Thunder in the Holy Land

Battle With An Angel

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Participants: Charles Byrd (Host), Steve Haley, Stephen Fowler, Levi Longoria, Andrea Endries


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00:12 Are the people who inhabit planet earth
00:15 alone in this vast universe?
00:19 Are there other intelligent beings
00:21 with whom humans have made contact?
00:25 From cave drawings to renaissance art and paintings,
00:30 from grainy photographs to pop culture,
00:33 communicating with beings from beyond planet earth
00:36 has intrigued our imagination.
00:40 S.E.T.I. is the acronym for our search
00:42 for extraterrestrial intelligence.
00:45 It is a modern high tech attempt to answer this age old question.
00:50 Are we alone in the cosmos?
00:53 S.E.T.I.s most famous radio telescope
00:55 is the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico.
00:59 At 305 meters, it is the largest focusing dish on earth.
01:05 While this dish does much more than just listens for ETs.
01:09 This is one of its ongoing functions.
01:11 It is constantly receiving data that is analyzed to see
01:15 if we can detect intelligent life
01:17 beyond our blue orb.
01:19 But are we listening to the wrong signals?
01:22 What if other life forms aren't using radio waves?
01:26 What if beings from beyond,
01:28 simply prefer face to face communication?
01:32 Stay tuned as we explore one area of planet earth
01:35 that has experienced extensive,
01:37 personal contact with extraterrestrials.
02:33 Hello, I am Charles Byrd.
02:35 In 1960, astronomer Frank Drake from Cornell University
02:39 performed the first modern S.E.T.I. experiment.
02:42 S.E.T.I. the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
02:46 has to date spent an estimated
02:47 $160 million listening, listening.
02:54 But perhaps Dr. Drake and the many talented scientists,
02:57 who have continued to probe the recesses of space,
03:00 could have saved a lot of money
03:02 by going straight to the source of wisdom.
03:06 Join us as we travel
03:07 to an approximately 60 by 90 mile patch of earth,
03:11 that has recorded at least 18 extraterrestrial encounters,
03:15 surrounding the life of one man. Levi?
03:20 Thanks, Charles.
03:22 I'm on Mount Zion,
03:23 just outside the golden gate here in Jerusalem
03:25 because this hill is the epicenter of a single life
03:29 that was powerfully impacted by intelligent beings from beyond.
03:33 Beings that were not unfamiliar to the Jewish culture.
03:36 They were called from earliest times angels or messengers.
03:40 From about 5 BC to 31 AD,
03:43 one man's whole life seemed to have revolved
03:45 around beings from another place and perhaps another dimension.
03:50 And the Jews knew Him by the name Yeshua.
03:52 And Christians know Him as Jesus.
03:54 And two angel visits on this very hill
03:57 actually foreshadowed the life of Christ.
03:59 The first happened in about 1891 BC.
04:03 At God's direct command
04:05 Abraham was climbing this very hill to offer a sacrifice.
04:09 The land of Canaan was dotted with altars
04:10 Abraham had used to make sacrifices to his God,
04:13 so and this was unusual.
04:16 On that day, however climbing this hill with him
04:19 was his precious son.
04:22 What the boy didn't know at the time was
04:24 that God has asked his father to offer him as a sacrifice.
04:29 And for three days,
04:30 Abraham's heart had been deeply pained,
04:32 as he traveled to the appointed place.
04:35 His son was a bright lad.
04:37 On the way up this hill,
04:38 he noticed that they had the wood and the fire
04:40 for the sacrifice, but they had forgotten the lamb.
04:44 When he queried his father,
04:45 Abraham's pained response was
04:47 "My son, God will provide himself
04:51 a lamb for a burnt offering."
04:53 Muslims believe that boy was Ishmael.
04:56 Jews and Christians say it was Isaac.
04:58 Now today, I don't want to argue that point
05:00 and so lose sight of something far more important.
05:03 You see, Abraham's answer
05:06 "My son, God will provide himself
05:08 a lamb for a burnt offering" was prophetic.
05:12 For as the knife was raised to slay his child of promise,
05:15 the angel cried out, "Abraham, Abraham,
05:18 lay not thine hand upon the lad."
05:21 In a wave of relief,
05:22 Abraham's gaze is directed to a ram caught in a thicket
05:26 and quickly taking the new victim,
05:28 he offers it instead of his son.
05:32 In his joy and gratitude,
05:33 Abraham gave a new name to the sacred spot
05:36 "Jehovah Jireh" which means "The Lord will see to it."
05:41 That is to say, "The Lord will provide."
05:44 But there was another extraterrestrial visitant
05:47 who also appeared on this holy hill.
05:50 Andrea? That's true, Levi.
05:52 And we even know this one's name, "Gabriel."
05:56 God's prophetic timetable knows no haste or delay.
06:01 And the God of Creation was about to provide the lamb.
06:05 In the fall of 6 B.C.,
06:06 one of the priests by the name of Zacharias is chosen by Lot,
06:10 to say prayers for the people
06:11 before the altar of incense in the Holy Place of the temple,
06:15 which was located inside this gate.
06:18 Zacharias has indeed been praying for the people
06:21 including one person in particular, his barren wife.
06:26 Of course, it's too late for her to bear a child due to her age,
06:30 but he prayed that the Lord might bring
06:31 comfort to her heart.
06:34 Then suddenly the angel Gabriel appears
06:38 and the angel said unto him,
06:40 "Fear not, Zacharias, for thy prayer is heard,
06:44 and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son,
06:48 and thou shalt call his name John.
06:51 And thou shalt have joy and gladness,
06:53 and many shall rejoice at this birth.
06:56 For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord,
06:59 and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink,
07:02 and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost,
07:05 even from his mother's womb.
07:07 And many of the children of the Israel
07:09 shall he turn to the Lord their God.
07:12 And he shall go before him
07:14 in the spirit and power of the Elias,
07:16 to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,
07:19 and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just,
07:23 to make ready a people prepared for the Lord."
07:27 The question in this verse is,
07:29 who is the he and who is the him?
07:33 The Bible is not so hard to understand
07:35 if you check out the context.
07:37 The context tells us, that the "he" is Zacharias son, John.
07:42 But who is the 'him?'
07:44 The him is none other than the promised
07:47 and long looked for Messiah.
07:50 This passage Luke 1:17
07:52 has universally been understood to be a messianic passage.
07:57 In 6 B.C., Andrea,
07:59 the Jewish people were into Roman governance
08:01 and longed to be delivered.
08:03 And they saw in these words to Zacharias by the angel,
08:06 a fulfillment of Daniel's prophecies
08:08 which actually predicted
08:10 the very year Messiah would appear.
08:13 At John's birth, Zacharias also made a startling prophecy
08:18 along with the prophetic word of Gabriel.
08:20 A clearly established Zacharias's son
08:23 would be the forerunner of the Messiah.
08:27 What Zacharias saw right here on the mountain
08:29 was a being from beyond us?
08:31 Coming and talking to human kind
08:33 about what is arguably the most important event in history.
08:38 This being not only was from beyond us,
08:41 but also brought us knowledge
08:42 of what would happen in the future.
08:45 For approximately six months
08:47 after talking to Zacharias in the temple,
08:50 Gabriel showed up some 70 miles North in Nazareth of Galilee
08:55 where he spoke with the young virgin.
08:57 Steven picks up the story.
09:00 Thanks, Andrea.
09:01 The ancient city of Nazareth is estimated to have
09:03 as few as 500 residents during the time of Christ.
09:07 In December 2009, archeologists unveiled
09:09 what could be the remains of the first dwelling in Nazareth
09:12 that can be dated back to the time of Jesus.
09:15 The dig has revealed,
09:17 they were simple folk living spurned lives.
09:20 Since this is the first structure
09:21 from that time period to be excavated
09:22 in Jesus' hometown, there is still much to learn.
09:26 But based on the urban sprawl here in Nazareth,
09:29 there probably won't be much of that in the immediate future.
09:33 But what we do know from reported eyewitness accounts
09:36 is that Gabriel came to the biblical city of Nazareth.
09:39 This visitor from beyond our realm found Mary
09:42 and gave her the stunning news
09:43 that she was gonna be the mother of the Messiah.
09:47 I can't imagine what it would have been like to see an angel.
09:49 Tradition says Mary came to the well for water,
09:52 when Gabriel showed up with a startling announcement.
09:55 Notice how involved in this event the angel is?
09:59 The angel named her baby Jesus.
10:05 Gabriel also told Mary that her child will be holy
10:08 and that he would be the Son of the Highest
10:10 and the Son of God.
10:12 While we don't know the exact spot
10:14 where Gabriel and Mary talked, we could be sure that
10:16 something otherworldly took place here in Nazareth,
10:19 that made a huge impact on our world's history.
10:22 And don't forget the other angel visit right here in Nazareth,
10:24 that corroborated Mary's story.
10:27 When Joseph, Mary's fiancée
10:29 found out that she was with child,
10:31 he was gonna call off the wedding.
10:32 After all, we all know how babies are conceived.
10:35 And even for Joseph,
10:36 it was hard to imagine the story Mary told about seeing an angel,
10:40 but once again a celestial visitor shows up telling him.
10:43 "Joseph, thou son of David,
10:46 fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife,
10:49 for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost."
10:54 And once again, the angel confirms to Joseph
10:57 the name given to Mary.
10:59 "Thou shall call his name Jesus,
11:01 for he shall save his people from their sins."
11:04 Joseph not only was the father figure
11:06 to this implausible child, Emmanuel, God with us.
11:10 He also had two other angel visits.
11:13 The first was in Bethlehem,
11:15 when an angel woke him up in the night and told him,
11:19 "Take the young child and his mother
11:21 and flee into Egypt and be thou there
11:23 until I bring thee word,
11:25 for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him."
11:29 The second was in Egypt.
11:30 After the death of Herod,
11:32 when the angel again appeared to Joseph in a dream and said,
11:35 "Arise, and take the young child and his mother,
11:38 and go into the land of Israel,
11:40 for they are dead which sought the young child's life."
11:43 But before Joseph had these last two encounters,
11:46 there was a mass extraterrestrial encounter
11:49 that intersects this story,
11:50 which I'm sure, greatly encouraged
11:52 the faith of Joseph and Mary.
11:55 Ah, yes. The shepherd story in Bethlehem.
11:58 Most people who have heard of the birth of Jesus,
12:01 know the shepherd story.
12:02 The shepherds, minding their own business,
12:05 watching their flocks in the field by night
12:07 are startled by a visitor from beyond.
12:11 First, they see a great light so bright they are all,
12:14 but put into a complete panic.
12:17 And the angels said unto them.
12:19 "Fear not, for, behold,
12:21 I bring you good tidings of great joy,
12:25 which shall be to all people.
12:27 For unto to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,
12:32 which is the Christ the Lord.
12:34 And this shall be a sign unto you.
12:36 Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,
12:40 lying in a manger."
12:42 Here, we have something called triangulation.
12:45 If you were laying out a foundation for a house,
12:47 you would want to make sure that
12:48 corners were square or at 90 degrees.
12:52 To do that, you would add a triangular measurement.
12:55 Once the distance between two opposing corners is equal,
12:59 you know you've found the true 90 degrees,
13:01 and you're ready to build your home properly squared.
13:04 Well, Mary could have just made up a story
13:06 about her virgin pregnancy and in fact most things she did.
13:10 But then comes another person, Joseph, saying,
13:13 "An angel told him Mary's story is true."
13:16 This helps us consider Mary's story,
13:18 but does not necessarily make us believe.
13:21 It still might not square with reality.
13:25 After all, it could be
13:26 that Joseph is simply co-dependent
13:28 and can't stand the thought of living without Mary.
13:31 He could join her in the fraud, people do that sometimes,
13:34 just like Sapphira did with Ananias,
13:36 like Adam did with Eve.
13:38 But then, along comes a group of shepherds
13:40 who all see an angel
13:42 telling them the same thing Joseph was told.
13:44 A Savior is born. You'll find Him in Bethlehem.
13:48 He'll be in a barn, in a feeding trough,
13:50 wrapped in strips of cloth.
13:52 And if that weren't enough,
13:54 there then appears a great multitude of angels praising God
13:57 for this wonderful gift to mankind.
14:00 Suddenly, this story is squaring up
14:02 as a truth worthy of consideration.
14:05 For the shepherds receiving an angel message
14:07 and then seeing a multitude of them
14:10 would have had nothing to do with Joseph and Mary.
14:12 They would have no knowledge of
14:14 or vested interest in Mary's claim of a virgin birth.
14:17 But there's one more consideration,
14:19 this story maybe squaring because one author made it up,
14:23 made up the whole thing.
14:25 Perhaps, the disciples of Jesus
14:26 got together and contrived this complete fairytale.
14:31 That's a possibility.
14:33 But as a former police officer,
14:34 the evidence here tells me it is completely improbable,
14:38 that the 11 disciples would be willing to die
14:40 a modest death for their own made up story.
14:43 It's also unlikely that many hundreds,
14:46 perhaps thousands of people
14:47 who lived during the time of Jesus,
14:49 folks who met Him and knew Him,
14:51 would allow themselves to be martyred, run out of town,
14:55 or be in anyway abused just to maintain a known lie.
14:59 And besides all this,
15:01 there are 12 more times that angel encounters,
15:04 intersect the life of Jesus and those around him.
15:07 Well, way beyond mere triangulation.
15:10 Each encounter now simply gives
15:12 added evidence to a profound truth.
15:15 We are not alone and the child Jesus knew it.
15:20 Indeed, Jesus could not have grown up
15:22 without hearing the stories that how an angel
15:25 talked with mommy and told her He was coming.
15:28 How an angel told daddy to marry mommy
15:31 and then sent them to Egypt.
15:33 His bedtime stories must have included the story of Zacharias,
15:38 the shepherds and the angel who sent them home from Egypt,
15:43 but are all alien encounters positive.
15:47 Arguably, the world's most famous scientist,
15:50 Steven Hawking, has weighed in the subject of aliens,
15:54 in his Discovery channel program into the universe.
15:58 He questions the wisdom of our trying
16:00 to contact beings from beyond,
16:02 suggesting that they might not be friendly at all.
16:12 According to the teachings of Jesus
16:14 and other Bible authors,
16:15 there are indeed evil alien beings,
16:18 who are seeking contact with us.
16:20 Jesus had sent His disciples out two by two.
16:24 They were to go ahead of Jesus
16:25 into every city and place He would come.
16:28 And Jesus gave them important instructions
16:30 as to how to carry out their ministry.
16:33 He also gave them power over something
16:34 he called unclean spirits.
16:37 These spirit beings are actually a group of angels
16:40 that chose to rebel against God's kingdom.
16:43 They chose to be the avowed enemies of God.
16:46 In Revelation 12:7-9,
16:49 Jesus pulls back the dark curtain of past history.
16:53 He tells us there was war in heaven
16:55 that Satan and his angels were cast out.
16:59 These alien beings are here on earth,
17:01 tempting to sin and causing destruction,
17:03 and suffering, and pain.
17:06 So Jesus did not send His disciples out to face
17:09 these most powerful beings without divine power over them.
17:13 And when the disciples returned,
17:15 they were excited to report
17:16 "Lord even the devils are subject unto us
17:19 through thy name."
17:21 This was Jesus' response to the disciples
17:23 concerning evil alien beings,
17:25 "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven."
17:29 Jesus, the overarching messenger of heaven
17:32 or Michael had already defeated Satan in heaven.
17:36 Now, He had come to do battle
17:38 with the fallen angels here on earth.
17:41 In Matthew 8:28, Jesus met two men
17:44 who were possessed with devils along the shores of Gennesaret.
17:48 These evil aliens had taken possession of the bodies
17:51 and minds of these men.
17:53 The demon spoke to Jesus through the mouths of the man.
17:56 "What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God?
18:00 art thou come hither to torment us before the time?"
18:03 They knew who Jesus was.
18:06 Jesus sent those demons into a herd of pigs,
18:09 who ran violently down the steep bank into the lake
18:11 and died in the water.
18:14 It was in the synagogue in Capernaum
18:16 that Jesus again faced a man possessed by an evil spirit.
18:20 It was Sabbath and Jesus was teaching the people.
18:23 They were amazed at His doctrines.
18:25 Jesus' sermon was interrupted
18:27 as the man cried out with a loud voice saying,
18:30 "Let us alone, what have we to do with thee,
18:33 thou Jesus of Nazareth.
18:35 Art thou come to destroy us?
18:37 I know thee who thou art, the Holy one of God.
18:41 And Jesus rebuked him, saying,
18:44 Hold thy peace, and come out of him.
18:47 And when the devil had
18:48 thrown him in the midst, he came out."
18:51 But these evil aliens also came after Jesus directly.
18:57 Jesus did not simply encounter humans
18:58 with alien beings possessing their bodies.
19:01 Jesus was personally accosted by a shape-shifter himself.
19:06 As Jesus was baptized the Holy Spirit
19:08 directed Him to the wilderness.
19:10 There is a whole lot of nothing there, I tell you.
19:13 After being in the wasteland for 40 days without any food,
19:17 Satan himself came to Jesus.
19:19 But not as an evil marches
19:21 being as seen in the modern movies of today,
19:23 but as an angel of light,
19:25 pretending to be a faithful messenger from God Himself,
19:29 but this dark angel was still doing what he does best.
19:32 He questions the truth seeking to enlist our doubts
19:35 thus affecting our choice to step out of God's will.
19:38 Being familiar with the truth of the Bible,
19:41 Jesus compared the words of this angel of light
19:44 against the truth already revealed by God.
19:47 At each temptation Jesus quoted from the Bible
19:49 as His only defense
19:50 against the suggestions of his arch enemy.
19:54 The lens of scripture helps bring into focus
19:57 who was really talking to him.
19:59 In spite of Satan's appearance
20:00 Jesus could tell who he really was.
20:03 Satan and his minions are still in the acting business.
20:06 At times, they impersonate our dead loved ones.
20:09 They also appear as new age spirit guides.
20:12 2 Corinthians 11:14 says,
20:15 "And no marvel, for Satan himself
20:17 is transformed into an angel of light.
20:20 It is not surprising, then,
20:21 if his servants masquerade as servants
20:23 or ministers of righteousness."
20:25 Come here, check this out.
20:34 Now this stone is a mere reminder
20:35 of our Savior's conflict with Satan.
20:37 According to Luke 4:9,
20:39 Satan transported Jesus to one of the pinnacles of the temple.
20:43 This word 'pinnacle' comes from the Greek word 'pterugion.'
20:46 It means the wing or any pointed extremity
20:48 and what's commonly used to refer
20:49 to turret like structures.
20:52 This stone has led many to believe
20:53 the southwest corner of the temple mount
20:55 is the same place where Jesus was taken by Satan,
20:58 encouraging him to jump off
21:00 because the angels will protect Him.
21:02 From the lofty height above,
21:03 priests would blow their trumpets
21:05 calling the people of the city
21:06 to come to the temple and worship.
21:08 We know this, thanks to this inscription.
21:11 Many people who use this walkway to come
21:13 to the temple from David's city,
21:15 would've been able to see those two figures.
21:17 I'm sure Satan made jumping off this spot and floating down
21:20 in the view of the people seems appealing,
21:23 tempting Jesus to announce
21:24 that he was the Messiah by miraculous show
21:27 and protected by the very angels of God.
21:30 But that was not the time and that was not the way.
21:34 The path for Jesus to become the Messiah
21:37 was through a tomb, not a palace.
21:40 It was on a cross, not a throne.
21:44 The pathway laid out for Christ to be our Messiah,
21:46 our Savior was to death to self,
21:50 in an olive garden within the view of the temple.
21:53 And not surprisingly, this story also contains
21:56 an encounter with an angel.
21:59 It was Passover time in Jerusalem
22:01 with many programs in the city.
22:04 Jesus had just celebrated
22:05 the Passover meal with His disciples.
22:08 Judas, one of His disciples went on betrayal
22:10 had left to meet with the priests.
22:13 Jesus then went to the garden of Gethsemane.
22:16 He knew that He was about to die for the sins of the world.
22:21 He knew His own people were going to turn him over
22:23 to the Romans for crucifixion.
22:26 Everything inside his human heart was saying 'no.'
22:30 Self was doing battle
22:32 with the established will of His Father.
22:36 You can be assured that Satan was there too,
22:38 whispering thoughts into His heart.
22:41 Why go through with this?
22:43 No one cares about what You're doing.
22:45 Even Your own disciples won't pray with you or for You.
22:48 You are alone.
22:51 But Jesus exercised the one thing He possessed,
22:55 the one thing we possess as human beings,
22:59 the power of choice.
23:02 He chose to surrender those satanic thoughts to God.
23:05 He chose to surrender His will to His heavenly Father.
23:09 Over and over, He prayed.
23:11 "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me,
23:16 nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."
23:21 Not what I want, but what you want.
23:25 His mental agony was snuffing out His life.
23:29 He would have died right there in the garden among the trees,
23:32 but that would not have fulfilled prophecy.
23:36 So God sent an angel.
23:39 In my minds eye, I can see
23:40 the angel getting down on the ground
23:43 and getting into the tear-stained face of Jesus,
23:46 taking Christ's shaking hands and trembling heart
23:49 at his own other worldly hands,
23:52 strengthening Him to fulfill His destiny.
23:56 When Jesus realized that there was no other way,
23:59 but through death, self waged one last tumultuous battle.
24:04 There was thunder in the Holy Land.
24:07 In the spirit realm, the clash of wills exploded.
24:11 He began to suffer hematidrosis.
24:14 Jesus' pores opened up and blood began to drip from His flesh.
24:19 I don't believe the cross was the greatest event
24:22 that happened outside the walls of Jerusalem.
24:25 For the cross was just the culmination
24:27 of what had already happened right there in the garden.
24:32 It is indeed holy ground.
24:40 We too, can stand on holy ground every time
24:43 we chose like Christ to surrender our will to God.
24:48 When we are going through our Gethsemane,
24:51 oppressed by Satan, when we are doing battle with self,
24:55 God's faithful angels will come and help us
24:59 just as they did Jesus.
25:01 For "Are they not all ministering spirits,
25:05 sent forth to minister for them
25:07 who shall be heirs of salvation?"
25:10 And why should this be such a surprise?
25:13 For angels visited father Abraham in his tent.
25:16 They came to Lot's home in Sodom,
25:18 escorting him and his family to safety.
25:22 God, His Son and the angels are all ministering
25:26 to those who are afflicted, suffering in sinful.
25:30 And friend, if you give yourself to God for the same work,
25:34 if you will use His gifts of time, talent, and money
25:38 for the purpose of saving souls,
25:40 you will enter into partnership with the angels.
25:44 Your heart will pulse in sympathy with theirs.
25:47 Your character will become like theirs.
25:50 And like Jesus, you'll be no stranger to heavenly beings.
25:56 Of course, if time would permit,
25:58 there is so much more Jesus taught about angels,
26:01 but here is a brief summary.
26:03 Jesus taught us that angels are real beings
26:06 who have constant contact with God.
26:09 That they care about us, especially, the children.
26:12 That they rejoice in our victories,
26:14 that they will come with Jesus, when He returns to get us.
26:18 Jesus pulls back the curtain of history telling us
26:21 that many of the angels
26:23 who used to be in heaven have fallen.
26:26 And He clearly teaches that when it is safe to do so,
26:29 the devil and all his minions will ultimately be destroyed.
26:34 So are we alone in the universe.
26:38 No, my friend, according to Jesus,
26:41 we are not alone.


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