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00:01 As you're well aware,
00:02 we're living in unprecedented times.
00:05 Join us now for Today special program.
00:12 I want to spend my life
00:18 Mending broken people
00:23 I want to spend my life
00:29 Removing pain
00:34 Lord, let my words
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00:44 I want to spend my life
00:50 Mending broken people
00:55 I want to spend my life
01:01 Mending broken people
01:15 Hello, I'm Jill Morikone and welcome to 3ABN today
01:18 Bible Q and A.
01:20 Now if you're just joining us, you might say,
01:22 what in the world is Bible Q and A?
01:24 It is our rapid fire
01:25 Bible questions and answers program.
01:28 I love it because we can get into the Word of God,
01:31 we can just begin to scratch the surface,
01:33 and it leaves you wanting to study more,
01:35 so that's a wonderful thing.
01:36 I want to introduce our family to you at this time.
01:40 They're students of the Word, men of God.
01:43 And so blessed, I'm always blessed
01:45 when they open up the Word and share.
01:47 Pastor John Lomacang, my pastor,
01:48 Pastor of Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:50 and 3ABN Director of World Evangelism.
01:52 Delighted to have you here.
01:54 I always learn something every time
01:56 these questions you send in,
01:58 it forces us to go back
01:59 and relearn what God has revealed,
02:01 and we always learn something new.
02:03 So thank you for your faithfulness.
02:04 Amen.
02:05 Sitting next to you, Pastor Ryan Day,
02:07 always a privilege to have you here,
02:09 of course you work in our 3ABN pastoral department
02:11 putting together an amazing database
02:14 which will be available fairly soon,
02:16 and thank you so much for what you do
02:17 for the cause of God.
02:19 Amen.
02:20 It's a blessing to always be here to be
02:21 a part of this program
02:23 and just want to thank our viewers
02:24 for sending in the questions.
02:25 Keep sending them in. Amen.
02:27 And last but not least sitting next to me Pastor John Dinzey,
02:30 of course, General Manager of 3ABN Latino
02:33 and student of the Word as well,
02:34 and thank you so much, Pastor Johnny,
02:35 for being here.
02:37 It's a blessing for me as well, you know,
02:38 when you read God's Word, God brings a blessing on you
02:42 when you read God's Word,
02:44 Amen.
02:45 Absolutely I want to let you know
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03:12 So maybe you're studying the Word of God now
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03:17 I don't know what this means,
03:19 send in your questions either text or email
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03:36 So before we open up the Word of God,
03:38 let's read a scripture and go to prayer
03:40 and then we'll jump right in.
03:42 The scripture I have is 2 Peter 1:20-21,
03:46 "Knowing this first, no prophecy of Scripture
03:49 is of any private interpretation,
03:51 for prophecy never came by the will of man,
03:54 but holy men of God spoke
03:55 as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."
03:58 We know that the Word of God is inspired,
03:59 we know that we don't have any ability
04:02 of ourselves to speak,
04:04 or share from the Word of God.
04:06 So we want to go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to anoint
04:08 and illumine and open up our minds
04:11 and hearts to receive.
04:12 Pastor Johnny, would you pray for us?
04:14 Sure. Let us pray together.
04:17 Our wonderful and loving Heavenly Father
04:19 we rejoice in Your salvation.
04:21 We thank You, Lord, for the promise that if we ask,
04:24 we will receive.
04:25 And at this time, Lord, we ask for Your Holy Spirit,
04:28 that we may share the Holy Scriptures
04:31 in such a way that people will be drawn to Jesus.
04:33 We pray for You to bless us to be able to make clear that
04:38 which seems difficult, and we pray for everyone
04:41 that is tuning in, watching, listening,
04:44 we pray that Your Holy Spirit
04:46 will also impress upon their minds.
04:48 The blessing and the joy it is to study Your Holy Word.
04:52 We pray for these things in Jesus' holy and blessed name.
04:56 Amen. Amen.
04:57 Amen.
04:58 Well, I'm ready to hear the answers
05:00 from our panel so let's jump right in.
05:01 We're going to Ryan, we're going to you first.
05:03 Sure.
05:04 This says, "Since the Sunday law
05:05 is the mark of the beast.
05:07 What are we as Seventh-day Adventists
05:08 supposed to do to receive the seal of God?
05:10 Do we receive the seal of God by just continuing to keep
05:14 the Sabbath day the seventh day holy?"
05:17 This came from Marjorie in Massachusetts.
05:19 So how do we receive the seal of God?
05:20 Yeah, absolutely.
05:22 Marjorie, thank you so much for sending in this question,
05:24 and I know exactly what you meant
05:25 when you use the certain language in your question.
05:27 I just want to address a couple things
05:28 for clarification purposes.
05:30 First of all, the Sunday law in and of itself
05:31 is not the mark of the beast,
05:33 it's what is used to bring about the mark of the beast,
05:35 the final test which is dealing with the Sabbath,
05:37 the rejection of the biblical Sabbath
05:39 and the acceptance of a counterfeit Sabbath
05:41 is indeed the mark of the beast and so will,
05:43 that maybe is another question
05:44 somebody might want to send in a question about that.
05:47 But what are we as Seventh-day Adventist
05:49 supposed to do to receive the seal of God?
05:51 Well, we're supposed to do everything
05:53 that everybody else is supposed to do
05:54 and that is we have to make sure that
05:56 we have an in depth relationship
05:58 with Jesus Christ,
06:00 that we are sealed by the Holy Spirit of the Lord.
06:02 First of all, the first thing that
06:04 comes to my mind is Acts 2:38,
06:06 when they ask Peter, "What must we do?"
06:08 He made it very clear, " Repent."
06:09 That's number one.
06:11 "Repent of your sins,
06:12 let every one of you be baptized
06:14 in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
06:15 for the remission of your sins,
06:16 and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."
06:20 And so we have to confess and repent of our sins,
06:23 that's number one.
06:24 And, of course, when we confess our sins,
06:26 1 John 1:9 lets us know and tells us clearly that
06:29 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful
06:31 and just to forgive us our sins and to,"
06:33 here's the key word,
06:35 "to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
06:38 In John 15:5, Jesus talks about having an abiding relationship.
06:42 He said, "I am the vine, you are the branches.
06:45 He who abides in Me and I in him bears much fruit,
06:48 for without Me you can do nothing."
06:50 When we are in that abiding relationship,
06:52 we're being led and guided in a constant
06:55 surrendered relationship with Jesus Christ.
06:57 And so what must we do to make sure that
06:59 we are sealed by the Holy Spirit,
07:01 that we had received the seal of God.
07:03 Yes, the Sabbath is a major part,
07:05 but the Sabbath in and of itself does not save us.
07:07 Jesus is the one who saves us.
07:09 The Holy Spirit is the one who seals us,
07:11 and yes the final test.
07:13 If we're living in that time, we're willing,
07:15 it will come down to your dedication
07:17 to keeping all of the Ten Commandments.
07:19 Not just the Sabbath,
07:21 but remember Isaiah 8:16 says,
07:22 "Bind up the testimony,
07:23 seal the law among My disciples."
07:26 It just happens to be that
07:27 that final test is gonna come down
07:28 to whether or not you obey the Creator
07:31 in observing His Sabbath day,
07:32 the true biblical Sabbath day, or you reject it
07:35 and receive the false counterfeit Sabbath.
07:37 So in this case, to prepare for the seal of God
07:40 to receive that an abiding daily
07:42 surrendering relationship
07:43 with Christ is absolutely needed,
07:45 and that will lead you to love Him enough
07:47 to keep all of His commandments.
07:49 Amen. Powerful answer. Thank you so much.
07:51 The seal of God is not just one thing
07:53 but it's that encompassing with Jesus, I love that.
07:55 Pastor John, we're coming to you.
07:57 "How, when and who decided what books
08:01 were to be included in the Bible?"
08:03 This is from John.
08:05 Well thank you, Jill, for that question.
08:06 Do I have 15 minutes to answer that?
08:08 And since the answer is no, let me just dive right into it.
08:11 We believe that the Bible is the canonical writings,
08:15 meaning a collection of genuine writings.
08:18 Now this is a very short answer,
08:19 but I want to just pose two questions.
08:21 Is the Bible a collection of authoritative writings,
08:26 or is it an authoritative collection of writings?
08:29 It may sound like the same thing
08:30 but as you study further into this.
08:32 When you look at the development
08:34 of those movements
08:35 that believe that a group of individuals
08:38 or persons individually
08:40 have conferred on the Bible
08:42 saying the Bible is an authoritative collection.
08:44 It suggests that they have given the Bible authority.
08:48 But the Bible is a collection of authoritative writings,
08:51 meaning the authority is in the Bible,
08:53 not in the conference.
08:55 That's why 2 Timothy 3:16,
08:57 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God
09:01 and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,
09:03 for instruction in righteousness."
09:06 Now Protestants
09:07 and I'm a Protestant believe that
09:08 the Bible is a collection of authoritative writings,
09:10 meaning that the authority is not in us.
09:14 It is in the Holy Writ.
09:16 The Holy Writ is the unchangeable
09:17 authority of God's Word.
09:19 The Bible's authority is unchangeable
09:21 whether we agree with it or not.
09:22 And, but you find
09:24 there's a differing in the theological world like
09:26 for example, in the Catholic world,
09:28 the Eastern Orthodox, the Oriental Orthodox,
09:31 the Assyrians and the Anglicans,
09:33 traditionally believed the opposite.
09:35 They believe that the Bible is...
09:38 The conference of His authority was decided by the church.
09:41 We don't believe that.
09:43 We believe the conference was decided by God.
09:45 And when it was developed, that's where you get the phrase
09:48 "sacred tradition,"
09:49 so they could add to the Bible,
09:51 well, we believe that since we say this is sacred,
09:54 then we could add to the sacred nature of that
09:57 by adding sacred tradition as for Sunday and Sabbath
10:00 were on the same plane for some time.
10:03 When you look at the lifespan of the Old Testament
10:06 from about 1400 BC to about 430 BC
10:09 you find the Old Testament was,
10:11 was concluded the writings aspect of it.
10:15 The historian Josephus wrote that the Old Testament
10:18 was completed around 430 BC,
10:20 and you find
10:21 the authoritative nature of that Jesus
10:23 referred many times,
10:24 throughout His life Jesus made many references
10:27 to the Old Testament prophets,
10:28 and He talked about nine times
10:30 you find this in the life of Christ,
10:32 the scripture is fulfilled, the scripture is fulfilled,
10:35 meaning by the time of Christ the scriptures
10:37 were not still in process, they were locked.
10:41 Now He's coming to fulfill them.
10:42 And He says something amazing in John 10:35,
10:45 in His own authority.
10:46 Jesus says, "And the scriptures cannot be broken,"
10:49 meaning the Old Testament is still not in process.
10:52 You also find in Matthew 26:54,
10:55 "How then could the Scriptures be fulfilled,
10:57 that it must happen thus?"
10:59 So Jesus said this is happening in my life to fulfill
11:02 what has already been established.
11:04 So in a nutshell,
11:05 Peter considered the writings of Paul to be authoritative.
11:09 He said, many people wrestle with the writings of Paul
11:11 to their own destruction.
11:12 And Paul, his writings were considered epistles,
11:15 passed from one church to the next,
11:16 meaning it was developed
11:18 in the church today still establishes it.
11:20 So lastly, Revelation 22:18, we don't change the Bible,
11:25 the Bible is supposed to change us.
11:27 "For I testify to everyone
11:29 who hears the words of the prophecy of this book:
11:31 If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues
11:34 that are written in the book."
11:35 And if anyone takes away his name,
11:37 he would be taken out of the book of life.
11:38 The Bible is authoritative writings,
11:41 the authority conferred on it by God
11:43 and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
11:45 Amen. That's a powerful answer.
11:47 I need nine more minutes. That was really good.
11:51 We're gonna stay with the topic of the Bible
11:52 and books of the Bible
11:54 so we're coming to you, Pastor Johnny.
11:55 "As a beginner of Bible study, where do I start,
11:58 which Bible book can I begin with?
12:01 How does one even study the Bible?"
12:03 And this comes from Polki.
12:05 Okay, that's a good question.
12:07 And what I like to say, most of the time is,
12:11 I'd like to recommend starting with the Book of John,
12:15 because it gives you a picture of Jesus who Jesus is.
12:18 From, He existed from eternity past,
12:22 and He has no beginning
12:25 and it talks to you in a marvelous way.
12:28 It seems like the Apostle John
12:29 captured the love of Christ in such a way,
12:33 and the Lord used him in a mighty way
12:35 to bring forth the gospel message marvelously
12:38 so then I would say, go back to Matthew,
12:40 and read again from Matthew all the way
12:42 to the Book of Romans, then you're gonna get
12:45 a nice foundation to be able to read,
12:49 let's say back in Genesis.
12:52 Some people start in Genesis, which is fine.
12:54 You understand that we were created by God,
12:58 marvelous place to begin.
13:00 But my suggestion is begin with John,
13:03 get a foundation on
13:04 who Jesus is because in John 17:3,
13:07 it has the words, "And this is life eternal,
13:09 that they may know You, the only true God,
13:11 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."
13:13 So having this foundation of Jesus Christ as our Creator,
13:19 as our Savior,
13:20 as the one who sacrificed His life for us.
13:23 As you read John, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
13:26 Because when you do this,
13:28 you're gonna find that you're looking unto Jesus,
13:30 the author and finisher of our faith.
13:32 You have that good foundation,
13:34 then you get into the Book of Acts
13:35 and you see how the disciples
13:37 were faithful carrying this message.
13:39 And it tells you in the Book of Acts,
13:41 there is salvation in none other than Jesus Christ,
13:44 there's no name under heaven whereby we must be saved.
13:48 So that's why, get that nice foundation
13:49 in Book of Romans
13:51 and takes you into righteousness by faith.
13:53 And so this gives you a nice foundation.
13:56 This is Romans 5:8 says,
13:57 "And God demonstrates His love toward us,
13:59 in that while we were yet sinners,
14:01 Christ died for us."
14:02 Once you get all that, and you go into Genesis
14:05 and you see how all things began,
14:07 you understand that there is a Savior.
14:09 Amen.
14:11 Christ is the center and circumference of Scripture.
14:12 Amen.
14:13 We're going from Scripture to what we're supposed to eat.
14:16 Pastor John, we're coming to you.
14:18 In Luke 24:42-43 when Jesus met with His disciples,
14:23 "They gave Jesus boiled fish, and He took and ate."
14:26 "It seems strange that being in His immortal and sinless body,
14:31 that He would eat dead flesh.
14:33 How do we explain this action?"
14:34 This comes from out Hal in Berrien Springs.
14:37 Thank you for that question Jill.
14:39 I want to begin,
14:40 because the reference is in Luke 24:42-43,
14:43 I'm not going to read that.
14:45 But I'm going to say that if the Bible parameters
14:48 are followed for clean and unclean.
14:52 That is the ultimate test of whether or not
14:55 we are in violation
14:56 of God's biblical health principles
14:58 or in harmony with it.
14:59 And Leviticus 11:9-12 gives us the parameters.
15:03 So, and then we'll go back to discussing Jesus.
15:07 It says in Leviticus 11:9,
15:09 "These you may eat of all that are in the water:
15:11 whatever in the water has fins and scales,
15:13 whether in the seas
15:15 or in the rivers that you may eat.
15:17 But all that are all in the seas
15:19 or in the rivers that do not have fins and scales,
15:21 all that move in the water or any living thing
15:24 which is in the water,
15:25 they are an abomination to you."
15:27 And that what the Bible
15:29 is in essence saying like crabs,
15:30 shrimps, lobsters, oysters, clams, scallops,
15:33 so many other things, shark,
15:36 they don't have fins and scales.
15:38 When you establish these parameters,
15:40 I think the question made it almost sound like,
15:42 well, now that Jesus is in His immortal sinless body
15:45 how dare He, then He would,
15:48 if He was in violation, He would now be a sinner
15:51 even though He was now in this resurrected body.
15:55 We have to keep in mind and if you traveled as I have
15:57 and many of us have around
15:59 this Seventh-day Adventist world,
16:01 you go to countries
16:02 where they don't have stuff that
16:04 come out of factories.
16:05 Now let me pause on that.
16:06 When you think that what comes out of a factory,
16:09 and I'm being very candid here.
16:11 If it comes out of a can,
16:13 it's got to be something that was made up,
16:15 it's a combination of things that we don't even know,
16:17 formaldehyde and rubber and I'm just being candid here.
16:20 There are some things that
16:22 we call healthy vegetarian foods
16:24 that people that are real vegetarians
16:26 wouldn't eat.
16:27 So what was Jesus establishing here?
16:28 He is saying as long as you follow
16:30 the parameters of Scripture,
16:32 you are in harmony with the code of God.
16:35 And so when we get to heaven,
16:37 obviously we're not gonna eat fish.
16:39 In the New Earth animals
16:41 are not going to be running away from us
16:42 fearful of their lives.
16:43 But as well in this life,
16:45 the Bible establishes parameters
16:46 for clean and unclean, and we are safe
16:48 as long as we stay within those guidelines.
16:49 Amen.
16:50 Thank you, solid biblical, Pastor.
16:52 We're gonna stay with the topic of food.
16:53 Pastor Johnny, coming back to you.
16:55 "I was in the Philippines
16:57 at a Seventh-day Adventist University.
16:58 And what I found there was very confusing
17:00 as they were eating ducks.
17:02 When I asked they said, "It was clean to eat ducks."
17:05 Is duck clean or unclean?" Charles.
17:09 That is a very good question.
17:12 Actually you know,
17:13 I kind of grew up myself thinking that
17:15 these animals were unclean.
17:17 Because you look at them and those ducks, you know,
17:20 they practically eat anything they can see,
17:23 especially they put their little beaks
17:25 inside all the filthy stuff and you say,
17:27 I don't think I'll eat that.
17:29 But these animals, of course, you have the question is,
17:33 are they clean or unclean?
17:35 The question came in my mind specially
17:37 when I was in Germany, and I found out that
17:39 the Seventh-day Adventists over there eat duck.
17:43 When I was visiting this lady, and she said that her husband,
17:47 which was a pastor, he passed away
17:49 and she started talking to me about duck and I said,
17:51 "You know this is an unclean animal."
17:52 No. She said, "It's clean."
17:54 And we went back and forth a little bit,
17:55 but after doing some research in this,
17:58 you will find that God names the birds that
18:03 we can eat, the fowl that we can eat by name.
18:06 So when you go to Leviticus Chapter 11,
18:10 you will find the references to these animals,
18:12 beginning in verse 13, and some people think
18:14 because the duck has that kind of a web type of,
18:17 what do you call them, feet?
18:19 Feet. Feet.
18:21 They say, "Oh, no, it's unclean but it's not unclean."
18:23 According to Jewish tradition,
18:27 the duck is in the list of clean animals
18:29 and you know very well that the, you know,
18:31 they're very strict about their diet.
18:33 So let's take a look at
18:35 Leviticus 11:13-20,
18:41 let's see how far we can get based on the time
18:43 that we have allotted.
18:45 And Leviticus 11:13 and onward, let's go to.
18:49 Right here we got it. Here we go.
18:52 It says here, notice, notice very carefully.
18:55 "And these you shall regard
18:57 as an abomination among the birds,
18:58 they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination.
19:01 The eagle, the vulture, the buzzard, the kite,
19:05 and the falcon after its kind,
19:06 you see as it get after its kind,
19:08 every raven after its kind,
19:10 the ostrich, the short-eared owl,
19:12 the sea gulls, and the hawk after its kind, the little owl,
19:16 and the fisher owl, and the screech owl,
19:19 the white owl, the jackdaw, and the carrion vulture,
19:24 the stork, the heron after its kind,
19:26 the hoopoe, or the hoopie, and the bat."
19:29 Don't eat any bats please.
19:31 So, these are the animals and then notice that
19:33 they have been named specifically,
19:36 so we don't have any guidance beyond that.
19:39 So the unclean birds are the ones
19:40 that are listed here specifically in Leviticus.
19:42 The unclean birds after, and after their kind.
19:44 Good, absolutely.
19:46 I want to remind you to send in your questions
19:48 for our Bible panel.
19:50 We will answer them on an upcoming program.
19:51 You can text them to 618-228-3975.
19:56 That number again is 618-228-3975,
20:00 or you can email your questions,
20:02 that address is BibleQA@3abn.org
20:07 That's BibleQA@3abn.org
20:11 We would love to take your questions
20:13 on an upcoming program.
20:15 Pastor Ryan, we're coming to you.
20:17 My question is from 1 Thessalonians 4:14,
20:21 "Who is he bringing back with him?
20:23 If those saved are in the graves,
20:26 how can they be in the grave and be in heaven with God
20:29 at the same time?
20:30 It says he brings back those who sleep in Jesus,"
20:34 submitted by Healing Touch.
20:36 Okay, well I appreciate
20:38 whoever submitted this question.
20:39 It's a great question.
20:40 But I just want just to make just in your question,
20:43 I noticed there's a word you added
20:45 that's actually not in the text.
20:46 So you said that he says,
20:49 "He brings back those who sleep in Jesus
20:52 or brings back with Him."
20:53 So if we go to the text here, notice what...
20:55 I'm gonna actually go to 1 Thessalonians 4.
20:57 I'm gonna start reading in verse 13,
20:58 notice what it actually says.
21:00 It says, "But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren,
21:02 concerning those who have fallen asleep,
21:05 lest you sorrow as others who have no hope."
21:08 That he's addressing this issue because the church at the time,
21:10 in this case is the church Thessalonica,
21:13 they had begun sorrowing in the idea that
21:15 they had loved ones who believed in the Lord
21:16 who would put their trust in the Lord,
21:18 but they had already went to sleep
21:19 and Jesus hadn't been buried.
21:21 And so Paul was doing
21:22 all this talk about resurrection
21:23 and Christ coming back for His people
21:25 and now they're saying, "Wow, wow, wait a second,
21:26 if we're going to meet the Lord in the air,
21:28 what about our loved ones who are in the grave?"
21:30 And so that's why Paul says,
21:31 "Look, I don't want you to be eager on this,
21:33 let me clarify it."
21:34 And so verse 14 is the one in question.
21:36 He says, "For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
21:39 notice how Jesus died and He rose again,
21:41 resurrection involved,
21:43 even so God will not bring back with Him,
21:46 but even so God will bring with Him
21:49 those who sleep in Jesus."
21:51 So they're not in heaven, they're asleep in Jesus.
21:53 Now how do we know that Paul's saying this,
21:55 and what he means by this?
21:56 Continue reading, verse 15,
21:58 "For this we say to you by the word of the Lord,
22:00 that we who are alive and remain
22:02 until the coming of the Lord
22:04 will by no means precede those who are asleep."
22:07 He's saying that we're not gonna go before them
22:09 because that was their idea.
22:10 We're going to leave and go to heaven
22:12 and our dead loved ones who died in Christ,
22:14 they're gonna be left in the graves.
22:15 He said, " No, no, we're not gonna go before them,
22:17 they're gonna be going with us."
22:18 How do we know that?
22:20 Notice those famous verses starting in verse 16.
22:22 It says, "For the Lord Himself will descend
22:24 from heaven with a shout,
22:25 with the voice of an archangel,"
22:27 this is the Second Coming," and with the trumpet of God,
22:29 "and, here it is,
22:30 "The dead in Christ will rise first."
22:33 They don't go to heaven before us.
22:35 We don't go to heaven before them.
22:36 How do we know?
22:38 Verse 17, "Then we who are alive
22:40 and remain shall be caught up together
22:43 with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air."
22:45 And, thus, and then at that point,
22:48 we shall always be with the Lord.
22:51 So that's what this is mean,
22:52 it's not meaning that God is bringing saints with them,
22:55 with Him back from heaven, they're asleep in the grave
22:57 and He means He's going to take them
22:59 with Him when we all return back to the kingdom of God.
23:02 Amen. Very clear.
23:04 Thank you.
23:05 Staying with the theme of the state of the dead,
23:06 Pastor John, "Where is Abraham right now?"
23:10 This question stems from the parable
23:12 of the rich man and Lazarus,
23:13 of course, from Luke chapter 16.
23:15 This is from Itza in Florida.
23:18 Well, Genesis 25:7-8 gives us a direct answer.
23:22 Genesis 25:7-8, the Bible says,
23:26 "This is the sum of the years of Abraham's life
23:28 which he lived, one hundred and seventy-five years."
23:33 Verse 8, "Then Abraham breathed his last
23:36 and died in a good old age,
23:39 an old man and full of years,
23:41 and was gathered to his people."
23:44 So Abraham died and was gathered to his people.
23:46 When you find out what that means,
23:49 is synonymous when the Bible talks about the kings
23:51 and they rested with their fathers
23:52 and they were buried with their fathers.
23:54 So Abraham is in the grave
23:55 waiting for the coming of the Lord.
23:57 The parable of the rich man and Lazarus
23:59 as they pointed out is just that.
24:01 It's a parable of the rich man and Lazarus.
24:04 When the parable was given, Lazarus literally wasn't dead,
24:08 and you find in the parable itself in Luke 16,
24:11 this imagery which was,
24:13 which was a lesson that the Lord was communicating
24:16 to the Jews who had a belief that was affected.
24:20 Their minds were affected that
24:22 since they were the children of Abraham,
24:24 we definitely have preference to being saved.
24:27 You find in John 8:33, this ideology.
24:30 When Jesus talked about they were in bondage to sin.
24:33 And they answered Him, "We are Abraham's descendants
24:36 and have never been in bondage to anyone.
24:38 How can you say you will be made free?"
24:42 They looked at Abraham as, you know,
24:43 we're Abraham's children, we've got the right.
24:45 Well, the Lord made it very clear in Romans 9:6,
24:48 they that are of Israel are not all Israel,
24:51 they were Hebrews going into Egypt,
24:53 Israelites coming out,
24:55 and Abraham did not give them preference
24:57 because the Bible makes it very, very clear
24:58 in Acts Chapter 10 that, verse 12,
25:02 "Nor is their salvation in any other,
25:04 for there is no other name under heaven
25:07 given among men by which we must be saved."
25:10 So Abraham is in his grave waiting just like Ryan
25:12 just pointed out
25:14 for the resurrection of the righteous.
25:15 And Jesus is the only one that gives us preferential access
25:20 by His righteousness to eternity.
25:23 Amen. Thank you.
25:24 Pastor Ryan, we're coming back to you,
25:26 talking about Jesus being the one
25:28 who's saving us.
25:29 "How are people saved before Jesus?"
25:32 This question comes from Erling in Sweden.
25:35 Yeah, absolutely.
25:36 That's a great question and you know the answer
25:37 to that question is simple
25:39 and exciting in the fact that
25:41 the Bible makes it clear that God does not change, right?
25:43 And so, I'm gonna see here that
25:45 very clearly there's clear biblical evidence
25:47 that the people before Christ
25:49 were saved in the same people, in the same way that
25:51 the people after Christ were saved,
25:53 the same way that you and I are saved,
25:54 that is by grace through faith.
25:56 And you say, "Ryan, how can you prove that?"
25:59 If you've never read the 11th Chapter in Hebrews,
26:01 please go read the 11th Chapter of Hebrews,
26:03 it's called the Great Faith Chapter
26:05 because it talks about how these individuals
26:08 they came to the Lord,
26:10 they were in relationship with the Lord,
26:12 and they were ultimately saved by the Lord, why?
26:14 Because of their faith
26:16 and so you'll hear this repeated
26:17 over and over in the 11th Chapter of Hebrews.
26:19 It says, "By faith Abel, you know, did this.
26:23 By faith Enoch walked with the Lord.
26:25 By faith Noah built the ark.
26:27 By faith Abraham, by faith Sara, by faith Isaac,
26:29 and Jacob and Joseph and Moses."
26:32 Every single one of these individuals,
26:33 they had to put their faith and their trust in the Lord.
26:36 And so while, yes, the sacrificial system
26:39 was implemented in the Old Testament,
26:40 it was a foreshadowing to that of work in
26:43 which Christ would do,
26:44 but they still had to go forward
26:46 into that sanctuary service into those sanctuary actions
26:50 and choices and sacrifices, by faith,
26:54 they had to trust in the word of the Lord,
26:56 and so it was by faith, and because of their faith,
26:59 they were saved by grace.
27:01 And again I just have to mention here
27:02 Ephesians 2:8-9,
27:05 it's one of my favorite texts.
27:06 It says, "For by grace you have been saved,
27:09 again, through faith."
27:11 That faith chapter, by faith Abraham,
27:13 by faith Noah, by faith Moses.
27:15 Here it is, "For by grace
27:16 you have been saved through faith,
27:18 and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God,
27:21 not of works, lest anyone should boast."
27:24 So how were they saved before?
27:26 They were saved by grace,
27:28 through their faith in their Lord.
27:30 Amen. Thank you so much.
27:32 Pastor Johnny, we're coming to you
27:33 and this one could be
27:34 a little bit of a controversial question.
27:36 "Can you please explain Deuteronomy 22:5?"
27:42 This comes from Terry in Minnesota.
27:44 Alrighty.
27:46 We'll go to Deuteronomy 32:5, and take a look...
27:50 22, Deuteronomy 22:5.
27:52 22:5. Yeah, sorry.
27:54 Go to Deuteronomy 22:5, let's go there and read it
27:58 because we have to get a thus saith the Lord
28:01 even on the Word of God,
28:03 22:5, you say?
28:04 Mm-hmm. Okay.
28:06 This is what the Bible says.
28:10 Verse 5, "A woman shall not wear anything
28:14 that pertains to a man,
28:16 nor shall a man put on a woman's garment,
28:19 for all who do so
28:21 are an abomination to the Lord your God."
28:25 And so, the question about Deuteronomy 22:5,
28:31 you know, I asked myself,
28:33 I've heard this verse used in different ways.
28:36 And normally, when it is brought up,
28:40 it's in reference to, can the women wear pants?
28:43 And I want to bring out to you, the fact that in those days,
28:48 the men did not wear pants either.
28:51 They wear, the women wear robes,
28:52 and the men wore robes.
28:55 So to use this verse to say women should not wear pants,
28:59 you're taking this out of context.
29:00 That's right.
29:02 And so, this is not rightly dividing the word of truth.
29:06 However, we have to look at what God is talking about here.
29:10 And when you look at the context
29:13 and the context of this scripture here.
29:17 It doesn't give us much to work with
29:19 and I've read many things concerning this.
29:21 And some say that even the way it is described,
29:25 it could not only, it may not only be
29:27 talking about what you wear as clothing,
29:30 but also what you wear beyond clothing,
29:32 including jewelry, including the word
29:36 is even used in reference to weapons.
29:39 This Hebrew word,
29:41 and so it brings a whole message
29:43 here about the God...
29:46 The message here, God wants a distinction
29:49 between who is a man, and who is a woman.
29:52 And the way we dress,
29:54 the way we behave ourselves
29:56 should identify us as a man or a woman.
30:00 Now looking at this, it says,
30:05 "For all who do so are an abomination
30:07 to the Lord."
30:08 Another aspect of this was brought out in that,
30:11 they're saying, "Well back in those days,
30:13 there were pagan rituals that were done in
30:17 which the women would dress as soldiers,
30:21 and they would do these rituals"
30:24 And that's what God is referring to.
30:26 It's kind of difficult to put all this in here,
30:29 it could be a possibility that it's speaking about that,
30:33 but the fact remains that there should be distinction
30:37 in the way that a man dresses and a woman dresses.
30:41 Today, if you go back to the pants issue today,
30:44 there are men's pants and women's pants.
30:46 If a man wears a woman's pants,
30:47 they are, they're made a certain way,
30:49 they're not supposed to fit a man, you see.
30:51 So I encourage you to take this into consideration,
30:55 this is not referring to women wearing pants.
30:59 Again, take a look at the Scripture
31:02 and consider the fact, men wore robes,
31:04 women wore robes, and even back in those days,
31:07 the way we see things depicted,
31:09 it says the men wore shorter robes
31:11 than the women.
31:12 So, let's be careful with how we use God's word.
31:16 No cross dressing. No cross dressing.
31:17 Yeah, absolutely cross dressing and blurring between the sexes
31:21 as far as the distinction.
31:22 That's right.
31:23 Pastor Ryan, we're coming back to you.
31:25 "I'm still trying to decide
31:26 if your interpretation of this subject is correct,
31:28 this is Philippians 1:23
31:31 where Paul is saying that
31:32 he desires to depart and be with Christ.
31:35 But, and the other one that is confusing is
31:37 where he says to be absent from the body
31:38 is to be present with the Lord.
31:40 Could you please shed some light on these two verses
31:43 which seem to completely refute what you are teaching?"
31:47 That comes from Eleanor. Yeah, absolutely.
31:48 So let's...
31:49 We'll start with reading Philippians 1:23,
31:51 the Bible says,
31:53 "For I am hard-pressed between the two,
31:55 having a desire to depart and be with Christ,
31:58 which is far better."
31:59 So, this is just simply Paul saying,
32:00 "Look I desire to depart from this life,
32:03 from this body and be with Christ,"
32:04 right?
32:06 But to understand with his language here,
32:07 we have to go into 2 Corinthians 5:8,
32:10 which was the second passage in question here.
32:13 And, you know, in verse 8 there,
32:14 a lot of people read that, you know, which says,
32:16 "We are confident,
32:17 yes, well pleased rather to be absent
32:20 from the body and to be present with the Lord."
32:22 And so they'll take that text, and, of course eisegetically,
32:25 they'll say, "Oh, that's telling me that,
32:27 you know, as soon as we die, we depart from this,
32:29 our spirit or our soul departs from this body,
32:32 and it's immediately in the presence of the Lord."
32:34 That is not what Paul says here,
32:35 you have to add that into it for in order to say that.
32:38 What he's actually saying is,
32:40 he's confident he's willing to be absent
32:42 from the body and present with the Lord,
32:43 but does that mean he's talking about
32:45 some translucent, you know,
32:47 intellectual or intelligent spirit
32:49 that's floating out,
32:50 you know, into the heavens to be with God?
32:51 Absolutely not. How do we clarify that?
32:53 The few verses before.
32:55 In fact, let's start there in verse 1 he says,
32:58 this is 2 Corinthians Chapter 5,
33:00 beginning with verse 1.
33:01 He says, "For we know that
33:03 if our earthly house, this tent,"
33:04 referring to his body as a tent,
33:06 and He often did this referring to His body
33:08 as the temple of the Holy Spirit,
33:09 a tent, a house, so He's referring to this body
33:12 as a house, a tent.
33:14 He says, "Is destroyed," He says, we have built...
33:16 "We have a building from God,
33:18 a house not made with hands
33:20 eternal in the heavens."
33:21 What Paul is referencing here
33:23 is what he also references in Philippians 3:20,
33:26 where he's talking about,
33:27 you know, at the Second Coming of Christ,
33:29 he's talking about how Christ will change
33:30 and this is verse 21.
33:32 Philippians 3:20, he says, who's...
33:35 "Christ who shall change our vial body to be made
33:38 fashion like into His glorious body."
33:40 So there's not some, you know, spirit or soul or ghost
33:43 that's gonna float into the abyss somewhere
33:45 in the presence of the Lord.
33:46 Paul is talking about
33:47 how he wants this flesh earthly body,
33:49 this broken down, you know, carnal body,
33:52 where he wants to be liberated from it.
33:54 He wants that new heavenly body,
33:56 but you know, the key to understanding
33:58 this passage to me is verse 4, verse 4, so 2 Corinthians 5:4,
34:03 notice what he says here,
34:04 again talking about the tent, our body as a temple.
34:07 He says, "For we who are in this tent groan, right,
34:12 being burdened, not because we want to be unclothed,
34:15 but further clothed," that's the new body,
34:18 "further clothed, that mortality
34:20 may be swallowed up by life."
34:22 When did Paul believe that mortality would be
34:26 swallowed up of life or immortality?
34:28 That's the question.
34:29 And many people assume that he says, you know,
34:31 as soon as we die we immediately go to heaven,
34:33 but Paul confirms in 1 Corinthians,
34:35 again we were in second,
34:36 we're just reading from 2 Corinthians,
34:37 if you go back one letter to 1 Corinthians verses 15...
34:40 Chapter 15, 1 Corinthians 15:51-53,
34:45 Paul confirms when we receive immortality,
34:48 when we receive immortality
34:50 where we can be in the presence of God
34:52 and it says there,
34:53 and I'm just going to read verse 53,
34:55 "For this corruptible must put on incorruption,
34:58 and this mortal must put on immortality."
35:01 When will that be?
35:02 Of course that will be
35:03 when the trumpet is sounded and Christ comes back
35:06 at the Second Coming.
35:07 Amen. Thank you so much.
35:09 Pastor John, this question is from Samantha in Virginia.
35:13 "Where are we supposed to be?
35:15 I heard all my life about running to the rocks,
35:17 don't stop, just go and leave,
35:19 of course this would be right at the Second Coming.
35:21 How will we know where to go?
35:23 And what if you can't run physically?
35:26 What then?"
35:29 Well, the Bible doesn't speak of us and be in,
35:31 that we have to be in any particular place.
35:34 You know the Bible, the only thing it talks about
35:36 is not a physical place but a spiritual place.
35:37 "If anyone is in Christ,
35:40 he or she is a new creation," 2 Corinthians 5:17.
35:43 So when you look at Revelation 6:14-17,
35:46 there are two groups that are mentioned there,
35:48 those running to the rocks and the mountains,
35:50 those, and it says, "Hide us from the face of Him
35:53 that sits on the throne
35:55 and from the wrath of the lamb!
35:56 For the great day of His wrath has come,
35:58 and who shall be able to stand?"
35:59 So it doesn't speak about us
36:01 having to be in any particular place,
36:03 so I wouldn't say well, you know,
36:04 I got to be in the country, I have to be in the city.
36:07 People have heard all their lives that
36:10 they have to run to the rocks and the mountains,
36:12 I think that where they may have received
36:13 that impression is during the Dark Ages,
36:16 the church was preserved in the munitions of the rocks.
36:19 Many of the Christians, Waldensians,
36:20 one of the most famous ones or familiar ones.
36:23 They hid into the caves and the rocks
36:25 and the Lord preserved them.
36:27 The Bible says, "The earth opened its mouth
36:29 and helped the woman."
36:30 And when you think about that in the physical context,
36:33 the mouth of the earth, sometimes the caves and rocks,
36:36 where the church was hidden,
36:37 where people were hidden from the,
36:39 those that were in the valley seeking their death.
36:42 But when it comes to where we should be
36:45 the safest place to be is in Christ.
36:47 Amen.
36:48 There are those who have to be in the cities.
36:50 What we do is we tend to create this ideology that
36:53 if you're in this country, you're safe.
36:55 If you're in the city, you're lost.
36:57 Well, Enoch was one
36:58 who according to his life practice,
37:01 he lived in the country but he worked in the city,
37:04 and he was, his heart was just turned
37:06 against the evil he saw in the cities.
37:08 And such is the case
37:10 when a person is has the indwelling Christ.
37:12 But, if you're thinking about a place to be...
37:14 There will come a time
37:16 when we should get out of the city
37:17 just for the sake of the fact that
37:18 I think that cities are a hotbed of iniquity.
37:21 When you're in the country that God made
37:23 you have a better chance
37:25 of having a greater relationship,
37:27 but don't seek to be in any place
37:28 other than in Christ
37:30 if you're looking for safety in the time of the end.
37:32 Amen. Thank you.
37:34 Pastor Johnny, coming back to you,
37:36 "Which Jerusalem
37:38 is Isaiah 65:17-20 referring to?"
37:43 And I would pronounce
37:44 the person's name who send this in,
37:46 but I'm not sure I can,
37:47 so thank you for sending in this question but,
37:48 which Jerusalem
37:50 is Isaiah 65:17-20 referring to?
37:54 Very good. Isaiah 65:17-20.
37:59 This is a scripture that sometimes confuses people.
38:04 Because it begins, "For behold,
38:06 I create new heavens and a new earth,
38:08 and the former shall not be remembered
38:10 or come to mind."
38:12 This right away we think, okay, Revelation Chapter 21.
38:16 Yes, Revelation 21 is quoting Isaiah 65.
38:21 But which Jerusalem is it talking about here?
38:24 As you read all Revelation,
38:26 I mean, Isaiah 65:17 and onward,
38:29 you will notice wonderful descriptions of blessings
38:32 the Lord promised the people of Israel.
38:35 And primarily He refers to the Jerusalem
38:39 that we know today as Jerusalem,
38:43 not the New Jerusalem
38:44 that the Lord will create after sin
38:46 has been done away with.
38:48 There are some elements that appeared to be the same.
38:51 But when you continue reading
38:53 and which I will do at this moment,
38:55 notice how it lets you know that
38:58 this is before sin is done away with.
39:01 Notice what it says, verse 18 and onward,
39:03 "But be glad and rejoice forever in
39:05 what I create.
39:07 For behold, I create Jerusalem
39:08 as a rejoicing, and her people a joy.
39:11 I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in My people,
39:14 the voice of weeping
39:16 shall no longer be heard in her,
39:18 nor the voice of crying."
39:19 Why?
39:20 Because the Lord, if they had, they had chosen to be faithful.
39:24 The Lord was gonna bring like a heaven upon the earth,
39:28 even before sin has done away with.
39:30 Now notice, " No more shall an infant from there live
39:34 but a few days, nor an old man
39:36 who has not fulfilled his days."
39:39 In other words he will live to an old age.
39:41 "For the child shall die one hundred years old,
39:46 but the sinner being one hundred years old
39:48 shall be accursed."
39:50 So you see it is still mentioning sinners.
39:52 This is talking about the Jerusalem,
39:53 had they remained faithful,
39:55 the Lord was gonna bless them in a wonderful way,
39:57 but they chose not to.
39:59 Now some of the elements here, you can look at
40:00 and that will be like the New Jerusalem.
40:03 Amen. We have dual application.
40:05 We see a lot in the Word of God.
40:06 So that's powerful. Pastor John.
40:08 "Pastor John, I would like to know,
40:10 how do I know what is God's will,
40:12 or the right thing to do
40:14 when I am at a crossroad?"
40:16 This is from Sheena.
40:18 I could understand why that is the concern,
40:19 1 John 2:17, the Bible says,
40:22 "And the world is passing away and the lust of it
40:24 but he who does
40:25 the will of God abides forever."
40:28 This is a very important aspect.
40:29 But what I want to bring out, I'll bring out a few passages
40:32 and I'll zero in on
40:34 what the Bible says concerning God's will.
40:36 First of all, Romans 12:2, we can't just find out
40:40 what God's will is and then do it,
40:43 because then that'll be salvation by works.
40:45 We'll say as Paul says in Ephesians 2:8-9,
40:48 "Not of works, lest anyone should boast."
40:50 So we could say, "Well, hey, I discover God's will
40:52 and I'm gonna do God's will."
40:54 The Bible makes it clear,
40:55 one of the things that we cannot do
40:57 is we cannot do God's will with the mindset that
41:00 we had in the former walk of life,
41:03 the flesh, the lust, the worldly ways,
41:07 'cause Romans 12:2 says,
41:08 "Do not be conformed to this world,
41:09 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind
41:12 that you may prove what is that good
41:14 and acceptable and perfect will of God."
41:17 So the first point
41:18 is you cannot discover God's will,
41:21 unless your mind has changed.
41:22 That's right.
41:23 And you can't accomplish God's will with the mind that
41:26 we already have, you can't be a physical aspect
41:29 but a spiritual aspect.
41:31 One of the things that we have to keep in mind
41:33 is as the world around us is falling apart
41:36 and things are not working out the way that we'd like it.
41:38 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Paul says,
41:41 "Don't be discouraged,"
41:42 because you know Romans 8:28,
41:44 "All things work together for good to those who love God
41:46 and are called according to His purpose."
41:49 He says, "When it doesn't look like
41:50 it's going your way, in everything give thanks,
41:53 for this is the will of God
41:55 in Christ Jesus concerning you."
41:56 But then the last part of that aspect,
41:59 can I accomplish the will of God?
42:01 And the answer is no.
42:04 And here's the reason, why?
42:06 Philippians 2:13, "For it is God who works in you
42:11 both to will and to do of His good pleasure."
42:14 Allow Jesus coming, allow Jesus to come in,
42:17 and He will work out His will through your life.
42:20 Amen. Amen. Amen.
42:22 Thank you for that encouragement.
42:23 That's powerful.
42:24 Pastor Johnny, coming back to you.
42:26 "Can you please explain John 10:34-35?
42:29 What law says ye are gods, and who is Jesus referring to?"
42:34 This is from Anna. Very good.
42:36 Thank you, Anna, for sending your question.
42:38 We hope you continue to send them in.
42:41 John 10:34, 34-35? Yes.
42:45 "Jesus answered, "Is it not written in your law,
42:47 'I said, "You are gods"'?
42:49 If He called them gods, to whom the word of God came
42:51 and the Scripture cannot be broken."
42:54 It may be, you may be thrown off here
42:56 by the word law, but the word law,
43:00 nomos is used in the sense of referring
43:02 to the entire Old Testament.
43:05 And how do we know this?
43:06 Well, because when you go
43:09 to Psalm 82:6,`
43:13 this is where this scripture is.
43:15 It says, "I have said, 'Ye are gods,
43:19 and all of you are children of the Most High.'"
43:23 So you see this is a word that
43:25 is used in John 10,
43:27 in reference to the entire Old Testament,
43:30 it is not specifically sometimes you think
43:32 of the Pentateuch.
43:33 And you think this is normally
43:35 that's what you say that's the law,
43:37 but in this sense and it's used this word here
43:40 in John 10 is used in other places,
43:43 and it's again referring to the entire Old Testament,
43:47 and this is the law that is referring to.
43:49 I thought it was going to be another question,
43:51 but when I heard it but this is what,
43:53 this is what was asked.
43:55 Good job. Okay.
43:58 Ryan, Pastor Ryan. Sure.
43:59 "What can me and my family study
44:03 to become stronger in the Lord?"
44:05 This is from Jackie in Indiana.
44:06 So they want to become stronger.
44:08 Yeah.
44:09 Absolutely, I respect that question, Jackie.
44:10 Thank you so much.
44:12 You know, I think the first very clear
44:14 and overwhelming answer should always be the Bible.
44:17 Okay, the Bible, the Bible, the Bible.
44:21 That's all I can say is there's not a must emphasis
44:24 placed these days on the Bible that
44:25 we need to place that emphasis where it belongs.
44:28 You know, Jesus said in Matthew 4:4,
44:30 you know, "Man shall not live by bread alone
44:31 but by every word that proceeds from
44:33 the mouth of God."
44:34 And then tie that to what Jesus said in John 17:17,
44:37 "Sanctify them by thy truth, thy word is truth."
44:40 So obviously we want to go to the Bible.
44:43 Now, within the Bible, obviously I think,
44:46 Brother Dinzey, did a wonderful job earlier,
44:48 providing some counsel on where you might start
44:51 as you're studying, and your question was,
44:53 how do I become stronger in the Lord?
44:55 Well, to become stronger in the Lord,
44:57 you want to behold the Lord,
44:59 you want to behold Jesus Christ and His life.
45:01 And so I would recommend
45:02 within God's Word, within the Bible,
45:04 starting as Brother John said in the Book of John,
45:07 because I think John is a perfect book,
45:08 it's a very personal book,
45:10 not that none of the other books are personal,
45:11 but to me, the Gospel of John is just,
45:14 you know, it's written by the beloved disciple,
45:15 he had a relationship with Christ like no other,
45:18 and he really amplifies the love
45:20 and personal relationship with Christ,
45:21 and plus more than half the book,
45:23 you know, the whole second half of the book
45:24 is all about those latter portion,
45:26 that last week of Christ's life,
45:28 and we are counseled
45:29 to take a thoughtful hour each day,
45:31 to focus in on the life of Christ,
45:33 especially the closing ones, right?
45:36 And so John would be a great and then,
45:37 of course, go back to Matthew, Mark,
45:39 and Luke and follow up and focusing beholding Christ,
45:42 uplifting Christ as Jesus said there in John Chapter 3
45:46 when he was talking to Nicodemus,
45:47 uplifting Christ and beholding Him,
45:50 the uplifted Christ, and you will
45:52 become stronger in the Lord.
45:53 As a follow up to that,
45:55 as supplementation not a substitute for the Bible,
45:57 but as a supplementation of that
45:59 I would certainly recommend the book,
46:00 Steps to Christ.
46:01 Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White,
46:03 wonderful book that points us
46:04 to how to have a relationship step by step with Jesus Christ
46:07 and then, of course, next to that would be
46:10 the Desire of Ages,
46:11 the book entitled the Desire of Ages,
46:13 so first the Bible, and then, of course,
46:15 I would say Steps to Christ and then Desire of Ages.
46:17 Amen.
46:18 Thank you all so much for your study of the Word of God.
46:20 I've learned a lot just sitting here
46:21 and we hope you have at home as well.
46:24 This is one of my favorite parts of the Bible Q and A,
46:26 we just throw the questions out there
46:28 and everyone gets to answer together.
46:30 So let's start with this one from Christie in Colorado.
46:33 "How long will the seven plagues last?"
46:38 Okay, Brother. Go ahead.
46:40 Jump in. I got a quote...
46:41 I got a good scripture but you go ahead first.
46:42 Revelation 18:8. That's where I was going.
46:44 That's where you were gonna go, I thought so.
46:47 The Bible talks about a beginning time,
46:50 "Therefore her plagues,
46:51 speaking of the fall of Babylon,
46:53 her plagues will come in one day,
46:55 death and mourning and famine.
46:56 She will be utterly burned with fire,
46:58 for strong is the Lord God who judges her."
47:01 But the plague on Babylon is not the only plague,
47:04 that was specifying what's going to happen to her.
47:07 Her plague is gonna come over now
47:08 and you find that vivid picture in Revelation 18
47:11 where those who were buying her merchandise
47:14 don't buy it any longer, they stand back and say,
47:17 "Finally, you know, she comes down,
47:20 she crumbles and the voice of the bridegroom
47:23 is no longer heard in her."
47:24 That means, the Lord that says, "Come out of her My people."
47:27 That voice is shut down.
47:29 And that voice, when that voice
47:30 is shut down the people of God should be out by then,
47:33 and then her plagues begin to come.
47:35 But the Bible also talks about other plagues in Romans,
47:38 I mean, in Revelation 11:6,
47:41 when it talks about the two witnesses,
47:43 and it says they have.
47:44 It says, "They have power to shut heaven,
47:47 so that no rain falls in the days of their prophecy."
47:50 That's the Bible, the Word of God,
47:52 the Holy Spirit.
47:53 "And they have power over the waters to turn them
47:55 to blood to strike the earth with all plagues,
47:58 as often as they desire."
48:01 This is an indefinite period of time
48:03 that so based on Revelation 11,
48:05 the indefinite period of time,
48:06 but the plagues on Babylon in Revelation 18,
48:09 the Bible says her plagues will come in one day.
48:11 Absolutely.
48:12 No, I think that that was exactly
48:14 where I was gonna go with that as well.
48:15 I have personally heard a few different variations
48:18 of views on this.
48:20 I've heard some people, some of my men...
48:22 previous mentor who have said,
48:23 you know, they've applied the day
48:24 for year principle there and trying to say that
48:26 it's going to come within a year.
48:27 And, of course, people will refute that
48:29 and say, you know,
48:30 there's no more prophetic time past,
48:31 you know 1844 and so they'll say
48:33 that's a literal application
48:35 but, you know, I agree with everything
48:37 Pastor Lomacang said, the most important thing
48:38 I think I want to just make sure
48:40 is that I'm not on the receiving
48:42 end of those plagues.
48:43 Absolutely.
48:45 I want to make sure
48:46 I have a relationship with Jesus,
48:47 I'm sealed, and don't have to worry about
48:49 any of those plagues falling on me.
48:50 That's so good. Amen.
48:51 Amen. That's good.
48:53 You want to add anything, Pastor Johnny?
48:54 Yes, you know, God will preserve His children.
48:56 And so, the time of trouble that is coming.
49:01 I mean the plagues that are coming,
49:02 is a time when God is visiting His judgments
49:05 upon the wicked.
49:07 So God's people should be protected during that time.
49:09 And so, praise God for that, you know,
49:12 that He will protect His children.
49:13 That's all I wanted to add for that.
49:14 Amen.
49:16 This question is from Carol, we have time to get to this,
49:17 and it kind of goes along with the end times.
49:19 "Do you think that
49:21 we are in the beginning of the time
49:22 of trouble now?"
49:25 I know, I don't believe
49:26 we were in the beginning of the time of trouble
49:27 because I believe that time of trouble
49:29 as spoken out by Daniel,
49:30 in Daniel 12:1 talking about there's going to be
49:32 a time of trouble
49:33 such as never ever been or ever will be.
49:36 When Michael stands up, we know Jesus will stand up,
49:38 He's coming back to get His people.
49:40 And so that's within the context of,
49:42 as we were just talking about
49:44 those seven last plagues that we've talked about before.
49:46 The seven last plagues mentioned
49:48 in Revelation Chapter 16 and I don't believe that
49:51 there's been any plagues to fall yet
49:53 in the context of Revelation 16.
49:55 So I would say no,
49:57 the answer to that question is no,
49:58 we have, we will experience
49:59 some little times of trouble,
50:01 we will experience some challenges,
50:03 some trials and certainly some,
50:04 some type of tribulations and, you know,
50:07 as we've been going through a pandemic,
50:09 I mean, that's a tribulation, that's a trial,
50:12 but to talk about the great time of trouble,
50:15 that great ending tribulation time period,
50:18 go read Revelation Chapter 16
50:19 and you come to your conclusion.
50:21 Have you seen the world break out in soars?
50:23 Have you seen waters turn the blood?
50:24 Have you seen the sun burn up the elements
50:27 and you know all these horrible plagues,
50:30 you know, hail falling from the sky?
50:31 You know, these are some intense stuff
50:34 so I would say, no, we're not there yet,
50:36 but we're certainly heading in that direction.
50:38 You know, and Jeremiah 30
50:39 brings out a time of Jacob's trouble,
50:41 because there's going to be
50:43 the time of trouble is what you call,
50:44 what I refer to as a building time
50:47 until probation closes,
50:48 then the wrath of God has poured out without mixture.
50:51 But Jeremiah 30:7, "Alas for the day is great,
50:55 so that none is like it,
50:56 and it's a time of Jacob's trouble,
50:58 but he shall be saved out of it."
51:00 So there's no need to fear, God is still in charge.
51:03 And so, thank you, Ryan, for saying,
51:05 I don't need to concern myself, I just need to be in the Lord.
51:07 Amen.
51:09 Pastor Johnny, a few seconds,
51:10 do you have something you want to add?
51:12 Yes, you know, we are facing difficult times.
51:14 It is only going, it's only going to intensify
51:17 the best thing we could do
51:19 is stay close to Jesus as possible.
51:22 So, this is my...
51:24 And we are heading towards that time of trouble
51:26 and towards a little time of trouble
51:27 that comes just before the time of trouble.
51:29 So, best thing to do is stay close to Jesus
51:30 as much as you can.
51:32 Amen.
51:33 We're gonna be back in just a moment
51:35 with some closing thoughts with each of our family here,
51:37 but before that we want to give you
51:38 one more opportunity to send in your questions.
51:41 We love your questions,
51:42 we love to hear where you're from.
51:44 Make sure when you send them in,
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