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00:01 Thank you very much.
00:02 Well, final comments,
00:04 we start with Lady Shelley Quinn.
00:05 Well, let me... I'm going to give...
00:06 You're going to pass to...
00:08 Yeah, The last, just really quickly
00:09 the last question we were talking about,
00:10 you know, the immortality of Christ,
00:13 you know, dying and God die.
00:15 You know, we have to be clear
00:16 that Christ was indeed in the flesh.
00:17 He was fully man,
00:19 but He was fully 100% God as well.
00:21 But he had surrendered and submitted Himself
00:23 under the authority of His Father
00:24 so that He could be like us.
00:26 But make no mistake, Colossians 2:9 tells us,
00:29 "For in him dwelleth
00:30 all the fullness of the Godhead bodily."
00:33 I serve God, because God did die for me,
00:37 and how to explain that?
00:39 Good luck.
00:40 But at the end of the day, I accept it by faith,
00:42 and I praise God,
00:43 that I serve Him who would love me enough
00:45 to die for me and my sins.
00:47 Yeah.
00:48 And I just want to make one comment
00:50 on a question you had earlier
00:52 about whether God intended it be to be a man and a woman,
00:58 as husband and wife only.
00:59 When you think about it, we all know the law of gravity.
01:02 Well, there is a law of life,
01:05 and the law of life demands reproduction.
01:10 In other words, if we could not reproduce,
01:14 we no longer live.
01:18 It takes a man and a woman. Well tried.
01:20 Thank you very much. Pastor Lomacang?
01:21 Yes, I'm praising God.
01:23 You know, there, the Bible is deeper than we are.
01:26 When we ask these questions,
01:28 I pray that you're asking them not just for information,
01:31 but as I said before, but for transformation.
01:34 Because the Word of God
01:36 is not a test that you will pass,
01:38 but it's a sin that you will abandon
01:40 and it's salvation that you will gain.
01:42 Amen.
01:43 Thank you very much.
01:44 Well, we also want to thank you for joining us.
01:47 We thank Pastor John Lomacang, Pastor Ryan, Shelley Quinn.
01:50 This is Bible Q and A.
01:51 Today, you have had a taste of it,
01:56 and we hope that you will participate
01:57 next time by sending in your question to 3ABN,
02:00 and we hope to see you next time on Monday.


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