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00:01 Wow, I can't believe our time is just about up.
00:03 I wanna throw out one more question here.
00:04 What do you suggest about
00:06 spousal physical relation on Sabbath?
00:09 Wow.
00:11 You know, I look to this one
00:12 because I'm married, going on 38 years
00:14 and praise God, it has been beautiful.
00:16 There was in the Jewish writings
00:17 the Mishneh Torah,
00:19 they compile the collection of Jewish laws,
00:21 compiled called the Maimonides.
00:23 And they said in that Mishneh Torah,
00:27 the book Shabbat 30:14,
00:30 they said, "Whenever sex was entered
00:33 into by a husband and wife,
00:34 they called it considered
00:36 a dimension of Sabbath pleasure."
00:39 So they said, "God would not have made
00:41 man and woman and said, the greatest gift
00:44 I've given to you must wait until Monday."
00:48 Plus there's something else He did,
00:49 I'll give you guys to take that.
00:50 Well, I mean obviously the very first command
00:52 that He gave them on the sixth day,
00:53 by the way, it's probably would have been
00:55 toward the end of the sixth day,
00:56 the command He gave him was what?
00:58 Be fruitful and multiply,
01:00 but we don't see there'll be fruitful
01:02 and multiply except on Sabbath.
01:04 So in this case, absolutely I think
01:07 God left that gift that moment open
01:09 for the husband and wife to decide on.
01:12 I love James, it says, "Every good and perfect gift
01:15 is from above and comes down
01:16 from the Father of light."
01:17 So you think about the gifts that
01:19 God gives to us and one of those gifts
01:21 is the gift of sexual intimacy
01:23 within the bounds of marriage."
01:26 God created Adam and Eve on Friday,
01:29 and so what were they doing Friday night and Sabbath?
01:31 I mean they were just newly married,
01:33 so I think what a gift from God our Father,
01:35 so praise Him for that.
01:37 Amen. Amen.
01:38 Amen.
01:39 Thank you so much for coming on
01:41 and answering these Bible questions
01:43 from the Word of God,
01:46 and providing those clear biblical answers.
01:48 And we wanna thank you for sending in your questions
01:51 and thank you for joining us.
01:52 Make sure that you study your Bible.
01:55 Send in your questions
01:57 and we will be happy to answer them.
01:59 God bless. See you next time.


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