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Will God Punish Me for An Insincere Prayer?

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00:01 As you're well aware,
00:03 we're living in unprecedented times.
00:05 Join us now for Today special program.
00:12 I want to spend my life
00:18 Mending broken people
00:23 I want to spend my life
00:29 Removing pain
00:34 Lord, let my words
00:39 Heal a heart that hurts
00:44 I want to spend my life
00:50 Mending broken people
00:55 I want to spend my life
01:01 Mending broken people
01:15 Hello, and welcome to another 3ABN Today Bible Q and A,
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02:16 It's not our message, it's the Lord Jesus Christ
02:19 and His message that is found in the Word of God.
02:24 You know, this morning I was reading
02:26 2 Timothy 1:12.
02:30 And Paul is talking to Timothy, and in this verse,
02:33 I love this verse, Paul is saying,
02:36 "For I know whom I have believed."
02:40 Amen.
02:42 Who do you believe in?
02:43 Paul believed in the Lord Jesus Christ,
02:45 and that's what he based everything.
02:47 I just hope and pray today that you are basing everything
02:49 and you know, and you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
02:52 So today, as we dig into the Word of God,
02:54 open the scriptures.
02:56 It's not our opinion, it's the Word of God
02:58 that we're sharing with you today.
02:59 So we hope to in this hour's time to answer maybe 15,
03:03 maybe 16, 17 questions or so that you submitted.
03:06 So I always look forward to this time
03:08 of opening the Word of God.
03:09 Get your pen, little piece of paper,
03:11 I've got quite a bit of paper here in front of me
03:13 or maybe your electronic device to take some notes.
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03:39 But before we get started,
03:41 I am so happy to have Jason Bradley with us today,
03:44 sir, good to have you on the set.
03:45 Oh, it's great to be here.
03:46 You know, every time we get these questions,
03:48 it's a study time.
03:49 It is.
03:51 So it's time to stretch and grow.
03:53 Absolutely. No, I like that.
03:54 You know, it's a study time for all of us.
03:56 Yeah, that's good, Jason.
03:57 Amen.
03:58 Good to have you on, Pastor Ryan Day.
04:00 Amen. It's always a blessing to be a part of this program.
04:02 And what I love about this program
04:03 is it sometimes causes me to go back
04:06 into the Word and dig and to learn new things
04:07 that perhaps I didn't know before.
04:09 So it's a blessing all around.
04:10 It is, isn't it? Yeah, absolutely.
04:12 Sitting next to you is my dear wife, Jill.
04:14 Good to have you on.
04:15 Thank you so much, sweetheart.
04:16 Well, I just love opening up the Word of God
04:18 and studying and as Pastor Ryan has indicated,
04:19 I learned so much as we study and prepare for this.
04:22 And the key is, it's all about Jesus.
04:25 Jesus is found in the Word and we study to find Him.
04:28 Amen.
04:30 And of course, I'm blessed to be married to you
04:31 and I can vouch for what she said,
04:33 because then what everybody's saying here,
04:35 of course, but of course, me being married to Jill.
04:37 She'll be as they're studying the way she's like,
04:39 "Oh, sweetie, wow, this is amazing.
04:41 I never knew quite this aspect before."
04:42 So yeah, I know all of you are so excited
04:45 about opening the Word of God.
04:46 But let's start with prayer. Pastor Ryan?
04:48 Yeah, let's pray.
04:49 Our Father in heaven, Lord, we are just thrilled
04:52 and so excited to be able to be a part of this program,
04:56 to be a part of something that is leading people
04:59 to answers, real answers from Your Word.
05:02 And so Lord, I pray, Lord, that You will just simply
05:05 just drowned us right now in Your love and Your spirit
05:10 that as we give these answers from Your Word,
05:12 may it be Your Word speaking not Ryan, not Jill,
05:16 not Jason, none of us, Lord,
05:18 may it be You speaking to the hearts and minds
05:20 of every single person.
05:22 May we all be drawn closer to You
05:25 and in communion with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
05:28 Bless us, bless all who are watching.
05:30 And we ask this in Jesus' holy name.
05:31 Amen. Amen.
05:33 Amen.
05:34 Thank you so very much.
05:35 And I'm going to start with the ladies first,
05:37 start with you.
05:38 Yay.
05:40 And this, you know, I just want to say
05:41 this is really encouraging because this question
05:42 comes from Leona, Leona, hope I'm saying
05:45 that correctly and she's nine years old.
05:47 You know, that's great, because we have young people
05:49 that are also watching these programs,
05:50 learning and studying along with all of us.
05:52 So that's, that's encouraging, isn't it?
05:54 Amen. Yes.
05:55 So Leona, thank you so much for your question.
05:57 Nine years old, and this is the question,
06:00 "Would I get punished if I did not mean
06:03 what I said to the Lord in my prayers to Him?"
06:07 Leona, thank you so much for sending in your question,
06:09 I want to tell you, first of all, that God loves you.
06:12 Amen.
06:13 John 3:16 says that, "God loves this world,"
06:18 and that's you, "so much,
06:20 that He sent Jesus to die for you."
06:22 John 6:37 says, "Whoever comes to Me,
06:26 I will never cast aside."
06:27 That means no matter what you've done,
06:29 no matter where you've been,
06:31 you just come to Jesus and say, "I want to come to You, Jesus,"
06:35 and He will accept you, and forgive you.
06:38 The next thing I want to tell you
06:39 is that God knows your heart.
06:41 And it is okay to be honest with God.
06:44 You know, there's a story in the gospels,
06:46 in the Book of Mark,
06:48 about a man and his son was sick.
06:51 And he went to Jesus and said, "I need healing for my son."
06:54 And Jesus said, "It's possible if you have enough faith."
06:57 And what did he say?
06:59 He said, "Oh, I don't have enough faith
07:02 but God, would You give me more faith?"
07:05 So you know what?
07:06 You can come to God when you're happy, when you're sad,
07:08 when you're mad, when you're upset,
07:10 when you think you need more faith or need whatever,
07:14 you just come to God.
07:16 Be honest with how you're feeling right now.
07:19 The last thing I'd tell you
07:20 is that sin does have consequences.
07:22 Yes, the wages of sin is death,
07:25 yet there is always forgiveness.
07:28 Think about Jonah, he ran away from God.
07:31 And his consequence was he was thrown overboard on a ship.
07:35 And yet God saved him by a big ship,
07:37 and helped, by big fish, and helped him
07:40 so that he could witness to a whole bunch of people.
07:42 Think about Adam and Eve.
07:44 They ate the fruit in the garden
07:45 and their consequence was they had to leave the garden.
07:48 Yet God forgave them,
07:51 and they will be in the kingdom of heaven.
07:53 Think about Moses, he hit the rock
07:55 when he was angry and his consequence
07:58 was, he couldn't go into the Promised Land.
08:00 Yet God forgave him and took him to heaven instead.
08:04 So the beautiful thing is that God loves you.
08:07 You come to Him with whatever's in your heart,
08:09 and He will hear and answer you.
08:11 Amen. That's a fantastic explanation.
08:13 I think about the love of God.
08:14 That's something we none of us ever want to forget.
08:17 And thank you for mentioning that.
08:18 Very, very powerful.
08:20 Jason, are you ready for question sir?
08:22 I'm ready for a question. All right.
08:24 This is a really good one and a heavy one too.
08:26 It comes from Rosa, and very sad.
08:29 "I just lost my father.
08:32 Are there verses in the Bible that say
08:34 that we get to meet again in the future?
08:36 Would we still be able to recognize each other by then?"
08:41 Rosa, first off, I just want to say I'm so,
08:43 so, so, sorry for your loss.
08:46 You know, anytime that we lose a loved one, it's tough.
08:51 It is extremely tough, it's hard.
08:53 And so I just want to share
08:55 some comforting verses with you.
08:58 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17,
09:04 "But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren,
09:07 concerning those who have fallen asleep,
09:10 lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.
09:14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
09:18 even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.
09:23 For this, we say to you by the word of the Lord,
09:26 that we who are alive
09:27 and remain until the coming of the Lord
09:29 will by no means proceed those who are asleep,
09:34 for the Lord Himself will descend from heaven
09:36 with a shout, with the voice of an archangel
09:39 and with the trumpet of God,
09:41 and the dead in Christ will rise first.
09:44 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up
09:47 together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord
09:50 in the air and thus we shall always be with the Lord."
09:54 Amen. Praise God.
09:56 Now those verses that I just shared with you, Rosa,
10:00 they wouldn't be as comforting
10:03 if we didn't recognize the people,
10:06 our family members that were going up,
10:08 you know, so they wouldn't be as comforting
10:12 and still be comforting, but not as comforting.
10:15 I'm sure that you have shed many,
10:18 many tears for your father, Rosa.
10:21 And I'd like to share another comforting verse with you.
10:24 Revelation 21:4,
10:28 "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes,
10:32 there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying,
10:37 there shall be no more pain,
10:38 for the former things have passed away."
10:42 Imagine that, no more pain, no more sorrow,
10:44 no more death, no more crying.
10:47 That's right.
10:48 I believe that that day is coming soon.
10:52 And those of us that are alive and remain,
10:54 well, we need to be ready for when the Lord returns.
10:58 And we have to make sure that we are prepared
11:01 for His second coming.
11:02 Now I know this is a little bit outside of what we normally do
11:06 on the Today Bible Q and A, but, Rosa,
11:08 I want to lift you up in prayer right now.
11:10 And just pray for you ever so quick.
11:12 Thank you.
11:13 Dear Heavenly Father, I just want to lift up
11:15 my dear sister Rosa,
11:16 who is dealing with the loss of her father.
11:19 Lord, I can't even imagine what she is going through
11:22 but You feel her pain, You know what she's going through.
11:26 And I just ask that You would
11:27 please wrap Your loving arms around her, comfort her
11:31 and help her to realize that there is great hope in You.
11:34 We thank You for hearing this prayer.
11:35 In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
11:37 Amen. Amen.
11:38 Thank you so much, Jason.
11:40 You know, I think a really common assurance for me,
11:43 because I've been around some that are also wondering,
11:45 will my loved one be in heaven or not?
11:46 I'm not sure whether they're good enough,
11:48 maybe they are too bad.
11:50 You know, we serve the righteous judge.
11:51 That's right.
11:53 Right?
11:54 We have nothing to fear.
11:55 We know that God is righteous, fair and true.
11:57 We can just trust in Jesus.
11:59 He'll take care of it and He wouldn't want anyone to be
12:01 in heaven if they didn't want to be there so, yeah.
12:03 Praise the Lord for that.
12:05 Pastor Ryan, good question here.
12:06 There's not a name associated with this.
12:07 But it says, "My 14 year old son wants to know,
12:10 can there be another angel like the devil on earth?"
12:14 Hmm. Well, not only can there be, there is.
12:18 Now, obviously Lucifer,
12:20 the angel that fell from heaven,
12:22 we call the devil and Satan.
12:24 Obviously, he's in the hierarchy of things.
12:26 He's probably the main one, obviously, right?
12:28 He's kind of the head of all sin, right?
12:31 Because he's the father of sin, the Bible makes it clear.
12:33 But we can be absolutely certain that the Bible tells us
12:36 that there are many, many angels,
12:38 fallen angels on this earth just like him.
12:41 Let's go to Revelation 12:7-9.
12:43 And notice what we see there.
12:45 This is again, Revelation 12:7-9, it says,
12:47 "And war broke out in heaven,"
12:48 this is speaking about, this is eternity past,
12:51 this is before the world was created.
12:53 So this is when Lucifer
12:54 and the angels were all in heaven with God.
12:56 It said, "But war broke out in heaven,
12:58 Michael and his angels fought the dragon,
13:00 and the dragon and his angels fought
13:04 but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them
13:06 in heaven any longer.
13:08 So the great dragon was cast out that old serpent
13:11 called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world,
13:14 and he was cast to the earth."
13:16 And then notice this next part,
13:18 "And his angels were cast out with him."
13:21 So not only is Lucifer the angel
13:23 or the fallen angel cast to this earth,
13:25 but also all of those angels with him.
13:28 Even Revelation 16:13-14, speaking about this,
13:31 this earth here, and the great deception of the last days.
13:35 John writes, "I saw three unclean spirits like frogs,
13:38 coming out of the mouth of the dragon,
13:39 out of the mouth of the beast,
13:40 and out of the mouth of the false prophet,
13:42 for they are spirits of demons," plural there.
13:45 So there's more than one,
13:47 "performing signs which go out to the kings of the earth
13:49 and the whole world."
13:50 So we don't know the exact number
13:51 but we know that it's probably a lot.
13:53 Because when you get over to Daniel Chapter 7,
13:56 in this beautiful heavenly scene, in this courtroom scene,
14:00 we see God seated on His throne.
14:03 And it says that there was thousands and thousands
14:06 and it says, 10,000 times 10,000 of angels
14:09 that was before the Lord.
14:11 Now this is post to the fall.
14:12 This is after Satan and the angels were cast out.
14:14 I did a little bit of math 10,000 times
14:16 10,000, 100 million angels.
14:18 When we go to Revelation 12:4, it says,
14:21 "A third of the angels in the past
14:24 were cast out of heaven that Satan deceived."
14:27 So there are very much many angels, fallen angels, demons
14:31 that are on this earth right along with Lucifer.
14:33 Amen.
14:35 Thank you very much, Pastor Ryan.
14:36 I call him Pastor Ryan, I think, Evangelist Ryan too.
14:38 He's an evangelist in heart.
14:40 Amen.
14:41 Praise the Lord. Okay.
14:42 Good question here comes from John Terahote,
14:45 "Who is Abimelech, is he like Christ?
14:48 I'm not sure maybe it's the Melchizedek,
14:50 so, but who is Abimelech, is he like Christ?
14:52 Also, did Jesus ever show up in the Old Testament?"
14:56 Well, that seems like several questions in one.
14:58 It does. Right.
14:59 I would say if your question is, is Melchizedek like Christ,
15:02 that's a great question and we can address it on another time.
15:06 Abimelech was the name and some people believe
15:09 it was the official title, kind of like Pharaoh
15:12 with the name given to kings.
15:14 This would be the kings of Gerar,
15:17 I'm not sure how you pronounce that.
15:19 And we have in Genesis Chapter 20,
15:21 Abram tried to pass his wife Sarai off as his sister
15:25 because he was afraid of this King Abimelech.
15:28 And his son Isaac tried to pass his wife Rebecca off
15:32 as his sister, because he was afraid of Abimelech as well.
15:35 So I don't think this is the same clarification
15:37 like Christ's probably you were referring to Melchizedek.
15:40 But that is who Abimelech is in the Old Testament,
15:43 a couple of the references.
15:44 Now let's look at Jesus in the Old Testament.
15:49 Jesus is patterned and foretold
15:51 and foreshadowed in the Old Testament.
15:53 But not only that,
15:55 He is present in the Old Testament.
15:58 We know that Jesus was present at the creation of the world.
16:01 Genesis 1:1,"In the beginning,
16:03 God created the heavens and the earth."
16:05 And if you cross reference that, look up John 1:1-3.
16:10 Look up Hebrews 1:1-2, 2-3.
16:15 You see that Jesus Christ Himself
16:18 was present, the Godhead, Father, Son,
16:21 and Holy Spirit were all present at creation.
16:24 We see, of course, the first messianic promise
16:27 in Genesis 3:15, the foreshadowing
16:30 or foretelling of the coming Messiah.
16:32 We see the entire sacrificial system of the Old Testament
16:36 around the Lamb, the perfect Lamb who was slain,
16:40 foreshadowing Christ, who would be the Lamb of God,
16:44 who would take away the sins of the world.
16:46 We see great parallels in the Old Testament,
16:48 New Testament.
16:49 We don't have time for all of that.
16:51 But we also see that Jesus Himself
16:53 shows up in the Old Testament,
16:54 He is the I Am in whom Abraham rejoiced, that was Jesus.
16:59 The Lord who motivated Moses, that was Christ.
17:03 The Redeemer who brought them out of Egypt, that was Jesus.
17:07 The rock in the wilderness, that was Christ.
17:10 The king of Isaiah's temple vision was the son.
17:13 So we have this incredible picture
17:15 of Jesus in the Old Testament.
17:17 Amen.
17:18 Wow. Yeah, very good.
17:20 Beautiful, Thank you so much.
17:21 And thank you for the question, too.
17:23 Thank you so much.
17:24 Jason, this comes from Deb.
17:27 And it says, "How can we be alive and still die
17:31 if we are born again in Jesus?"
17:34 Hmm, good question.
17:36 Well, let's look at some verses, Deb.
17:38 John 3:3-5.
17:42 "Jesus answered and said to him, 'Most assuredly,
17:47 I say to you, unless one is born again,
17:50 he cannot see the kingdom of God.'
17:52 Nicodemus said to him, 'How can a man be born when he is old?
17:56 Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born?'
18:01 Jesus answered, 'Most assuredly, I say to you,
18:04 unless one is born of water, and the Spirit,
18:08 he cannot enter the kingdom of God.'"
18:11 Now let's look at what happens when a person gets baptized
18:14 by immersion and that's, that's what we believe
18:16 in as Seventh-day Adventist Christians
18:18 is baptism by immersion.
18:20 Romans 6:3-4, "Or do you not know
18:25 that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus
18:29 were baptized into His death.
18:32 Therefore we were buried with Him
18:34 through baptism into death, that just as Christ
18:38 was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father,
18:41 even so we also should walk in newness of life."
18:45 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "Therefore,
18:49 if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.
18:53 Old things have passed away, behold,
18:56 all things have become new."
18:59 So when you think about the old things
19:01 that have passed away,
19:02 we want to get away from the carnal nature.
19:04 So when you're baptized, it's symbolic of,
19:07 you know, the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.
19:10 So when you go underwater,
19:12 you're leaving that old man behind,
19:13 the carnal nature behind,
19:15 and when you come out of the water,
19:17 you're walking in the newness of life
19:19 that Christ wants to give you.
19:21 So that's, that's how you die.
19:24 You're dying to self basically, that's what that means.
19:28 Amen.
19:29 Yeah, good answer, Jason.
19:30 Thank you so much from the Word of God too.
19:32 Appreciate that so much.
19:34 Philip, good question.
19:36 It says here, this is to you Pastor Ryan,
19:39 "Why do you constantly refer to the religious community
19:42 of the Old Testament as the church?
19:45 The term Church has a distinctly Christian identity
19:48 and therefore is more appropriately applied
19:50 to the New Testament."
19:52 Thank you so much, Philip, for that question.
19:53 Yeah, no, Philip, you're absolutely right
19:55 to a certain extent, because we know that the actual word,
19:58 the term, the concept of church
20:00 specifically and explicitly mentioned there
20:02 is in connection with the New Testament,
20:03 it's mentioned over 100 times in the New Testament alone.
20:06 Oh, wow, that's a lot.
20:08 But yet, just because it's not specifically in Word mentioned
20:11 in the Old Testament doesn't mean that,
20:12 that concept, that idea, the symbols
20:15 associated with that are not there.
20:17 For instance, you know, just because
20:19 Jesus is not explicitly mentioned
20:21 in, then Old Testament doesn't means
20:22 Jesus is not there, right?
20:24 And so we see evidence for that.
20:25 I'm thinking of, for instance,
20:28 if Jesus is the head of the church
20:29 as Colossians 1:18 says,
20:31 it says, "And He is the head of the body, the church."
20:34 We know the body being the people,
20:35 His people, His church.
20:38 John 5:39 reminds us that Jesus actually said to the Pharisees,
20:42 He says, "You search the Scripture,"
20:43 speaking of the Old Testament Scriptures,
20:45 "for in them you think you have eternal life,
20:47 and these are they which testify of Me."
20:50 So as you said, Philip, in your question,
20:51 that this is very much has a distinct Christian identity
20:54 associated with Christ as the head,
20:56 His body being the church, Christ said,
20:58 "Look, I'm found, I'm flooded in the Old Testament,
21:01 Old Testament's flooded with Me all through there.
21:03 As Jill brought out very clearly earlier.
21:05 So you know, even in 2 Chronicles 7:14,
21:08 we see the language there where God says,
21:11 "If My people," who is His people?
21:14 Of course, we know the church is not a church building,
21:15 it's not a building, it's His people, it's His body.
21:18 "If My people who are called by My name
21:20 will humble themselves and pray and seek My face,"
21:22 God is referring to His church, His people,
21:24 which we see very much through the nation of Israel.
21:27 He wanted them to be a nation of royal priesthood,
21:30 a kingdom, a nation for Him.
21:33 We see as Jill brought out Genesis 3:15,
21:36 we see the woman and the seed, remember he says,
21:38 "I'll put enmity between the your seeds,"
21:40 speaking to the serpent,
21:41 "and her seed," speaking of the woman.
21:42 That wasn't specifically talking about Eve,
21:44 but the woman as we know in the Bible
21:46 is a representation of the church.
21:48 Jeremiah 6:2, "I have likened the daughter of Zion
21:51 to a comely and delicate woman."
21:53 Christ, or Paul also writes,
21:54 you know, husbands love your wives
21:56 as Christ loved the church.
21:57 So we see the same language flooded
21:59 all throughout the Bible.
22:00 Isaiah 64:8, says, "But now O Lord, You are our Father.
22:03 We are the clay," speaking of the church,
22:06 "and You are our potter."
22:07 And of course, Jeremiah 18:6 as well, again,
22:10 that imagery of God being the potter, His people,
22:14 the church being the place.
22:15 So God's always had people, He's always had a church,
22:17 and we even see them continuing from Genesis 3,
22:20 all the way through the Old Testament into the New.
22:22 Amen.
22:24 Praise the Lord.
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23:12 And we can study the Word of God,
23:14 we'll be getting your questions.
23:15 And then, of course, we receive a lot of questions here,
23:17 but we just love going through them.
23:18 And we appreciate Brother Don and the crew and the staff
23:21 that put all of this together.
23:23 We enjoy this program, Bible Q and A.
23:25 Jill, this question comes from someone
23:28 who likes to exercise, Frank from California.
23:32 And the reason I got the exercise part is this,
23:34 "I saw a sign posted along the path that I run."
23:38 Okay, so they run out of path.
23:39 "I know it spoke on a counterfeit form of baptism.
23:43 We are baptized with water and the Holy Spirit
23:47 and not by fire and the Holy Spirit."
23:49 Correct.
23:51 "Can you tell me how this practice
23:52 of fire and the Holy Spirit came about?
23:56 Also, can you please direct me to the Bible verses
23:59 that indicate the correct way to be baptized?"
24:03 Thank you so much for that question, Frank.
24:05 I'm gonna reference your last question first,
24:07 and then we'll go back to the first one.
24:08 Okay.
24:10 So the last question was the Bible verses
24:11 that indicate the correct way to be baptized.
24:13 Jason Bradley already talked about baptism by immersion.
24:17 We see this in the Word of God.
24:19 In fact, the word baptize comes from a Greek word
24:21 meaning to immerse.
24:23 John the baptized, John the Baptist,
24:26 he baptized with much water.
24:28 We see this in Matthew 3:6, he was baptizing there
24:33 by the Jordan, and people came to him.
24:36 We see in John 3:23.
24:38 It says, "John was baptizing in Aenon near Salim."
24:41 I don't know how to pronounce that.
24:43 Because why?
24:44 There was much water there.
24:46 So he clearly didn't just baptize
24:48 with a little bit of sprinkling.
24:49 Why? Because there was much water there.
24:51 That's right.
24:52 We see when Jesus was baptized.
24:54 This is Matthew 3:16, that He went into the water
24:57 and came out of the water.
24:59 And Word of God says, "When He had been baptized,
25:01 Jesus came up immediately from the water,
25:05 and behold, the heavens were open to Him
25:07 and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove,
25:10 and alighting upon Him."
25:11 Here we see Jesus coming up from the water.
25:15 We also see the connection with the Holy Spirit
25:17 there as far as descending like a dove,
25:19 and we'll talk about that a little later.
25:21 The early Christian church
25:23 clearly practiced baptism by immersion.
25:25 We see this, remember when Philip baptized
25:28 the Ethiopian eunuch, this is in Acts Chapter 8.
25:31 It says, "They went down into the water,
25:34 and they came up out of the water."
25:37 And in fact, if you study history, baptism by immersion
25:40 was practiced in the early Christian church
25:43 for many centuries after Christ.
25:46 It was many years before it was even introduced
25:49 any other form of baptism.
25:51 Now let's look at this baptism by fire and the Holy Spirit.
25:55 The verse reference would be Matthew 3:11-12.
25:58 "I indeed," this is John the Baptist,
26:00 "I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance,
26:03 but he who is coming after me is mightier than I,
26:06 whose sandals I am not worthy to carry.
26:08 He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.
26:12 His winnowing fan is in His hand,
26:14 He will thoroughly clean out the threshing floor
26:17 and gather His wheat into the barn,
26:19 but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire."
26:23 So we know that water baptism by immersion is biblical.
26:27 We know that Holy Spirit baptism is biblical.
26:30 And you see evidence of that in the early Christian Church.
26:34 But what is this fire baptism?
26:36 I believe it could indicate three different things.
26:39 It could indicate the cleansing from sin.
26:41 We know that fire purifies and fire purges.
26:45 And when you and I are anointed with the Holy Spirit,
26:47 the Holy Spirit seeks to eradicate
26:49 that sin from our life.
26:51 It could be symbolic of the tongues of fire
26:53 that fall later in Acts 1 and 2,
26:55 when the Holy Spirit is poured out.
26:58 It could also talk about that separation of the chaff
27:02 from the wheat that would take place at the end of time
27:07 when the wicked will be destroyed,
27:08 not with fire that burns forever,
27:10 but fire that will burn until they are consumed.
27:14 Wow.
27:16 Yeah, amen.
27:17 Praise the Lord, great answer again.
27:18 Packed.
27:20 It is packed.
27:21 You know, that's the thing with the Bible Q and A.
27:22 You know, we tried to get through, like I mentioned
27:24 at the beginning of the program,
27:25 maybe 15, 16, 17 questions, but wow,
27:26 the time goes by so fast and your two to three minutes
27:28 go by quick, don't they?
27:30 That's right. That's right.
27:31 Okay.
27:32 This is a good question here and again,
27:34 a really heavy duty one.
27:35 The name that's with this question is Nitsa,
27:38 and her question is, "Is it wrong for me, Jason,
27:42 to pray, and pray and beg God to please restore my marriage?
27:48 And that God will restore the relationship
27:50 between my daughters with their father,
27:52 and that we will be a family again.
27:56 Does God answer prayers like that?"
28:00 No, Nitsa, it is not wrong for you to pray and beg God
28:05 to restore your marriage and your family.
28:07 God is big on family and He created marriage
28:10 between a man and a woman.
28:13 Genesis 2:18, "And the Lord God said,
28:16 'It is not good that man should be alone,
28:19 I will make him a helper comparable to him.'"
28:23 And we know that Adam and Eve,
28:25 they were to be fruitful and multiply.
28:27 Now when it comes to prayer,
28:29 we need to keep the following verses in mind.
28:31 1 John 5:14-15,
28:35 "Now this is the confidence that we have in Him
28:38 that if we ask anything, here's the key,
28:41 according to His will, He hears us.
28:45 And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask,
28:48 we know that we have the petitions
28:51 that we have asked of Him."
28:53 We need to remember that God sees the end from the beginning
28:57 and His ways are not our ways.
28:59 His thoughts are not our thoughts.
29:02 Whatever happens, we need to trust His answer,
29:05 whether it's favorable to our request or not,
29:09 is the best, it is the best answer for our life.
29:13 In addition to praying for God's will to be done,
29:16 consider the following.
29:17 1 Chronicles 16:11, "Seek the Lord in His strength,
29:22 seek His face, evermore."
29:24 Also, keep in mind that sometimes
29:27 we don't get the answer we're seeking in the timeframe
29:30 that we have in mind.
29:32 And that's another reason why the following verse
29:35 is very important.
29:36 Psalm 40:1, "I waited patiently for the Lord
29:41 and He inclined to me and heard my cry,
29:45 know that the Lord hears your prayers,
29:47 and He will answer them according to His will."
29:50 I don't know the particulars of your situation.
29:53 I don't know why the marriage and the family has dissolved,
29:56 but know that this is preparation time.
29:59 So whatever happened, whatever took place,
30:01 use this time, utilize this time for growth.
30:05 Now, you can't go wrong with that.
30:07 Amen.
30:08 What was the lady's name?
30:09 Nitsa.
30:11 Nitsa, I just, I usually don't do this,
30:12 but I just want to address Nitsa for a moment.
30:14 You did a beautiful job answering that.
30:15 So I'm just adding to this just because I feel like
30:17 I need to say something here.
30:19 Please.
30:20 Matthew 7:7, we have the beautiful promise
30:21 from Jesus, Nitsa, that where Jesus says,
30:24 "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find,
30:26 knock and it will be open to you."
30:27 In the original language there, you know what that says?
30:30 It says keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.
30:32 God wants you to keep on.
30:34 And so keep being faithful and asking
30:36 and also know that again as Jason brought out it's not,
30:39 you know, God's timing is not our timing.
30:41 A lot of times we'll pray and pray and pray and think,
30:43 "Oh, God's not hearing my prayer."
30:44 Daniel did for 13 years.
30:47 He received a vision in Daniel Chapter 8
30:49 and it was 13 years later that he received,
30:51 you know, the follow up to that,
30:53 but I'm sure Daniel was praying all through that time,
30:55 "God give me understanding."
30:56 Wow.
30:57 In God's perfect timing, He will answer your prayer.
30:59 Don't give up.
31:00 Amen. Yeah, amen.
31:02 No, thank you for that. Thank you, Jason.
31:03 Thank you, Pastor Ryan.
31:04 This is Pastor Ryan comes from Julie from South Dakota.
31:07 And this is the verse she's referencing in.
31:11 In Hebrews 6:4-6, it says, and I'm going to read this,
31:15 "For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened,
31:18 and have tasted the heavenly gift,
31:21 and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit,
31:23 and have tasted the good word of God
31:26 and the powers of the age to come.
31:28 If they fall away, to renew them again to repentance,
31:32 since they crucify again for themselves,
31:34 the Son of God and put Him to an open shame."
31:37 And the comments here is I have been haunted
31:41 by this verse for years and years,
31:44 as it seems to apply to me.
31:46 At the age of 12, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.
31:49 But for the most of my adult life, I was overtaken by sin,
31:53 and even told people that I didn't know
31:55 if I believed in God anymore.
31:57 My question is, what does it mean
31:59 to fall away in this verse?"
32:02 This is a powerful question, Julie.
32:04 Thank you so much and I promise you,
32:05 you're not the only one who has that question
32:07 because I've read this verse in the past
32:09 and kind of been haunted myself of this verse.
32:12 But there's good news here.
32:13 There's context clues, we need to watch more.
32:15 For instance, that said in that verse,
32:17 become partakers of the Holy Spirit, okay.
32:20 But then down at the bottom there it says,
32:23 "But if they fall away,
32:24 to renew them again to repentance,
32:26 since they crucify for themselves,
32:27 the Son of God."
32:29 I can promise you that this text
32:30 is not talking about someone who,
32:32 you know, comes to Jesus asks forgiveness,
32:34 ask them into their heart,
32:36 and then goes away and sins again,
32:37 and then they're doomed for the rest of their life.
32:39 That's not what this is particularly talking about.
32:42 The Greek word here for fall away in this passage,
32:45 and Hebrews 6 is the Greek word parapipto.
32:50 Almost, it's interesting word, parapipto.
32:53 And so parapipto means to apostatize
32:56 that's what this means.
32:58 And so it's talking about someone who has,
33:00 who has come to the Lord receive the light,
33:03 but then they have went into a state
33:05 in which they are rejecting that powerful source
33:08 that has been given them the Holy Spirit.
33:10 In other words, they have committed what Jesus talks
33:12 about in Matthew 12, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit,
33:15 they rejected the power of the Holy Spirit
33:17 after they've come to Him.
33:19 So this is not a, you know, sinning
33:20 or falling back into sin for a time.
33:22 This is reaching a point in your life
33:24 where you completely reject that powerful source.
33:27 An equivalent verse to this same passage
33:30 is found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.
33:32 Not the same Greek word,
33:34 but the same English word is used there.
33:36 It says, "Let no one deceive you by any means
33:38 for that day will not come unless
33:39 the falling away comes first."
33:42 Now there is a Greek synonym here for parapipto,
33:45 which means to apostatize.
33:47 The word here actually using the Greek here
33:49 for falling away is apostasia,
33:51 which actually is the Greek synonym, it means
33:53 to defect from truth, it means to divorce,
33:56 it means you've married yourself to Jesus,
33:58 but then you come to a point where you completely
34:00 divorced yourself from Him.
34:02 This is not talking about again, you know, sinning
34:05 and then you're forever you're cut off by God.
34:07 That's not what it's talking about.
34:08 Otherwise, you know, Peter and the disciples
34:10 would be doomed, right?
34:11 I think Peter is a great example.
34:12 Peter walked with Jesus for three and a half years
34:15 and even said, "You are the Son of God."
34:17 But then he, you know, he cursed, he denied Christ.
34:19 He did.
34:20 But Christ still forgave him.
34:21 And I love those verses,
34:23 we have to hang on to His promises.
34:24 1 John 2:1, "My little children,
34:27 these things I write to you, so that you may not sin,"
34:31 but here's the thing, "and if anyone sins,
34:34 if anyone sins, we have an advocate with the Father,
34:37 Jesus Christ, the righteous."
34:38 Now couple that with 1 John 1:8-9.
34:41 Notice what it says, it says, "If we say that we have no sin,
34:44 we deceive ourselves," right?
34:46 That's a person who deceives themselves, right?
34:48 "And the truth is not in us."
34:49 But notice verse 9, beautiful promise.
34:51 "If we confess our sins,
34:53 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
34:55 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
34:58 So you know what? I think of also the prodigal son.
35:00 He was in the father's favor, right?
35:02 He was in the Father's house,
35:04 He was living in the Father's will.
35:05 But then He reached a point in his life where he said,
35:07 "Forget this, I want to go out on my own.
35:09 Some people would say this brother apostatized, right?
35:12 He walked away from God,
35:13 he walked away from his Holy Father.
35:15 But yet he came back,
35:16 he came to his senses, and he came back.
35:18 In other words, he sensed his need.
35:20 Sister, you in fact that you're asking this question,
35:23 see, lets me know that because you are concerned,
35:26 the Holy Spirit is still speaking to you.
35:28 You haven't apostatized,
35:30 you may not have always walked in that straight
35:31 and narrow path but you know what Jesus is there
35:34 to forgive your sins if you only confess them today.
35:36 Amen. Wow.
35:38 Praise the Lord. Got hope, right?
35:39 You're talking about that hope.
35:40 I think Satan wants to get us down.
35:42 That's right. We're done.
35:43 That's right. We're not.
35:45 I think I'm gonna go ahead and go home now.
35:46 That was excellent.
35:47 Praise the Lord today.
35:49 Okay.
35:50 This comes from San Diego, and it says,
35:53 "Hello, my name is Christina, I live here in America.
35:57 My question is, will Jesus be satisfied with me
36:00 doing Bible studies with you all?
36:03 I don't read my Bible as much because I'm by myself,
36:06 and I'm not a very good reader,
36:08 I understand it so much better with you all.
36:11 God bless each one of you."
36:13 Thank you so much, Christina.
36:14 Christina, I would say God loves that you love Him.
36:18 He delights that you want to spend time with Him.
36:21 God loves you.
36:23 You know my prayer partner for years.
36:24 She and I used to pray once a week together.
36:26 And she would always give me this illustration,
36:28 which I loved.
36:29 She said when she woke up in the morning,
36:31 she lived alone, that she would imagine Jesus there on the bed.
36:34 And I mean this in the most respectful way possible,
36:36 kind of propped up on his elbow here,
36:39 just looking at her waiting for her to wake up
36:43 to spend time with her.
36:45 And that's how Jesus feels about you.
36:47 It does not matter how you go about it.
36:50 He just wants to be with you.
36:52 That's right.
36:53 How can you spend time with God?
36:54 I would say there's three ways.
36:56 Pray, study His Word, and share His word.
36:59 Pray.
37:00 When you look at praying, we think it's only by yourself.
37:03 And that is a great way to spend time with God.
37:06 But you can pray with other people.
37:07 You can join a prayer ministry or a team at church,
37:10 you can do prayer walking,
37:12 and as you do your exercise or you walk you can pray
37:15 or you can prayer walk through the mall
37:17 or in your community or your neighborhood.
37:20 You can even pray drive, meaning as you're driving,
37:22 you shut off the radio and you just spend time
37:25 with Jesus in your car.
37:26 If you study His Word, you can study His Word with us
37:29 on Bible Q and A.
37:30 We would be honored and delighted and the Lord Jesus
37:33 would like that.
37:34 You can listen to the Bible on tape,
37:36 you reference that you don't read very well.
37:38 Well, you can spend time with Jesus by listening
37:40 to the Word of God on tape.
37:42 You can just read one verse, and write it down.
37:45 I love that.
37:46 It can be a verse that you could tape up.
37:48 I have verses up in the kitchen
37:49 where I work on memorizing scripture.
37:52 You can find one promise from God's Word
37:54 and meditate on it all day long.
37:57 That is spending time in His Word.
37:59 That's spending time with Jesus.
38:02 You can share His Word,
38:03 share what you have learned today with someone else.
38:07 What an incredible way.
38:09 So to me getting to know Jesus,
38:11 spending time with Jesus is not a one size fits all.
38:15 It fits your individual personality,
38:18 your needs, just spend time with Him
38:20 because He's waiting to spend time with you.
38:23 Amen. Beautiful answer.
38:25 Yeah, I love to think about God that way
38:26 just waiting to spend time with us.
38:28 Absolutely.
38:29 You know, of course, we appreciate you being,
38:31 of course, part of our family, you are our family,
38:32 but there's nothing like spending that individual
38:34 one on one with Jesus Christ that Jill was referring to.
38:37 So thank you so much for the great questions.
38:39 Amen. It is.
38:41 Praise the Lord.
38:42 This here, Jason, comes from Shane in Tennessee.
38:46 "What do you say to the man who says,
38:49 'I prayed to God, but she still died.'
38:53 Why did God let her die?
38:57 It's his fault.
38:58 He could have saved her.
39:00 But God didn't save her.'"
39:02 Shane, anytime we're dealing with someone
39:05 who is grieving the loss of a loved one,
39:07 we need to make sure that we're cognizant
39:09 of the following things, a few things,
39:11 but it's not limited to this list.
39:13 I've got two minutes.
39:14 Our timing, number one, our approach and our words.
39:19 Now you might approach the situation
39:21 by telling your friend,
39:22 you know, that you're so sorry for his loss
39:25 and let him know that you are there for him
39:27 and genuinely be there for him.
39:29 Now, don't say that you know
39:31 what he's going through because each loss is different.
39:34 Then proceed to tell him in a loving way
39:37 that God is not the one to be blamed
39:40 for his loved ones' death.
39:42 John 10:10, "The thief does not come except
39:46 to steal and to kill and to destroy.
39:49 I have come that they may have life
39:51 and that they may have it more abundantly."
39:54 Isaiah 55:8-9,
39:58 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
40:00 nor are your ways My ways, says the Lord.
40:03 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
40:05 so are My ways higher than your ways
40:07 and My thoughts than your thoughts."
40:09 We don't always know why God allows
40:12 certain things to happen.
40:15 But, and this is key, we need to trust
40:19 that He has eternity in view,
40:22 and He wants to spend eternity with us.
40:26 You know, I lost my cousin.
40:28 And, you know, the one thing that brought me comfort
40:33 was the fact that I think that he passed away
40:37 at a time where he was secure in the Lord.
40:42 Had time gone on, I don't know what could have happened.
40:46 I don't know if he could have walked away from the Lord.
40:49 But I trust that I will see him again, when Jesus returns.
40:53 And you have that hope, you have to trust in the Lord,
40:57 that He knows best.
40:59 And that He sees the end from the beginning.
41:01 Amen. Beautiful.
41:02 It's good. Praise the Lord.
41:04 Yeah, amen.
41:05 And good counsel from the Word of God, too.
41:06 Thank you so much, Jason.
41:08 Pastor Ryan, question here.
41:09 "Can you please explain Isaiah 14:15
41:14 because the scripture makes it sound like Satan,
41:16 and the wicked will be going to the core of the earth,
41:19 which is what one of my friends believe in.
41:22 How do I scripturally explain this to her?"
41:24 Absolutely.
41:26 Well, the best way to explain this is first we have to study
41:28 within context and what he's saying.
41:29 Good point.
41:31 Let's go back a couple of verses, Isaiah14:12,
41:34 actually start in verse 13, speaking of Lucifer,
41:36 and he says and Lucifer saying these things,
41:39 he says, "For you have said in your heart,
41:40 I will ascend to the heaven,
41:42 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God,
41:44 I will also set up on the mount of the congregation
41:46 on the farthest sides of the north,
41:48 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
41:50 I will be like the Most High."
41:53 And then notice the very next verses the one you're quoting.
41:56 And that is, he says, "Yet you shall be brought down to,"
41:59 and the New King James Version says, "Sheol,
42:02 to the lowest depths of the pit."
42:03 In fact, that's the actual better translation.
42:05 King James Version says, hell,
42:06 and a lot of the early translations
42:10 or the translators, they scribed it
42:11 when they translated that they put it in hell,
42:13 because they believed it that that aspect of hell was a deep,
42:16 dark burning dungeon in the center of the earth.
42:18 But the word Sheol here simply means the grave.
42:22 And so what we find here is a contrast.
42:24 God is telling Lucifer, He's saying, "Look,
42:27 you've said all these things, you want to be equal with Me,
42:29 you want to be risen up as high as Me,
42:30 you want to receive worship,
42:31 you want to be, you know, uplifted as high as Me,
42:33 yet I am going to bring you down
42:36 to the lowest parts of the earth."
42:38 In fact, the context clue here, it says,
42:40 to the lowest depths of the pit.
42:42 What is the pit?
42:44 A lot of people think it's some, again, dark center,
42:46 you know, core of the earth,
42:47 where the devil is down there with his pitchfork,
42:49 and, you know, souls are roasting and toasting
42:51 for ceaseless ages.
42:52 But that's not the case.
42:54 The pit here simply is a reference to the earth.
42:56 How do we know that?
42:57 Notice, we're in Isaiah 14.
42:59 If you go to Isaiah 24, notice what Isaiah 24:19-22 says.
43:04 It says, "The earth,"
43:05 notice how many times he says the earth.
43:07 He says, "The earth is violently broken,
43:09 the earth is split open,
43:10 the earth is shaking exceedingly,
43:12 the earth shall reel to and fro
43:13 like a drunkard and shall totter like a hut."
43:16 So he's talking about the earth here.
43:17 But if you go down to verse 22, it says,
43:20 speaking of the wicked,
43:21 "They shall be gathered together on the earth
43:23 as prisoners are gathered in the pit."
43:26 So again, this pit is a reference to the earth.
43:28 Satan, of course, was cast to the earth in Revelation 12,
43:34 there we see very clearly that he's cast to the earth.
43:36 And then, of course, in Revelation 20:10,
43:39 we know that it's not some deep, dark burning dungeon,
43:41 that he's a part of because in Revelation 10:20, it says,
43:44 "The devil who deceived them was cast
43:45 into the lake of fire and brimstone."
43:48 So this pit, the Sheol is talking about
43:51 how Satan's his punishment, his judgment
43:54 is that he would be cast to the lowest parts
43:56 of the earth.
43:58 Amen.
43:59 Absolutely.
44:00 Great question and a great answer.
44:02 Thank you so much, Pastor Ryan.
44:03 Oh, Jill, this question comes from Georgia
44:05 and the person's name is Rona.
44:07 "Can you go into an explanation
44:09 of the story of Ananias and Sapphira?"
44:13 Well, let's say just a little history first.
44:14 Thank you for the question, Rona.
44:15 When you see Acts Chapter 2,
44:17 we see this incredible Pentecostal sermon.
44:19 The Holy Spirit has been poured out,
44:21 Peter's preaching, 3,000 people are baptized in a day.
44:25 Then we see this description of the New Testament Church
44:28 and in Acts Chapter 3, we have the lame man
44:32 who's healed and all the people come together,
44:36 and Peter preaches again.
44:37 And then in Acts Chapter 4, the disciples are arrested
44:40 and thrown into prison.
44:42 And then it says that the church continued
44:44 to grow exponentially.
44:46 And by this point, the number of men
44:47 came to be about 5,000.
44:50 And then we have women and children.
44:51 The description of the New Testament Church at that time,
44:54 the Holy Spirit was poured out again.
44:56 They were given boldness to preach
44:58 and they held all things in common
45:02 and the money was given to further the gospel ministry.
45:05 So enter Acts Chapter 5 Ananias and Sapphira.
45:09 They promised to sell a piece of land,
45:11 and they would bring the money to the common fund,
45:14 the gospel treasury.
45:16 Well, they did sell the land,
45:17 but they decided to keep a portion
45:19 of the proceeds back for themselves.
45:21 Ananias goes in and says, "This is all the money"
45:24 and Peter says, "Why are you tempting the Holy Spirit?
45:28 Why have you conceived this thing in your heart?
45:31 You have not lied to men but to God."
45:33 And Ananias is killed on the spot by the Lord.
45:37 Then Sapphira comes in three hours later.
45:40 And she says, "Oh yes, we sold the land for that much,"
45:43 holding to the lie, holding to the deception.
45:46 And what happens?
45:47 She is killed as well.
45:49 Fear comes upon both the New Testament Church
45:52 and the unbelievers.
45:53 So what do we learn?
45:55 Number one, sin is a serious offense to God.
45:57 Amen.
45:58 Number two, God sees what is done in secret.
46:01 Number three, greed, it always leads to sin.
46:06 Number four, don't try to impress other people.
46:10 Number five, faith commitments are not to be ignored.
46:15 And number six, it's better to correct something early
46:17 and to be honest, than to let it grow for a long time,
46:21 and correct it later.
46:23 So that was an early check, you could say
46:25 in the New Testament Church to correct some of those evil
46:29 so it would not continue and it would not spread.
46:31 Wow.
46:33 Great explanation of the story of Ananias and Sapphira.
46:35 Thank you so much.
46:36 Jason, this question comes from Tennessee,
46:39 "If words like eternal and everlasting
46:43 when applied to hell, don't really mean unending.
46:46 How do we know that life in heaven also called
46:50 eternal or everlasting is really unending?"
46:52 That's a good question.
46:54 Great question.
46:55 It is a good question.
46:56 When we look at words like eternal and everlasting
46:58 when it's applied to hell,
46:59 we are dealing with the effects of the fire.
47:03 If I take a piece of paper and I set it on fire,
47:06 that paper is gone forever, it is eternally burned up,
47:10 it no longer exist.
47:13 But that doesn't mean that the paper is still
47:15 burning for eternity.
47:18 We need to take God's character into consideration
47:21 when we are reading His Word.
47:23 He's a loving God.
47:24 John 3:16, "For God so loved the world
47:28 that He gave His only begotten Son,
47:30 that whoever believes in Him should not perish,
47:35 but have everlasting life."
47:37 So those that don't believe in Him, they will perish.
47:39 They will cease to exist, they will be no more.
47:42 But those that do believe in Jesus,
47:45 they will have everlasting life.
47:48 Romans 6:23, "For the wages of sin is death.
47:53 But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
47:58 Now it doesn't say that for the wages of sin
48:00 is burning forever, or eternally burning, it says,
48:04 "For the wages of sin is death."
48:06 2 Peter 3:9-10, "The Lord is not slack
48:10 concerning His promise as some men count slackness,
48:14 but is long suffering toward us,
48:16 not willing that any should perish,
48:18 but that all should come to repentance.
48:21 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night
48:25 in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise
48:30 and the elements shall melt with fervent heat,
48:33 the earth also and the works
48:34 that are there in shall be burned up."
48:38 Revelation 21:4,
48:41 "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes,
48:45 there shall be no more death."
48:48 So if there's no more death was going to be going on.
48:51 There's going to be some eternal life there,
48:53 "nor sorrow, nor crying.
48:55 There shall be no more pain,
48:57 for the former things have passed away."
49:00 I can't wait for that day.
49:02 That's so good.
49:03 Amen. Yeah, it was excellent.
49:05 Thank you so much, Jason.
49:06 Thank you for the question.
49:08 Pastor Ryan, this comes from Linda
49:10 in Redding, California.
49:12 And here's your question.
49:13 "Don't laugh.
49:15 This is a serious question.
49:17 If you fed a pig only grains and vegetables,
49:21 is it still unclean?"
49:23 Well, I'm not gonna laugh at that question
49:24 because that's a great question
49:26 because it follows suit as many people believe that,
49:28 you know, the idea of the clean and unclean
49:30 is associated with the diet.
49:32 But that's not necessarily the diet of the animal.
49:34 That's what most people think.
49:36 But that's not necessarily the case.
49:38 The Bible simply speaks
49:39 that there is a group of animals
49:41 based on certain classifications against
49:43 split hooves, chewing the cud,
49:45 you know what the fish fins and scales,
49:47 you know, birds that can't be,
49:48 you know, the scavengers of the earth,
49:50 there are certain classifications there
49:52 as to their diet that is of no effect.
49:54 God just simply says, these particular classifications
49:57 of animals are unclean, and these are okay.
49:59 And so for instance, Leviticus11:7-8 tells us
50:02 very clearly that the swine is because it, notice,
50:06 because it has a split hoof but it doesn't chew the cud.
50:08 And you might say, Oh, well that as long as I feed it,
50:10 you know, fruits and vegetables and grains
50:12 and you know, a plant based diet,
50:14 then maybe it'll be clean to eat.
50:15 Well, if that's the case, then you know,
50:17 we got a problem with the camel
50:18 because the camel doesn't have a split hoof,
50:20 but it chews the cud.
50:22 In other words, perhaps its diet
50:23 or its digestive system is appropriate.
50:25 But for some reason because it doesn't have a split hoof,
50:28 God says is unclean.
50:30 So we don't question whether or not
50:32 you know, it's the proper diet.
50:33 It's God's simply says,
50:35 "Just don't eat these kinds of animals.
50:36 I didn't make them for you to eat."
50:38 In fact, we know this to be all the way down
50:40 to the end of time until Jesus Christ comes back
50:42 because we see there in Isaiah 66:15-17,
50:47 speaking of the second coming of Jesus, it says,
50:50 "For behold, the Lord will come with fire,
50:52 and with his chariots,
50:53 like a whirlwind to render His anger and His fury,
50:56 and His rebuke with flames of fire,
50:58 for by fire, and by His sword, the Lord will judge all flesh
51:01 and the slain of the Lord shall be many."
51:02 And then He describes the slain of the Lord,
51:05 "those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves
51:07 to go to the gardens after an idol in the midst."
51:10 And then He says here, "eating swine flesh,
51:13 and the abomination of the mouse
51:14 shall be consumed."
51:16 And so absolutely those who shall be consumed
51:19 for eating the swine flesh,
51:20 will they're going to be consumed eternally.
51:22 But as Jason said, guess what?
51:24 We just leave those swine alone,
51:25 because where there is no more death,
51:27 there's got to be some eternal life in there.
51:29 I like that.
51:30 Me too.
51:31 Yeah, there's a song that says what God said it, I believe it.
51:34 That's right. That's right.
51:35 God settles it for me.
51:37 That's right.
51:38 Thank you so much, Pastor Ryan.
51:40 Thank you, of course, Jason, and Jill.
51:41 What we're going to do right now
51:42 because this hour has gone by in a hurry,
51:44 we're going to go to a quick break
51:45 and we'll be right back with some closing comments.
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