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00:01 As you're well aware,
00:02 we're living in unprecedented times.
00:05 Join us now for Today special program.
00:12 I want to spend my life
00:18 Mending broken people
00:23 I want to spend my life
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00:34 Lord, let my words
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00:44 I want to spend my life
00:50 Mending broken people
00:55 I want to spend my life
01:00 Mending broken people
01:14 Hello, friends, and welcome
01:16 to another edition of 3ABN Bible Q and A.
01:19 That's right, this is an opportunity for you
01:22 to ask the questions.
01:24 And we have a wonderful panel here
01:25 who is locked and loaded and ready to go
01:27 to answer your Bible questions from the Bible.
01:31 And I'm just reminded as what the Bible tells us
01:33 in John 17:17,
01:35 that Your word O lord is truth, right?
01:38 He says, "Sanctify them by the truth,
01:40 your Word is truth."
01:41 And we're all about the Bible,
01:43 Bible truth here on this program
01:44 and on the Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
01:47 So I want to formally welcome you.
01:48 Thank you for joining us.
01:50 My name is Ryan Day.
01:51 And throughout this program,
01:52 we're going to provide a few opportunities for you
01:54 to know exactly how to send in those questions.
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02:25 BibleQA@3abn.org
02:28 So send us those questions
02:30 because we're excited to give
02:32 a Bible answer to those questions.
02:33 And I have a panel, family, friends
02:36 who are ready to go, I know you,
02:38 the Lord has blessed you
02:39 and provided the answers for you
02:41 and we're ready to go.
02:42 I'm going to start just introduce
02:43 the panel across the way,
02:45 there is Pastor John Lomacang.
02:46 Always a blessing to have you, my brother.
02:47 Good to be here.
02:49 We're looking forward
02:50 to what God's word is going to reveal.
02:51 Amen. Amen.
02:53 Of course, and we have Miss Shelley Quinn,
02:54 always a blessing to have you as well.
02:56 It's wonderful to be here
02:57 looking forward to answering these.
02:58 Amen.
03:00 And, of course, my brother, Jason Bradley,
03:02 always a blessing to have you, brother.
03:03 It's great to be here and excited about
03:06 opening the Word of God and studying this out.
03:08 Amen.
03:09 The Bible says study to show thyself approved
03:12 unto God,
03:13 a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
03:14 rightly dividing the word of truth.
03:16 And that's what we're going to do today.
03:18 But before we get in right into it,
03:20 Pastor Lomacang,
03:21 if you would just have our prayer as we open.
03:23 Loving Father in heaven, the privilege is ours.
03:26 But this is an opportunity, Lord,
03:28 for us to trust the power of the Holy Spirit.
03:31 We want to honor You.
03:33 We want to glorify You through the answers.
03:36 So what we have written down, Lord,
03:37 give us wisdom to impart it,
03:40 that those listening and watching
03:42 may not only receive the answer,
03:44 but they may know that Jesus is the answer.
03:48 So take this program, Lord,
03:49 and glorify Your name through Your Word.
03:52 In Jesus' name we pray, amen.
03:55 Amen. Amen.
03:57 All right, Miss Shelley,
03:59 this first question is coming to you.
04:00 Alrighty.
04:02 And this comes from Sherry from Pennsylvania.
04:05 And she says this, she says,
04:07 "Can you touch on the root of Jesse,
04:10 and the key of David for a better understanding?
04:13 Please provide scripture to back up your answer."
04:15 You bet, Sherry, in Scripture root
04:19 is used in a figurative sense as source.
04:23 The root of Jesse,
04:24 if you look at the context of Isaiah 11:10
04:28 and Romans 15:12,
04:31 it is clear that root of Jesse is a messianic title,
04:37 what Jessie was David's father,
04:40 through whom the seed of the Messiah was to come.
04:44 And what Isaiah is depicting
04:46 is that he's going to have this glorious coming kingdom,
04:53 which will result in the shoot,
04:56 which shall bud
04:57 and it looked like David's tree had been cut down,
05:00 but there was still that root.
05:02 So the root of David
05:04 is also used in Revelation 5:5
05:07 and Revelation 22:16,
05:11 another messianic title.
05:13 Now the key of David,
05:16 we need to, for the key of David
05:18 follow the law of first mention.
05:21 Go back and see where that was mentioned first
05:24 in the Bible so we can better understand.
05:26 And Isaiah 22, there is a prophecy of Eliakim.
05:32 And Isaiah 22:22 says,
05:33 "The key of the house of David
05:35 I will lay on his shoulder,
05:36 so he shall open
05:37 and no one shall shut,
05:39 he shall shut and no one shall open."
05:43 Eliakim was appointed
05:46 to have supervision over the household of David.
05:50 He controlled the access,
05:52 the people who can go in before the king,
05:55 or he could refuse to admit the people to the king.
05:58 And we see in 1 Chronicles Chapter 9,
06:01 he also had the key to the house of God.
06:04 So when Revelation 3:7, it says,
06:06 "These things says he who is holy,
06:08 he is true,
06:09 He who has the key of David
06:11 he who opens and no one shuts and shuts
06:13 and no one opens."
06:14 This figuratively represents
06:18 Christ's jurisdiction over the church,
06:22 His total sovereignty to grant access
06:25 in to the Davidic kingdom,
06:28 if you will.
06:31 Amen. That was a clear cut answer.
06:33 And it was very supported by scripture.
06:34 I appreciate that, Shelley. Amen.
06:36 Jesus Christ, He is the answer to all.
06:39 Pastor, we're coming to you now with this question.
06:41 It says, "Will we still look the same in heaven?
06:45 Or will we look different?"
06:47 I hope to look different,
06:48 these big ears have strung a bit with the years.
06:53 But I might, it might be my signature
06:54 throughout eternity.
06:55 However, in 1 Corinthians 15:49,
06:58 the Bible says, we're going to look different,
07:00 all the evidence I found in Scripture indicates
07:02 we're going to be looking different.
07:04 1 Corinthians 15:49 says,
07:06 "As we have borne in the image of the man of dust,"
07:09 that's Adam,
07:11 "we shall also bear the image of the heavenly man."
07:14 And in 1 Corinthians 15:51-53,
07:17 it starts out, "Behold, I show you a mystery,
07:19 we will not all sleep, but we shall all be changed."
07:22 It's not just from mortal to immortal
07:24 or from corruptible to incorruptible,
07:27 there's another change coming.
07:28 Philippians 3:20-21,
07:31 "For our citizenship is in heaven,
07:34 from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior,
07:37 the Lord Jesus Christ,
07:38 who will transform our lowly body
07:42 that it may be conformed to His glorious body."
07:45 So right now we're in the lowly body,
07:47 the corruptible, the mortal body.
07:49 And one of the evidences of that
07:51 is found when Jesus was resurrected.
07:53 You have John 20:14-16.
07:56 Mary was in by the tomb having a conversation,
07:59 and she didn't recognize Him.
08:01 She thought He was the gardener until He spoke.
08:04 And John 20:15, verse 14,
08:08 she supposing Him to be the gardener,
08:09 said, "Sir, if you have carried Him away,
08:12 tell me where you have laid Him,
08:14 and I will take Him away."
08:16 And Jesus said to her, "Mary," she turned in said to him,
08:19 "Rabboni," which is to say, teacher.
08:22 So we will not only look different,
08:24 but I believe, as has been the case,
08:26 in this COVID environment,
08:27 my face was fully covered with sunglasses,
08:30 and somebody says,
08:31 "I recognize you by your voice."
08:33 So we're going to be physically changed,
08:35 but I think God is going to maintain
08:37 some uniquenesses
08:38 and each one of us has a signature in our voice.
08:41 And that's what I believe the Scripture support.
08:44 Amen. Excited about that.
08:46 All right, Brother Jason,
08:48 this is coming from Mary in Alabama.
08:50 Okay.
08:52 And she says,
08:53 "Is it okay for a Christian
08:54 to choose cremation over casket burial?"
08:58 Hmm, good question.
09:01 Yes, Mary, it is okay for a Christian
09:03 to choose cremation over a casket burial.
09:07 Nowhere in the Bible does it forbid cremation
09:10 or anything like that.
09:11 One of the first examples of cremation
09:14 I've seen in the Bible is in 1 Samuel 31:11-13,
09:21 "Now when the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead
09:24 heard what the Philistines had done to Saul,
09:27 all the valiant men
09:31 arose and traveled all night,
09:33 and took the body of Saul and the bodies of his sons
09:37 from the wall of Beth Shan,
09:39 and they came to Jabesh and burned them there.
09:43 Then they took their bones and buried them
09:45 under the tamarisk tree at Jabesh,
09:48 and fasted seven days."
09:51 So there are a few things for us to consider.
09:53 Number one, Genesis 3:19,
09:56 "In the sweat of your face,
09:58 you shall eat bread till you return to the ground,
10:00 for out of it you were taken,
10:02 for dust you are and to dust you shall return."
10:06 Number two, Ecclesiastes 3:20,
10:09 "All go to one place,
10:11 all are from the dust and all return to dust.
10:15 And pastor just quoted this verse here.
10:18 1 Corinthians 15:51-53.
10:23 "Behold, I tell you a mystery,
10:25 we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,
10:28 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
10:31 at the last trumpet,
10:32 for the trumpet will sound
10:34 and the dead will be raised incorruptible
10:35 and we shall be changed,
10:37 for this corruptible must put on incorruption
10:40 and this mortal must put on immortality."
10:43 So essentially, the body is going to be,
10:48 it's going to decompose.
10:49 All cremation is doing is accelerating that process.
10:53 But nowhere in Scripture is it forbidden
10:56 to choose cremation over a casket burial.
11:00 Amen. Great answer, brother.
11:01 I don't know about you.
11:03 But I just want to make sure have,
11:04 you know, must I die in this lifetime,
11:06 I just want to make sure I wake up
11:07 on the right resurrection.
11:09 That's right. Amen.
11:10 A better resurrection. That's right.
11:12 Praise the Lord.
11:13 And you may be joining us for the first time,
11:15 this may be a new program to you,
11:17 or you just may be a returning viewer.
11:19 Either way, we want to tell you how you can send in
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11:22 And so, there's two ways you can do that.
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11:36 So text us your answer
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11:46 Again, that's BibleQA@3abn.org.
11:50 So send us in your questions,
11:52 and we will provide a Bible answer.
11:53 All right,
11:55 Pastor, we're coming right back to you.
11:56 Okay.
11:58 And this question is, it says,
12:00 "Is the Mormons baptism for the dead
12:04 the same as purgatory is for the Catholics?"
12:08 Quick answer, no.
12:10 Purgatory is a non-scriptural teaching
12:12 that there is a place
12:13 where the dead go
12:15 before they are assigned to their final destiny.
12:18 That's not supported by Scripture.
12:20 It was a method used during the Dark Ages
12:21 to raise money for the Catholic Church.
12:23 And many people paid to priests to pay,
12:26 pray their loved one out of purgatory into heaven.
12:30 On the same note,
12:31 the place called limbo was created for babies
12:33 that were not baptized.
12:35 That's why they baptize babies.
12:36 But the baptism for the dead might be alluded to
12:39 by the scripture in 1 Corinthians 15:29
12:42 where Paul treated beautifully
12:43 when he says, 1 Corinthians 15:29.
12:46 Otherwise speaking about the resurrection,
12:49 what will they do who are baptized for the dead.
12:53 If the dead do not rise at all,
12:55 why then are they baptized for the dead?
12:57 And that they there,
12:59 I did some research
13:00 was connected to a group called Cerenthians,
13:03 not Corinthians, the Cerenthians
13:05 that lived during 50 to 100 AD,
13:08 they called it the 50-100 AD, CE,
13:12 the Common Era
13:13 associated with the Gregorian calendar.
13:15 They had the belief that they denied
13:18 the supremacy of God
13:19 that He was the creator of the world.
13:21 And so they sought a different way for salvation
13:23 for their dead.
13:25 And if the dead did not know God,
13:26 they said, "Well, we need to be baptized
13:28 for them."
13:29 And but the church fathers,
13:30 they call them the hierosologists.
13:33 These are those who studied all the heresies
13:35 that had began to creep into Christianity.
13:38 They denied the Cerenthians
13:40 and said, this is not scriptural.
13:41 You need to, you need to abandon
13:44 this ideology altogether.
13:46 And so much so that
13:48 all the common Christian groups today
13:51 such as Eastern Orthodox, even Oriental Orthodox,
13:56 Roman Catholics, and Protestants all together,
13:59 refute this idea that there is a chance
14:01 for somebody who is dead to still be saved.
14:04 And they do it on this scripture.
14:06 Hebrews 9:27,
14:08 "As it is appointed for men once to die
14:12 and after that the judgment."
14:15 So when a person is dead,
14:17 their case record is closed.
14:19 No one can reverse the life you've lived
14:21 after you have taken your last breath.
14:24 That's why the Lord says, today is the day of salvation.
14:27 Now, is the acceptable time.
14:30 When you take that last breath
14:32 as the thief on the cross knew
14:33 when he was about to take that last breath,
14:35 he said, "Wait a minute,
14:36 there's no more chance after this.
14:37 Please remember me when you come in your kingdom."
14:40 So you cannot be baptized for the dead,
14:42 because their case is closed at the time of death.
14:45 Amen. It is truth.
14:48 All right, Miss Shelley,
14:49 this next question comes to you and this is from Jenny.
14:52 And she says, "We're loving this new program
14:54 that you have.
14:56 Thank you for providing this type of forum.
14:58 My question is,
15:00 how old was Samuel when number one,
15:04 a two part question when he went to the temple,
15:07 and two when the Lord spoke to Him?
15:10 Okay, well let's review the story.
15:12 In 1 Samuel Chapter 1,
15:14 Hannah is a precious woman
15:17 who is tearfully, earnestly praying for a child.
15:22 And God granted her Samuel,
15:25 the son Samuel as the answer to her request,
15:28 and she was so grateful she dedicated him to the Lord.
15:31 1 Samuel 1:27, "For this child, I prayed," she said,
15:35 "and the Lord has granted my petition made him,
15:38 therefore I have given him to the Lord,
15:40 as long as he lives he is given to the Lord."
15:44 And then if you look at verse 24, it says,
15:48 "When she weaned him,
15:50 she brought him to the house of the Lord."
15:54 Jenny, the Bible does not provide
15:57 the exact age of when Samuel came
16:00 to the sanctuary there at Shiloh.
16:03 What it says is that when she weaned him,
16:06 it was common practice to breastfeed your child
16:10 to three years old
16:11 and not unheard of to breastfeed to your five.
16:15 But what we know is,
16:16 Samuel was raised
16:19 from the time he was weaned at the Shiloh sanctuary,
16:22 the women who tended to the tabernacle
16:24 would have been the ones who met his physical needs.
16:28 And then Eli was the one who trained him
16:32 in religious culture.
16:34 In 1 Samuel 2:26, it says,
16:37 "He grew in stature with favor in God."
16:40 And then in 1 Samuel 3,
16:42 we see that he has
16:43 his first prophetic meeting with God,
16:46 and hears a mysterious voice calling Samuel, Samuel.
16:49 And the first message that God gives to Samuel
16:53 is to tell Eli that he and his family
16:55 are rejected as priest,
16:57 because of the sins of the son of Eli.
17:00 But we again don't know
17:02 for certain most scholars believe
17:05 when he heard from the Lord, he was 11 to 12.
17:08 And Josephus,
17:09 who was the first century Jewish historian said
17:14 that he was around 11 years old when God spoke.
17:18 All right. Thank you for that.
17:20 All right, Jason, coming back to you.
17:22 This question comes from Dolores.
17:24 And she says, "Where in the Scripture
17:27 does it talk about country living,
17:29 and that we need to be prepared?
17:32 People talk about the statement of Ellen G.White,
17:34 who will spread God's word in the city?"
17:39 That's a good question.
17:42 Well, nowhere in Scripture does it specifically express
17:45 country living.
17:47 There is a place in Matthew Chapter 24,
17:50 where Jesus is pointing,
17:51 and He's talking about the signs of the times
17:53 and fleeing Judea,
17:54 and going to the mountains, into the hills.
17:57 But there's nowhere that speaks of the mandate
18:01 for country living.
18:03 Now, there are certain benefits
18:06 to living in the country.
18:07 One, you have more land
18:10 possibly to grow your food,
18:12 you also have less pollution, there's more time,
18:17 typically to grow closer to the Lord.
18:21 A lot of people in the Bible
18:23 when they were in the wilderness,
18:25 and had these wilderness experiences,
18:27 they grew closer to the Lord during that time.
18:30 So those are a few of the benefits.
18:33 The other thing is,
18:35 if you look at the environment that we're in now,
18:37 with this COVID, whole COVID environment,
18:41 a lot of people that are living in cities
18:43 are right on top of each other.
18:45 So it's very hard to isolate, and quarantine,
18:49 and do all of those things.
18:50 Because you're coming in contact
18:53 with so many people.
18:55 Now, in terms of who's going to reach
18:56 the cities,
18:59 the fact that you're watching
19:00 this broadcast is incredible
19:03 that God has opened the door
19:05 for this broadcast and make it to cities,
19:09 to the country, to everywhere.
19:11 So the gospel is accessible,
19:14 you can pick up your smartphone,
19:15 and you can access 3ABN right there on the app.
19:18 So the gospel's going forward.
19:20 And if you live in the cities,
19:22 then you're to share the gospel with your neighbor.
19:25 If you live in the country, you're to share the gospel.
19:27 It's our job to spread the gospel
19:29 no matter where we are.
19:31 Amen, appreciate that, my brother.
19:33 Beautiful.
19:34 All right, Shelley,
19:35 we're going to come back to you.
19:37 Okay. All right.
19:38 This question actually comes from a YouTube viewer
19:41 and they say, "How do we know God is speaking to us?"
19:45 Ooh, let me go fast.
19:47 Divine means of communication, scripture, the prophets,
19:50 Jesus Christ, appearances of angel, creation,
19:54 creatures, answered prayers, signs and circumstances,
19:58 visions, dreams,
19:59 then the audible voice which Revelation 1:14-15 says
20:03 the audible voice of the Lord,
20:04 it's like the sound of many waters.
20:07 And the still small voice that Elijah heard
20:10 in 1 Kings 19:11-12.
20:13 God primarily speaks to us through His Word.
20:16 It is God breathed every scripture
20:19 and that's what 2 Timothy 3:16 says.
20:22 Hebrews 4:12 says, His word is alive and active,
20:26 it's powerful.
20:27 In 1 Thessalonians 2:13 it says,
20:30 "It is in truth, the Word of God,
20:33 which effectively works in you who believe."
20:37 In James 1:21 says,
20:40 that when we hear the Word of God
20:42 and implanted in our heart
20:44 has the power to save our souls.
20:46 Now, the still small voice that Elijah heard,
20:48 I believe all of us
20:50 have at some point in time
20:51 as believers been impressed with a thought
20:54 from the Holy Spirit.
20:56 Here's the way you know it's the Holy Spirit,
20:58 it will never be contrary to Scripture,
21:01 because the Spirit is the one
21:03 who helped guide the scriptures.
21:05 If you read the Book of Acts, you see, in many instances
21:09 where the Holy Spirit gave guidance
21:11 to the people of the early church,
21:14 an example would be Acts 13:12.
21:17 But here's what Jesus says about the Holy Spirit.
21:20 In John 16:13-15, he says,
21:24 "When He the spirit of truth has come,
21:26 He will guide you into all truth."
21:29 The Holy Spirit will guide us into truth
21:32 He always exalts Jesus.
21:34 John 16:8 says,
21:35 "He convicts us of sin, righteousness and judgment."
21:38 Galatians 5:22-25 says
21:42 that "He develops the fruit in us."
21:44 So if you think the Holy Spirit is leading you,
21:47 He will follow those parameters.
21:51 And 1 John 4:12,
21:53 I want you to pray and test every spirit.
21:56 Make sure that it is the Spirit of God.
22:00 Amen. Thank you for that.
22:01 All right, Pastor, Lomacang, coming right back to you.
22:04 This person says, "What does it mean
22:06 when God says the evening and the morning
22:09 were the first day?"
22:11 Okay, evening and the morning. I like that.
22:14 That is an amazing question
22:15 because many people think that they go back actually,
22:21 what I saw in the question was they were kind of asking,
22:24 well, since the sun was not created
22:29 before the fourth day,
22:30 how was there an evening and the morning,
22:32 and I want to go now, first, to Genesis 1:5.
22:36 One of the things we have to keep in mind is,
22:38 first of all, nothing is impossible
22:39 for the Lord.
22:41 There are some miraculous events
22:42 that took place at the creation of our world.
22:44 We find in Genesis 1:5,
22:47 "God called the light day,
22:49 and the darkness He called night.
22:51 So the evening and the morning were the first day."
22:54 Now, when you look at the context of that
22:56 you find in the Bible,
22:58 that when the Lord looked at the earth,
22:59 it was without form and void,
23:01 and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
23:03 And God said, "Let there be light,"
23:05 and there was light.
23:06 There's a presupposition
23:07 that light only comes from the sun.
23:09 But in fact, divinely speaking, that could not be the case.
23:14 Why did He then make the sun
23:16 and why then was there some heavenly body
23:21 to ordain the difference between the day and the night.
23:24 Very quickly here, Genesis 1:16 and 18.
23:27 "Then God made two great lights,
23:28 the greater light to rule the day
23:30 and the lesser light to rule the night,
23:31 He made the stars also,
23:33 and to rule over the day and over the night,
23:36 and to divide the light from the darkness.
23:38 And God saw that it was good."
23:42 One of the things that we have to keep in mind
23:43 is we have regions around the world.
23:45 And there's another question that came upon this,
23:47 and I'll wait till that question comes up.
23:50 But the evening that the day is segmented
23:53 into evening and morning.
23:55 It has four parts to the morning,
23:57 and four parts to the evening.
23:59 One of the examples you find
24:00 is when the disciples were speaking in tongues,
24:03 they said they couldn't be drunk.
24:04 It's only the third hour of the day.
24:06 So when you study the Bible,
24:07 the Bible has four watches of the day,
24:10 four watches of the night, and by the clock,
24:12 they determined these four watches
24:14 are morning,
24:15 and these four watches are evening,
24:17 whether the sun is up or not.
24:20 All right, it's all an answer. I like that.
24:23 All right, Brother Jason, coming back to you.
24:26 This person says,
24:28 "Is it okay to stay single and not get married
24:32 because I find it hard to fall in love with a woman.
24:35 Honestly, I'm attracted to same sex
24:38 and I know this is really wrong.
24:40 So for now, my option is to stay single
24:44 than marry a lady without feeling the love.
24:47 I'm 30 years old
24:48 and I'm praying for God's intervention?"
24:51 Yeah, that's a heavy question.
24:54 You know, it's better to stay single
24:56 and be celibate
24:57 than to get married for the wrong reasons.
25:03 I truly appreciate number one the sincerity in your question,
25:07 the fact that you're reaching out
25:08 and you're asking this question
25:09 as opposed to just trying to justify
25:11 wrong behavior
25:13 or anything you want to do the right thing
25:14 and it really shows
25:15 that the Holy Spirit is working on your heart.
25:19 But Romans 1:26-27,
25:25 "For this reason God gave them up
25:27 to vile passions,
25:28 for even their women exchange the natural use
25:31 for what is against nature.
25:33 Likewise, also, the men
25:35 leaving the natural use of the woman
25:37 burned in their lust for one another,
25:39 men with men committing what is shameful
25:42 and receiving in themselves
25:43 the penalty of their error which was due."
25:47 1 Corinthians 6:9-11,
25:51 "Do you not know that the unrighteous
25:53 will not inherit the kingdom of God,
25:55 do not be deceived neither fornicators,
25:58 nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites,
26:03 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revealers,
26:07 nor extortioners
26:08 will inherit the kingdom of God."
26:10 Now here is the part that's for you.
26:14 "And such were some of you,
26:18 but you were washed, but you were sanctified,
26:21 but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus,
26:25 and by the spirit of our God."
26:28 God can transform your life
26:30 and take those unnatural affections away
26:34 and homosexuality is a sin,
26:36 but God is in the business
26:38 of giving us victory over sin.
26:42 So I want you to remain encouraged
26:45 and I'd also like to share this resource with you,
26:48 you can go to comingoutministries.org
26:51 comingoutministries.org
26:53 and they should be able to help you
26:56 and share with you their journey as well.
27:00 Amen. Appreciate that, brother.
27:01 And again,
27:03 you may be joining us right now,
27:04 may have turned the channel
27:06 and found us right here on 3ABN.
27:08 You're watching 3ABN Bible Q and A.
27:11 This is a questions and answer program
27:13 in which we take your Bible questions
27:15 and we give a biblical answer for them.
27:17 And so, we want to tell you
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27:20 There's two different ways.
27:22 Of course the first way is by text.
27:24 And so if you want to text us your questions,
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27:33 or you can also email us at BibleQA@3abn.org
27:39 So send us your questions
27:41 because we're anxious to answer them
27:43 and provide a Bible answer.
27:44 This is exciting, I love this
27:46 that we can come together like this,
27:47 as the Bible says come together, reason together
27:50 and allow God's Word to speak to us.
27:52 And so, I love where Jesus says in Matthew 4:4,
27:56 He says, "You know it is written,
27:57 man shall not live by bread alone,
27:59 but by every word that proceeds
28:01 from the mouth of God."
28:02 And that's certainly what we're doing right now.
28:04 So, again, we thank you for joining us.
28:06 We're going to continue on with our questions.
28:09 I'm coming to you Miss Shelley.
28:11 This person says
28:13 and this actually comes from Shayla in North Carolina,
28:16 and Shayla says,
28:18 "How do I let go of my past mistakes and sins,
28:21 and forgive myself and others?
28:24 I feel lost and far from God sometimes
28:26 and I go into a spiral of fear, guilt,
28:30 shame and uncertainty?"
28:32 I wish I had an hour to answer you, Shayla.
28:34 But hear the word of the Lord in Isaiah 1:18.
28:37 He says, "Come now let us reason together,
28:40 though your sins are as scarlet
28:43 they shall be white as snow."
28:45 In 1 John 1:9, it says,
28:47 "If we confess our sins,
28:49 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
28:51 and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness."
28:55 The challenge is to receive God's forgiveness
28:59 because that is how we escaped the devil's trap
29:03 and extricate ourselves from that condemnation.
29:07 I want you to read Psalm 51.
29:09 Let me give you a couple of examples.
29:12 Great Psalm with repentance.
29:13 Psalm 51:2-3, David has committed adultery,
29:19 he's committed a guilty of murder,
29:21 and he's writing or praying to the Lord,
29:25 "Wash me thoroughly for my iniquity,
29:27 cleanse me from my sin.
29:29 For I acknowledge my transgressions,
29:31 my sin is always before me."
29:34 And then in verse 7, Psalm 51:7,
29:36 "He's washed me
29:38 and I will be whiter than snow."
29:40 And then in verse 12, he says,
29:42 "O restore to me the joy of Your salvation,
29:46 uphold me by Your generous spirit."
29:49 I want you to pray that over your life
29:51 because that's what you need.
29:53 I have a friend who could not forgive herself.
29:56 And she was talking with a pastor one day
29:59 and he said, "Do you believe God's forgiven you?"
30:01 She said "Yes."
30:02 And he said, "Then don't you think
30:03 it's a little egotistical for you
30:05 not to forgive yourself?
30:07 Are you bigger than God?"
30:08 She got mad and she got over it.
30:11 Shayla, in Isaiah 43:18-19,
30:14 God says,
30:15 "Forget the former things,
30:17 do not dwell on the past, I am doing a new thing."
30:22 And He says in Matthew 6:14-15,
30:25 that we've got to forgive others
30:27 their transgressions as well.
30:29 Forgiveness helps us to release the past,
30:32 and it does more for our benefit
30:34 even then for the offenders.
30:37 Amen. Thank you so much for that.
30:39 Shelley, I appreciate that.
30:40 All right, Pastor Lomacang, we're coming back to you.
30:43 This person says,
30:44 "The Bible talks about the mark,
30:46 the name or the number.
30:48 Why don't you talk more about the name and the number?"
30:50 Well, I don't know
30:52 if that's a personal reference to me,
30:53 because I talk about all three of them.
30:55 I guess it may be somebody who has only talked
30:57 about the name and the number, not the mark.
30:59 Now, Revelation 13:17 is I believe the scripture
31:02 that maybe what you're referring to.
31:05 But I'll read it for you, Revelation 13:17,
31:07 "That no one may buy or sell
31:10 except one has the mark,
31:12 or the name of the beast
31:14 or the number of his name."
31:18 Now as it relates to the mark,
31:20 the name and number,
31:22 several attempts have been made throughout the years.
31:24 I remember far enough back
31:26 when Procter and Gamble had a soap,
31:28 a bar of soap with the stars on it.
31:30 People didn't want to buy that,
31:31 because they saw on the side
31:33 look like stars in the shape of 666.
31:35 And I remember years ago, Mikhail Gorbachev,
31:39 they said he had, his name was associated,
31:43 he had a big mark on his forehead,
31:45 it was a birthmark.
31:46 And they said, "Well, he is the beast,
31:48 must be the sign of the mark of the beast."
31:50 And Ronald Reagan, he had three names
31:52 with six letters in each.
31:54 He said, "Well, he must be the leader
31:55 to bring the mark of the beast upon the nation."
31:58 And then when the barcode came out,
32:00 that really threw everybody into a tailspin.
32:02 You've even had book covers with barcodes
32:04 on people's foreheads and on their hands,
32:07 they're going to scan you.
32:08 There have been many attempts by people
32:09 to somehow duplicate
32:11 what God has put in His Word as a spiritual mark.
32:15 Now, the mark of the beast is a symbol
32:17 pointing to the identity of the system of the beast.
32:20 When you are identified as a person allegiant to that,
32:23 you receive a mark.
32:25 I'll give you an example.
32:26 In Ezekiel 9,
32:28 Revelation 7 and Ezekiel 9 are associated.
32:30 Revelation 7 is the shorter version,
32:32 Ezekiel 9 is the expanded version,
32:35 and you find in Ezekiel 9,
32:37 speaking about angels
32:38 that came from the way of the higher gate
32:40 and they went throughout Israel.
32:42 And they began with the elders,
32:43 and they put a mark on their foreheads.
32:46 What does the mark mean?
32:48 When the Bible speaks about a mark on their forehead,
32:49 by your beliefs,
32:51 and the mark in the hand by your support.
32:53 So this is not something that people are going to be
32:55 lining up to get,
32:57 but this simply are indicators of your allegiance
33:00 to the system that leads the world
33:02 to honor and worship the beast.
33:04 Amen.
33:05 Solid answer, thank you, Pastor,
33:07 especially for two minutes.
33:08 That was a packed question.
33:10 I'm telling you.
33:12 All right. All right.
33:13 Jason, we're coming back to you.
33:15 This person says, actually, this is Kabera.
33:17 I guess that's how you would say it.
33:20 And if I'm butchering that name, I apologize.
33:21 Kabera is what it seems to say.
33:24 The question is, "I would love to get
33:26 the panel's advice
33:28 to a person born
33:30 in a Seventh-day Adventist home,
33:32 because it's like you were born in this hub
33:35 of immense knowledge of truth
33:36 and sometimes familiarity breeds contempt
33:40 or even fail to recognize the goodness and love of Christ
33:44 as opposed
33:45 to someone who has come from drugs or atheism, etc.
33:49 And also the fear that to whom much is given
33:53 much will be required of him."
33:56 Well, we're going to take it to the dinner table,
33:58 my favorite place.
34:00 Kabera, I want you to picture this,
34:03 I want you to imagine
34:04 that you're at let's say,
34:06 your mom, or, you know, your mom's house
34:09 or some family member's house and it's dinner time,
34:11 and they're in there
34:13 and they're cooking this dinner,
34:14 and they've got all your favorites being made.
34:16 It's delicious. It smells great.
34:19 And everybody at the house has a plate, except for you.
34:24 Everybody is sitting down at the table
34:26 and they've got this delicious looking meal
34:28 sitting right in front of them
34:29 and you see the joy on their faces
34:31 and you smell those smells.
34:34 And you hear the descriptive phrases
34:36 that they're using to describe
34:38 how delicious the food is.
34:41 But yet, your stomach is rumbling
34:43 and your taste buds aren't satisfied.
34:47 But everybody else is eating.
34:49 That's like our relationship with Christ.
34:51 We can't, our taste buds
34:53 aren't going to be satisfied unless we taste and see
34:56 that the Lord is good.
34:58 And Psalm 34:8 says just that,
35:00 "O taste and see that the Lord is good.
35:03 Blessed is the man who trust in Him."
35:06 Now, in regards to the second part
35:08 of your statement,
35:09 I'd like to share these two verses with you,
35:11 James 2:14.
35:14 And it says, "What does it profit
35:16 my brethren,
35:18 if someone says he has faith,
35:20 but does not have works.
35:21 Can faith save him?
35:23 And James 2:18, which says,
35:26 "But someone will say you have faith,
35:28 and I have works,
35:29 show me your faith without your works
35:31 and I will show you my faith by my works."
35:36 We should embrace an attitude
35:38 of what can I do to live out my faith
35:43 on a deeper level.
35:44 And I think that that should be our attitude.
35:48 All right, Brother, thank you for that.
35:50 Pastor Lomacang coming back to you.
35:52 Okay.
35:53 This person, I actually enjoyed this next question,
35:55 because I'm eager to hear your response.
35:56 All right.
35:58 This person says, "Is it okay
35:59 for Seventh-day Adventist like myself
36:02 to visit other churches, different denominations,
36:05 or those that go to church on Sunday?"
36:07 Okay.
36:08 Let me establish something from the very beginning
36:10 the words of Jesus, John 10:16,
36:12 "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold,
36:16 them also I must bring and they will hear my voice
36:19 and there will be one fold and one shepherd."
36:22 So Jesus outright,
36:24 even in the journey of the disciples
36:26 on the Sea of Galilee,
36:27 when He set out to journey,
36:29 the Bible says other little boats
36:31 were also with Him.
36:32 He had followers in other ships.
36:34 The difference is, when you read,
36:36 when I read John 10:16, he says,
36:38 "Them also I must bring,
36:40 He doesn't say that we joined
36:41 that flock where they are."
36:43 He says, "Them also I must bring."
36:45 I've to ask the question,
36:47 what is the purpose of your visit?
36:48 Because I have in the past when I was in the singing group
36:50 Heritage singers,
36:51 we sang at many Sunday churches.
36:53 We sang at any denomination that invited us to sing.
36:57 Well, I used every opportunity to do
36:58 was give out Great Controversy,
37:01 Desire of Ages and Steps to Christ to pastors,
37:03 to people,
37:04 anybody that came for the altar call.
37:06 What I don't want to do is indict,
37:09 indict people as being non-Christians
37:11 that don't love the Lord that go to church on Sunday.
37:14 What I want to be very careful to do is Deuteronomy 12:30,
37:18 because this is where the seduction is coming in.
37:20 You see the Hebrews when they were told
37:22 on the Plain of Dura to bow down,
37:24 when the music play, they didn't bow.
37:26 Why?
37:27 Because it was not the instruments.
37:30 But when music leads you to bow at the wrong altar,
37:34 it ceases to be worship to the true God.
37:36 And music today is leading people
37:38 to the wrong altar.
37:39 And they're getting satisfied,
37:41 and I know many former Adventists
37:42 that started on their musical journey,
37:45 and they are now no longer Adventists.
37:47 And that's why Deuteronomy 12:30,
37:49 is very key in my final answer.
37:51 The Lord says, "Take heed to yourself
37:53 that you are not ensnared to follow after them,
37:58 and that you do not inquire
37:59 after their God's saying,
38:02 'How did these nations serve their gods,
38:05 I also will do likewise.'"
38:08 We must only serve the Lord and worship Him
38:11 in spirit and in truth.
38:12 So if I go, I'm going to be a witness
38:14 to someone not to become,
38:16 we're not to become what they are
38:18 and stay where they are.
38:20 Amen. Great answer.
38:22 All right.
38:23 Miss Shelley, coming back to you
38:25 this question says,
38:27 and this is, okay, this question says,
38:29 "I've come to believe Jesus Christ,
38:32 come to believe in Jesus Christ,
38:34 but I'm getting confused about His true personality
38:37 as God Himself or the Son of God?
38:41 Is Jesus Christ God Himself or is He a Son of God?
38:45 I hope I don't confuse you in this short answer.
38:48 I will be speaking on this at camp meeting.
38:50 Root of Jesse, root of David,
38:52 messianic titles, Son of God, messianic title.
38:55 The divine essence of Jesus Christ
38:59 is was Eternal God.
39:02 He is the second person of the Godhead,
39:05 our Creator. John 1:1-3 says,
39:08 "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God,
39:10 the Word was God.
39:12 And He was with God in the beginning."
39:14 And it says,
39:15 "All things were made through Him.
39:17 Without Him nothing was made that was made."
39:19 Philippians 2:5-8 says,
39:21 "Christ was eternal God.
39:23 He didn't think equality with God
39:26 was something to hold onto.
39:28 He humbled Himself,
39:29 He became a man
39:31 and He became obedient to the point of death.
39:35 God required the death penalty for sin.
39:38 God came down
39:40 and in the person of Jesus Christ
39:42 became the last Adam
39:44 and paid that death penalty.
39:47 Revelation 13:8 says,
39:49 "He was the Lamb
39:50 who was slain
39:52 from the foundation of the world."
39:53 This has always been God's plan
39:56 for salvation by grace and redemption.
39:59 So the second person of the Godhead came down
40:05 and became the Son of God.
40:07 The first person of the Godhead
40:09 became His Father.
40:11 Son of God is a covenant term.
40:14 It is used of a human being,
40:17 who is a covenant son of promise.
40:20 We see, Adam was called the son of God,
40:22 the nation of Israel, is Adam was,
40:25 Luke 3:38, nation of Israel.
40:28 The son of God in Exodus 4:22.
40:31 Jeremiah 31:20, Hosea 1:11,
40:34 the king is referred to as the son of God.
40:37 And Psalm 2:7,
40:38 Solomon is referred to as the son of God.
40:41 In 2 Samuel 7:14.
40:43 And then Hebrews 1:5,
40:47 the first person of the Godhead,
40:50 looks at the person of Jesus Christ and says,
40:52 "You are My Son,
40:55 today I have begotten You.
40:57 And again:
40:58 I will be to Him a Father,
41:00 He shall be to me a Son?"
41:03 At a point in time,
41:06 God became the covenant Son of God.
41:09 But in Hebrews 1:8, God the Father,
41:12 declares the son's deity.
41:14 It says, "To the Son,"
41:17 He says, "Your throne,
41:18 O God is forever and ever."
41:21 Very quickly.
41:23 Firstborn is a covenant term,
41:25 which means preeminence.
41:27 Begotten is a covenant term,
41:30 which means you were chosen for a covenant purpose.
41:33 And Son of God is this same type of term.
41:38 Please watch our camp meeting.
41:41 I'll spend an hour on this.
41:43 That was good. That was very, very good.
41:46 Lots to talk about in such a short time,
41:48 she did a great job.
41:49 Thank you.
41:50 All right, Jason, this person says,
41:53 "So do we have to go to church to be Christian,
41:56 or believe in God?"
41:59 Well, if someone chooses not to go to church,
42:02 then you'd be doing yourself a great disservice.
42:05 Hebrews 10:23-25,
42:09 "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope
42:12 without wavering,
42:13 for he who promised is faithful.
42:16 And let us consider one another
42:18 in order to stir up love and good works,
42:20 not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together,
42:24 as is the manner of some but exhorting one another.
42:27 And so much the more
42:29 as you see the day approaching."
42:32 As Christians or followers of Christ,
42:35 as the name implies,
42:37 we should do what Jesus did.
42:39 Luke 4:16 says, "So he came to Nazareth,
42:43 where He had been brought up.
42:45 And as His custom was,
42:46 He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day,
42:51 and stood up to read."
42:53 Now, when you go to church,
42:55 you're surrounded by people who will lift you up in prayer.
42:59 Acts 12:5-7,
43:02 "Peter was therefore kept in prison,
43:05 but constant prayer was offered to God
43:08 for him by the church.
43:10 And when Herod
43:12 was about to bring him out that night,
43:14 Peter was sleeping
43:15 bound with two chains between two soldiers,
43:18 and the guards before the door
43:20 were keeping the prison.
43:22 Now, behold, an angel of the Lord
43:23 stood by him
43:25 and a light shone in the prison.
43:26 And he struck Peter on the side
43:29 and raised him up saying, 'Arise quickly,'
43:31 and his chains fell off his hands.'"
43:34 And you'll have to read the rest of the story
43:36 in your Bible.
43:39 Okay, all right. All right.
43:41 Well, you know that, it seems like that section,
43:44 you know, each of us going back and forth.
43:46 It's just like rapid fire,
43:48 especially when we're trying to say it in that two minute,
43:50 two minute time frame, but this is the part
43:53 with the time that we have remaining,
43:54 where I throw out some extra questions,
43:57 some bonus questions,
43:58 and we let each of you just kind of,
44:00 it's kind of a free for all for you
44:01 to just jump in there
44:02 and again provide an answer as the Lord gives it to you.
44:05 So this question actually comes from Jayce.
44:08 And Jayce says,
44:10 "I attended an Adventist University
44:12 when I was in college,
44:14 and I heard the concept of fasting from my roommate.
44:18 She often said that she would fast
44:19 when there's an upcoming major exam.
44:23 I don't understand why she was doing that.
44:25 Does God answer prayers faster when we fast?
44:30 What's the purpose of fasting and should we do it?"
44:34 Okay, I'm going to jump in first on this.
44:37 Fasting is simply giving up the cravings of our flesh.
44:41 Generally, we're speaking of food, too,
44:44 because you have a greater spiritual craving.
44:47 Does God ask us?
44:49 Listen to Joel 2:12,
44:53 "Now therefore," says the Lord,
44:54 "turn to me
44:56 with all your heart with fasting,
44:57 with weeping, with mourning,
44:59 bring your heart, your garments,
45:00 return to the Lord, your God."
45:03 We see fasting throughout the Bible,
45:05 Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther,
45:07 I mean, there's just all of these examples.
45:09 The early church in Acts 13:2 is a good example.
45:13 They fasted, the prophets and the teachers fasted.
45:17 They were seeking God for...
45:21 They wanted to know His will.
45:23 So what fasting does
45:26 when James 14 said that if we humble ourselves
45:29 before the Lord,
45:31 He'll lift us up.
45:33 Fasting is something that we see in Isaiah 58
45:37 that God tells them, hey, you're not fasting right,
45:40 you're doing it for all the wrong reasons.
45:42 Fasting should bring about prayer,
45:46 praise and rejoicing.
45:48 And you know what's interesting?
45:50 When you fast, I think when we eat,
45:55 I had a large lunch today,
45:56 and it took me several hours to get over it.
46:00 You know what I'm saying?
46:01 I ate too many beans and rice.
46:04 So when you fast,
46:07 you don't have all of the blood going to your stomach
46:11 for the digestion and all this.
46:13 There is a clarity of mind.
46:17 Jesus at one point said
46:19 that this kind when His disciples
46:23 couldn't kick out a demon,
46:25 He says, "They come out only by prayer and fasting."
46:28 Is there really a good reason for fasting?
46:31 I think I know a lot of people
46:33 who benefit from fasting,
46:34 and it is throughout the Bible,
46:37 you find examples.
46:39 That's right. That's right.
46:41 All right.
46:42 Second question.
46:44 We'll throw it out there. Here it is.
46:45 This comes from Merrick in Minnesota.
46:51 And this person says, "Why did Jesus say to Mary,
46:54 "Touch me not for I am not yet ascended
46:57 to My Father,"
46:59 as found in John 20:17?
47:02 Yet in Matthew 28:9,
47:04 Jesus didn't say that to the disciples
47:06 when they held Him or held Him,"
47:09 I guess, "at or by the feet."
47:11 I guess that's what it says. Okay.
47:13 Well, one clarity in Matthew 28:9,
47:15 it wasn't the disciples,
47:16 there was the other women that held Him by the feet.
47:20 Now let's go to John 20:17.
47:21 And I'll go ahead and read that too
47:23 in the interest of time,
47:25 it says, Mary is now in the garden,
47:28 believing that Jesus is the gardener.
47:30 And this is the reference I made earlier
47:32 until He speaks.
47:33 And then she reaches out to hold him.
47:36 One version says touch me not, that's the King James version.
47:39 But the New King James says,
47:40 "Do not cling to me,
47:42 for I have not yet ascended to My Father."
47:44 John 20:17,
47:45 "But go to my brethren and say to them,
47:48 'I am ascending to My Father and your Father,
47:50 and to My God and Your God.'"
47:52 Now, this is amazing.
47:53 It is evident that between the time
47:55 Jesus told Mary not to cling to Him,
47:58 and the time He met the other women,
47:59 this is the miraculous part
48:00 I've been searching the scriptures.
48:02 It is evident that He went to heaven
48:03 and came back.
48:05 I mean, we don't know how fast,
48:06 we might say, well,
48:07 how long does it take to get to the moon?
48:09 That's human. Right.
48:10 But how long does it take for Jesus to go to heaven
48:12 and come back?
48:13 Because you find in Matthew 28:9,
48:15 I'm gonna go ahead and see this,
48:17 now brings the other women into the picture.
48:19 And it says in verse 9,
48:21 "And as they went to tell His disciples,
48:26 behold, Jesus met them,
48:28 'Rejoice!'
48:30 So they came and held Him
48:31 by the feet and worshiped Him.'"
48:34 This is the miraculous event.
48:37 How long does it take for, and this is amazing thought,
48:40 how long does it take
48:42 for our prayers to reach heaven?
48:46 If He took five hours, we'll be in trouble.
48:48 How long would it take for a miraculous risen Savior
48:51 to do what only God can do?
48:53 That's right.
48:55 We'll never understand that until that day comes.
48:58 So Jesus gave the woman the same instruction
49:00 that He had given to Mary,
49:02 which indicates evidently
49:03 He hadn't gotten to His disciples yet,
49:05 because look what He said to the women now
49:06 that held onto Him.
49:08 In verse 10, "Then Jesus said to them,
49:10 'Do not be afraid,
49:11 go and tell My brethren to go to Galilee,
49:14 and there they will see Me."
49:17 So the other women go to tell the disciples
49:19 and something happens.
49:20 Verse 11,
49:22 "Now while they were going, behold,
49:23 some of the guards came into the city
49:24 and reported to the chief priests,
49:26 all the things that had happened."
49:28 Now when you go back,
49:30 you begin to see
49:31 and I'm going to just wind it up here.
49:33 Between the time He told Mary don't cling to Me.
49:37 It blows me away,
49:39 that He went and came back
49:43 because on His way now to Galilee,
49:45 He meets the other women,
49:47 and they are able to touch Him.
49:49 What makes the difference between Mary not touching Me,
49:52 and the other woman clinging to Me,
49:54 is this singular point.
49:56 Don't touch Me
49:57 because I have not yet ascended to my Father.
50:00 On that very note,
50:01 we cannot help but to conclude,
50:03 if He says don't touch because I've not ascended,
50:05 He didn't say, don't touch me because you're Mary.
50:07 He said, "Don't touch me, I've not yet ascended."
50:09 Now He lifts that band,
50:11 because He has ascended and returned.
50:13 That's why the other women can now cling to Him
50:16 before He goes to Galilee to meet with His,
50:19 with His disciples.
50:22 Amen. All right, Praise the Lord.
50:24 Nobody else wants to add anything to that?
50:26 All right, okay.
50:27 I'm still absorbing all of that.
50:29 We literally have like a minute,
50:31 I'm going to throw this one out there.
50:32 Maybe we have a real quick answer.
50:34 "What happens to the ones that go to outer darkness?
50:36 Do they ever get to join Jesus?"
50:39 This comes from Cindy in Washington.
50:40 You know, there's one place where the outer darkness
50:43 it talks about the weeping and gnashing of teeth.
50:45 And that just makes it sound like
50:46 oh, they're suffering so badly,
50:48 but in Scripture, weeping and gnashing of teeth,
50:51 meant you were angry.
50:52 So those who go into the outer darkness,
50:54 that weeping and gnashing of teeth,
50:56 they don't repent.
50:58 They're still angry with God, and they're grrr-grrr,
51:02 you know, at God.
51:03 So what happens to them?
51:05 They've missed that, that time,
51:09 that opportunity to repent.
51:11 And they'll see Him again, but not a good term,
51:13 which is a second resurrection.
51:15 That's the unfortunate part.
51:16 Revelation 12:7-9. That's right.
51:18 I just want to make sure
51:20 I'm not casting that outer darkness.
51:21 I want to be within the glorious light
51:23 of Jesus Christ.
51:25 And I know you do, too.
51:26 Hey, we certainly appreciate you joining us.
51:28 We're not quite through here.
51:29 We just have a couple of minutes
51:31 on the other side of a break.
51:32 But we want again remind you
51:33 of how you can send in your Bible questions.
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