The CDs, testimonies and change
53:31 lives are just so inspiring. And that's when it hit the fork
53:34 finished. You know, God is good and he's a he's closing things
53:39 up. You know, when people are out there that are hurting
53:43 and just need to know the truth, come to Christ, you
53:46 know, great work that we're doing.
53:48 >> And absolutely
53:51 how the recent.
53:53 >> I would like to us fuel and or viewers to keep to keep us
54:00 in your prayers. I mean, the war among Muslims, it's rid of
54:05 it. A challenge in New York
54:07 winning game Muslims tool to the Lord. It needs a lot off
54:11 for effort.
54:14 It's not just to bring good for me. Has a as a possible.
54:18 I ask you to pray for the whole project. I mean, God is doing
54:21 miracles them and
54:26 we need all was the financial support. But we need also the
54:29 spinach was named in. That is a look. A lot of people that they
54:33 are hungry for the world of dog back home waiting for us to go
54:39 on their books. The question is when is the time that we would
54:45 go there? Of course,
54:48 we should be keep focusing on the what she says said asked us
54:54 at the end of Matthew. 28 goal. Each pup Tice. In order to do
55:01 that. We need to have the courage to come up with this
55:05 course a man we have sometimes the problem that we are waiting
55:09 for them to come and they would not go on for some had their
55:11 way with where we fed. Yeah. People are waiting for us in
55:15 and they are hungry for the word of God. Let's get to the
55:19 ward
55:20 through the the BN. I do it. W R and move those social media
55:26 and shared many are waiting for the message.
55:30 >> Amen. Thank you so much for not. Yeah, please pray for
55:33 weeks on the Audrey is and rec Allen's wife and daughter that
55:37 it says dangers living there for all of them out and play.
55:41 The war was stop. We need peace so we can connect with people
55:45 and tell them about Jesus. Moore is never good,
55:48 never cut. And I know people see videos and stuff and they
55:52 get angry. But no, no, no, God will take care of everything.
55:55 That's his job. We just need to pray for peace and we can
55:58 finish the work that these.
56:00 >> And absolutely want to put up the Web site one more time a
56:03 WR DOT O R G you can go to a WR DOT org to find out about all
56:09 the projects we've talked about tonight to donate to SUP court,
56:12 to volunteer, to become involved yourself evangelists.
56:16 And I just want to thank you and a key. We love you and your
56:19 wife, Kathy. Just so grateful for the partnership with a WR.
56:23 Thank you, Heather. We some an elder Morgan for being here on
56:27 Earth. And I thank you. Thank you for your heart for
56:29 evangelism your heart for ministry. We're going to be
56:32 something a little unusual tonight. We have just a few
56:34 seconds left. We're going to go out with a prayer prayer for
56:37 those in Israel and those all over the world who need the
56:39 gospel in Pastor. Jason, I'm going to ask you to pray you
56:42 have to.
56:43 >> Loving father. We thank you for this opportunity as we see
56:45 what's going on around the world are our hearts are heavy.
56:48 But it also reveals that Jesus is coming soon. And that's good
56:51 news. I pray for the people in Israel. I prefer 3 BNA pay for
56:55 Evans where it all the ministries out. There are
56:57 church that's working so hard aggressively lot to take the
57:00 gospel to the world. So bless us. We need you more than ever.
57:03 And we pray that you will come quickly is a prayer in Jesus
57:06 name. We think that women
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