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The Root of Jesse and the Key of David

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00:01 Amen.
00:02 I've certainly enjoyed the time we've had together.
00:04 So we have just a couple of minutes here
00:06 to get some final thoughts from each of you.
00:08 Well, you know, I just want to speak
00:10 to the fact that maybe you've gone down
00:13 in the wrong direction,
00:14 maybe you've gone down the wrong path,
00:16 but God wants to get a hold of your life.
00:18 He's longing for a relationship with you.
00:21 He wants you to taste and see that He is good.
00:24 So go back to Him.
00:26 And if you've never accepted Him,
00:28 accept Him today.
00:29 Yes, and I just want to speak to our viewer
00:32 who's having trouble forgiving yourself.
00:35 If God can forgive you,
00:37 then you really don't have a right
00:39 not to forgive yourself.
00:41 Just pray and ask God,
00:43 to empower you to do that too.
00:47 When God says He forgets the past,
00:49 that means He's not acting on our past.
00:52 He's covered it with the blood of Jesus.
00:56 I want to use a word
00:57 that we probably don't hear very much, epiphany.
00:59 I recently did a message called epiphany.
01:01 There's something that happens in your life
01:03 when you begin to study the Bible
01:04 that cannot happen any other way.
01:07 I call it the light moment
01:08 where I think all of us at one point or another
01:11 as Bible students have experienced
01:13 where the light comes on a text
01:15 that you have read for years.
01:18 While the Lord said to His disciples
01:20 on the Mount of Transfiguration,
01:22 He says, "Tell no one what you saw,
01:24 until the Son of Man has risen from the dead."
01:27 Here's the point, until Christ is risen in you
01:31 and living in you,
01:32 you are not yet qualified to give a testament.
01:35 Study the Word of God
01:36 and Christ will become real to you
01:39 and will live in you
01:40 and your testimony
01:42 through God's Word will be empowered in a way
01:44 that will bring an epiphany.
01:46 Amen.
01:48 Isaiah 8:20,
01:50 "To the law and to the testimony
01:52 if they speak not according to this word,
01:55 it is because there is no light in them."
01:57 Jesus is our light,
01:59 His Word is light.
02:00 And again, we are so thankful
02:01 that you have joined us
02:03 during this time of Bible Q and A.
02:04 We will see you right back here
02:06 next week on Monday.
02:07 God bless.


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