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00:01 >> Welcome back. We've had an amazing study of the word of
00:04 God today and we thank you for joining us. Thank you all for
00:07 your contributions and for sharing and want you all give a
00:10 closing thought. Start with that.
00:11 >> Well, I want to thank the viewers those that sent their
00:15 questions in because it really helped me to study more.
00:17 And that I learned stuff was real blessing for me that I
00:20 study to find out these different things. So thank you
00:22 so much.
00:23 >> Thank you know, pair water as a symbol of Jesus. We see
00:27 it. And John 4, we see it. And Sean 7 and then in the very
00:30 last chapter of the Bible, let him who thirsts come, whoever
00:34 desires, let him take the water of life freely that right.
00:40 And I was like to end with the mercy of God. You know, we all
00:42 are centers fallen and fallen far from God, but he says,
00:45 and he killed 33 14 and 16.
00:48 When I say to the way, could you shall surely die if he
00:51 turns from the sun and does but it's Laughlin right
00:54 verse 16. None of the sense that he has committed shall be
00:57 remembered against him. He has done what is lawful and right
01:00 and he shall surely live.
01:03 Who of us, which of us, which of you listening have not
01:07 needed. The most he thought was so wonderful. God is not
01:10 seeking ways to destroy us and to get rid of us his long
01:14 suffering towards us. Not winning that any of us should
01:17 perish.
01:18 >> I meant. Thank you so much, Pastor John and Daniel and dad
01:21 for being here. Thank you for your study of the word of God
01:25 and for being part of the family and we thank you for
01:27 joining us as well. Pass to John referenced is the killer
01:30 reminded me of this scripture. I want to leave you with.
01:33 Where does the deal 18? I think this is one of the saddest
01:35 scriptures and the word easy to 18. 31 cast away from you all
01:39 the transgressions which you have commit and get yourselves
01:43 a new heart and a new spirit for why should you die all
01:48 house of Israel if you have not made a decision to make Jesus
01:52 Christ the Lord of your Life, today is the day of salvation.
01:58 Asked, come into your heart. He will forgive you. And
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