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What Is The Great Tribulation?

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00:01 These Bible Q and A programs
00:02 tend to go by in a great hurry.
00:04 Thank you, Pastor John, Pastor Ryan,
00:05 Jill, for opening the Word of God.
00:07 Any closing thoughts, anything else you'd like to add
00:09 because it's like rapid fire
00:11 all these questions and answers.
00:12 Very quickly on things to do on the Sabbath.
00:13 Okay. And this is Exodus 20:8-11.
00:16 The Bible says,
00:17 "Nor the stranger that is within your gates..."
00:19 Whenever we have people visiting us
00:21 that are not Christians are not Adventists,
00:23 we say, in this house, we honor the Sabbath,
00:25 so we don't allow even our guests in our home
00:28 to lead us in violation of God's Sabbath.
00:30 The highest point of obedience is our commitment to Christ.
00:34 Don't let anyone modify that.
00:36 Excellent, Pastor, thank you for that.
00:38 Yeah, back on the state of the dead issue,
00:39 you know, many people believe in this immortal soul.
00:42 So as we die, we immediately go to heaven.
00:44 But the Bible makes it very clear
00:45 in Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, and 10,
00:48 "That the dead know not anything,
00:50 that their thoughts and their love and their hatred
00:52 and all that perishes,
00:54 so when they go to the grave, they sleep
00:55 unto the Second Coming of Christ,"
00:57 which, as Jesus said in John 11,
00:59 as Martha said,
01:00 "until the Resurrection Day, on the last day."
01:02 That's when Christ returns.
01:04 Amen.
01:05 Thank you very much. How about you, Jill?
01:07 I would say
01:08 going back to Michelle's question on suicide,
01:09 and she referenced that
01:11 her nephew-in-law suffered from severe depression,
01:13 and I didn't have time in my answer to cover that.
01:15 But mental illness is a real thing.
01:18 Yeah, it is.
01:19 That there's many, many people globally
01:21 who suffer with depression
01:22 or other types of mental illness
01:25 that lead to doing things
01:26 that if you were in your right mind,
01:28 I mean that in the best way possible,
01:29 you would not necessarily do.
01:31 So I'm so grateful that our God is the judge.
01:35 He knows our minds. He knows our frailties.
01:37 He knows our frame,
01:39 and we can trust our lives and our eternal salvation
01:42 in His hands.
01:43 Amen. Thank you.
01:45 Thank you all three again.
01:46 We want to say thank you for joining us on 3ABN today,
01:49 Bible Q and A.
01:50 I want to encourage you to open the Word of God.
01:53 We hope that you have joined us today
01:54 by opening the Word of God,
01:55 but also don't forget to study His Word
01:57 on a daily basis.
01:59 We'll see you again next time, same place.
02:01 Bye-bye.


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