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01:07 >> I love read them. Jill Morricone and we just welcome
01:10 you to another 3ABN today. Bible Q and A that's right.
01:14 This is your time to get your questions answered from the
01:18 word of God he was for 12 tells us is the word of God is quick
01:22 and powerful. Its living. It's alive and powerful.
01:26 It is sharper than any 2 edged sword and it pierces. It brings
01:31 conviction by the anointing power of the Holy Spirit.
01:34 I love this program because we get to answer your questions.
01:37 We have our family around the table here. We're going to
01:42 introduce to you and it's my privilege to introduce my dad.
01:45 Well, I call him dad, but this is actually great father.
01:49 So he's my father-in-law, Pastor Daniel Morricone.
01:52 But you're like that.
01:53 >> Well, thank you. And you're like a daughter to me. Yeah.
01:56 What a blessing. Thank you for having me on the program today.
02:00 >> Delighted to have you here. And you help out in our
02:02 pastoral department. Yes, I'm having a.
02:04 >> A blast doing that. That's wonderful. Answering the phone.
02:07 People have problems or whatever we get to pray with
02:10 people. Yeah, let's that's wonderful. So sitting next to
02:13 Pastor Daniel Moore County is Daniel Perron. Thank you so
02:16 much for being here, Dana.
02:18 >> Yes, the second annual. It's a good name. And, you
02:22 know, just studying the Bible. This morning, I had a bunch of
02:24 questions and they invite me back to say to the one who has
02:28 the answers. There's lots of questions. And I love studying
02:31 these.
02:32 >> A man I love this program because we get to dive deep
02:35 into the word of God. That's it. And there's so much to
02:37 learn. The more I study it seems like the more I don't
02:40 know. The more there is to learn Pastor John Lowe, McCain
02:43 at the end of the table. So glad you're here, Pastor
02:45 John.
02:47 >> You know, the Bible reminds us that we are not able to
02:50 comprehend the breath and depth and height and length of cosmic
02:54 knowledge. It always dwarfs us when we walk into this room and
02:59 recognize there are no walls there, no floors, there's no
03:02 ceiling. That's what the study, because where does it reminds
03:05 us that he soften? We're not like I'm always learning,
03:09 as Daniel said, when we step into that room of unlimited
03:13 divine knowledge, a man.
03:15 >> So invite you to learn along with us today. We're going to
03:19 go to the Lord in prayer before we started first question.
03:22 But before what we do that we want to give you the way that
03:24 you can send in your questions. We will answer them on an
03:28 upcoming Bible qna program. So first you can e-mail us.
03:33 That's Bible Q A at 3 ABN DOT TV. That e-mail address again
03:38 is Bible Q A at 3 A B and DOT TV or you can pick up your cell
03:44 phone and text us your questions at 618-228-3975.
03:52 That's 618-228-3975. Or you can go to Instagram. We get
03:56 questions in via Instagram and the Instagram handle is 3ABN
04:01 underscore official. So that's 3 vans. Instagram handle in
04:06 3ABN underscore official. And we want to answer your
04:10 questions on an upcoming Bible Q and a program. Before we go
04:14 any further, we're go to the Lord in prayer. And Daniel,
04:16 would you pray for us?
04:18 >> Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, I thank you that you lead us
04:21 through the word of God step-by-step page by page verse
04:26 by verse and word by word. You are there all the way
04:31 Lourdes we study and listen and pray and think today guide us
04:35 as we want to understand your word because we want a clearer
04:38 picture of Jesus, his name. We pray, amen.
04:42 >> Now we're going to get into the word of God. And for going
04:46 to the pastor John McCain first and this one, I'm not sure who
04:49 it comes from its as will. We all have to stand before God
04:53 and given the count for our sins, whether it be good or
04:57 bad.
04:58 >> OK, so you might be startled to hear me say no.
05:03 And here's the reason why the Swede's second Corinthians 5
05:06 and verse 10 and you might do what the Bible says. He'll
05:09 listen to this carefully for. We must all appear before the
05:13 judgment seat of Christ. But each one may receive the
05:16 things done in the body. According to what he has done,
05:19 whether good or bad thing unfold, it want to give our
05:22 lives to Christ. He does not just become Arwa Damon. He
05:25 becomes advocate and first onto first won my little children.
05:29 These things are right to you so that you may not send.
05:33 And if anyone since we have an advocate with the father,
05:36 Jesus Christ, the right is. So the question is what is an
05:39 advocate do?
05:40 He was 9 for 24 for Christ, has not entered the Holy Place he's
05:45 made with hands, which are copies of the true, but into
05:48 heaven itself. Listen carefully. Now, 2 up here in
05:53 the presence of God for us. And so he appears for us.
05:58 He's alright. He's if you send on your advocate and what is
06:02 the Advocate do he appears for us per people say what I have
06:05 to go to court. My lawyer is going to represent me. That's
06:09 what Jesus does in the judgment. He represents us.
06:11 But here's the other question.
06:13 All his yo point, only those whose sins are not a tone for
06:18 we'll have to give an account for those. The righteous will
06:22 not have to appear for the following reason there since
06:26 have been a tone for the Apostle Paul, the Apostle Peter
06:30 preaching on the day of Penny Cause a records. These words in
06:33 the book of acts back to 19
06:37 repent, therefore and be converted that your sins may be
06:41 a lot. A lot it out, right? So that time's of refreshing
06:45 may come from the president of the Lord.
06:47 How can you why would you be called to give an account of
06:50 something that just blot it out? A new record has been
06:53 expunged
06:54 because our advocate appearing before the father for us.
06:57 It's good, Tony, for us. The lamb of God that taketh
07:00 away the sins of the world. He took away his advocate.
07:04 So why do we have to appear when our sends a blot out,
07:07 somebody may say your honor, can you show me? The record of
07:10 Daniel parents sent? It's a L a
07:14 what? Sorry. You're on a A
07:16 we may be a falsely accused him because his record is clear.
07:20 Pass what Lourdes Blots out our sins. And he confirms that Mike
07:24 and 7 0st 19,
07:26 he will again have compassion on us
07:29 and will subdue our iniquities.
07:32 You'll cast all our sins into the depths of the sea and put
07:36 out and no fishing signs have to say that. Not only that he
07:40 was 8 and verse 12 for I will have mercy to their high will
07:45 be merciful to the unrighteous and their sins and their
07:48 lawless deeds. I will remember no more. So
07:54 I don't remember y Daniels in court. I forgot was hit by his
07:57 here that I don't see anything on the record. What? Because of
08:01 toe. In a sense of that you dismissed, sir. We can accuse
08:04 you of anything. That's why the beautiful story of Joshua being
08:07 accused by Satan. The lawyer said you just upset because
08:10 he's a brand plucked from the fire and that's the beauty of
08:13 all of us. Proverbs. 28 and verse 13 says
08:18 he who covers his sends will not prosper, but whoever
08:21 confesses in for 6 then will have mercy. So that's what
08:24 happened. When you go to the court and you are innocent,
08:27 you asked for justice when you're guilty. You asked for
08:30 mercy. We have mercy because our father first, John, 4 for
08:34 7. So what happens when we stand in that day of judgment?
08:37 Love has been perfected among us in this that we may have
08:40 boldness in the day of judgment because as he is, so are we in
08:45 this world? We have boldness because Jesus Christ, our
08:49 advocate,
08:51 our lamb. Our judge has blotted out our sins. The record is
08:55 clear that thrown into the depths of the sea. We have no
08:59 mercy and we could stand before the father without any fear of
09:03 being condemned.
09:04 >> Men, thank you so much faster. Dawn. I wasn't sure
09:07 where you're going with the first know, but I love that
09:10 only the we could have to stand in judgment. But the righteous
09:13 are clear. That's the great White throne. Judgment
09:15 revelation 20. I love the books are open to have to give an
09:18 account this powerful. Let's go to Daniel pairing next. This is
09:21 a text that came in when Malakai for speak said Elijah,
09:26 the prophet must first come before that great and dreadful
09:29 day. The Lord. Can you explain exactly what that means?
09:33 >> Okay. The end of the malakai is also the end of the profits
09:38 than every team and the end of the profits is looking forward
09:42 than to a new profit to another profit. So here's what we read
09:45 at the end of allocate first 5, 6, a chapter for behold.
09:49 I will send shoe Elijah the prophet before the coming of
09:52 the great and tread full day of the Lord. He will turn the
09:56 hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the
09:58 children to their fathers. Lest I calm and strike the
10:01 earth with a curse. So what's the day of the Lord and a real
10:05 Elijah really return in person?
10:08 The day of salvation is the time we have right now. This is
10:11 when the time is open for decision-making, for for God.
10:15 But the day of the Lord is when God steps in and intervenes
10:19 nationally for Israel. This is what is Israel's apostasy was
10:22 over and it was to be dealt with by God, but Prophetically.
10:26 This looks forward to a final worldwide ultimate day of the
10:30 Lord when divinely got stepson intervenes with Sen.
10:35 But who is Elijah C******? Well, you like it could not be
10:37 right recognized by photos or physical descriptions. They
10:40 didn't have those things. If they're going to recognize
10:42 Elijah C******, it would be through his prophetic message
10:44 of restoration and renewal that was intended to prepare the way
10:49 for God's divine intervention. And in Jesus Day, we learn
10:52 this. And Luke, 9.18, to 20 people anticipated delight.
10:55 You really would come back in the flash. In-person people
10:58 thought maybe Jesus was Elijah preparing the way. But Jesus
11:02 tells us plainly that this refers to John. The Baptist
11:06 Ministry listened to Matthew 17, 10 to 13 Jesus disciples
11:10 asking about Elijah and Jesus. As I say to you, Elijah has
11:15 come already. They did not know him, but they did whatever they
11:18 wished. Likewise, the son of man is about to suffer at their
11:21 hands. Then the disciples understood that he spoke to
11:24 them of John the Baptist. And so the Angel Gabriel,
11:28 he also predicted this when he up when he came in, told
11:32 Zacharias about the birth of John the Baptist Zacharias was
11:36 John's father, Luke. One 17 says that he will also go
11:40 before him in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the
11:44 hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to
11:47 the wisdom of the just to make ready, people prepared for the
11:52 Lord.
11:53 So John, the Baptist, his ministry there was to prepare
11:56 people for the day of the Lord when God intervenes sending an
12:00 intervention to deal with Sen. But there still is coming a
12:04 final great day of the Lord when there will be an
12:07 intervention from God that his final and complete. And so we
12:12 should be looking for anticipating the message of
12:14 Elijah. And what is that? First Kings, 18 to 21 18 verse.
12:19 21 says how long will you falter between 2 opinions if
12:23 the Lord has got follow him? Today is decision-making time.
12:28 But the repairs, the altar focusing our attention on the
12:30 sacrifice in the sanctuary and he turns the hearts of parents
12:34 to children and children to parents. God wants families
12:37 united love to be healed, families to be ministry tools
12:41 pointing people to Jesus.
12:43 >> 2 men, thank you so much. Tanja. We talked about end-time
12:46 judgment and time they the Lord, we're going to stay kind
12:49 of end time. New world. We're going go to dad here. This
12:52 question came from David who sent in via text from Florida.
12:57 Well, the Heavenly Sanctuary remains standing after the new
13:01 world he's created.
13:04 >> While that's a great question there. David, thank
13:07 you so much. It helped me to dig in the Bible. Also to
13:11 figure this out
13:12 that sounds like you are right there. That's quote this from
13:15 the Bible here so that our viewers wouldn't
13:18 know what you're talking about. The revelation. 21. 22,
13:22 the Bible says and I saw no temple therein
13:26 for the Lord God almighty
13:29 and the lamb are the temple of it.
13:33 The word temple actually comes from a primary word, meaning to
13:36 do well.
13:38 Remember, God telling Moses, let them make me a sanctuary
13:42 that I may do well among them. You know, God loves to do well
13:46 with his people that when Adam first and that was the main
13:51 thing, you know, he was asking, Adam, where are you? Because
13:54 the every evening they would come and talk and commune with
13:56 each other, they would dwell together there hang out.
13:59 They could say Moses said, let them make me a sanctuary that I
14:02 may dwell among them. You know, possibly we've been thinking of
14:05 the sanctuary in
14:07 and a small too small of an idea where guards presence is
14:12 where he's dwelling. And that's the sanctuary God's presence in
14:15 some 102 verse 19. It says for he has looked down from the
14:20 height of his sanctuary
14:22 from heaven. Did the Lord behold the Earth that was on
14:26 the 102 verse 19
14:28 and then he burst chapter 9 and verse 11, it says, but Christ
14:33 being coming high priest of good things to come by a
14:37 greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands.
14:42 That is to say not of this building and then jumping down
14:46 diverse. 23.
14:49 He was 9. It was necessary that the patterns of things in the
14:53 heavens. So this earthly sanctuary down here was a
14:56 pattern of the heavenly
14:58 should be purified with these. But the heavenly things
15:01 themselves with better sacrifices than these
15:05 for Christ is not entered into the Holy places made with
15:07 hands,
15:09 which are the figures of the true but into heaven itself
15:12 now to appear in the presence of God for us. And you recall
15:16 Jesus, his death on the cross took care of all the sanctuary
15:21 type things that you are to killing the lamb and all of
15:24 that. So that was no more necessary for that to be.
15:28 So in that context, the sanctuary as we knew it on this
15:32 Earth and in heaven
15:34 not needed anymore. So thank you again for that question.
15:38 And thank you for.
15:40 >> Thank you so much. That a man. Let's go to something more
15:45 practical all now. I love the questions that you all said and
15:48 done. Some are deeply theological and some are just
15:51 practical. This is a practical question. We're going to Daniel
15:54 parent. This came in via Instagram.
15:57 What is the biblical view of drinking coffee now? This is a
16:03 loaded question.
16:04 >> All right. Well, in Genesis, Chapter 2 verse one, God
16:08 provided hydration source, which was a river of pure
16:13 water. Water is absolutely essential for every organ
16:17 system and function of the body. And there's no substitute
16:21 for water when it comes to hydration and cleansing and
16:24 detoxifying lubricating temperature, regulation,
16:27 tissue strengthening and much more. So the biblical view of
16:31 drinking coffee is
16:32 drink water
16:34 copies. Popular though 2.2 5 billion cups of coffee consumed
16:38 in the United States. A worldwide daily. 74 1% of
16:42 Americans drink coffee every day. It is the second most
16:45 traded commodity only after crude oil. He averaged American
16:49 drinks. 88.8 gallons of coffee a year which is more than the
16:53 average water drinking in the United States. It's just me
16:57 being with water, right? So what does coffee or any
17:01 caffeine caffeinated drink or food do when we consume it job
17:06 Chapter 10 verse 8 says your hands have made in fashion to
17:10 me and intricate unity. In other words, whatever I can sue
17:16 affects all of may physically and spiritually. So from the
17:20 intestines, capping enters the bloodstream, crosses the blood
17:23 brain barrier where it blocks the adenosine a one receptor
17:28 Ys, which Ali give us that tired feeling when we need to
17:32 rest. So that caffeine blocks, those receptors hijacks God's
17:36 warning system that prompt prompts us to manage our labor
17:40 and rest cycles. And by doing this, we alter God's order in
17:44 the brain and that surplus of adenosine then prompts the
17:48 release of adrenaline. Another stimulant and the blocking of
17:51 the 2 a receptor releases doping mean another stimulant
17:55 and mood enhancer. But this receptor it to it gets
17:59 desensitize over time so that caffeine fails to produce the
18:02 same feeling. Meanwhile, the caffeine restricts the blood
18:05 flow in the brain by up to 30%, particularly to the frontal
18:09 lobe of our brain. This is our reasoning center where we
18:12 choose between right and wrong, where we hear and respond to
18:16 the voice of the holy spirit where we accept and obey God's
18:19 law where we resist temptation and so we can to buy the
18:25 effects of Sen we need spiritual and moral strength
18:29 and caffeine instead of providing spiritual moral
18:32 strength. It weakens that very part of the brain where we do
18:36 that spiritual work with God that is so essential.
18:39 Add to that a list of reported symptoms related to caffeine
18:42 consumption, irritability, depressed mood, nervousness,
18:45 upset stomach, muscle twitches, insomnia, hormone imbalance,
18:49 poor sleep regulation. All of these don't appear to be what
18:53 God desires for us. I've heard claims that caffeine or coffee
18:58 has healthy antioxidants, God is so good. He's given us blue
19:02 berries and pomegranate and green leafy vegetables, fruits,
19:07 packed and loaded with these wonderful things without side
19:10 effects. The God has given us all sorts of things to eat and
19:14 ways to eat them. That increase our strength and boost our
19:17 energy. But not everything that grows out of the earth is for
19:21 our consumption. We know this because there are things that
19:25 do that and have side effects and do stuff to our body.
19:28 We certainly avoid poisons that damage us immediately. But
19:31 caffeine is one of those in our spiritual life. Doesn't damage
19:34 just there. Listen to this, Texas here in first Corinthians
19:37 10. 31, therefore, whether you eat or drink or whatever you
19:42 do, do it all to the glory of God. So God is inviting each
19:47 one of us to say take my gifts that I've given to you tough
19:50 freely use that are healthy for you and use of those things.
19:54 And it's by the Holy Spirit's power. Each one of us have
19:57 habits were things that we've inherited from the past that
20:00 God is leading us to lay aside. But a drink, pure water.
20:04 It's good and it's good for you.
20:06 >> One man, thank you so much. Can you know good practical
20:09 scientific, too? I like the sign of backing. Before we go
20:12 to the next question, just want to remind you you can send in
20:15 your questions for an upcoming Bible Q and a program or will
20:19 feature an answer. Your questions from the word of God.
20:22 You can e-mail us your questions. That Bible Q A AT 3,
20:26 A B and that TV that's Bible Q A AT 3, A B and OTT TV or you
20:31 can text in your questions at 6, 1, 8, 2, 2, 8, 3, 9, 7,
20:37 5, 6, 1, 8, 2, 2, 8, 3, 9, 7, 5, Or you can send in your
20:42 questions via Instagram. The Instagram handle is 3ABN
20:46 underscore official. That's 3ABN underscore official.
20:52 We're going go to Pastor John next. And this is still kind of
20:54 a practical question.
20:56 This came from Daniel in, but not the Daniels on the set
21:00 here, Daniel in New Zealand and he sent in via e-mail
21:05 Ken 7, 7, 7, be used in things like email addresses, bank card
21:09 pin numbers. My grandma says 7, 7, 7, is only for the cross and
21:14 should never be used on worldly things. Can you shed some light
21:17 on this matter, please?
21:19 >> OK, I could answer that question. And one 0nd, you can
21:22 use 7, 7, 7, Yes. Let me just tell you why some people have
21:27 the views that they do in reference to the number 7 at
21:30 all. You'll find in the Bible if you go to Genesis Chapter 5
21:33 and purse. 31, the only place that 7, 7, 7, is used in the
21:37 Bible
21:39 is in describing the age of La Mac. The Bible says altogether
21:43 Love Mac lived a total of 777 years and then he died. So
21:50 outside of that, you find a number of sevens and I I'm a
21:53 prophecy student. I like the scriptures and night in
21:57 numerology is if I could use that phrase loosely, not in the
21:59 professional sense, but I like to look at the connections in
22:02 scripture. But these numbers that come, he was an
22:04 association that might even sparked your interest to look
22:08 deeply into it.
22:09 But suffice it to say
22:11 the number 7 is not prohibited. The Bible doesn't prohibit the
22:15 use of his matter of fact. What can you just pointed out?
22:18 Prohibition is to prohibit the things that affect your
22:21 worship, affect your body, affect your relationship with
22:23 God.
22:24 The number 7 is not one of those. Here's some of the
22:27 sevens in the Bible.
22:29 You also find according to some Orthodox police, the number 7
22:33 is associated with the representation of the 3 full
22:36 Trinity, 7, 7, 7, father, son and Holy Spirit. So there you
22:41 have that association.
22:42 But consider this.
22:44 Here's how the number 7 finds itself inscription coming days
22:47 and week 7,
22:49 what David Cobb less the 7th one, the 7th day of creation is
22:53 called The Sabbath. Jesus and the Apostles observe the 7th
22:57 day of the week. 7 today as a sign of allegiance to our God
23:02 is he killed 20st 12 20 7, please. Priest Boeing 7
23:06 trumpets. And you find that just before the fall of the
23:09 Wall of Jericho and Revelation has a host of Seven's and here
23:13 they are
23:16 7 churches, 7 spirit of God, 7 blessings. Most people don't
23:21 see that. Have to look for that. 7 Golden Lamp stands.
23:25 7 stars which of the 7 Angels to the 7 churches, 7 seals the
23:29 lamb with 7 eyes and 7 horns. 7 angels that stand before God
23:34 and they are going to blow the 7 trumpets.
23:37 7 thunders 7,000 killed in the earthquake just before the 7th
23:41 trumpet is sounded the bees with 7 heads. 7 Angel was 7
23:45 Viles of the 7 last plagues
23:47 the beast with 7 has associated with the 7 Mountains and 7
23:52 kings that give their power and support to the 8th King from
23:55 the bottomless pit. But he is a positive way to remember 7
23:59 Matthew 18 for 21 ton. Peter came to him. That is to crisis
24:02 said
24:04 Lord, how often shell my brother sent against me and I
24:07 forgive him up to 7 times and Jesus in first, 22 said,
24:12 I do not say to you up to 7 times but up to 70 times 7.
24:17 That's a positive way of representing and knowing the
24:20 beauty of the number 7.
24:21 >> Hey, man, I love that. Let's go to dad here next.
24:26 This one is could be a sensitive question, but it's a
24:30 very important question that came in via text. Is it a sin
24:34 to indulge in sex before marriage?
24:38 >> Well, it's a
24:40 that question. Thank you for sending that in. And I'm sure
24:43 there's a lot of viewers that would ask that question
24:49 and well, my simple as would be, yes, it is a sad
24:54 do sex before marriage. But then you would ask why hope
24:57 because God set so that again, that's not a row could recently
25:00 there. I'm sure,
25:02 first for most people. So
25:03 here's first John, 3, 4, just to show what's in is
25:07 it says for whosoever scum in the sand, transgress as also
25:11 the law for Santa's the transgression of the law.
25:15 So then is adultery part of the law, one of the 10 Commandments
25:20 of the 4 of the law of God. It says thou shalt not commit
25:23 adultery. And then you say well is having sex before marriage
25:28 adultery. If you look it up in the dictionary today, it's
25:31 more. It has to be a person that's married and having sex
25:35 or
25:36 with relations with someone that's not their spouse.
25:41 But if we go to Matthew Chapter 5 verse 27, his Jesus is
25:45 definition
25:46 the goal tree.
25:47 He says you have heard that. It was said by them of all
25:51 time,
25:53 thou shalt not commit adultery,
25:55 but I say unto you that whosoever look at on a woman to
25:59 lost after her hath committed adultery already in his heart.
26:04 So sex in any form
26:06 before marriage is sent.
26:08 What? I don't want to look at this from that deprivation
26:11 angle, you know, depriving of something that's really great
26:14 or good.
26:16 Let's look at it from a positive perspective. Good who
26:19 created mankind,
26:21 who gave them sexual desires
26:24 and who would know best how to fulfill them?
26:28 There are a lot of powerful hormones released in the sexual
26:31 experience and God put them there for man's pleasure
26:35 and bonding.
26:37 The Bible says that they become one flesh.
26:40 And science tells us that the first person that you have
26:43 intercourse with actually physiologically alters the
26:46 brain causing an imprint forever.
26:50 I heard that this example many years ago. Imagine it's 30
26:54 degrees below 0.
26:56 And, you know, you've seen those Fossett's that work even
27:01 though it's cold outside.
27:02 It's metal.
27:04 So you go outside and you put your town haha on this metal
27:08 water pipe
27:10 and you leave it there for about a minute, by the way,
27:12 don't do this at home, then remove it.
27:16 You can on the part of yours, Tom, on the pipe. And and
27:20 that's what happens when you have sexual relations, you
27:23 become one flesh. And when you break apart, you leave part of
27:27 yourself emotionally
27:31 and you might be saying, well, that on their blue never break
27:34 up. Well, that's wonderful. And I pray that you never do.
27:38 Let's look at the positives for waiting till after marriage.
27:43 What is more valued? Something that comes easy are something
27:46 that you have to work for or wait for
27:49 God's formula was for man and woman to on first
27:53 and then have intercourse. Intimacy is something that has
27:57 long-term satisfaction and brings contentment
28:01 in justice for one and Adam New Eve, his wife and she conceived
28:06 and bare Cain. So this knowing or intimacy
28:11 preceded, of course. So waiting till after marriage will bring
28:15 you both the greatest satisfaction. You'll have
28:18 greater trust for each other.
28:21 You won't be bringing guilt into the relationship. We
28:23 already have our own baggage that we bring in dealing with.
28:27 Why at anymore.
28:29 I wish God's blessing upon whoever you are.
28:32 And God's plan is always the best format of follow. If
28:35 you've already started, you can actually put it on pause,
28:38 build that trust, get married and then push resume.
28:43 And lastly, remember, God gave it to us for intimacy. And I'd
28:48 like to say that into me, see
28:51 opening up oneself, no walls, perfect trust and openness at
28:56 bring satisfaction that you're really desiring. Otherwise.
28:59 You're just using it as a drug which is just distracting you
29:03 from this fulfillment that God has for you asking a question.
29:07 >> Men, thank you so much that I'm not I don't think I'm gonna
29:10 forget that illustration, but it's a powerful one that's
29:13 really good.
29:15 Praise the Lord that there is forgiveness. If you have
29:17 stepped into that and that God can redeem hang on, can enable
29:21 us to walk in that victory. Let's go to Pastor John.
29:24 This came from Nancy who lives in New York. She sent in a text
29:29 was say 10 raining down fire on Joe.
29:33 >> Another very quick answer. Yes, you know, God job is
29:39 beautiful example of one who had endurance and endurance is
29:44 something that so many of us don't have, you know, job
29:48 doesn't treat it right. We quit. The car broke down.
29:52 We're not going to go back to work again a week. Something
29:54 happened to the church. We stopped going to church job is
29:57 the perfect example in scripture of a person with
29:59 endurance.
30:00 The Lord gave the enemy Satan
30:03 access to job. You find job one verse 8 to 12 because
30:08 Sayed was convinced that he's only serving you because you're
30:11 protecting him. Listen to that. The Bible says
30:14 and the Lord said, no, that's not the case. His heart is
30:16 right with me. So job one verse 8 to 12. Then the Lord said to
30:21 state and have you considered my servant job that there is
30:23 not unlike him on the to blame us. An upright man,
30:26 one of fair Sky and Sean's evil. So Satan and to the Lord
30:30 said
30:32 the job fair Cotton, nothing. Have you made a hedge about him
30:36 around his house holding around all that he has on every side.
30:39 You're blessed to work in his hands and his possessions have
30:42 increased in the land
30:43 but now stretch out your hand and touch him on and all that
30:48 he has and he will show the Kershaw to your face.
30:51 And the Lord said to Satan, behold, all that he has is in
30:55 your power only do not lay a hand on his person. So Satan
31:00 went out from the presence of the Lord.
31:03 So God gave Satan access, not praise God for that because the
31:07 devil can do to us what God does not allow him to do.
31:10 You know, he said to Peter, the devil designs to have you that
31:13 he may safety was weak. But I pray that your faith will not
31:15 fail. If the devil could do his own bidding without God
31:18 prohibiting him, he would wipe us out. Even now God put ahead
31:23 between the devil and said you can go this far but no farther.
31:26 And the Bible says and job one for 16
31:29 up reported came back one of the servants of job while I was
31:33 speaking.
31:34 Another also came in, said the fire of God fell from heaven
31:37 and burned up the sheep and the servants and consume them.
31:41 And I alone have escaped to tell you now you read that and
31:44 you see the Bible says the 5 God, no, just like tornadoes.
31:48 Today, God was accused of the fire. We call it even the act
31:53 of God. Insurance companies say, well, that's an act of
31:55 God. We're not going to cover that.
31:57 No, the devil not only sent the fire
32:00 but tried to blame God for the complex operation and was not
32:04 God. And so in the very and you'll find when you read the
32:06 Bible in revelation 13, the devil once again is going to
32:10 bring down fire from heaven on earth in the side of meant to
32:14 deceive those who dwell on the Earth by the means of those
32:17 miracles,
32:18 which he had power to do in the side of the beast.
32:21 But still once again, why we use fire, he remembered that
32:25 got answers. Elijah by 5, he remember that fire was a symbol
32:28 on the day of Pentecost of the power of God. He knows that
32:31 fire is the symbol of gotten 19, our lives and consuming
32:34 cent and uses it for the purpose of deception. So,
32:37 yes, he was the one that brought the fire down.
32:40 >> Thank you so much, Pastor John. We're going to go to
32:42 Daniel pairing next. This came in from Ruthie who lives in
32:46 Tennessee. And it's a text
32:48 since the mark of the beast and the mark of God are not
32:51 physically visible. How will store owners know who to sell
32:55 to and who not to sell to?
32:58 >> All right. This is a practical question to where
33:00 we're looking to the future and seeing how he's got prophecies
33:03 get fulfilled. I want to read revelation 13 versus 16 17 says
33:09 that he causes all both small and great rich and poor free
33:12 and slave to receive a mark on their right hand on their
33:15 foreheads and that no one may buy or sell except one who has
33:20 the mark. And so many people ask, how could this prophetic
33:23 picture of the United States with one modern worldwide
33:27 influence possibly come true?
33:29 It doesn't seem possible that the United States seen as a
33:32 defender of freedom with so blatantly abolish freedoms and
33:37 that people would participate with us. I want you to notice 3
33:40 things. Number one, this isn't just a physical or political
33:45 conflict. It is a spiritual conflict and a final conflict.
33:51 There will be spiritual forces working through people to wage
33:54 all-out war, seen and unseen and Satan will go to any links
33:59 to carry out his wicked purposes of destruction.
34:02 So we should not say that couldn't happen to a number 2.
34:07 I want you to notice that it is the beast power. This is the
34:09 political nation that prevents those from happening. The mark
34:12 from buying or selling. Now, the government which represents
34:16 the will of the people will seek to convert or eradicate
34:20 one group of people because they will not worship a
34:24 harmless looking alternative to the beast called the image of
34:28 the beast. In other words, conditions in the world will be
34:32 a so what will be such that it will convince the majority that
34:35 is for the common good to eliminate a minority who are
34:40 clearly on the wrong side of the most urgent issue. So
34:44 urgent that it is enough to forfeit our constitutional
34:48 freedoms. It will not be life as usual. Desperate times call
34:51 for desperate measures. And today's news reveals a steady
34:55 trend of events for those who are looking. Governments are
34:58 already using financial restriction and economic
35:01 isolation to put pressure on people. And a recent article I
35:04 read reported that 30 93% of world banks are at some level
35:09 working on a central bank digital currency for all
35:13 financial transactions can be managed are supervised by a
35:16 government agency now without conjecturing too much at about
35:20 the future. I want to recognize that a tool of this
35:23 significance and magnitudes can certainly put into effect to
35:26 restrict the financial autonomy of somebody who is deemed an
35:30 enemy of the people.
35:32 Number 3, I want you to notice that this text tells us that
35:34 the world will be divided into only 2 groups. And the contrast
35:38 between that will be stark and obvious will be no confusion as
35:42 to which group somebody is a part of. On the one hand,
35:45 one group is filled with the holy spirit radiating from
35:48 their life. Still seen as their willingness to die for loyal
35:52 allegiance to God express to worship. And the other group,
35:56 by contrast is devoid of the holy spirit. Completely motive.
36:00 I've made by self willing to kill for the same issue of
36:03 worship, which they believe is obedience to God as well.
36:07 Now we don't need to know exactly how prophecy will be
36:10 fulfilled, but we can trust that God Quest fulfilled every
36:13 prophecy up to now will carry out. Exactly. And we will see
36:17 exactly what God has protected.
36:18 >> The men, thank you so much to new so important that we
36:21 make a choice today for Jesus and to be on the right side and
36:25 then too evangelize and share the gospel with others. So they
36:29 have that opportunity to make a choice as well. Let's go to
36:32 dad. This is another text. We've got a lot of text on this
36:36 program here. This came from Linda in California.
36:39 Why does the Bible use Holy Spirit in some places and holy
36:44 Ghost?
36:45 >> In other places
36:48 and that was Linda. Linda, thank you, Linda, for sending
36:51 that question.
36:54 >> That is a good question. Why does it do one, you know,
36:57 sometimes holy ghost and sometimes Holy Spirit,
37:02 English terms, Holy Ghost voice, but they're completely
37:05 synonymous with each other. Actually
37:08 one derives from the old English word gassed.
37:12 And when you look that up in the Merriam-Webster dictionary,
37:15 it says it was obsolete word. It means to scare and it gives
37:19 a little example from Shakespeare's writings,
37:22 hair hair goes, quote, Casted by the noise that I made
37:28 full. Suddenly he fled.
37:31 That's old English
37:33 and the other 4 from the Latin long word at. So that's the
37:36 word that was adopted from a foreign language with little or
37:39 no modification that spiritus.
37:43 So like New Monday, both prefer to breath
37:46 this up to its animating power and the soul.
37:50 And then I looked up
37:51 in on the Internet here with a
37:54 Don Stewart from Blue Letter Bible Dot Orji to give him
37:59 credit.
38:01 It says why the difference in translation is the reason for
38:03 the difference is found in the story behind the translation of
38:06 the King James Bible.
38:08 When the New Testament was translated from Greek into
38:11 English, it was done by different committees
38:15 and one of the committee's consistently translated the
38:17 Greek word.
38:19 How a guy on numa as Holy Spirit
38:23 while the other committee translated as Holy Ghost.
38:27 So when the translation was completed and these differences
38:30 just remained in the taxpayer
38:32 so that you have the spirit of God referred to as both the
38:35 Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost Get. There's no distinction
38:39 between the 2.
38:41 >> That's right. Yeah, I love that.
38:45 It's so fascinating to study the wording it in to get in and
38:48 to learn that and to see that we're going back to Daniel
38:51 parent here. This is what I don't know who is from it says
38:56 what does Isaiah 8 versus 11 through 20 to me.
39:02 >> All right. I can't read all of those versus here and still
39:06 answer the questions so you should go and read a whole
39:09 chapter. The current events of Isaiah 8 are these King has of
39:15 Judah is facing a powerful United Enemy King resident of
39:20 Syria and King Packet of Israel allied against him. There's 2
39:25 ways to view current events. One of them is to trust in
39:28 God's promises and act accordingly. The other way is
39:32 to trust in human wisdom and strength making alliances with
39:36 the world's methods instead. So God's promise in Isaiah 8 is
39:41 made plain through Isaiah in Chapter 7, chapter 7 versus 14
39:46 and onward and the particular the first 4 versus of Chapter
39:49 8. The promise is this. While Isaiah's child mom, her shallow
39:55 hash Baz is still a child. The 2 kings that has is facing
40:00 will be defeated by a Syria. There is no need for you to go
40:04 and seek help from any other human nation. Isaiah writes
40:08 this down a prophecy in verse 3. It is testified by 2
40:12 witnesses to testify. This is God's prophetic word. And this
40:16 is why Isaiah says in verse 6 0st 18 here, am I and the
40:20 children whom the Lord has given me we're for signs and
40:23 wonders in Israel. Even his family and our family should be
40:26 to a living testament of trusting in God's prophetic
40:30 word.
40:32 Now on the other hand versus 11 12 chapter 8, tell us that the
40:35 people they want it Confederacy or conspiracy or an alliance.
40:40 We want help from some other nation and they're seeking help
40:44 from others. Instead of God they don't trust got first,
40:47 19 tells us that this Confederacy really is seeking
40:51 an alliance with demons. Listen to this. When they say
40:53 to you seek those who are mediums and wizardry Wizards
40:56 who whisper and mother should not people seek their God.
41:01 So first, 21 22 says, though, that if you read those tax,
41:04 when we look for success outside of God, we're not going
41:07 to find it. It will be a zipper walking in darkness. We will
41:10 reap the bitter curses of our decision and then we will blame
41:14 other people for it. And so the solution versus 16 is this bind
41:18 up the testimony and seal the law among my disciples and we
41:22 see it again in first 20 to the law into the testimony. If they
41:26 do not speak according to this word, there is because there's
41:29 no light in them. The testimony remember is God's prophetic
41:32 word when we're facing current events where we see trouble on
41:36 the horizon hold tight to God's prophetic word. God's
41:40 prophecies will not fail and we will face united enemies
41:44 against God's people. God's prophetic word will not fail to
41:48 the testimony. But then to the law, the word there's Torah and
41:52 this is God's teaching throughout the Bible. It's his
41:54 moral law as well as all of God's teaching. And this lets
41:57 us know this is not just about the day events that took place
42:01 in his. This is for all people of all places. God's law is
42:06 what we should turning our attention to Isaiah now is
42:09 strengthened. Listen, diverse. 11 says for the Lord spoke to
42:12 me with a strong hand got strengthened me instructed me.
42:16 I should not walk in the ways of the people trust in God's
42:20 prophetic word, trust in the Bible.
42:22 >> And wonderful encouragement. We're going to come back to dad
42:26 here and this is another kind of Bible. Translation question.
42:29 This came in via text. Why is Matthew 17? 21 left out of some
42:36 Bible translations. Another good question there.
42:40 >> And that doesn't have the author of that.
42:45 The more modern translations. They don't include it because
42:48 there had with found better manuscripts to get the
42:52 translation problem.
42:55 I'm back in history. How these translations came about
43:01 King James version in this translator completed. That's
43:04 translation 16. 11
43:06 came from the Texas receptive switch was a Greek
43:11 rendition of the New Testament.
43:13 But it was revised, you know, your a** mess with the guy that
43:16 wrote that he revised several times.
43:19 But the New Testament in the King, James, was about 84%
43:25 from translate from intend. They'll he was the original
43:28 translating it into English and
43:31 King anyway. He needed to quick translation to make himself
43:37 look good. So the heat,
43:40 but it doesn't change the meaning. When you look at this
43:43 text here
43:44 and you know, a scribe Hobley added it by mistake because
43:48 when they looked at the older
43:51 manuscripts, it wasn't in the older manuscript. And so,
43:56 but they did. Most of them think that it was from Mark
43:59 Chapter 9 verse. 29
44:02 Mark 9.29, it says MS
44:05 turn here. I'm 29
44:08 says. And he said unto them. This kind come forth by nothing
44:13 but by prayer and fasting. So when the translators didn't
44:18 have it in when they were translating Matthew, they just
44:21 added that in there.
44:23 But if you look and Bible were supposed to compared script
44:26 with scripture, so there's 3 all these gospel writers,
44:30 the 3 topic once wrote this story and Luke Chapter 9
44:35 and that's going to burst. 37
44:39 has the same story
44:41 without this fasting and prayer.
44:44 And it came to pass that on the next day when they were come
44:46 down from the Hill. Much people met him and behold, the man of
44:50 the company cried outing master. I beseech t look upon
44:53 my son for his mind. My only child and Lois spirit taking
44:56 him and he suddenly crieth out and it tariff them any form
45:00 with again and bruising. Him hardly be parted from him
45:03 and I'd be sought 9 disciples to cast him out and they could
45:07 not. And Jesus answering said faithless and perverse
45:10 generation. How long shall I be with you and stuff for you?
45:14 Bring Dyson hither. And as he was yet coming, the devil threw
45:17 him down and tear him and Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit and
45:20 heal the child labor to him again to his father. So he
45:23 doesn't even mention the but mark and then they added to
45:27 Matthew there. But it doesn't really change the thought of
45:30 the tax and its second. Peter Chapter one. 21 it we're told
45:35 how inspiration is given second Peter
45:39 Chapter
45:41 one verse. 21,
45:43 it says that Holy Man of God Spake or we could add to the
45:48 wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. So we believe in
45:53 thought inspiration rather than wordings. Fresh word is true.
45:56 You can depend on.
45:58 >> Amen. Thank you so much, dad. Last question here is for
46:02 Pastor John. This is from Norma who lives in Florida and she
46:08 sent in via text and referenced a revelation to verse 17.
46:13 Well, everyone who goes to heaven get a white stuff.
46:17 >> I love this one. You know this. This one is so
46:21 synonymous, too. The mercy of God, Larry, that extrapolation.
46:24 21 the nation 2 for 17. Here it is.
46:28 He who has an ear. Let him hear what the spirit says to the
46:31 churches to him who overcomes. I will give us some of the
46:35 hidden manna to eat
46:37 and I will give him a white stone and on the stone a new
46:39 name written
46:40 which no one knows except him who receives it.
46:44 When I study this easily got 25 years ago has been a revelation
46:48 7 on California. I thought White Stone and I want to road
46:53 lead to a number of books to find out to history behind
46:56 this. And I discovered in the Roman court system, he was set
46:59 up pretty much like ours today. Very traditionally set a lot of
47:02 what happens in America. You can find the roots in the
47:05 Bible
47:06 and I'm Wendy accused
47:09 when the jury could not come to a verdict, it was left up to
47:13 the accused to determine its own fate, calm, wind. And so
47:17 what was a nervous moment because they had a leather bag
47:21 and kind of like kind of like one of those game shows.
47:24 You have to put your hand the bag and she was a white stone
47:27 or Blackstone. If you pick the Blackstone
47:31 was a fiction.
47:33 If you chose the Whitestone, you're exonerated. Now going
47:36 back to what we talked about early by Jesus being her
47:38 advocate.
47:39 Notice he says I will give you
47:44 a stone with a new name on it. So he says, wait a minute
47:48 annual. I'm taking a new day life before you go
47:51 going to give you the stone.
47:53 So you put in the back.
47:55 You already have the Whitestone and now they don't know that.
47:59 But I have exonerated you already. I've represented at
48:03 the tone for your transgression. So when he took
48:07 the stone out,
48:08 this is I will give them a stone, a white stone,
48:12 the beauty of that Jesus in his mercy
48:15 stands with us at the bar of accusation.
48:19 And because we told our advocate of if we confess our
48:22 sins, he is faithful. And just to forgive us, our sins cleanse
48:26 us from all unrighteousness for Sean 1, 9, So while they're
48:29 waiting for us to condemn ourselves,
48:31 he says, hey, because you've been open with me, have a tone
48:35 for your son. So if you are, if your sins are forgiven and York
48:40 lands from all unrighteousness, what stolen should you have a
48:45 white stone and then you are exonerated. Your name is
48:48 changed for anonymity. You know the name Daniel is no longer
48:52 associate with a crime. He gets a new name, but he looks like
48:55 then, you know, that's not to you. And that's why the Bible
48:58 says Daniel 7 0st. 22, I love these words.
49:00 Speaking about the court, seen the Whitestone is a symbol that
49:04 the court will always exonerate those covered by the blood of
49:07 the Lamb Daniel 7.22. Until the ancient of days came and
49:12 judgment was made in favor of the Saints at the time came for
49:17 the Saints to possess the kingdom. So the white stone is
49:21 the symbol of God's exonerating
49:24 justice and mercy for those covered by the blood of the
49:27 lamb and he gives it to us and we don't have to earn it.
49:31 >> I'm and what a tremendous blessing.
49:34 It's been a insightful study. You all are great students of
49:37 the word I have learned here today and we hope you've
49:39 learned as well. We just have a couple moments left and I'm
49:42 going to throw out a question.
49:43 How do you all study the Bible? I know sometimes when we travel
49:47 or people ask us, how do you study so is their devices?
49:50 You use scissors, certain method you use. We don't have
49:53 much time would just go around the circle.
49:55 >> Okay. That Daniel Tone and Chris, I could talk forever
49:59 regularity. His he number one. And I I just I move my way
50:03 through every book of the Bible, not always in an order,
50:06 but and then I started back through. I do a lot of
50:08 underlining and highlighting trying to connect words and
50:12 phrases to places I find them in other parts of the Bible
50:15 said with the whole Bible kind of nexus, a a unit and over
50:19 years, the it gets easier and easier.
50:21 >> A lot of that and that like he said, that's my Bible there.
50:24 This is the second time we've gone through my wife and I
50:26 together and boy, we have some rich Bible studies we associate
50:30 hey, I read that in the New Testament. We highlight.
50:33 So that's exactly what we do. When the word of God is in your
50:36 heart, it begins to flow out of you. That becomes a living
50:39 fountain of water and you don't have to guess. Can you claim
50:43 its promises? So regularity, consistency, Thai word of I hit
50:47 my heart.
50:48 >> And what a difference it makes him and then a few
50:51 seconds. Yeah. Well, I do in the morning and I love to do
50:54 different translations each year. I just go through the
50:56 Bible in a different translation and bless us.
51:00 >> Yeah, I like that. So these are all wonderful tips.
51:03 Regularity. Consistency tried different translations Mark
51:07 your Bible, the study with others. I love that. And
51:10 there's tremendous Bible apps. I like Bible Hub cause you can
51:14 look up the Greek and then Hebrew in the polls in the
51:16 strong so that we're going to look at up the concordance and
51:19 that's tremendous. Anna has the other translations. What we
51:22 want to do right now is give you an opportunity to send in
51:26 your questions, which we want to feature on an upcoming Bible
51:29 Q and a program. It's so important to open up the word.
51:33 It's important to study and it's important to learn.
51:36 So here's how you can contact us at 3 D and we would love to
51:41 answer your question on an upcoming Bible Q and a program.
51:48 >> If you are enjoying our 3 Indian Bible qna then tell your
51:51 friends each Monday will bring you up fresh program answering
51:56 the Bible questions. You send us using God's holy word to
51:59 shed light on those texts that seem difficult to understand to
52:03 have your questions answered on a future program. Just email
52:06 them to us at Bible Q A and 3, A B and TV. That's Bible Q A at
52:13 3, A B and TV. You may also text your questions to
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52:25 include your name and where you live. And then watch the ad in
52:28 Bible Qna for answers. From God's word


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