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00:00 >> Welcome back.
00:02 How about some additional comments? Some final thoughts,
00:06 just any one of you?
00:08 >> Well, I ended with talking about salvation, past present
00:12 and future. Sometimes we take salvation, say I was saved and
00:16 we forget that I was saved in the past. I'm still continuing.
00:21 And the other techs I wanted to include not got time for now is
00:23 Philippians 1, 6, You who has begun the good work and you
00:27 will completed until the day of Jesus Christ meet on working
00:32 memory.
00:34 You know, when you look at them in a case 18 talking about the
00:38 the question
00:40 before,
00:41 it's good to look into the definitions. I have the new
00:45 king James version here says the White all the Jackdaw and
00:49 the carrot carry on vulture. So when we're talking about
00:52 eating these animals, we have to take into consideration what
00:55 the original was like in the Spanish. It puts the word squid
01:00 there. Instead of pulls the animal. They were saying that
01:03 it's OK to one the swan. So
01:08 again, I would need one. So please consider these things
01:13 and we're doing the best we can with the time that we have to
01:16 answer these questions. Dismore we could add in some of these
01:18 questions are. So we encourage you to continue reading God's
01:21 word because it is a light or pass into our feet on the map.
01:26 >> I just want to say Merry Christmas. Happy new Year.
01:30 Happy Mother's Day and Happy Father's Day. Happy birthday to
01:33 anyone out there who may be celebrating. I get I think it
01:36 we all can enjoy some happiness every once in a while these
01:39 days sometimes bring that happiness that someone needs.
01:42 So don't be too shy to tell someone happy birthday or if
01:46 it's Christmastime, Merry Christmas or specially call
01:49 your brother and your father. And if they're still with you
01:52 and say, I love you, carefree, happy Mother's Day. Happy
01:55 Father's Day.
01:56 >> And I want to read this real quick.
01:58 This is from Psalms. 45 1.45? The Lord is gracious and full
02:03 of compassion. Slow to anger and great and mercy. That is
02:07 the God. We serve thing that we love you. We thank you. Thank
02:11 you. Spend this time with the hope to questions have been
02:13 answered
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