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What Is The Great Tribulation?

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00:01 As you're well aware,
00:02 we're living in unprecedented times.
00:05 Join us now for Today special program.
00:12 I want to spend my life
00:18 Mending broken people
00:23 I want to spend my life
00:29 Removing pain
00:34 Lord, let my words
00:39 Heal a heart that hurts
00:44 I want to spend my life
00:50 Mending broken people
00:55 I want to spend my life
01:00 Mending broken people
01:15 Hello and welcome to Bible Q and A.
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01:22 I'm excited, why?
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02:18 You know, today as Jill and I were driving into work,
02:21 we were having some very nice spring time early summertime,
02:26 showers here in Southern Illinois,
02:27 and it was just raining so nice and gently.
02:30 And as we were driving in,
02:31 I was looking at the leaves and you know,
02:32 the leaves on the trees, they seem so happy.
02:34 They were all clean of any dust
02:36 or any type of other debris on them.
02:37 I was looking at the flowers beside the road
02:39 and they had their little faces upturn to the rain,
02:42 just like saying, this is wonderful,
02:44 my face is being washed.
02:45 Looking at the blades of grass,
02:47 they were saying,
02:48 yay, we've got some water, we can grow.
02:51 And you know, I was reminded of Psalm 1, or Psalm 51:10.
02:55 It says, "Create in me a clean heart, O God."
02:58 So as we study the Word of God,
03:00 I was reminded by God saying to me,
03:03 don't forget, Greg,
03:05 to let the Word of God cleanse you.
03:07 Let it be rain showers that cleanse you,
03:10 because oftentimes we can study the Word of God,
03:13 we can maybe debate and like, wow, I'm a good debater,
03:16 I can answer all these objections
03:17 that come my way.
03:19 You know what?
03:20 It's not just that, it's about letting God's Word
03:22 change you and cleanse you and make you new.
03:24 So that's one of the things
03:26 here as we go into the Bible Q and A today.
03:28 Yes, it's great for all the answers.
03:29 But don't forget to let God's Word change you
03:32 from the inside out.
03:33 So today, I'm joined by Pastor John Lomacang.
03:36 So good to have you here.
03:37 And thank you for your love of the Word of God, Pastor.
03:40 It's always interesting.
03:41 I mean, these questions,
03:42 some people are very creative in their questions.
03:44 They are.
03:45 And so, we don't want to come across
03:47 as though we are the final authority,
03:48 but we are going to, by God's leading and guidance,
03:52 give you all of the answers from the scriptures.
03:54 Amen. Yeah.
03:55 Thank you, Pastor, though
03:56 for your love of the Word of God.
03:58 Because I think that's important.
03:59 You know, you're the senior pastor.
04:01 You are the pastor of the Thompsonville
04:02 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
04:03 You've been here for many years,
04:05 you and your wife, Angie,
04:06 but you don't only just know the Word of God,
04:08 it comes out of you too, you know, you exude Jesus.
04:10 So thank you for letting it change you as well.
04:12 Praise the Lord. Thank you.
04:13 So, Pastor Ryan,
04:15 thank you for being a man of the Word too.
04:16 It's a blessing to have you here with us today.
04:17 Amen, it's a blessing to be here.
04:19 We're living in exciting times.
04:20 And I'm excited about people asking questions
04:23 about the Word of God, right?
04:25 Amen. Interested in spiritual things.
04:27 Pastor Ryan, why do you have a smile always?
04:29 I don't know if I've ever, very rarely.
04:31 One time you were overloaded
04:32 with a whole bunch of studies and things,
04:34 but it's very rare for me to ever see you down.
04:35 Why do you always have a smile on your face?
04:37 You know, each and every day is a blessing.
04:39 Okay.
04:40 And life should not be taken for granted.
04:41 And I try that just as much
04:43 as I possibly can if I can smile
04:45 and rub that off on somebody else,
04:47 that's a blessing.
04:48 Amen. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine.
04:49 Praise the Lord. Yeah.
04:51 And right next to me is my dear wife, Jill.
04:53 So good to have you here with us today.
04:54 It's a blessing to be a part of the ministry
04:56 and serve the Lord together,
04:58 and I count it a real privilege to be teamed up with her
05:01 and God's blessed us with 19 years of marriage
05:04 this year, and what a blessing?
05:06 And thank you for your love of the Word of God too.
05:08 Amen. Thank you so much, sweetheart.
05:09 Just love opening up the Word of God,
05:11 loves studying it together,
05:12 Greg and I love praying together.
05:14 And we love sharing this time with you at home.
05:16 Amen.
05:17 Thank you for sending in your questions.
05:19 And thank you for giving us an opportunity
05:21 to open up the Word of God together
05:24 and learn together.
05:25 Amen.
05:26 Well, before we go to our first question,
05:28 we want to open with a word of prayer.
05:29 But just before that,
05:31 the text I'd like to always quote
05:33 for the Bible Q and A, 2 Timothy 2:15,
05:35 "Study to show thyself approved unto God,
05:38 a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
05:40 rightly dividing the word of truth."
05:43 Pastor John, let's open with prayer, please.
05:44 Sure. Thank you.
05:46 Loving Lord, it's our privilege and blessing
05:48 to be able to sit before the world
05:51 that is watching and answer these questions.
05:54 Lord, we have done our homework.
05:56 But we prefer Your Holy Spirit
05:58 to communicate it in such a way that it becomes
06:01 like the Bible says,
06:02 sweet to our lips and to our hearts.
06:06 Be with each of our panelists,
06:07 our family members here
06:09 and may those who are watching and listening,
06:11 hear a word from you and give them willing hearts,
06:15 that these answers and the scriptures
06:16 will find fertile soil to Your glory and honor,
06:19 we pray in Jesus' name.
06:21 Amen.
06:22 Thank you so much, Pastor John.
06:24 We have some wonderful questions
06:26 that have come in again.
06:27 Thank you for submitting them
06:28 to our 3ABN Today Bible Q and A.
06:30 Pastor Ryan, I'm going to come to you first.
06:31 Okay? All right, sounds great.
06:32 This question here comes from Carol,
06:34 doesn't say where, but Carol is asking,
06:36 "What exactly is the great tribulation?
06:39 What will it involve, and when will it occur?"
06:43 Okay, this is a great question
06:44 in the sense that
06:46 we first have to be reminded
06:47 that the Bible proves this many times as well as history
06:50 that history repeats itself,
06:51 that there are often dual fulfillments of things
06:54 throughout the Bible,
06:55 especially in biblical prophecy.
06:57 And so when we find that term, Great Tribulation,
07:00 it's found in Matthew 24:21-22.
07:02 I'll read it really quickly.
07:03 It says, and this is Jesus
07:05 coming right after the signs of the times.
07:06 And He says this, He says,
07:07 "For then, there will be a great tribulation
07:09 such has not been
07:11 since the beginning of the world,
07:12 until this time, nor ever shall be.
07:14 And unless those days were shortened,
07:16 no flesh would be saved,
07:18 for the elect's sake those days will be shortened."
07:20 And so this great tribulation time period,
07:22 I believe there is a very clear
07:24 and this can be backed up from the Bible
07:25 dual fulfillment of this.
07:27 There was a great tribulation time period
07:28 in the Dark Ages,
07:30 that 1260 year time period
07:32 in which that papal power reigns supreme.
07:35 Now, here's what's interesting
07:37 is the Bible makes it very clear,
07:38 there's another even greater tribulation time period
07:41 at the very end of time.
07:43 You can find support for this in Scripture.
07:45 For instance,
07:46 the soul is crying out from the altar
07:48 in Revelation Chapter 6.
07:49 God makes it very clear to them
07:50 that just as they were martyred,
07:53 and they shed their blood for Christ,
07:54 and so they shall sleep a little longer
07:56 until their brothers and sisters
07:58 in the future shall also die until it's completed.
08:01 And so there's another great tribulation time period
08:03 described there.
08:05 Two phases of this papal power system,
08:07 the 42 months of Revelation
08:09 that we see there in Revelation Chapter 13:3.
08:11 But then after the deadly wound is healed,
08:13 at the end, during that time period,
08:15 at the end of time, right before Christ comes,
08:17 there's another great tribulation time period.
08:19 The first one is great because of its length,
08:21 1260 years.
08:23 The second one is great
08:24 because of its global intensity.
08:27 So we have to be very, very clear,
08:28 the Great Tribulation time period
08:30 that's going to be at the end of the world
08:31 that we have yet to see
08:33 is described very clear in Daniel 12:1.
08:35 It says, "At that time, Michael shall stand up,
08:37 the great prince who stands watch over
08:40 the sons of your people,
08:41 and there shall be a time of trouble
08:42 such as never was since then,
08:44 that there ever was a nation even until that time."
08:47 So the second part of the question here that is,
08:50 what will it involve?
08:51 Revelation Chapter 16.
08:52 Go read that, the seven last plagues
08:54 that is the great last tribulation time period
08:57 and when will it occur?
08:58 It will happen right before the Second Coming of Jesus.
09:01 Amen. Wow. Very good.
09:02 Good job. Thank you, Pastor Ryan.
09:04 Yeah. Good job.
09:05 Not much time is it, Pastor, for some of these answers?
09:06 I'm telling, it's like squeezing the toothpaste to.
09:09 Rapid fire, isn't it.
09:10 Good job. Yeah, excellent job.
09:12 Pastor John, I'm going to come to you on this one.
09:14 No name with this, but a great question.
09:17 "Is there a difference in my sins and my testimony,
09:20 when we get to heaven, our sins will be gone,
09:23 but we will still have our testimony?
09:25 Okay, yes, our sins will be gone.
09:27 The answer is yes, our sins will be gone.
09:30 Praise the Lord for that. Yes.
09:32 But we will still have a testimony.
09:35 When we are forgiven,
09:36 our sins are cleansed
09:38 and we are, our sins are forgiven
09:40 and then we are cleansed from all unrighteousness
09:43 and according to Scripture,
09:44 our sin no longer remains as a deficit against us.
09:48 A few scriptures in the Bible which we know very well.
09:51 1 John 1:9,
09:53 "If we confess our sins,
09:54 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
09:56 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
09:59 Acts 3:19,
10:00 "Repent therefore and be converted,
10:02 that your sins may be blotted out.
10:04 So that times of refreshing may come
10:07 from the presence of the Lord."
10:09 That one, the blotting out is what you're concerned about.
10:13 The forgiving aspect is wonderful.
10:15 But I want that blotted out.
10:17 And the blotting out means
10:18 that we won't have to,
10:20 our sins would not be following us into the kingdom,
10:22 that there'll be any need for a future atonement.
10:25 Another one, Micah 7:19,
10:28 "He will again have compassion on us,
10:30 and will subdue our iniquities.
10:32 He will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea."
10:36 And I always like to add and put out a no fishing sign.
10:39 That's good. Praise God for that.
10:40 Jeremiah 31:34,
10:43 "No more shall every man teach his neighbor
10:45 and every man his brother, saying, 'Know the Lord,'
10:48 for they all shall know Me,
10:50 from the least of them to the greatest of them,
10:52 says the Lord.
10:53 For I will forgive their iniquity and their sin,
10:55 I will remember no more."
10:58 So we're not going to look forward to our sin
11:00 coming up against us in eternity,
11:03 but our testimony will be there.
11:05 You know, we find in Psalm 107:2,
11:07 and the redeemed will have a lot of opportunity
11:09 to tell others about how they were redeemed,
11:13 Even angels desire to know what it means to be redeemed,
11:16 and they don't have that experience.
11:18 So Psalm 107:2,
11:19 "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,
11:21 whom the Lord has redeemed from the hand of the enemy.
11:24 So since we overcame by the blood of the Lamb,
11:27 we'll be able to tell that story of redemption.
11:29 Amen. Good job, Pastor.
11:31 Thank you so very much. Great answer.
11:34 This one is for you, Jill.
11:36 Good question from Phyllis,
11:37 and she lives in Wisconsin, says,
11:39 the question is,
11:41 "God said in His Word,
11:42 it is not good for man to be alone.
11:44 Why are so many of us alone, pandemic excluded.
11:48 We have no friends to speak of,
11:50 husband or Christ like people around us.
11:53 Can you please give me something scriptures
11:56 to bring us hope?"
11:58 Wow.
12:00 Phyllis, I just want you to know that
12:02 you may feel alone, but you are never alone.
12:06 There's tremendous scriptures that have hope.
12:08 I'm going to give you a few,
12:10 jot them down and you can look some of them up later
12:13 if we don't have time to go through all of them.
12:14 Isaiah 41:10,
12:16 "Fear not, for I am with you.
12:17 Be not dismayed, I am your God.
12:21 I will strengthen you, I will help you,
12:22 I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."
12:26 Isaiah 49:16.
12:27 He says, See, I have inscribed you
12:29 on the palms of My hands.
12:32 Your walls are continually before Me."
12:34 Isaiah 43:1-2,
12:36 "Now thus says the Lord who created you, O Jacob,
12:40 and he who formed you.
12:41 Do not fear, for I have redeemed you."
12:43 And it goes on to say,
12:45 "No matter what you go through, the fire or the flood,
12:47 He will be with you."
12:49 Hebrews 13:5,
12:50 He says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."
12:53 Isaiah 54:4-5 is especially good for women
12:57 who are either widowed or women who are not married.
13:00 It says,
13:02 "Your maker is your husband,
13:04 the Lord of hosts is his name.
13:06 Your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel."
13:09 Joshua 1:5, He says,
13:11 "As I've been with Moses, so I will be with you."
13:14 John 14:27, He says,
13:16 "I will give you my peace."
13:19 Now you also ask the question, why are so many of us alone?
13:23 I would say first of all,
13:24 it's not by choice for many people
13:26 because of the world of sin we live in.
13:28 God created us to be in community.
13:31 God created us to have family to be together,
13:35 to be in community.
13:36 Satan came to steal, kill and destroy,
13:38 but God came that we would have life
13:40 and have it more abundantly.
13:43 I would also say sometimes, I want to be careful with this.
13:46 But sometimes we are alone by choice.
13:50 We're so hurt or wounded
13:51 that we withdraw within ourselves
13:54 and don't intentionally reach out to other people.
13:58 Proverbs 18:24 says,
14:00 "A man who has friends must show himself friendly."
14:04 So you can't change your circumstances,
14:06 but you can change your choices,
14:08 reach out and develop friendships
14:10 with other people.
14:11 Excellent. Thank you very much.
14:13 Yeah, that's a great question.
14:14 So thank you so much for that great answer too.
14:17 Pastor Ryan, this is a follow up.
14:18 And this is to a question on a previous Bible Q and A.
14:21 This is coming from Fiona.
14:22 And she says,
14:24 "I agree with Pastor Ryan's answer
14:25 regarding jewelry,
14:26 but I don't think the question was answered
14:29 concerning wedding bands.
14:31 In biblical days how did people know
14:33 if a person was married or not?
14:35 I've observed that most SDAs don't wear wedding rings,
14:38 but how would someone know if the individual is married
14:41 without them having to say they are?"
14:43 That's a great question.
14:45 It is. She's right.
14:46 The last question we got was a dual question.
14:47 I was able to cover the jewelry part
14:49 but not the wedding band part.
14:50 So thank you so much, Fiona, for this question.
14:53 To be very clear, transparent and candid,
14:56 the Bible says
14:58 absolutely nothing about the wedding band.
15:00 I want to make that very clear
15:01 because there's some people that I've run into that
15:03 have tried to say,
15:04 you know, the Bible says
15:06 it's okay to wear a wedding band.
15:07 Well, the Bible has absolutely not one single text
15:09 in all of Scripture
15:10 where it talks about the wedding band.
15:13 Actually, if you look up the history
15:14 of the wedding band,
15:15 you'll find that it started in and got its origin
15:17 or finds its origin in ancient Egypt.
15:20 And which basically,
15:21 and ancient Egyptians believed that the ring finger,
15:24 which is the fourth finger on the left hand,
15:27 they contained what they called the vena amoris,
15:30 which is known as the vein of love,
15:32 which was closer to the heart or left,
15:34 the left side closer to the heart.
15:36 And, of course, later, the Romans adopted
15:37 this same tradition.
15:39 And, of course, it's just found its way,
15:40 even to this day.
15:41 But biblically speaking,
15:43 we can be very, very clear that
15:44 the Bible does not specifically speak
15:46 about wedding bands.
15:47 In biblical days,
15:48 if a couple came together and were betrothed or married,
15:51 is simply within their society within their community,
15:54 it was just very clear
15:56 because the weddings were public, just like ours.
15:58 And if someone, you know, wanted to know,
15:59 if someone was married, they would ask them,
16:01 you know, are you married.
16:02 It would become very clear
16:04 that the wife or the husband would say,
16:05 I'm sorry, I'm married.
16:07 And so the idea today, even in our culture,
16:09 is we have to wear a wedding band,
16:10 so that everyone around us knows that we are married.
16:15 I've been married for 11 years now,
16:17 I don't wear a wedding band.
16:19 My wife does not wear wedding band.
16:20 Pastor has been married for what?
16:21 Thirty eight.
16:23 Thirty eight years and not wear a wedding band.
16:24 And you know, this idea within our culture
16:25 that you must wear a wedding band,
16:27 so everyone around you knows that you are married.
16:29 That's just simply,
16:30 sometimes I feel like that's a cop out
16:32 just for some people
16:33 who want to wear that wedding band.
16:34 I don't think that it should be as we are, we're instructed.
16:36 And I think I usually don't use
16:38 Ellen Whites writings on this show,
16:39 because I believe in this program,
16:41 it's a Bible Q and A program.
16:42 We should always try to stick
16:44 as closest to the Bible as possible.
16:45 But many people try to say
16:46 that Spirit of Prophecy gives it, okay.
16:48 Actually, there's only one published remark in all
16:51 in her writings on the wedding band,
16:52 in which she simply states
16:53 and you can find this
16:55 in Testimonies to Ministers, Gospel,
16:56 and Gospel Workers page 180 and 181,
16:59 in which she makes it very clear
17:00 that not any circlet, or band,
17:02 or a ring of any kind should be paid
17:05 or bought for or worn in any case.
17:07 She did say in countries
17:08 where the custom is imperative,
17:10 we have no burden to condemn those
17:12 who have their wedding ring, let them wear it,
17:15 if they can do so conscientiously.
17:17 So even then, if you read that comment,
17:19 she makes it very clear that there's no need for it,
17:22 we shouldn't spend money on it.
17:23 In this case too, we speak final on the subject.
17:26 The Bible doesn't say,
17:27 you know, you should wear a wedding band.
17:29 Nowhere in the Spirit of Prophecy
17:30 does it say we should wear a wedding band,
17:32 it is a modern culture.
17:34 In certain countries,
17:35 it is imperative, it is required.
17:37 But in countries where it's not,
17:38 in this case, America in our country,
17:40 it's not required to wear a wedding band.
17:42 If you can do so conscientiously,
17:44 then go for it.
17:46 But at the end of the day, the Bible makes it very clear,
17:48 do not wear any type of adornment,
17:50 jewelry or anything like that,
17:52 you know, let it be the hidden man of the heart.
17:54 And if someone asked you are you married,
17:56 or they want to know if you're married,
17:57 they can ask you, you can just simply say, I'm taken.
18:00 I'm married. Very good.
18:01 Thank you, Pastor Ryan,
18:03 for that follow up and on the wedding band.
18:06 Pastor John, this comes from Karine
18:08 from Brooklyn, looks like New York.
18:11 "Pastor John, I would like to know if my grandson
18:13 who is eight years old
18:15 is accountable to get baptized?"
18:17 Okay, wonderful.
18:19 It's got to do with age. Eight years old.
18:21 The youngest person I've ever baptized was seven.
18:24 Okay. First and only one.
18:27 And she was a young girl in our church.
18:30 I remember.
18:32 Her parents raised her in a way that she understood.
18:35 I asked her directly,
18:36 questions that pertained to God's Word.
18:39 And so my answer to this was she was clear,
18:42 she did her baptism lessons.
18:45 And I look at her today,
18:47 she's grown up, she's now in college.
18:48 Yes.
18:50 And still maintains a walk
18:52 and the character publicly that says
18:55 she understood her commitment to Christ.
18:57 It really depends on the intellect of the child.
19:01 But the Bible does make it very clear
19:03 that the parent's responsibility
19:06 is to train up a child
19:07 in the way that that child should go.
19:09 Now the most formidable years of a child's understanding
19:12 is between birth and five years old,
19:16 when the character of that child
19:18 is molded as a tender plant.
19:20 When that child is, sees in the parents' life,
19:23 a commitment to Christ,
19:25 children tend to be more of what they see
19:27 than what they're told.
19:29 And I think that one of the reasons
19:30 why I'm making reference to this young lady,
19:32 I didn't want to make her, say her name publicly
19:34 so she doesn't feel embarrassed,
19:35 is her parent,
19:37 her parents both exemplify that kind of life
19:39 in her presence.
19:41 And so therefore, it was not saying,
19:44 do you know Jesus was not unusual
19:46 for her to say that,
19:48 but as the child
19:50 becomes more suitable intellectually
19:54 to understand what does it mean to be born again?
19:56 What does it mean to commit your life to Christ?
19:58 What does it mean to lay down sin?
20:00 Then I think that this is not something
20:02 that should be forced or should be,
20:04 a child should be hurried into.
20:07 Because there's a commitment here
20:08 that requires some intellectual understanding.
20:11 And as you give that time,
20:13 Proverbs 4:18, said,
20:15 "But the path of the just
20:16 is as a shining light that shineth more and more
20:18 unto the perfect day."
20:19 Don't rush it.
20:21 Find out where that person, that child is,
20:23 and make the commitment to Christ,
20:25 the basic elements, sin, salvation,
20:27 what it means to be born again.
20:29 Amen.
20:30 Wow. Thank you, Pastor.
20:31 Yeah, excellent answer.
20:33 And thank you for your question.
20:34 We again want to just encourage you
20:35 to submit your questions
20:37 for the 3ABN Today Bible Q and A.
20:39 You can text us at 618-228-3975
20:43 or you can always email us at BibleQA@3abn.org
20:47 And again, thank you for all the questions.
20:49 We're receiving lots and lots of questions in,
20:51 and there's a lot of fun
20:52 to go through them and look at them.
20:53 Yes, Pastor, go ahead.
20:55 Five seconds. Yes.
20:56 Baptism is to the Christian
20:58 what marriage is to the husband and wife,
20:59 a serious commitment.
21:00 So it should be understood clearly.
21:02 Yeah. Excellent.
21:03 Yeah. Thank you for that, Pastor.
21:05 Jill, this one is from Michelle.
21:07 And really this when I read this question,
21:10 it's... Boy, what a sad...
21:13 It's a serious question.
21:14 It says, "Dear 3ABN,
21:16 what happens to someone
21:18 who suffers from severe depression?
21:20 Who attempts to take his life twice by hanging
21:24 and succeeds the second time?
21:26 It's tragic.
21:28 My nephew-in-law is no longer with us.
21:31 May he rest in peace.
21:33 So the question is,
21:35 what happens if someone who suffers severe depression
21:38 and attempt suicide and successful?"
21:41 I just want to say, Michelle, that we'll be praying for you.
21:44 Our 3ABN family here,
21:46 we'll be praying for you and your family
21:48 during this time of loss.
21:50 I would say three things.
21:52 Number one,
21:53 don't torture yourself with questions.
21:55 Those are the what if questions.
21:57 If only I had recognized the signs.
21:59 If only I had reached out more.
22:01 If only I had said something different
22:03 or encouraged this person in a different way.
22:05 If only I had prayed more,
22:07 maybe they wouldn't have done it.
22:08 Don't torture yourself with the if only questions
22:12 and don't torture yourself
22:13 with the unanswerable questions.
22:15 Will I see them again?
22:17 Are they going to be saved?
22:18 Now that's the don't.
22:20 Let's look at the do.
22:21 Do trust your God.
22:23 Amen. Trust His wisdom.
22:25 Romans 11:33 says,
22:27 "Oh, the depth of the riches
22:30 both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
22:32 How unsearchable are His judgments
22:35 and His ways are past finding out!"
22:38 Trust that our God,
22:40 your God is a God of wisdom.
22:42 Trust His patience and longsuffering.
22:46 2 Peter 3:9,
22:47 "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise,
22:50 as some men count slackness,
22:52 but is longsuffering to us,
22:55 not willing that any should perish,
22:57 but that all should come to repentance."
23:00 So trust His wisdom,
23:02 trust His patience and longsuffering.
23:04 Trust His love.
23:06 God demonstrated His love for us,
23:08 and that while we were yet still in sin,
23:12 He died for us.
23:14 That, of course, is Romans 5:8.
23:16 Finally trust His judgment.
23:19 Isaiah 33:22,
23:21 "For the Lord is our Judge,
23:23 the Lord is our Lawgiver,
23:26 the Lord is our King, He will save us."
23:30 Yes.
23:31 I love how the judgment of God
23:33 is connected in this verse with the salvation of God.
23:36 Amen.
23:38 James 4:12 says,
23:39 "There is one Lawgiver
23:40 who is able to save and to destroy.
23:42 Who are you to judge another?"
23:45 What's he saying there?
23:46 We judge other people, we say,
23:48 "Well, they clearly must not be going to heaven.
23:50 But yeah, this person must be going to heaven."
23:52 It's not our place to judge.
23:54 God is the righteous judge and His judgment will be just.
23:59 The third do
24:00 is to do understand that suicide is sin.
24:04 Yes, but it is not the unpardonable sin.
24:08 The unpardonable sin, of course,
24:09 is that sin against the Holy Spirit.
24:13 We know that murder is sin,
24:14 that's one of the Ten Commandments
24:16 and intentional killing of someone
24:18 that would include even yourself,
24:19 would be sin.
24:21 We also know Jesus tells us this in the Sermon on the Mount
24:24 that hatred is sin.
24:26 So this would even indicate
24:27 that thoughts of suicide would be sin.
24:30 I think about Elijah in the Bible,
24:32 he thought about suicide.
24:33 I think about Job, he contemplated suicide,
24:36 and yet both of them were forgiven.
24:40 Both of them I believe, we will see in heaven again.
24:44 So I would conclude by saying
24:46 that suicide is not the unpardonable sin,
24:49 that we need to trust the future,
24:53 the eternal future of those people
24:55 who commit suicide to God
24:57 who is our righteous loving judge.
24:59 Amen. Amen.
25:01 Thank you so very much.
25:03 What a blessing that we can trust God, right?
25:04 That's right. He knows the whole picture.
25:06 He knows everything,
25:07 and what a blessing that
25:09 we're not the judge, but God is the judge.
25:10 And I like what you had to say, just trust the Lord.
25:12 He will do what is best.
25:14 So much pain in this world.
25:16 And I want you to know, too,
25:18 you know, this is Bible Q and A,
25:19 but you know, you are in our prayers.
25:21 And we just did,
25:22 we know that many of you are in a lot of pain,
25:24 different circumstances,
25:25 we want to remember Michelle and this sad family situation,
25:28 but you are in our prayers
25:30 because you're part of our family.
25:31 Pastor Ryan, coming to you, this is from Stephanie.
25:34 She has a question pertain to Romans 14.
25:37 "Can you please provide clarity on Romans Chapter 14,
25:40 especially the first verses speaking to what can be eaten?
25:44 So I can explain it to others."
25:45 Absolutely.
25:47 Well, the first thing we have to understand
25:48 that Romans Chapter 14,
25:50 the context and the purpose of it
25:51 is not necessarily to establish a differentiation
25:54 between what is clean and acceptable to be eaten,
25:57 and what is unclean and unacceptable to be eaten.
25:59 If you read just the first few verses,
26:01 you see the context is set very clearly
26:03 as to what Paul is talking about
26:05 in this entire passage.
26:06 He's talking about disputes among brethren,
26:08 he's talking about judgment.
26:09 So notice here what it says, I'm going to start in verse 1.
26:12 This is Romans 14, beginning with verse 1.
26:13 He says, "Receive one who is weak in the faith,"
26:15 notice here, "but not to disputes over doubtful things."
26:18 So he's already using the words,
26:19 just not to disputes.
26:21 Then he goes on to say,
26:22 "For one believer may eat all things,
26:24 but he who is weak eats only vegetables.
26:26 Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat,
26:30 and let not him who does not eat
26:32 judge him who eats."
26:33 Notice, there it is in the first context clue.
26:36 "For God has received him.
26:38 Who are you to judge another servant?
26:40 To his own master he stands or falls.
26:43 Indeed, he will be made to stand before God
26:46 is able to make him stand."
26:48 And then also, if you go a few verses down
26:49 Romans 14:10-11.
26:51 The same concept comes back up
26:53 because right after these first four verses,
26:55 he talks about one man esteems one day above another,
26:57 another man esteems everyday of their life.
26:59 People try to use that to say, you know you can,
27:01 every day is the Sabbath, every day is a holy day.
27:04 But that's not the context of what Paul's talking about.
27:06 He brings it back in verses 10 and 11.
27:08 He says, "But why do you judge your brother?
27:11 Or why do you show contempt for your brother?
27:13 For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
27:16 For it is written:
27:17 'As I live, says the Lord,
27:19 every knee shall bow to Me,
27:20 and every tongue shall confess to God.'"
27:21 So the point of Romans Chapter 14
27:23 is not to say you can eat whatever you want,
27:25 or you can go, you can observe any day as a day of rest,
27:28 or a holy day or a Sabbath day.
27:30 The purpose of Romans 14 is God is addressing
27:33 an issue that was happening in the church
27:34 and among the brethren at the time
27:36 between the Orthodox and the new Gentile Christians.
27:39 He was saying, look, stop the judging.
27:41 God is the judge.
27:43 You are not your brother's judge.
27:44 Leave it in the hands of the Lord.
27:46 And the Lord is the perfect judge, not us.
27:48 Amen.
27:50 Thank you very much, Pastor, yes.
27:51 Wish we had two hours.
27:53 It's very good answer. It's a great answer.
27:55 There's so many ridiculous issues
27:56 being disputed today
27:58 that have nothing to do with salvation.
28:00 And it can derail us and way off and left,
28:01 you know, somewhere.
28:02 Many people been derailed and distracted.
28:04 Yeah.
28:05 Pastor John, this comes from Theo.
28:07 "Genesis 3:5 says that
28:09 Adam and Eve's eyes would be opened,
28:12 knowing good and evil.
28:13 Why would one want to know evil?
28:15 Why is sin so attractive to us?"
28:19 Thank you, Theo.
28:21 Thank you, Theo, for that.
28:22 Sin appeals to our Adam nature. Okay.
28:25 But until the nature of Adam is put to death,
28:28 sin will appeal to us.
28:29 Why do certain sins appeal to certain people?
28:32 Well, that's your environmental effect.
28:34 You may be raised in a family of thieves.
28:36 Well, that'll appeal to you more than drugs.
28:39 You may be raised in a family that was an alcoholic family
28:42 that will appeal to you more than movies.
28:44 The environment of...
28:45 The environmental effect
28:47 begins to shape the way we think.
28:49 And as a man thinketh so is he.
28:51 So that's why you find today somebody might say,
28:53 I'm so glad I overcame cigarettes.
28:55 Another person might say,
28:56 I'm so glad I no longer steal,
28:58 because these are the different stumbling blocks
29:01 but sin predisposes us to be a transgressor
29:05 in any category.
29:07 And the sin itself is not the issue.
29:09 But sin on any plain can become attractive to us
29:14 based on the environment of our influence.
29:17 So why would anyone want to know evil?
29:20 I don't believe that Adam and evil wanted to know evil.
29:24 Adam's love for Eve superseded his love for God.
29:26 Never allow your love for anything
29:28 to supersede your love for God.
29:30 And that was the stumbling block for Adam.
29:32 Eve, I said the Sabbath.
29:34 I put a list together of 10 women in the Bible
29:37 that had difficulty trusting God,
29:38 and Eve was one
29:40 that just did not trust God's word.
29:41 And she went to investigate,
29:43 and found out that the devil is in the details.
29:44 Oh, yeah.
29:46 And so you got to trust God's word.
29:47 That's right.
29:49 If you distrust God and decide to go ahead
29:50 on your own investigation,
29:51 and as Paul the Apostle says, many people...
29:53 Matter of fact, Peter was talking about
29:55 how many people wrestled Paul's writings
29:58 to their own destruction.
30:00 But Romans 5:12 makes it clear that
30:01 through one man sin entered the world.
30:04 So it is important as Romans 5, Romans 6:5 and 7
30:09 talks about how to put that nature to death,
30:11 and it's through baptism.
30:13 When we are baptized, that old man is dead,
30:16 and we are no longer bound by the law of that nature.
30:19 Anyone who has died to that old nature
30:22 has been freed from attraction to any sin.
30:25 Wow. Thank you very much, Pastor.
30:28 This next question, Jill, is a rather long one,
30:31 it comes from Marshall.
30:33 Says, "Sister Jill, in a previous episode,
30:36 you mentioned John 3:5,
30:38 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
30:40 except a man be born of water, and of the Spirit,
30:43 he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
30:46 I've been attending the Adventist Church
30:47 for 14 years.
30:49 And I've heard this verse mentioned many times.
30:52 It is inevitably interpreted as being baptized in water,
30:55 and saved slash born again in the spirit.
30:59 Previously, I had been taught that it meant being born
31:02 as a human being in water,
31:04 and being saved, born again in the spirit.
31:07 I suppose this interpretation comes from the following verse
31:10 in John 3:6.
31:11 And here's the verse,
31:13 "That which is born of the flesh,
31:14 and water is flesh,
31:15 and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit,
31:17 in the spirit."
31:19 Can you please clarify
31:20 where Adventists get their interpretation
31:23 of verse 5?"
31:25 That's a long question. It is.
31:26 Thank you very much for it though.
31:28 It's a chapter in there. Thank you for that question.
31:30 And I'm not sure I can clarify
31:32 where Adventists get their interpretation,
31:34 but I can tell you where I get my interpretation.
31:36 So if you look at verse 6,
31:38 what I want to say at the outset is John 3:6,
31:42 I do not believe is a direct parallel,
31:43 parallel to John 3:5.
31:47 If you read John 3:6,
31:49 "That which is born of the flesh is flesh,
31:51 and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."
31:53 I believe Jesus is talking about what's talked about
31:56 in Galatians 3:17,
31:58 where the flesh lusts against the Spirit,
32:00 and the Spirit against the flesh.
32:03 And these are contrary to one another.
32:05 This is talking about our carnal,
32:07 sinful human nature
32:09 that struggles against the Spirit.
32:12 We see this in Romans 8:13,
32:14 "If you live according to the flesh you will die,
32:17 but if by the Spirit you put to death
32:19 the deeds of the body, you will live."
32:22 So I believe that's what
32:23 Jesus is talking about in John 3:6.
32:26 So therefore it cannot be a direct parallel
32:28 to John 3:5,
32:30 otherwise, if you were to parallel it,
32:32 in John3:5, it says,
32:33 "Unless one is born of water and the Spirit,
32:36 he cannot enter the kingdom of God."
32:38 Well, how can you be born of water
32:39 if you believe that's of the flesh?
32:41 How can I be born of the flesh and the Spirit
32:43 to enter the kingdom of God?
32:45 We just established that the flesh and the Spirit war
32:47 against each other.
32:50 So where do I get my interpretation
32:51 for that is water baptism being born of water?
32:55 John the Baptist,
32:56 we know had already preached baptism with water
32:59 unto repentance.
33:01 In John 1:26, he says,
33:03 "I baptize with water."
33:04 If you jump down to verse 33,
33:06 he says,
33:07 "This is He, referring to Jesus,
33:09 who baptizes with the Holy Ghost."
33:12 There we see the connection with the water baptism
33:14 combined with the Spirit.
33:16 The Pharisees,
33:18 now John 3 is all about Nicodemus
33:20 coming to Jesus by night,
33:21 and he was a Pharisees.
33:23 The Pharisees already understood
33:25 and rejected baptism by water for repentance.
33:29 We see this in Luke 7:13,
33:31 the Pharisees and the lawyers
33:32 rejected the will of God for themselves,
33:35 not having been baptized by him,
33:38 meaning John the Baptist.
33:39 So what Jesus is doing is reiterating
33:42 the importance of this outward water baptism,
33:45 which Nicodemus has already understood very clearly.
33:48 And then he's coupling that
33:49 with the importance of the inward Spirit baptism.
33:54 Thank you. Yeah, very good. God job.
33:56 That's a long question. But yeah, excellent.
33:58 Thank you.
33:59 Pastor Ryan, this comes from Shirley in Wyoming.
34:03 "I have a church brother
34:04 that is looking for the Holy Spirit,
34:05 but doesn't seem to want to use the Bible
34:09 to be shown how.
34:10 How can I help him with this?"
34:13 So I'm assuming maybe how to be filled
34:14 with the Holy Spirit is what I'm assuming.
34:15 Right.
34:17 Yeah, well, just based off the contents
34:18 of the question here.
34:19 And again, I'm not casting judgment or being critical.
34:21 This brother, I don't know his heart.
34:23 And I don't know this can you know, the situation,
34:25 extent of the situation.
34:26 But I will say that, you know,
34:29 the Holy Spirit and the Word of God
34:31 cannot be separated.
34:32 I just want to make that very clear.
34:34 For someone who wants to receive the Holy Spirit,
34:37 but they don't want to be shown
34:39 or they don't want to have any type of dealings
34:42 or connection with the Word of God.
34:43 Now that to me, that's becomes a big deal.
34:46 Because in John 16:13,
34:49 let's just talk about the Holy Spirit for a moment.
34:51 It says, however, when he the Spirit of truth,
34:53 so the Holy Spirit is what?
34:54 The Spirit of truth.
34:56 When he has come, he will guide you
34:57 into how much truth?
34:59 All truth,
35:00 for he will not speak on his own authority,
35:02 but whatever he hears, he will speak
35:03 and he will tell you all things to come.
35:05 So he is the Spirit of truth.
35:07 What is that truth of the Spirit
35:08 is coming to amplify
35:10 or to project into our hearts and minds?
35:12 John 17:17,
35:13 "Sanctify them by your truth."
35:16 This is Jesus speaking,
35:17 He says, "Your word is truths."
35:20 And then now couple that with, take what we just learned
35:22 and put that with 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.
35:26 This is a problem with a lot of people today.
35:28 They want to follow God, they want salvation,
35:30 they want to accept Jesus, but they don't want to,
35:32 they don't want to follow the Word of the Lord.
35:33 They don't want to have anything to do
35:35 with the Word of the Lord.
35:36 Well, this is where Paul writes, he says
35:37 in with all unrighteous deception among them
35:39 who perish,
35:40 because they did not receive the love of the truth
35:42 that they might be saved.
35:43 For this reason,
35:44 God will send them strong delusion
35:46 that they should believe a lie,
35:48 and that they all may be condemned
35:49 who did not believe the truth,
35:51 but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
35:54 To reject the Holy Spirit
35:55 is to reject the author of the Bible.
35:57 And so you can't have the Holy Spirit
35:59 without the Bible.
36:00 I'm thinking of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25.
36:02 You can't have the oil without the lamp,
36:04 right, or the lamp without the oil,
36:05 they go one, and they go one with the other.
36:07 And so I just want to say here,
36:09 the best thing you can do for this brother is
36:11 pray for him.
36:12 Pray for this brother,
36:13 because if he doesn't want
36:15 to receive the testimony of the Word,
36:16 then he has no hope in receiving the Holy Spirit.
36:18 And that doesn't mean he doesn't have any hope.
36:20 Because the Lord still works miracles in hearts and minds.
36:22 If we pray for this brother,
36:24 the Lord can penetrate his heart and mind
36:25 and draw him to His Word.
36:27 Amen.
36:29 Thank you very much, Pastor Ryan,
36:30 I agree with that, can't separate
36:31 far as the Word of God, the Holy Spirit.
36:33 Yeah, amen. Excellent.
36:35 Pastor John, this is a great question.
36:37 It says, "Which is lawful to do on the Sabbath day?"
36:41 Okay. Are you ready for this?
36:42 "Go to church, attend worship and listen to sermons
36:45 or stay home
36:47 and have personal time with God
36:49 and meditate on His goodness?"
36:51 Well...
36:53 You're a pastor.
36:55 In the context of this question,
36:56 I must say, come to church.
36:57 Yeah, there you go.
36:59 Especially if you can in this day and age,
37:01 you know, we're just coming out of the COVID environment.
37:03 And for some churches,
37:04 some churches are still not open.
37:05 Praise the Lord for the lifting of a lot of these prohibitions.
37:08 But the question was
37:10 what is lawful to do good on this?
37:12 What is lawful to do on the Sabbath?
37:13 When we put a list together,
37:15 we tend to lean into salvation by works.
37:20 But if we follow the principles
37:22 that are revealed through Sabbath observance
37:24 in the scriptural establishment
37:26 of what the Sabbath is for,
37:28 then we are apt to remember, let the Sabbath be the guide.
37:31 Let God's Word be the guide.
37:32 I'll give you Isaiah 56:2,
37:35 and we're going to pull not only the actualities,
37:36 but the principles too.
37:38 The Bible says,
37:39 "Blessed is the man who does this,
37:41 and the son of man who lays hold on it,
37:44 who keeps from defiling the Sabbath,
37:48 and keeps his hand from doing any evil."
37:51 Now when you read that, it says keeps
37:52 from defiling the Sabbath.
37:54 Don't follow the Jews as an example
37:56 because they thought that spitting on the ground
37:58 or healing someone on the Sabbath was defilement.
38:01 Isaiah 58:12-14.
38:04 The Bible says,
38:05 "Those from among you, or they that shall be of thee,
38:07 shall build the old waste places,
38:09 you shall raise up the foundations
38:10 of many generations,
38:12 you shall be called the Repairers of the Breach,
38:14 the Restorers of Paths to dwell in."
38:16 And now the Bible brings a Sabbath.
38:18 Here's what it talks about as far as Sabbath observance.
38:21 "If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath,
38:23 from doing your pleasure
38:25 on My holy day, your pleasure,"
38:26 I'll define that in a moment,
38:27 "and call the Sabbath a delight,
38:29 not a boring day.
38:32 The holy day of the Lord honorable,
38:33 and shall honor Him,
38:36 not doing your own ways,
38:37 not finding your own pleasure, nor speaking your own words."
38:41 Is that a challenge now a days?
38:43 "Then you shall delight yourself in the Lord,
38:45 and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth,
38:47 and feed you at the heritage of Jacob your father.
38:50 For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.
38:52 "When it comes to the Sabbath,
38:54 let me just be very clear, careful.
38:56 Whatever you can do on another day,
38:59 don't do it on the Sabbath.
39:00 That's right.
39:01 Cutting grass, planting,
39:03 clean your car out.
39:04 But if someone is ill,
39:06 you follow the principles of Jesus,
39:07 He healed on the Sabbath,
39:08 He relieved suffering on the Sabbath.
39:10 Amen.
39:11 Don't say to somebody who's, can't eat
39:12 or have no way of getting to the hospital need care.
39:15 Well, I'm sorry, I'd love to take you
39:17 but it's the Sabbath.
39:18 Don't be the Pharisees on his way to the church
39:20 and goes across the street and say, you got beat up.
39:22 I'll be back.
39:24 If you're here after I'm done with the sermon.
39:25 No, let us follow the principles of Jesus.
39:28 It is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.
39:30 Amen.
39:31 When it comes to cutting grass and television all that,
39:34 leave that for another day.
39:35 And lastly,
39:38 this doesn't mean that you could put sinful habits off
39:41 till after the Sabbath either.
39:42 That's right.
39:43 They shouldn't be on any day of the week, okay?
39:45 Thank you Pastor, for a little add on there.
39:48 Okay, Jill, this comes from,
39:50 well, it doesn't have a name,
39:51 but it's pertaining to Philippians 3:19.
39:53 It says,
39:54 "What does Philippians 3:19 mean
39:56 by saying the God of their belly?"
39:58 So let's read that in context.
39:59 Okay.
40:01 Let's read Philippians 3:17-20.
40:03 All right.
40:04 Philippians 3:17-20,
40:06 "Brethren, join in following my example,
40:07 and note those who so walk, as you have us for a pattern."
40:11 Now it really picks up in verse 18,
40:13 "For many walk, of whom I have told you often,
40:16 and now tell you even weeping,
40:20 that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ,
40:23 whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly,
40:26 whose glory is in their shame,
40:28 who set their mind on earthly things.
40:31 For our citizenship, by contrast,
40:34 our citizenship is in heaven,
40:36 from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior,
40:38 the Lord Jesus Christ."
40:40 This section is referring to individuals
40:43 who choose themselves and the world over Christ.
40:48 I see five things real quick.
40:49 First, they reject Christ, why?
40:51 It says they are the enemies of the cross of Christ.
40:55 Number two, Christ will reject them, why?
40:58 Their end is destruction.
41:01 Matthew Chapter 7, Jesus says,
41:03 "Many will say to me in that day,
41:05 'Lord, Lord, did we all not do these wonderful things?'
41:07 And He would say,
41:09 'I never knew you, depart from Me,
41:11 you workers of iniquity.'"
41:13 Number three, it says, whose God is their belly?
41:15 That was your specific question.
41:17 It refers to people who live for the fleshly,
41:21 earthly, sensual things of life.
41:24 Reminds me of 1 John 2:16,
41:26 "All that is in the world, the lust of the flesh,
41:28 the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life
41:31 is not of the Father, but is of the world."
41:33 Number four,
41:35 they glorify the base and vile passions.
41:39 It says, "Whose glory is in their shame."
41:41 I don't know if you've ever experienced
41:43 something that should be hidden,
41:44 something that should be sinful,
41:48 and yet people glorify it and make sport of it
41:51 and make it seem like it's a wonderful thing.
41:54 Number five, they live for the world.
41:56 It says who set their mind on earthly things,
41:59 as opposed to what Paul tells us
42:01 in Colossians 3:2,
42:03 "Set your mind on things above, not on things of the earth."
42:07 Amen. Thank you very much.
42:10 Pastor Ryan, this comes from Itza,
42:12 and from the state of Florida.
42:14 "Some believers say that
42:15 when you die, you go immediately
42:17 into the presence of the Lord.
42:19 What is your view on this?
42:21 What about the slain saints in Revelation?"
42:24 State of the dead in two minutes.
42:26 Here we go. That's right, Pastor Ryan.
42:28 Genesis 2:7 makes it very clear that we come into this world.
42:31 God when He created Adam,
42:33 He formed his body of the dust of the ground,
42:34 and He breathed into his nostrils
42:36 the breath of life,
42:37 then he became a living soul.
42:39 And so in that case, we're brought into this world
42:41 by a combination of the breath of life
42:43 that God gives us
42:45 which no man can really understand,
42:46 that comes from God, right?
42:47 The breath of life, and of course, our bodies.
42:49 Death is simply that in reverse.
42:52 When we die, we simply,
42:53 the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12:7,
42:55 "The breath and the spirit of life
42:58 is parallel with each other.
42:59 It's the same thing.
43:00 And so when we die, the breath of life,
43:02 that spirit goes back to God who gave it.
43:06 And so from that point on, we sleep in the grave.
43:09 Go read John Chapter 11,
43:10 Jesus referred to death as a sleep.
43:12 We sleep in the grave until the return
43:15 or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
43:18 In fact, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 say,
43:22 "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven
43:24 with a shout, with the voice of the archangel,
43:26 and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ
43:28 will rise first."
43:29 There it is, so they've been sleeping in the grave
43:31 until the Second Coming, then they're going to rise.
43:33 And then it says,
43:34 "Then we who are alive and remain
43:35 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
43:37 to meet the Lord in the air,
43:38 and thus shall we ever be with the Lord."
43:40 Now, the last part of your question
43:42 was pertaining to
43:43 what about those people in Revelation.
43:44 I believe you're talking about the souls
43:46 may be crying out from under the altar
43:48 there in Revelation Chapter 6.
43:50 This is not proof that there are people in heaven
43:52 that are somehow under the altar,
43:53 their souls or their ghosts are there,
43:56 you know, chattering and crying out.
43:58 Revelation Chapter 6.
43:59 And obviously, the Book of Revelation
44:01 is a highly symbolic book with lots of allegorical
44:04 and symbolic language
44:06 that we have to allow the Bible to interpret itself
44:08 when it comes to these symbols.
44:09 Much like when Abel was killed by Cain,
44:12 it says his blood cried out, right?
44:13 Is that to be taken literal?
44:15 No, that's obviously symbolism.
44:16 It means something,
44:18 these people, they're crying out their blood,
44:19 their lives are crying out,
44:21 because it requires justice and judgment.
44:23 And God does indeed tell them sleep for a little longer,
44:26 because there will be judgment coming.
44:28 So what happens to us when we die?
44:30 We sleep in the grave,
44:31 just as Christ said there until the Resurrection Day.
44:35 In Romans, 1 Corinthians 15:51-53,
44:39 that this corruptible
44:41 will then at that point at the Second Coming,
44:42 put on incorruption, we will be given immortality
44:45 only at the Second Coming of Jesus.
44:47 Amen.
44:48 State of the dead in two minutes.
44:50 There could be a lot more said about that,
44:52 but that's a juiced version of it.
44:54 There you go.
44:55 Pastor John, this comes from Kenya
44:56 and the name is Pokey is a person's name.
44:59 Hi, Pastor Lomacang,
45:01 "Do generational curses exist?"
45:04 The answer is yes and no. Okay.
45:05 Let me bring out a few points.
45:07 First of all, it is the parent responsibility
45:09 to raise their children to know the Lord.
45:12 And when they make the right choices
45:14 in training their children to know the Lord
45:16 and to keep His commandments,
45:18 then the parents blessing extends into the child's life.
45:22 Deuteronomy 5:29,
45:24 "Oh, that they had such a heart in them
45:27 that they would fear Me
45:29 and always keep all My commandments,
45:31 that it might be well with them
45:33 and with their children forever!"
45:35 So when a parent raises his or her child,
45:37 in the admonition of the Lord, the blessing carries on,
45:40 because they are trained in obedience.
45:42 The answer about the curse, here's the yes part.
45:45 Exodus 20:5-6.
45:47 And I'll tell you why, after I read the verse.
45:49 "You shall not bow down to them, nor serve them
45:51 for I, the Lord your God, I'm a jealous God,
45:53 visiting the iniquity of the fathers
45:55 unto the children to the third and fourth generation
45:57 of those who hate me.'
45:59 That's the context.
46:00 When the parent lives a life in open rebellion against God,
46:04 that child becomes a natural hereditarial recipient
46:08 of that characteristic,
46:11 they have no fear of God whatsoever.
46:13 And I've seen some children
46:14 that have so brashly denied God in ways,
46:19 either through profanity or their lives.
46:22 You couldn't even get them to think about
46:23 being obedient to God,
46:25 and they cite their parents.
46:26 While the Lord who is a sovereign God,
46:29 He sees what that child's end is going to be.
46:31 And you find in the Old Testament,
46:33 sometimes the Lord said
46:34 about these adverse rebellious nations
46:35 wipe the whole, wipe them all out.
46:37 Father, son, children, parents, wipe them all out,
46:40 because God is sovereign.
46:42 He sees where that's going.
46:43 He knows the end from the beginning.
46:46 But now on the other part of no,
46:48 this is where the generational curses
46:49 not necessarily by default.
46:51 We have hereditary and cultivated tendencies
46:54 Ezekiel 18:20,
46:56 "The soul who sins shall die.
46:58 The son shall not bear the guilt of the father,
47:01 nor the father bear the guilt of the son.
47:03 The righteousness of the righteous
47:05 shall be upon him,
47:07 and the wickedness of the wicked
47:08 shall be upon himself."
47:10 So that is when a person
47:12 is in open rebellion directly before God.
47:14 God is not saying, you know, you're at the age now,
47:16 you can make your own choice,
47:18 but sorry, your father has put you
47:19 into default situation.
47:21 No.
47:22 Ezekiel 14:14,
47:24 "If these three men,
47:25 Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it,
47:27 they would deliver only themselves
47:29 by their righteousness."
47:31 When you get to the point
47:33 where you can decide for yourself,
47:34 choice is the most, the greatest gift
47:38 that God has given to any one of us.
47:39 And that's why the Bible says, now that you get older,
47:42 now you're outside of your parent's home.
47:45 You've got to make choices about eternity.
47:47 Joshua 24:15.
47:48 Look at this, how it wraps up the whole thing.
47:50 "And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord,
47:53 choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve."
47:56 Watch this,
47:57 "Whether the gods which your father served
47:59 who were on the other side of the river,"
48:01 that's where the generational curses could have been,
48:03 "or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell,"
48:07 doesn't matter what the impact is,
48:08 "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
48:11 That's where the generational curse
48:14 can be broken.
48:15 You decide to choose to serve the Lord.
48:17 Amen. Thank you very much, Pastor.
48:20 Jill, this is our last question here.
48:22 It says, "Can you explain the verse about God
48:25 being a jealous God?
48:26 Exodus 20:5.
48:28 And when Jesus wept, John 11: 35,"
48:31 and this comes from Robbie.
48:32 Thank you, Robbie, for that question.
48:34 I would say God has emotions.
48:35 We were created in the image of God,
48:38 and He made those emotions.
48:40 God can love. He can be merciful.
48:42 He can feel sorrow, compassion, hate,
48:44 now that would be for the sin, not the sinner,
48:46 and even be jealous for.
48:48 So let's read that verse in Exodus 20:5,
48:51 Pastor, just read it.
48:52 "You shall not bow down to them nor serve them."
48:55 Now, this is from the Ten Commandments.
48:57 "For I the Lord your God, I'm a jealous God
49:00 visiting the iniquities of the fathers
49:02 upon the children to the third and fourth generation
49:04 of those who hate Me."
49:05 So what does that word jealous mean?
49:07 It's used six times in the Old Testament,
49:10 that word jealous, that particular Hebrew word,
49:12 and it always refers to God.
49:14 I thought that jealousy was a sinful emotion.
49:18 Sinful jealousy is being jealous
49:20 of someone or something,
49:23 is jealous of something you don't have,
49:25 for instance, someone's spouse,
49:27 well, you're not married to that person,
49:28 but you're jealous of them
49:30 or jealous of their home or their gifts
49:31 or their position or their money.
49:34 Sinful jealousy is jealousy of something that you and I,
49:38 we don't possess but we wish we had.
49:41 Godly jealousy is jealous for.
49:45 God is jealous for us because we belong to Him.
49:50 Nothing can supersede His place of affection
49:53 in our hearts.
49:54 God wants nothing between us and Him.
49:56 It's like the love of a husband for a wife.
49:59 2 Corinthians 11:2,
50:02 "I am jealous for you with godly jealousy,
50:04 for I betroth you to one husband,
50:06 so that to Christ that might present you
50:08 as a pure virgin."
50:10 Now what about the other verse you referenced,
50:12 Jesus wept, the shortest verse in the Bible,
50:15 John 11:35.
50:16 Now, of course, this is in the context
50:18 of Lazarus's death.
50:21 Of course, we can say that Jesus felt sorrow
50:23 because they were His friends.
50:25 But I believe even deeper,
50:26 He was grieved at their hard heartedness
50:30 and inability to understand His mission.
50:34 So what we see from these passages
50:36 and many other is that
50:37 our God feels things deeply,
50:40 and that our God loves us.
50:41 Amen.
50:43 Thank you very, very much. Nice.
50:44 And I said that was the last question.
50:46 But I think we've got about a minute or so.
50:48 Should we hit one of these other extra questions,
50:49 throw it on the table.
50:51 Okay. What about this one?
50:52 "Were Adam and Eve here on this earth first,
50:55 or was Satan cast down first."
50:56 This comes from Terry. Can we do that very quickly?
50:59 Okay, Pastor.
51:00 According to Scripture,
51:02 the Bible is silent on the chronological order.
51:03 But here's the context.
51:05 Satan could not have tempted Adam and Eve,
51:08 except they were here.
51:10 And during the creation of the world,
51:11 you find in Genesis 3:1, or Genesis 1,
51:15 "The earth was without form and void.
51:17 Then God began creating."
51:19 My deduction to this
51:21 is when the war broke out in heaven,
51:22 it was during the creation of the earth
51:24 and then Satan was banished to the earth,
51:27 and then determined that
51:28 he would tempt Adam and Eve
51:30 to transgress against God's law.
51:31 So I see that they were here first.
51:33 Yeah, amen.
51:34 No, thank you for that. Any other thoughts?
51:36 Yeah. In agreement. Yeah.
51:37 Yeah. Okay. Very good.
51:39 Okay, so we're almost out of time here.
51:40 What we're going to do is
51:41 take actually a really quick break,
51:43 then we'll be right back with some closing thoughts.
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