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Is Salvation Conditional?

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00:01 Amen.
00:02 We've been working through these Bible
00:04 questions and answers,
00:05 and it's been such a blessing during this past hour,
00:06 but we've got a couple of minutes left
00:08 to give some final thoughts, so...
00:09 Ladies first. Okay.
00:11 I just wanted to reference, we had talked about the person
00:13 who commits adultery, and if you are in a marriage
00:17 where your spouse has been unfaithful,
00:19 know that even in the midst of that,
00:22 God can work to redeem.
00:24 God can restore.
00:25 And He's in the business of reuniting
00:28 and restoring marriages.
00:30 That's right. Amen. Amen.
00:31 Indeed, He is.
00:33 I do want to say something concerning those
00:34 because there are people in marriages
00:37 where the other person continues to commit adultery,
00:40 continues to commit adultery, is not living a Christian life
00:43 nor desires to,
00:44 but wants to live a life of adultery,
00:46 you do not have to stay in that marriage.
00:49 You can ask the Lord for the person to be saved,
00:52 for the person to accept Jesus Christ
00:53 as a personal savior.
00:55 And if you see that change coming,
00:57 if you see that change after a period of time,
00:59 stick with him, you know,
01:01 continue to pray and stick with him.
01:03 But if you do not see change,
01:05 you're free to divorce according to the Bible.
01:08 And there is no sin that the Lord cannot forgive.
01:10 And I'm glad you brought that out,
01:11 Pastor Dinzey and Jill,
01:13 because there are sins that are in our lives
01:16 that the hardness of the heart is what prevents people
01:19 from working it out.
01:20 I've known people that have had the experience
01:21 you just talked about and they broke up.
01:24 Seven years passed, and all of a sudden
01:25 they saw a new man or a new woman,
01:27 that same person, and they got remarried.
01:29 And they said, you know what?
01:30 The Lord changed his life or changed her life.
01:32 There's no sin that we can commit
01:34 that God cannot forgive.
01:36 And Matthew made it clearer.
01:38 If the heart is not hard, God can work with that heart.
01:41 Amen.
01:42 Thank you so much to this wonderful panel,
01:44 for your time and your efforts in answering these questions.
01:47 Let's be reminded the Bible, counsels us to be diligent,
01:50 to study to show ourselves approved,
01:52 rightly dividing the word of truth.
01:54 We need to always ask, what does the Bible say?
01:57 And that's what this program is about, 3ABN Bible Q and A.
02:01 We'll see you right back here next week.
02:03 Amen.


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