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00:01 As you're well aware,
00:02 we're living in unprecedented times.
00:05 Join us now for Today special program.
00:12 I want to spend my life
00:18 Mending broken people
00:23 I want to spend my life
00:29 Removing pain
00:34 Lord, let my words
00:39 Heal a heart that hurts
00:44 I want to spend my life
00:50 Mending broken people
00:55 I want to spend my life
01:00 Mending broken people
01:14 Hello, family, and welcome to
01:16 another 3ABN Today Bible Q and A.
01:19 I'm Jason Bradley and I'm so glad that
01:21 you've decided to join us
01:23 as you do each and every Monday,
01:25 where we answer your Bible questions
01:28 that you submit.
01:29 Now if you haven't submitted any Bible questions
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01:47 We have panelists
01:49 that are ready to answer your Bible questions,
01:52 they are students of the Word.
01:54 We have Jill Morikone, vice president and COO of 3ABN.
01:59 Welcome, Jill. Thanks so much, Jason.
02:01 I love to learn from everyone on the panel
02:03 and just study the Bible, what a gift.
02:05 Amen, amen. We have Pastor Ryan Day,
02:09 he's a member of our pastoral department
02:11 and you answer questions all day long.
02:14 All the time, but it's a blessing
02:16 and I enjoy it.
02:17 Amen and we have Pastor John Lomacang,
02:20 pastor of this Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church.
02:23 Great to have you here. Don't forget your uncle.
02:26 That's right, uncle, mommy. I'll call you nephew.
02:29 Well, we have wonderful relationship.
02:31 Always good to be on the program with you, Jason,
02:33 and I call these not taken from anybody.
02:37 These are my fellow military partners.
02:40 We really approached the Word of God
02:42 as soldiers of the cross, and I appreciate all of you.
02:45 Amen. Praise God for that.
02:46 Appreciate you all too. Amen.
02:48 Well before we dive into the Word.
02:51 Let's have a word of prayer.
02:52 Pastor Lomacang, will you pray for us?
02:54 Sure, let's pray.
02:55 Gracious Father loving Lord,
02:57 Your Word is a lamp unto our feet
03:00 and a light unto our path.
03:02 And, Father, while we handle this sacred Word,
03:06 we pray that we could do so
03:07 recognizing that we are stepping into a place
03:11 that is far greater in scope
03:13 and understanding than our finite minds,
03:15 but give us what we need, Lord, to reach out
03:18 to the hearts and minds
03:19 of those who are asking for questions,
03:21 and may the light come on for them,
03:23 that they may not only get understanding,
03:26 or come to know You as their Savior, in Jesus name.
03:29 Amen. Amen.
03:31 Amen. Amen.
03:32 I want to share this Bible verse with you
03:33 before we get started, it's found in Romans 15:4,
03:38 and it says "For whatever things
03:40 were written
03:41 before were written for our learning,
03:43 that we through the patience
03:45 and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."
03:48 That's right.
03:50 So we're gonna go into the scriptures
03:52 and, Jill, we're gonna start with you.
03:54 The first question says,
03:55 "What can I do to feel the Lord close to me?"
04:00 I love that question.
04:02 I think that has been the cry of my heart ever since
04:03 I was a little girl,
04:05 wanting to experience the presence of God.
04:08 I want to flip the question on its head
04:10 instead of what can I do to feel the Lord close to me.
04:13 I'm going to ask it this way.
04:14 What can I do to experience Him by faith?
04:19 You see, if you can't feel God
04:21 with your feelings, you feel Him with your faith.
04:25 For so many years
04:26 I was a feeling based Christian,
04:29 meaning if I felt Him close,
04:30 then He must be close,
04:32 but if I thought He was far then
04:34 He was not close to me.
04:36 But the truth is our Christian walk
04:38 is not based on feelings.
04:41 It's based on the authority of the Word of God.
04:44 I want to give you three keys, number one, study His Word.
04:47 If you want to grow your faith, spend time in the Word of God.
04:51 Romans 10:17, "Faith comes by hearing
04:54 and hearing by the Word of God."
04:57 Number two, accept what His Word
04:59 says about you by faith.
05:01 What do I mean by that?
05:03 1 John 1:9, "If we confess our sins,
05:05 He's faithful and just to forgive us,
05:07 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
05:10 Now we can say, I don't feel forgiven,
05:12 but that doesn't matter at all.
05:13 What does His Word say? You are forgiven.
05:16 What does His word say in Romans 8:15?
05:19 "You did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear,
05:22 but you received the spirit of adoption
05:24 by which we cry out Abba, Father."
05:26 His Word says that you are His child.
05:29 His Word says, 1 John 4:18, "There is no fear in love,
05:33 for perfect love casts out fear."
05:36 His Word says you don't have to walk in fear.
05:39 His Word says in John 14:27,
05:41 that "He will give you His peace."
05:44 So all of these emotions
05:46 that we think we need to have as Christians,
05:49 they come on the authority of the Word of God,
05:52 you accept what His Word says about you,
05:55 and that is who you are in Christ.
05:57 Number three,
05:59 you claim these promises out loud.
06:01 There is death and life in the power of the tongue,
06:04 speak His word over your life
06:06 and watch as your feelings begin to change.
06:09 Wow. Well said, well said.
06:12 Don't operate off feelings,
06:13 operate off principles, I love it.
06:16 Pastor Day, who is her
06:20 in Ezekiel 22:26-27?
06:24 This comes from Phyllis.
06:25 Sure, now that's a great question.
06:27 Well, there's no doubt that the "Her" mentioned here
06:30 is most definitely the house of Israel,
06:33 or God's people, the church in this case.
06:36 How do we know that?
06:37 There's plenty of context
06:39 clues throughout this entire chapter.
06:41 I'm just gonna point to one right now
06:42 for the sake of time,
06:43 Ezekiel 22:18, so you,
06:46 Phyllis quoted verse 26-27.
06:50 And before I go to verse 18,
06:52 let's just read the first part of verse 26 there,
06:54 just to reference what it is you're asking.
06:55 It says "Her priest have violated My law
06:58 and profane My holy things.
07:00 They have not distinguished between the holy and unholy
07:03 nor have they made known the difference
07:04 between the unclean and the clean
07:06 and they have hidden their eyes from My Sabbath,
07:08 so that I am profaned among them."
07:10 So the her here is no doubt God's people,
07:13 the church, the house of Israel.
07:15 You'll notice, again in verse 18 above that.
07:18 It says "Their son of man,
07:20 the house of Israel has become dross to me."
07:24 And so many times all throughout the Bible
07:26 God refers to His people the church,
07:29 in the form of a her because,
07:31 again, Jeremiah 6:2, I believe it is.
07:34 It says, "I have likened the daughter of Zion
07:37 to a comely and delicate woman,"
07:39 just as Brother Paul over in
07:41 the New Testament also says, you know,
07:43 "Husbands love your wives
07:44 as Christ also loved the church."
07:45 So the church is often likened
07:47 unto a woman so her here is most definitely
07:50 the daughter of Zion, the house of Israel,
07:53 God's people, the church.
07:54 Amen.
07:55 Thank you for breaking that down.
07:57 Now Pastor Lomacang,
07:58 what does abomination of desolation mean?
08:02 This comes from Lucy out of Atlanta.
08:05 Thank you for 30 minute question.
08:08 Abomination of Desolation,
08:09 let me go ahead and lead into it
08:10 by saying the abomination of desolation
08:12 is often tried to merge,
08:14 but it actually has two applications in Scripture.
08:17 I'll give you an overview
08:19 quickly the abomination of desolation first describes
08:22 the destruction of Jerusalem on the heels
08:24 of the rejection of the Messiah.
08:26 And it also is an application
08:28 to the false substitution
08:30 of the heavenly ministry of Jesus
08:32 by an earthly priesthood.
08:35 Matthew 24:15-20,
08:37 let's go ahead and talk about the destruction of Jerusalem.
08:41 On the heels of the rejection of Messiah
08:43 because Jesus foretold,
08:45 "The day is coming that not one stone will be left
08:48 upon another that will not be thrown down,"
08:50 and when they rejected Him,
08:51 He said, "Your house is left unto you desolate."
08:55 But he also talked about the day that
08:57 Jerusalem would come down.
08:59 Verse 15 of Matthew 24, therefore, warning of it,
09:03 "When you see the abomination of desolation,
09:05 spoken up by Daniel the prophet,
09:07 standing in the holy place,
09:09 whoever reads let him understand."
09:11 Now he's talking about
09:13 the circumstances in the location
09:15 where it's going to happen.
09:16 "Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.
09:19 Let him who is on the housetop not go down
09:22 to take anything out of his house.
09:24 Let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes.
09:28 But woe to those who are pregnant
09:30 and to those who are nursing babies
09:32 in those days!
09:33 And pray that your flight may not be
09:34 in winter or on the Sabbath."
09:37 He's saying if this comes and the Roman armies
09:39 were to find you, you're going to be in trouble.
09:41 That's why Luke 21:20 adds to that by saying,
09:44 "But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies
09:48 then know that its desolation is near."
09:52 That's the application of the destruction of Jerusalem
09:54 on the heels of the rejection of the Messiah.
09:57 But now the false substitution of the heavenly ministry
09:59 by an earthly ministry
10:01 established by the power of Rome,
10:02 the king of the north.
10:04 Daniel 11:31, he says,
10:06 "And forces shall be mustered by him
10:09 and they shall defile the sanctuary fortress,
10:12 then they shall take away the daily sacrifices
10:16 and placed there the abomination of desolation."
10:20 Daniel 12:11, "And from the time
10:23 that the daily sacrifice is taken away,
10:26 and the abomination of desolation is set up,
10:29 there shall be 1290 days."
10:32 I'm not even going to that right now.
10:34 But Daniel 8:12 foreshadows it,
10:37 "And the host was given him
10:39 against the daily sacrifice
10:41 by reason of transgression,
10:43 and he cast down the truth to the ground
10:46 and it practiced and prospered."
10:48 During the Dark Ages,
10:49 Rome established a false priestly system,
10:52 an earthly priestly system
10:54 that was a counterfeit
10:56 to the heavenly ministry of Christ,
10:57 which is a daily function of the Word of Christ
11:01 and Daniel 8:13 says this way.
11:03 "Then I heard a holy one speaking
11:05 and another holy one said to that certain one
11:07 who was speaking, how long will the vision be
11:09 concerning the daily sacrifices,
11:12 and the transgression of desolation.
11:14 The giving both of the sanctuary
11:16 and the host to be trampled underfoot."
11:18 Clearly said. Good job.
11:21 I don't know how you did that
11:22 in three minutes, but praise God.
11:24 Jill, which people did Cain marry?
11:27 This comes from Rachel out of Uganda.
11:30 Thank you, Rachel, for that question.
11:31 The Word of God actually doesn't tell us
11:33 but we can have a pretty good idea.
11:36 You think about
11:37 Adam and Eve in the Bible, in Genesis,
11:39 you only see three sons that were mentioned,
11:42 this is Cain and Abel and, of course, Seth.
11:45 Now we know that Cain murdered his brother Abel,
11:47 which then just leaves Cain and Seth,
11:50 but, you know, that Adam and Eve
11:52 had other children, they had daughters,
11:54 which aren't mentioned but they had daughters
11:56 and probably other sons.
11:58 So, we can deduce from that
12:01 that Cain would have either married his sister,
12:03 or possibly maybe he got married to niece
12:07 if maybe a brother and sister got married
12:09 and had a child, he might have married,
12:11 I don't know but he would have married
12:12 a very close family relation.
12:14 If you jump down to Genesis Chapter 6,
12:18 you see Genesis 6:1-2, "It came to pass,
12:22 when men began to multiply on the face of the earth,
12:24 and daughters were born to them
12:26 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men,
12:28 that they were beautiful, and they took wives for them
12:32 of all whom they chose."
12:34 Now the sons of God,
12:35 this differentiates two different lineages.
12:40 We see the sons of God,
12:41 which is the descendants of Seth,
12:43 those who wanted to follow God
12:45 and keep His commandments,
12:47 then we see the daughters of men,
12:49 this would be the descendants of Cain,
12:51 those who spat, as it were in the face of God,
12:54 those who turned their back on God
12:56 and did only what was evil.
12:58 Now when intermarriage occurred
13:00 between those who sought to follow God
13:02 and those who followed wickedness,
13:04 the entire earth
13:06 became corrupt in a very short amount of time.
13:09 We see this in Genesis 6:5,
13:11 "Until every intent of man's heart
13:14 was only evil continually."
13:15 And, of course,
13:16 then we see the destruction by the flood.
13:18 But the short answer
13:20 is that Cain probably married his sister.
13:21 Wow.
13:23 Thank you for that explanation, Jill.
13:24 Ryan, we're gonna go to you,
13:26 and I am interested in becoming an Adventist,
13:30 but I believe in the rapture
13:32 and the second coming of Christ.
13:33 Do Adventists believe in the rapture?
13:36 This is from Latonya. Amen.
13:38 Thank you, Latonya, for that,
13:39 I appreciate the question and it's a great question.
13:42 To be very clear the Seventh-day Adventists
13:44 believe the biblical account
13:47 of what is known as the Second Coming of Jesus.
13:49 The word rapture
13:51 is not actually found in the Bible
13:52 so what you're referencing,
13:54 you want separation or differentiation
13:56 between the rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus.
13:58 This is a popular teaching
14:00 in the evangelical churches of today,
14:02 but we believe that
14:04 there's no biblical basis for that.
14:06 Now the concept of rapture,
14:07 in other words Christ returning and gathering
14:09 or collecting His saints to take them back to heaven,
14:12 absolutely that concept is there,
14:13 but to say that there is the rapture, again,
14:16 the pre-tribulation rapture theory in
14:18 which it begins with the rapture,
14:20 and then seven years of tribulation,
14:22 followed by the Second Coming of Jesus,
14:24 there's no biblical basis for that.
14:26 Where would they get confused, is trying to take Matthew 24,
14:30 where Jesus describes
14:31 His return as a thief in the night,
14:33 and also 1 Thessalonians 4-5 where Jesus or excuse me,
14:37 Paul references the Second Coming of Jesus,
14:39 they try to separate those two passages
14:41 and say that
14:43 they're describing two different events,
14:45 but Seventh-day Adventists believe
14:47 that those two passages
14:49 are talking about the exact same event,
14:51 and I don't necessarily want to just keep hounding
14:53 or saying Seventh-day Adventists believe
14:56 because I believe that Bible Christians believe
14:59 and we'll see very clearly no matter what denomination,
15:01 no matter where you're coming from,
15:03 if you're a Bible student of the Lord's Word,
15:06 then you will see very clearly as you go across
15:08 and look at the details where it talks about
15:10 Jesus coming in the clouds,
15:11 the sound of a trumpet, you know,
15:12 gathering together unto Him.
15:14 No man knows the day nor the hour,
15:15 the times and seasons,
15:17 a thief is over here, a thief is over there.
15:19 You know, Jesus says watch over here,
15:21 He says watch over there.
15:22 When you take Matthew 24
15:23 and compare it to 1 Thessalonians 4-5,
15:27 where Paul writes there.
15:28 I think you'll see very, very clearly,
15:30 there's no way of getting around
15:31 the fact that he's talking about the exact same event.
15:33 Jesus will return,
15:35 and He's going to return once in the sense that
15:37 there's only one second coming, there's not a rapture
15:40 and then a third coming in that case,
15:43 it's simply the Second Coming of Jesus.
15:45 Amen. Amen.
15:46 It's good, clarity. Clarity.
15:48 Yes, yes.
15:49 Pastor Lomacang, we're gonna go to you
15:50 on this one
15:52 and this is a rather long question
15:54 but a good one.
15:55 The three angels' messages tell us that
15:58 once the gospel goes out to all the world
16:00 and then Jesus will return.
16:03 But what confuses me
16:05 is since there is an endless renewing of lives
16:07 on the planet continuously being born
16:10 and coming to an age of being able to accept Christ,
16:13 at what point can it ever stop,
16:15 or turn off so that Jesus can return,
16:18 since it seems to be an never ending cycle.
16:22 There is a continuous number of babies born each day,
16:26 who in a few short years
16:28 will become old enough to accept Christ.
16:31 Can you shed some light on this?
16:32 This comes from Debbie.
16:33 Yes, thank you so much, Debbie, for that question.
16:37 We've often wondered that too
16:38 because when Matthew 24:14 says.
16:41 "And this gospel of the kingdom
16:42 shall be preached in all the world
16:44 as a witness to all nations, then the end will come."
16:48 We often think, but people are being born
16:51 and I have this atomic clock
16:52 that shows the population decreasing and increasing
16:55 exponentially every day.
16:57 But such was the case in the days of Noah.
16:59 That's right. Babies were being born.
17:01 People were dying every day,
17:03 the endless cycle of human population
17:05 and decrease and increase happened on a daily basis.
17:09 But the Bible says in Matthew 24:38.
17:12 "For as in the days before the flood
17:16 they were eating and drinking,
17:19 marrying and giving in marriage,
17:21 until the day that Noah entered the ark,
17:24 and did not know until the flood came
17:26 and took them all the way,
17:28 so also will the coming of the Son of man be."
17:30 So the human cycle will continue.
17:33 We find that some people might ask the question
17:35 and I'm just going to entertain this in my mind
17:36 without you actually asking this.
17:38 Well then how can people that are babies,
17:41 how can people that have not yet
17:43 come to the age of accountability,
17:45 be accountable for their destiny?
17:48 Well, similar to the husband that's not sanctified,
17:51 he's sanctified by the wife.
17:53 Yes.
17:54 Similar to the wife that's not sanctified,
17:56 she's sanctified by the husband.
17:57 There's this point of accountability
17:59 where the destiny of the child
18:00 will be determined by the life of the parent.
18:03 And I came to that conclusion because there were commands
18:05 that the Lord gave in the Old Testament
18:07 to slay utterly young and old,
18:09 children, little children,
18:11 because he saw that
18:12 the nation of the kind of people
18:14 that they were knowing the end from the beginning,
18:16 he saw in their character stamp,
18:19 no change from generation to generation.
18:21 That's why he said in Exodus, showing mercy to those,
18:25 but he's visiting the iniquity of the fathers
18:28 to the third and fourth generation
18:30 of those who hate me.
18:31 So the point of the matter is,
18:33 somebody is going to be young when Jesus comes.
18:34 That's why we are told to be ready at any moment.
18:38 Wow, that's deep.
18:40 If you haven't had the opportunity to do so,
18:42 I'd like to invite you to send your questions
18:45 via text 618-228-3975
18:50 or you can send an email to BibleQA@3abn.org
18:55 You know what's exciting is that people
18:57 are sending questions from around the world.
18:59 We literally just talked about a question from Uganda.
19:03 And that is, that's pretty far.
19:05 So, that is incredible and that shows that
19:07 people are hungry for the Word.
19:09 Amen.
19:10 Jill, does the Bible speak of everlasting burning
19:16 in Isaiah 66:24?
19:19 We're going to give you three minutes for this one.
19:22 That's a great question.
19:24 Let's actually read that reference,
19:25 Isaiah 66:24,
19:27 this is incidentally the very last verse
19:30 in the Book of Isaiah.
19:31 "And they shall go forth
19:33 and look upon the corpses of the men
19:35 who have transgressed against Me.
19:37 For their worm shall not die, and their fire is not quenched.
19:42 They shall be an abhorrence to all flesh."
19:45 So I think there are three considerations
19:47 that we need to look at,
19:49 when we're considering a difficult Bible verse,
19:52 first consideration is context.
19:53 What is the context of that verse?
19:56 In this context, if you read Isaiah 65-66,
20:00 clearly it's talking about the new heavens
20:02 and the new earth.
20:04 It's also talking about the destruction
20:07 that will take place upon the earth.
20:10 The second consideration
20:11 is we look at dual applications.
20:14 Many scriptures have a dual application,
20:17 they have a literal present day application
20:19 and they also have a symbolic application.
20:23 The literal application to this scripture
20:25 is literally the historical event
20:28 of the Assyrian army
20:29 during the reign of Hezekiah.
20:31 Remember Sennacherib came against the city of Jerusalem,
20:34 and there was this great seed,
20:36 and 185,000 of the Assyrians army
20:41 was annihilated,
20:43 they were killed by the angel of the Lord
20:44 in one night.
20:46 So literally, and this is talked about
20:49 in Isaiah 37,
20:50 they are looking out at the dead corpses
20:53 of the Assyrian army
20:55 who is laid out dead outside the city.
20:58 It says, "Their worm shall not die."
21:00 If you look in Hebrew, that word is similar to maggot,
21:04 meaning they're dead, they're lying outside the city.
21:06 They're starting to be eaten.
21:08 "And their fire is not quenched."
21:12 That is actually if you do some word study
21:14 in the simple imperfect tense,
21:16 meaning it's incomplete action at that time,
21:19 but it will be completed at some point in time.
21:22 And I like Jeremiah 17 talks about Jerusalem
21:25 will be burned with fire
21:26 when Jerusalem's currently not burning,
21:28 it means it will be burned, and then it will be burned up.
21:32 Now we look at the symbolic application,
21:34 the second application of this reference,
21:37 the destruction of Sennacherib's army
21:39 and those are 185,000 men.
21:42 It's symbolic of what will happen
21:44 to God's enemies at the end of time.
21:47 The righteous will see the event
21:48 and they will look out
21:50 over the dead corpses of the wicked,
21:53 who have turned their back on God.
21:56 Looking at the worms, and the fire not being quenched
21:59 just symbolizes the completeness
22:01 of the destruction
22:03 and the disgrace of no burial for the bodies there.
22:06 The final thing to look at
22:08 when looking at difficult verses
22:10 is to consider other verses from the Word of God.
22:13 Ecclesiastes 9 says,
22:15 "The living know that they shall die,
22:16 but the dead do not know anything."
22:19 John 5 talks about those coming forth
22:22 from the tombs to the resurrection of life,
22:24 or resurrection of judgment.
22:26 John 11 refers to death as a sleep.
22:28 So you look at this verse in context
22:31 with the rest of the verses in the Word of God.
22:33 Amen.
22:34 Wow, that was a power packed three minutes, Jill.
22:36 All right.
22:38 Ryan, this is going to be a longer question for you
22:42 in three minute deal here.
22:44 My brother's girlfriend whom they lived together
22:47 wants to get baptized.
22:48 Our pastor won't baptize her unless they get married.
22:51 I was under the impression
22:53 that you can come as you are to Jesus,
22:55 that baptism is accepting,
22:57 that baptism is accepting Christ
22:59 as your personal Savior.
23:01 Couldn't she get baptized and the Holy Spirit
23:03 will do the rest working in her heart to unite them
23:06 in marriage down the road?
23:08 She has stopped coming to church
23:10 but still studies the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.
23:13 And this comes from Barbara.
23:15 Thank you, Jason,
23:17 I appreciate that and thank you, Barbara,
23:19 for giving that question because that's a question that
23:21 it's a deep question,
23:22 but I believe the Bible has a very clear answer to it.
23:25 I'm gonna try to address a few points
23:27 that was in your information of your question one by one,
23:30 some of the information stuck out to me.
23:33 But just to get clear to the point.
23:35 A person who is in a relationship
23:37 with another person,
23:39 okay, a man and a woman in this case,
23:41 who is not in a marriage relationship
23:42 but yet is having an adult relationship,
23:45 a sexual relationship at all, of course,
23:48 in this case the Bible refers to this as fornication.
23:51 It says fornication in the eyes of God and,
23:53 of course, it is a sin.
23:54 Just a couple of scriptures that I want to share with you.
23:57 So 1 Corinthians 6:18,
23:59 the Bible says, "Flee fornication.
24:02 Every sin that a man doeth is without the body,
24:04 but he that committeth fornication sinneth
24:06 against his own body."
24:08 Okay, that's the first one.
24:09 Now we have Hebrews 13:4, again on that same point.
24:14 "Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled:
24:18 but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge."
24:21 And you could put fornication in there as well as that
24:23 as a sin of sexual immorality
24:26 and, of course, the last one I want to share
24:27 here pertaining to fornication.
24:29 1 Corinthians 7:2,
24:31 it says "Nevertheless to avoid fornication,
24:34 let every man hath his own wife,
24:36 and that every woman hath her own husband."
24:39 I'm not trying to be play the judgmental person
24:42 here in this situation, just simply relaying
24:44 what the Bible says, in this case,
24:46 you know, we're just reading
24:47 what you had wrote here, you know,
24:48 can people just come as they are to Jesus, right?
24:51 That baptism is accepting Christ as your personal Savior.
24:54 Yes, indeed we can and we should come to Jesus
24:56 just as we are, and He accepts us as we are.
24:59 But the wonderful thing about baptism
25:02 about coming into relationship with Christ
25:03 is He doesn't want to leave us, as we are,
25:06 but if we're going to come in relationship with Him,
25:08 we have to be committed to Him.
25:09 That's what baptism is all about.
25:12 Taking for consideration Romans 6:3-6,
25:16 Paul talking about the significance of baptism,
25:19 and according to your question,
25:20 that's what the question is about, right?
25:22 There in this relationship not married,
25:25 but yet and living together
25:26 but yet she wants to be baptized
25:28 and the pastor won't baptize her.
25:29 Well, let's read about what baptism is.
25:31 It says here verses 3-6 of Romans 6,
25:34 "Or do you not know that as many of us
25:36 were baptized into Christ, Jesus
25:38 were baptized into his death.
25:40 Therefore we are buried with Him
25:42 through baptism into death,
25:44 that just as Christ was raised from the dead
25:46 by the glory of the Father,
25:47 even so we also should walk in newness of life."
25:51 And let's go down to 6 six, here it says, "Knowing this,
25:53 that our old man was crucified with Him,
25:56 you crucify the old man, that the body of sin
25:58 might be done away with,
26:00 and that we should no longer be slaves of sin."
26:02 Baptism is a commitment,
26:04 it's just like a marriage commitment.
26:05 If I told my wife as I'm standing there
26:07 and about a vow myself to her that I want to marry you
26:09 and I want to be with you the rest of my life,
26:10 but I'm still going to have my side chick
26:12 that I'm going to have relationships with.
26:14 She's not, that's not a commitment,
26:15 I'm not committed, fully committed.
26:17 Same thing with God.
26:18 And in this case, you know,
26:20 another thing that sticks out to me,
26:21 she stopped going to church.
26:23 That's another indication that maybe
26:24 there's a heart issue
26:25 that needs to be dealt with there.
26:27 Come to Jesus, yes, just as you are.
26:29 But Jesus wants to cleanse you,
26:31 He wants you to be committed to Him,
26:32 and before you go
26:33 into that watery grave of baptism,
26:35 make sure that you have surrendered all to Him.
26:37 Amen.
26:39 Amen, I'll tell you what,
26:40 if you tell Stephanie that my door will be unlocked
26:44 'cause I'm sure you'll need a place to stay.
26:47 Oh, that's not gonna happen.
26:48 Pastor Lomacang,
26:50 what does it mean in Romans 8:30,
26:54 God predestined them?
26:55 This comes from Shaun out of Arizona.
26:58 It's good. I'm going to read Romans 8:30.
27:01 All right.
27:03 And we find in the Bible,
27:04 "More over whom He predestined,
27:08 these He also called whom he called,
27:12 these He also justified,
27:14 and whom He justified, these He also glorified."
27:18 What you're looking at is a cadence,
27:20 a step of the development of a Christian's life.
27:23 Let's start in the very beginning.
27:25 The word predestined doesn't mean pre programmed.
27:29 That's what people often think,
27:30 well, God has just programmed me,
27:32 He knows who's gonna be lost.
27:34 He knows who's gonna be saved.
27:36 Therefore, it doesn't really make sense to try
27:37 because we have been predestined.
27:39 Let me show you the difference
27:41 between predestination and foreknowledge.
27:43 If you were standing on the 15th floor on the corner
27:46 of a tall building,
27:48 and you saw someone removed the stop sign.
27:52 And you saw a car coming from one side
27:54 and a car coming from the other,
27:56 you know, before it happens,
27:57 they're gonna have a collision,
27:59 you have foreknowledge,
28:01 but you didn't predestined them to have that collision.
28:04 You see what's going to happen because you can understand
28:06 where they're coming from, where they are headed.
28:09 What God has done
28:10 is God has made provision for us
28:13 to be sons and daughters of God,
28:16 but we still have to choose.
28:18 You know what the Bible says
28:19 in Deuteronomy 30:19,
28:22 "This predestination is God has made every provision
28:25 for us to become sons and daughters of God,
28:27 every provision for us to be delivered from sin.
28:31 No temptation has overtaken you
28:32 but such as common to man,
28:34 but God is faithful, who will not allow you
28:36 to be tempted beyond what you are able,
28:38 but with the temptation make a way of escape."
28:39 Yeah.
28:41 1 Corinthians 10:13, "God has made the provision,
28:44 but you have to partake of that provision."
28:46 That's why Deuteronomy 13:19 says,
28:48 "I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you,
28:52 that I have set before you life and death,
28:54 blessing and cursing, therefore choose life
28:57 that both you and your descendants may live."
29:00 But you have to choose.
29:03 It's good. Amen.
29:05 And, Jill, Bridget wants to know
29:06 how does God...
29:08 How and when does God chastise us?
29:10 It's a great question.
29:12 Thank you so much, Bridget, for that.
29:13 I would say number one, God's discipline
29:15 is always from a place of love.
29:17 Hebrews 12:6,
29:20 "For whom the Lord loves He chastens,"
29:22 or that word could be disciplined,"
29:24 and scourges every son whom he receives."
29:27 He also says in Revelations 3:19,
29:30 "As many as I love,
29:31 I rebuke and chasten:
29:34 be zealous therefore, and repent."
29:36 So God's discipline,
29:37 it's hard to see sometimes but it is from a place of love.
29:41 Number two, God's discipline is for our holiness.
29:46 Hebrews 12:10,
29:48 "For they indeed for a few days,"
29:50 this is talking about the fathers,
29:51 "chastened their sons as seemed best to them,
29:54 but He" that's talking about God the Father,
29:57 "He does it for our profit."
29:59 Why?
30:00 "That we may be partakers of His holiness."
30:04 God's discipline is for our holiness.
30:06 Number three, God's discipline is redemptive.
30:10 2 Corinthians 4:17,
30:12 "Our light affliction," or you could say,
30:14 our discipline, which is about for a moment, what is it doing?
30:18 "It's working for us a far more exceeding
30:20 and eternal weight of glory."
30:23 It's working redemption,
30:25 you can say for us that gift of eternal life.
30:28 Number four, I love this.
30:30 God's discipline brings healing.
30:33 Job.
30:34 Job 5:17-18,
30:37 Job experienced some discipline.
30:38 "Behold, happy is the man whom God corrects
30:41 or whom God disciplines,
30:43 therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty.
30:47 For He bruises, but He binds up,
30:50 He wounds, but His hands make whole."
30:53 His discipline, it brings with it healing.
30:56 So how does He discipline us?
30:58 He disciplines us through other people.
31:00 He disciplines us through life's circumstances,
31:05 sometimes through the convicting power
31:07 of the Holy Spirit.
31:08 I'm so grateful that He does discipline us
31:10 because it's getting us ready for heaven.
31:13 Amen. Amen.
31:14 Amen. Discipline is a blessing.
31:17 Ryan, the first commandment says,
31:20 "Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
31:22 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
31:26 or any likeness of anything that is in heaven, etc."
31:29 Is it okay to look at, or display a picture of Jesus,
31:33 or is that violating the commandment?
31:37 That's a great question.
31:38 I've actually had this question posed to me many times
31:41 being that I used to travel full time in evangelism,
31:43 and I had slides that I put up, you know, with pictures
31:46 and you know text beside the pictures,
31:49 and I've had a few people who've said to me, you know,
31:51 you're violating the second commandment.
31:53 I think when we go back and we look and we study
31:55 what it is the actual commandment is saying,
31:57 you will recognize that
31:58 the heart of the second commandment
31:59 is addressing the issue of worship, idol worship.
32:03 And, of course, you know,
32:04 well, we know we live in a world
32:05 where people are drawing pictures
32:07 and paintings and whatnot,
32:08 that is an artist's portrayal of what they believe
32:10 Jesus might look like,
32:12 even though the Bible does not give us
32:13 any detailed description as to how Jesus look like,
32:16 to simply just paint a picture
32:18 or draw a picture of what you might believe
32:20 your Savior to look like.
32:22 That is not the issue of the second commandment.
32:25 As we're reading through here you'll see,
32:26 it says, this is Exodus 20:4-6,
32:29 "You shall not make for yourself a carved image,
32:31 or any likeness of anything
32:33 that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth,
32:35 or that is of,
32:37 that is in the water under the earth,
32:38 you shall not," notice,
32:40 "bow down to them or serve them,
32:41 for I am the Lord your God.
32:43 I'm a jealous God, visiting the iniquity
32:44 of the fathers upon the children
32:46 to the third and fourth generations
32:47 of those who hate me,
32:49 but showing mercy to thousands
32:51 to those who love Me and keep My commandments."
32:53 So again, back to that bowing down
32:55 and not serving them.
32:56 Israel had this issue for a long time,
32:58 even in the world that we live in today
32:59 from since the beginning of time,
33:02 when Cain sinned
33:03 and when Adam and Eve sinned really
33:04 and brought sin into this world,
33:06 there has always been an idol issue,
33:08 even Satan himself before there ever was an
33:10 Adam and Eve or earth, Satan had made himself an idol,
33:14 he worshipped himself, and it didn't have to happen
33:16 because of some picture that was drawn or whatnot.
33:19 So the heart of this issue,
33:20 I believe is, you know, we can look at pictures
33:22 we can admire art, we can look at these things,
33:25 we just don't want to worship them
33:26 or be create an idol, in the sense that
33:29 you know we can't be a part or detached from those things,
33:32 in this case in the world that we live in today,
33:33 we need to make sure that
33:35 we only see them as just a picture,
33:37 an artist's portrayal of something
33:38 and not anything else.
33:40 Good. Very well said. Very well said.
33:42 Pastor Lomacang, this one comes from,
33:45 what would be considered as close to home for us.
33:48 This comes from Jacqueline out of New York
33:50 and she wants to know,
33:51 she said, "Would you please explain
33:53 Exodus 35:2-3?"
33:56 Okay, Exodus 35:2-3.
33:59 I'll go ahead and read it.
34:01 It says, "Work shall be done
34:03 for six days,
34:05 but the seventh day shall be a holy day for you,
34:08 a Sabbath of rest to the Lord.
34:10 Whoever does any work on it shall be put to death.
34:15 You shall kindle no fire
34:17 throughout your dwellings on the Sabbath day."
34:21 I read this passage
34:23 and read the surrounding verses.
34:24 Let me go ahead and give you my take on
34:27 what this is talking about.
34:29 God established a preparation day
34:31 to minimize the work
34:32 that was often done on the Sabbath.
34:35 Taking it back to how work was done
34:39 during Bible times,
34:41 and I won't even go that far back.
34:42 If you were living in the 1800s,
34:45 there were those who wouldn't shower
34:47 for three or four days,
34:48 because of all the work that it took to shower.
34:51 What do we have to do nowadays to shower?
34:54 That's it and, but what they had to do
34:56 back then is go out and cut the wood,
34:59 haul it in, go to the nearby river,
35:02 get a couple of buckets, build the fire.
35:05 Get that thing heated up, caught it, however they,
35:09 whatever apparatus, it'd be an hour,
35:10 maybe two before
35:12 they could even possibly take a bath.
35:14 And they said that this was undue work,
35:16 and it made the Sabbath a burden.
35:18 Today we don't say the same thing,
35:19 we say did you shower before you went to church?
35:22 The context here is undue labor on the Sabbath.
35:26 And the Bible calls this no survival work
35:29 should be done on the Sabbath.
35:30 That's the context of this, meaning something that
35:33 could be done other times of the week.
35:35 That's why the Preparation Day was given,
35:37 and this comes also a take away
35:39 from Exodus 16 where the Lord said,
35:41 "Don't go out on the Sabbath, looking for food.
35:43 I'm going to provide for you every day."
35:45 And some people still went out on the Sabbath and He said,
35:47 "How long do you refuse to keep My commandments,
35:52 My statutes and My laws."
35:53 Here's the thing that we have to keep in mind.
35:55 The Sabbath command is as sacred as the other nine.
35:58 That's right.
36:00 Don't think that by violating the Sabbath
36:02 that it's just another day.
36:04 It is a sign of loyalty to the eternal God.
36:07 Handle it with holiness and honor.
36:09 Amen. Amen.
36:11 Amen. Thank you Pastor.
36:12 Jill, have you studied Philippians 3?
36:15 Paul said, "He was blameless in his law keeping,
36:19 he gave it all up as a refusal
36:21 for that Excellency of Christ his Lord."
36:24 this comes from Margaret in Oregon.
36:26 Thank you, Margaret, for that question.
36:28 I think the passage
36:29 you're referring to is in Philippians 3:4-10.
36:32 We're going to read that quickly first,
36:34 so we know what we're talking about.
36:35 Paul speaking, he said, "If anyone thinks
36:37 he may have confidence in the flesh,
36:40 I more so," and then he goes
36:42 into this list of what he has done,
36:44 "circumcised the eighth day,
36:46 of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin,
36:49 a Hebrew of the Hebrews, concerning the law,
36:51 a Pharisee, concerning zeal, persecuting the church,
36:54 concerning the righteousness
36:56 which is in the law, blameless.
36:58 But what things were gain to me,
37:00 these I have counted loss for Christ.
37:02 Yet indeed I also count all things loss
37:06 for the excellence of the knowledge
37:07 of Christ Jesus my Lord,
37:09 for whom I suffered the loss of all things,
37:11 and count them as rubbish."
37:12 Why?
37:14 "That I may gain Christ and be found in Him,
37:17 not having my own righteousness,
37:19 which is from the law,
37:21 but that which is through faith in Christ,
37:23 the righteousness which is from God by faith
37:26 that I may know Him
37:27 and the power of His resurrection,
37:29 and the fellowship of His sufferings,
37:30 being conformed to His death."
37:33 What's the takeaway?
37:34 You can keep the law, you can know the law,
37:36 excuse me, you can know the law,
37:38 but not keep it.
37:39 You can keep the law, outwardly,
37:41 but still violate the spirit of the law.
37:44 Motive is more important than actions.
37:47 Paul thought he might have achieved perfection
37:49 because he did all these things properly
37:52 according to the law, but that properness
37:55 according to the law resulted
37:56 in the persecution of God's people.
38:00 What did Paul give up?
38:01 He didn't give up the law.
38:02 He gave up his legalistic approach to life.
38:06 He gave up his concern with the outward man
38:08 as opposed to the inward man.
38:10 What did he gain?
38:12 He gained Christ
38:13 and Christ is the fulfillment of the law.
38:16 He didn't push the law aside,
38:19 he gained Christ,
38:20 he gained Christ's righteousness.
38:22 He gained Christ's holiness.
38:25 That's what he's talking about here in this passage.
38:28 Okay. Thank you.
38:29 Amen. Amen.
38:30 Ryan, Jesus only left us two commandments,
38:34 love God and love your neighbor.
38:36 Did He not fulfill the old commandments and laws?
38:39 This comes from Ronald at Maryland.
38:40 All right.
38:42 Well, the simple answer to that,
38:44 Ronald, is absolutely he fulfilled it
38:46 but we have to understand what that means, right?
38:48 From many people's perspective fulfill means to do away with,
38:51 or to cancel.
38:52 But we know that Jesus did not come to cancel
38:55 or to do away with that law.
38:56 Before I get to that passages let's read
38:58 what it is you're addressing here
38:59 which is Matthew 22:37-40.
39:03 It says here, Jesus said to him,
39:04 "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
39:06 and with all your soul, and with all your mind.'
39:08 This is the first and great commandment.
39:10 And the second is like it,
39:12 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'
39:15 "And then notice what verse 40 says in response to that?
39:17 It says, "On these two commandments
39:19 hang all the law and the prophets."
39:22 So again yes, the first commandment,
39:24 dealing with our relationship and our love for God.
39:26 Second commandment dealing with our relationship
39:28 and love for men.
39:29 The first it just happens to be as verse 40 says,
39:32 "On these two hang all the law," right?
39:34 The first four of the Ten Commandments
39:35 deal with our relationship with God.
39:37 If we love God,
39:38 we'll keep the first four commandments,
39:40 and of course the last six of the Ten Commandments
39:42 deal with our relationship with man.
39:44 If we love our fellowman,
39:45 we'll keep the last six commandments.
39:47 Now, did Christ fulfill the law
39:50 when He came and He died on the cross?
39:52 And the truth of matter is,
39:54 yes, He did but what does that mean?
39:55 It certainly does not mean that
39:57 He done away with or canceled the law.
39:59 Let's go to Matthew 5:17-18.
40:02 It says, "Do not think,
40:03 this is the words of Jesus Himself.
40:05 Do not think that I've come to destroy
40:07 the law of the prophets,
40:08 I did not come to destroy but to fulfill."
40:11 And so a lot of people take that word fulfilled and say,
40:13 "Oh, it means that
40:14 He came to fulfill it, to perfect it,
40:16 and then the law is done away with."'
40:18 But if we just inserted the word,
40:19 you know, done away with,
40:21 or cancel right there or abolished, it would read.
40:23 I did not come to destroy, but to destroy or to abolish,
40:27 and we know that that's simply not the case.
40:29 In fact verse 18 says,
40:30 "For verily I say to you to heaven
40:32 and earth pass away,
40:33 one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law
40:36 until all be fulfilled."
40:37 Are we still here on earth?
40:39 Is there still heavens?
40:40 You know, has all been fulfilled yet?
40:42 Absolutely not.
40:44 Christ did fulfill the law
40:45 in the sense that He gave the...
40:46 He basically gave
40:48 what the law required which was perfection.
40:51 He was the perfect sacrifice,
40:52 but He certainly never done away
40:55 with the Ten Commandments.
40:56 That's right. It's good.
40:58 Excellent. Excellent.
40:59 Pastor Lomacang, how will every eye see
41:02 and every ear hear the coming of the Lord
41:04 when the world is round
41:06 and Jesus was the size of a man?
41:08 I'm so glad they put that word in there was,
41:12 the size of a man.
41:14 Very much God, and very much
41:16 He was the Son of God and the Son of man
41:18 in His condescended form.
41:21 When He rose, He said,
41:22 "All power is given unto Me in heaven and earth."
41:24 Let's just look at some physics
41:26 for a brief moment before I read the text to you.
41:28 The total circumference of the earth...
41:30 If you took a rubber band or tape measurement
41:33 and went to the middle of the earth and worn around
41:35 it is 24,000 miles in circumference.
41:38 How fast does light travel?
41:40 A 186,200 miles a second.
41:44 The Bible says in Matthew 24:31,
41:46 "He will send His angels
41:48 with a great sound of a trumpet,
41:50 and they will gather together His elect from the four winds,
41:54 north, east, south and west,
41:56 from one end of heaven to the other, not earth.
42:01 The heavens are going to be filled with angels, not earth.
42:05 How big is the heavens?
42:07 Much larger than the earth.
42:09 If they were just traveling at the speed of light,
42:13 they would surround the earth seven times
42:15 in less than a second
42:17 Tell me every eye won't see Him.
42:18 That's right.
42:19 When the Bible says, "Behold,
42:21 He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him."
42:23 The Bible says, "The lame will walk,
42:25 the deaf will hear, the blind will see."
42:29 Nobody is going to miss it
42:31 because Paul says,
42:33 "At the name of Jesus every knee will bow
42:36 and every tongue will confess that
42:39 Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the Father.
42:43 So, what am I saying?
42:46 Jeremiah 32:27, "Behold, I am the Lord,
42:49 the God of all flesh."
42:52 Is there anything too hard?
42:55 Praise God. Amen to that.
42:57 I just had to give Jesus that acknowledgement,
43:00 there's nothing that He can't do.
43:01 Thank you. That's right.
43:03 Amen. Praise God for that.
43:05 We are entering into our bonus question round,
43:09 so I will just throw out a bonus question
43:11 and anybody can answer it, or all of you can answer it.
43:15 When starting to say our prayer
43:17 should we always address the Father in Jesus' name,
43:20 or can we address our prayers directly to Jesus?
43:24 For example, dear Jesus.
43:25 This comes from Wendy.
43:27 If I just sense, why don't you guys talk first?
43:30 Well, I very much believe that
43:32 you call upon the name of the Lord.
43:34 Bible says call upon the name of the Lord
43:36 and you shall be saved, right?
43:37 I believe in a very prayerful, very serious sense Peter,
43:41 while he was far falling into that water
43:43 after he taken his eyes off Jesus,
43:44 what was his mini prayer at that moment?
43:47 Lord save me.
43:49 I think we have to use some wisdom here.
43:51 In this case you know when I pray,
43:53 I always pray, I always say, you know,
43:55 Father, you know, that,
43:57 that model prayer that Jesus gave us, you know,
43:59 "Our Father in heaven" I say, "Our Father in heaven,"
44:01 but I always prayed in Jesus' name,
44:03 and there's often times that
44:05 I find myself saying, Dear Lord,
44:07 you know, or Jesus please help me,
44:08 you know, Jesus is God,
44:10 and just as much as the Father is God.
44:13 Now there's a hierarchy there I recognize from
44:15 within the respective sense of the Godhead
44:17 that even the Father and the Son
44:18 and the Holy Spirit recognize,
44:20 but nonetheless I believe that
44:22 whether you're praying to the Father
44:23 or you're praying to Jesus.
44:25 It's still the same thing,
44:26 it's still recognized, and the Bible says that
44:28 even the Holy Spirit hear sometimes,
44:30 we know not what are to pray
44:32 and He intercedes on our behalf,
44:33 I believe that's Romans Chapter 8.
44:35 And so, yeah, I would say in this case
44:37 whether you're praying to the Father
44:38 or praying to Jesus, you're praying to your God,
44:41 and He hears you
44:42 if you're genuinely asking for Him and asking for help.
44:45 Amen. Amen.
44:46 That's well said, yeah, I like that.
44:48 I don't have anything to share, that's really good, Ryan.
44:50 Let me piggyback on that
44:52 because I like that you introduce Romans 8:26,
44:55 and I wanna read it because it really helps
44:58 when you understand how prayer is done,
45:00 because you've heard children asked questions
45:03 and one of the questions that children ask is, why?
45:07 You answered. Why?
45:08 You answered. Why?
45:09 Sooner or later you don't have any more answers.
45:11 The Lord knows that.
45:13 I like what it said,
45:14 "Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses,
45:19 for we do not know
45:20 what we should pray for as we ought."
45:21 That's right.
45:23 Even James says, "Sometimes we pray for things
45:24 that we just want to, we ask a miss
45:26 because we want to spend it on ourselves."
45:29 But here's where prayer gets divine assistance.
45:31 "But the Spirit himself makes intercession for us
45:36 with groanings which cannot be uttered.
45:38 We can't do it, so, so much
45:40 for the angelic prayer ideology.
45:43 And then it says in verse 27,
45:44 "Now he who searches the heart knows
45:47 what the mind of the Spirit is."
45:49 The Lord searches the heart, because He makes intercession,
45:52 Jesus, for the saints according to the will of God.
45:58 So you have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
46:00 really concerned about
46:01 what you're going to pray about it,
46:03 and when they understand
46:04 what your need is above just what you said,
46:07 like somebody might say, I know you asked for $5
46:08 but you need $1500, don't you, Ryan?
46:10 Yeah, but I don't want to ask.
46:12 You know the Lord looks beyond our infirmities
46:16 and sees deeper to the level of it.
46:18 And that's where Romans 8:28 comes out,
46:20 say it Jill, "And we know..."
46:22 "That all things work together for good to those who love Him,
46:25 to those who are the called according to His purpose."
46:28 Because our prayers are understood
46:30 and our God understands.
46:32 Amen. Amen.
46:33 Amen. It's powerful.
46:34 Yes.
46:36 If God alone is immortal then why is the devil
46:39 still alive
46:40 after all these thousands of years?
46:42 This comes from Steve out of Pennsylvania.
46:46 Well, I'll just jump in real quick
46:47 and let the rest of you theologians polish it up
46:49 and make it sound better,
46:50 but what I was
46:52 just thinking is that the wages of sin is death.
46:54 The Word of God is very clear on that.
46:56 From the moment Adam and Eve sinned,
46:58 death entered this world.
47:00 We know in 1 Corinthians that,
47:02 "By Adam sin entered this world,
47:04 but in Christ we should all be made alive."
47:07 But what's interesting to me is when they sinned,
47:09 there was not immediate flowers dying,
47:11 the trees didn't crack and fall,
47:13 winter didn't come instantly.
47:15 In fact Adam lived close to 1000 years
47:17 or 900 some years before he actually died.
47:20 So the wages of sin is death,
47:23 but there will come an end to Satan.
47:25 Yes, but that end is not yet, but it's coming soon.
47:29 That's right. Ryan?
47:30 Yeah, you know, I want to add here the fact
47:32 that what would have happened
47:33 if God would have crushed him
47:35 like a little mosquito the moment that he...
47:38 that he sinned
47:39 or that he rebelled against Him.
47:40 We have to recognize that that war in heaven
47:42 when it says that Michael and his angels
47:43 fought the dragon, you know,
47:45 and there was a war in heaven, that war was begun
47:47 because Satan had begun to spread lies
47:49 about who God was.
47:51 He was questioning the character of God.
47:52 So if God would have you know in that instance,
47:54 gave him the death that he deserves.
47:56 Okay, because of his sin, what would that have...
47:59 What type of witness would that have said about
48:00 God for those angels that were questioning the lie
48:04 that the devil had told.
48:05 And so in this case you know, Ezekiel Chapter 28 tells us,
48:09 and I'm going here to read down a little bit here.
48:12 It says that,
48:13 trying to find the particular verse,
48:15 but it's in Ezekiel Chapter 28
48:17 and it talks about how I laid you before kings.
48:20 Here it is, it's verse 17, "Your heart was lifted up
48:23 because of your beauty.
48:24 You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor.
48:27 I cast you to the ground,
48:28 I laid you before kings that they might gaze at you."
48:32 In this case,
48:33 the great controversy must play out.
48:35 And so God has to allow not that
48:38 He necessarily because we know the Bible
48:40 makes it very clear that Satan will have his end,
48:42 he will have his judgment, he will have his punishment,
48:45 greater than any one before,
48:47 but God must allow that life to contain in him,
48:50 so that the great controversy battle can play out,
48:53 so that he can lay before these kings,
48:55 in this case, the world, the people of this world.
48:57 We must be able to make a decision
49:00 between what is right and what is wrong,
49:02 and in this case God's name must be,
49:04 His name and His character must be vindicated.
49:06 And the story must go on until the appointed time
49:10 in which God has been completely vindicated
49:13 that character has been reproduced
49:14 in His own people for all of the world,
49:16 and all of the angels in heaven to see that
49:18 God was indeed just.
49:20 It's good.
49:22 It reminds me of the man who shook his fist at God
49:24 and just cursed to the heavenly in the skies,
49:26 he said, "If God is really there,
49:28 why don't He strike me with lightning?"
49:30 And the Christian said,
49:31 "Because God is long suffering."
49:32 Yeah. That's right.
49:34 You know the long suffering of God
49:35 is something that we often,
49:37 is only a characteristic of perfect love.
49:39 God is long suffering because He wants as Ryan said
49:42 and Jill said so wonderfully.
49:43 He wants us to see that He is not an angry God.
49:47 He's not a God that
49:48 just can't wait to take it out on the person
49:51 who is just really trying to challenge His authority.
49:55 A lot of people with that kind of power
49:56 and authority would have bounced Satan off
49:59 of the nearest constellation in a matter of seconds.
50:01 But God is different.
50:04 He is long suffering and abundant in mercies,
50:06 He's compassionate and gracious.
50:09 Because the record of how God handled
50:12 the issue of sin is gonna last a lot longer
50:15 than sin itself.
50:16 Amen.
50:18 So for eons and eons in the unfallen worlds
50:20 and when we look back on how God,
50:23 and here's where I want to connect it
50:24 to humanity.
50:26 I'm glad that God is long suffering
50:27 'cause He could have wiped me out a long time ago too.
50:29 What about you, Ryan?
50:31 When Ryan was partying and disc jockeying
50:33 and I was on the same thing and we were living.
50:35 Come on, Jason, would you be here
50:36 if God wasn't long suffering?
50:37 No. I wouldn't be here.
50:39 You'd been in jail someplace.
50:40 You could have been had an arrest
50:41 record longer than your arm.
50:43 But God expunged that because God is long suffering.
50:44 Thank God that
50:46 He is a God of long suffering and mercy.
50:47 So when the controversy is ended.
50:49 I love the way you said that, Ryan, people will look back
50:52 and say He is just, He is long suffering,
50:55 and every decision He has made is been true.
51:00 So, the devil will have no excuse,
51:02 he'll never say, God rushed to judgment.
51:06 You know, I'll just go quickly,
51:07 can't you imagine when we get to heaven,
51:09 God's gonna show us things
51:10 that we never could even imagine or see now.
51:12 And so, this question the one we just ask it's great
51:14 because God's gonna say, let me really show you
51:16 what would have happened
51:17 if I would have snuffed Satan out
51:19 way back here.
51:20 Wow.
51:22 It must happen the way that God sees fit.
51:23 That's right.
51:24 Could you imagine what your guardian angel
51:27 is probably saying or will,
51:28 what they will say when we get there?
51:31 I know mine will be great. Yeah.
51:33 Yes.
51:35 If there were currency up there,
51:37 I'd have to write a big check.
51:38 Let's put it that way. Through the blood of Jesus.
51:41 Yes, amen, amen.
51:43 Well, we are getting ready to take a brief break,
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