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01:00 Mending broken people
01:15 Hello, friends, and welcome back again
01:17 to another edition of 3ABN Bible Q and A.
01:20 This is a program
01:21 where we answer your Bible questions.
01:24 And again, I can't emphasize that enough
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01:32 And that's what we want. We wanna be Bible Christians.
01:35 And so we wanna again,
01:36 welcome you and thank you, you know,
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01:40 And we have a power packed hour
01:42 in which we're gonna be diving in.
01:44 I've looked at the questions ahead of time.
01:45 I have them here
01:47 and they are powerful questions.
01:48 And I know we have a wonderful panel,
01:50 who's going to be giving some wonderful Bible answers.
01:52 In fact, that gives me an opportunity
01:54 to introduce the panel.
01:55 To my right here we have Miss Jill Morikone.
01:57 It's a blessing to always have you.
01:59 Thank you so much, Pastor Ryan.
02:00 It's a privilege to open up the Word of God and study.
02:03 I am looking forward to today's program.
02:05 Amen. Praise the Lord.
02:07 And, of course, to your right is Pastor John Dinzey.
02:09 Brother, it's always good to have you as well.
02:11 It's a pleasure to be here.
02:13 And I rejoice in the fact that
02:14 I don't have to depend on myself to answer questions.
02:16 I'm depending on the Holy Spirit.
02:18 Amen. Praise the Lord.
02:19 And way down there
02:20 on the far end of this long table,
02:23 Pastor John Lomacang, always a blessing.
02:25 I know we just definitely show social distancing,
02:29 but it's good to be able to be here
02:30 and God's Word is just like this library of answers.
02:33 And we wanna handle those answers humbly.
02:36 That's right. Amen.
02:37 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
02:41 And we're certainly gonna allow the Word of God
02:43 to shed some light on some of these questions today.
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03:25 Well, without further ado, before we dive into this,
03:27 why don't we have a prayer?
03:29 Pastor Lomacang, why don't you say a prayer for us?
03:30 Sure.
03:31 Loving Lord, we open our hearts
03:33 to the working of Your Holy Spirit.
03:34 We pray that You'll open the ears
03:36 of those watching and listening to this program,
03:39 to the work of Your Holy Spirit.
03:40 We are not the authority,
03:42 but we want Your Word to be the foundation
03:44 by which questions and thoughts
03:47 and controversies are resolved.
03:49 Give the listeners a heart of understanding
03:52 that they may yield to whatever Your Word reveals
03:56 and may all the glory go just to you
03:58 in Jesus' name we pray.
04:00 Amen. Amen.
04:02 Amen. Praise the Lord.
04:04 Our first question comes to Jill.
04:07 Jill, this is coming from Julie in South Dakota, I believe.
04:10 And her question is,
04:12 "Would you say that salvation is conditional?
04:16 If so, what are some of the conditions?"
04:19 I love that question.
04:21 Thank you, Julie, for writing in
04:22 and giving that question.
04:23 I would say yes, salvation is conditional,
04:26 and let's look at those conditions.
04:27 Condition number one is,
04:29 we need to ask for forgiveness of our sins.
04:33 You see at the cross provision for forgiveness,
04:36 provision for salvation was made for everyone,
04:39 but that doesn't mean everyone was forgiven at the cross.
04:43 1 John 1:9, "If we confess our sins,
04:46 He's faithful and just to forgive us our sins
04:49 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
04:52 So we have to ask,
04:53 we have to ask for forgiveness for sin.
04:56 It's freely offered, but you and I have to ask.
04:59 Condition number two,
05:00 we need to accept the gift of salvation by faith.
05:05 Ephesians 2:8, "For by grace,
05:08 you have been saved through faith
05:10 and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God."
05:13 Did you catch that?
05:14 We're all not automatically saved.
05:18 We need to accept the gift of God,
05:20 that gift of salvation by faith.
05:24 Condition number three,
05:26 we need to be filled with the spirit.
05:28 We need to allow the Holy Spirit
05:31 to dwell in us and take up residence in us.
05:36 Romans 8: 1, "There is therefore now
05:39 no condemnation
05:40 to those who are in Christ Jesus,
05:42 who do not walk according to the flesh,
05:44 but according to the spirit."
05:45 Jump down to verse 13.
05:48 "If you live according to the flesh, you will die.
05:51 But if by the spirit
05:52 you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live."
05:56 You see, we're called to walk in the spirit.
05:58 So we don't fulfill those lusts of the flesh.
06:02 The lust of the flesh is that life of sin.
06:04 That is that old man of sin
06:06 that you and I easily walk in and dwell in.
06:09 Unless we ask for the indwelling Holy Spirit
06:14 to keep us by the power of Him.
06:17 So we ask for forgiveness,
06:19 we accept the gift of salvation by faith,
06:22 and then we walk in the spirit.
06:24 Amen. Wonderful answer.
06:26 Thank you.
06:28 This next question comes to Pastor John Dinzey.
06:31 And Pastor Dinzey,
06:32 this question is coming from Trinidad and Tobago.
06:35 And this person says,
06:37 "Is it true that Christ will come
06:39 at midnight, the darkest period.
06:43 And then they say, I actually don't get it
06:44 because I thought we, the humans don't really know
06:47 when He will come.
06:49 And then this person says, and He will come like a thief.
06:52 So is it true that He comes back at midnight?"
06:56 That is a very good question.
06:57 And that does not necessarily mean
06:59 that exactly at the midnight hour,
07:01 Jesus Christ will come and you can say at 12:01,
07:04 well, He's not coming today.
07:06 Let's go to sleep and everything will be fine.
07:08 This is just making reference to a time in history
07:11 when people are going about their everyday thing
07:15 and they're not necessarily awake or watching,
07:17 they are going about their everyday business.
07:19 Now it's true.
07:21 We do not know the day nor the hour.
07:23 This is made...
07:25 A statement is made several times in the Bible,
07:27 Matthew 24:32-33 says,
07:29 "Now learn this parable from the fig tree
07:32 when its branch has already become tender
07:35 and puts forth leaves.
07:37 You know, that summer is near.
07:39 So you also, when you see all these things
07:43 know that it is near at the doors."
07:44 Okay.
07:46 The reason I read, I read this text is
07:47 because we can know that
07:50 the second coming of Christ is near,
07:52 but we won't know the day nor the hour.
07:55 I now turn to Mark Chapter 13
07:59 because it's very interesting declaration
08:03 is made by Christ beginning in verse 32.
08:05 Mark 13 beginning in verse 32, "Now of the day an hour,
08:10 no one knows not even the angels in heaven
08:12 nor the Son, but only the Father.
08:14 Take heed, watch and pray,
08:17 for you do not know when the time is."
08:19 So you see here,
08:21 no one knows the day nor the hour.
08:22 No one knows when the time is,
08:23 but our part is to be watching
08:25 and praying, being ready at all times.
08:27 Amen.
08:29 Notice then, verse 34 and 35,
08:31 "It is like a man going to a far country,
08:32 who left his house
08:34 and gave authority to his servants,
08:35 and to each his work,
08:37 and commanded the doorkeeper to watch.
08:39 Watch therefore, for you do not know
08:41 when the master of the house is coming, notice,
08:44 in the evening, at midnight,
08:46 at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning."
08:49 The four different separations as,
08:51 as it was the custom in those days,
08:53 the four different timeframes of a day are mentioned.
08:57 So it could be any time of the day...
08:58 That's right.
08:59 But we don't know the day nor the hour.
09:01 Our part is to be ready, watch and pray.
09:03 Amen. Amen.
09:04 Wonderful.
09:06 All right, Pastor Lomacang, this is coming to you.
09:08 And it's a rather lengthy question,
09:10 but it's a good question.
09:11 Okay. Here it is.
09:12 This person says, actually,
09:14 this is from Anthony from Trinidad and Tobago.
09:16 It says, "In the Gospel of Matthew 28:20,
09:20 Jesus said to the disciples,
09:22 go ye therefore and teach all nations,
09:24 baptizing them in the name of the Father
09:26 and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
09:28 And in the Book of Acts 2:38,
09:30 Peter speaking by the Holy Ghost said
09:33 in answer to a question, then Peter said unto them,
09:36 repent and be baptized every one of you
09:38 in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.
09:41 And you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."
09:43 So here's the question.
09:45 The question is, "What is the correct recitation
09:48 or recitation that should be used
09:51 when Christians are being baptized?
09:54 Okay, well, I'm so glad
09:55 you asked this question, Anthony.
09:57 There is no correct nor incorrect
10:00 recitation of what we should say
10:02 before a person is getting baptized.
10:05 Let me tell you why
10:06 there is no one is not opposed to the other.
10:09 There are many people that would prefer
10:11 Peter's words above Christ.
10:14 It's a very dangerous thing.
10:15 When you say, well, Peter's words
10:16 are a lot more reliable than Christ.
10:19 You think about that for a moment,
10:20 it's not more reliable
10:22 because the word name is what the issue is.
10:25 The word name there in the Greek,
10:26 in the name of the, name of the,
10:28 name of is the authority of.
10:29 That's good.
10:31 Let me ask you a question, is the authority of the Father
10:33 compared to the authority of the Son
10:35 and the authority of the Holy Spirit?
10:37 There is an equal connection across the board,
10:39 but why did Peter say in the name of Jesus?
10:42 And here is something that context is vitally important.
10:44 I'll just begin with John 14:1-3.
10:47 You believe in God, believe also in me.
10:50 Why did Jesus say that?
10:52 Because Jesus was the one being rejected.
10:55 It was difficult, you know, the Pharisees, the Jews,
10:58 the Scribes, Assyrians.
10:59 They rejected Him as the Messiah.
11:02 Can you be saved if you reject the only one
11:05 through whom salvation is made?
11:07 That's why we find in the Book of Acts
11:08 these very clear statements.
11:10 Acts 4:12, "Nor is there salvation
11:13 in any other,
11:14 for there is no other name under heaven given among men
11:18 by which we must be saved."
11:21 So when you think about that all through the New Testament,
11:24 the Book of Acts specifically is showing time after time,
11:27 how the Jewish leaders, Peter was an example.
11:30 He said, didn't we command you not to preach in His name?
11:34 It was, His name was the issue.
11:36 It was the man Christ Jesus,
11:38 who was the one they had a hard time with.
11:40 Not baptism, John was baptizing,
11:43 but when Jesus's name,
11:45 the rejection of the Messiah was the focus of the enemy.
11:48 His name is above all other names.
11:51 And one more, we find Acts 5:28.
11:53 That's where they strictly commanded them.
11:55 But here's the point I wanna make.
11:57 When we confess that Jesus is the Son of God,
12:01 God abides in Him and He in God,
12:04 they don't separate.
12:06 So here's the point.
12:07 When you baptize in the name of the Father,
12:08 the Son and the Holy Spirit,
12:10 the authority for our salvation is the same,
12:14 but no one will be baptized
12:17 if they leave out the person of Christ.
12:20 No one can be saved
12:21 if they leave out the person of Christ.
12:25 Wonderful. I like it.
12:26 Amen.
12:28 All right, Jill, this is coming back to you.
12:30 This person says,
12:31 this is from Bridget, by the way.
12:33 And she says, "Besides the Book of Leviticus
12:36 in the Old Testament
12:37 where the law of the birds and animals is outlined,
12:41 where else in the New Testament is referenced made
12:44 as to what we should or should not eat.
12:47 Is it a sin to partake of such foods?
12:51 And is it a desecration of God's temple, our body?"
12:56 Thank you so much, Bridget, for that question.
12:57 I think the underpinning
12:59 for the whole understanding of the clean
13:01 and the unclean animals is to understand that
13:04 it is not a Jewish principle.
13:05 It's a biblical principle.
13:07 If you understand that you want to,
13:10 you can see it all throughout the Word of God.
13:12 Now, of course,
13:13 it was clearly delineated to the Israelites.
13:15 We see this in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14,
13:19 the law of the clean and unclean animals.
13:21 But it happened way before then.
13:23 This is when Noah went into the ark
13:25 all the way back to Genesis 7:1-2.
13:29 "The Lord said to Noah, 'Come into the Ark.'"
13:31 And if you jump down to verse 2.
13:33 It says, "You should take with you seven
13:35 each of every clean animal."
13:36 Did you catch that?
13:38 Every clean animal, male and female,
13:40 two each of animals that are unclean,
13:42 a male and a female.
13:44 This tells us that
13:45 this principle of clean and unclean
13:47 existed long before the children of Israel.
13:50 That's right.
13:51 This is prior to the nation of Israel,
13:53 prior to any Levitical law.
13:55 We also know Jesus tells us the Sermon on the Mount,
13:57 Matthew Chapter 5, "Do not think
13:59 I came to destroy the law and the prophets.
14:01 I did not come to destroy, but to fulfill."
14:04 Now, let's look at
14:05 just a couple of New Testament references.
14:07 Sometimes people get this confused and think,
14:10 "Oh, oh, this means that
14:11 now we can eat anything,
14:13 when really if you look at the scripture in context,
14:15 it doesn't mean that.
14:16 First reference is Acts Chapter 10.
14:19 And this is Peter and the vision,
14:20 the sheet of all the animals that came down
14:22 and the voice spoke from heaven saying
14:24 "Rise, Peter, kill and eat."
14:27 And he said, "Not so Lord,
14:28 I have not eaten anything common or unclean."
14:32 What is very interesting in that
14:33 is this is long after the crucifixion.
14:35 This is the early Christian Church.
14:37 You would think that those old customs
14:39 would be done away with,
14:40 and yet he's not eating anything unclean.
14:43 And that scripture,
14:44 Acts Chapter 10 has nothing to do with animals
14:47 and everything to do with people.
14:50 And that the gospel was to go to the Gentiles.
14:53 In Romans Chapter 14,
14:55 we see Paul addressing issues in the church
14:57 and it was not clean and unclean animals.
14:59 It was ceremonial impurity, and meat offered to idols.
15:03 The same thing in 1 Corinthians Chapter 8,
15:06 the issue again is not clean and unclean animals.
15:09 It is food offered to idols.
15:11 In the New Testament scriptures,
15:13 we are clearly taught that
15:15 whether we eat or drink whatever we do,
15:17 we are to do all to the glory of God.
15:19 Our body is God's temple. Amen.
15:22 Nice. Thank you for that. Appreciate it.
15:24 Pastor Lomacang, we're coming right back to you
15:26 with this next question.
15:27 It says...
15:29 This is coming from someone who lives in Canada.
15:30 Okay.
15:31 They said, "Is the 144,000 a literal number?
15:35 Some pastors say it is, some say it's not.
15:38 Please help." Okay.
15:39 Wonderful question.
15:40 And this has been a controversy
15:42 as long as I remember being a pastor.
15:43 Even in our own denomination,
15:45 there are some say, well, I think it's literal,
15:46 some of them say, I think it's symbolic.
15:48 Well, here, let me throw this third component,
15:51 the 144,000 is a distinct symbolic number.
15:56 Yeah.
15:57 Distinct, but symbolic,
15:59 because you have in Revelation Chapter 7,
16:02 you have the twelve tribes, 12,000 from each tribe.
16:06 And then you have later on
16:07 John's view is turned to a number
16:10 which no man could number.
16:12 So let's break it down.
16:14 You also find that nowhere in scripture
16:16 does the Bible link say that the twelve tribes of Israel
16:20 are exactly like all the other nations.
16:23 Now here's how they are alike.
16:25 When it comes to physiology, when it comes to,
16:28 the makeup of a human being, we're all identical.
16:31 But Deuteronomy 7:6-8,
16:34 let's talk about this very quickly.
16:35 I'll just go ahead and read it for you.
16:37 Deuteronomy 7:6,
16:39 "For you are a holy people to the Lord your God,
16:42 the Lord your God has chosen you
16:44 to be a people for Himself,
16:45 a special treasure above all the peoples
16:48 on the face of the earth."
16:50 And so the Lord, when they, when He chose Israel,
16:53 He chose them for a specific focal point.
16:55 Yes.
16:56 He chose them for a specific function.
16:58 Now you may have had a package delivered
17:00 to your house by FedEx or UPS.
17:02 Does the FedEx guy die differently than you?
17:04 No.
17:05 Is he different than you in makeup?
17:06 No. Is the FedEx guy? No.
17:08 The UPS guy? No.
17:09 The post office person? No.
17:11 They have a special function.
17:12 And that function is pointed out
17:14 in Acts Chapter 13,
17:15 Paul and Barnabas, verse 46,
17:18 "It was necessary that the Word of God
17:19 should be spoken to you first.
17:21 But since you rejected and judge yourselves unworthy
17:23 of everlasting life, behold, we turn to the Gentiles."
17:27 So what's this 144,000 all about?
17:29 Let me narrow it down to my understanding.
17:31 The 144,000 as Revelation 7 describes and Revelation 14
17:35 brings them back into the picture,
17:37 represent those that have a message
17:39 to proclaim to the multitude,
17:42 the number that no man can number.
17:44 That's why, when John has asked,
17:46 who are they?
17:48 And where did they come from?
17:50 He didn't just say from all nations,
17:52 he said, they came out of the great tribulation.
17:55 How do they come out? Revelation 18.
17:57 When the proclamation of the message
17:59 by the 144,000 God's chosen people.
18:02 That's where it's distinct, those who have a final message.
18:05 What is the message? Come out of her, My people.
18:08 And who are they?
18:09 They are the ones that came out.
18:11 So there are many more that are gonna accept this message.
18:14 And the work of the 144,000 is to proclaim
18:17 that final message to the world.
18:19 Is that a literal number?
18:20 No, but it's distinct and separate
18:23 from the multitude that no one can number.
18:25 Amen. Amen.
18:26 Thank you, Pastor, for that. I appreciate that.
18:28 Pastor John Dinzey, coming back to you.
18:30 This comes from Ingrid in New York
18:33 and she says, "Hello, 3ABN team.
18:35 I'm about to start reading the Book of Isaiah.
18:38 And I would like further understanding of it.
18:40 Do you know which one of Ellen G. White's books
18:43 will help me during my daily readings
18:45 in the Book of Isaiah?"
18:47 Thank you in behalf of the 3ABN team.
18:51 Greetings to you, Ingrid.
18:52 Thank you for sending in the question.
18:53 And the Book of Isaiah is a marvelous book.
18:56 Wonderful blessings are in store.
18:59 I encourage you to pray a lot.
19:01 Ask God to help you understand this book.
19:03 And you're gonna wanna go back to it
19:05 over and over again.
19:06 There's some marvelous scriptures there.
19:08 Concerning writings of Ellen G. White,
19:10 that can help you with that.
19:11 I pointed to Prophets and Kings
19:13 and you can begin reading in Chapter 25.
19:16 You may go all the way probably to Chapter 32,
19:18 and you'll see some incredible blessings
19:22 as you read.
19:23 And comp, this will compliment your reading
19:24 in a marvelous way.
19:26 Draw you close to the Lord.
19:27 And the Book of Isaiah,
19:29 once again has incredible scriptures.
19:31 You know, Isaiah Chapter 1,
19:34 it tells you that though your sins be as scarlet.
19:36 You know, though, they be like crimson,
19:39 you know, you can be as white as wool.
19:40 Marvelous scriptures, and I encourage you
19:42 to study this book with a prayer
19:45 and it will be a great blessing to you
19:47 and to others as you share.
19:49 Amen. Amen.
19:50 Thank you, Pastor. Appreciate that.
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20:22 Send us your questions.
20:23 We'd love to give a Bible answer
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20:26 All right.
20:28 Let's get back to the questions.
20:29 And we're coming back to you, Miss Jill,
20:30 and this person has a follow-up question to,
20:32 I think, a question that you might have been
20:34 asked in a previous episode.
20:35 In fact, they state that here.
20:37 They say, and this is coming from Jayce, by the way.
20:39 And Jayce says,
20:40 "I just have a follow-up question
20:41 about the question
20:43 how can we know God's will for us?
20:45 Of course, from a previous episode.
20:47 And Jayce says, Miss Morikone said that
20:49 we should listen to God's voice,
20:52 but how can we know for sure that it's God's voice
20:56 and not our own thoughts?"
20:58 It's a great question, Jayce.
20:59 Thank you for the follow-up question.
21:01 And I know that I've wondered this too
21:03 sometimes myself, is this my own thinking?
21:06 Is this something I wanted to do?
21:08 So my thoughts are here
21:09 or am I really hearing God's voice?
21:12 I think the first thing to do is to test the impression,
21:15 test those thoughts against the Word of God.
21:19 Isaiah 8:20, "To the law and to the testimony,
21:22 if they do not speak according to this word,
21:25 there is no light in them."
21:27 In other words, if you have a thought
21:29 that comes to you
21:30 and it does not line up with Scripture,
21:33 it does not line up with the Word of God,
21:35 then you know clearly that is not coming from God.
21:38 And that is simply your own thoughts.
21:41 Another principle is to ask others for guidance.
21:45 Proverbs 11:14,
21:46 "Where there is no counsel, the people fail,
21:48 but in the multitude of counselors,
21:51 there is safety."
21:53 You go to the Word of God,
21:54 you test that impression against the Word of God.
21:57 You ask godly people around you who know the Word of God,
22:01 would this be in line with the Word of God?
22:04 The third thing I think is so important,
22:06 vitally important to know and ascertain the Word of God,
22:09 the will of God, the voice of God
22:12 is to actually develop a relationship with Him,
22:14 know who He is.
22:16 You know, we can be in a crowded group,
22:17 a crowded store or anywhere,
22:19 and I can hear Greg laugh
22:22 or I can hear Greg clear his throat,
22:24 or I can hear Greg say something
22:27 and instantly I know it's my husband's voice.
22:29 That's right. Why is that?
22:31 There's a whole bunch of people
22:32 and there's a whole bunch of other distractions.
22:33 And there's a lot of other voices,
22:35 but I know his voice because I know him.
22:38 When you spend time in the Word of God,
22:41 when you get to know the God of the Bible,
22:45 Jesus Christ, you will discover
22:48 and understand who He is
22:50 and you will clearly know and hear His voice.
22:54 That was a beautiful answer. Thank you for that.
22:56 Pastor Dinzey, I'm gonna come back to you
22:57 for this next question.
22:59 This is coming from Nancy in Tennessee,
23:02 and she says, "Can you please
23:04 explain Genesis 15:13, 16?
23:09 And she makes a note here.
23:10 So sounds like a generation as 100 years."
23:13 So Genesis 15:13, 16.
23:16 Very good.
23:17 Turning to Genesis 15:13, 16.
23:20 It says he, "Then He said to Abram:
23:24 'Know certainly that your descendants
23:28 will be strangers in a land
23:29 that is not theirs, and will serve them,
23:32 and they will afflict them four hundred years."
23:35 Moving to verse 16,
23:37 "But in the fourth generation they shall return here,
23:40 for the iniquity of the Amorites
23:42 is not yet complete."
23:45 I see that the idea is four generations
23:49 must be equaled 100 years each.
23:52 It is not really safe to say
23:54 that a generation is a 100 years.
23:57 You'll see different answers coming
23:58 from different people saying it's 30 years, 40 years
24:03 you'll see different answers.
24:05 The Bible does not tell us how long a generation is.
24:10 It is a, you sometimes in the reference
24:13 as those living in that age, Jesus says in Matthew 24,
24:17 it says this generation shall not pass
24:20 until all these things are fulfilled.
24:22 Those living at that time, seeing those signs,
24:25 that generation will not pass
24:26 until all these things are fulfilled.
24:28 So I also want to point out that sometimes
24:31 and they in reference to the life span of a person.
24:36 When you look at this verse, these verses Genesis 15,
24:40 it is interesting to note that Moses
24:43 was the fourth beginning,
24:46 was the fourth person or the fourth,
24:49 if you call a generation from Levi,
24:52 Caleb was the fourth from Judah.
24:55 So in essence, this could also be
24:58 how you may understand these scriptures that tell us
25:01 in the fourth generation
25:02 unto force four different generation,
25:05 here's the father, his son, and his son.
25:07 And then in the next generation,
25:09 that's when they leave.
25:10 So it's not safe to say a generation is 100 years.
25:14 Gotcha. All right.
25:16 Thank you for that.
25:17 Pastor Lomacang, we're coming back to you.
25:19 And this is, this question says,
25:22 "Can you explain Matthew 27:52-53?
25:27 And they say here,
25:28 did they go to heaven with Jesus?
25:30 Or did they go back to the graves?"
25:33 Okay, wonderful.
25:34 One of the things you'll find when you study the Bible
25:36 about the life of Christ,
25:38 everyone that Jesus raised to life during His ministry
25:41 was subject to death
25:43 because Jesus Himself had not yet conquered death.
25:46 And this is a critical connection.
25:49 He had not yet conquered death until He rose from the grave.
25:53 So what did He pass off to those who rose with Him?
25:58 The very same thing that He rose with.
26:01 He rose to life eternal.
26:03 What did He pass on to those who rose with Him?
26:06 Life eternal.
26:07 And you find here, let me show you in Matthew
26:09 and let's read those passages.
26:11 Matthew 27:52-53.
26:14 Speaking about the resurrection of Christ,
26:15 "And the graves were opened, and many bodies of his saints
26:18 who had fallen asleep were raised,
26:21 and coming out of the graves after his resurrection,
26:25 they went into the holy city and appeared to many."
26:28 You find the fulfillment of a passage in John Chapter 5
26:31 that relates to this.
26:32 And I'll show you the word here
26:34 in the Hebrew transliteration.
26:36 John 5:25.
26:39 We know what John 5:28-29 says, the hour is coming.
26:42 But look at verse 25.
26:44 "Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is,
26:50 when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God,
26:53 and those who hear will live."
26:55 The word there in the Greek means come to life immortal.
27:00 This is not life temporary.
27:02 This is not life that's going to pass off
27:04 like Lazarus was raised from the dead,
27:07 as the Lord uses the example of the brother
27:09 of Mary and Martha.
27:10 And that's when you look at the connection,
27:12 the Hebrew writers and the Greek scholars
27:15 connect this to this very same verse
27:16 in Matthew 27:63,
27:18 they said, the life that's talked about here
27:21 is a very life that's referred to in Matthew 27:63.
27:25 When the accusers of Christ said,
27:28 sir, talking about Christ.
27:30 We remember that that deceiver said
27:34 while he was yet alive,
27:36 after three days, I will rise again.
27:39 That connected to the phrase rise again.
27:42 And did Jesus die again? He didn't.
27:44 So the rising again is being connected
27:47 by the Greek and Hebrew scholars
27:48 to the very same passage in John 5:25,
27:51 those who hear will live.
27:53 So the answer is obvious.
27:54 Those who rose did not die again,
27:57 they became tokens of all
28:00 who had come forth in the first resurrection.
28:03 And some suggest that when Revelation
28:05 talks about the 24 elders around the throne of God,
28:08 you'll never find in the Bible
28:10 anywhere where elders are referred to as angels.
28:14 I know some people try to make the connection,
28:15 but elders are never talked to
28:17 in the Bible spoken of as angels.
28:20 Elders are always referred to
28:22 as a property of a human being.
28:25 So how could they be around the throne, the 24 elders?
28:28 All only those of our peer groups
28:30 are in the proper position to be judging our works.
28:34 So I believe that they did raise to life
28:37 and they went to heaven with the Lord
28:39 as a token of those who were raised
28:41 in the first resurrection.
28:42 Amen. All right.
28:43 Thank you, Pastor, for that. Jill, we're coming back to you.
28:47 And this comes from this particular question
28:50 comes from Niki, from Michigan.
28:52 And she says, "Why did God called
28:55 David his perfect servant.
28:58 He had flaws and mistakes and sins he committed.
29:00 What made him perfect to God?"
29:03 It's a great question, Niki.
29:04 Thank you so much for sending that in.
29:06 You know, David is called a man after God's own heart
29:09 and we find this twice in Scripture.
29:11 First is before,
29:12 when he's anointed before he becomes king,
29:15 that's in 1 Samuel 13:14,
29:18 "Now your Saul's kingdom,"
29:20 that means Saul's kingdom shall not continue.
29:23 "The Lord has sought for Himself,
29:24 a man after his own heart,
29:27 and the Lord has commanded him
29:29 to be a commander over His people,
29:31 because you have not kept what the Lord commanded you."
29:34 So the Prophet Samuel is saying,
29:36 okay, Saul, you're not gonna be king
29:38 because you have not walked in the ways of God.
29:40 And God is picking a man after His own heart to be king.
29:45 And that would be David.
29:47 The reference is made as well.
29:48 Paul references it in Acts 13:22,
29:52 really referring to the same passage.
29:54 But why was David called a man after God's own heart?
29:56 'Cause clearly David had sins.
29:59 David killed someone, had Uriah the Hittite killed
30:03 after his sin with Bathsheba.
30:05 And that's just the beginning.
30:06 There are other sins
30:08 that are mentioned in the Word of God.
30:10 I believe he was called a man after God's own heart
30:12 because he repented of his sin.
30:16 We see this in 1 Kings 14.
30:19 Now this is Jeroboam
30:20 and the prophet comes to Jeroboam.
30:22 Now this is after the time of David.
30:24 And he says in 1 Kings 14:8,
30:28 "I tore the kingdom away from the house of David
30:30 and gave it to you, and yet you have not been
30:33 as my servant, David,
30:34 who kept My commandments and who followed me
30:37 with all his heart,
30:39 to do only what was right in My eyes."
30:42 Did you catch that? This is after David's sin.
30:44 God looks at him
30:46 and He said he only did what was right in My eyes.
30:50 Why is that? Because David was forgiven.
30:52 He repented of his sin.
30:56 We see that in Psalm 51.
30:57 We don't have time to read that,
30:59 but that entire Psalm, David is repenting.
31:02 God have mercy on me, blot out my transgressions.
31:07 David loved God's Word and sought to follow it.
31:10 We see that in Psalm 1:19, "Oh, how I love Your law.
31:15 I meditate on it all the day."
31:17 We saw that he sought to follow God.
31:20 He repented and in the eyes of God,
31:22 he was as if he had never sinned.
31:25 Amen. Amen, I like that.
31:27 Thank you, Jill. Great hope.
31:28 Pastor Lomacang coming back to you here.
31:30 Okay.
31:31 This question says,
31:32 "What important message in Revelation 1
31:35 can you share with others given our COVID problem?
31:39 Why is it important?"
31:41 I like that because COVID has taken the center stage
31:44 in so many ways, anywhere from the ridiculous
31:46 to the mundane, anywhere
31:48 from conspiracy theories to just,
31:50 we are being forced to receive the mark of the beast.
31:51 Right.
31:52 It's been, it's just metamorphosized
31:54 into an America foolishness to be very frank about it.
31:58 But Revelation 1 gives hope.
31:59 And let me give you a couple of passage
32:01 in Revelation 1,
32:02 one of the first things I would say
32:03 COVID didn't catch God by surprise.
32:05 Nothing catches God by surprise.
32:08 In spite of COVID, the Lord is coming again.
32:10 Amen.
32:11 Revelation 1:7, "Behold,
32:13 He is coming with clouds and every eye will see Him."
32:16 The promise that the Lord
32:18 made COVID cannot delay or cancel,
32:21 but the encouraging message from Revelation 1
32:24 in light of the COVID environment
32:26 is Revelation 1:17-18.
32:29 "When the Lord says,
32:30 'Do not be afraid, I am the first and the last.'"
32:33 And there's a lot of fear connected
32:35 with the COVID environment.
32:37 People for medical reasons, people for political reasons,
32:40 and every other reason that doesn't really,
32:43 I don't have the time to mention those reasons.
32:45 Fear has come upon so many people
32:47 and some people think it's just the older people.
32:49 No, there are younger people that are just terrified,
32:51 people in general.
32:53 But on the other side of that,
32:54 there are people that are recalcitrant.
32:56 And just so, they exercise no caution at all.
32:59 That's not gonna happen.
33:00 It's a farce, it's a hoax.
33:03 I wouldn't fall into any one of those categories.
33:05 I would believe if, if this is something
33:08 that can take a person's life,
33:09 let's approach it with very cautious attitudes.
33:13 What do we say to a person that's filled with fear?
33:15 Do not be afraid, I am the first and the last.
33:18 Even if COVID takes someone's life,
33:21 which hundreds of thousands of people,
33:23 and more than a million around the world
33:25 are listed as having lost their lives to COVID.
33:28 If you lose your life in Christ,
33:30 He can bring you forth in the first resurrection.
33:33 He says, I have the keys of death and of the grave.
33:36 So even COVID itself cannot prevent a saint
33:40 from coming forth from the grave
33:41 when Jesus comes back.
33:42 That's right. Amen.
33:44 Amen. Wonderful.
33:45 Pastor John Dinzey, this one comes to you
33:48 and this person says, "John baptized Jesus in water.
33:53 Was John baptized?"
33:56 That is a good question I have to say.
33:57 I've never heard that one.
33:59 But it is reasonable to,
34:02 to come to the conclusion that yes.
34:04 Why?
34:06 Well, because in John Chapter 3,
34:09 I'm beginning in verse 3, Jesus says these things,
34:14 "Jesus answered and said to him,
34:18 'Most assuredly, I say to you,
34:21 unless one is born again,
34:23 he cannot see the kingdom of God.'
34:27 Nicodemus said to Him,
34:28 'How can a man be born when he is old?
34:30 Can he enter a second time
34:32 into his mother's womb and be born?'
34:34 Jesus answered, 'Most assuredly,
34:36 I say to you, unless one is born of water
34:39 and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.
34:42 That which is born of the flesh is flesh,
34:44 and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."
34:46 So considering this, I would say it is reasonable,
34:51 logical to believe that John the Baptist was baptized,
34:54 but the Bible does not reveal who baptized him.
34:58 But I'm fine believing that yes,
35:01 he would ask someone, would you please baptize me?
35:04 Because if you're not baptized, as he says,
35:06 if you're able to, you should be baptized.
35:09 There are some people in certain conditions
35:11 that cannot get out of the bed.
35:12 They cannot be submerged under water.
35:15 And so this is understandable.
35:17 Well, you had a thief on the cross.
35:18 He couldn't come down from the cross to be baptized.
35:21 But Jesus said to him,
35:22 "You will be with me in the kingdom."
35:24 Amen. Amen.
35:26 Wonderful.
35:27 That's an interesting question and a great answer.
35:29 Thank you, Pastor. Praise the Lord.
35:30 Pastor Lomacang, I'm gonna come back to you
35:31 for this one.
35:33 It says John 3:16, by the way,
35:34 this comes from Cheri in Washington, DC.
35:37 And Cheri says, "John 3:16 says
35:41 whosoever believes shall not perish,
35:45 but have everlasting life.
35:47 And her question is need we only believe?"
35:50 Oh, okay.
35:51 Well, Cheri, the answer is no.
35:55 Belief is something that requires an action.
35:59 Oftentimes the gospel is connected
36:01 to just an intellectual ascent
36:02 and say, well, I believe that, I believe this.
36:05 You know, you can believe that birds can fly,
36:07 but you can't fly just because you believe it.
36:10 A lot of things are not activated
36:12 by just believing.
36:13 The belief that we are expressing in
36:16 behalf of Christ should be followed
36:19 and warranting a response to it.
36:20 Yes.
36:22 The Bible makes it very clear in Matthew 16:16,
36:25 he who believes will be saved?
36:27 No.
36:29 "He who believes and is baptized will be saved,
36:33 but he who does not believe will be condemned."
36:36 So belief is connected to the first step
36:39 in escaping the condemnation
36:41 that has come about as a result of sin.
36:44 But belief is not all you need to do.
36:46 And I appreciate it.
36:47 I'm just gonna tag on to Pastor Dinzey here.
36:50 I believe that John's disciples baptized John,
36:53 'cause his disciples are doing a lot of baptism.
36:55 Because John understood, baptism is the key
36:58 to entering into that new life,
37:00 that example of walking with God
37:02 and walking with Christ.
37:03 Paul also says, I mean, in the Book of Acts,
37:07 Dr. Luke says, and Peter is preaching
37:10 on the day of Pentecost,
37:11 "Repent, therefore, and be converted that
37:14 your sins may be blotted out.
37:16 So the times of refreshing may come
37:19 from the presence of the Lord."
37:20 All right.
37:22 So it's not just believing and saying, this is great,
37:24 but here's the reason why believing alone
37:26 is not important.
37:28 The devils believe and they trembled.
37:31 That's right.
37:32 Devils are not saved because they believe...
37:34 Thank you.
37:36 When you believe there's something else
37:37 must be added to that belief.
37:39 You believe that there is one God, you do well.
37:41 Even the demons believe, but you know, foolish man,
37:45 your belief should be connected to your works
37:47 because faith without works is dead.
37:50 Saved by works?
37:52 No, but you can't be in a believing,
37:54 growing relationship with Christ
37:55 and have no works as evidence of that connection.
37:59 Absolutely, wonderful. Thank you, Pastor.
38:01 Pastor Dinzey, I'm gonna come right back to you
38:03 for this next question.
38:05 Says, "Could you please explain Genesis 6
38:08 that speaks about the daughters of men
38:10 and the sons of God.
38:11 Are they angels or are they all humans?"
38:16 That is a very good question.
38:18 And many people believe that, but what does,
38:21 what can we find in the Bible that will help us
38:23 to understand that who these individuals were?
38:26 Let's go to Genesis Chapter 6 and here you will go
38:29 to verse 1 where it talks about this very thing.
38:33 "And now it came to pass
38:34 when men began to multiply on the face of the earth
38:37 and daughters were born to them,
38:39 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men,
38:42 that they were beautiful.
38:43 And they took wives
38:44 for themselves of all whom they chose.
38:47 And the Lord said, 'My Spirit shall not strive
38:50 with man forever for he is indeed flesh,
38:52 yet his days shall be 120 years."
38:55 Here you have God reacting
38:57 to the situation that was already happening.
38:59 And I'm gonna say it right now and I will say it again.
39:02 These sons of God, they saw the daughters of men.
39:05 These are the ones that chose to be faithful.
39:09 Adam's descendants, Seth, that chose to be faithful.
39:12 The daughters of men were the daughters of Cain.
39:16 Those of Cain's descendants
39:18 that chose to separate themselves from the Lord.
39:20 This is who it's talking about here.
39:22 Now, verse 4, "There were giants on the earth
39:25 in those days, and also afterward
39:27 when the sons of God came into the daughters of men
39:30 and they bore children to them.
39:32 Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.
39:37 Then the Lord saw the wickedness of man
39:40 was great in the earth.
39:41 And that every intent of the thoughts of his heart
39:44 was only evil continually."
39:46 So what we have here is for a period of time,
39:50 the sons of God,
39:51 those who chose to be faithful live separate.
39:53 Cain and his descendants that were evil live separately.
39:56 But the sons of God that chose,
39:58 the ones that chose to be faithful
40:00 started looking on the other side,
40:01 "Hey, they have good looking women over there too.
40:03 Why don't we go over there and take some wives
40:05 from over there?"
40:06 And so the distinction between the two disappeared,
40:10 and that's why you have the thoughts of men's hearts
40:14 being evil continually.
40:16 The race became corrupted the whole race.
40:19 Now it's interesting to note that in Genesis Chapter 4,
40:22 you have the genealogy of the family of Cain.
40:25 Genesis Chapter 4, beginning in verse 16.
40:29 But when you get to Chapter 5,
40:30 it starts to discuss the genealogy of Adam,
40:33 those that chose to be faithful.
40:35 So by the time you get to Genesis Chapter 6,
40:37 you're seeing the story revealing that
40:40 the daughters of God, the sons of God,
40:42 those who were faithful
40:44 and the sons of men that were evil,
40:46 they started intermarrying one another
40:48 and the distinction was lost.
40:49 These were not angels that had, I'm gonna say sex with women
40:55 and had giants.
40:57 These were the sons of God that decided to say,
41:00 "Hey, let's go over there and intermarriage."
41:03 That's right. Amen.
41:04 Appreciate that answer.
41:06 As you were, as you were answering that,
41:07 I was thinking of Romans 8:14,
41:08 which says, "For as many as are led
41:10 by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God."
41:13 That's right. And so, amen.
41:14 Great answer. Great answer. All right.
41:17 This next question says, "What is the meaning of 3ABN?
41:22 And what better person to answer this question
41:24 than our vice president and COO, Jill.
41:28 Thank you so much for sending in your question,
41:29 'cause this tells me you might be brand new
41:31 to the 3ABN family,
41:33 and we are delighted that you tuned in
41:35 and that you're watching
41:36 or that you're listening to us on radio.
41:38 3ABN began in 1984,
41:41 when God called a carpenter Danny Shelton
41:45 to build a television station that would reach the world
41:49 with the undiluted three angels' messages,
41:52 one that would counteract the counterfeit.
41:54 And for over 36 years, 3ABN has sought
41:58 to remain faithful to that vision,
42:00 to proclaim the gospel,
42:02 to proclaim the three angels' messages,
42:04 to proclaim what the Word of God says
42:07 to a lost and dying world.
42:09 We do that through television.
42:10 We have nine television networks
42:13 and five radio networks.
42:15 We do that through programming
42:17 that helps with addiction recovery.
42:20 That's biblical teaching like this program.
42:23 We have programs for children,
42:25 programming that would be focused on music,
42:27 programs for cooking
42:28 and healthy eating and exercise.
42:31 We have different languages.
42:33 We have Spanish, Pastor Dinzey.
42:35 We have French, we have Russian.
42:38 And what a gift and blessing to be
42:40 able to proclaim the gospel in multiple languages.
42:43 Amen.
42:45 And in multiple ways, as Pastor Johnny
42:47 would always say,
42:49 3ABN is a channel of divine origin.
42:53 And we believe that God
42:55 is at the helm of this ministry,
42:57 that God leads and directs
42:59 and the entire purpose of each person
43:01 here in the ministry,
43:02 no matter whether they work in accounting
43:05 or answer your calls in the call center,
43:07 no matter whether they run camera
43:09 or appear on television, the purpose is all the same,
43:12 to proclaim that gospel message
43:15 to the world so that we can go home.
43:18 Amen. Amen. Praise the Lord.
43:20 And it's such a blessing to be a part of this worldwide,
43:22 amazing ministry, 3ABN.
43:24 That reminds me on that note, that particular question came
43:27 from one of our YouTube viewers.
43:29 Just another way that you could submit a question.
43:31 If you're a YouTube viewer, you have a YouTube account.
43:33 You can just type your question there in the comment section
43:36 and we'll do our best to get to that question.
43:38 I'm gonna go to our bonus questions
43:41 at this time
43:42 where we just kinda throw it out there.
43:43 We have about eight minutes, before we go to our break here,
43:47 but I'm gonna throw just a couple of questions
43:49 out there and just let the panel take it,
43:51 let you guys speak freely as you choose.
43:53 But this first question is,
43:54 "Will there be marriages and births in the new earth?"
44:00 In the new earth? Okay.
44:02 Let's first start with a very obvious answer.
44:05 Speculation is a big part of this.
44:08 When the Bible talks about the new earth,
44:09 it talks about we will have houses.
44:11 we will inhabit them, we will plant vineyards.
44:13 And then it talks about in the Book of Malachi,
44:16 children will grow up to a 100 years old.
44:19 You know, the baby will put his hand
44:21 by the hole of the serpent and not be bitten.
44:24 A lion shall be led by a lamb.
44:27 It talks about all these things,
44:28 but it does not address marriage in the new earth.
44:32 Personally, I am married one woman.
44:35 I'm gonna keep holding onto her 'cause I want to have,
44:38 if in fact this question is,
44:40 yes, I won't be looking to get married
44:43 in the new earth.
44:44 I've often counseled people as a marriage coach.
44:47 Sometimes I've said,
44:48 "Don't wait till heaven to get married experience
44:51 what we men experienced down here,
44:54 marry somebody that's not perfect.
44:56 So you could appreciate the way that God looks at His church.
45:00 My wife is learning about God through my life.
45:03 I'm learning about Christ through her life.
45:05 The Lord wanted marriage to be an example on earth
45:07 of the relationship between Christ and His church.
45:11 So now having said that, in the new earth,
45:14 we're gonna all be perfect.
45:16 Christ's church is gonna be perfect.
45:17 My wife is gonna be perfect. I'm gonna be perfect.
45:20 But the Bible doesn't talk about
45:22 marriage in the new earth,
45:23 but it says in Matthew 22:34,
45:25 "In the resurrection,
45:27 they neither marry nor are given in marriage,
45:30 but are like angels of God in heaven."
45:33 Amen.
45:34 It leaves it to heaven,
45:36 but it doesn't talk about the new earth.
45:37 Gotcha.
45:39 Okay. Yes.
45:40 I was gonna read similar,
45:41 it's a similar scripture in Luke 20,
45:43 Luke, 20:34, 35 and 36,
45:44 "And Jesus answering said unto them,
45:46 'The children of this world marry
45:48 and are given in marriage,
45:50 but they which shall be accounted worthy
45:53 to obtain that world,
45:55 and the resurrection from the dead,
45:57 neither marry nor are given in marriage,
45:59 neither can they die anymore,
46:01 for they are equal unto angels,
46:03 unto the angels and are the children of God
46:05 being the children of the resurrection."
46:07 So it's pretty clear that
46:10 there will not be marriages in heaven.
46:11 And so, there are no marriages in heaven.
46:14 There will be no children.
46:16 You know, I heard somebody say,
46:17 my father used to say that actually he said,
46:19 you know, the only commandment
46:22 that people have really kept is that one that says,
46:24 "Be fruitful and multiply."
46:29 That's good. That's good.
46:31 I think of 1 Corinthians 2.
46:34 I like this scripture, 1 Corinthians 2:9,
46:36 "As it is written, eye has not seen nor ear heard,
46:40 nor have entered into the heart of man,
46:42 the things which God has prepared
46:45 for those who love Him."
46:46 So when I read that scripture, it reminds me that no matter
46:50 what we're going to experience in heaven
46:52 and in the new earth,
46:53 it will be better than anything we imagined.
46:55 That's right. And it will be amazing.
46:57 Now this is not from the Word of God.
46:59 This is just Jill's talking right now.
47:02 So I might get a letter or two about this.
47:04 But when I read in the beginning,
47:06 in the Garden of Eden,
47:08 what did God create at the very beginning?
47:10 He created the Sabbath and He created marriage.
47:12 That's right.
47:14 Those are the two institutions
47:16 which we saw from the beginning.
47:18 So in my simple mind,
47:20 the Sabbath continues throughout eternity.
47:22 That's very clear from the Word of God.
47:24 That's right.
47:25 Now, whether marriage or some facet,
47:28 what that looks like will continue in the new earth.
47:31 I don't know, but I'm looking forward to find out
47:33 because that'll be better than anything we ever imagined.
47:35 Right, right.
47:36 You know, I've always thought, you know,
47:37 we're not gonna be showing up in heaven.
47:39 And, you know,
47:40 I think whatever the case may be,
47:42 we're gonna be content and happy.
47:43 That's right.
47:44 'Cause we're the presence of God.
47:46 I don't know that anybody who's gonna show up to heaven
47:47 and be like, wait a second.
47:49 I'm not married.
47:50 This is different what I thought,
47:51 I don't wanna here anymore.
47:53 They're gonna be happy and content
47:54 with this beautiful paradise that God has given us.
47:55 You know, it's sad.
47:57 I remember many years ago, we turned on the television
48:00 and they were announcing some music
48:04 that they were selling.
48:05 And there was a song that said, "If there is no beer in heaven,
48:08 I don't want to go."
48:10 I said, "What in the world is in the mind of this person."
48:13 This shows how corrupt
48:14 some people have become to think,
48:16 well, if there's no beer, I don't wanna go.
48:18 Believe me, God has so many wonderful things,
48:21 much better than beer.
48:23 Believe it or not for some of you that
48:25 like beer that much.
48:27 Like I said, eyes have not seen,
48:29 neither have ears heard,
48:31 nor has entered into the thoughts
48:32 of your mind the wonderful things
48:34 that God has for us.
48:35 So I encourage you to desire to be
48:37 among God's people, and go to heaven.
48:39 Amen.
48:41 And I don't think that God
48:42 is going to get rid of marriages either.
48:44 Right. Keep in mind the heavenly part.
48:46 We talk about going to heaven.
48:47 The great controversy is not yet settled.
48:50 We're gonna be in heaven for a thousand years.
48:52 And the great controversy
48:54 is going to be settled at the end of that
48:55 when sin and sinners are destroyed.
48:57 So we're not gonna be up there looking for a husband or wife,
48:59 but I believe in the new earth, God is not gonna say,
49:02 well, John, I'm sorry.
49:03 You got to get rid of Angie. Angie got to get rid of John.
49:06 No, I don't believe that
49:07 because it's such a blessed institution.
49:08 Thank you, Jill, for reminding us,
49:10 God wouldn't bless something
49:11 and say later on it's defective.
49:13 Gotcha. Wonderful.
49:14 All right.
49:16 We have about two and a half minutes
49:17 to give one more answer to another question.
49:19 This one comes from Arizona and this person says,
49:22 "In the Bible, it talks about divorce only
49:24 when one spouse is unfaithful.
49:27 If a couple divorces because they grow apart
49:29 and one spouse is unfaithful,
49:32 perhaps after they divorced or remarries,
49:34 is the other spouse then free to remarry?"
49:39 Okay, good.
49:41 I'll let you start, Jill, and then I'll go.
49:43 Well, I'll just jump in and say absolutely.
49:45 I mean the principle,
49:47 we know that for purposes of adultery,
49:49 if one of the partners in marriage commits adultery,
49:52 that the other spouse is free to remarry.
49:54 So I would say if there was divorce
49:56 and someone else remarries,
49:57 then I would say they would be free to remarry.
50:00 I have to say, you know,
50:02 that the marriage institution is,
50:04 it was supposed to be for life.
50:05 I know there are situations now,
50:08 people make mistakes.
50:09 God is understanding about those mistakes.
50:12 But when you're talking about remarriage for,
50:16 as Jill has mentioned,
50:18 we have the guidance in 1 Corinthians Chapter 7,
50:21 is it or is it 2 Corinthians...
50:22 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 says,
50:24 that if you're going to remarry,
50:26 you should marry with a believer.
50:28 That's right. So please understand that.
50:31 Okay, if adultery has taken place,
50:33 I'm gonna remarry.
50:35 You have, you...
50:36 The Bible gives us a guidance to marry
50:38 within God's believing family.
50:40 Okay.
50:42 And quickly Matthew 19:8-9,
50:43 it says, Moses talked about this.
50:45 God never wanted divorce any way,
50:46 but he says, "Because of the hardness
50:48 of your heart permitted you to divorce your wives,
50:50 but from the beginning, it was not so."
50:52 And he says in verse 9, "And I say to you,
50:54 whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality,
50:57 and marries another, commits adultery,
50:59 and whoever marries her
51:03 who is divorced commits adultery."
51:06 If there has been no infraction in the relationship
51:08 and neither one on legitimate grounds
51:10 have been set free, then don't enter
51:12 into that relationship from the very beginning.
51:14 It's not blessed. Amen.
51:15 Wonderful answer on that. Absolutely.
51:17 You know, sometimes we'll get these questions that are,
51:20 you know, they're tough questions.
51:21 They're not, not that the Bible doesn't provide a clear answer,
51:24 but sometimes you gotta dig a little deeper
51:26 to know exactly what God's will is in that instance.
51:29 And so, we're actually gonna to a quick break,
51:31 where you be able to see exactly how,
51:33 again, you can submit those questions to us
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51:39 Here it is right now.
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