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00:01 As you're well aware,
00:02 we're living in unprecedented times.
00:05 Join us now for today's special program.
00:12 I want to spend my life
00:18 Mending broken people
00:23 I want to spend my life
00:29 Removing pain
00:34 Lord, let my words
00:39 Heal a heart that hurts
00:44 I want to spend my life
00:50 Mending broken people
00:55 I want to spend my life
01:00 Mending broken people
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02:59 And we have some specialists here today
03:02 on this particular panel here
03:03 in which we're going to be diving deep into the Word.
03:06 Pastor Lomacang,
03:07 it's always a blessing to have you.
03:09 And I know you're locked and loaded
03:10 and ready to go, Brother.
03:11 Praise the Lord.
03:13 He is the one who gives us the understanding
03:15 and all the glory goes to Him.
03:16 Praise God for that. Amen. Praise the Lord.
03:18 And, of course, to your left is Pastor John Dinzey.
03:22 This is, you weren't with us last week,
03:23 but you're here with us this week.
03:25 And that kinda gives me an opportunity.
03:27 We're gonna have different rotating guests on here
03:29 from week to week.
03:30 And this week,
03:31 Pastor John Dinzey is joining us.
03:33 And it's always a blessing to have you, Brother.
03:34 It's a blessing and a joy to be here.
03:36 I'm looking forward to hearing God's answers
03:38 through God's instruments.
03:40 Amen. Praise the Lord.
03:41 And back with us again is Sister Jill Morikone
03:44 and I know you're ready to give us
03:45 some answers from the Bible.
03:46 Amen.
03:48 I love studying the Word of God and love sharing together.
03:49 Amen. Praise the Lord.
03:51 And basically how this works.
03:53 We're just simply gonna go through one question.
03:55 It's gonna kind of be like rapid fire.
03:57 And each guest has a couple of minutes
03:58 to give a solid biblical answer.
04:01 And before we get into this though,
04:02 'cause I have a lot of questions here
04:04 that we're gonna get through.
04:05 We're gonna try to get through as many of them as possible.
04:07 But before we go any further, let's have a prayer.
04:11 Father in heaven, Lord,
04:12 it's such a blessing and an honor
04:14 to be here with you, Lord.
04:15 I know that this is an opportunity
04:17 for You to clarify
04:19 and to show the world that Your Word is sure,
04:22 Your Word is clear
04:24 and that there is no mystery under the sun,
04:25 that this is an opportunity we can peer and peek
04:29 behind the curtain.
04:30 Not that You're hiding Yourself, Lord,
04:32 but to make all things open and exposed.
04:35 And at this time we're gonna dive deep into Your Word, Lord.
04:38 And we're gonna find those gems that You have for us.
04:40 And we need the guidance of Your Holy Spirit.
04:42 So give each and every one of our panel members here,
04:45 our guests,
04:46 the Spirit of the Lord that they may speak for You,
04:49 rightly dividing the word of truth.
04:51 May our guests be blessed
04:53 and may they receive the proper answers
04:55 from the Bible today,
04:56 we ask in Jesus' holy name.
04:58 Amen. Amen.
05:00 Praise the Lord.
05:01 Our first question, drum roll.
05:05 I'm gonna ask Jill this question.
05:07 Jill, this person is asking, "How do I forgive?"
05:12 How do I forgive? That's a great question.
05:13 I love that question.
05:15 Forgiveness. It's a choice.
05:17 The feelings change
05:19 as we practice the promises of forgiveness
05:22 and, you know, I like lists.
05:24 So I'm going to give you four steps to forgive.
05:27 Step number one is ask for His forgiveness.
05:29 We cannot forgive
05:31 until we receive forgiveness from God.
05:33 So 1 John 1:9,
05:34 "If we confess our sins,
05:36 He's faithful and just to forgive us our sins
05:38 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
05:41 We ask for His forgiveness for us
05:44 and His forgiveness for others.
05:46 I think of Jesus on the cross, His arms stretched out.
05:50 In Luke 23 He's saying,
05:51 "Father, forgive them,
05:53 for they know not what they are doing."
05:56 The first step is to ask for His forgiveness
05:58 because it's a gift from Him.
06:00 The second step is to pray for that person.
06:03 Pray for the person you're struggling with.
06:05 Pray for the person that you hold unforgiveness
06:08 or a grudge against or bitterness against.
06:11 We can ask for His forgiveness and I've done that.
06:14 And sometimes I think,
06:15 but I don't feel forgiving toward this person.
06:18 And I'm still dealing with something in my heart.
06:21 So pray for that person, commit with God
06:24 that you're going to pray every day
06:26 for that person specifically.
06:28 The third step
06:30 is to surrender the desire for revenge.
06:33 I think of Joseph and his brothers
06:34 and they wronged him deeply.
06:36 And yet, what did he say?
06:38 Genesis 50:20,
06:40 "What Satan intended for evil, God turned around for good."
06:44 So trust that God can bring out good in the end.
06:47 Trust that He can work all things out for good.
06:50 Trust Him to bring justice and vengeance.
06:53 He says, "Vengeance is mine. I will repay."
06:55 We don't have to do that. We can trust God for that.
06:58 And step number four
06:59 is to allow God to change your feelings.
07:03 Don't expect that it happens overnight,
07:05 but as you practice the promises of forgiveness,
07:08 as you practice those steps,
07:10 God will change your heart and your mind.
07:13 Amen. Amen.
07:14 Nice, beautiful answer.
07:16 Pastor Lomacang, I'm gonna come to you for this one.
07:19 This comes from Lynnette, and Lynnette is asking this.
07:22 She says,
07:24 "How do you work with someone
07:25 who regardless of how many times you forgive them
07:28 continues to do
07:30 the same mean-spirited things to you?"
07:32 Okay.
07:33 If it's in a workplace
07:35 that could be workplace harassment.
07:38 That's one of the first things you have to do.
07:39 If you try to resolve issues in your workplace
07:41 with people that are in an adverse setting with you,
07:44 you need to take that to your superior,
07:45 either your manager or your supervisor,
07:48 and try to work out resolution there.
07:50 You know, the Bible gives us in Matthew 18 principle
07:52 and that Matthew 18 principle is first go to that person,
07:55 tell them what the issue is.
07:57 If they receive it,
07:58 then you are in a position
08:00 where you could reconcile the issue,
08:02 deal with the issue and lay it aside.
08:04 But according to your question,
08:05 they continue to do things
08:07 and in the workplace, once again,
08:09 take it to the next level,
08:10 which is also what Matthew 18 suggests.
08:12 Take another witness. In this case, you've gone.
08:15 Now you go with your supervisor or your manager to that person,
08:19 and maybe they could find what the core of the issue is.
08:22 But according to the scriptures,
08:23 if none of those issues work,
08:24 and it's just a setting where
08:26 you just can't get past that person's mean spirit.
08:30 I'm gonna use a passage in Romans 16:17,
08:33 to apply it in your situation.
08:35 Romans 16:17 says,
08:36 "Now I urge you, brethren,
08:38 note those who cause division and offenses,
08:42 contrary to the doctrine which you have learned,
08:44 and avoid them."
08:45 Now this is not a doctrinal issue,
08:47 but if there's a division and offences
08:50 with you and another person, avoid them.
08:52 Sometimes you got to stay out of people's way.
08:54 One of the things I don't recommend people do is
08:57 continue pursuing a person
08:58 whose only intention is to hurt you and injure you
09:01 because we live in a narcissistic society
09:03 where some people find joy,
09:05 just making your life miserable.
09:08 But don't let that situation change you.
09:09 Romans 12:18,
09:11 "If it is possible, as much as depends on you,
09:14 live peaceably with all men."
09:17 Don't let adversity cause you to be an angry
09:20 and a vengeful person.
09:22 "And so do not overcome, do not be overcome by evil,
09:26 but overcome evil with good."
09:28 Romans 12:21.
09:30 Let it direct your life to still be the person
09:32 that God wants you to be
09:34 and pray for the other individual,
09:36 but avoid them.
09:38 Nice, solid answer.
09:39 I like that. Thank you, Pastor.
09:41 Pastor John Dinzey,
09:42 this one's coming to you and this person is asking,
09:45 "Can you please explain Colossians 3:5.
09:50 And also I'm guessing
09:52 this may be 1 Thessalonians 5:5-8.
09:56 And this is coming from an inmate in prison.
09:59 Wow.
10:00 I want to first commend this inmate in prison
10:03 because he is studying God's Word,
10:05 making good use of time.
10:06 Amen.
10:07 So we that are,
10:09 we should make good use of time.
10:10 Colossians Chapter 3 you said verse 5.
10:14 Okay, let's go there.
10:16 It says,
10:17 "Therefore put to death, your members,
10:20 which are on the earth, fornication, uncleanness,
10:23 passion, evil desire, and covetousness,
10:27 which is idolatry."
10:29 Okay.
10:30 Well, here in this scripture,
10:31 we see here that
10:34 he mentioned things done by individuals,
10:37 what people do.
10:38 So you see here, it says fornication,
10:41 that's what people do.
10:42 Uncleanness passion, evil desires, and coveting.
10:45 These are all works of the flesh.
10:47 So it's not that you're putting to death
10:49 people that do these things
10:51 or killing people that do these things.
10:52 But you are putting to those things,
10:54 those desires, those evil things in you,
10:57 you put them to death.
10:58 Now this is really language of baptism.
11:02 So I'm going to go to the previous chapter
11:05 in Colossians Chapter 2.
11:07 And there we see in verse 11.
11:12 Let's start with verse 12.
11:14 Notice,
11:15 "Buried with Him in baptism,
11:17 in which you also were raised with Him
11:19 through faith in the working of God,
11:21 who raised Him from the dead.
11:24 And you, being dead in your trespasses
11:26 and the uncircumcision of your flesh,
11:28 He has made alive together with Him,
11:30 having forgiven you all trespasses."
11:33 When you are baptized according to the biblical way
11:37 in which you are put under the water,
11:39 it's like you're dying to those evil things
11:41 that your flesh,
11:42 your carnal things that are still prompting,
11:46 the devil works through the carnal part of you
11:48 to try to prompt you to do fornication,
11:51 having evil passions and all these things.
11:54 But through the grace of Christ,
11:56 we are to put to death those things,
11:57 because that's when you come out of baptism,
12:00 you are put, you are, it's like you're coming back to life.
12:03 You brought back to life. And I see my time is up.
12:05 I didn't get to the second verse
12:06 perhaps at another time.
12:08 Okay.
12:09 Maybe we'll have some time at the end.
12:10 You can come back to that.
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12:42 So send us those questions. All right.
12:44 So, Pastor, I'm gonna come back to you for this next one.
12:47 This is a locked and loaded one.
12:50 Simple question, but we're gonna let you answer it
12:53 because this person's asking,
12:55 "Who is the Antichrist?"
12:57 Okay, I have 12 minutes for this one?
12:59 Yeah.
13:00 Very quickly, this is a three-part answer.
13:02 First of all, 1 John 4:3.
13:04 This is the broad sense.
13:06 The Bible says in every spirit that does not confess
13:08 that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God.
13:12 And this is the spirit of the Antichrist.
13:15 So if a person denies
13:16 that Jesus Christ ever came in the flesh,
13:17 that's the spirit of the Antichrist.
13:19 That's the broad application.
13:21 Secondly, the Bible talks about Daniel 7:23-25,
13:26 which is identifying the fourth beast of Daniel,
13:29 which is the power of Rome.
13:30 And the Bible says there that he shall speak great words
13:34 against the Most High.
13:36 And when you apply the seven identifying marks
13:38 to the power of Rome,
13:40 which was papal Rome,
13:41 you find that he is in the position
13:43 of God on earth.
13:45 That's his own admission.
13:46 So that is the Antichrist system,
13:49 but the ultimate Antichrist is Satan himself.
13:52 Isaiah 14:14, Satan said,
13:56 "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.
13:58 I will be like the Most High.
14:01 "Antichrist means
14:02 simply the one who seeks to put himself
14:05 in place of Christ
14:07 to remove himself from Christ.
14:09 That's why Jesus warned us in Daniel 24,
14:12 that if they say here's the Christ or there,
14:14 do not believe it,
14:16 for false Christs and false prophets will arise.
14:18 In a nutshell, you may deny him in the flesh.
14:21 You may look at Daniel 7 as the system of Antichrist
14:25 or Satan himself as the ultimate Antichrist,
14:27 'cause he alone wants to take the place of Christ.
14:31 Amen. My goodness!
14:33 Praise God. That was nice.
14:34 Praise the Lord for that. All right.
14:36 Jill, we're coming back to you for this next question.
14:38 This comes from Julie in South Dakota,
14:41 and she's asking,
14:42 "Did people in the Old Testament
14:44 have to be born again to be saved"?
14:47 That's a great question.
14:48 And the short answer is yes.
14:50 Well, you, when you look at the Old Testament
14:52 and the New Testament,
14:53 we think the Old Testament is works
14:55 and the New Testament is grace.
14:56 But the truth is faith is in the Old Testament
14:59 and in the New Testament.
15:00 Grace is in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.
15:03 Jesus is in the Old Testament and the New Testament,
15:06 and obedience is in the Old Testament
15:10 and the New Testament.
15:12 Let's look at a couple of comparisons scriptures
15:14 between Old and New Testament.
15:15 First is justification by faith.
15:17 We see justification by faith in the Old Testament.
15:20 I'm just picking Genesis 15:6.
15:23 "This is Abraham believed in the Lord,
15:25 and it was accounted to him or reckoned or imputed to him
15:30 for righteousness."
15:32 I think of Zachariah 3,
15:33 Joshua the high priest
15:35 clothed in those filthy garments.
15:36 And he was covered
15:38 with the righteous white robe of Christ,
15:41 His righteousness.
15:42 Justification by faith,
15:44 of course, we see that in the New Testament.
15:46 In Romans 3,
15:47 we are justified freely by His grace.
15:50 In verse 28, it says,
15:51 "We conclude that a man is justified.
15:54 Therefore, we conclude that a man is justified by faith,
15:56 apart from the deeds of the law."
15:59 What about forgiveness of sins?
16:01 Isaiah 43:25,
16:04 "I, even I,
16:05 am He who blots out your transgressions
16:08 for My own sake,
16:09 and I will not remember your sins."
16:11 We see forgiveness of sins in the Old Testament
16:14 and, of course, in the New.
16:16 1 John 1:9,
16:17 "If we confess our sins,
16:18 He's faithful and just to forgive us
16:20 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
16:23 We see God's law is written in our hearts
16:26 in the Old Testament.
16:28 We think that's a New Testament concept,
16:29 but it's also in the Old Testament.
16:31 Deuteronomy 11:18,
16:34 "You shall lay up these words of mine
16:36 in your heart and in your soul,
16:37 bind them as a sign on your hand,
16:40 and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes."
16:42 So we see salvation by grace through faith,
16:45 throughout the whole Word of God.
16:47 The plan of salvation is the same
16:48 from Genesis to Revelation.
16:51 Amen. Nice answer. Thank you.
16:53 Pastor. Dinzey. This is a very good question.
16:56 And this person is asking, or they're basically saying,
16:59 "If I keep the Sabbath commandment
17:01 I'll get fired.
17:02 What should I do?"
17:04 That's a good question.
17:06 One, trust in the Lord.
17:08 Trust in the Lord.
17:09 You know, we have to make decisions
17:12 based on our faith and our love for the Lord.
17:15 Jesus says, "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
17:18 Now you have a situation here where your job is in danger,
17:22 but as Peter said,
17:24 "We should obey God rather than men."
17:26 And believe me,
17:28 the promises of the Lord are true.
17:30 Philippians 4:19 says,
17:31 "My God shall supply all your need
17:33 according to his riches in glory."
17:34 He can supply you not only another job,
17:37 but even a better job.
17:38 And so, I encourage you to trust the Lord,
17:41 talk to them first and say, look, you know,
17:43 I would like to keep this job,
17:45 but this job hinders me from being faithful to my Lord
17:48 because of this.
17:50 Is there something we can work out?
17:51 I'll work any other time.
17:53 And you might be surprised
17:54 to see how the Lord solves that problem.
17:56 If however they say no,
17:58 I encourage you to be faithful to the Lord
18:00 and follow Him with all your heart.
18:01 In Deuteronomy 5:29.
18:03 It says,
18:05 "Oh, that they had such a heart in them
18:06 that they would fear Me
18:08 and always keep all My commandments,
18:10 that it might be well with them
18:11 and with their children forever!"
18:13 Following the Lord, obeying His commandments
18:16 brings you into the security of being blessed by the Lord.
18:20 If you choose to disobey the Lord,
18:22 then you are placing yourself in danger
18:24 of not receiving all the blessings
18:26 that the Lord wants to give you.
18:28 So I encourage you to be faithful
18:30 to God's commandments
18:31 and He will bless you.
18:32 Amen. Amen.
18:34 Praise the Lord for that.
18:35 Pastor Lomacang.
18:36 This person is asking in the Bible
18:40 on more than one occasion,
18:41 it talks about God hardening their hearts.
18:45 Why would God harden hearts against Himself?
18:48 Okay, wonderful.
18:50 The first place you find that in scripture
18:51 talked about the most is
18:52 when it came to the Egyptians
18:55 resisting the call of God to let my people go.
18:59 Moses and Aaron came repeatedly and said to Pharaoh,
19:02 God has said, let my people go.
19:04 And you find in Exodus 8:15.
19:06 It says,
19:08 "But when Pharaoh saw that there was relief.
19:11 He hardened his heart and did not heed them
19:16 as the Lord had said."
19:17 So the process started with Pharaoh.
19:19 Let's use an example.
19:21 God said, "Here's what I want you to do."
19:22 And you say, "No, I don't wanna do that."
19:24 And Pharaoh went on and said,
19:25 "Who is God that I should obey His voice."
19:27 He thought of himself as being the King of Egypt,
19:30 the leader in Egypt
19:31 who is greater and higher and above me,
19:33 he did not know the God of Moses and Aaron.
19:36 God continued.
19:38 So as it is in 2 Thessalonians, this is what the situation was.
19:42 He continued to resist the appeals
19:45 of the voice of God.
19:46 And as was the case in Genesis Chapter 6,
19:48 the Bible says,
19:50 "My spirit will not always strive with man."
19:52 So the Lord decided, I'm not gonna strive with him.
19:54 I'm gonna give him what he wants.
19:55 And here's what the Bible says.
19:57 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12,
20:00 "And with all unrighteous deception
20:02 among those who perish,
20:04 because they did not receive the love of the truth,
20:06 that they might be saved.
20:07 The Lord wanted to save Pharaoh
20:09 from the natural results of his rebellion.
20:12 So what did God do? This is what God did.
20:14 If this is not, if you don't want truth,
20:16 I'm gonna send you what you want.
20:17 And here's what the Lord did.
20:19 And for this reason, verse 11 of 2 Thessalonians 2,
20:22 "God will send them strong delusion
20:24 that they should believe the lie
20:25 that they all may be condemned,
20:27 who did not believe the truth,
20:28 but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
20:30 And so you find here clearly
20:32 the hardening of the heart is
20:34 how sin begins to work on humanity.
20:37 The resistance to persistent resistance
20:40 is what brings a person to rebellion against God.
20:42 And God says, since you don't want the truth,
20:44 I'm going to give you what you want.
20:45 And the end result will be the seed
20:48 you planted in the very beginning.
20:51 Wow. Powerful. Good answer.
20:54 Jill, I'm gonna be coming back to you for this one.
20:57 And this person asks a simple question.
20:59 "Why do I keep backsliding?"
21:03 I would ask two questions.
21:05 First is what or who were you looking at?
21:07 And the second is what are you focused on?
21:09 So if you look at who are you looking at?
21:11 I think of Hebrews 12, Hebrews 12:1-2,
21:15 "Therefore we also,
21:16 since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses,
21:19 let us lay aside every weight
21:21 and the sin which so easily besets us,
21:24 and let us run with endurance
21:25 the race that is set before us."
21:27 Verse 2,
21:28 "Looking unto Jesus,
21:30 the author and finisher of our faith,
21:33 who for the joy that was set before Him
21:34 endured the cross, despising the shame,
21:37 and has sat down
21:38 at the right hand of the throne of God."
21:41 You know, oftentimes we backslide
21:43 because we look at Satan.
21:44 We backslide because we look at our problems.
21:47 We backslide because we look at the world or our failures,
21:50 or even our successes.
21:53 We need to look at Jesus.
21:54 2 Corinthians 3:18
21:57 tells us we are changed, you and I,
21:59 by beholding Jesus.
22:02 The other principle I think we need to keep in mind
22:04 when considering this concept of backsliding is
22:06 who, what are you focused on?
22:11 Romans 13:14 has an interesting concept.
22:13 It says,
22:14 "But put on the Lord Jesus Christ,
22:16 and make no provision for the flesh
22:19 to fulfill its lusts."
22:22 What are you putting on?
22:23 Are you putting on Jesus?
22:25 And are you making provision in your life?
22:27 All that means is
22:29 what you feed grows and what you starve dies.
22:33 Paul tells us in Galatians 6,
22:34 "He who sows to the flesh
22:36 will of the flesh reap corruption.
22:38 But he who sows to the spirit
22:40 will of the spirit reap everlasting life."
22:43 So if you feed on God, if you feed on His Word,
22:46 if you spend time with godly people,
22:48 listen to godly music, you will grow spiritually.
22:52 But if by contrast,
22:53 if you feed on things of the world,
22:56 worldly music or friends that pull you from God,
22:59 you will backslide.
23:01 So focus on God and fill your soul with Him.
23:05 Praise the Lord. And thank you for that.
23:06 I love the Bible is so clear
23:08 and I praise the Lord for that answer.
23:10 Thank you.
23:11 Pastor Dinzey,
23:13 we're going to come back to you for this one.
23:14 "Isn't the Sabbath only for the Jews?"
23:18 Well, the short answer is no,
23:20 because God wants to bless
23:22 every single person of every single race.
23:24 So the Sabbath is...
23:26 That's why Jesus said in Matthew 2:27,
23:28 "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath."
23:31 And so remember also,
23:33 then when you go to Genesis Chapter 1 and Chapter 2,
23:36 you'll see clearly that
23:37 the Lord blessed the seventh day,
23:40 which is the Sabbath and sanctified it.
23:43 You can also see that in Exodus 20:8-11,
23:46 "The Lord set that day aside for His people
23:49 to show up before Him and worship Him."
23:51 And I would like to include in this
23:55 a scripture that will help you see this.
23:56 You see, God selected the people of Israel
24:00 to be His representatives in the world
24:01 so that all the world will see how blessed are the people
24:05 that follow God's commandments.
24:06 Notice, Isaiah 56:6-7,
24:09 "Also the sons of the foreigner
24:11 who joined themselves to the Lord to serve Him,
24:14 and to love the name of the Lord,
24:15 to be His servants.
24:17 Everyone who keeps from defiling, the Sabbath
24:19 and hold fast my Covenant.
24:21 Even them I will bring to my holy mountain,
24:23 and make them joyful in My house of prayer.
24:26 Their burnt offerings
24:27 and their sacrifices will be accepted on my altar,
24:29 for My house
24:31 shall be called the house of prayer
24:32 for all nations."
24:33 So in this scripture and others,
24:35 we see that God's intention was that through the Jews,
24:38 a message will be brought to the world
24:40 to show the world.
24:42 If you follow My commandments,
24:44 you will be blessed like these people are.
24:46 So the Sabbath commandment
24:47 and all the commandments
24:48 are for all the people
24:50 of all the nations in the world.
24:52 Amen. Amen.
24:53 Thank you so much for that, Brother.
24:55 You know, the Bible is so clear
24:56 and this program is just for that
24:58 to clear up some things.
25:00 If you have questions,
25:02 we want to provide a Bible answer
25:04 for those questions.
25:05 And so, if you're just now tuning in,
25:06 you're watching 3ABN Bible Q and A.
25:10 It's a new program and we're excited about it.
25:12 And we wanna tell you
25:13 how you can again send in your questions,
25:15 and you can do that two ways,
25:17 first way is through email.
25:18 And as you can see on the screen there,
25:20 bibleqa@3abn.org,
25:24 or you can text in your question
25:27 to (618) 228-3975.
25:31 So send in those questions
25:33 because we have a wonderful group of panelists here, guests
25:37 who are using the Word of God to answer these questions.
25:40 And we're very thankful for that.
25:41 Pastor Lomacang,
25:43 the next question goes to you, my Brother,
25:45 and this comes,
25:47 they are asking about Revelation 22:2.
25:49 Okay.
25:50 And the question is,
25:52 "Why will we need the leaves of the tree
25:54 for healing?"
25:56 That's a good question. Oh, wonderful.
25:57 Now, first of all,
25:59 let's look at the first time the Bible talks about a tree.
26:01 We go right back to the Book of Genesis.
26:03 What happened at that tree?
26:05 A wound took place.
26:07 The unity that God shared with Adam and Eve was violated.
26:12 It was a breaking of a relationship.
26:15 So the word healing in Revelation
26:16 is not talking about healing as it relates to illness.
26:19 Because the Bible says in Revelation 21:4,
26:22 "No more sorrow, no more crying, no more death,
26:24 neither shall there be any more pain."
26:26 And Isaiah says,
26:27 there'll be no sickness in the new earth.
26:29 We will long enjoy
26:31 the health that God is going to give to his redeemed
26:33 that are gonna have immortality.
26:35 So if you have immortality and you never gonna die again,
26:38 what is the healing world all about?
26:40 Well, at the tree in Genesis,
26:42 that's where the first violated relationship occurred.
26:46 The tree talked about in Revelation
26:48 is for the mending of the nations.
26:51 Let me give you an example.
26:52 In Genesis 11:8-9, look what happened.
26:55 "So the Lord scattered them abroad
26:58 from there over the face of all the earth
27:01 and they cease building the city.
27:02 Therefore, it is named Babel
27:04 because there the Lord confused
27:07 the languages of all the earth.
27:09 And from there, the Lord scattered them abroad
27:11 over the face of all the earth."
27:13 So in man's rebellion, they were scattered.
27:16 At the tree of life they'll be healed.
27:18 They'll be brought back together.
27:19 So the word there healing is simply talking about
27:21 the mending of the nations.
27:23 Right now we have waters dividing us
27:25 all over the earth.
27:26 Right now we are divided by culture and nationality,
27:29 ethnicity.
27:30 Right now there's racism, there's unity,
27:32 there's violation of cultures.
27:34 There's all kinds of aspirations
27:36 that men have to dominate one another.
27:38 But those who are redeemed, they'll be on the same plane.
27:41 They'll be united.
27:43 As they fellowship together,
27:44 the koinonia at the tree of life,
27:47 they will be mended in their relationships,
27:48 one with another.
27:50 So it's not sickness,
27:51 but it's bringing man back in unity with one another.
27:55 Nice solid answer. Amen.
27:57 I like that. Praise the Lord.
27:58 Pastor Dinzey, I'm gonna come back to you
28:00 with this next question.
28:02 "Does the Bible teach
28:04 that there will be seven years of tribulation
28:07 before the second coming of Jesus?"
28:10 The Bible doesn't teach that
28:11 there will be seven specific years
28:14 of tribulation
28:15 before the coming of Jesus.
28:17 The Bible does teach that there will be tribulation
28:19 before the coming of Jesus.
28:21 Now, some people may be shocked
28:23 that, you know,
28:24 you say a tribulation
28:26 that God's people will go through tribulation.
28:27 It doesn't specify how many years,
28:29 but there will be.
28:30 If it's seven years, well, praise the Lord,
28:32 the Lord will be with us no matter how long it is.
28:35 I personally think it won't be that long.
28:38 Let's look at Revelation Chapter 7,
28:41 we see verse 9.
28:42 It says, "After these things I looked,
28:43 and behold, a great multitude which no one could number,
28:46 of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues,
28:48 standing before the throne and before the Lamb,
28:51 clothed with white robes,
28:52 with palm branches in their hands."
28:54 I'm jumping to verse 13 because of time.
28:56 "Then one of the elders answered, saying to me,
28:58 'Who are these arrayed in white robes,
29:00 and where did they come from?'
29:02 And I said to him,
29:03 'Sir, you know.' "
29:05 Good answer.
29:06 "So he said to me,
29:07 'These are the ones
29:09 who come out of the great tribulation,
29:11 and washed their robes and made them white
29:13 in the blood of the Lamb.' "
29:14 So yes, there will be a tribulation.
29:17 How long it is? The Bible doesn't specify.
29:19 Some people try to get a seven from Daniel Chapter 9,
29:23 the very last two or three verses.
29:25 But how many years it is, we do not know.
29:28 What we should do is watch and pray
29:31 and be ready for whatever comes our way,
29:34 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
29:37 Amen. Amen. Praise the Lord.
29:39 Okay, Jill, this next question comes to you, an exciting one.
29:45 This one can be a little controversial,
29:47 but we're going to give
29:49 the best Bible answer we can give.
29:50 And I know you will.
29:52 "Isn't it true
29:53 that women should not teach or preach
29:56 based on what Paul communicates
29:58 about women keeping silent in the church?"
30:01 That's a heavy question and a loaded question
30:03 and a controversial question.
30:05 There's two references in Paul's writings
30:07 that would reference that.
30:08 One is in 1 Corinthians 14, but we're going to 1 Timothy 2.
30:11 So turn with me to 1 Timothy 2,
30:13 we're gonna look at specifically
30:14 two of these verses, verses 11 and 12.
30:17 The issue in 1 Timothy,
30:19 of course, is the issue of false teaching
30:21 that Paul is addressing to Timothy.
30:23 In verse 11, it says,
30:24 "Let a woman learn in silence with all submission."
30:29 So the first thing to keep in mind
30:30 is that the word let
30:32 is literally a command from Paul
30:34 and he's commanding woman should learn.
30:37 Now, this actually turns it on its head
30:39 because in their culture, in that time,
30:43 women weren't supposed to learn.
30:45 In fact, the rabbis refused to teach women
30:49 and it was even like
30:50 into throwing pearls to pigs or to swine
30:53 the concept of teaching a woman.
30:55 So in their culture,
30:57 Paul is turning it on its head and saying,
30:59 not just don't teach the woman, teach the woman.
31:03 And they are to learn in silence.
31:05 That word silence does not mean speechlessness.
31:08 It simply means in the Greek peacefulness or calmness.
31:12 Now, if you look at the Jewish culture
31:14 of that time,
31:16 the men and women were in opposite sides of the church.
31:19 And clearly if a woman's asking a question
31:21 and standing up and raising
31:22 from one side of the church to the other side,
31:24 that's not calmness
31:26 and peacefulness and orderliness.
31:28 Now let's look at verse 12.
31:30 "I do not permit a woman to teach
31:31 or to have authority over a man,
31:34 but to be in silence."
31:37 There's two things here that people apply this for,
31:40 first, as they say, women shouldn't teach
31:41 and the second
31:43 woman should not have authority over a man.
31:45 So let's look at scripture, not just in context,
31:48 but the whole of the Word of God,
31:50 not just one verse here.
31:52 And if you look at Paul, 1 Corinthians 11,
31:54 it's very clear
31:55 that every woman who prays or prophesies
31:58 and he's speaking of women,
32:00 praying and prophesying in public places in church.
32:03 We see Anna as a prophetess
32:05 speaking when Jesus was just born
32:07 and brought to the temple.
32:09 That is in the temple Anna is speaking.
32:12 We see Joel Chapter 2.
32:14 "We see it shall come to pass,
32:16 I will pour My spirit on all flesh,
32:18 your sons and your daughters shall prophesy."
32:21 We see clearly in Acts Chapter 16,
32:23 that Aquila and Priscilla,
32:26 both of them taught Apollos in scripture.
32:29 Paul could have just said, Aquila did the teaching,
32:31 but he made it clear that Priscilla taught a man as well.
32:35 We see that woman labored with Paul
32:37 as co-laborers in the gospel.
32:40 So clearly this is not talking about a woman not teaching
32:43 because of many other references.
32:45 We see women were prophetesses.
32:47 We see women taught in the temple
32:48 or in the synagogue or prayed
32:50 or prophesied in a church setting.
32:53 I think the context of this scripture,
32:55 we don't have time to get into it.
32:57 But the context of this scripture
32:58 has to do with that line of authority.
33:02 We know Christ is the head of the church.
33:04 We know in marriage,
33:05 the man is the head of the woman.
33:07 And we know in church,
33:08 there are roles
33:09 that only a man is supposed to assume.
33:11 We're not talking about teaching.
33:13 The Word of God is very clear that men and women can teach.
33:16 But I think that verse in particular
33:18 refers to that line of authority
33:20 within the church.
33:21 Okay. Nice.
33:23 And that was a loaded question for a couple of minutes.
33:24 And I took a little long.
33:26 No you didn't. You did fantastic.
33:27 That was really, really good.
33:29 All right, Pastor Lomacang,
33:30 this next question is coming to you.
33:32 And this is submitted by Eileen.
33:34 And she says this.
33:35 She says,
33:37 "What is the difference
33:38 when God withdraws His hand
33:40 and allows something bad to happen?"
33:43 And, of course, she says here, the work of Satan.
33:45 So what's the difference between
33:46 God allowing something bad or negative to happen
33:48 and when to apply that to the enemy?
33:50 So...
33:52 Well, the most famous story in the Bible is in Job.
33:53 You know, the Bible says
33:55 when Satan came bragging before the sons of God,
33:58 and it doesn't say where the meeting took place,
34:00 but he said, where'd you come from?
34:02 And he says, from walking back and forth
34:04 and going to and fro in the earth.
34:06 And this is in Job Chapter 1.
34:08 And he said,
34:09 when he bragged about his ownership of the earth,
34:12 even Jesus said the Prince of this world,
34:15 He said, "Have you considered my servant Job?"
34:18 And what God did is Satan said,
34:20 "He's only serving You because you're protecting him.
34:23 If you remove that protection,
34:25 I guarantee you he'll curse you to your face."
34:27 The Lord withdrew His protection,
34:30 but limited Satan's ability to take it to the extreme
34:33 and take his life.
34:34 Do whatever you need to do.
34:35 Even touch him, even afflict him with disease,
34:38 whatever you wanna do, go ahead and do it.
34:40 But I guarantee you, he would not deny Me.
34:42 And the Bible says,
34:43 in all this Job did not charge God foolishly.
34:47 So what's the difference?
34:48 The Lord sometimes allow
34:50 adverse circumstances to come our way,
34:52 but let me show you one of those
34:53 that we often don't consider.
34:55 Look at 1 Corinthians 5:5.
34:57 This is one of those situations where God withdraws His hand
35:00 because the person is resistant
35:02 to the continual appeals of the Spirit of God.
35:05 And the Lord still wants to save them.
35:07 1 Corinthians 5:5 it says,
35:09 "Deliver such a one to Satan
35:11 for the destruction of the flesh
35:14 that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus."
35:17 This is a very unique one.
35:19 Some people that are just resistant,
35:21 they won't listen to mom and dad.
35:22 They won't listen to counsel from the pastor.
35:24 They are determined to go their own way.
35:26 Hosea says,
35:27 "I'm gonna put briars and thorns in your path.
35:29 You will never overtake your lovers.
35:31 You'll never experience
35:32 the joy of sinful pleasures for a season,
35:35 I'm gonna make your journey difficult."
35:37 The Lord says,
35:39 "Hopefully, as I turn you over to Satan,
35:41 for him to buffet you,
35:42 maybe you'll turn around and in the end be saved."
35:45 So what's the difference?
35:46 We choose our path of rebellion,
35:48 but in every attempt,
35:49 the Lord is not willing that any should perish,
35:52 but He does not partner with Satan
35:54 in the salvation of humanity.
35:56 Amen. Amen. Praise the Lord.
35:58 Thank you, Brother.
35:59 Pastor John Dinzey,
36:01 I'm gonna come back to you with this question.
36:03 And it says,
36:04 "If God is eternal,
36:06 why does the Bible say in Revelation 3:14,
36:10 the beginning of the creation of God."
36:14 Very good.
36:15 This is a scripture that is used by some groups
36:17 to say that Jesus Christ was the first creative being,
36:20 which is a serious mistake.
36:22 You see, Jesus is God.
36:24 And He has no beginning that we can compute.
36:28 You mean you can go if you were able to
36:30 go back in history,
36:32 as far as you could possibly go.
36:33 And there was no time in which He did not exist
36:36 because He is eternal.
36:37 Revelation 3:14 says,
36:39 "And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write,
36:41 'These things says the Amen,
36:43 the Faithful and True Witness,
36:44 the Beginning of the creation of God.'
36:46 " Well, what does this mean?
36:48 This means that He began the creation of God.
36:51 He's the originator
36:53 because, see the word arche is used here
36:56 is the Greek word,
36:58 which means the beginner or the beginning.
37:01 And in the context of this, you have to understand that
37:03 Christ has no beginning, no beginning of days.
37:07 When you go to John 1:1-3,
37:09 you see, in the beginning was the Word,
37:12 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
37:15 He was in the beginning with God.
37:17 Whenever that beginning was, He was at the beginning.
37:19 Well, no day can be specified,
37:22 oh, this particular day, that's when He originated.
37:24 No, there is no beginning of days for Him.
37:27 Notice verse 3,
37:28 "All things were made through Him
37:30 and without Him,
37:32 nothing was made that was made."
37:34 So this means, if you say that Christ is a creative being,
37:37 then you're in serious trouble with the Scripture.
37:39 Because the Scripture say, "He made all things."
37:42 So if He made all things, well, who made Him, you see.
37:45 So it doesn't make sense
37:47 to say that Christ is a creative being.
37:49 Christ is God,
37:51 has always been God, and will always be God.
37:53 He is eternal.
37:54 Amen. Amen. Nice answer.
37:57 Jill, this question says,
37:59 "Can you have victory over sin in this life?
38:03 And the answer is a resounding yes.
38:04 Amen. Amen.
38:06 Grace is not a license for sin.
38:08 Grace enables you and I to have victory over sin.
38:12 Paul says that in Romans 6:15,
38:14 "What then?
38:16 Shall we sin because we are not under law
38:17 but under grace?
38:19 Certainly not!"
38:20 Or King James says, "God forbid."
38:23 So how do we have victory over sin?
38:25 I wanna give you five keys.
38:26 Number one,
38:28 recognize that victory is a gift.
38:30 1 Corinthians 15:57,
38:31 "Thanks be to God who gives us the victory
38:34 through our Lord Jesus Christ."
38:36 It doesn't come from us trying harder.
38:38 Victory is a gift.
38:40 Principle number two,
38:42 choose the master you will serve.
38:44 Every morning when you get up, make a choice to follow Jesus.
38:48 Romans 6:16, Pastor John,
38:51 "Do you not know
38:52 that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey,
38:54 you are that one's slaves to whom you obey,
38:57 whether of sin leading to death
38:59 or of obedience leading to righteousness."
39:01 So choose who you want to serve.
39:04 Principle, number three, allow Him to live in you.
39:09 Don't allow sin to live in you, but allow Him to live in you.
39:13 Romans 7:17 says,
39:15 "It's not I who do it,
39:16 but it's sin that dwells in me or has taken up residence."
39:19 You see, you're not the one doing the sinful work.
39:21 It's because sin lives in you.
39:23 But by contrast Galatians 2:20,
39:27 "I've been crucified with Christ.
39:29 It's no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me."
39:32 So the life we live
39:34 with the good works in the victory
39:35 is not me doing the work,
39:37 it's Christ living in me.
39:39 Principle number four, abide in Him.
39:41 John Chapter 15,
39:42 "As the branch abides in the vine,
39:44 we are to abide in Him that His power can come in us."
39:49 Principle number five, walk in the spirit.
39:52 Romans 8:1,
39:53 "There is no condemnation
39:55 to those who are in Christ Jesus
39:56 who do not walk according to the flesh,
39:58 but according to the spirit."
39:59 So victory over sin is possible in this life.
40:03 Amen. Praise the Lord.
40:05 All right. That was a good answer.
40:06 Amen.
40:08 All right. Very good.
40:09 Pastor Dinzey, I'm actually gonna take the time
40:10 to come back to you
40:12 because we have that first question earlier,
40:14 where they ask for you to explain Colossians 3:5,
40:17 and we didn't get to go to the second verse
40:18 which was 1 Thessalonians 5:5-8.
40:23 So let me give you an opportunity to...
40:25 Oh, we have it here. I have it here.
40:27 Well, praise the Lord, we have the opportunity.
40:29 1 Thessalonians 5:5-8 says,
40:31 "You are the sons of light and the sons of the day."
40:36 Notice how it makes a contrast here
40:37 between light and darkness.
40:39 "We Are not of the night nor of darkness.
40:42 Therefore let us not sleep, as others do,
40:45 but let us watch and be sober.
40:47 For those who sleep, sleep at night,
40:49 and those who get drunk are drunk at night.
40:52 But let us who are of the day be sober,
40:54 putting on the breastplate of faith and love,
40:57 and as a helmet the hope of salvation."
41:01 So here's making a contrast
41:02 between light and darkness, good and evil.
41:06 Darkness being evil, light being good.
41:09 And so here in this scripture,
41:11 we are told to let us not sleep
41:13 in the sense of doing evil deeds,
41:16 because when you look at this scripture
41:18 and the context of it is,
41:20 it's trying to help us understand
41:21 that light is good and darkness is evil.
41:25 And that's why it says that we are of the day be sober.
41:30 And this, it makes a good fit for 1 John 1:5-7.
41:36 But I'm gonna read verse 6 and 7.
41:38 "If we say that we have fellowship with Him, "
41:40 that is God.
41:41 "And walk in darkness,
41:43 we lie and do not practice the truth.
41:44 But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light,
41:47 we have fellowship with one another
41:49 and the blood of Jesus Christ
41:51 His Son cleanses us from all sin."
41:53 Let us all walk in the light.
41:55 Amen. Amen. Nice answer.
41:57 Praise the Lord.
41:58 So this is the time
42:00 where we have some extra questions
42:01 and we're gonna kind of just throw it out there
42:03 and have a free for all
42:04 where everyone kinda has an opportunity
42:06 to respond to it.
42:07 This question, I think is a great question.
42:10 It comes from, this is based on 1 John 5:16.
42:13 I'm gonna read 1 John 5:16 and then ask the question.
42:16 So 1 John 5:16 says,
42:19 "If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin,
42:21 which does not lead to death,
42:23 he will ask and he will give him life
42:26 for those who commit sin, not leading to death.
42:29 There is sin leading to death.
42:32 I do not say that he should pray about that."
42:35 So the question is,
42:37 what is the difference between sin that doesn't lead to death
42:41 and one that does?
42:43 Okay, well, let me jump at that first
42:44 because I enjoy that.
42:46 First of all, the one thing we have to keep in mind,
42:48 there categorically
42:49 scripturally there is no sin that cannot result in death.
42:54 So you might ask the question, why would John say that.
42:57 John the Apostle was describing a broader analogous situation.
43:04 He was addressing sin on a broad scale.
43:06 And what he was saying is,
43:08 there is iniquity and there is stumbling.
43:13 The two are quite disparagingly different.
43:16 A person and Pastor Dinzey just read this
43:18 practice, the word practice.
43:21 He who practices sin that results in iniquity.
43:25 That's the sin that you don't wanna give up.
43:28 The writer of Hebrews says,
43:29 "Let us lay aside every weight
43:30 and the sin which so easily besets us,
43:33 that's iniquity.
43:34 But if you stumble, which has happened,
43:36 and this is the reason why we have 1 John 2:1,
43:39 listen to this,
43:41 "My little children, these things I write to you
43:44 that you may not sin.
43:46 And if anyone sins,
43:48 we have an advocate with the Father,
43:51 Jesus Christ, the righteous."
43:52 Jill pointed out grace.
43:55 Yes, we can overcome sin in this life,
43:57 but don't ever get to the place where you say you're perfect.
44:00 Let me tell you why,
44:01 because we are growing in grace every day.
44:03 As we are in the sanctification process,
44:06 we are going to need the grace of Christ
44:07 until we are saved from the presence of sin,
44:10 this sinful flesh.
44:12 So what does he mean by the sin that does not lead to death?
44:14 Here's the short answer.
44:16 The sin that does not lead to death
44:19 is the sin you confess.
44:20 That's right.
44:22 The sin that leads to death is a sin you don't confess.
44:25 It's that simple. Amen. Nice.
44:27 So if you see a brother and say, that's why it says,
44:29 if you see a brother and he trespass,
44:30 you go to that one.
44:32 And if they listen to you, you have saved him from,
44:34 you know, love covers a multitude of sins.
44:37 But if he doesn't respond to the appeal,
44:40 then he's on his way to eternal loss.
44:43 The nutshell is confess it. Amen.
44:45 I would like to add Romans 6:23 says,
44:48 "For the wages of sin is death."
44:50 So every sin leads to death as Pastor Lomacang said.
44:55 But there is this sin against the Holy Spirit
44:57 of which we need to be careful with
44:59 which is a persistent resistance
45:01 and continued resistance of the Holy Spirit.
45:04 And if you do this, you cannot be saved.
45:07 Amen. Amen.
45:09 That's what I was thinking too, with Matthew 12:31.
45:12 "I say to you,
45:13 every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men,
45:16 but the blasphemy against the spirit
45:18 will not be forgiven men."
45:20 But if you are concerned, maybe I've committed that sin.
45:24 Know, that if you have that fear in your heart,
45:26 if you have that wondering in your heart,
45:28 that means the Holy Spirit is still working on your heart
45:31 and still convicting your spirit.
45:33 So praise the Lord for that.
45:34 Amen. Praise the Lord.
45:36 All right. Here's a good one. Okay.
45:38 What are approved and acceptable activities
45:41 on Sabbath?
45:43 Okay, well, let's go to Isaiah 58.
45:45 Oh, that's good.
45:46 Isaiah 58.
45:48 I've often said I've kind of not modified,
45:51 but I would say given
45:53 the amplified version of the Bible, in the sense of
45:56 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
45:58 I always say, remember the Sabbath day to be involved
46:00 in sanctified activity.
46:02 And the word Sabbath day, because the Lord sanctified.
46:05 Now let's ask, what does that mean?
46:07 And we're going to Isaiah 58, right?
46:09 Let me turn there while I'm talking to you.
46:11 What that means is,
46:13 is there anything wrong with reading a newspaper?
46:14 No.
46:16 Watching the news? No.
46:17 Playing baseball? No.
46:18 Anything wrong with going to the store
46:20 and doing redundant or repetitious activities
46:23 that we partake of?
46:24 But here's what the Lord is saying.
46:26 There's nothing that the Lord did,
46:27 there was nothing wrong with anything He did,
46:30 but He got to the last day of the week
46:32 and He rested from all His labors.
46:36 Now, what does that simply mean?
46:38 What He did?
46:39 He set an example for us to follow
46:41 when you lay aside.
46:42 And the best example I can give you is
46:44 when my, when our anniversary comes,
46:46 my wife and I, Jill, you know,
46:47 my wife and I, we treasure our anniversary.
46:49 I always lamented
46:51 when the school graduation came on our anniversary
46:54 and one year I said to the principal,
46:56 "If it happens on our anniversary,
46:57 we're not gonna be there."
46:58 We celebrate love. Here's the point.
47:00 The Lord wants you to lay aside everything
47:03 that hinders your relationship with Him.
47:09 Anything that should not be done
47:12 on the Sabbath,
47:13 don't mow your lawn on the Sabbath.
47:14 That's not an emergency, but if somebody is ill,
47:17 if somebody is sick,
47:19 if somebody needs your help,
47:21 follow the example of Jesus.
47:23 It is lawful to do good, relieve the suffering,
47:25 help the oppressed, feed the hungry,
47:28 clothe the naked.
47:29 Anything that can be done on any other day,
47:32 leave it for that day
47:33 and follow the examples of Jesus.
47:35 And you know, panel, I believe
47:36 if we answered this question
47:38 by following the examples of Jesus,
47:39 we'll never run out of answers
47:41 of good things to do on the Sabbath.
47:43 Amen.
47:44 I think the Sabbath is a delight.
47:45 And so many times
47:47 we make the Sabbath, a drudgery.
47:48 You were in Isaiah 50, Pastor. Yeah, read that for us.
47:50 I wanna read one verse here in verse 13.
47:52 It says,
47:53 "If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath,
47:54 from doing your pleasure on My holy day."
47:56 Well, you could read that and think,
47:58 "Oh, I can't do any pleasure on the Sabbath."
48:00 But it means business pleasure.
48:02 So if you understand that, that means we set aside work.
48:06 We set aside,
48:08 we go to work so many days a week,
48:09 we set that aside.
48:10 It doesn't mean the Sabbath is not a delight.
48:12 It is a joy to spend time with Jesus.
48:18 Yes. I agree with all these.
48:19 And I don't know if you know, you mentioned one of the things
48:23 that would not be good is for you
48:25 to go out into the shopping malls
48:27 and the shopping centers
48:28 and start doing business activities.
48:31 That's right.
48:32 Yes, because it's supposed to be a Sabbath of the Lord
48:37 and this would be,
48:38 you're not in the context of being in line with the Lord.
48:42 And there are scriptures that talk about this.
48:44 Yeah. Go ahead.
48:45 Yeah. And that is Exodus 20.
48:47 Yes.
48:48 You nor your son, nor your daughter,
48:50 nor your manservant, nor your maid servant.
48:52 We've had people that visited with us
48:54 and we let them know, we honor the Sabbath.
48:56 Now this is amazing.
48:57 I wanna go back and add something there.
48:58 And the Sabbath is not a Jewish institution.
49:00 There were no Jews around
49:01 when Jesus blessed the seventh day, right?
49:03 If the Sabbath is just for the Jews
49:05 and so all the other nine commandments,
49:07 but here's the thing.
49:08 Even your words, be careful with your words,
49:10 because in this charged, politically charged generation,
49:14 I've had many examples as a pastor to say to people,
49:17 please do not bring politics in on the Sabbath.
49:19 Yeah. Watch your words.
49:21 That's right.
49:22 Don't say, don't talk about the new car you bought,
49:24 the house you're buying.
49:25 Let this be a time where your activities,
49:27 as well as your words glorify God.
49:30 Amen.
49:31 I wanna read that scripture from Nehemiah 10:31,
49:34 which talks about what I said.
49:35 If the peoples of the land brought wares
49:37 or any grain to sell on the Sabbath day,
49:39 we should not buy it from them
49:41 on the Sabbath or on a holy day.
49:43 And we should forego the seventh year to produce
49:46 an exacting of every debt source.
49:48 It's in the scripture. So it's not an activity.
49:52 I think of also in Nehemiah Chapter 13,
49:54 that brother was so serious about keeping Sabbath.
49:56 He told them, he said,
49:58 if I catch you out there on the Sabbath,
49:59 doing your business, I'm gonna put hands on you.
50:02 And so that is a serious situation
50:03 to the Lord,
50:04 but we should, as Jill said, not make it a drudgerous,
50:07 you know, a horrible experience.
50:09 It's a delight. Amen. It's a delight. Amen.
50:11 We have just a little over a minute and a half.
50:13 I just want to ask one more last question here,
50:15 before we go to a quick break
50:16 and then we're going to come back.
50:17 So we're in our final minutes here.
50:19 But it says, how do we know,
50:20 this comes from Sharmilia by the way.
50:22 "How do we know it's God speaking to us
50:25 and not our subconscious mind?"
50:28 Anytime you hear anything, measure it against God's Word.
50:32 That's right, Isiah 8:20. That's right.
50:34 To the law and to the testimony they speak not according is
50:36 because there is no light in them.
50:38 Every thought you get measured against God's Word,
50:41 because sometimes
50:42 through the multitude of dealings during the day,
50:44 thoughts come to your mind
50:45 and you dream about it and you think
50:47 "God just told me."
50:48 Be careful when people say, "God told me,"
50:50 but the Word of God doesn't match up with it.
50:52 That's right.
50:53 That's exactly where I was going.
50:55 It needs to line up with the Word of God.
50:56 To the law and to the testimony,
50:58 if they speak not according to this word,
50:59 there is no light in them.
51:01 And that includes the thoughts that we have in our mind.
51:03 That's right. Amen.
51:05 Just briefly, I remember talking to somebody
51:07 that called here at 3ABN, and he's saying,
51:09 "Well, we don't have to keep the commandments."
51:10 And he started, "We don't have to keep the commandments."
51:12 And I mentioned scriptures to him
51:14 that clearly show that.
51:15 And he said,
51:17 "Well, I know what the Bible says,
51:18 but the Holy Spirit told me."
51:20 And I said,
51:21 "Wait a minute.
51:22 The Holy Spirit is not going to talk to you
51:24 in contradiction to what the Bible says."
51:26 So if it's in the scriptures,
51:28 we should do what the scripture is saying.
51:30 That's right. Amen.
51:31 And that's what this program is all about.
51:33 It's Bible Q and A.
51:34 We're going to the Bible for our answers.
51:36 And you may be tuning in new,
51:38 may not have had a chance to write down
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51:44 We wanna go to a roll right now
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51:47 See you in just a moment.
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