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The Importance of the Sabbath

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00:01 Wow, even though our time is just about up,
00:02 we have to get this question in.
00:04 "Jesus knew He was the Son of God
00:07 at an early age,
00:08 He was aware of His gift at age, at the age of 12,
00:12 when He got left behind at the temple
00:14 and His parents went back to find Him,
00:15 so why did He wait till He was 30 years old
00:18 before getting baptized and start preaching?
00:21 I never could understand that."
00:23 This comes from Ed.
00:24 Everything that happened in the life of Jesus
00:26 was according to Bible prophecy.
00:27 Amen.
00:29 Daniel 9:24-27
00:30 outline the entire life of Christ
00:32 and the Bible says in Galatians 4-4,
00:34 "When the fullness of time had come,
00:37 God sent forth His Son."
00:38 So He didn't come in the world before or after,
00:40 He didn't come late but according to schedule.
00:43 And all through His life, He said,
00:44 "The time is fulfilled."
00:46 In Daniel 9:25 about the life of Christ,
00:48 "Know therefore and understand
00:50 that from the going forth of the command
00:52 to restore and build Jerusalem until the Messiah the Prince,
00:55 there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks."
00:57 So even His baptism was ordained.
01:00 And so when you follow
01:01 from the going forth of the command,
01:03 the decree 483 years later,
01:06 it takes you right to the year that Jesus was baptized.
01:09 In Luke 3:1 says,
01:10 "It was the 15th year
01:11 of the reign of Tiberius Caesar."
01:13 Caesar co-reigned in 12 AD, you add 15 to 12, 27 AD.
01:18 That's why Jesus couldn't get baptized earlier,
01:21 it was foreordained,
01:22 and prophesied the year that He would be baptized.
01:25 Amen. Wow.
01:26 Yeah, I just got to add to that beautiful as pastor said
01:29 it's all according to Bible prophecy.
01:30 And as he referenced here, alluded to,
01:33 you know, Jesus always made mention of this
01:35 you know that His time was not yet,
01:36 I'm thinking of John 2:4,
01:38 "He said, 'Woman, what do you have concern with Me?
01:41 My hour has not yet come.'"
01:42 It was not according to His perfect timing just yet.
01:45 That's deep. That's deep.
01:47 Thank you so much for answering these questions
01:49 from the Word of God.
01:51 Thank you for your due diligence
01:52 in studying the Word,
01:54 and we want to thank you for submitting your questions.
01:55 Amen.
01:57 Make sure that you join us next Monday.
01:58 God bless you.


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