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01:07 >> Welcome to 3ABN, today, governor, if you want to.
01:11 >> I know for me personally, this is one of my favorite
01:15 programs as people call an
01:17 they always ask about buy bulk you in the eye.
01:21 That setback in my easy chair and listen to
01:25 the product of what it takes to be able to put these answers
01:29 together.
01:30 Let me make it perfectly clear, though. These are Bible
01:34 answers. These are coming from the Bible. They're not just
01:38 taken off the shelf someplace. Well, I think that sounds good.
01:41 That sounds good. These are your Bible questions that you
01:44 send them want to introduce our family 3ABN, famine. This going
01:50 to be participating today. Let's start off over here with
01:53 Pastor John and NC
01:55 Johnny. Take about 45 seconds. What do you like about a Bible?
01:59 Q A?
02:01 >> I like the fact that you didn't let you dig deeper into
02:06 got word that the you're not getting the proper time.
02:08 But these questions, some of the questions coming. I've
02:11 never thought about these things. So I have we have to
02:13 look into things that we have never looked into and we learn
02:17 something. The Lord is wonderful in teaching us more
02:20 as we continue to search his word asking for the Holy Spirit
02:23 guides.
02:24 >> That man, a man.
02:26 Thanks to Ryan to a buddy.
02:29 What you like about.
02:31 >> Kabul, killing the well. I have to kind of second what
02:34 he said. You know, I I have participated in many different
02:38 Bible questions and and serves segments over the years before
02:42 3ABN and also with 3ABN in never fails, that someone
02:48 always ends up asking a question that you've never
02:50 considered before. And so I really enjoy it because it
02:53 allows me to dig a little deeper and to go deeper into
02:56 God's word and to provide, you know, real credible answers for
03:00 these questions that people have legitimate wonders about.
03:04 >> A man of some of them men, sometimes we just don't have
03:08 the time, 2 research, all the questions that we have. So this
03:12 is really this is a joy and Daniel parent Western to make
03:17 them question to you. Alright, one step ahead. Haha.
03:21 >> I love participating on the program, but I also love
03:25 listening to a good answer that comes straight from the Bible.
03:28 So you hear a question. You think that's how I'd answer
03:30 that and you listen to somebody else pull out. Some techs are
03:33 thoughts that you would not have put together. And it's
03:36 exciting to hear how God puts, you know, puts this in other
03:39 people's minds.
03:40 >> They man the man. I think that the pickup that the
03:44 questions are coming from you, you're the ones that since the
03:48 questions and and then behind the scenes and they do the
03:52 questions up. And so that I don't know. I know that I get
03:57 to watch Shelley a shoestring. She's researching a month.
04:01 There are some tough questions here and it's not just a
04:04 matter. We have turn to Page 3.48. On that second paragraph.
04:08 I mean, you have to search and search and search anyway.
04:11 How do you contact us?
04:14 There's 3 avenues of contacting us. Number one is but text.
04:18 If you want to send a text and its 618-228-3975,
04:25 perhaps you'd like to send them by email
04:29 he's been
04:31 and that's Bible Q A at 3, A B and to the very simple Bible Q
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04:44 If you want to send by Instagram is 3 ABN underscore
04:48 official. Thank you can see the bottom of the monitor there.
04:52 So any well go back over little while. Let's start off by
04:56 asking our first question after we have prayer.
04:59 >> Father, we just want to take this opportunity, Lord, to
05:02 thank you for being in our hearts and being in our minds.
05:05 And father just asked Florida to be with us as we go through
05:09 this program, father, that hearts will be touched. Father
05:12 eyes to be with each person. That's a mention the questions,
05:15 Lord that through the end of the Holy Spirit that they will
05:18 be guided. We love you. We thank you. Give you all praise
05:22 and glory in Jesus name and then came in a minute.
05:27 Pastor Nancy, that's John.
05:32 You answered a question on a previous program stating that
05:35 duck his claim to eat
05:38 and Leviticus 11 18. It says The Swan isn't claim.
05:44 Wouldn't ducks and geese be considered unclean since they
05:48 are similar birds,
05:49 therefore, we should not eat it. According to Jewish
05:53 tradition.
05:55 What you said, what does the Bible said?
05:59 Well, that is a good question.
06:01 >> I'm not I did say that in the previous program. And thank
06:04 you for bringing that back. Maha.
06:07 It is interesting because when you look at limited just after
06:11 11,
06:13 you will notice the descriptions of why certain
06:17 animals are not clean. You don't like about talking about
06:20 fish in the sea. Have they have to have scales and the land
06:24 animals have to have their hopes a certain way.
06:28 But when it comes to birds live, indica step to 11.
06:32 And also when you look in Deuteronomy talking about the
06:35 same thing, you will notice that birds are not described
06:38 with features or characteristics. They actually
06:41 named Miss unclean.
06:43 So yes, when you go into the King James version and you Re
06:47 Deuteronomy live in 18, it does say Swan
06:51 but eat when you will. Most people have access to the
06:53 strong skin cordons. You can go into the strong skin cordons
06:56 and noticed that
06:59 it could be a an owl
07:02 or some type of lizard. This is what you see. Strong us another
07:07 Hebrew dictionaries. So Jewish
07:11 have a list of clean buyers and among the maze,
07:19 also chicken and other other birds that they are listed.
07:25 So they look at the list, the Bible says, and then they say,
07:29 well, OK, then these must be clean because they're not
07:32 listed in the biggest Leviticus chapter 11. This is what they
07:34 do is go by. So turkey, chicken, etcetera, and the
07:38 duck. Now, if you remember what I said in that previous
07:41 program, I believe I said
07:43 I've seen those docks.
07:45 I've seen them eat stuff and I sit on that meeting that
07:47 animal. So you can make your decision on this. But if you
07:52 don't want to eat a duck, don't need a duck. I'm not happy that
07:56 we did that. So, but yes, the swan and the Ducks are in the
08:00 same family. So naturally, I see people coming to that
08:03 conclusion. And so I encourage you to consider this looking to
08:07 the people. Dictionary said maybe a slight translation of
08:11 the translator got a little confused, but it is like a now
08:14 or or some type of lizard if that is really what they're
08:17 alluding to or what is being said there in Leviticus Chapter
08:20 11, 18.
08:21 >> Time and then a man.
08:25 >> Ryan, yes. Should Christians today bear arms and war are
08:31 personally to defend oneself our family.
08:35 This is coming from Shaw.
08:37 >> Well, I think it's obviously a personal decision on your
08:41 part on whether or not you want to do that. Now, obviously,
08:43 this is Bible Q and A's. We need to look at what the
08:45 Bible teaches about your personal decision to choose to,
08:51 again own guns to bear arms or 2, not the only guns and bear
08:55 arms. And so first of all, most people want to find this wrong.
09:01 I've had many conversations where where people try to make
09:04 a case for the fact that we know the Bible says thou shall
09:06 not kill and therefore, these these type of weapons are used
09:10 to to kill and hurt others. And so, therefore, you should
09:14 not bear arms. However, the better translation in that
09:18 particular sense is actually thou shalt not murder found in
09:21 the E the Commandment their Exodus chapter 20 and first 13,
09:26 it would be completely contradicting to God's
09:28 character to say thou shalt not kill in general. And then yet
09:31 we find many, many stories were God even command of the
09:33 children of Israel to go out into kill and take out many of
09:37 these. He the nation's that post a very, very strong threat
09:41 against. And so there's a difference between killing and
09:45 murdering, sometimes killing someone or you're bringing
09:48 about death to someone is not necessarily with a selfish,
09:52 murderous intent or another was a selfish intend to take life
09:56 just because or for whatever selfish reason. But yes,
10:00 school back to the question. Is it OK to defend oneself?
10:03 Well, even the Bible says that that's OK, because even Exodus
10:06 Chapter, 22 2 chapters after the commandments. Exodus,
10:09 22 and verse to notice what it says. It says if the thief is
10:13 found breaking in and he is struck so that he dies, there
10:17 shall be no guilt for his blood ship. And so again, this is
10:21 God's way of saying, look, you know, this is self-defense in a
10:24 situation where it's not a selfish and get the gist kill
10:27 someone for whatever reason for no good reason at all. And
10:30 that's an issue. But but to defend your home to defend
10:33 yourself, Biblically speaking, that was OK, even Jesus
10:37 himself. And Luke, 22 the night of his betrayal and arrest
10:42 there within the context of the Last supper. We find these
10:45 words, Lou. 22 versus 36 to 38. It says that he said to them,
10:49 but now he who has a money bag, let him take it and likewise
10:52 the knapsack and he who has no sort let him sell his garment
10:56 and buy one. And he says for I say to you that this which is
11:00 written must still be accomplished in me and he was
11:03 numbered with the transgressors for the things concerning me
11:06 have an inverse. 38. It says so. They said, Lord, look here,
11:09 we have to sort and he said to them, it is enough. So Jesus
11:13 could have easily said none of it, though. No swords, no
11:16 weapons. That's wrong. Jesus didn't condemn them for that.
11:18 Although he did condemn Peter. When Peter Drew the sword,
11:22 it wasn't the owning of the weapon that Christ had a
11:24 problem with. It was the way Peter used it in that sense.
11:28 And so it's not a problem to own a weapon to bear arms
11:31 biblically speaking and especially within our country.
11:34 I mean, you have the right to do that constitutionally,
11:36 according to your own choice. It's not a problem to bear the
11:39 arms to own a gun just long as you're responsible with it and
11:43 have.
11:44 >> And do not have any murderous intentions. They
11:46 mount a good answer. Yes,
11:49 Daniel parent,
11:51 your first question. What was the evil spirit of God put up
11:54 on Paul?
11:55 Excuse me. Put a bone saw. Thank you. Just
12:00 what's your grade on that when this that is own saw all this
12:05 uel and for Samuel 18 10, this is from Jackie and Georgia.
12:10 >> Alright, Jacki, let's let's look at the text and read it in
12:14 for Samuel 18 10. And then we'll look at one for Samuel
12:16 16, 14 as well.
12:18 And it happened on that day that the distressing spirit
12:22 from God came upon soul and he prophesied in the house.
12:28 So David played music with his hand as another times, but
12:31 there was a spear in Seoul's hand. All right. Interesting
12:35 picture here. And spear harp distressing spirit in most
12:40 translations called an evil spirit. So let's just be clear
12:43 about the nature of evil spirits or Satan and his
12:47 angels. They are opposed to God. They are not working in
12:52 partnership. They are not the minister. Ng spirits, evil
12:55 Angels. The ministry in spirit sent forth by gotten here is
12:58 one 14, a second Corinthians 6.15, says and what a court has
13:02 Christ with Belial another name for Satan. So they are not
13:06 working together. James won 13 says when you're tempted,
13:09 don't say God is tempting me because God is not tempt anyone
13:13 right now. Let's also look at the fact that Satan and his
13:16 angels do not have unbounded unbridled authority. They are
13:20 still restricted. Think about Matthew 8 where they have to
13:23 ask give us permission permit us to go into the herd of swine
13:28 or Joe who is permitted to be tested. Satan has to ask
13:31 permission to test Chauvin job chapter one in 2 and then did
13:36 just say to ask permission Jesus as a loop. 22 31
13:40 permission to test Peter. And so the statement is Angels
13:43 cannot do anything without permission. So now let's look
13:47 at the first annual one 18. And we see that there is an
13:49 example there of what we find in Romans, one. 28, listen to
13:54 this Texan. You'll hear what's happening to us all
13:56 says. And even as they did not like to retain God, in their
14:00 knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind to do those
14:05 things which are not fitting. So as in Sauls case here,
14:09 his repeated rejection of got escalated to the point that God
14:13 literally gave him over to a debased mind. He rejected the
14:18 Holy Spirit so far that God literally departed from him.
14:22 Now, let's hear it in for Sale. 16, 14, an earlier chapter,
14:26 but the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and a
14:30 distressing spirit from the Lord troubled him. So we see 2
14:33 things happening here simultaneously as God departs
14:37 based upon the Sauls, free Wilson, God did not take away
14:40 his freedom and so saw rejects God, God pulls away. And then
14:44 God by leaving, saw its all's will
14:48 makes an empty space for Satan have access to us all to do
14:51 what he wanted in his mind. And so this departure then
14:55 leads to the very next first where Saul is trying to murder.
14:58 David, that certainly is not God's will.
15:00 And so the evil spirit from Saul does not necessarily mean
15:04 that it is a spirit sent from God's throne in heaven.
15:07 Remember, Satan is cast out of heaven and his angels. Instead,
15:11 this from God means with God's permission to Reveal Sauls
15:16 heart. And so as God leaves because salt does not want him
15:21 there. This gives permission for this distressing spirit,
15:25 evil spirit. And all this results in is more evil.
15:27 Just like we read in Romans one when when God gives you over to
15:31 a debased mind more evil and sin results. So when God
15:35 departs because assaults, free choice, God's departure
15:38 permits, Satan's access. And if you want to study this a
15:42 little further is a couple of other techs. We'll see this
15:44 very same thing happening, Sean, 13, 26 27 Satan enters
15:49 Judas. Same thing happening. Second thessalonians to 11 12
15:53 God sends a strong delusion.
15:56 A revelation 9, 1, to 11 in some symbolic laying language.
16:00 Satan and Angels are given permission to work deception.
16:03 And this is all because God is still sovereign, but he gives
16:07 permission for angels to work. So about Saul Prophesying.
16:10 We already know that he's not under the spirit of God.
16:13 Another spirit has entered him. So his prophesied is of another
16:17 power. You might describe it more as Rav raving agitated,
16:21 battling are uttering empty spiritual phrases that have an
16:24 appearance of godliness but no power in them.
16:29 >> Pastor newsy, yes, your second question. We believe
16:33 Jesus feet won't touch the earth again until it is
16:36 cleansed. But what does occur? I-14 Mu and this is from
16:41 Jackie.
16:42 >> Thank you, Jacki. A very good question. Indeed.
16:46 I'm going to go ahead and read Zachariah Chapter 14.
16:51 No, I think I like to begin
16:54 and verse 2, actually,
16:56 no person.
16:58 Behold, the day of the Lord is coming and your spoil will be
17:02 divided in your mixed
17:05 Frey will gather all the nations to battle against
17:08 terrorism. The city should be taken. The House rifled and the
17:12 women ravished. Half of the city show go into captivity.
17:15 But the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the
17:19 city.
17:20 Then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations and
17:24 he fights
17:26 as he fights in the day of battle. And in that day,
17:29 his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which faces
17:33 Jerusalem on the east. And the Mount of Olives shall be split
17:37 into from east to west, making a very large valley. Half of
17:42 the mountains show moved over the north and half of it toward
17:45 the south. Then you show flee.
17:49 You show fleet through my Mountain Valley for the
17:51 Mountain Valley Show reached to so yes, you show flee. Su fled
17:57 from the earthquake in the days of was I king of Judah.
18:01 So what we have here is a narrative of something that
18:06 would have taken place. Had the people of Israel remain
18:09 faithful to the Lord. They would. They would have been
18:12 like a paradise on earth type of thing. Still wet. The battle
18:17 between good and evil taking place. But Israel would have
18:19 become a place of of prosperous trees would Grohl fruitful and
18:28 God will preserve peace for the people of this because they
18:31 have the table.
18:32 But this was not the case. So therefore, some of the
18:36 elements here have have an application if we can call it
18:42 that way for
18:43 the return of Jesus Christ when he comes when he does return
18:49 to gather his people from the east and from the west and from
18:52 every nation under heaven,
18:54 we can see that, for example, in first as a long chapter for
19:00 his fee, do not touch the ground. Let's go to first
19:03 testimony, step to 4 beginning in verse 14 for if we believe
19:07 that Jesus died and rose again, even sold them also would sleep
19:10 in Jesus. We'll got bring within that is to bring with
19:14 him to have it for this. We say unto you by the word of
19:17 the Lord that we which are live in, remain unto the coming of
19:21 the Lord shall not prevent them, which our sleep sleep and
19:24 uses that meet their dead. Waiting for the first
19:27 resurrection
19:28 for the Lord himself showed the sent from heaven with a shout
19:32 with the Voice of the Archangel and with the Trump of God and
19:36 the Dead in Christ Show Rice first. Then we watch our live
19:41 and remain shall be caught up together with him in the clouds
19:45 to meet the Lord in the air.
19:48 So and so show we ever be with the Lord, therefore, comfort
19:51 one another with these words. This isn't it a deck, a
19:54 description of what will happen when Jesus returns. His fee do
19:57 not touch the ground. We're taken up to heaven. But after
20:01 the 1000 years are finished, as you see in
20:05 revelation, chapter 20 when the holy city descends and
20:09 everything is said and done and they were create, you haven't
20:12 unearthed defeat of ISIS touch as his says here in Zechariah
20:16 Jeff to 14 and is split until that's when this will take
20:21 place. Now, the reason I wrote a verse hive be far
20:24 is because it mentions an earthquake and it is talking
20:28 about to the people living in those states because this is
20:31 the new show fleet through my Mountain Valley for the
20:33 Mountain Valley Show. Reach to Azle. Yes, you show flee as you
20:37 fled from the earthquake in the days it was I king of Judah.
20:40 So this is talking to those people that has seen that have
20:43 heard about it. And this earthquake took place about 760
20:47 BC. So that's an application for them. But we see here that
20:52 the first U.S. along is that says no, that the feet of these
20:54 is at the second coming, do not touch the Earth. We go to
20:57 heaven for 1000 years and now I'm am.
21:02 >> Ryan. Yes. Is it OK for women to wear pants based on
21:08 doing Ron Lee? 22 verse 5. His pants or email garment.
21:14 >> All right. Let's go. Read the text, OK? Let's see what it
21:18 actually sets. Alright, Deuteronomy chapter 22 and
21:21 verse 5. Tim, If your Bible says these words,
21:25 a woman shall not wear pants.
21:31 I mean, that's not what the Bible says. I'll just tell you
21:34 that straight up in. Of course, I'm being a little sarcastic.
21:37 Your but around the 22 verse 5 actually says a woman should
21:41 not wear anything that pertains to a man nor shall him and put
21:45 on a woman's garment. Notice the contacts. Get not context
21:49 for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord.
21:52 Your God Deuteronomy. 22 and verse 5 is clearly addressing
21:57 the issue of cross dressing. And we definitely I mean,
22:00 this is an issue clearly back in the Bible days as it is
22:03 still clearly an issue today where clothing that is clearly
22:09 of a famine in design and feminine nature and in a men's
22:13 clothing, which are clearly of a male designed it specifically
22:18 for male. We have this issue of cross dressing females wearing
22:23 male clothing where they're indistinguishable e bullets in
22:27 a distinguished of their gender. To the point where you
22:29 wonder it, is that a guy or Xanadu does that a girl and the
22:32 same thing? Vice versa, men wearing women's clothing cross
22:35 dressing, making themselves appear feminine or looking
22:38 female. And so this is clearly what Jesus is addressing here,
22:41 what the Bible is addressing year. And I think it's
22:44 important to bring about that. The Bible actually does not
22:47 anywhere beyond this, give any type of clothing specifics in
22:53 terms of what men should wear and what women should wear.
22:56 In other words, the Bible does not tell us that women should
22:59 only wear dresses and skirts and men should only wear pants
23:02 and long sleeves and and all that. The Bible does not give
23:05 us that. But it does give us principles in terms of how we
23:08 should dress and how we should look in terms of modesty,
23:10 for instance, first, Timothy to 9 says in like manner. Also
23:13 that women and I just want to hear, I think this principle
23:15 also applies to men adorn themselves at CES in modest
23:19 apparel with propriety in moderation, not with braided
23:22 hair or go to pearls are costly clothing. So clean, modest,
23:26 very well kept not appearing looking other than what God
23:31 designed you to be, which if you're a man usually like them.
23:33 And if you're a woman, you should look like a woman.
23:36 But I also just want to add here, too, because there's
23:37 going to be people that will still hear what I'm saying.
23:39 And those we love Ryan is still in women that it's OK to wear
23:43 up as well. I'll tell you, the question is who's to determine
23:46 the cancer from him?
23:49 Who determines that the Bible doesn't but pounds or 4 men who
23:53 determines that? Where does it say that pants were a rich?
23:56 If you look back in history, you find that where whoever
23:59 made the first pair of pants does it say it was only for men
24:02 and no one else. Also, if you apply that principle here and
24:06 you say it's got to be applied here to Deuteronomy 20 to 5 and
24:09 you you kind of isogenic Lee insert that they're well,
24:12 then you also got to go through the rest of that chapter.
24:14 And you got on with the rest of that chapter says. And I think
24:17 that we should in principle, but there's some very strong
24:20 traditional practices here. They got a placed up on the
24:24 Israelites specifically that you go through here in you,
24:27 you'll be like, well, that that's not that's not doesn't
24:29 apply to me today. For instance, I shall not plow with
24:32 an ox and a donkey together. If you do that, you're you're
24:34 violating it. I should not to. What is that when you build a
24:38 new house and you make of a parapet on your roof that you
24:41 may not bring guilt or bloodshed on your house and
24:44 anyone who falls from it, we should not wear a garment of
24:47 different sorts such as Warren, Linden together. If you mix
24:51 garments that somehow you're violating. Obviously these were
24:53 practices and principles got placed upon Israel. There are
24:56 some principles we can glean from this, but we should not be
24:58 so legal estate and I suggest ugly insert in there something
25:02 that's not there. We should not cross dress mention like a man
25:06 and woman to lock a woman, but again, clothing, his clothing.
25:09 We should not mix it up or try to make a gospel out of it.
25:12 Thank you. Thank you.
25:14 >> Then you know,
25:17 this is a long one long question. I struggle with the
25:22 issue of tithing. I prayed a lot about this and don't seem
25:25 to receive a breakthrough. Whenever I have a receipt and
25:28 then come our money, my mind changes and I don't seem to be
25:33 content with what I've been praying for, which is the
25:36 strength and power to overcome. I am ashamed of my conduct and
25:40 I really feel guilty about this. I sometimes feel God is
25:44 an entry. My prayer to overcome this habit.
25:47 What must I do to overcome this habit?
25:51 My guilty conscience gets worse. Every time this happens,
25:53 why is God not intervening in this issue? How can I remain
25:59 faithful and paying pie? And this is from.
26:04 >> Alan, I want to give you some encouragement as you work
26:06 together with some God and let me emphasize that work together
26:10 with got and that's to each one of us is a principle applies to
26:13 everything.
26:14 First. It sounds like you understand the issue of timing.
26:16 That 10% of our increase belongs to God. Literally.
26:20 Everything belongs to God. You start by understanding what
26:23 the scripture teaches had direct you to Leviticus.
26:25 27 30 to 32 Malakai 3 versus 8 to 10 as 2 of the many starting
26:32 places. But on a deeper level we tie because we love God and
26:38 not just because it's a scriptural regulation. We start
26:41 by focusing on Jesus and all that he's done for us and then
26:45 understanding the love of God calls forth from us. Naturally,
26:49 a response of love and tithing is a part of that response.
26:53 And we need to remember what's really happening when we don't
26:57 return our tied the got.
26:59 We would never steal from a friend going to the house and
27:03 take something that belongs to them and sneak out. We wouldn't
27:05 do that. But for some reason because we cannot see God as we
27:09 do other human beings, we tend to feel justified in stealing
27:13 from God and listen to Malakai 3, 8, on this issue. Will a
27:16 man, rob God yet you have robbed me. But you say in what
27:21 way we robbed you in tides and offerings
27:25 by keeping the tide to ourself. We're robbing go. How do we
27:28 think again, Lord, I don't want to treat you this way. You're
27:31 my friend. You're my best friend. Look what you've given
27:33 to me, Lord. I don't want to do this. So in the question you
27:37 asked, why is God not intervening? Got is
27:40 intervening. He's given you the guilty conscience. That's the
27:44 holy spirit working up on your heart saying I'm calling you
27:46 summoning you. I'm working with you. He's given you the
27:49 knowledge of his will. But God will not intervene by
27:53 overruling your choice. He's not violating our freedom for
27:58 any of us on any issue where we're struggling now. Paul
28:01 describes this in Philippians 2, 12 13 where he says work out
28:07 your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who
28:10 works in you both to will him to do for his good pleasure.
28:16 So we pray we ask God to help us. And then we participate by
28:19 doing our part to work along with the prayers that were
28:23 praying to God. So practically, let me give you just a couple
28:26 of things that you could do to. These are not rules from
28:28 scripture. Just some encouragement. Number one,
28:31 set aside some money right now. It just say, Lord, I'm going to
28:34 forgo whatever this was that I was going to purchase. I don't
28:37 know what your finances are like. Each one of us are in a
28:39 different situation but set forth a foot set aside a little
28:42 bit of money is this is future tied. Money. Lord, I don't know
28:45 what's coming into me next. Already ready to reserve this
28:48 tied for you because each act of obedience or disobedience
28:52 prepares us for the next one number to pray over your check
28:55 before you do, how do you get your money? Pray over it before
28:59 you do anything else laid down, say, Lord, this is your money.
29:02 What you want me to do with it and then return your tie.
29:05 First. Even the secular world does is he say pay yourself
29:09 first and they're talking about savings to your savings
29:11 account. But return your time beef before you do anything
29:14 else. Be like Daniel, who purpose to in his heart purpose
29:18 to his heart. God is merciful and gracious. Yes, he has.
29:20 And we ask his forgiveness, but God's mercy and grace only last
29:24 so long. We've got to be aware that we don't want to push away
29:27 the voice of got as he's calling USO God's world word
29:30 appeals to you appeals to me to hear and obey and by God's
29:34 grace. You can.
29:36 >> Very good. Very good. Let me just remind you once
29:39 again, take about 45 seconds here. How to contact us.
29:43 If you have a question.
29:45 Number one, if you want to Texas it 6, 1, 8, 228-3975.
29:52 If you'd like to e-mail us Bible Q, I had 3 A B on DOT TV.
29:58 That's Bible Q A and 3, A B and DOT TV and by Instagram.
30:03 That's 3 ABN underscore official.
30:07 Please, please send your questions in
30:11 poster Nunes it. Yes, sir. When the Lord mentioned,
30:14 if we talk to him
30:17 when the Lord mentioned, if we do talk about the Lord to
30:20 people at certain times, but we don't talk to others willingly
30:23 about Jesus on the streets and where to find them, does that
30:27 mean that we're guilty of those people's blood?
30:30 Does that mean with that? We won't be forgiven even when
30:34 it wasn't done knowingly, but it didn't. We don't know when
30:39 their last time to hear the gospel will be. This is from
30:42 Syria and Puerto Rico.
30:46 >> There's 3 that you have. You have said a lot since he's
30:51 from Puerto Rico. Notice Saturday.
30:57 There's a lot in your question and we have to take into
31:00 consideration the fact that the Lord gives us opportunities to
31:05 come into contact with people to share the gospel with them.
31:09 But if we know all the opportunities there and we are
31:13 prompted by the Lord to share the Gospel and we don't
31:17 we may have to answer for this or the Lord somehow will
31:21 help us understand that we failed. If we come, it's in the
31:26 Bible says that if we confess our sins, he is faithful and
31:30 just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all
31:32 unrighteousness. I want to bring out to that
31:35 in Matthew Chapter 5. You can be bearss 14, but I want to
31:38 read also 14 to 6 men to 5.14, to 16 and a reverse 16. Let
31:43 your light so shine before men. They may see a good works and
31:46 glorify your father, which is in heaven.
31:49 By the way, we live in the way we speak. Even the way we act.
31:54 We can be preaching the gospel
31:57 and we are responsible to preach the gospel. We've been
32:02 told in to 28 to go and preach the gospel to every nation can
32:05 be talking people. So we should look for opportunities and
32:09 being prayer that the Lord tells us to share the Gospel
32:12 with someone we should.
32:14 Now
32:15 it's a fact that we may have an opportunity. And yes, you said
32:21 it during the we don't know and we didn't do it. No, I don't
32:24 think the Lord is going to hold us accountable for that.
32:27 But I'm going too easy to 33,
32:31 2 to lay a certain principle here. Notice what it says.
32:34 The beginning in verse one, I'm going to be diverse 6.
32:37 Again, the word of the Lord came to me saying son of man,
32:40 speak to the children of your people and say to them when I
32:43 bring the sword upon the land and the people of the land take
32:46 a man from their territory and make him their watchman
32:50 when he sees the sort coming up on the land, a few blows the
32:53 trumpet and warns the people, then whoever hears the sound of
32:57 the trumpet and does not take warning if those sort of comes
33:01 and takes him away his blood, she'll be on his own head.
33:05 He heard the sound of the trumpet, but he did not take
33:09 warning. His blood shall be upon himself, but he takes
33:12 warning will save his life. But if the Watchman sees the
33:16 sort coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are
33:19 not warned and the sort Thompson takes any person from
33:23 among them, he is taken away in his own iniquity, but his
33:26 blood, I will require at the watchman's hand. So if the lord
33:31 prompts you to want somebody and you don't, you're going to
33:35 have to confess to send. It's a it's a it's a a need for
33:39 you to confess to Sen.
33:40 I bring to also first, Peter, 3.15, but sanctified the Lord.
33:44 God in your heart and be ready. Always to give an answer to
33:47 every man that ask, ask you a recent of the hope that it's in
33:51 you would make this and feel we should be in prayer that if an
33:54 opportunity comes that we asked the Lord through the Holy
33:58 Spirit to help us share the word with people. But if we
34:03 know that we have not shared the would be people with people
34:06 asked the Lord to forgive me for the sun and to give you the
34:08 courage to do it next time. You know, you know,
34:12 Ryan, your 3rd question, though.
34:15 >> Can you please explain what Jesus says in John 3, 1,
34:19 through 5, why did Jesus Cross emphasize being born again in
34:23 order to enter the kingdom of God, the incident partner to
34:27 just keep the 10 Commandments and the Sabbath are to be born
34:30 again. And this is from Irene in New Zealand.
34:34 >> Okay. All right. Let's read that text. We find that in John
34:36 Chapter 3 and I'm going to read versus 3, 5, So John, 3 versus
34:41 3, 5, This is Jesus answered and said he'll most assuredly I
34:44 say to you unless one is born again, he cannot see the
34:48 kingdom of God. First, 5 Jesus answered. Most assuredly I say
34:52 to you, unless one is born of the water and the spirit,
34:56 he cannot enter the kingdom of God. So this concept of being
35:00 born again is actually synonymous with being reborn in
35:03 the spirit. It's one thing to be born of the water, but you
35:07 also have to be born of the spit. In other words, you can
35:09 begin that journey with Christ. Having made that declaration,
35:12 having been through that water baptism, which is a
35:14 declaration, 4th of the faith that you have in Christ and
35:17 what he's doing in your life. But there must be a rebirth
35:21 spiritual. In other words, what Jesus is saying, the nickname
35:24 is he saying, look, I condemn this. This is a spiritual
35:26 thing. We're talking about spiritual things here. You need
35:29 a spiritual rebirth in crisis. Know that. Part of the question
35:33 here we use it is important to keep the commandments of the 10
35:35 Commandments and keep Sabbath or to be born. Again. You
35:38 cannot separate the 2 because being reborn again means that
35:42 you are obedient to God because you're being led by the spirit.
35:46 Remember being born again, synonymous with spiritual
35:49 rebirth. If you are born again, you have been born of the
35:51 spear, which means you're being led by the Holy Spirit. So now
35:55 let's go back and make sure we put this in its proper context.
35:58 Ephesians chapter 2, verse 8 to 2. It's just for by grace.
36:01 You have been saved through faith and that not of
36:03 yourselves. It is the gift of God not of works lest anyone
36:06 should boost. OK, let's pause for just a moment.
36:09 The fee just to 89 makes it very clear that our salvation
36:12 does not come by the keeping of the law. We do not gain or earn
36:16 salvation because we were good. We had good behavior or weak,
36:20 kept all of the rules just as God ask us to we do not earn or
36:25 gain salvation. That's it's it's truly completely based
36:28 upon what Christ has done for us, the work that he is not our
36:31 faith in hill in his shed blood and what he done with the cross
36:35 that bought a salvation Unredeemed us from our broken
36:38 lives. Now that being said, do we tossed a long way? We toss
36:42 the commitments away and say I'm just going to be reborn
36:45 because I've declared it because I've said it because I
36:47 believe in Christ mentally because I bet declared I
36:50 believe and have faith and what he's done for me on the cross.
36:52 And therefore, that now makes me reborn in saved and on.
36:55 And therefore, you don't need the commandments. No, no,
36:57 no read on to the verse to verse Tim. So we just said
37:01 we're not saved by grace. She we are saved by grace
37:04 through faith. Not of works list. Anyone shiver boost burst
37:07 him for we are his workmanship created in Christ. Jesus for
37:11 Good works. Which got prepared before him that we should walk
37:15 in them. In other words, were not saved by our works, but
37:17 certainly our works. Tell the story of the genuineness of our
37:21 faith. So we are judged by our work has got no, you are truly
37:25 in a faith saving relationship with him because he looks at
37:29 your works and it tells he sees the fruit hanging on the tree
37:32 that fruit tells and what kind of tree what type of Christian
37:35 you are even acts chapter 5 verse. 32. Remember, I told you
37:38 this is a spiritual thing. Being born again is synonymous
37:42 with being reborn by the spirit and being led by the Spirit Axe
37:46 5.32, says where he witnesses of these of these things and so
37:50 is also the Holy Spirit. One God has given to them obey
37:54 him. So you cannot claim to be in a born again, relationship
37:58 with God and therefore deny his commandments or tried to deny a
38:02 life that has led in obedience to God. Also really chapter one
38:06 verse 5 again, this whole Grace. Thank you. But Ron,
38:09 under the great some not under the law, I don't need to the
38:12 commitments but notice what PARO here is Romans. 1, 5,
38:15 5, versus in to Romans. He says through him that's to Christ.
38:20 We have received grace
38:23 notice and apostleship
38:25 for obedience to the faith of all nations for his name and
38:30 still notice saved by grace through faith. But notice that
38:33 graced.
38:35 >> I've been saved by and that faith that I have in him will
38:37 spark and continue in. Bring about a continue want and
38:41 desire to please him to live for him and to do for him.
38:45 Not because it saves me because I love him and I want to obey
38:49 the madam Mayor. Good for them.
38:52 Then, you know,
38:53 but a stone Isaiah 57,
38:56 the purses one through. 21, is it difficult to say rest in
39:02 peace prize from land in Kenya?
39:05 >> Thank you, Lynn. Alright, rest in peace and kind of look
39:08 up where that phrase really came from. And it didn't really
39:11 begin to appear on Christian gravestones until about the 8th
39:14 century ad or so. I discovered it became it will be in Latin
39:18 at that point, but then became popular in the 18th century
39:21 about the 1700's. The phrase does not appear in the Bible
39:24 necessarily. So what does it mean? You can actually use it
39:28 in such a way that it does agree with what the Bible
39:29 teaches, but you can use it in a way that disagrees,
39:32 contradicts what the Bible teaches. Let's think about rest
39:35 or sleep or rest. The Bible uses rest and sleep as a symbol
39:39 of death. Meaning that when you die, you arresting with
39:42 complete unconsciousness, no activity physically mentally
39:45 spiritually whatsoever. The dead. No, not anything.
39:48 Ecclesiastical 9, 5, And I think about Jesus in John 11
39:52 when Lazarus is getting sick and then he dies. And Jesus
39:55 says our friend Lazarus is sick or is has says is sleeping.
39:59 His disciples think that Jesus is talking about natural sleep.
40:02 You wake up from and Jesus tells them plainly John 11,
40:05 14 Lazarus is dead. Right? So sleep is a picture of death.
40:10 And so with that in mind, sometimes as Christians when
40:13 they die, their life has been beset by trouble or temp
40:17 patient or conflict where opposition and when the dye
40:21 they are freed from that conflict no longer facing the
40:24 battle for free from the conflict caused by sin. And
40:28 that's where we see Isaiah 57 verses one to listen to this
40:31 section. The time of Kingman acid, his his Reign illustrated
40:34 this well, the righteous parishes and no man takes it to
40:38 heart. Merciful men are taken away while there is no one to
40:41 consider that the righteous is taken away from evil. He shall
40:44 enter into rest. They shell rest on their beds. Each one
40:48 walking in his uprightness. So here people in an evil time
40:52 that when they die, there are no longer fighting as they were
40:56 before the equivalent of saying she is now resting in Jesus.
41:01 He's no longer suffering. He's now waiting for the
41:03 resurrection Revelation. 14 13 says this, too. I heard a
41:07 voice from heaven saying to me, right? Blessed are the dead who
41:10 die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the spirit that they
41:13 may rest from their labors and their works, follow them.
41:17 So can we say rest in peace and publicly and made it? Well,
41:20 it depends on what you mean if you're meaning rest in peace,
41:23 because you're now in a new place and you're enjoying a
41:26 peaceful life in heaven. You said as a prayer, a
41:28 blessing to them. No, that's not biblical. But on the other
41:32 hand, if you're recognizing that when you die, you are
41:35 completely resting and waiting till the resurrection and
41:38 you're no longer fighting the battle or conflict of sin,
41:42 then that that could be publicly accurate. But what
41:45 does the word the Christian world tend to think of when you
41:47 say rest in peace, they tend to think of you're going on to a
41:51 new place where it's going to be a peaceful experience.
41:53 And so with that in mind, it would be good to learn how to
41:56 say something that reflects that. We believe that we're
41:59 waiting until the resurrection when she's U.S. returns.
42:02 Perhaps something some as simple as I'm looking forward
42:05 to the resurrection when Jesus returns the man.
42:11 >> John, your last question,
42:14 can you please explain Matthew 16? 28
42:18 and this is coming out of Zimbabwe.
42:22 >> Thank you very much. It's
42:24 I don't know if the name is pronounced right on yachts.
42:27 More new from Zimbabwe.
42:30 I'm happy to try to answer this question because I had the same
42:33 question you when I was younger and it was a Friday night.
42:37 What we know as the 7th when the sun sets. I'm reading my
42:40 Bible, Matthew 16 and I'm going to back up
42:44 2 verse 27 pieces speaking. He says to the people there for
42:48 the son of man will come in the glory of his father with the
42:52 singles and then he will reward each according to his works.
42:57 First, 28 assuredly I say to you, there are some standing
43:01 here who show not taste death till they see the son of man
43:05 coming in his glory.
43:08 Wow, sleepy.
43:09 I think I go to sleep now
43:11 and this burst kept going on in my mind. I'm standing here
43:16 which will not taste of death until they see the sentiment
43:18 coming.
43:19 Could it be that one of the disciples to still alive?
43:22 And we don't know a beast hiding somewhere. And this was
43:25 going on in my mind and I said, wow, could possibly mean.
43:30 And so the next day, pastor, a lot of co one of my mentors,
43:35 I said I would ask him this question.
43:38 So I asked him the question. He said all good question.
43:41 You must keep reading.
43:43 So now we go to Matt to 17, 17 0st 1 because verse 20 is the
43:48 last verse of the chapter.
43:49 Now after 6 days Jesus took Peter James and John. His
43:54 brother led them up on a high mountain by themselves and he
43:58 was transfigured before them. His stay shown like the son and
44:02 his clothes became s flight path to light
44:05 and behold, Moses and Elijah appeared to them talking with
44:08 him. Dan, Peter and sudden said to Jesus, Lord, it is good for
44:11 us to be here. If you wish. Let us make 3 tabernacles one
44:15 for you one for most us and one for Elijah.
44:18 So we see here a powerful description of something that
44:23 is intriguing. Why did Jesus say that? Now? We have this in
44:27 Matthew 17.
44:28 What we see here is as I was explained to me in us, it makes
44:32 perfect sense to me
44:34 that Jesus gave a representation to James Peter
44:40 and John John James, John and Peter of what his second coming
44:44 will be like. He will be like this. He will shine like the
44:48 sun and well what what our ally Jenne Moos is doing there.
44:53 What will happen to most of the Bible says that he passed away,
44:57 but he was resurrected.
44:59 That's why he's in heaven.
45:01 And Elijah Wood's trends translated to have an alive.
45:05 So we see these 2 individuals like a representation of those
45:09 that we a lot will be alive when Jesus comes. And those
45:12 that are resurrected from the dead representing most us that
45:16 when Jesus comes, they will also see the Lord.
45:20 And it makes perfect sense to me that this is what the people
45:25 spending their Peter, James and John, they saw this and it's
45:30 this is just the best explanation that I can
45:32 understand and see for this man.
45:37 >> Okay. Ryan, number 4, quad to some something had to
45:41 celebrate Christmas Mother's Day Father's Day and other
45:46 holidays or to the states come from.
45:49 >> All right. So the answer this is because they love their
45:52 savior. They love their mother and they love their father.
45:55 Haha, I mean, I don't want to go out of this is actually very
45:58 much appreciate this question. A person who submitted this to
46:00 Instagram because this is representative of many people
46:03 who have been t***** been led to believe that somehow if you
46:08 on what is popular, least known as Mother's Day, go to your
46:13 mother and say Happy Mother's Day mother and you give her a
46:17 card and use pressure appreciation that somehow who
46:20 were violating the law of the Medes and Persians were
46:23 violating some kind of holy biblical law that says you will
46:28 in turn fuels Fire if you dare us. Appreciate our show
46:32 appreciation on that day. At that time. Within the
46:36 context of that holiday, somehow you're violating
46:39 something in the same principle applies to Christmas. And I
46:42 understand there's not a left enough time for me to address
46:44 the whole Christmas thing. But I will say this, you know,
46:47 again, it goes back to the fact that if you're celebrating
46:51 Christmas, the question is how do you celebrate it? How do you
46:54 celebrate Father's Day? How do you celebrate Mother's Day and
46:57 people who are led to believe that these things are
46:59 absolutely evil and you should have nothing to do. It will
47:02 eventually be led to well. Why do we celebrate birthdays?
47:06 If I say happy birthday to my child, I'm I'm I'm violating
47:10 something. Roger, I'm I'm I'm walking down the devil's path.
47:13 We have to be very careful not to become so on balance.
47:17 And so legal list ticking on mine that we lose sight of the
47:21 fact that these things, yes, many of these holidays are
47:24 manmade interest them and made they are nowhere in the Bible.
47:28 You going to find a Mother's Day or Father's Day or the aura
47:31 of command that says Thou shalt you will celebrate my son's
47:35 birthday every December 25th. You're not going to find those
47:38 text. These are manmade celebrations. Now the question
47:41 is, is it is soon to celebrate or to recognize these times is
47:45 anything with recognizing it. What a certain time of the
47:48 year. Of course, traditionally they do December, even though
47:51 Jesus wasn't born in December, he wasn't born December 25th
47:54 the problem in the fall of the year sometime around September
47:57 or October. But none the lead in the late at least we look at
48:00 this in we question is, is this so bad to take a day and say,
48:03 Lord, I I'm thankful for the birth of the son of God.
48:06 There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I use that as
48:08 time to witness and to share with people the truth about the
48:11 birth of Jesus. I just don't get caught up in the
48:14 traditional idle idle idle idle as Atia nugget you could say,
48:18 and the pagan practices of of of a Christmas and other
48:22 holidays, which got to be careful. Keep that balance.
48:24 Mark Chapter 7 versus 9. Jesus said all too well.
48:27 You reject the commandment of gone, that you may keep your
48:29 tradition, these our traditions. And if you keep a
48:32 tradition, there's nothing wrong with tradition in nature.
48:34 But that tradition lead you to violate God's Commandments with
48:38 a violate God's principles. And his were then, yes, maybe
48:41 you need to rethink through that tradition even as he
48:44 killed. 22, you can read there were got talks about the priest
48:47 have violated the law. They've profane my holy things. They've
48:50 not made a distinguishing difference between the Holy and
48:53 the profane. We just got to be very careful about this.
48:55 So is it wrong know how to do? Is it OK for as it is? It's OK
48:58 as long as you know, it caught up in the idolatry all of the
49:02 surrounding culture.
49:03 >> A man very good. Very good.
49:06 Then you have the last question. We've got less than 3
49:10 minutes. Does regeneration come before or after salvation?
49:14 This is from Anastasia and Australia as regeneration come
49:18 before or after salvation. The answer is yes, it does both
49:23 before and after regeneration is giving new life where there
49:27 was no life before. So think of it this way. God has saved.
49:32 God is saving you. God will save completely.
49:36 >> And he and he alone regenerate all along the way
49:40 from start to finish. You couldn't regenerate yourself.
49:44 Then you can't regenerate yourself now he will not be
49:47 able to regenerate yourself in the future if it's going to
49:49 happen which God promises he can and will. And it has to
49:52 happen by his power. This new fusions to for to 5. We were
49:58 dead in our trespasses made us a live together with Christ.
50:01 You have been say that's passed. God has done that.
50:05 But does God does do something in the future? Absolutely.
50:07 Romans. 8.11. He who raise Christ from the dead. We'll
50:11 also give life to your mortal bodies. That's future God does
50:15 that. Second Corinthians 4.16 says yet the N word man is
50:20 being renewed day by day. That's current because God
50:23 wants to spring to life new habits in you. He wants love
50:27 for others and for him for him to be invigorated in you.
50:31 God wants fruit of the spirit to be produced a new this is
50:34 all current and a clean heart he wants to create in you.
50:38 So is God regenerating? Absolutely. He's done it in the
50:43 past. He's doing it in the present. He will continue in
50:45 the future. But here's the pivotal part. Romans. 12,
50:48 2 do not be conformed to this world, but B, transformed by
50:54 the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good
50:56 and acceptable and perfect will of God. In other words, you and
51:00 I get the privilege of participating with God saying
51:04 take this life of mine that you've given to me and look
51:08 what I've done with a look. What's in is done with it and
51:10 Lord help to make it new and I will participate with it.
51:14 So this is not just in the past. It's not just in the
51:16 future. It is each of those things. But it is also in the
51:19 present.
51:20 >> A man and that wonderful.
51:23 Let's take a short break here and we'll come back for some
51:28 additional comments Monday. Some final thoughts. We'll
51:32 right back.
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