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00:01 As you're well aware,
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00:44 I want to spend my life
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00:55 I want to spend my life
01:01 Mending broken people
01:15 Hello, family, and welcome
01:16 to another 3ABN Today Bible Q and A.
01:19 I'm Jason Bradley,
01:21 and perhaps this is your first time joining us.
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01:45 We have Shelley Quinn with us.
01:47 Shelley, it's great to have you.
01:49 It's just a joy to be here
01:50 and just love being able to share some things
01:54 from the Bible with y'all.
01:55 Amen.
01:57 We've got Pastor Ryan Day,
01:58 you answer questions all day long.
02:01 That's right.
02:03 But you know what?
02:04 It's a blessing and an honor to be able to do it
02:06 and we've got some great questions
02:07 and some great answers for those questions today.
02:10 Amen.
02:11 And we have Pastor John Lomacang,
02:12 it's always great to have you on as well.
02:14 It's always fun, and always enlightening.
02:17 That's what God's Word does even for us.
02:19 Amen. Amen. Amen.
02:20 Shelley, before we dive into the Word of God,
02:22 would you have prayer for us?
02:24 Absolutely.
02:25 Heavenly Father, we are very grateful to You
02:28 for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
02:30 for Your Holy Spirit and Your Word.
02:32 And we ask now, Lord,
02:34 get us out of the way empty us of us
02:37 and, Lord, speak through us
02:39 by the power of Your Holy Spirit,
02:42 and give us all ears to hear what the Spirit says,
02:47 and help us to put your Word into practice.
02:50 We ask this in Jesus' holy Name.
02:53 Amen. Amen.
02:54 Amen. Amen.
02:56 I want to share this verse real quick with you
02:57 from Psalm 119:105, and it says,
03:01 "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."
03:05 Amen.
03:07 And so we're going to be spending
03:08 quite a bit of time in the Word of God today.
03:10 Shelley, this first question is going to you.
03:13 This is from Ronald out of Maryland and it says,
03:16 "Is keeping the Sabbath, more important
03:18 than the blood of Jesus?"
03:20 And you have three minutes to answer this.
03:22 Okay.
03:23 Nothing is more important
03:26 than the blood of Jesus, nothing.
03:29 His blood is how God fulfilled His plan of redemption.
03:35 God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ,
03:39 and He died for us,
03:41 He was the lamb slain
03:43 from the foundation of the world.
03:46 When you look at Revelation,
03:49 or excuse me, Hebrews 13:20, it says that,
03:53 "Jesus' blood is the blood of the everlasting covenant,
03:59 it was His sacrifice for sin."
04:03 It made it possible to cleanse us from sin,
04:06 Revelation 1:5, says,
04:09 "Christ loved us, and washed us from our sins
04:12 in His own blood."
04:13 Hebrews 9:22, says,
04:16 "Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin."
04:20 Romans 3:24-25 says,
04:25 "We were justified freely by grace
04:28 through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,
04:32 whom God set forth
04:34 as a propitiation by His blood."
04:40 This is, it remind you when the high priest
04:42 would take the blood into the Holy of Holies
04:45 on the Day of Atonement
04:47 and put it on the mercy seat.
04:49 And Romans 5:9 says, "Having been justified," how?
04:54 "By His blood,
04:56 we shall be saved from wrath through him.
05:01 Keeping this Sabbath will not save you."
05:05 There's nothing that we can do to save ourselves.
05:07 Ephesians 2:8-10 says that,
05:10 "We are saved by grace through faith,
05:12 not of works that anyone should boast."
05:14 But having said that,
05:16 the blood of Jesus Christ ratified the New Covenant
05:20 and God calls us
05:22 into covenant relationship with Him,
05:25 which is a relationship of love and loyalty.
05:29 There is an expectancy of obedience.
05:32 The Ten Commandments is God's law of love.
05:37 Did you know that Ten Commandments
05:39 are a covenant?
05:40 In Deuteronomy 4:13, Moses says,
05:43 "He declared to you His covenant,
05:45 which he commanded you to perform the Ten commandments
05:47 He wrote them on tables of stone,
05:50 put them inside the ark,"
05:52 but they are not the old covenant.
05:54 You find the Old Covenant in Exodus 24:7-8,
06:00 where Moses wrote it the Old Covenant in a book,
06:04 and then it ended up on the side of the ark.
06:08 The Ten Commandments
06:09 were the heart of the Old Covenant,
06:10 the Ten Commandments
06:12 are the heart of the New Covenant.
06:14 Hebrews 8:8-10, says,
06:17 "God says, 'I will put My laws in your mind,
06:21 write them on your heart." '
06:22 In Hebrews 5:9 says,
06:24 "Jesus became the author of eternal salvation
06:28 to all who obey Him."
06:30 Amen. Thank you for your explanation.
06:33 Ryan, what do the 10 toes represent
06:36 in Daniel Chapter 2?
06:37 Amen.
06:39 That's a great question, great prophetic question
06:40 that usually will take about a few minutes
06:43 during an evangelistic series to answer
06:45 but you know what we're going to do our best now.
06:46 Let's go to Daniel 2:41-42
06:49 to read what the Bible says there,
06:50 and then we'll reveal directly what that is.
06:53 It says, "Where as you saw the feet and toes,
06:55 partly of potter's clay and partly of iron,
06:58 the kingdom shall be divided.
07:00 Yet the strength of the iron shall be in it,
07:02 just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay."
07:05 In verse 42,
07:07 "And as the toes of the feet
07:08 were partly of iron and partly of clay
07:10 so the kingdom shall be partly strong
07:11 and partly fragile."
07:13 So we know that the leg those...
07:15 in that metal man in Daniel 2,
07:17 "The head of gold, chest and arms of silver,
07:19 the belly and thighs of bronze, the legs of iron."
07:21 They all represent the four successive kingdoms
07:24 the world empires that ruled from Daniel's day
07:27 unto the end of the world.
07:28 In this case we know Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece,
07:31 and of course those legs of iron
07:33 would be the pagan civil kingdom of Rome.
07:36 Now in this case
07:37 the iron continues into the feet
07:39 so does Rome's influence continue into the feet?
07:41 Yes.
07:42 Yes, it does, but the only thing is
07:43 Babylon was conquered,
07:45 Medo-Persia was conquered,
07:46 Greece was pretty much conquered by Rome
07:49 in the sense that they overtook in dominion.
07:51 Rome was not really conquered,
07:52 but Rome became divided in the sense that
07:55 they allow themselves to become divided
07:57 with the world.
07:58 In this case, those 10 toes represent
08:00 the 10 divisional kingdoms or nations
08:04 that Rome became divided into by the year 476 AD.
08:09 So from 168 BC until 476 AD,
08:14 Rome ruled dominantly but by 476 AD,
08:17 they were divided into 10 different regions.
08:19 So just as you see the 10 toes,
08:21 those represent the 10 different regions
08:23 or nations or kingdoms
08:24 that Rome was made up, the empire of Rome at the time,
08:27 of course, those were, I'm gonna list them here.
08:29 The Alamanni which became known as the Germans today,
08:32 the Burgundians, the Swiss, the Franks,
08:35 of course, became known as the French,
08:37 the Lombards were the Italians,
08:39 the Saxons, of course, the English,
08:41 the Suave or the Suavi,
08:42 of course became known as the Portuguese,
08:44 the Visigoths were the Spanish,
08:46 and of course the other three,
08:47 the Herulis, the Vandals and the Ostrogoths,
08:50 those are all extinct today.
08:51 So seven of them continued on, three of them did not.
08:55 Wow, thank you for unpacking that for us in two minutes,
08:58 that's incredible.
08:59 Very good.
09:01 Pastor Lomacang, this question is for you,
09:02 it's from Isabel.
09:03 And she says,
09:05 "I understand that the battle started in heaven,
09:07 Lucifer was cast out
09:09 for slandering the character of Jehovah,
09:11 the Almighty God Creator.
09:13 The evil one was selfish and self centered,
09:16 and was rebellious, and the master liar,
09:19 deceiver and destroyer.
09:21 Was the devil on this planet are ready
09:23 when God created this beautiful perfect world
09:25 and everything within, like, man and woman?"
09:29 Well, the answer, unfortunately, is yes,
09:33 but he wasn't down here,
09:34 waiting around while God was creating
09:36 because you find in Genesis,
09:38 that when the Bible describes the presentation of earth.
09:42 It says,
09:44 "The earth was without form and void
09:46 and darkness was upon the face of the deep."
09:49 So from the fresh, clean slate, no one was on the planet.
09:54 But during that time you find in Revelations,
09:56 "This challenge of God's authority,
09:59 this challenge of the government of God.
10:01 This Lucifer turned Satan
10:04 attempted to overthrow the government of God."
10:07 The Bible says in Revelation 12:7,
10:09 "And war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels,
10:12 Michael and his angels fought with the dragon
10:15 and the dragon and his angels fought,
10:18 but they did not prevail,
10:19 nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer."
10:23 So, if there is no place for them in heaven,
10:24 the question is where are they?
10:26 The Bible will tell us.
10:28 Verse 9,
10:30 "So the great dragon was cast out,
10:31 that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan,
10:33 who deceives the whole world."
10:35 Where was he?
10:37 "He was cast to the earth,
10:38 and his angels were cast out with him."
10:41 And so, unfortunately in the middle of creation,
10:43 if, if he wasn't here,
10:45 there would have been no reason for God
10:47 to tell Adam what he did.
10:48 In Genesis 2:17,
10:51 "He said, 'You can eat everything of a garden,
10:53 but of the tree of the knowledge
10:55 of good and evil
10:57 you shall not eat.
10:59 For in the day you eat of it, you shall surely die."
11:03 Now death couldn't be possible
11:05 if there was not a possibility of sin
11:07 entering the world and we know in Romans 5:12,
11:09 Adam failed that test,
11:11 knowingly and willingly failed the test.
11:14 But here's why we know that Satan was here
11:16 because 2 Corinthians 11:3 says,
11:19 "But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve
11:23 by his craftiness,
11:25 so your minds may be corrupted
11:27 from the simplicity that is in Christ."
11:29 So the answer is, yes, he was here.
11:32 Thank you, Pastor.
11:33 Shelley?
11:35 Is the name of Prophet Muhammad mentioned in Quran
11:39 also mentioned in Hebrew or Greek Bible?
11:42 No. Okay.
11:44 Is it okay for a Christian to marry a Muslim?
11:46 Whoa!
11:47 That's a difficult one, not too difficult.
11:51 Interfaith marriage is a very serious matter
11:54 because there can be eternal consequences.
11:58 In Matthew 19:4-6,
12:00 "Jesus depicts marriage between a man and a woman
12:04 that they shall become one flesh."
12:06 And this is representative of God's union with His church.
12:11 The Word of God strongly discourages
12:15 any kind of union between someone
12:19 who believes in Christ as the Messiah,
12:21 and someone who does not.
12:23 Let me give you a scripture, 2 Corinthians 6:14, says,
12:26 "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.
12:30 For what fellowship has righteousness
12:31 with lawlessness?
12:33 And what communion has light with darkness?"
12:37 Now, in that context,
12:39 he is not specifically speaking of marriage,
12:42 but we know that Paul in 1 Corinthians 7:39,
12:47 had an expectation
12:48 that Christians should only marry Christians.
12:51 1 Corinthians 7:39,
12:53 "A wife is bound by law as long as her husband lives.
12:57 But if her husband dies
12:58 she is at liberty to be married to whom she wishes,
13:03 only in the Lord."
13:05 So that means
13:06 they had to also be a believer in the Lord.
13:11 Amos 3:3 says,
13:13 "Can two walk together, unless they agreed?"
13:18 I know people who have married into other denominations
13:24 or into other faiths,
13:25 and it's never been a happy union.
13:28 It is particularly bad if you have a child,
13:31 because it affects more than just you and your partner,
13:35 it's going to affect
13:37 how your children will be reared.
13:39 Luke 6 is a good,
13:41 something to build on, that says,
13:44 "If you build your house on the rock, Christ Jesus,
13:48 it's gonna stand."
13:50 Amen. Amen.
13:51 Amen. Very good.
13:53 Ryan, "Did Adam and Eve keep their first ever Sabbath holy?"
13:57 This is from Carol.
13:58 Oh, absolutely.
14:00 I believe that's very clear because obviously,
14:02 in this case, God created them on the sixth day,
14:04 the very next day would have been Sabbath.
14:07 And so here's, here's where it gets kind of tricky
14:09 because there's kind of a couple of views out there.
14:11 Some people say yes,
14:12 they would have kept Sabbath the next day
14:14 because, you know,
14:15 the Lord created the Sabbath day,
14:17 He rests on the seventh day and therefore,
14:19 they would have kept that as well,
14:20 and I believe that, I don't believe they violated,
14:23 you know, the very next day that they lived.
14:24 I don't believe that,
14:26 that they violated the Sabbath at all,
14:27 but I also believe that
14:28 Genesis 2:1-3, is a record of,
14:31 "God keeping the Sabbath
14:33 to give them an example of how they are to rest
14:36 and keep that Sabbath holy."
14:37 Someone once said,
14:38 "Well technically
14:40 they would have been listening to God
14:41 and watching God in His example
14:43 the very first ever Sabbath."
14:44 And then, you know,
14:45 they couldn't have actually
14:47 kept their Sabbath by themselves
14:48 until the next week because, of
14:50 course, the commandment says,
14:51 "Six days thou shall work, and the seventh day
14:52 is the Sabbath of the Lord, thy God."
14:54 And so some people argue and say,
14:55 well, it would have been the next Sabbath
14:56 that they would have kept their first Sabbath.
14:58 I think the most important thing
15:00 is whether it was that very next day,
15:01 or it was the next week, the answer is yes
15:03 because they were sinless beings at that point.
15:05 They were in communion
15:07 and in covenant relationship with God.
15:10 And we can even give some support to this
15:12 by simply stating the fact that,
15:14 for instance, Abraham, Genesis 26:5, it says,
15:17 "And Abraham obeyed My voice and kept My charge,
15:19 My commandments, My statutes and My laws."
15:22 Some people argue that
15:23 because the Ten Commandments don't come until Exodus 20,
15:26 that, you know, that's a Jewish thing,
15:28 The Sabbath is a Jewish thing,
15:29 so Adam and Eve wouldn't have had to keep the Sabbath
15:31 because it didn't come until later.
15:33 But the fact that we see evidence that
15:35 Abraham obeyed God's voice and kept His commandments.
15:38 If God shared
15:39 His law and His commandments with Abraham
15:40 before there ever was a record of the Ten Commandments,
15:43 an official record at that time,
15:44 then you better believe He would have shared
15:46 His law and His commandments,
15:47 obviously with Adam and Eve as well.
15:49 And you certainly wouldn't have imagined God saying,
15:52 you know, I'm creating them on the sixth day
15:54 and then the very next day saying,
15:55 oh, you know what?
15:56 I'm going to rest and keep Sabbath
15:58 but you don't have to, it's not for you, right?
15:59 We know for sure that they would have kept that Sabbath.
16:01 God would have taught them to keep that Sabbath.
16:04 And, of course,
16:05 even Exodus 16:28 where he says,
16:07 "How long refuse you
16:08 to keep My commandments and My laws"
16:10 That's another indication
16:11 that before the Ten Commandments were there,
16:12 He still expected them to keep His commandments,
16:15 and of course that would have included the Sabbath.
16:18 Amen. Excellent explanation.
16:20 Pastor Lomacang? Yeah.
16:21 My question is for Pastor John.
16:24 "Jesus left us an example for us to follow,
16:26 because He is our example.
16:28 My question is now that
16:30 we are encountering this difficult situation
16:32 with this virus,
16:34 is it okay for each member to buy their own bread
16:37 and wine which is grape juice, and be in their home,
16:41 and the pastor is at his home
16:44 and conduct the communion service.
16:46 If yes, what about the foot washing?
16:48 Okay now, this one is a beautiful.
16:51 I mean that's very, very creative
16:53 and I appreciate your creativity.
16:56 One of the things we did in our church
16:57 we've had communion service during COVID,
16:59 but we did not do the foot washing service
17:01 because of the fact that social distancing is impossible
17:05 from holding your foot.
17:07 All right, that's the obvious answer.
17:09 There may...
17:11 There are a lot of people that are very perturbed
17:13 and thrown off schedule
17:15 by the fact that they can't go to church.
17:16 This is an ordinance of specificity
17:19 and the fellowship aspects of this here is
17:21 as important as the ordinance itself.
17:24 Now, the conditions under which we say that
17:27 you're in your home and you have communion
17:29 is when a person is sick and shut in.
17:32 Well now under COVID,
17:33 they may not be sick, but they are shut in.
17:36 So there is no injunction against it,
17:39 and there is no instruction to do it that way either.
17:42 The only instruction we have in the Bible is
17:44 as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup,
17:47 you do show the Lord's death till He comes.
17:50 If your pastor decided to get creative and said,
17:53 "Tomorrow, I mean on Friday, stop by the church,
17:56 we'll give you a prepackaged communion cup,
17:58 prepackaged unfermented wine and unleavened bread,
18:03 and tomorrow we're gonna have a Zoom communion."
18:05 I don't see that God is going to say,
18:07 you know what?
18:08 You guys just violated the principles
18:10 of the communion service
18:11 because I think the spirit of it
18:13 is we want to have communion fellowship.
18:17 We want to still be able to enjoy
18:18 these sacred sacraments
18:21 that God established
18:22 to recommit ourselves to Christ,
18:24 and thereby strengthen our fellowship
18:27 one with another,
18:29 and our recommitment one to Christ.
18:31 So creativity is acceptable,
18:33 and I don't think that
18:34 God is going to turn His back and say,
18:35 well, guys you forgot the foot washing,
18:38 it doesn't count.
18:39 We're gonna put off foot washing back
18:41 when circumstances allow.
18:43 Amen. Amen. Thank you for that.
18:45 Now perhaps you're just now joining us
18:48 and you want to send in your questions,
18:51 please text them to 618-228-3975,
18:56 or you can send an email to BibleQA@3abn.org
19:02 and we'd be happy to answer those for you.
19:04 Shelley,
19:06 "What are ways
19:07 that I can build my relationship with God?"
19:10 This comes from Diane.
19:11 Oh, Diane, what a wonderful question
19:13 and I'm gonna give you seven quick ways.
19:15 One, pray daily to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
19:19 We see in Ephesians 3:16-19, that we are,
19:23 "When the Holy Spirit is in us,
19:25 we're strengthened with the power of God,
19:27 and we can understand the love of God
19:30 and we can only love Him because He first loved us."
19:34 Secondly, pray daily for a divine awareness
19:39 of God's presence.
19:40 He said in Hebrews 13:5,
19:42 "I never leave you or forsake you."
19:45 But some people forget that
19:46 He's with them every moment of the day.
19:51 Third, communicate with the Lord,
19:53 communication is the relationship.
19:56 Let God speak to you through His Word,
20:01 you read the Word.
20:02 And Hebrews 1:3 says that,
20:04 "He sustains and upholds all things by His word."
20:09 But then you speak to God through prayer,
20:12 and it's something that I suggest that
20:14 you return God's word to Him in prayer.
20:17 Look at His promises and say,
20:19 "Oh, thank you, Lord,
20:21 that I'm a new creation in Christ Jesus."
20:23 It helps you,
20:25 come to understand your new identity in Him,
20:28 as you pray the word back to Him.
20:30 Number four, be loyal to God,
20:34 put His Word into practice.
20:37 What am I talking about? Obedience.
20:40 Number five, abide in Christ, Jesus said in John 15:5,
20:45 "Apart from Me you can do nothing."
20:49 So learn to depend totally on His power, His wisdom
20:54 and His ability to save you.
20:58 Six, join a church of likeminded believers.
21:04 And number seven, get involved in Christian service,
21:08 so you can share Jesus and His love with others.
21:12 Amen. I love that, be loyal to God.
21:14 I love that point, excellent.
21:17 Pastor Day, we're coming to you
21:19 and you'll have three minutes to answer this question.
21:22 "Are there deciphers of speaking in tongues.
21:25 Meaning, are there people that can interpret
21:28 what is being said?"
21:29 Amen, I think that's a great question.
21:31 Certainly something that needs to be clarified
21:33 and we're going to try to do that right now
21:34 in the time given.
21:36 First of all, let's identify what tongues is, okay?
21:38 There is...
21:39 Tongues are simply means languages,
21:41 when you hear somebody
21:42 it's old English word for languages
21:43 so you know, you have, you speak in a foreign tongue
21:45 you might hear someone say,
21:47 talking about a foreign language.
21:48 So, speaking in tongues,
21:50 referring to the gift of speaking in tongues by God,
21:53 of course, is the ability to supernaturally in this case,
21:56 says the Bible gives evidence
21:58 and gives witness to three different occasions.
22:00 Acts Chapter 2, Acts Chapter 10,
22:02 Acts Chapter 19,
22:04 in which someone
22:05 was supernaturally given the ability
22:06 to speak in a tongue that was easily understood
22:10 by the hearers around them or someone within the distance,
22:13 hearing distance could understand them.
22:16 So that being said,
22:17 I want to kind of actually make something very clear here
22:19 because this is huge.
22:21 There is a gift of interpretation
22:24 and there's a gift of speaking in tongues.
22:25 They're two separate gifts,
22:27 and never do we find evidence in Scripture
22:29 where those two gifts are used at the same time,
22:32 interlocked with each other.
22:34 Let me give an example.
22:35 I grew up and was raised
22:36 in the Apostolic Pentecostal churches
22:39 where someone would get up and they would speak
22:41 in some type of babbling tongue,
22:44 something that no one in the room could understand
22:46 and then moments later, someone else would stand up
22:48 and they would say thus saith the Lord,
22:50 and they would give an interpretation
22:52 and claim that God had given them
22:53 that interpretation.
22:54 We don't see that in the Bible,
22:56 in every single instance Acts 2, Acts 10, Acts 19.
22:59 When God gives the supernatural ability
23:02 for someone to speak in a tongue,
23:04 it is heard and understood by someone else
23:07 within distance of them,
23:08 and there's no need for an interpretation, okay?
23:11 So in that case if someone has been truly given
23:13 the gift of tongues by God,
23:15 there's going to be no need for an interpreter
23:16 because the listeners are going to understand it.
23:19 However, there is the gift of interpretation
23:22 and that means that someone else,
23:23 let's say Pastor Lomacang started speaking in Hindi.
23:27 And, you know, they didn't know Hindi
23:29 but I knew Hindi and God gives me the ability
23:31 to interpret that,
23:33 that's the gift of interpretation,
23:34 so never do we see the gift of tongues
23:37 and interpretation
23:38 exercised together or used together
23:40 because it's redundant, it's kind of unnecessary,
23:43 either he's gonna give the gift of tongues
23:45 for the purpose of communicating the gospel
23:47 to someone in their native tongue,
23:49 or He's going to give someone the gift of interpretation,
23:52 so that they can interpret to two people
23:55 who don't speak the same language
23:57 for the purpose of communicating the gospel.
23:59 I love Acts Chapter 2 there because Acts 2:8, it says,
24:03 "And how is it that we hear each one in our own language
24:07 in which we were born?"
24:08 That was the day that God poured out
24:10 the gift of the Holy Spirit
24:11 for the purpose of communicating the gospel
24:13 and He used the gift of tongues,
24:15 but there's no mention of an interpreter
24:17 there in Acts Chapter 2,
24:18 just like there's not in Acts Chapter 10
24:21 when, with Cornelius's house
24:22 and they're certainly not with the 12 Ephesians disciples
24:24 in Acts Chapter 19.
24:26 So, yes it is a real gift, but they're not used together,
24:30 it's two separate gifts.
24:31 Amen. Amen.
24:33 Pastor Lomacang.
24:34 "Will the Bible still lists recorded sins in heaven?
24:38 All the sins of the past will be erased,
24:40 but will we be able to still read about sins
24:44 made by characters in the Bible?
24:46 I feel bad if we can always read about David's
24:50 and Peter's embarrassing sins
24:52 while every other Christian gets their sins deleted."
24:55 This comes from Derek out of Minneapolis.
24:58 Thank you, Derek, for that question.
24:59 I don't want to be little
25:01 but I want to just say thank the Lord
25:02 that he has a delete button, and from the Bible...
25:06 Bible ensures us.
25:08 I know someone here, a good friend of ours said,
25:10 one of the reasons I want to be saved
25:12 because I want anybody to read about what I used to do.
25:15 And so let me give me encouragement.
25:17 Let me walk you through four scriptures
25:19 that will give us the assurance
25:20 that there's not going to be some...
25:22 Can I, can I, can I, could you have Ryan Day's file.
25:26 I know he's up here,
25:28 but I just want to see what he used to do
25:30 before he met you,
25:31 that's not gonna be the case in heaven.
25:33 Praise the Lord, Ryan. Amen to that, brother.
25:35 1 John 1-9, the Bible says,
25:36 "If we confess our sins,
25:38 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
25:42 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
25:45 When I wash my car and cleanse it.
25:47 You won't find any soap on it because it's been cleansed.
25:49 Acts 3:19,
25:51 "Repent therefore and be converted, get this,
25:53 that your sins may be blotted out."
25:56 If you spill juice on my rug and I had to clean,
25:58 you don't see the juice any longer.
25:59 That's what blotting out means.
26:01 So the times of refreshing
26:02 may come from the presence of the Lord.
26:05 Micah 7:19,
26:07 "He will again have compassion on us,
26:10 and will subdue our iniquities.
26:13 He will cast our sins into the depths of the sea."
26:17 Hallelujah.
26:18 And I add, "And put out a no fishing sign."
26:20 Hey, Hallelujah.
26:22 Finally, Isaiah 65:17,
26:25 "For behold,
26:27 I create new heavens and the new earth,
26:29 and the former things shall not be remembered
26:33 nor come to mind."
26:35 What did you do on earth?
26:37 I don't remember.
26:39 What did Ryan do on earth? I don't remember.
26:41 It will not be remembered nor even come to mind.
26:44 Hallelujah. Why?
26:46 There'll be no more sorrow, no more death, no more crying,
26:49 neither shall there be any more pain.
26:50 In Nahum 1:9,
26:52 "Affliction will not rise up a second time."
26:55 Amen. So don't worry about it.
26:56 Praise the Lord.
26:58 Accept Christ, you'll be in the clear.
26:59 Praise God. I'm looking forward to that day.
27:01 Amen. It better come soon enough.
27:03 Shelley, "How significant is baptism?"
27:06 Whoa! Okay.
27:08 Christ gave only two ordinances to the church.
27:11 The Lord's Supper
27:12 which acknowledges the death of Christ,
27:14 and baptism which acknowledges His burial
27:18 and resurrection.
27:20 Together, they depict
27:23 and tell the story of Christ atoning work for His people.
27:28 In Matthew 28:18-20,
27:32 Jesus we call is the Great Commission,
27:35 but He commanded His disciples, He said,
27:38 "Go and make disciples in all the nations."
27:42 And He said,
27:43 "Baptizing them in the name of the Father
27:45 and the Son and the Holy Spirit."
27:48 Baptism is a crucial act of obedience.
27:54 If you go to Romans 6, read this tonight,
27:56 Romans 6:3-6.
27:58 You see what baptism is all about.
28:01 Baptism is like the dead, the burial,
28:03 the resurrection of Jesus.
28:05 And so, as Christians, it's an outward visible sign
28:09 of an inward work that God has been doing in us.
28:13 It is a public confession of our faith in Jesus Christ,
28:18 that we have accepted salvation by grace
28:21 that we trust in His forgiveness,
28:23 that the penalty has been paid.
28:25 As we are fully buried in the water,
28:29 we are burying our past, if you will,
28:32 and we come up in resurrection of new life
28:37 to walk in that newness of life,
28:40 empowered by the Spirit.
28:42 Baptism is crucial.
28:45 It is the sign of the New Covenant,
28:49 that we have a circumcised heart.
28:53 Now, the thief on the cross couldn't be baptized.
28:57 But if you are a Christian, and you have accepted Christ,
29:01 you should seek
29:02 the very first opportunity possible
29:05 to be baptized.
29:06 Amen. Amen.
29:08 And I'm glad that you touched on the thief on the cross too
29:10 because that question comes up a lot as well.
29:13 Pastor Day, Leviticus 3:17,
29:16 "If we do eat meat,
29:18 should we not eat rare meat or bloody meat or fat?
29:23 Absolutely.
29:25 And then that Leviticus 3:17 makes that very, very clear
29:29 as far as the blood aspect of things,
29:31 it makes it very clear,
29:33 in fact, I'll just read it here,
29:34 Leviticus 3:17 says,
29:35 "This shall be a perpetual statute
29:37 throughout your generations
29:38 in all your dwellings
29:40 that you shall eat neither fat nor blood."
29:42 So it covers both of them there very, very clearly.
29:45 And so, yeah when you have those certain meats
29:47 where people, I mean they choose
29:49 the bloodiest part of the animal
29:50 and then they don't put it through its proper processes
29:53 and trying to get rid of that blood and that fat,
29:55 but rather some people just
29:56 throw it on a grill or throw it in a pan
29:58 and they'll sear it,
29:59 and then in the middle of it,
30:00 it's just drenching and blood and it's marbled in fat.
30:02 We have to be very careful
30:04 because the Bible makes it very clear that
30:05 God, there's these, there's a certain meaning
30:08 behind these things.
30:10 For instance, let's considered the blood for a moment.
30:11 Leviticus 17:11 tells us,
30:14 "For the life of the flesh is in the blood,
30:16 and I have given it to you upon the altar,
30:19 notice, not for food but upon the altar,
30:21 to make atonement for your souls
30:23 for it is the blood
30:24 that makes atonement for your soul."
30:26 So that was to be offered as an offering for atonement,
30:29 not necessarily for you to ingest or to digest.
30:32 Also Leviticus 4:35 referring to the fat, okay?
30:36 It says,
30:38 "He shall remove all its fat
30:39 as the fat of the lamb
30:41 is removed from the sacrifice of the peace offering.
30:43 Then the priest shall burn it up on the altar,
30:45 according to the offerings made by fire to the Lord.
30:47 So the priest shall make atonement for his sin,
30:51 that has that he has committed and it shall be forgiven him."
30:55 And, of course, tie that to Leviticus 16:25, which says,
30:58 "The fat of the sin offering he shall burn up on the altar.
31:02 So this was a sin offering, it's representative of sin,
31:05 and of course, these are things that, again, Leviticus 3:17,
31:08 I believe is very, very clear.
31:10 And so when we make our food choices,
31:12 if you are a meat eater
31:14 and you do choose to eat even those clean meats
31:16 that God has said is permissible for you to eat,
31:19 then in that case make sure you're choosing
31:21 and properly preparing these things
31:23 to where you're not consuming the blood, or the fat
31:26 of that animal.
31:27 Amen. Thank you.
31:29 Pastor Lomacang,
31:31 "Is it possible
31:32 that even though the Bible
31:33 does not seem to indicate for sure
31:35 that Joseph and Mary could have had another child
31:38 or children after Jesus?"
31:41 And then it said,
31:43 "Air hugs to pastor Lomacang knows who I am."
31:46 This is Rhonda from Minnesota.
31:48 How you doing, Rhonda really?
31:49 I have a few Rhonda in our lives from churches
31:52 and even when I was in the Heritage Singers,
31:53 so I got to figure out which one that is,
31:55 but praise the Lord,
31:57 you know, let me just go and begin
31:59 with the obvious answer
32:00 Joseph was not a natural father of Jesus.
32:03 The Bible makes it very, very clear.
32:05 It says Matthew 1:21,
32:07 "She will bring forth a son
32:09 and you shall call His name Jesus,
32:12 for He will save His people from their sins."
32:14 But it also says Matthew 1:18,
32:18 "Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows
32:21 after his mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph,
32:24 that's engage, a little more advance than engage,
32:27 before they came together,
32:28 before they had sexual relation,
32:29 she was found with child of the Holy Spirit."
32:32 So Joseph is not the natural father of Jesus.
32:36 And the Bible made it clear in Matthew 1:24,
32:39 that verse 25 He did not know her
32:41 until she brought forth her firstborn son.
32:45 Now the reason why it says firstborn,
32:47 it would have said only son,
32:49 but first one is significant
32:50 because you find Jesus did have siblings.
32:52 Let me go ahead and give you some examples.
32:54 Mark 6:3, the Bible says,
32:58 "Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary,
33:02 the brother of James, Joses,
33:05 and of Judah, and Simon.
33:07 It mentions four brothers but it didn't stop,
33:10 and are not His sisters here with us."
33:14 So it says that Jesus had James, Joses, Judah,
33:19 some translations say Judas,
33:21 but it's in fact that's Jude and Simon,
33:24 so it mentions four brothers.
33:26 Let's go to Galatians 1:19,
33:29 Paul the Apostle also makes this connection
33:32 that Jesus was not an only child.
33:34 It says,
33:36 "But I saw no, I saw none of the other apostles,
33:40 except James, the Lord's brother."
33:44 So clearly, and then we find Jude 1.
33:46 It says,
33:47 "Jude, a bondservant of Jesus Christ,
33:52 and brother of James."
33:54 So James is his brother,
33:56 Jesus Christ is his brother also.
33:58 And finally, Acts 1:14, it says,
34:01 "All these continued with one accord in prayer
34:04 and supplication, with them, with a woman,
34:07 and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers."
34:13 So the Bible makes it very, very clear.
34:15 So here's the siblings of Jesus.
34:17 James, Joses, Simon, Judah, also known as Jude,
34:22 and at least two sisters, so He did have siblings.
34:26 Amen. Amen. Amen.
34:29 Shelley, we're coming to you on this one.
34:31 This is precious.
34:33 "I'm 12 years old, and I love reading my Bible.
34:36 Praise God.
34:37 But I noticed Jesus always says He's coming back,
34:40 but it's been centuries.
34:42 I believe in Christ 100%, but if He's coming back,
34:45 why hasn't He?"
34:47 This comes from Daisy.
34:48 Oh, darling, Daisy, I am so proud of you, honey.
34:51 In 2 Peter 3:8,
34:54 the Bible says that a thousand years
34:57 is like a day to the Lord.
34:59 You know God is perfect in wisdom and knowledge,
35:02 and we got to trust His timing.
35:05 Did you know that
35:07 when Adam and Eve were in the garden,
35:10 God announced that the Messiah would be coming?
35:13 And look how long it took for the Messiah,
35:17 Jesus Christ to arrive.
35:20 It took thousands of years,
35:22 and even His arrival time was prophesied.
35:27 Daniel 9:24-25, we knew exactly when He was coming.
35:33 But the Apostle Paul says it this way in Galatians 4-4.
35:38 He said, "In the fullness of time."
35:42 What that means, Daisy,
35:44 is that God has a perfect timing.
35:47 He knew exactly when Jesus should come.
35:49 He knew when the world would be ready
35:53 to hear Him
35:54 and now He's waiting for the fullness of time
35:57 for His second coming.
35:58 What's God waiting for?
36:00 Matthew 24:14,
36:02 "God's waiting for the gospel to go to all the world."
36:05 2 Peter 3:9 says that,
36:08 "God is waiting patiently for people to repent.
36:12 He doesn't want anyone to perish."
36:14 In John 13:35, it says that,
36:18 "God is waiting for Christians
36:21 to be known by their love that
36:23 they're supposed to be loving everyone."
36:26 And Matthew 24:36 says that,
36:30 "We're waiting for God's perfect time
36:32 to be fulfilled."
36:33 Jesus said,
36:34 "Of that day and hour, no one knows,
36:36 not even the angels in heaven, but my Father only."
36:41 But Hebrews 7:25 tells us that,
36:44 "While Jesus is waiting.
36:46 He's not just sitting by, Daisy.
36:49 It says that,
36:50 "He is interceding, He is praying for you,
36:53 and He is able to save you completely."
36:56 And then one day He's gonna stand up and say,
36:59 "Behold, I come quickly."
37:01 Amen. Amen. Well said.
37:03 Praise God for that intercession.
37:05 Amen.
37:07 Pastor Day,
37:08 "Should we have communion once a year
37:09 at Passover as Christ did,
37:11 or should we have it as often as we feel?"
37:13 This comes from Veronica out of Tampa.
37:15 Yeah, that's a great question, Veronica.
37:17 I actually want to give you two answers
37:20 to the two parts of your question.
37:22 The first answer would be, "No" to the Passover
37:25 and "Yes" to as often as Christ said,
37:27 "As often as you do it,
37:28 do it in remembrance of Me."
37:30 Let's go back to the Passover point.
37:31 Any Christian, again,
37:33 that professes Christ as their Savior.
37:35 If that person is doing or taking communion
37:40 in connection with Passover,
37:42 then they're kind of shooting themselves in the foot per se,
37:44 because you're pretty much denying
37:46 the work that Christ has done,
37:48 in the sense that you're acknowledging Passover
37:50 which Christ has already fulfilled.
37:52 You know, the fact that
37:54 the Passover date still exists every year
37:57 that's according to the Jewish Orthodox religious calendar,
38:00 and the fact that that Jewish Orthodox religious calendar
38:02 even exists is a witness to the fact that
38:05 that entire nation,
38:07 that series of Jewish Orthodox religion,
38:09 we're talking about that original Judaistic religion,
38:12 they deny Jesus Christ as Messiah,
38:14 they deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God.
38:16 And so in that case if you are keeping up
38:18 with that Jewish religious calendar to do it
38:21 as you think you're doing it in following Christ's example.
38:24 You have to remember,
38:25 Christ did it because
38:26 He had not yet fulfilled it all.
38:28 He had not yet went to the cross
38:29 as that Passover lamb,
38:31 but if you're going to keep Passover
38:32 according to the way it should be,
38:34 you have to have the lamb, you'd have to shed blood.
38:36 And, of course, Jesus Christ as John the Baptist said
38:39 when Jesus was coming in John 1:29,
38:42 "Behold the Lamb of God
38:43 who takes away the sin of the world."
38:44 Jesus has already fulfilled that.
38:47 Even the great Jewish historian Josephus
38:50 records in his writings that when Christ died on the cross,
38:53 that when that veil was rent in the temple,
38:56 that the high priest that Caiaphas came out screaming,
38:58 "Ichabod Ichabod,
39:00 the glory of the Lord had left the temple."
39:01 He had dropped the knife and the lamb escape
39:04 because Jesus Christ was that sacrifice
39:07 so no, do not keep or take communion
39:09 in honor or in connection with Passover
39:12 because that's kind of redundant
39:13 and unnecessary.
39:14 Christ has fulfilled that He is our lamb,
39:17 and, yes, you should do it
39:18 in accordance with 1 Corinthians 11,
39:20 as Pastor mentioned earlier, verse 25 and 26,
39:23 "As often as you do it, do it in remembrance of Jesus."
39:26 Amen. Thank you Pastor Day.
39:28 Pastor Lomacang,
39:29 "Was Leah, the wife, chosen by God for Jacob,
39:33 or was it Rachel?
39:35 I know polygamy was not sanctioned by God,
39:37 even though he allowed it.
39:39 Without Leah, we wouldn't have Judah,
39:42 in which tribe Jesus came through."
39:44 This comes from Judine from Jamaica.
39:48 I like this question, Judine, for I'm in a similar situation,
39:54 I was born out of wedlock.
39:56 But look at me today,
39:58 and I want to make this point by going on and saying,
40:01 it shows, and I'm going to give you the lineage.
40:04 I'm going to give a talk about where the children came from,
40:06 who the woman was,
40:07 it shows that God still works in spite of our choices,
40:12 not in support of our choices.
40:14 Hallelujah.
40:15 And this is something that we have to keep in mind
40:18 while God does not support polygamy,
40:20 you go back and you see,
40:22 by the time of Lamech
40:23 polygamy began to enter into the world,
40:25 and it was highly practiced.
40:27 One of the biggest transgressors
40:30 in that area was Solomon.
40:32 He loved many strange women.
40:35 What a life,
40:36 but the Lord
40:38 while He did not honor polygamy
40:40 He honored every child that Jacob had.
40:45 Let's look at how many children he had,
40:47 and from whom they came.
40:50 We know that Rachel had a difficulty bearing a child,
40:53 and she was without child.
40:58 Leah was not that attractive but the Lord looked upon her,
41:02 and opened her wound, and she bore six,
41:05 she bore Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah,
41:10 Issachar and Zebulun, six children.
41:13 Then Zilpah,
41:15 which is Leah's maid Gad, and Asher.
41:19 Then Bilhah, Dan and Naphtali,
41:24 and then Rachel finally had two sons,
41:26 which is Joseph and Benjamin.
41:30 Benjamin unfortunately was the last one.
41:33 He was called Benoni.
41:36 She named him Benoni, before she died.
41:39 But Jacob called him Benjamin.
41:41 So, four women, 12 sons.
41:45 Once again, God did not support the method,
41:48 but God chose and supported the children.
41:51 Amen. Amen. Praise the Lord.
41:53 Thank you, great, great saying.
41:55 We are entering into our bonus round,
41:59 so I will throw out some questions
42:01 and whoever chooses to answer may do so.
42:04 "Where are we in terms of the seals?"
42:07 This comes from Diane.
42:11 Go ahead.
42:12 Well, I'll give what I've have studied
42:14 and what I understand
42:15 as being and of course pastor can clean it up
42:17 and correct me if on anything that I may miss, miss,
42:19 please speak on.
42:21 I personally after studying the seals through
42:22 because we did a few years ago we done.
42:25 I think it was a couple of years ago
42:26 we did whole Sabbath School lesson
42:27 on the Book of Revelation.
42:29 And I believe we're in that transitioning period
42:31 soon from the fifth seal into the sixth seal,
42:34 and when you get to the sixth seal
42:36 and you read the contents of it,
42:37 it clearly within the context of this coming of Christ.
42:40 For instance, if you read there,
42:41 it talks about these cosmic disturbances,
42:43 I looked in...
42:45 This is Revelation Chapter 6, I apologize for that.
42:47 Revelation Chapter 6 beginning with verse 12,
42:50 so, again, that fifth seal
42:51 as you see the souls on the altar
42:53 crying out for justice,
42:54 God, you know, bring justice to us
42:57 and He says sleep a little longer.
42:59 But then as it's transitioning into the sixth seal,
43:02 look what happens in verse 12, it says,
43:03 "I looked when he opened the sixth seal
43:05 and behold there was a great earthquake
43:07 and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
43:09 and the moon became like blood
43:11 and the stars of heaven fell from the earth
43:13 as a fig tree drops its late figs
43:15 when it is shaken by a mighty wind."
43:18 Then, okay, we'll stop there for a moment
43:19 so all of that, some people look
43:21 and they compare that to Matthew 24
43:23 and they say, oh, that's the same thing
43:24 that happened back,
43:26 you know, during that Dark Ages time period
43:27 after we were transitioning out of the Dark Ages,
43:29 you know, before the 1844 time period,
43:32 and that indeed did happen.
43:33 We did have see the moon turn as blood and the sun
43:35 didn't give its light and the stars fall from heaven,
43:37 but in this instance
43:39 I believe this is within the context
43:40 of the very last events
43:42 prior to the Second Coming of Jesus.
43:43 I believe we're gonna see these things happen
43:45 once again on a very large global scale.
43:48 And so when you get to verse 14,
43:49 notice what happens immediately following these events.
43:52 It says,
43:53 "In the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up
43:55 and every mountain and island
43:56 was moved away out of its place.
43:58 And the kings of the earth and the great men,
43:59 the rich men and the commanders,
44:01 the mighty men,
44:02 every slave and every free man hid themselves in the caves,
44:05 and in the rocks of the mountains."
44:07 I believe this was during that great Revelation 16 time period
44:11 when those plagues are being poured out.
44:13 But then notice what also happens it says,
44:15 "And said to the mountains and the rocks,
44:17 'Fall on us the weeping and the gnashing of teeth,
44:20 fall on us and hide us from the face of Him
44:22 who sits on the throne
44:23 and from the wrath of the Lamb."
44:25 That wrath of the Lamb,
44:26 that is the Revelation 16 plagues.
44:28 Now verse 17,
44:29 "For the great day of His wrath,
44:31 notice, has come, and who is able to stand."
44:34 I believe this is approaching,
44:36 this is approaching that time period
44:38 right before the Second Coming of Christ.
44:40 This is during that time
44:41 when the wrath of God is being poured out
44:43 from those seven vials in Revelation Chapter 16
44:46 and the sky is receding as a scroll
44:49 because Christ is about to return.
44:52 Amen. Wonderful, wonderful.
44:54 Anybody want to add to that?
44:56 I just wanted to go back real quickly
44:57 and add a text to what I talked about
44:59 all those sons of Jacob.
45:01 Romans 8:28,
45:03 "We know that all things work together for good
45:04 to those who love God
45:06 and are called according to His purpose."
45:07 Jacob surely was a call according to God's purpose,
45:10 definitely.
45:12 Amen. Yeah.
45:13 I just want to add one too
45:15 because we were talking about those
45:16 who are running and hiding.
45:18 But in Isaiah 25:9, it says,
45:23 "And it will be said in that day,
45:24 these are the believers in the Lord,
45:27 even though some are running and hiding."
45:29 What we're going to be saying is,
45:31 "Behold, this is our God.
45:35 We have waited for Him, and He will save us.
45:40 This is the Lord."
45:42 So that is precious to me too.
45:45 Amen. Amen.
45:47 "Why does God choose to heal some people but not others?"
45:50 This comes from Carla, out of Michigan.
45:53 Sovereignty,
45:54 that's something we can't question
45:56 God's sovereignty.
45:58 You know, He says in James,
45:59 "If anyone among you is sick, let him call for the elders,
46:01 let them pray over him,
46:03 and the prayer of faith will save the sick
46:05 and if he has committed any sins,
46:07 He will raise him, He would forgive him
46:09 and raise him up at the last day."
46:10 I always like what Mollie said
46:12 and Mollie is resting in Jesus now.
46:14 Mollie was a lady who we all respected, highly,
46:18 she had a lot of Mollie-isms
46:19 and she had cancer and she said,
46:21 "Well, God is going to heal me, one way or another,
46:25 either now or in the resurrections."
46:26 That's right.
46:28 And there are some people that God lays to rest
46:29 for a particular reason.
46:31 But I want to read Isaiah 57:1-2,
46:35 and I wanna read this in the NIV.
46:37 This is a passage
46:39 that a lot of people don't really take into consideration.
46:42 Isaiah 57,
46:43 and this is something that comes
46:45 because of God's merciful heart,
46:47 and I'm reading this in the NIV for a particular reason
46:50 because I love the way it says it
46:52 whether you support that translation or not.
46:55 This is Isaiah 57:1,
46:57 "The righteous perish
46:58 and no one ponders in His heart,
47:00 devout men are taken away,
47:02 and no one understands
47:04 that the righteous are taken away
47:06 to be spared from evil."
47:10 There are some people that are not ready physically
47:13 to handle what's coming down the road.
47:14 That's right.
47:15 And you know we don't have a clue,
47:17 but we do know that it's going to be a time of trouble
47:18 such as never was.
47:20 And for those who God knows in His sovereignty
47:22 are not able to handle that,
47:24 even if it was 100 years ago,
47:26 God sees the end from the beginning,
47:28 and sometimes God's mercy means
47:30 I'm gonna laid to rest now
47:32 like He did for my brother's wife
47:34 when she died at 34 years old.
47:36 She came back to life,
47:37 literally after being declared dead for 15 minutes
47:40 and she said, as everybody was crying,
47:42 why didn't God heal you and she told my brother,
47:45 "God allow me to be laid to rest now
47:47 so that I would not go back out in the world,
47:49 I'll see you in the morning."
47:50 Amen.
47:52 So verse 2 says of Isaiah 57,
47:55 "Those who walk uprightly enter into peace.
47:58 They find rest, as they lie in death."
48:01 So God is sovereign.
48:04 One day there's gonna be no more death until then,
48:06 only God understands how this whole thing works.
48:08 Amen. Amen.
48:09 I'd like to just add something to that
48:12 that takes it a little bit different direction.
48:14 It totally agrees with what you're saying
48:16 but you know there are people who say, if you're not healed,
48:20 you don't have enough faith, it has nothing to do with that.
48:24 You'll recall in the Book of Acts,
48:26 that God used Paul
48:29 in such an amazing way to heal
48:33 that even he had a little hanky.
48:36 And he touched it, and they took it out,
48:38 and it would heal people.
48:40 So Paul, people say,
48:42 "Oh, Paul had the gift of healing."
48:44 Listen to this.
48:45 Paul is writing in 2 Timothy Chapter 20,
48:50 he's finishing, I mean, 2 Timothy 4:20,
48:55 he's finishing up his letter to Timothy
48:57 saying greet so and so.
48:59 But then listen to what he says,
49:01 "Erastus stayed in Corinth,
49:04 but Trophimus I have left in Miletus sick."
49:10 So, just, you know, the Apostle Paul
49:14 who was used for healing.
49:16 And you know he prayed for this work for Trophimus
49:21 to be healed
49:22 yet as you said, God's sovereign will,
49:26 for some reason, Trophimus wasn't heal.
49:30 We have to trust that
49:31 God knows the end from the beginning
49:34 and just trust.
49:35 Sure, I just want to add to that,
49:37 you know, again, just kind of a third element,
49:38 and that is you know sometimes the Lord cannot heal a person
49:43 because of their own rebellious choices in lifestyle.
49:46 Let me give you, for example,
49:48 there I've met many people
49:50 who have heard the truth in regards to
49:52 what God has declared to be clean and unclean,
49:54 and yet they still say, well,
49:56 you know I know that God says that
49:57 you know, eating swine meat is not good,
49:59 but I'm not going to give up my bacon.
50:02 I'm certainly not trying to pass judgment
50:04 but with that type of rebellious attitude,
50:05 there are some people
50:07 that still will call out on the Lord
50:08 and say, Lord save me, heal me,
50:09 but still continue to by choice live in that rebellious state
50:13 un-repented and unchanged.
50:15 And that's where I believe,
50:16 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 comes and it says,
50:20 "Do you not know that you are the temple of God,
50:21 that the Spirit of God dwells in you.
50:23 If anyone defiles the temple of God,
50:25 God will destroy him for the temple of God is holy,
50:28 which temple you are."
50:30 I got to add something to this 'cause this is too good.
50:33 I was at...
50:34 I was speaking at this big church,
50:36 big meeting,
50:38 and a woman came up to me
50:39 and wanted me to pray for her for healing.
50:41 Boy, I was praying for her healing,
50:44 I'm claiming God's promises over her,
50:47 and all of a sudden, there's still small voice,
50:49 the Lord impresses this thought upon my mind,
50:51 who is this that darkens my counsel
50:53 with words without wisdom.
50:55 You talk about, shut your mouth.
50:57 I shut my mouth.
50:58 And then God said, "Ask her if she's smoking."
51:01 She was asking to be healed from lung cancer
51:04 and I looked at her and I said,
51:05 "Sister, do you smoke?
51:07 And she said, "Two packs a day."
51:08 And I said,
51:10 "God can't heal you,
51:11 while you are trying to kill yourself."
51:15 That's right. Wow.
51:16 Have to work in harmony with the Lord.
51:18 Wow. Yeah.
51:19 Yes. Absolutely, Yeah. Have to work in harmony.
51:20 There's another one but on the other side.
51:22 Yes, absolutely.
51:23 Yeah, I've got another question.
51:25 Well actually, we've got another few questions
51:26 but we'll try and get it in.
51:27 Jesus at age 12, that one.
51:29 Yes, yes.
51:30 Looking forward to getting there.
51:32 This time is flying by.
51:34 That's right. Flying by.
51:36 We hope that you've been enjoying
51:38 getting your questions answered.
51:40 We've got a few more questions
51:42 we're going to try and get in there.
51:43 We're getting ready to go to a little break
51:45 and show you how you can submit your questions,
51:48 and then right after that we will be right back.
51:51 So stick around.
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