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00:01 As you're well aware,
00:02 we're living in unprecedented times.
00:05 Join us now for Today special program.
00:12 I want to spend my life
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00:44 I want to spend my life
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00:55 I want to spend my life
01:01 Mending broken people
01:15 Hello and welcome to 3ABN Today
01:16 and today is 3ABN Today Q and A
01:19 Bible questions that we received from you
01:23 and we are going to ask these questions to our panel,
01:26 the family of 3ABN,
01:27 and we have Sister Shelley Quinn
01:29 with us today.
01:30 Welcome. Well, it's good to be here.
01:32 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
01:34 Pastor Ryan Day.
01:36 I'm here and accounted for.
01:37 Here and accounted for. Praise the Lord.
01:39 And Pastor Lomacang.
01:40 Always good to be on the Bible answered program.
01:42 Praise God for that.
01:44 Amen. Amen.
01:45 And so we have received your questions,
01:48 and they are ready to be presented to our panel.
01:52 And before we do that, since this is a Bible Q and A,
01:55 we go to the Lord in prayer because we depend on Him
01:58 to bless us with the answers.
02:00 And so we also encourage you to join us in prayer
02:04 so that your mind will be receptive
02:06 to God's Word.
02:07 So let's go to the Lord in prayer.
02:09 I ask Sister Shelley Quinn to pray for us.
02:10 Absolutely.
02:12 Our loving Heavenly Father,
02:14 we pause again today
02:15 to come before You in the name of Jesus.
02:18 Lord, we need Your Holy Spirit.
02:21 We are mere mortal men and we need your leading,
02:26 we pray in the name of Jesus
02:28 that these questions we pondered over Lord
02:32 with this already sought You for the answer.
02:35 Help us to deliver it in such a way
02:39 with Your anointing that it makes perfect sense.
02:43 And, Lord, may you get all the glory.
02:46 We thank You for our precious viewers.
02:49 We thank You, Lord,
02:50 that they are entrusting us with these questions.
02:54 Please entrust us now with the answer in Jesus' name.
02:57 Amen.
02:59 Amen. Amen.
03:00 Well, I want to let you know something right off hand that
03:04 we try to answer as many questions as possible
03:06 during this hour.
03:08 And I can assure you
03:10 that each one of them could spend more time
03:13 on each question,
03:14 but because we're trying to get
03:16 as many questions in as possible
03:18 there's well, we try to limit the answers
03:20 to something concise and precise.
03:22 So please understand this.
03:23 Let me tell you
03:25 how you can participate in this program
03:26 because many of you already have done so.
03:28 You can send an email to Bible Q and A.
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03:59 and, of course,
04:01 you can use that also for prayer requests
04:02 and we appreciate your prayer request as well.
04:04 We have a pastoral team that prays for your request.
04:08 We have already prayed
04:09 and we are ready to ask the questions.
04:11 The first one goes to Pastor John Lomacang.
04:14 Romans 6:14 says,
04:18 "For sin shall not have dominion over you,
04:22 for you are not under law but under grace.
04:25 What law is this verse referring to?
04:29 Is it referring to the Ten Commandments
04:31 or the ceremonial laws?
04:33 Also, what does the phrase not under the law mean?"
04:38 This is from Julie from South Dakota.
04:41 Okay, great.
04:42 That's Romans 6-14.
04:43 And when you read the context of that
04:45 Paul is not referring to any law in particular,
04:47 he's referring to law as a principle.
04:50 And let me give you an understanding
04:51 of exactly what that means.
04:53 If and I want you to hear me carefully.
04:57 If the law, if the power of sin can make you sin.
05:02 I'm gonna slowdown and say that again,
05:04 if sin can make you sin, it has dominion over you,
05:09 but it cannot make you sin.
05:11 We are, first it starts with a temptation
05:13 and then we yield.
05:15 Let me walk you through the steps.
05:16 So when it says,
05:18 for sin shall not have dominion over you,
05:20 Paul is talking about the principle of the power
05:23 of what sin does.
05:24 Here's the example of that, Romans 6-16.
05:27 Sin does not have dominion over you
05:29 until you yield.
05:31 Here's Romans 6:16,
05:32 "Do you not know that
05:34 whom you present yourselves slaves to obey,
05:37 you are that one's slave whom you obey,
05:40 whether of sin leading to death
05:41 or of obedience leading to righteousness."
05:43 The King James Version uses the phrase yield.
05:46 When you yield,
05:47 you discover, wait a minute,
05:49 I'm no longer in control,
05:50 because one leads to righteousness,
05:52 the other one leads to death.
05:53 The evidence of that is Romans 7:17.
05:57 But now, it is no longer I who do it,
05:59 but sin that dwells in me."
06:01 Paul is saying,
06:02 "Wait a minute, sin is now in control.
06:04 What I want to do, I can't do,
06:05 what I don't want to do, that's exactly what I'm doing."
06:09 That is the dominion over you.
06:11 The power of the power that you have yielded yourself to
06:15 that is now in control.
06:17 Let's go further.
06:18 The second parts of that,
06:19 for you are not under law, but under grace.
06:21 It means that we gain salvation,
06:23 we do not gain salvation legalistically,
06:27 we gain salvation by God's grace.
06:30 We don't gain salvation by measuring up to a law.
06:33 Salvation is solely on the basis of God's grace.
06:37 Salvation is not a legal transaction
06:39 on our part,
06:41 but a legal transaction on the part of Jesus.
06:43 He paid the price, the legal requirement,
06:46 the wages of sin is death.
06:48 And then he extends to a salvation by grace.
06:51 That's why it says,
06:52 law can either save you
06:54 and law cannot cause you to sin.
06:57 When you yield, it has dominion,
07:00 Christ breaks that dominion and then extends to us grace,
07:03 that's when we are no longer under that law,
07:06 the power to make us do what we want to do
07:08 what we don't want to do.
07:09 But we're under the grace of Christ
07:11 that now works his will through us and in us.
07:14 Hope that was clear to you.
07:15 Paul says clearly in Romans 3:24,
07:18 "Being justified freely by His grace
07:21 through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus."
07:24 That's a free gift,
07:25 not a legal transaction on our part.
07:27 Praise the Lord.
07:29 This is one of that...
07:30 Romans 6:14 read like this,
07:33 "For sin shall not have dominion over you,"
07:34 that's powerful,
07:36 and we should understand that and embrace that.
07:38 Let's go to Sister Shelley Quinn.
07:40 This is another question that has come in.
07:42 We do not have a person's name or where it came from.
07:46 We want to encourage you to send that in as well.
07:49 So they can help us as we do this program.
07:53 Here's the question.
07:54 "Did Jesus lose His omnipresence for eternity?
07:59 Or did He get it back after His resurrection?
08:03 Can you please share where you find your answers?"
08:06 Absolutely.
08:08 In Philippians 2:5-8,
08:09 the Bible says that Jesus emptied Himself.
08:12 God emptied Himself of His glory
08:15 of His divine prerogatives,
08:17 He took on the flesh of mankind.
08:19 And when He took on that flesh,
08:21 He was physically limited to be one place at one time.
08:26 He was resurrected in that flesh,
08:29 Luke 24:36-39 said after his resurrection,
08:34 he showed his, the nail wounds in His hands and His feet
08:38 and He told His disciples,
08:41 a spirit doesn't have flesh and blood
08:44 like flesh and bone says I have.
08:47 He walked the earth for 40 days after His resurrection,
08:51 and He ascended to heaven in that glorified place.
08:55 Acts 1:11 says,
08:56 "This same Jesus
08:58 who was taken up from you into heaven
09:00 will so come in like manner as you have seen him
09:05 go into heaven."
09:08 I love what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:45.
09:10 Jesus is the last Adam.
09:13 He is the new representative of humankind,
09:15 and He is at the right hand of the Father.
09:18 He is our high priest it says.
09:20 Hebrews 4:15 says, that can sympathize with us.
09:24 But Jesus said in John 16:7 to His disciples,
09:28 it's to your advantage that I go away
09:30 because if I do, if I don't,
09:33 he said, the helper can't come to you,
09:34 but if I do, I'll send the Holy Spirit.
09:37 Why was it to their advantage?
09:41 So that Jesus could be present in their heart
09:43 through the Holy Spirit.
09:45 In Ephesians 3:16-17, Paul says,
09:50 be strengthened with might
09:51 through the Spirit in the inner man,
09:53 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.
09:57 "Jesus' omnipresence
09:59 is achieved through the Holy Spirit
10:02 who is one with him.
10:05 But the Holy Spirit is now in all.
10:08 Thank you. Praise the Lord.
10:10 Well, here's the question I cannot give to Shelley
10:14 nor Pastor Lomacang
10:15 because it is addressed specifically to Pastor Ryan.
10:18 So it says here,
10:19 "In a previous episode,
10:21 you only read one Bible text in Genesis
10:24 concerning gay marriage,
10:26 which was about a man cleaving to his wife.
10:30 Gay men and women call their other partner,
10:33 husband or wife.
10:34 Can you please read
10:36 some of those more direct emphatic scriptures
10:38 that you referenced."
10:40 This is from Marianne?
10:41 Yeah, absolutely, I appreciate this question.
10:43 And I appreciate the opportunity
10:45 to be able to clarify,
10:46 because if I remember correctly,
10:47 that particular question that was given to me
10:49 was the second question asked in the very first episode,
10:53 and it was my very first question.
10:55 And we were trying to stick within
10:56 that two minute time frame,
10:58 and I let time get away from me
10:59 and didn't get to read more text.
11:01 But I do want to be very clear that the Bible makes it clear.
11:04 In fact, let me just make this clear, clear
11:06 that God is very much very clear in His Word
11:11 that He stands strongly
11:12 against the practice of homosexuality,
11:15 it was not in His plan.
11:17 It's very clear that
11:18 God condemns that particular lifestyle.
11:21 And He makes it very clear that
11:22 that marriage between and relations
11:24 should only occur
11:26 between a married man and a married woman.
11:28 Very, very clear on that.
11:29 Now, where do we get this from?
11:31 We read a couple of texts here.
11:32 I referenced these texts in the first episode,
11:34 but I want to read them at this point.
11:36 Leviticus 18:22.
11:39 Notice what the Bible says.
11:40 It says, "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman, "
11:44 speaking to the males.
11:45 Of course, this was instruction
11:46 given to Levitical priesthood as well
11:48 as the children of Israel.
11:49 It goes on to say,
11:51 "It is an abomination.
11:52 So a man to lie with the man,
11:53 God says, it's an abomination."
11:55 I'm not going to have that, right?
11:56 Leviticus 20:13, says,
11:58 "If a man lies with a male, as he lies with a woman,
12:01 both of them have committed an abomination,
12:05 they shall surely be put to death,
12:07 their blood shall be upon them."
12:09 So this was something
12:10 that was so strong
12:12 within the Lord's understanding of His mentality,
12:14 His feelings, His attitude towards these practices,
12:17 He says, it's worthy to be put to death.
12:19 And He instructed this,
12:20 so during the time of the children of Israel
12:22 under Moses' leadership,
12:25 but the one that I think is
12:26 even more clear in the New Testament.
12:28 I'm going to read from Romans 1:24-32.
12:32 And the Bible goes on to say, it says,
12:33 "For this reason,
12:35 God gave them up to vile passions."
12:36 Talking about the,
12:38 those, the unrighteous of those particular days.
12:40 It says, "For even their women exchanged the natural use
12:43 for what is against nature,"
12:45 okay?
12:46 "Likewise also the men,
12:48 leaving the natural use of the woman,
12:50 burned in their lust for one another."
12:52 So he's not talking about this in a positive context.
12:54 He goes on to say,
12:56 "Men and men committing what is shameful,
12:58 and receiving in themselves
13:00 the penalty of their error which was due."
13:03 And then he goes on to list all of these different sins
13:05 that will not inherit the kingdom of God.
13:07 And among those, of course, is sexual immorality
13:10 and, of course, the practice of homosexuality.
13:13 The Bible is very, very, very clear.
13:15 And we need to be very clear on that.
13:17 Well, we also have to be careful also, though,
13:19 and I just want to say this,
13:20 and take the extra time to make this clear.
13:22 Many times we can have such a passion
13:24 against these certain sins,
13:26 especially if we don't suffer from them ourselves,
13:29 that we want to make it clear,
13:30 let the world know that these things are horrible,
13:32 and they were wrong.
13:33 But you know, I actually have friends
13:36 that have suffered from this homosexual lifestyle.
13:38 And if you talk to them about this,
13:40 they'll be glad to admit and they have admitted,
13:42 yes, the Bible is clearly against it.
13:44 It's not the Lord's will,
13:45 but they often feel as if they are attacked,
13:48 because it seems like
13:49 sometimes people want to uplift
13:51 and make homosexuality a horrible, horrible sin
13:54 above any other type of sin.
13:56 And we need to make sure that sin is sin, right?
13:58 It doesn't matter if it's homosexuality,
14:00 if it's thieving, if it's lying,
14:02 if it's murdering,
14:03 sin is sin, we should call sin by its name,
14:05 and not make any type of,
14:07 you know, worst case scenario out of it.
14:09 We should call it by its name,
14:10 say exactly what it says in the Bible.
14:12 Homosexuality is a sin.
14:14 And so are many other things as well.
14:16 Let's look to Jesus Christ.
14:18 And let's forsake our sins today
14:20 and give them over to Him.
14:22 Thank you very much.
14:23 Next question is for Pastor John Lomacang.
14:26 And this one mentions two scriptures.
14:31 "I would like you to explain Genesis 43:1-9
14:34 and Genesis 44:1-17,
14:37 why did Joseph have his cup placed
14:39 in Benjamin's sack?
14:41 What lesson should I learn from that?"
14:44 This is from Bridget in Trinidad.
14:47 I preached a sermon years ago called from Pits to Palaces.
14:50 And sometimes our lives begin in the pit
14:53 and we end up in a palace,
14:55 but we don't end up
14:56 where we are outside of God's will.
14:57 Your family may have started your life off in a pit,
15:01 but God could take that pit and end it in a palace.
15:04 This is a story of a young boy named Joseph,
15:07 who was maligned by his brother.
15:09 He had a coat of many colors.
15:11 I think part of the problem that Joseph had
15:13 where he just couldn't keep his mouth shut.
15:15 God was blessing him so much.
15:16 He just said, by the way, had a dream
15:18 and you guys gonna kneel to me,
15:19 I mean, I probably would have,
15:21 you know, as an older brother said,
15:22 "How can we shut this guy up?"
15:23 And he was one of the 12.
15:25 So they said, let's just get rid of this guy
15:26 because he's taken all the blessings
15:28 that are coming our way.
15:29 Unfortunately, they sold him off into slavery.
15:32 He ended up in prison.
15:34 He was wrongly accused by Potiphar's wife.
15:37 He was forgotten by the butcher and the baker
15:39 and the candlestick maker.
15:41 He was a person
15:43 that went through much difficulty.
15:45 But the question is,
15:46 why did Joseph have the cup placed
15:48 in Benjamin sack?
15:50 When his brothers came to Egypt,
15:52 seeking food because of the famine
15:54 that was gripping their own native land.
15:57 They met the governor,
15:59 and much older now, didn't recognize him.
16:02 And he spoke to them first by representative
16:05 until he revealed himself later on,
16:07 and wanting to teach them a lesson
16:08 about the gravity of their sins selling him off into slavery.
16:12 He said, "Bring back Benjamin."
16:13 And they said, wait a minute, wait a minute event.
16:15 Anything happened to Benjamin
16:16 because, you know, Joseph has already gone.
16:19 If anything happens to Benjamin,
16:20 dad is going to die.
16:22 He said bring him back,
16:23 so he put when Benjamin came back,
16:25 he put that cups in
16:27 and make sure it's in Benjamin's sack.
16:29 And boy, their hearts sunk thinking that
16:31 oh man, Benjamin could be now the victim
16:33 of the Egyptian Government.
16:36 Well, if you know the rest of the story,
16:38 the nutshell of it was this.
16:40 Joseph was teaching his sinful brothers
16:44 who are filled with hatred
16:46 about how their evil was turned around
16:50 and made good for God,
16:51 because had it not been for Joseph
16:53 being the governor in Egypt,
16:55 his family would not have been saved
16:56 in times of famine.
16:58 There's a very famous passage, what you meant for evil,
17:00 God turned around and used for good.
17:02 That's simply what the story is all about.
17:05 Thank you very much.
17:06 We go now from Trinidad to North Carolina.
17:09 Rida has a question.
17:11 Shelley, how about as you tackle this one?
17:13 "Can you explain
17:15 how people think that Jesus is Michael
17:18 if Michael is clearly taught that he is the archangel?
17:23 We typically think, Rida,
17:25 of angels has been winged creatures.
17:28 Let me make one thing clear.
17:30 Jesus is not a created being.
17:34 Jesus is our Creator.
17:37 In the Hebrew malakh and in Greek angelos
17:42 are words that are translated angel or messenger.
17:47 Messenger is often is angel with malakh.
17:51 Arch means chief, the principal,
17:54 the top, the highest.
17:56 So an archangel
17:58 is not a winged little created being,
18:02 it is the highest of God's messengers.
18:07 Now, in the Bible, there's only one named angel,
18:10 and that's Gabriel.
18:11 And Gabriel has the highest position
18:14 that an angel can attain.
18:16 In Luke 1:19, he says,
18:18 "I'm Gabriel,
18:19 who stands in the presence of God."
18:21 He is one of the two cherubim at the throne of God,
18:25 that's the highest an angel can become.
18:28 A messenger in the Old Testament,
18:32 we have a special messenger when you see an angel of God.
18:37 It's talking about a created being,
18:39 a winged being.
18:40 But there is a special messenger
18:42 in the Old Testament
18:44 is called the angel of God.
18:47 He appeared to Hagar, Abraham, Jacob, Balaam,
18:51 Gideon, Joseph, Manoah, Zechariah,
18:54 he led Israel by a pillar of fire
18:56 and a pillar of cloud.
18:58 And every time in context, the angel of the Lord speaks.
19:04 This is our covenant keeping God Yahweh.
19:09 There are five references in the Bible to Michael.
19:14 There are three in Daniel
19:15 where he is considered the prince,
19:17 the prince of the covenant.
19:19 That is a messianic title
19:20 we find in Isaiah 9:6 for Jesus.
19:23 There are only two other references
19:25 to Michael,
19:27 Revelation 12:7,
19:28 "War broke out in heaven,
19:30 Michael and his angels fought with the dragon."
19:33 Reminds me that
19:34 he is the captain of the Lord's army
19:36 just as he was in Joshua 5:14
19:39 when it talks about the angel of the Lord.
19:42 And then Jude 1:9,
19:44 "Michael the archangel
19:45 contented with the devil for Moses' body."
19:48 There's only two references in the Bible
19:50 for archangel.
19:51 Jude 1:9 that we just read is one
19:54 and the other is 1 Thessalonians 4:16,
19:56 "The Lord Himself will descend with a shout,
19:59 with the voice of the archangel
20:01 and the trumpet will sound,
20:03 the dead in Christ will rise first."
20:06 Michael, the famous commentator Matthew Henry says this,
20:13 "Michael is our Prince, the eternal Word,
20:18 the angel of the covenant, who is the Lord of the angels."
20:22 That's right.
20:24 Michael is the title for Jesus Christ.
20:27 Thank you very much.
20:28 I know you can keep going on that but time is limited.
20:32 Now we go to a Bible prophecy question
20:34 and this is for Pastor Ryan.
20:37 What is the 1335th days?
20:41 I know that in Bible prophecy that a day means a year.
20:45 What does the 1335th days years refer to."
20:50 This is from Frank in California.
20:52 Yeah, absolutely.
20:54 So this actually goes in with the same time frame
20:56 as the 1290 days,
20:59 both of which are mentioned there in Daniel 12:11-12,
21:03 where it says,
21:04 "And from that time
21:06 that the daily sacrifice is taken away."
21:07 Of course, that word sacrifice is italicized,
21:09 because it's not in the original language.
21:11 So it actually read,
21:12 and from that time that the daily is taken away,
21:15 and the abomination of desolation is set up,
21:17 there shall be 1290 days.
21:20 And then verse 12,
21:21 "Blessed is he who waits and comes to the 1335 days."
21:27 And the person who submitted this question,
21:29 Frank, it was, you're absolutely correct,
21:32 to apply the day for a year principle here,
21:34 as this particular time frame
21:36 fits all the way up to the time of 1844.
21:41 And I'll provide some support for that in the time given.
21:43 So first of all, to understand this,
21:45 you have to understand what the daily is.
21:46 Now that's a whole another question
21:48 in and of itself.
21:49 But the word used here
21:50 in the original Hebrew for daily
21:53 is the word tamid.
21:55 And tamid simply means continual or perpetual ongoing.
21:59 Now what is it that was continual
22:01 on ongoing and perpetual?
22:03 In this instance, the tamid, the daily
22:05 was everything that the priest done
22:07 in the Holy Place
22:08 and the Most Holy Place of the sanctuary.
22:10 There were two surfaces in the sanctuary,
22:12 the yearly and the daily,
22:14 everything that was carried out in the Holy Place.
22:16 And, of course, the...
22:18 I said Holy Place and Most Holy Place earlier,
22:20 it should be the courtyard and the Holy Place.
22:23 I want to make that correction very clear.
22:24 The courtyard and the Holy Place
22:26 was called the daily.
22:28 Every single one of those articles of furniture
22:29 and everything that was done
22:31 in the courtyard, and in the Holy Place
22:33 was done on a daily basis.
22:35 And it points forward
22:36 to the ministry of Jesus Christ,
22:38 the daily mediatorial ministry of Jesus Christ
22:42 is our bread of life, our light of the world,
22:44 our intercessor, our sacrifice,
22:47 and you can find each and every time
22:50 that in the Book of Leviticus and Exodus,
22:52 that the altar of sacrifice is mentioned,
22:55 the altar of burnt sacrifices,
22:57 and the table of showbread
22:58 and the seven branched candlestick,
23:00 all of which is used that same word
23:02 tamid, the daily,
23:04 it's a daily works
23:05 where it points to the daily work of Christ.
23:07 So we get to that 1335 days, how do we make sense of it?
23:11 Well, when the daily is taken away,
23:13 let's go back and read it.
23:14 It says when the daily is taken away,
23:17 that daily was taken away prophetically in 508 AD.
23:23 Now what happened in 508 AD?
23:25 May give you a little bit of quick history here
23:27 so we can move on with our other questions.
23:29 You said quick history.
23:30 Yeah, quick history.
23:32 508 AD,
23:33 Clovis the king of the Franks
23:34 basically converted to Catholicism.
23:37 But when he converted to Catholicism,
23:39 not only did that open up the door
23:41 for church and state amalgamation,
23:43 but it also opened the door for the priesthood
23:46 man to become a replacement for them
23:50 daily ministering work of Christ.
23:52 That is the abomination which brought about desolation,
23:55 the fall in 1798 of that papal system,
23:59 they put man in place of Christ.
24:01 So that's why there in Daniel 12:11-12.
24:06 It makes it very clear,
24:07 "Blessed is he who waits and comes
24:08 to the 1335 days. "
24:11 If you count from 508 AD 1335 years later,
24:17 it brings you to the time of 1843, 1844
24:21 where God has, was rising up a movement
24:23 that was about to restore the message of the sanctuary,
24:27 God's holy law
24:28 and bring about the final finishing work
24:32 of this earth and this kingdom.
24:33 Wow. Praise the Lord.
24:34 Thank you very much.
24:36 Well, the next question is for you at home.
24:38 That's right.
24:39 You at home I have a question for you.
24:41 Do you have a Bible question?
24:42 You can send it in to 3ABN,
24:45 so that you can have your question answered
24:47 by our panel.
24:48 That's right, you can participate
24:50 by writing to BibleQA@3abn.org.
24:54 BibleQA@3abn.org.
24:57 Send in your question, if you prefer you can text.
25:00 The number for that is (618) 228-3975,
25:05 (618) 228-3975.
25:07 One more time (618) 228-3975.
25:12 Perhaps you heard something
25:13 in this program so far that you say,
25:15 hey, I want more information on that.
25:17 So ask your question,
25:19 so that we can bring it to our panel here.
25:21 So let's continue now.
25:23 Let's go to Sister Shelley Quinn.
25:25 How about this question here?
25:27 My husband, oh, this is a sad one.
25:29 "My husband committed suicide a couple of years ago.
25:33 I struggle to make peace with it.
25:36 And I struggle to forgive him.
25:38 How do I forgive and forget."
25:41 And this is from a struggling widow.
25:44 I have some personal experience with this.
25:45 So my heart goes out to you.
25:48 Suicide is a heartbreaking tragedy,
25:51 it is bewildering.
25:53 And it is so difficult to as a survivor of the suicide
25:57 to get above and beyond that.
26:00 First, I want to just tell you,
26:01 sometimes suicide seems like it's so selfish, it's not.
26:05 People who commit suicide have a secret.
26:10 They're just in.
26:12 Their heart is in an angst.
26:13 They're desperate, they've lost hope.
26:16 So what happens though
26:18 the aftershock is so bewildering,
26:20 you will be confused, you feel abandoned,
26:22 you feel betrayed, you feel angry.
26:25 Anger is a natural emotion
26:29 as you're going through this grieving process.
26:31 And by the way, the grieving process
26:33 for normal grieving is about two years,
26:36 but they say for suicide it's three to five years
26:38 to get over this.
26:40 It's very devastating.
26:41 How do you forgive and forget?
26:43 God can help you forgive.
26:45 You won't ever forget.
26:47 I mean, that's just being honest.
26:49 What you need to or what I would suggest,
26:53 ask God to give you
26:54 a divine awareness of His presence.
26:56 Hebrews 13:5, he says,
26:58 "I'll never leave you, I'll never forsake you."
27:00 Your maker is your husband, he's with you.
27:03 Take your anger before the Lord.
27:06 And if, as you release that anger to God,
27:10 He can put forgiveness in your heart for your husband.
27:14 Just remember Romans 8:32 said,
27:17 "He who did not spare his own Son,
27:19 how will He not freely give you all things."
27:22 And Deuteronomy 33:27 says,
27:25 "The Lord is your refuge
27:27 and underneath are His everlasting arms,
27:30 He will thrust out the enemy of unforgiveness
27:33 from before you saying destroy."
27:36 I recommend read books
27:38 by Christian authors who have experienced this.
27:41 Find a support group of people
27:43 who've gone through the same thing.
27:45 Pray for others
27:46 who've gone through the same thing,
27:47 and perhaps seek a Christian counselor,
27:51 a professional Christian counselor,
27:54 who can help walk you
27:56 through all of these devastating emotions.
27:59 We're sorry. Amen.
28:01 Wow. Amen.
28:02 Wow. It's a tough question.
28:04 In difficult time may the Lord be with you.
28:07 Well, this next question is kind of interesting here
28:10 because I've heard it asked different ways,
28:13 but this one wants to know.
28:16 This was Pastor Lomacang, how about you?
28:19 "Would we still look the same in heaven
28:21 or would we look different?
28:23 I've heard some people say they want a little change.
28:26 But this one wants to know if...
28:28 This person wants to know if they will look different."
28:30 This question is based off 1 Corinthians 15:42-44.
28:36 You want to read that
28:38 or you want me to read that for you?
28:39 Sure, I'll go ahead and read it.
28:41 Okay. Go for it.
28:42 It says, "So also in the resurrection
28:43 of the dead,
28:45 the body is sown in corruption,
28:46 it is raised in incorruption.
28:47 It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory.
28:50 It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power."
28:52 Right away, it's alluding to the fact
28:54 that it's not going to be the same.
28:56 What it went down
28:57 looking like it's not going to come up the same way.
28:59 The dishonor is going to be replaced with honor,
29:02 the weakness is going to be replaced with power.
29:05 And the corruption is going to be replaced
29:08 with incorruption.
29:09 There's going to be a change not only in how we look,
29:12 and I'll use a few examples in the Bible.
29:14 The Lord is saying to us,
29:16 we're not going to look the same.
29:17 My favorite passage in the Bible, 1 John 3:2,
29:20 "Beloved, now we are children of God."
29:23 Listen carefully,
29:25 "And it has not yet been revealed
29:28 what we shall be."
29:30 Man, Ryan, there's hope for me yet.
29:32 Right.
29:33 "But we do, but we know that when he is revealed,
29:37 we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is."
29:41 And Paul later on in Colossians says,
29:43 "He will change our vile bodies
29:46 that may be fashioned likened to His glorious body."
29:50 So we know we're not going to have the same bodies.
29:51 My wife wants me to have a lot of muscles.
29:53 I said, "Honey, hold on.
29:55 Let's wait till we get to heaven.
29:56 I promise.
29:58 I promise one day
29:59 I'm gonna look very, very powerful."
30:01 But here's the glorious evidence of that.
30:04 Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:12,
30:06 "For now we see in a mirror dimly."
30:09 We don't understand everything now.
30:11 "But then face to face now I know in part,
30:14 but then I shall know just as I also am known."
30:18 How did this play out in real time
30:20 when Mary was in the garden tomb,
30:23 and she was having a conversation
30:24 with the gardener.
30:26 It was not until he called her name Mary
30:29 then she realized, wait a minute.
30:31 This is not the gardener.
30:33 In John 20:16.
30:35 Jesus said to her,
30:37 Mary, she turned and said to Him,
30:39 Rabboni, which is to say, teacher,
30:42 it was the voice of Jesus that she was familiar with
30:46 because He was surely a whole lot more glorious.
30:49 She didn't see all the blood and the scars
30:52 The only thing remaining was a scar in his hand,
30:55 surely, I mean, the nail prints in his hand and in his side,
30:58 in his side and the thorns possibly on his brow,
31:01 but I tell you, He came forth glorious,
31:06 and one day our vile bodies
31:07 will be fashioned like unto His glorious body.
31:11 So if you having issues with how you look right now,
31:13 hold on, the Lord is not done yet.
31:18 Thank you so much.
31:19 Now we go to Pastor Ryan.
31:21 "If we are saved by grace,
31:24 why are we being judged by our works?
31:27 The Bible says
31:28 the Lord is going to reward good works."
31:32 All right.
31:33 Well, the simple answer to this question
31:35 is that the reason why we are judged by our works,
31:38 even though we are saved by grace is because
31:40 if you read Ephesians 2:8, it's got the full story.
31:44 If you go off what is being said,
31:46 we are saved by grace,
31:48 but it says we're saved by grace through faith.
31:51 Okay, not of ourselves.
31:53 It is the gift of God.
31:54 So we're saved by grace through faith.
31:57 But why are we judged by our works?
31:59 Because our works tell the story of our faith, right?
32:02 And so let's look at this from a biblical perspective.
32:05 Jesus did say
32:07 that He says in Revelation 22:12,
32:09 that He is coming quickly, He says,
32:10 My reward is with me
32:12 to get everyone according to his works,
32:14 even to the all seven of the, seven churches of Asia Minor.
32:17 He says, I know your works, I know your works.
32:19 He didn't say I know your faith. Why?
32:21 Because the works tells the story
32:23 of whether or not the faith is genuine or not.
32:26 In fact, James Chapter 2,
32:28 this is that great chapter you want to go to
32:30 when you want to properly understand
32:32 the relationship or the correlation
32:34 between works and faith?
32:36 And James spells it out very clearly.
32:37 James Chapter 2:14, 17, 18 and 26.
32:41 I may not read all of this, but I'm just referencing it,
32:44 James 2:14, 17, 18 and 26.
32:47 He says in verse 14,
32:49 "What does it profit, my brethren,
32:50 if someone says he has faith but does not have works?
32:54 Can faith save him?
32:55 And then verse 17,
32:57 "Thus also faith by itself,
32:59 if it does not have works, is dead."
33:03 He makes that very clearly.
33:04 And then verse 26, referencing here, it says,
33:07 "For as the body without the spirit is dead,
33:09 so faith without works is dead also."
33:12 Someone can tell you all day long, you know,
33:14 "Oh, I love Jesus. He's my Savior."
33:16 And they can again, as Jesus said,
33:18 drawn nigh to him with their lips.
33:20 But yet Jesus knows the heart and how does he judge
33:23 whether or not a person's heart their faith in Him is genuine,
33:26 the works tell the story, the fruit of the words.
33:28 If someone takes me out to a garden and says,
33:30 "Look at my apple tree,
33:32 and says, oh, look
33:33 how beautiful that apple tree is."
33:35 You can tell me all day long that that's an apple tree,
33:36 but I'm not going to believe that it's an apple tree
33:38 until I see the fruit of an apple
33:40 hanging on that apple tree.
33:41 The same thing goes for us, my friends,
33:42 we can claim the name of Christ,
33:44 we can believe that Jesus is our Savior,
33:46 all that we want mentally,
33:48 but the works, the fruit of those works
33:50 will tell the story
33:51 of the genuineness of that faith.
33:53 And if the faith is genuine,
33:55 then the person shall be saved by grace.
33:58 Another text really quickly.
34:00 Romans 1:5, it says,
34:02 "Through Him, we have received
34:03 grace and apostleship for obedience
34:08 to the faith among all nations for his namesake."
34:11 So we're saved by grace.
34:12 And the response of that should be,
34:14 I want my faith to be genuine.
34:16 And I want my works to show it."
34:18 Amen. Thank you so much.
34:21 Very good.
34:22 So now we got to Sister Shelley,
34:24 and it says here.
34:26 "One preacher says
34:28 we are living in hell right now,
34:30 meaning on this sinful planet.
34:32 If this is hell,
34:34 why do we have to wait for those who die in Christ
34:36 to be raised first in the resurrection
34:39 before we go to heaven."
34:40 This is from Princess.
34:42 Princess take note.
34:43 Okay.
34:45 In the Hebrew the word Sheol,
34:47 and in the Greek the word Hades
34:49 are both translated into English hell.
34:51 They mean the place of the dead,
34:53 it's translated as the grave, hell or pit.
34:57 There is another word in the Greek, Gehenna.
34:59 It is used 12 times
35:01 and this is talking about the lake of fire,
35:05 the hellfire that we think of, for punishment.
35:09 One other Greek word Tartaros is used only once.
35:13 And that's 2 Peter 2:4,
35:15 this is when God casts the evil
35:18 angels down to hell, put them in chains,
35:21 and reserved them for judgment.
35:25 Notice that word reserved, there is no hell yet.
35:29 Let me tell you
35:30 when, where and why hell will exist.
35:34 When in john 5:28- 29, as you alluded to,
35:37 there are two resurrections,
35:39 there's a resurrection of the righteous to life,
35:42 there's the resurrection of evil to damnation.
35:46 In 1 Thessalonians
35:47 we know that those who rise in Christ Jesus,
35:52 or who are in sleep in Christ Jesus
35:54 will rise first.
35:56 2 Peter 2:9.
35:59 2 Peter 2:9 says,
36:01 "God reserves the unjust for the Day of Judgment."
36:07 They are awaiting
36:08 that Great White Throne Judgment
36:10 of Revelation 20:11- 15
36:13 when they will be judged and cast into the lake of fire.
36:18 Jesus explains when, Matthew 13:40.
36:21 During...
36:22 When He's giving the parable of the wheat and the tares.
36:24 He says the tares are going to be gathered up,
36:26 they're going to be burned.
36:28 At the end, He said,
36:30 so it will be at the end of this age.
36:34 Hell is yet future, where?
36:36 Revelation 29 says that the evil of all ages,
36:41 they come up in this second resurrection.
36:43 The New Jerusalem has descended,
36:47 and as they attack the New Jerusalem,
36:50 it says fire came down from God out of heaven
36:53 and devoured them.
36:54 Revelation 20: 14 says,
36:56 "Death and Hades are cast into the lake of fire."
37:00 This is the second death.
37:03 That's what the Bible says.
37:04 It's the final eternal death.
37:07 And we can prove, Revelation 26 says,
37:10 "Blessed and holy is he
37:11 who has part in the first resurrection."
37:14 That's the righteous because over such
37:17 the second death has no power.
37:18 Why?
37:20 Here's the why.
37:21 Why did God flood the earth?
37:23 He turned the earth into a lake of water
37:27 to purge it of sin.
37:28 He is at the end of all ages after Christ has returned
37:33 and we've gone to heaven for 1000 years.
37:35 He is going to have that second resurrection
37:39 and turn the earth into a lake of fire
37:42 to purge the earth of sin and consequentially of sinners.
37:47 Praise the Lord. Thank you for all of that.
37:49 I will say
37:51 an intense Bible study in a short time.
37:54 Here we go Pastor Lomacang, are you ready?
37:57 Yes. I think so.
37:58 This says here, this is a follow up question.
38:01 "In light of the fact that you do everything
38:04 to avoid a narcissistic person in the workplace,
38:07 and they know that
38:09 you're doing everything to maintain the peace.
38:11 What do you do
38:12 when you have to relate to them,
38:14 and they seize these opportunities
38:16 to craft hurtful and traumatic experiences?"
38:20 This is from Janice.
38:21 And this says the HR and other administration
38:23 do you wrong all the time,
38:24 take them behind the barn.
38:29 I saw Shelley sitting there
38:30 and that's the angst
38:31 when you're reading that question.
38:33 I had to lighten the moment briefly.
38:34 No, don't take them behind the barn.
38:36 We have rights in the workplace.
38:37 And I'm assuming you're in America,
38:39 doesn't say where they're from?
38:41 No, it does not.
38:42 So I'm assuming that you are at a place
38:43 where you can have your, have your grievances expressed
38:46 to the administration of your company.
38:48 Because that's the thing I would recommend you do.
38:51 My wife was in a similar situation.
38:52 I'll tell you the story.
38:54 And I know right now, if she hears this question,
38:55 it comes to our mind.
38:56 She was in a situation in her work
38:58 when she was living in California,
38:59 when we lived in California.
39:01 And there was a lady that was narcissistic,
39:02 just like this giving her a hard time.
39:05 And she took her to task in front of the supervisor,
39:08 accusing her just with a voice
39:11 and the vehement nature that was just...
39:13 He called my wife took her breath away.
39:15 And she stood there and listened.
39:17 And the supervisor watched her reaction.
39:21 She could have easily said,
39:22 who do you think you're talking to?
39:24 I'm not a kid
39:25 that you can raise your voice at me like that.
39:27 That's what the human nature would do.
39:29 I mean, I'm from New York,
39:30 that's the first thing comes to my mind.
39:31 You know, we have a very vocal background.
39:34 But she listened carefully.
39:35 When the lady walked away, she said softly to supervisor,
39:38 "Everything she accused me of is not right.
39:40 That's not true."
39:42 You know, the supervisor said,
39:43 "Angela, I'm so proud of you.
39:46 You did not speak to her the way she spoke to you.
39:49 I'm going to give you a raise."
39:51 And she got a raise.
39:53 And that lady not long after that got fired.
39:56 You see, God will fight your battles for you.
39:58 Here's what I would say
40:00 follow up in the administrative steps,
40:02 supervisor, manager.
40:05 If you don't get any resolution,
40:06 go to the head administration.
40:08 If you get no resolution within the company
40:10 and that job is very valuable to you.
40:13 We have the EEOC
40:14 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
40:17 Now you might get fired if you go that far.
40:20 But they cannot fire you
40:21 based on something they've done to you.
40:23 And people have been awarded large sums of money
40:25 for that kind of workplace disturbance
40:27 and irritation and harassment.
40:30 But here's my counsel that I end with.
40:32 Do not allow their treatment
40:34 to change your Christian principles.
40:37 Amen.
40:39 Romans 12:18,
40:40 "If it is possible,
40:42 as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men,
40:46 and the Lord will fight your battles for you."
40:48 Amen. Thank you so much.
40:51 Well, this is a question that millions of people have,
40:54 Pastor Ryan.
40:56 "Where are we right now in the Book of Revelation?"
41:00 Which chapter we're in.
41:02 Well, first of all we have to,
41:03 the best way to start answering this question is to be reminded
41:07 that you can't read the Book of Revelation
41:09 in a chronological sense.
41:10 It's not reading in like in a chronological story mode.
41:14 There's a lot of repeat and enlarge and expanding
41:16 throughout all the Book of Revelation.
41:18 So we have to be very tactful
41:20 when we and studious
41:21 to know exactly where we are.
41:23 And personally, I believe
41:24 in all the studies that I have done.
41:26 I see us in Revelation Chapter 13.
41:29 I believe that
41:31 that beast that received its deadly wound,
41:33 it has been healing.
41:34 It's not completely healed yet,
41:36 but it has been healing
41:38 and we know that once it has been healed,
41:40 that there's going to be another beast, a second beast
41:43 mentioned in Revelation Chapter 11,
41:45 or excuse me, Chapter 13:11 there.
41:47 It says that this beast comes up out of the earth,
41:50 it has horns like a lamb, and it speaks like a dragon.
41:53 I believe the second beast is none other than
41:56 the United States of America.
41:58 And I believe that
41:59 as Bible prophecy clearly states that
42:00 once that deadly wound is healed,
42:02 it's not quite healed yet, but it's certainly healing.
42:05 And I believe we're fast approaching
42:06 that completely healed state
42:09 that the first beast is going to create an alliance
42:12 with the second beast.
42:13 By the way, I'm going to be very candid,
42:14 I believe that first beast is none other than
42:16 the Roman papal church state power.
42:18 And that second beast is none other than
42:20 the United States of America.
42:22 And we have seen in its early stages,
42:24 that the principles of which this nation has stood
42:27 is very much lamblike
42:29 in its religious liberties and freedoms
42:32 that we have been given.
42:33 But we're seeing those
42:34 religious liberties and freedoms
42:36 being eroded at each day so much
42:37 that we recently in the last couple of decades
42:39 have clearly seen this second beast,
42:41 this United States power speak as a dragon.
42:44 And once that deadly wound is healed
42:47 of the first beast,
42:48 there's going to be an amalgamation of the two,
42:51 an alliance in which we see very clearly
42:53 the verse 12 of Revelation 13,
42:55 and he's speaking of the second beast
42:56 exercises all the authority
42:58 of the first beast in his presence
43:00 and causes the earth and those who dwell on it
43:02 to worship the first beast whose deadly wound is healed.
43:05 We're talking about that harlot of Revelation 17.
43:07 She's made the world drunk with her wine.
43:09 We're living in that time frame.
43:11 We're living in that time period
43:13 in which Babylon has fallen.
43:14 And I think
43:15 once that deadly wound is healed,
43:17 that's where we are.
43:18 We're in that healing process.
43:20 But once it's healed,
43:21 which I believe to be very soon,
43:22 Pastor Lomacang,
43:24 we're going to see
43:25 the United States in this papal system
43:26 become very much more active and an alliance state,
43:29 launching us into the future of Revelation 12 and verse,
43:33 excuse me, Revelation 13:12 and onward.
43:36 Thank you very much. Thank you.
43:39 Sister Shelley Quinn,
43:40 regarding the bronze serpent in Numbers 21:4-9.
43:45 Okay.
43:46 "The SDA Bible Commentary says that
43:48 the people knew that
43:50 the serpent was a symbol of the Savior.
43:52 This whole story has me confused.
43:55 How can the serpent who depicts Satan in the Bible
43:58 also be a symbol of Christ?
44:00 How could looking upon a bronze snake
44:02 bring healing to those dying of a snake bite,
44:05 please explain."
44:07 This is from Linda.
44:08 Oh, Linda, Numbers 21:4-9.
44:10 God's people are wandering in the wilderness,
44:13 God is providing for them supernaturally.
44:16 And they murmur and complain.
44:18 This is the seventh time
44:20 they've murmured and complaint against God
44:22 and against Moses.
44:24 Guess what? God's patience runs out.
44:26 He sends fiery serpents among them,
44:28 serpents are biting them.
44:30 Some are dying.
44:31 And then he tells Moses, get that bronze pole out there,
44:35 put that serpent,
44:36 tell the people to look and be healed.
44:39 I believe that
44:41 and that's Number 21:8, where he says,
44:44 "Make a fiery serpent, set it on a pole,
44:47 and everyone who's bitten
44:49 when he looks at it, he'll be healed."
44:51 In Revelation 20,
44:52 we see that the serpent is the devil.
44:55 It's Satan.
44:56 So we know serpent is a symbolic term for sin.
45:00 It's a symbol for sin.
45:02 So I believe my belief is
45:04 that pole is representing the cross of Jesus Christ,
45:09 that serpent on the pole is representing this sin
45:13 that Christ nailed to the cross.
45:15 Symbolically Jesus said in John 3-14-15,
45:19 "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,
45:23 even so the Son of man must be lifted up,
45:26 that whoever believes in Him should not perish
45:29 but have eternal life."
45:31 2 Corinthians 5:21 says,
45:33 "He made him
45:34 who knew no sin to be sin for us,
45:38 that we might become the righteousness of God
45:40 in Christ Jesus."
45:41 So this is what Peter said in 1 Peter 2:24,
45:45 that Christ bore our sins in His body on the tree,
45:52 that we having died the sins could live for righteousness.
45:55 Two more scriptures.
45:57 Colossians 2:15 says,
45:59 "That Christ disarmed principalities and power;
46:02 He made a spectacle of them,
46:04 overcoming them at the cross."
46:07 When the people in the wilderness
46:10 looked to the pole,
46:12 because God told them to look to the pole.
46:15 God told them, look to the pole,
46:16 look at this serpent on the pole,
46:18 you will be saved, you will be healed.
46:20 You won't get bitten by the snakes.
46:23 God likewise tells Christians look to the cross.
46:27 When you are in the shadow of the cross,
46:29 when you look in faith at Christ Jesus knowing
46:32 He took your penalty,
46:34 all of your sin was put on Him
46:38 and nailed to the cross.
46:39 He took your penalty.
46:40 Likewise, we could look to the cross and be saved.
46:43 That is right. Amen. Thank you very much.
46:44 Pastor Lomacang,
46:47 "what is one expected to do in lieu of buying
46:50 without the mark
46:52 and then there's a question cash?"
46:54 Okay.
46:55 I want to segue from what Shelley said
46:56 'cause I love that explanation so well.
46:58 I'll just add to that looking into Jesus,
47:00 the author and finisher of our faith.
47:02 Amen.
47:03 You know, there are times that are coming ahead of us
47:05 that we have no idea
47:06 what the gravity of those times are,
47:08 the tenacity of the times, the terror of the times,
47:12 the men's hearts failing them for fear
47:14 in anticipation of the times.
47:16 We cannot adequately prepare
47:18 outside of a relationship with Christ.
47:21 Amen.
47:22 You can't store up enough food,
47:24 you can't put enough, you can't buy enough gold.
47:26 Lot of people say buy gold is not gonna lose value.
47:29 You read the Bible,
47:31 the gold and silver
47:32 is going to be cankered up as a witness,
47:34 it's going to be no use one day,
47:36 is going to be as though
47:37 every avenue of monetary value
47:39 is going to be erased.
47:41 In light of what Ryan was talking about
47:43 when that coalition,
47:44 when the papacy
47:45 and the United States coalesces together
47:47 and the kings of the earth and the merchants of the earth
47:50 decides to establish a standard of worship
47:52 that you choose not to adhere to.
47:54 There's nothing you can do outside of having that mark
47:57 to adhere and gain access to products,
48:00 except the following.
48:02 Isaiah 33:16,
48:05 "He will dwell on high,
48:07 his place of defense
48:08 will be their fortress of rocks,
48:10 bread will be given you and your water will be sure,
48:15 God will provide."
48:16 Psalm 37:25,
48:18 "I have been young and now I am old,
48:20 yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken
48:22 nor their descendants begging for bread."
48:25 Philippians 4:19, come on, Shelley.
48:26 "And my God shall supply all of our need,
48:30 according to His riches and glory."
48:32 And lastly, Psalm 55:22,
48:35 a passage perfectly said
48:36 in the midst of the turmoils of the last days,
48:38 cast your burden on the Lord,
48:41 and He shall sustain you,
48:43 He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.
48:47 It's not about cash.
48:48 It's about Jesus.
48:49 Amen. Amen. Thank you very much.
48:52 Well, Pastor Ryan, we have one for you.
48:54 We know that Jesus Christ is God.
48:56 And He came into this world in the form of a man
48:59 yet still is God, only setting aside His glory.
49:02 We know that He gave up His life
49:04 to pay for the wages of sin, which is death.
49:07 So it means that Jesus died at the cross.
49:09 We know that
49:11 no one can take His life from Him,
49:13 and that He willingly gave it to take it back again.
49:16 The question that puzzles some believers is that
49:19 when then God can also die,
49:22 thus leading them to question God's immortality?
49:25 How do we address this concern?"
49:27 This one comes from Ferdinand in the Philippines.
49:30 Amen. That's a loaded question.
49:33 And it really requires a loaded response,
49:35 which I don't have enough time to give.
49:37 But I just want to respond
49:39 with just a question at the front.
49:41 How do we really explain
49:43 the immortal nature of God, right?
49:44 That is really, really at the end of the day,
49:46 beyond our understanding, beyond our comprehension.
49:49 We have to be careful
49:51 when we start talking about things
49:52 that we really don't fully understand.
49:54 But that being said,
49:55 we can go off
49:57 what the scripture reveals to us.
49:58 And we do know that the Bible does clearly tell us that
50:01 Christ being the immortal God that He was,
50:04 came a time and to save man He chose.
50:08 And really the answer to it is
50:09 God can die
50:10 only if God allows Himself to die, right?
50:12 And that's essentially what Christ did.
50:14 He allowed Himself to be humbled in the...
50:16 As Philippians 2:6-8 says,
50:20 "He being in the form of God,
50:22 He did not consider it robbery to be equal with God,
50:24 when made Himself of no reputation
50:26 taking on the form of a bondservant
50:28 and coming in the likeness of men.
50:30 And being found in the appearance of men,
50:32 He humbled Himself
50:34 and became obedient to the point of death,
50:36 even to the death at the cross."
50:37 And so we know it was by choice.
50:39 It's not that, you know, like God can die.
50:42 God can only die if God submits Himself
50:44 to be put in that situation.
50:45 And what does that say about
50:47 the loving character of our God?
50:49 What does that say about the loving character of Christ?
50:51 You know, I'm also thinking of Hebrews 2:16.
50:53 It says, "He took not upon Him the nature of angels."
50:56 He wouldn't even take the lower step of the angels.
50:58 He brought himself even lower to say,
51:00 I want to become the seed of Abraham.
51:03 And so He came here, He made the conscious choice
51:06 to put Himself under the Father's care,
51:09 under the Father's authority.
51:11 And He submitted, He gave up His omniscience,
51:12 He gave up His omnipresence,
51:14 He gave up His all powerness too
51:18 so that He could humble Himself to come save man.
51:20 In that case, God can do it because God can allow it.
51:24 And in this case,
51:25 if we go any further beyond that,
51:26 to try to comprehend it,
51:28 it's just difficult to fully understand,
51:29 absolutely.
51:31 Thank you very much.
51:32 We now have to take a break,
51:34 and we'll be back in a moment
51:35 to receive final comments from our panel.
51:38 We'll be back.
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