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00:01 As you're well aware
00:02 we're living in unprecedented times.
00:05 Join us now for today's special program.
00:12 I want to spend my life
00:18 Mending broken people
00:23 I want to spend my life
00:29 Removing pain
00:34 Lord, let my words
00:39 Heal a heart that hurts
00:44 I want to spend my life
00:50 Mending broken people
00:55 I want to spend my life
01:00 Mending broken people
01:14 Hello, and welcome to 3ABN Today Bible Q&A.
01:18 I'm Jason Bradley,
01:19 and I'm so excited that you've joined us today
01:22 because we're going to take a look at some questions
01:24 that have been submitted from around the world.
01:28 And we're going to answer those questions from the Bible.
01:30 I'm not going to answer them,
01:32 but we have panelists that will be...
01:35 We have a group of people that will be answering
01:38 your Bible questions from around the world.
01:40 And if you'd like to submit Bible questions,
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01:51 Or you can text them to (618) 228-3975.
01:58 Please send those questions in
01:59 because we have people
02:01 that are dying to answer those questions.
02:04 Here on our panel today, we have Shelley Quinn.
02:08 Good to be here, brother.
02:09 It's great to have you here.
02:11 I consider you to be a scholar of the word.
02:14 We'll see.
02:15 Yeah.
02:17 Yes, yes.
02:18 We have next to you Pastor Ryan Day.
02:20 Amen.
02:21 It's a blessing to be here
02:23 and it's going to be rapid-fire during this next hour together.
02:25 So I'm excited. That's right.
02:27 It's hard to cram this into two minutes per question.
02:29 It is challenging but we're going to do our best.
02:31 Absolutely.
02:33 And we have Pastor John Dinzey.
02:34 It's great to have you here.
02:36 It's a blessing for me as well to be here.
02:38 And God is so good
02:39 and He's going to give us Bible answers.
02:41 Amen. Amen. Amen.
02:43 You know, as always,
02:45 before we dive into the Word of God
02:47 and we start going around with the questions,
02:48 let's have a word of prayer.
02:50 I'll say a prayer for us.
02:52 Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You
02:53 for the opportunity to study Your Word Father,
02:56 and to be able to find answers in Your Word.
03:00 But, Lord, as always, when we open Your Word,
03:02 we ask for the Holy Spirit to lead guide and direct us
03:05 into all truth.
03:07 Now be with the viewers that are watching this program
03:09 and the listeners as well,
03:10 and help them to learn something today
03:13 and get the answers to their questions.
03:16 In Jesus' name we pray.
03:18 Amen. Amen. Amen.
03:20 All right.
03:21 So, Shelley, I want to start with you.
03:24 Yes.
03:25 What are the steps to be saved?
03:28 This comes from Julie out of South Dakota.
03:31 Steps of salvation.
03:32 First, Julie, we have to think about the stages of salvation.
03:36 There is justification, sanctification,
03:39 and glorification,
03:41 but there's three steps to being saved,
03:44 believe, receive, and follow.
03:46 Let's break that down.
03:48 When you believe,
03:49 you have to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
03:50 as our Lord and Saviour.
03:52 We have to recognize that there's sin in our own life
03:56 and believe that when we confess our sins
03:58 as 1 John 1:9 says he is faithful
04:01 and just and will forgive us all of our sins
04:04 and cleanses from all unrighteousness.
04:07 And then we must ask Jesus to be our Lord and Savior.
04:12 The second step is to receive.
04:15 We receive salvation by grace, through faith.
04:19 According to Ephesians 2:8,
04:21 we receive Christ into our heart
04:25 and know that we are born again.
04:27 We receive the righteousness that comes from Jesus Christ
04:32 and the forgiveness.
04:34 Now that is justification.
04:37 Your record has changed.
04:38 But now Jesus wants to save you from the power of sin,
04:41 that sanctification.
04:43 We ask to be...
04:45 To follow Him,
04:47 we must be filled with the Holy Spirit daily,
04:50 be led by the spirit.
04:51 Romans 8:14 says,
04:53 "Only those led by the spirit are the children of God."
04:57 And follow Christ example in submission to God's will.
05:01 Let me read 1 John 2:6 says this,
05:04 "By this we know, that we know Him.
05:06 If we keep His commandments, he who says, 'I know Him, '
05:10 and does not keep His commandments,
05:12 he is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
05:15 By this we know that we are in Him.
05:17 He who says he abides in Him must also walk as He walked."
05:24 Amen. Amen.
05:26 Ryan, this next question goes to you, brother.
05:29 All right.
05:30 What happened to the Ten Commandments
05:32 when the temple was destroyed?
05:34 All right, so this is a...
05:36 This is a loaded question here.
05:37 And the simple answer is that we simply do not know.
05:40 The Bible does not tell us
05:42 where the commandments went
05:43 after the destruction of the temple
05:45 or the destruction of Jerusalem happened.
05:46 Now there's two different destructions of Jerusalem.
05:49 Obviously, the first one was
05:50 when the Babylonians came
05:52 and destroyed the temple before Jesus, of course.
05:54 And of course, 70 years...
05:56 70AD many after Christ was crucified.
05:59 This particular one I believe is referring to
06:01 what happened to the Ark of the Covenant,
06:02 the Ten Commandments
06:04 prior to the destruction of Jerusalem,
06:05 the first time by Nebuchadnezzar
06:07 and the Babylonian armies?
06:09 Of course, there's some suggestions.
06:12 Some have submitted that in Revelation 11:19,
06:15 where it says that
06:16 he peered into the temple of God,
06:18 a door was open and he saw as, as it says there,
06:21 he saw the covenant,
06:22 the ark of his covenant was seen in the temple there.
06:25 So some people suggest,
06:26 well, the arch of covenant is in heaven with the Lord.
06:28 And of course, we know that Moses,
06:30 as according to Hebrews 8,
06:33 Moses, when he was given the instructions
06:35 to build the sanctuary and the temple there,
06:37 that those were a copy
06:39 or shadows of things that of the heavenly.
06:42 So some say, even though John saw that in heaven,
06:45 there's actually still an earthly copy somewhere.
06:48 If that be the case,
06:49 there were so many theories as to where it goes,
06:51 where it went,
06:52 history reveals many different things.
06:55 For instance, the Second Book of the Maccabees says that
06:58 even though we don't...
06:59 That's not a canonical book within the Bible,
07:01 it wasn't included,
07:02 that particular book does record historically
07:05 that Jeremiah, the prophet took that
07:07 the ark of the covenant,
07:09 he went and hit it somewhere in a cave.
07:11 But the truth of the matter is
07:12 the Bible does not give us that for sure answer.
07:14 We don't know where
07:16 that physical copy of the Ten Commandments is.
07:19 The Bible just doesn't reveal it.
07:21 Okay. Well, thank you.
07:23 And the Bible doesn't reveal it.
07:25 That's right. All right.
07:26 John Dinzey, how old was Enoch?
07:31 That's a good question.
07:32 You know, sometimes people present that
07:34 as a trick question
07:35 but because Enoch was taken to heaven
07:38 from what we understand the scripture.
07:39 So let's go to Genesis 5 and in Genesis 5,
07:43 we're going to go to the last...
07:46 Actually 22.
07:49 Let's begin in verse 21,
07:51 "Enoch lived 65 years
07:53 and begat Methuselah after he begat Methuselah,
07:55 Enoch walked with God 300 years and had sons and daughters."
08:01 Notice this.
08:02 So all the days of Enoch were 365 years,
08:06 and Enoch walked with God,
08:08 and he was not, for God took him.
08:11 So according to the Bible,
08:12 Enoch lived 365 years on the earth.
08:15 And then that ended his time on earth
08:18 and was taken to heaven by God.
08:20 So that's what we have. Yeah.
08:22 Well, thank you for that answer.
08:24 Now if you're just now joining us,
08:26 this is the brand new program, Bible Q&A,
08:30 and where we're answering questions from the Bible.
08:33 If you have questions pertaining to the scriptures,
08:36 please email them to BibleQA@3abn.org
08:42 or you can text them to (618) 228-3975.
08:48 We want to hear from you
08:49 and we want to answer those questions.
08:52 So we will jump into our next set of questions here,
08:56 but I'm going to come to you, Ryan.
08:58 Okay.
08:59 We're going to switch it up a little bit.
09:01 All right.
09:02 Where in the four gospels,
09:03 does it talk about the resurrection of Jesus?
09:06 Okay. So this is a good question.
09:08 So all four gospels talk about the resurrection of Jesus.
09:11 And there's multiple mentions of scripture
09:13 of the resurrection,
09:15 whether it be the resurrection of the saints
09:16 or the resurrection of Christ himself
09:18 but this specific reference says that
09:20 we find in those four gospels.
09:22 I'm going to give those to you now.
09:23 The first account is found in Matthew 28:1-8.
09:28 Again, that's Matthew 28:1-8.
09:32 Then we have Mark 16:1-8,
09:36 again, Mark 16:1-8.
09:38 And then we have Luke 24:1-12,
09:43 and then John 20:1-18.
09:49 In John 20,
09:50 you have the instance where it actually talks about
09:52 the resurrection of Christ.
09:53 And then what actually happened afterwards
09:55 when John and Peter came to the tomb,
09:57 they saw that it was empty.
09:59 And so all four gospels
10:01 give us the account of the risen savior.
10:04 Amen. Amen.
10:06 Pastor Dinzey,
10:07 does the Book of Ezekiel
10:09 have any relevance to the last days?
10:14 I think that all the books have relevance
10:16 to the last days,
10:17 all the books of the Bible.
10:19 But really Ezekiel is full of instruction,
10:21 full of good information,
10:23 as far as a prophecy.
10:28 Ezekiel 9 is very interesting.
10:31 And, you know, I've read somewhere
10:32 where it says this is going to be literally fulfilled
10:34 but as far as the relevance
10:36 to pinpoint it to last day events,
10:38 it's kind of difficult to see a specific place,
10:42 but all of it is full of instruction.
10:44 And I would just encourage people
10:45 to read the Book of Ezekiel,
10:46 ask the Lord to guide you
10:48 because the Lord will guide us into all truth.
10:49 Amen. Amen.
10:51 All right, Shelley,
10:53 how do you know
10:54 you're marrying the right person?
10:56 In two minutes. Okay.
11:00 The most important decision you'll ever make in your life
11:02 is to accept Christ as your savior.
11:04 Amen.
11:05 The second most important decision
11:06 you'll ever make in your life is who you marry.
11:09 This requires a lot of prayer for wisdom and discernment.
11:12 I highly recommend premarital counseling
11:16 because it will uncover areas
11:19 before you get married
11:20 that, you know, you need to work on.
11:22 You should have a similar value system,
11:25 similar goals, particularly financial goals
11:28 because money is the number one reason,
11:31 finances.
11:32 Number one reason for getting a divorce.
11:34 Believers obviously shouldn't marry unbelievers.
11:37 The Bible calls that being unequally yoked,
11:40 and it creates so many problems in a marriage.
11:43 Particularly if there's children,
11:45 please don't think that you can change a person
11:48 after you married them.
11:50 Only God can change them.
11:52 Let me ask these questions.
11:54 Is your person of interest trustworthy?
11:56 Trust is the foundation of all relationships.
12:00 Give open communication.
12:02 Communication is the relationship.
12:05 Do they listen to you?
12:06 Are your arguments productive or destructive?
12:11 Can you laugh together?
12:12 Can you be yourself around that person?
12:15 Totally yourself around that person.
12:17 What are your friends and family think
12:19 of your relationship?
12:21 Sometimes romantic love blinds us in the family.
12:24 We'll see red flags.
12:26 But what I want you to do is look to 1 Corinthians 13:4-7,
12:33 and see does my loved one
12:35 fit this description of love in the Bible.
12:38 Are they patient and respectful?
12:40 Not envious are competitive.
12:42 Are they emotionally and intellectually supportive?
12:45 Not jealous.
12:47 Jealousy can be flattering,
12:48 but I guarantee it's exhausting to live with.
12:51 Are they not bragging or have narcissistic behavior?
12:55 No destructive behavior,
12:56 no drugs, alcohol, pornography,
12:59 must have a good work ethic that is so critical,
13:02 not be controlling or condescending,
13:05 and that they have a forgiving spirit
13:07 and that they will love with a commitment
13:10 that will deal with problems without walking away.
13:13 If your relationship doesn't meet that,
13:16 get your counseling before you get married.
13:19 Well, I'll tell you what.
13:20 I'll have to watch this on 3ABN's YouTube channel,
13:23 as I'm looking for my wife.
13:25 Thank you for the list. Thank you.
13:28 Pastor Day, we're going to come to you.
13:30 Sure.
13:31 So if I die tomorrow and have not been baptized,
13:35 will I get to go to heaven?
13:37 This is from Johnny in Texas.
13:39 Okay. Yeah.
13:41 Johnny, I understand exactly what you're asking
13:42 but for the record, I just want to be clear as a minister,
13:45 none of us, no person should be able
13:47 to play the role of God in deciding
13:49 who will and will not go to heaven.
13:51 So I want to say that very clear.
13:52 I can't tell you whether or not
13:54 you're going to go to heaven if you're baptized or not.
13:55 God is the judge,
13:57 but I do believe the nature of your question
13:59 is baptism important.
14:00 And if I choose to do it or not do it,
14:02 will I go to heaven?
14:03 And there are some...
14:05 The simple answer to that is if you have an opportunity,
14:08 we should follow in faith
14:09 and the example of Jesus Christ.
14:11 For instance, when the people were preached to by Peter
14:13 on the day of Pentecost,
14:15 they heard that powerful sermon
14:17 telling them to come to Jesus and surrender to Him.
14:19 They asked Peter, they said, "Well, what do we do?"
14:21 And Peter's response in Acts 2:38
14:23 was repent
14:24 and let every one of you be baptized
14:26 in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
14:27 So that was a part of that action
14:29 to show forth your faith as an example
14:33 that you are married to Jesus Christ.
14:35 You were marrying yourself
14:37 in relationship to Jesus Christ.
14:38 So baptism in and of itself doesn't save you,
14:41 but it certainly is an expression
14:43 of the faith and relationship you have with Jesus.
14:45 Mark 16:16 says,
14:46 "He who believes and is baptized
14:48 will be saved,
14:49 but he who does not believe will be condemned."
14:51 So baptism is important if you have an opportunity.
14:54 Of course, we do have those instances in scripture,
14:57 thief on the cross being that example
14:59 where, you know,
15:00 the thief on the cross wasn't baptized,
15:01 but yet Jesus Christ promised him
15:03 that he would be in paradise with Him one day.
15:05 And so we have to understand
15:07 there are rare occurrences and instances
15:09 where someone just simply
15:11 may be giving their life to Jesus on their death bed
15:13 in a very interesting situation
15:15 where they're not able to be baptized
15:16 in that case, we leave it to the Lord.
15:18 The Lord knows the heart.
15:19 And yes, it is possible for someone
15:21 to make it to the kingdom of God
15:22 without being baptized in those rare circumstances.
15:25 But if you have an opportunity, my friends,
15:27 right here, I'm going to just give this in closing
15:29 Acts 22:16.
15:31 It says, "And why are you waiting?"
15:33 I love that,
15:34 "But rise and be baptized,
15:36 and wash away your sins calling on the name, the Lord."
15:39 Amen. Good answer.
15:40 Amen, yeah, we can go home now.
15:43 It was really good.
15:45 Pastor Dinzey,
15:47 what should we pray
15:48 when praying for the leaders of our government?
15:51 This comes out of Texas.
15:53 That's a very good question.
15:54 Really, what should we pray
15:56 when we're praying for the leaders
15:58 of the government?
15:59 First of all, I would suggest that
16:01 you pray for them to be converted
16:04 and accept the Lord Jesus Christ.
16:06 And that they will listen to the voice of the Lord,
16:10 seek guidance from the scriptures
16:12 and that they will be willing to follow the Lord's direction.
16:16 I'm reminded of Pilate.
16:18 Pilate was before the Jews and scribes and Pharisees,
16:21 and they were all demanding,
16:23 you know, let him be crucified,
16:24 let him be crucified.
16:25 So pray that these government leaders
16:28 do not give into political pressure,
16:31 do not give into to the society pressure
16:35 but to follow God's principles,
16:38 pray that they will be willing to follow
16:40 a thus sayeth the Lord.
16:41 And that they will be faithful to God
16:45 and to the responsibility that they have
16:48 before the people.
16:49 Amen. Amen. Well said.
16:51 Well said.
16:52 Shelley, we're talking about praying.
16:55 We're talking about prayer, but what is prayer?
16:57 Oh, I love it.
16:59 Prayer is talking with your Heavenly Father
17:01 like you would a friend.
17:02 Prayer is a communication with your Heavenly Father.
17:07 And let me repeat,
17:08 communication is the relationship
17:12 we are seeking to get to know God better.
17:15 In Psalm 27:8, David said,
17:19 "Oh, Lord, when you said, seek my face.
17:22 I said, 'Oh, your face, Lord. I will seek.' "
17:25 It's not just going to God with a grocery list,
17:28 laundry list of what you want.
17:30 It's seeking to know Him.
17:32 Prayer is a form of thanksgiving
17:35 and praise.
17:37 It's a worship.
17:38 "Enter His gates," Psalm 100:4 says,
17:42 "with thanksgiving, his courts with praise."
17:44 You're pressing into the presence of God.
17:48 Prayer is confession of our sins
17:51 and our shortcomings
17:52 and trusting that God will forgive us.
17:55 Prayer is asking for forgiveness,
17:57 but I want you to pray that God will grant you repentance.
18:01 Acts 5:31 says
18:03 that's a gift of God,
18:04 say, Lord, turn me away from this.
18:06 And I can't do it on my own.
18:08 Prayer is interceding on the behalf of the others
18:11 praying for other people.
18:12 It's praying for help for yourself.
18:14 And sometimes that's the only word
18:15 you can pray is help.
18:17 It's praying for direction to be led by the spirit.
18:21 They say prayer is the breath of the soul.
18:24 It can be done standing up, sitting down on your knees,
18:28 in the bed, in your car
18:31 where ever out loud or silently,
18:34 but prayer is a two-way communication.
18:37 So be sure that you get into the word
18:39 and let God speak to you during your prayer time.
18:43 And here's the last thought.
18:44 God promised He would never leave us
18:46 or forsake us.
18:48 His presence is with you always.
18:51 Are you ignoring God by refusing to speak to Him
18:55 when He's right there with you?
18:57 Wow. That's deep. It's powerful.
18:58 Yeah, prayer is a two-way communication.
19:01 I love it.
19:02 Pastor Day, please explain
19:04 how after Jesus died,
19:06 He was in the grave for three days
19:08 from Friday through Sunday.
19:09 This comes from Bridgita out of...
19:13 Thank you so much, Jason.
19:14 That actually is a really good question
19:15 because many people are trying to fit in.
19:18 You know, that Friday to Sunday morning scenario.
19:21 They're trying to fit it into 72 literal hours.
19:23 And where we kind of get this idea from is Matthew 12,
19:27 where Jesus talks about,
19:28 He says that just as Jonah was in the belly of the fish
19:31 for three days and three nights
19:32 so shall the son of man be in the heart of the earth
19:35 or in the heart of the earth
19:36 for three days and three nights.
19:38 And so, you know, we're looking at that timeframe
19:40 and some people are trying to count
19:41 again 72 literal hours
19:43 from Friday time
19:45 that Jesus died in the afternoon
19:46 all the way to Sunday morning.
19:48 But what we have to consider here
19:49 when we're talking about
19:50 or counting modes of timing in reference to the day,
19:54 it's something called inclusive reckoning.
19:56 And that is that the concept
19:58 that any part of the day in scripture
20:00 could have been considered a day.
20:02 In other words, if it was morning,
20:03 if it was evening, if it was a night,
20:06 it could have been considered a day
20:07 because it was that particular part of the day.
20:10 For instance, just reading from Matthew 16:21.
20:14 Notice what it says here, it says,
20:15 "From that time, Jesus began to show to His disciples
20:17 that He must go to Jerusalem
20:19 and suffer many things from the elders
20:21 and the chief priests and scribes
20:23 and be killed and raised by the third day."
20:26 And so some people look at then go,
20:27 "Oh, you know, how do you get 72 hours?"
20:29 The fact of the matter is it never says 72 hours.
20:31 It never says that
20:33 there's going to be
20:34 this particular amount of time to pass.
20:35 And He's got to resurrect exactly after 72 hours.
20:38 We have to also take in consideration
20:40 that when Jesus said that
20:41 He would be in the heart of the earth,
20:43 many people try to apply that
20:45 to, you know, Him being in the grave.
20:47 In other words, they take that heart of the earth expression
20:50 and they put Him in the grave
20:51 for three days and three nights.
20:53 But the heart of the earth there nowhere in scripture
20:55 does it refer to being in the grave.
20:58 In fact, if you actually do,
21:00 you know, consider the heart of the hearth.
21:02 The earth, a man's heart...
21:04 The Bible says that a man's heart is wicked above,
21:07 above all things who can trust it, right?
21:08 This a sinful, a sinful man,
21:11 Jesus took the sin of the world
21:13 upon Himself, right?
21:15 And of course, Jesus had never sinned,
21:17 but the Bible says He took the sin upon Himself.
21:19 When did Jesus take upon himself that sin?
21:23 He did, it actually came upon Him the night
21:25 before in the garden of Gethsemane, right?
21:28 And that was actually before the cross,
21:30 before His trial.
21:31 And if you count, check this out again,
21:32 this is just a suggestion,
21:34 but again, it's not explicit
21:36 because the Bible is not explicit about this.
21:37 But if you count
21:39 from the garden of Gethsemane experience
21:41 from Thursday night,
21:42 there's one night to Friday, okay?
21:45 Then Friday night, there's your second night
21:48 and then Saturday, there's your second day.
21:50 And then Saturday night, there's your third night.
21:52 He was in the grave, right?
21:53 And then Sunday morning, there's your third day.
21:56 Jesus was in the heart of the earth.
21:58 He experienced the sin pressing upon Him
22:02 from that time and through His burial experience
22:05 and His resurrection experience,
22:06 He was in the grave for...
22:08 In the heart of the earth
22:09 for three days and three nights.
22:11 But He was in the grave
22:12 from obviously Friday evening to Sunday morning.
22:15 So Sunday or Friday to Sunday
22:17 is expressive of that specific days
22:19 that He had that experience.
22:21 He was crucified on Friday, put in the tomb,
22:24 asleep on the grave Saturday, and resurrected Sunday morning.
22:28 Thank you for that breakdown.
22:30 You know, as people are listening to the answers
22:33 to these questions,
22:35 they might have more questions.
22:37 And if you want to send in your questions,
22:39 please email them to BibleQA.org,
22:44 BibleQA.org,
22:46 or you can text them to (618) 228-3975.
22:51 Please send in your questions, we'd be happy to answer those.
22:54 This next question goes to you, Pastor Dinzey.
22:58 Will God's people be able to witness
23:01 during the time of persecution
23:03 or will probation close
23:06 before the time of trouble?
23:09 That's a loaded question there, loaded question.
23:11 Take your time.
23:13 Well, you know, when you look at this question
23:15 talking about witnessing,
23:17 I think God's people
23:19 will not be able to resist witnessing
23:22 no matter what time we're living upon the earth,
23:25 whether you're going to the little time of trouble,
23:28 the great time of trouble,
23:29 or even after probation is closed
23:32 because it is their nature.
23:33 It's in them to witness to others.
23:36 So I would say, yes, you'll be able to witness,
23:39 will you be able to sit down
23:40 and have a Bible study with someone?
23:42 It may not be because of the persecution
23:44 that may come later
23:46 but witnessing, remember that it says in Matthew 5:16,
23:49 "Let your light so shine before men,
23:51 that they may see your good works
23:52 and glorify your Father, which is in heaven."
23:54 Even though our words and our actions
23:59 will be a witness to people.
24:00 When probation is closed,
24:02 they will not be able to accept Jesus Christ.
24:04 Why?
24:06 Because they have fully rejected God,
24:08 everything that could be done
24:10 to persuade them has been done
24:14 and they have rejected and they will not repent.
24:17 This is why probation closes.
24:19 No one else will repent.
24:21 So probation closes.
24:23 And, so, yes, you'll be able to win this
24:25 until your very last breath.
24:27 And even those that are alive will be witnessing
24:29 but unfortunately, people will not accept.
24:33 Hmm.
24:36 And this leads us to our next question.
24:38 And, Shelley, how do I know if I have the Holy Spirit?
24:43 That's wonderful question.
24:44 Most people would say,
24:46 we look for the gifts of the spirit.
24:47 Obviously, Galatians 5:22-23
24:50 talks about the fruit of the spirit,
24:52 the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
24:54 gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.
24:56 But I would say the number one evidence
24:59 that you have the Holy Spirit
25:02 is that you have love, divine love.
25:07 When you think of this, God is love.
25:10 The Holy Spirit is the spirit of love.
25:12 Romans 5:5 says,
25:13 "He pours His love into our hearts
25:16 by the power of the Holy Spirit."
25:19 And in Mark 12:30-31, Jesus says,
25:23 "Hey, here's the most important commandment.
25:25 Love the Lord, your God,
25:26 with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength."
25:29 Ooh, can't even do that with my own power.
25:32 But with the Holy Spirit,
25:33 when God's love is in me, I can.
25:36 Then He says, the second is like it,
25:38 love your neighbor as yourself.
25:41 So it's that self-sacrificing kind of love.
25:44 But I want to share my favorite scripture
25:46 about love and about...
25:49 We received the Holy Spirit by faith,
25:51 but listen, 1 Thessalonians 3:12 says this,
25:56 "May the Lord make you increase
25:58 in a bound in love to one another."
26:00 Who's doing the work?
26:02 It's the Lord.
26:03 He's the one that gives us the increase of love.
26:07 And then in verse 13, it says, "So that..."
26:10 That's a purpose statement.
26:12 "May he do this so that
26:14 he may stablish your hearts blameless and holiness
26:17 before God and father
26:19 at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
26:21 with all His saints."
26:23 Do you see what He's saying?
26:24 As God causes us to abound in love.
26:27 We increase in holiness.
26:29 Don't you want to be blameless and holiness and divine love.
26:35 There's no sin.
26:36 So if you just pray for the Holy Spirit
26:40 receive Him by faith,
26:41 He will lead you in all truth and in prayer.
26:45 Amen. Amen.
26:47 Pastor Day, where in the Bible...
26:49 This is going to be a short answer,
26:51 but wherein the Bible
26:52 does it speak about the great patriarchs Noah,
26:55 Abraham, Lot, Joseph, Isaac,
26:59 and Jacob keeping the Sabbath?
27:01 Okay.
27:02 So the clear, simple answer is
27:04 that there is not one explicit text
27:06 in all the Bible
27:07 that specifically says that any of these individuals
27:09 kept the Sabbath.
27:11 Now that's the truthful answer,
27:13 but people take that or they try to twist and say,
27:16 "Well, you know, because of that,
27:17 then that must mean
27:19 that the Sabbath was not that important
27:20 prior to Mount Sinai,
27:22 when God gave the Ten Commandments."
27:23 In other words,
27:24 you know, Abraham,
27:26 didn't have to keep the Sabbath
27:27 and Lot didn't have to keep the Sabbath
27:28 and Jacob and Isaac, all of them,
27:30 they didn't have to keep the Sabbath.
27:31 So it must be just a Jewish thing
27:33 because he didn't give it until the Jews.
27:35 I believe that that is simply incorrect.
27:37 First of all, we have to understand that
27:39 this is a great example.
27:40 In Genesis 26:5, the Bible says,
27:43 "Speaking of Abraham, "
27:45 notice what it says.
27:46 It says, "Because Abraham obeyed My voice
27:48 and kept My charge,
27:49 My commandments, My statues, and My laws."
27:53 What are those laws?
27:55 What are those laws?
27:56 We know that the law of God was in heaven
27:58 even before Adam and Eve were created
28:00 because Lucifer, when he rebelled,
28:02 the Bible says that he there in Ezekiel 28.
28:05 It says that,
28:07 "Lucifer, he was perfect in all his ways
28:10 until iniquity was found in him."
28:12 What is iniquity?
28:13 Iniquity is sin.
28:14 And what is sin according to the Bible?
28:16 1 John 3:4,
28:17 "Sin is transgression of the law."
28:20 It's God's law.
28:21 So when it says that Abraham here,
28:23 this was many, many, many years
28:24 before there ever was a Jewish nation
28:26 or an Israel nation.
28:27 We see here very clearly that, the Bible says,
28:30 he kept God's commandments.
28:31 What were those commandments?
28:32 I believe it was the law of God.
28:34 Also another great point, Jesus is creator.
28:36 Ephesians 3:9 says
28:37 that God created all things through Jesus Christ.
28:40 So Jesus Christ created the Sabbath in Genesis 2.
28:44 Also, Jesus referred to Himself as the great I am.
28:48 He was the one who gave the Ten Commandments to Moses.
28:51 And therefore, we know that
28:52 Jesus tells us in the New Testament
28:54 that He is the Lord of the Sabbath.
28:55 So He was the Lord of Abraham.
28:57 He was Lord of Isaac, Lord of Jacob,
28:59 and all of those patriarchs before Moses.
29:01 So, therefore, we can conclude
29:03 based on this text and the concept
29:05 that God does not change in character,
29:07 He does not change His law.
29:09 Psalm 89:34,
29:11 "His law, His covenant, will not break
29:13 nor alter the words that has gone out of His lips."
29:15 It has always been, and we can bank on the fact
29:18 that they were Sabbath-keepers as well.
29:20 Amen. Great. Amen.
29:22 Amen. Well said.
29:23 Pastor Dinzey,
29:25 the Bible clearly States God casts the angels
29:29 that sinned down to hell.
29:31 Why are they roaming around earth bothering us?
29:35 Is the question.
29:37 Well, you know, they are bothering us.
29:40 In 2 Peter 2:4, we have the following words,
29:44 "For if God did not spare the angels who sinned,
29:47 but cast them down to hell
29:49 and delivered them into chains of darkness,
29:51 to be reserved for judgment."
29:53 Notice verse five,
29:55 "And did not spare the ancient world,
29:56 but saved Noah, one of eight people,
29:59 a preacher of righteousness,
30:00 bringing in the flood on the world of the ungodly."
30:03 So our question is
30:05 why are they still bothering us?
30:07 Well, this earth, unfortunately,
30:09 is involved in a great controversy
30:11 between good and evil.
30:12 When Adam and Eve sinned,
30:14 this earth entered into the controversy
30:16 between good and evil.
30:17 And so because of this
30:21 time has been given to Satan and his angels
30:23 to be able to do their work,
30:27 although limited because you see,
30:28 it says they are in chains of darkness.
30:32 This just tells us that they have a limit.
30:34 They cannot do whatever they want
30:36 because if they were able to do whatever they wanted,
30:38 you would have been dead long ago.
30:40 We would have all been dead long ago.
30:42 But God has placed these limits upon them.
30:46 And because of the Great Controversy,
30:47 and I'm telling you,
30:49 the Great Controversy will soon end,
30:50 Jesus Christ is coming soon.
30:52 This is why they are allowed to bother us to some degree.
30:56 Now remember it says in Psalms 34,
30:58 "The angel of the Lord, encamps round about them.
31:02 They fear Him and delivers them."
31:03 The Lord defends us from these evil angels.
31:06 It is just because of the great controversy
31:08 between good and evil people have to make a choice.
31:11 Will I follow God?
31:12 Or will I follow the devil?
31:14 So this is why they are allowed to bother us.
31:16 If you want to call it bothering us,
31:18 you know, like mosquitoes and flies,
31:22 you trust in the Lord
31:23 and lean upon Him with all of your heart.
31:26 And He will give you strength.
31:27 Face every trial looking unto Jesus,
31:29 the author and finisher of our faith.
31:31 Well said, pastor Dinzey.
31:33 I'd also add to that,
31:34 that if they're not bothering you,
31:35 then you should probably ask, what are you doing?
31:37 There you go. What's going on here?
31:39 That's right.
31:40 What's going on?
31:41 So, Shelley Quinn, if we are saved by grace,
31:46 why worry about keeping the commandments?
31:48 This comes from Gordon.
31:50 Dear, Gordon,
31:52 let me give you the definition of grace.
31:57 Grace is the unearned, undeserved gifts of God.
32:02 And there's nothing we can do to earn grace,
32:06 but they are also when you study grace,
32:10 these unearned, undeserved gifts of God,
32:14 give us His divine assistance,
32:17 His supernatural power unto salvation.
32:21 I think the three greatest gifts of grace
32:24 are Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, and The Word.
32:28 You think of those gifts, you see the effects of grace.
32:32 Ephesians 2:8 definitely says,
32:34 "We are saved by grace through faith
32:36 not of works at any should boast."
32:38 Praise God.
32:39 There's no way I could save myself.
32:41 And I'm so glad.
32:42 But verse 10 says continuing on in Ephesians 2,
32:47 "We are His workmanship,
32:48 created in Christ Jesus for good works,
32:53 which He prepared in advance that we should walk in them."
32:59 When we enter into salvation,
33:01 we're entering into a covenant love relationship
33:06 with a covenant-keeping God.
33:07 The Bible says,
33:09 God keeps covenant with those who keep covenant with Him.
33:13 His government is a government of love
33:17 and we should obey of loyalty and motivated...
33:21 Our obedience should be motivated by love.
33:23 Jesus said in John 14:15,
33:26 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
33:29 Gordon, do you love the Lord? Why?
33:31 If you're saved by grace,
33:33 would you keep God's commandments?
33:35 Because you're showing Him, "Yes, Lord, I love you."
33:38 But look what He says.
33:40 He says,
33:41 "And if you keep My commandments,
33:44 I will pray the Father,
33:45 He will give you another helper
33:47 that He may abide with you forever."
33:50 It's as we walk in obedience,
33:52 He gives us more of the spirit.
33:54 We get the spirit, obey what were here.
33:56 And then we get more.
33:58 I want to add something Hebrews 5:9.
34:01 Boy, this is a good reason to keep God's commandments.
34:04 It's talking about Jesus.
34:06 It says,
34:07 "Having been perfected,
34:09 He became the author of eternal salvation
34:14 for all who obey Him."
34:19 So when we're saved by grace, the Holy Spirit resides in us.
34:23 I would argue that obedience is by grace.
34:26 Philippians 2:13 says,
34:28 "God works in us to will,
34:30 to change our will,
34:33 to do according to His good pleasure."
34:36 And let me, I know I'm going a little over,
34:38 but let me finish with this,
34:39 1 John 3:4 says this,
34:46 "Whoever commits sin
34:48 also commits lawlessness for sin is lawlessness."
34:52 Sin is the breaking of God's law,
34:56 His government of love.
34:59 And verse five says, you know that
35:02 He, Jesus, was manifested to take away our sins.
35:07 Grace isn't a license to keep on sinning.
35:11 He says, "Little children,"
35:13 this is verse seven, 1 John 3:7,
35:16 "let no one deceive you.
35:18 He who practices righteousness is righteous,
35:22 just as He is righteous."
35:24 Yes, it's righteousness by faith.
35:26 But when you've got imputed and imparted righteousness,
35:30 you're going to walk in righteousness.
35:32 In verse eight, He says,
35:34 "he who sins is of the devil.
35:36 For this purpose,
35:38 the Son of God was manifested
35:41 that He may destroy the works of the devil."
35:44 Thank you for that answer, Shelley.
35:46 Amen. Great answer.
35:47 Pastor Day, this bonus question
35:49 is specifically directed toward you.
35:53 "Do I need to have
35:55 the gift of tongues to be saved?"
35:57 Man, that's touching a nerve right there.
36:01 That's touching a nerve. 'Cause I grew up...
36:04 Majority of my youth experience in the church,
36:07 not in a Seventh-day Adventist Church
36:08 'cause I was raised oneness apostolic Pentecostal
36:11 for the majority of my childhood
36:12 and upbringing.
36:13 And I was taught that
36:15 in order for the person to be saved,
36:16 you must receive the Holy Spirit
36:18 and you must manifest and speak in tongues.
36:21 Have the gift of speaking in tongues
36:23 in order to be saved
36:24 because they would say
36:25 that's the evidence of the Holy Spirit, right?
36:28 But the question
36:29 do you have the gift of tongues to be saved?
36:31 The simple answer is no.
36:33 There is not one single scripture
36:34 in all the Bible
36:36 that says you must speak in tongues
36:37 in order to be saved.
36:39 Salvation comes by grace through faith alone,
36:41 and that can only come through Jesus Christ.
36:44 And so I want to make that very, very clear.
36:46 So let's provide some biblical backup for this.
36:49 Where we work, many people get this idea
36:51 is from the day of Pentecost in Acts 2,
36:54 where the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
36:56 was given to those disciples in the upper room,
36:59 as it was on the day of Pentecost,
37:01 all different Jews
37:03 from all different nations had come.
37:04 And Jesus saw that that was an opportunity
37:06 to share the good news of Jesus
37:08 with all of these different "Jews"
37:10 by blood, by heritage.
37:12 But many of them did not speak the same language
37:14 at this point,
37:15 as they had been scattered
37:16 to many different parts of the earth.
37:18 So they'd come to Jerusalem,
37:19 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
37:21 was given up on the disciples in the upper room,
37:22 and we see that they were given the gift of tongues
37:24 for the purpose of sharing the gospel.
37:28 And, then of course, when they ask Peter,
37:29 "What shall we do?"
37:31 In Acts 2:38, many people take that text and they say,
37:33 "See, it says there, the Jesus said,
37:35 you know, repent and be baptized
37:37 in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
37:38 And you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
37:41 And they say, what is that gift?
37:42 It's speaking in tongues
37:44 because that's the gift they received
37:45 on the day of Pentecost.
37:46 But when you go to...
37:48 Excuse me, 1 Corinthians 12, 1 Corinthians 12:4-11,
37:52 we see Paul explaining these gifts
37:55 and he talks about
37:56 how there's different types of gifts of the spirit.
37:58 In fact, notice verse four, he says, this is, again,
38:01 1 Corinthians 12:4,
38:04 "There are diversities of gifts,
38:06 but the same Spirit."
38:07 Okay?
38:08 So there's different types of gifts
38:10 that come from the Holy Spirit.
38:11 And then he begins to list different types of gifts.
38:13 It's a gift of wisdom, the gift of healing,
38:16 the gift of miracles,
38:17 the gift of discernment of spirits.
38:20 And then down there in the list,
38:21 he says the gift of tongues.
38:22 But notice verse 11.
38:24 This is verse 11 of 1 Corinthians 12.
38:26 He says,
38:27 "But one and the same Spirit works all these things,
38:31 distributing to each one individually
38:35 as He wills."
38:37 So what is he saying here?
38:38 He's saying, "Look, not everyone's going to have
38:40 the gift of wisdom,
38:41 not everyone's going to receive the gift of tongues,
38:42 not everyone's going to receive the gift of healing
38:45 or the gift of knowledge or the gift of whatever it is,
38:47 whatever gift He wants to bestow upon you."
38:49 That's the beauty of God's church
38:51 is that we all can receive the Holy Spirit,
38:53 but God gives us the gift as He wills.
38:56 He knows what gift He can give to Ryan Day.
38:59 That is going to be used properly
39:00 for the glorification of Him and His kingdom.
39:03 He knows what gift to give to Shelley.
39:04 He knows what gift to give to you.
39:06 And it may not be the gift of speaking in tongues.
39:09 And so therefore,
39:10 the answer to this question is no,
39:12 it's not a means of salvation.
39:13 You don't speak in tongues to be saved.
39:15 You come to Jesus to be saved.
39:17 Amen.
39:18 Can I add something to that? Absolutely. Yeah.
39:20 Because you touched on something
39:21 that really caught me.
39:23 There are so many people who believe...
39:26 There are people on television who say,
39:29 "I have the gift of healing."
39:31 And they had these huge healing ministries.
39:34 You know, when we get the gifts,
39:37 I think God gives them to us as we need them.
39:41 And let me give you an example.
39:43 We know that Paul, did God use Paul for healing?
39:47 Yes.
39:48 Well, God used Paul for healing.
39:50 And at one point
39:52 he touched the handkerchief
39:54 and they take the handkerchief around
39:57 and people would be healed by that.
40:00 Wow!
40:01 But was the "gift of healing" always Paul's?
40:05 No, let me prove it to you.
40:07 In 2 Timothy 4,
40:11 Paul is a great apostle of Jesus.
40:15 Says this he's writing to Timothy,
40:17 he's got two workers within...
40:19 Well, two that were with him, Erastus and Trophimus.
40:23 And he says,
40:25 "Hey, son, Timothy,
40:28 Erastus stayed in Corinth
40:32 but Trophimus, I have left in Miletus sick."
40:38 what? Right?
40:40 This great apostle who had this gift of healing.
40:45 You know, he prayed for Trophimus.
40:48 Yes, but God did not raise Trophimus
40:51 from his sickbed there.
40:53 So, one, when you get,
40:55 you know, there is no such thing as,
40:57 "Oh, this person's got the gift of healing."
41:01 It comes, it goes as God, as the Holy Spirit sees.
41:06 That's right. Need for it.
41:08 Amen. Amen.
41:09 He didn't see need for me to be able to sing.
41:13 But I'm glad that you got that,
41:16 and I can listen to some of your music.
41:19 Now we're going to enter into our bonus round,
41:22 which we kind of segwayed into a little bit,
41:25 but I'm just going to throw out some questions
41:27 and anybody can answer all of you can answer.
41:31 But we'll start with a question from Victor.
41:32 And it says,
41:34 "What are the signs of the end times?"
41:38 Well, then good question.
41:40 I think Brian's going to start first.
41:42 Well, you can go ahead if you want to,
41:44 but I'm just going directly to Matthew 24.
41:48 This is that great all of that discourse
41:50 where Jesus is listing all of the signs of His coming
41:54 because they had asked him
41:55 there at the beginning of Matthew, 24,
41:56 they said right here, it says,
41:58 Jesus went out and departed from the temple,
42:00 and His disciples came and showed to Him,
42:02 the buildings of the temple
42:03 and Jesus basically prophesies the destruction of Jerusalem.
42:07 And then it says in verse three.
42:09 "Now as He set up on the Mount of olives,
42:10 the disciples came to him privately saying,
42:12 'Tell us, when will these things be,
42:14 and what will be the sign of your coming,
42:15 the sign of your coming in the end of the age."
42:17 If you read Matthew 24,
42:19 it gives you all of the signs of the coming of Jesus Christ.
42:22 I'm going to mention a few of them.
42:23 And then I'm going to let my other brothers and sisters here
42:25 to chime in on this as well.
42:27 But if you read through this powerful chapter here,
42:30 it goes on to say,
42:31 I'm going to start in verse six.
42:32 So Matthew 24:6, it says...
42:36 Actually I'm going to start in verse five.
42:38 It says,
42:39 "For many will come in my name,
42:41 saying, I am Christ and will deceive many."
42:42 Will there'll be false Christ?
42:43 Of course, there'll be, that's one of the signs.
42:45 Verse six,
42:47 "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars.
42:49 And you will not see that they not trouble you
42:53 for all these things must come to pass,
42:54 but the end is not yet."
42:56 Verse seven,
42:57 "For nations will rise against nation
42:58 and kingdoms against kingdoms,
43:00 and there will be famines, pestilences,
43:01 earthquakes in various places."
43:03 Now those are just a few mentioned in this chapter.
43:06 But again, wars and rumors of wars,
43:08 pestilences diseases, nations,
43:10 rising against nations
43:12 and false Christs and false prophets.
43:14 These are different signs that Jesus says,
43:16 "These things are going to happen.
43:18 You're going to see these things
43:19 on a great level prior to My second coming."
43:21 So I'm going to stop there,
43:23 and I'm going to let the others chime in on this as well.
43:25 I want to first start-up Matthew 24.
43:28 And I'm going to bring out verse 14.
43:31 This is one of the signs of the second coming of Christ.
43:34 Today, more than at any time,
43:36 you can see the possibility of the gospel
43:38 being preached in a short time.
43:40 And it says,
43:41 "In this gospel of the kingdom
43:43 shall be preached in all the world
43:44 for witness unto all nations, and then the end shall come."
43:46 There are people that keep tabs
43:48 as to where the gospel has been preached.
43:49 And you can even today find out
43:51 where there are Christian churches
43:53 in all the countries.
43:55 So one of the signs is
43:57 the gospel being preached in all the world.
43:59 3ABN has been reaching the world
44:02 or presenting the message of the gospel to the world
44:04 via satellite now via the internet.
44:06 So this is one of the signs.
44:08 How do we know when it's over?
44:10 God knows when it's over,
44:11 and you will see things happening.
44:13 Now, Revelation 13 also describes,
44:15 describes a power.
44:18 The antichrist power.
44:20 There had an opportunity for 1, 260 years
44:25 to do persecution and notice that Revelation 13.
44:29 And it says,
44:31 "And he was given a mouth speaking great things
44:33 and blasphemies,
44:34 and he was given authority to continue 42 months."
44:36 This is 1,260 years going on in Revelation 13,
44:40 it talks about another power in verse 11.
44:42 "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth
44:44 and he had two horns like a lamb
44:46 and spoke like a dragon."
44:47 So we are living in times
44:49 when you're going to see this other power
44:51 speak like a dragon
44:52 that's the United States of America.
44:54 So as you continue reading Revelation 13,
44:56 you're going to see that
44:58 there's going to be a mark of the beast
44:59 that is going to be...
45:01 The whole world is going to be threatened
45:03 with this mark of the beast.
45:04 And these are signs of the times
45:06 you're going to see these things happen.
45:08 Amen and amen. Times of the last days.
45:11 You know, when we think about this.
45:13 This is something that...
45:14 First, I wanted to point out
45:16 because in Matthew 24 turned from there,
45:19 but he talks about the abomination of desolation
45:26 that was spoken of in Daniel.
45:28 We know that's 9:23, I believe.
45:31 The Book of Daniel
45:32 is very relevant to the end times.
45:35 And I just wanted to point that out.
45:37 But then Luke 11...
45:41 Where is my scripture?
45:42 Luke 11.
45:44 I mean, Luke 21, no wonder, I'm in Matthew.
45:47 That's okay.
45:49 That doesn't help.
45:51 In Luke 21, Jesus says, "There'll be..."
45:57 And I'm starting in verse 25,
45:59 "There will be signs in the sun and moon,
46:01 the stars, the earth,
46:03 the distress of nations.
46:05 And it says with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring."
46:10 Are we seeing that?
46:11 "Men's hearts failing them from fear
46:15 and the expectations of those things,
46:18 which are coming to the earth."
46:20 Wow. Do we see that coming on?
46:23 And, he says,
46:24 "The powers of the heavens are going to be shaken.
46:26 And you're going to see the Son of Man
46:28 coming in the clouds
46:31 and with power and great glory."
46:34 So here's what I want to leave with you.
46:37 We see all of these things
46:39 going on now to distress nations,
46:41 the roar of the seas,
46:43 the plagues that they said were coming, famines.
46:47 But listen, what he says in Luke 21:28,
46:51 when these things begin to happen,
46:54 you don't have to be fearful.
46:56 God didn't give you a spirit of fear.
46:59 He gave you a spirit of power and love and sound mind.
47:03 He says,
47:04 "When you see these things begin to happen,
47:08 look up, lift up your heads
47:11 because your redemption draws nigh."
47:15 I just want to encourage somebody that is watching
47:18 or listening to my voice.
47:20 That, boy,
47:21 there's a lot of stress out there right now,
47:24 but you don't...
47:25 When people call me and they'll say,
47:28 "Do you think He's coming right away?"
47:31 You know what?
47:33 We don't set dates around here because Matthew 24 says,
47:37 Jesus said,
47:39 "Only the father knows the day or the hour."
47:41 You know, not even the angels know
47:43 when the second coming is.
47:46 But we do know prophecies being fulfilled.
47:49 Alarmingly, rapidly...
47:53 It's been alarmingly fast is what I meant to say.
47:56 It's being fulfilled,
47:58 but we don't have to sit there and go.
48:01 What we need to do is just say,
48:03 "Oh, Maranatha, Lord, thank you.
48:05 This means you're coming soon.
48:07 Take hope in that scripture.
48:09 Your redemption draws nigh.
48:11 Amen. Amen.
48:13 I want to throw this next question out here.
48:15 When does the judgment start for the living?
48:18 This is out of Virginia.
48:20 Well, the biblical answer for that
48:23 is that there is no biblical answer for that.
48:26 There's no way of indicating biblically
48:28 exactly when the judgment starts for the living.
48:31 So to really go beyond that point
48:34 would be just speculation and theory.
48:36 So I'm going to leave my answer with that.
48:38 Excellent. Excellent answer.
48:40 I would like to add that in Matthew 24, it says,
48:43 "We're supposed to be in an attitude
48:45 of watching and praying,
48:47 that way, whenever Christ comes,
48:50 we will be ready."
48:51 So when that happens,
48:55 you'll be ready if you're following the Lord.
48:56 That's right.
48:57 He'll be coming like a thief in the night.
48:59 What does the Bible say about suicide?
49:03 This is something...
49:05 It's a very touchy subject.
49:06 It's one of those that's not easy to answer.
49:08 We do know right there in the heart
49:10 of the Ten Commandments
49:11 it says that thou shall not murder.
49:13 Okay?
49:14 So we know that, you know, taking one's life
49:16 that is especially in a selfish sense,
49:18 that can lead to a judgment of murder.
49:21 But first of all, we have to keep in mind that
49:22 God is the judge.
49:24 We are not the judge.
49:25 And so sometimes it's easy for us
49:26 to give our own opinions.
49:28 And I've heard Christian say,
49:29 "Well, if you take your own life,
49:30 you know, you're going to be judged by God
49:32 and you're going to go to hell."
49:33 Well, you're not the judge to determine that,
49:35 God knows the heart.
49:36 And God knows, you know, we have the such thing today
49:37 called mental illness.
49:39 And people suffer from different mental illnesses
49:40 that lead them to these type of actions.
49:42 And again, we're not the one to judge the heart.
49:44 You know, I think of an example of suicide in scripture,
49:47 Samson.
49:49 Samson took his own life.
49:50 He made that choice.
49:52 Now will Samson be in the kingdom of God.
49:54 You know, the Bible doesn't explicitly say,
49:55 but he was one of the judges.
49:57 He was God's chosen
49:58 and he'd done it to safest people.
49:59 I'm not saying that there's,
50:01 you know, we should just take that concept
50:02 and run with and say,
50:03 "Oh, there's good way.
50:05 There's good suicide and bad suicide."
50:06 I'm not saying that.
50:08 I'm just saying biblically speaking,
50:09 it's one of those difficult questions to answer
50:10 as self-taking your own life is self-murder,
50:13 but we also should be careful and not judging
50:15 and leave that up to the Lord
50:17 and allow Him to judge the heart to know
50:19 whether or not that person
50:21 will go to the kingdom of God or not.
50:23 Amen. Absolutely.
50:24 And I just want to add this.
50:28 People who commit suicide have lost all hope.
50:31 That's why they do it. I mean, you see people...
50:33 And I just want to give this scripture
50:35 because I think it's such a beautiful scripture.
50:38 A lot of times people...
50:39 If they're getting ready to jump off
50:40 the Golden Gate Bridge,
50:43 if police officers can intervene and stop them,
50:46 you know what?
50:47 Within 24 hours,
50:48 they've lost all desire
50:50 because somebody has restored their hope.
50:53 If you are losing hope,
50:56 claim his promise, it's Romans 15:13.
51:00 It says, "May the God of hope."
51:02 Our God, and hope in the Greek is eager expectation.
51:06 2 Corinthians 1:20 says,
51:08 "All of God's promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus."
51:11 But he says,
51:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace
51:16 and believing that you may abound in hope
51:18 by the power of the Holy Spirit."
51:20 Amen. Amen.
51:22 We still have another bonus question,
51:24 but we're not going to go to it right now.
51:26 We're not going to go to it right now.
51:28 'Cause we're almost about to head into our break,
51:31 to find out a little bit more about this program,
51:34 but I want you to be thinking about some final thoughts
51:37 'cause we're going to come back
51:39 with the final thoughts as well.
51:41 And I hope that you've been enjoying this thus far
51:44 and that you've been getting answers
51:46 to all of your questions.
51:48 We will be right back after this short break.
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