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Can You Be A True Christian and Ignore The Bible?

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00:01 Thank you again for joining us
00:02 for today's study on 3ABN Today Bible Q and A.
00:05 Pastor John, Jason, Jill, anything you want to add on.
00:08 Pastor John?
00:09 Very quickly when we talked about,
00:10 does God recommend you to join any particular church?
00:14 While I identify the characteristics
00:16 and the principles and the doctrinal position,
00:18 I want to make it very,
00:19 very clear that what I'm not saying
00:21 is that people that go to other churches are lost.
00:24 Okay.
00:25 But I want to reiterate,
00:27 when the light of God's truth come to you,
00:29 and you determine to remain in darkness,
00:33 to hold on to traditions
00:34 that are not supported by the Bible,
00:36 your level of responsibility is much higher.
00:39 Because the Bible says, the Bible makes it clear,
00:41 we're not only responsible for the light we receive,
00:45 but we are responsible for the light
00:46 that we could have had.
00:48 Wow. Yes.
00:49 You can't reject it, you have to receive a love of the truth
00:51 that you might be saved.
00:52 Absolutely, no, it's really serious thought.
00:54 Thank you. Jason?
00:56 I just want to add to the point
00:57 of what a true Christian looks like,
00:59 you know, one, we shouldn't follow man,
01:02 we should follow Jesus and His example.
01:05 But one place we can look is Romans Chapter 12,
01:08 specifically, verses 9-21,
01:10 where it talks about how to behave like a Christian.
01:14 So go there when you have time, check it out,
01:16 and learn how to further behave like a Christian.
01:20 Amen. Thank you for that.
01:21 Jill?
01:23 I don't have any follow up on a specific question.
01:24 But just want to let you know at home
01:27 that if you have never asked Jesus into your heart.
01:31 Maybe you watch this program, and you say,
01:32 I'm not even sure I understood everything they talked about.
01:35 Some of it was a little deep.
01:36 But you know what?
01:37 God takes us where we are, and we grow in Him.
01:41 He says in John 6:37, "Whoever comes to Me,
01:44 I will never cast out."
01:46 So open up your heart and accept Him.
01:49 Amen. Wonderful.
01:50 Thank you so much, Jill, Jason, Pastor John,
01:52 and thank you for joining us today
01:54 for today's Bible Q and A question.
01:56 I didn't start the program out with this,
01:57 so I want to end with this.
01:59 2 Timothy 2:15,
02:00 "Study to show thyself approved unto God,
02:03 a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
02:05 rightly dividing the word of truth."
02:07 We'll see you again next time.
02:09 God bless you.


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