Thunder in the Holy Land

Real World Repentance

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Participants: Charles Byrd (Host), Andrea Endries, Levi Longoria, Stephen Fowler


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00:01 In our study entitled
00:02 "The Radical Repentance of Christ."
00:04 We discover that one of the most profound truths
00:07 that Jesus lived out was His own baptism of repentance.
00:11 In fact, the first formal act of His ministry
00:15 was to announce to the world
00:16 the importance of true repentance for everyone,
00:20 for anyone who would be righteous.
00:23 And that's where the problem begins for many people
00:26 who catch a glimpse of the wonderful love of Jesus,
00:30 Who died for us.
00:31 They choose to live for Jesus
00:33 and then all hell breaks loose, literally.
00:37 They begin to wonder,
00:38 if following Christ was a good idea.
00:42 First, let me assure you,
00:44 following Christ is a great idea.
00:46 And the rough water totally normal and to be expected.
00:51 The reason that you get buffered about
00:52 when you start to follow Christ
00:54 is that you're now swimming upstream
00:56 against the current of own personal habits,
00:59 against the counter culture of the world.
01:01 The influence of old friends
01:03 and against the wiles of the devil
01:04 who has no intension of giving you up without a fight.
01:08 By contrast there's a littler turbulence
01:11 or struggle when you drift downstream.
01:16 Okay, enough with the analogies for the concrete thinker,
01:19 here it is straight up.
01:21 No one gets to heaven without saying,
01:23 yes to the Lord with all their known choices.
01:27 And here's one doctrine or teaching of Jesus
01:30 that we need to say, yes too.
01:33 "Be ye therefore perfect," Jesus said in Matthew 5:48,
01:37 "Even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."
01:41 For anyone who's tried to say yes,
01:44 to be obedient to this command, you know how impossible that is.
01:49 And that's why Jesus gift of repentance is causing
01:52 so much thunder because now
01:55 He's given us everything we need to obey this command.
01:59 He's taken away all our excuses.
02:55 Here's the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 7:21.
02:59 "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord,
03:02 shall enter into the kingdom of heaven,
03:04 but he that doeth the will of my Father
03:08 which is in heaven."
03:09 Solomon told us that
03:11 "The upright shall dwell in the land,
03:14 and the perfect shall remain in it."
03:18 Only perfect doers get to enter that new heaven in new earth.
03:22 And since nothing is going to enter there
03:24 that would defile its bliss,
03:27 how then should we live as His end time people.
03:31 In this study, let's take a look at
03:33 some of the real world places, Jesus and His disciples
03:36 invite us to exercise the gift of repentance
03:40 that is "Feeling about things the way God does,
03:43 and acting accordingly."
03:46 The first place is TV.
03:48 Yeah, I got to start there, why?
03:50 Because there's virtually all fraudulent
03:53 and if you want to be fed lies then watch TV.
03:56 If you like people training you to lies and believe lies,
03:58 then watch TV.
04:00 And I'm not just talking about the shows,
04:02 even the advertises make the bottom-line
04:04 the more benchmark for what is promoted.
04:06 The purpose of Jesus coming to this earth
04:08 was to destroy the words of the devil.
04:11 Let's let Jesus himself
04:12 tell us what the work of a devil is from John 8:44.
04:16 "When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own,
04:19 for he is a liar, and the father of it."
04:22 Some folks pine for the good old days of TV,
04:24 with shows like, "Leave it to Beaver,"
04:26 "Father Knows Best," "Andy Griffith,"
04:28 and "I Love Lucy."
04:29 Back then it was safe to watch.
04:32 But if you take the time and compare
04:33 those shows with the Bible,
04:35 you discover that many of those very programs
04:37 were planting the seeds of our present day television.
04:40 Lucy was always telling Ricky some story that wasn't true
04:43 and the industry is still forcing lies upon us,
04:46 integrity, honesty and righteousness
04:48 are not the bedrock of our media and entertainment industry.
04:52 So what should be our north star,
04:53 the safe guideline
04:55 for those who would follow Jesus in regards of TV?
04:58 Well, when it comes to what you watch for your entertainment,
05:01 I believe Psalms 101:3 should be your model.
05:04 "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes."
05:07 Because the great law of the mind states,
05:09 "By beholding we become changed."
05:13 Most of what is shown on TV, God will call wicked,
05:16 but that doesn't stop me for liking it.
05:18 So what do we do if we still like it?
05:20 That is where the choice to engage
05:22 true repentance comes into play.
05:24 First, we spent time focusing our hearts
05:27 and affection on His goodness,
05:29 then we ask Him for a change of heart
05:31 and those things we know are harmful for us,
05:33 our friends or our families.
05:35 If you pray that prayer,
05:36 it's important to keep your eyes open to see
05:38 what He'll do in your life.
05:39 I assure you, you'll notice a change
05:42 for He keeps His promises.
05:44 You notice He does change your heart,
05:46 you start feeling guilt.
05:48 And you notice that He promised you with new heart impulses.
05:52 When that happens choose to act,
05:54 turning away from sin and toward God,
05:56 so He can pour His joy and comfort into your life.
06:00 Yes, Steven, TV has certainly altered
06:03 the moral fabric of every society it has touched,
06:06 eroding overtime all the qualities
06:08 that make our society good, safe and blessed.
06:12 Purity of thought and life is another area,
06:15 TV is working to annihilate.
06:17 And there's a young person who was keeping myself
06:19 for the one man I'll share my life with,
06:22 I'm deeply concerned with a medium
06:24 that makes women mere objects.
06:27 In a typical viewing session
06:29 sexual content appears in 64% of the programming.
06:33 In these programs portrayals that included sexual risks like
06:36 STDs or becoming pregnant,
06:39 abstinence or the need for sexual safety
06:42 are depicted only 15% of the time.
06:45 Consequently, sexual content
06:47 on TV is far more likely to promote sexual activity
06:51 among adolescence than it is to discourage it.
06:54 And one other statistic
06:56 from a study of the year's top 25 films.
06:59 Sexual activity between married couples
07:01 only appears 15% of the time
07:04 versus 85% of the time with those who are not married.
07:09 It is no surprise that where society calls entertainment
07:12 flies in direct opposition to the culture of heaven.
07:16 Paul told the folks in Ephesus that,
07:18 "It is a shame even to speak of those things
07:21 which are done of them in secret."
07:23 But we not only talk about it,
07:25 we broadcast these perversions,
07:27 casting them in a light of normalcy.
07:30 God invented sex
07:32 and it's wonderful to enjoy this gift
07:34 that God has given in its proper context.
07:38 The Bible teaches this gift is only to be exercise
07:41 between a husband and a wife not with every person
07:44 who grabs our emotional attention.
07:47 We can learn that
07:48 from the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 5:28.
07:51 "I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust
07:55 has already committed adultery with her in his heart."
07:59 The good news is God's gift of repentance
08:01 can fortify your heart.
08:03 When you say yes to Jesus with all your known choices,
08:06 His gift can make you hate what you once loved
08:09 and love what you once hated.
08:12 And let me give you a personal experience
08:14 of how this mind and heart altering repentance
08:17 made my life sweater when I was a litter girl
08:20 and set a tone that helped to lead me to where I am today.
08:23 My dad loved football, his heart was definitely engaged
08:28 but the Holy Spirit spoke to him,
08:30 brought conviction to his heart just like Jesus' promise.
08:34 And when I was 7-years-old,
08:36 he made the choice to listen to that still small voice.
08:40 Every time a game came on TV
08:41 that he wanted to watch instead he went out
08:44 and put his time into building a play house for me.
08:48 And let me tell you what that did.
08:50 First, it helped my father put value
08:53 on the truly important things of life like family.
08:57 Second, it kept him from becoming attached
08:59 or even addicted to the things of this world.
09:02 And last, it helped in instilling me
09:05 a better place to put my values.
09:08 Yeah, repentance works great in the real world.
09:13 You know, Andrea,
09:14 when you deliberately choose to participate in repentance,
09:17 when you spent time each day
09:19 looking at the life of Christ by holding His love and mercy,
09:24 it starts the process of change in the heart.
09:27 And the heart or right brain definitely need some change.
09:31 According to the Prophet Jeremiah,
09:33 "The heart is deceitful above all things,
09:37 and desperately wicked."
09:38 Let me illustrate this point
09:40 with something ubiquitous, tobacco.
09:43 And tobacco is the one product that when used according
09:46 to the manufacture's instructions cause death.
09:49 It says right on the package,
09:51 "Smoking kills," and that is true.
09:55 Tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world.
10:00 In fact, tobacco kills up to one half of its regular users.
10:05 Smoking kills more people each year than AIDS,
10:08 legal drugs, illegal drugs, road accidents,
10:11 murder and suicide combined.
10:15 Worldwide smoking related deaths exceed five million annually,
10:20 that's one death every eight seconds.
10:24 So why do people keep smoking?
10:26 Because of the war that's constantly going on
10:28 between their ears.
10:30 The mind tells him the facts.
10:32 Smoking causes lung cancer. Smoking ages the skin.
10:36 Smoking hurts those around us. Smoking causes impotence.
10:41 But in spite of these warnings, the emotional side of us
10:44 that heart says, "But I want to."
10:49 Smoking to many as a friend and constant companion.
10:52 So with these two sides of the brain at war,
10:55 who usually wins, the heart.
10:58 And that's why the Wiseman tells us,
11:00 "Keep thy heart with all diligence,
11:03 for out of it are the issues of life."
11:06 How do we keep the heart?
11:08 By doing step one of repentance
11:10 which is remembering the goodness of God.
11:14 And Jesus made the same point in Luke 11:34,
11:17 "The light of the body is the eye,
11:20 therefore when thine eye is single,
11:22 thy whole body also was full of light."
11:26 When we're keeping our focus on God,
11:28 His goodness, His promises, His grace, His love,
11:33 then our life is guided by the light of truth
11:36 and our emotions begin to cooperate with our mind.
11:40 We begin to love what He loves and hate what He hates.
11:45 Repentance is indeed the premier tool to use
11:48 if you want to overcome the addicted
11:50 influence of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or any other addiction
11:55 that the devil wants to use to destroy you.
11:59 God's idea for His children is higher than the highest
12:03 human thought can reach.
12:05 "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father
12:09 which is in heaven is perfect."
12:11 This command is also a promise,
12:14 because God's plan of redemption
12:16 contemplates our complete recovery
12:19 from the power of Satan.
12:21 Christ always separates the contrite soul from sin.
12:25 After all He came to destroy the works of the devil
12:29 and He has made provision
12:30 that the Holy Spirit should be imparted
12:33 to every repentant soul to keep Him from sinning.
12:38 This was the message Christ left
12:40 with the disciples and this message
12:42 they repeated in their letters to the believers.
12:46 "He is also able to save to the uttermost
12:49 those who come to God through Him,
12:52 since He ever lives to make intercession for them."
12:56 As a pastor, I'm often called upon for comfort
12:59 when someone is dying in the hospital.
13:01 I've never met one dying person who said,
13:04 "I wish I could smoke one more cigarette before I die,
13:07 I sure miss them."
13:09 I've never met one person who said,
13:10 "Wow, if I died tonight,
13:12 I'll miss the next Simpsons program."
13:15 Worldly things lose their lustering appeal
13:18 in the face of death.
13:20 Paul told the folks in Corinthians,
13:22 "Godly sorrow worketh repentance
13:24 to salvation not to be repented of,
13:28 but the sorrow of the world worketh death."
13:32 What I see in this verse is that
13:33 our emotions are all messed up.
13:36 We're sorry, we missed the TV show.
13:39 Sorry, we missed the night out with the girls.
13:41 Sorry, we missed the cake party.
13:44 Sorry, we didn't score on the first date.
13:47 Sorry, when any constraints are put on us by family
13:50 or church which limits our freedom.
13:54 But this sorrow leads to eternal death.
13:58 God's repentance, His heart transplant
14:01 actually makes us feel good about
14:04 walking away from worldly things
14:06 and positive about doing the right thing.
14:09 This is the biggest part of the battle.
14:11 If you hate what He hates and love what He loves,
14:15 doing the right thing
14:16 becomes more than just the duty of obedience,
14:20 it becomes our own desire.
14:23 God tells us through the Prophet Ezekiel,
14:25 the reason He gives us a new heart.
14:28 "That they may walk in my statutes,
14:31 and keep mine ordinances, and do them,
14:35 and they shall be my people, and I will be their God."
14:40 If we want to be His
14:42 then we must follow in absolute obedience to His laws of love,
14:48 that's why we need repentance.
14:51 It sure is, Charles.
14:53 The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 12:2,
14:56 "Be not conformed to this world,
14:58 but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
15:01 that ye may prove what is that good,
15:04 and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."
15:07 To prove something means to demonstrate the truth
15:09 or existence of by evidence or argument."
15:13 By not conforming to this world
15:15 but adjusting our life to God's kingdom,
15:17 we become a living proof, the evidence
15:20 that there truly is an all powerful life transforming God.
15:24 That is why I say, he throws these temptations
15:26 and harassments at you.
15:27 He can't force you to disobey him,
15:29 but if you can get you of your own free will
15:31 to turn aside from God,
15:33 then you willingly come under his control.
15:36 The Prophet Hosea talks about two other things
15:38 Satan uses to lead us astray.
15:40 "Whoredom and wine, they take away the heart."
15:44 Satan is still using those two things very successfully today.
15:48 And thanks to the internet,
15:49 the red light district is now just a click away.
15:53 And this light sells well, over 400 billion each year
15:57 but it whops the moral fabric of the mind.
16:00 Then the devil offers us alcohol
16:02 which clouts the frontal cortex of the mind,
16:04 thus lowering the inhibitions.
16:06 And suddenly we have a deadly cocktail
16:08 resulting in debauchery, depravity and wickedness.
16:12 But walking around among us are people who are repenting,
16:15 they're asking for God's will to be their own.
16:17 He's giving them a pure heart like Joseph of old.
16:21 Joseph certainly has proved that
16:22 human beings can be obedient
16:24 when they allow the divine nature to become their nature.
16:27 When we ask Jesus for the same repentance,
16:29 He exercises the repentance He promises to give us.
16:33 He'll do a miracle in our hearts as well.
16:35 And just like Joseph and Jesus,
16:37 we can turn away from sin in heart and life
16:40 before we stumble into sin.
16:44 People who follow Christ as the true messiah
16:46 live different than others around them.
16:49 And there's a reason for this,
16:51 they had chosen Christ as their example in all things
16:55 just as he directed in John 13:15,
16:58 "For I have given you an example,
17:00 that ye should do as I have done to you."
17:04 If you look carefully at the context of this verse,
17:07 the example Jesus left was an example in humility
17:11 of humbling self for the good of others,
17:13 no matter the cause to self and pride.
17:16 This lesson was not lost on His disciples
17:19 for their letters teach the same lesson.
17:22 "For even hereunto were ye called, Peter tells us,
17:25 because Christ also suffered for us,
17:29 leaving us an example,
17:30 that ye should follow his steps."
17:33 As the young lady growing up in a modern society,
17:36 I have followed the culture of the world
17:38 around me in dress and adornment.
17:41 But since choosing to follow Christ,
17:43 I've had to look at what example He left me
17:46 and this look open my eyes to an area of my life
17:49 that needed His gift of repentance.
17:52 Dress and adornment are big issues for us girls,
17:55 as well as for many guys.
17:57 One of the lines bantered about is,
17:59 "if you've got it, flaunt it."
18:02 And I guess as a model I qualified for that axiom,
18:05 but as a Christian, as a true follower of Christ,
18:09 His goodness compelled me to go back
18:12 and to take another look at His example.
18:15 Jesus created everything, including the gold, pearls,
18:19 diamonds and other precious stones and metals,
18:22 those things are not sin.
18:25 But when Jesus left heaven,
18:27 He didn't bring any of that gold with Him,
18:30 He didn't come wearing a golden crown,
18:32 He wore no rings, not a promise ring
18:35 or school ring or even a signet ring.
18:38 Careful investigation and prayerful study
18:40 opened to me the reason why.
18:43 Blink is not what's important.
18:45 Oh, it's nice and I'm sure that God has a lot of it.
18:49 But what makes heaven, heaven is not the stuff.
18:53 What makes heaven a place that you'd want to live in
18:55 forever is care shown to others,
18:59 death to self and love for God.
19:03 Since sin enter this world,
19:05 self is considered most important.
19:08 Self-esteem, a code name for pride is protected
19:11 and encouraged as a right.
19:14 In the present culture of this world
19:16 adornment is really worn for just one reason,
19:20 pride or look at me.
19:23 So Jesus didn't bring any of that with Him
19:25 and He never wore any of that while He was here.
19:28 He wanted to make absolutely sure that nothing would distract
19:32 from His message of death to self and living for others.
19:37 "If any man will come after me,
19:39 Jesus said, let him deny himself,
19:42 and take up his cross, and follow me."
19:46 My study revealed that Jesus' true followers will look
19:49 different than the world in dress and deportment.
19:53 And that was the teaching of Peter as well
19:55 in 1 Peter 3:3 and 4, "Do not let your beauty be that
20:00 of outward adorning of arranging the hair,
20:02 of wearing gold, or of putting on fine apparel,
20:06 but let it be the hidden person of the heart,
20:09 with the incorruptible ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit,
20:13 which is very precious in the sight of God."
20:17 The jewelry Jesus wants us to
20:19 put on is that of a sweet and gentle spirit,
20:22 a kindness that compels others to notice Him.
20:27 This is His teaching from right here on the Mount of Beatitudes.
20:31 "Let your light so shine before men,
20:34 that they may see your good works,
20:36 and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
20:40 What I learned was that when I distract people
20:42 from seeing Jesus by my outward adornment,
20:46 I'm not following His example
20:48 or the teachings of His apostles.
20:50 Paul tells us in 1st Timothy 2:9, and 10,
20:54 "I also want women to dress modestly,
20:57 with decency and propriety,
20:59 not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes,
21:03 but with good deeds, appropriate for women
21:06 who profess to worship God."
21:09 The problem really isn't the gold or pearls.
21:12 These are the things that God made
21:15 but because of sin these things tempt us to pride
21:19 and there are few who escape that lure.
21:22 For every truly humble, godly and Christ like manner woman
21:26 who wears jewelry now, I'm sure there are thousand
21:29 who can't avoid the temptation
21:31 to self and pride that adornment brings.
21:34 And even if I can't avoid the temptation,
21:37 what influence am I having on others.
21:40 So I chose to take off the outward adornment for now.
21:43 I don't want anything that I chose to wear
21:46 to distract people from His message lived through my life.
21:50 I've chosen to wear modest clothes
21:52 that won't cause a brother to stumble to lust in his heart,
21:56 leading him away from God's plan for real men.
22:00 But that choice doesn't change my heart.
22:03 For that I need repentance,
22:06 I need the gift of feeling about things the way God does.
22:10 That's why this repentance model is so important,
22:13 it really does work.
22:15 The more I spend time looking at Him,
22:18 His love and His goodness,
22:20 the more I ask for His will
22:22 and His impulses and His desires to be mine,
22:26 the more He changes my heart.
22:29 In heaven I will be wearing gold once again.
22:32 Jesus Himself would put a golden crown on my head.
22:36 But it still won't be for me, for my glory.
22:40 And I'm pretty sure just like the 24 elders,
22:43 I will be casting my crown at His feet saying,
22:46 "You are worthy, O Lord,
22:48 to receive glory and honor and power,
22:51 for You created all things,
22:53 and by Your will they exist and were created."
22:57 Then He'll picked it up
22:59 and place it back on my head saying,
23:02 "But I want you to wear this.
23:04 You wearing this crown will bring glory to Me."
23:08 Thanks, Andrea, for being sensitive towards guys
23:10 who really do want to follow God
23:12 and because the devil really does use women to get at us.
23:15 I don't know why they call them the weaker sex though,
23:17 considering the power they have over men.
23:20 And come to think of it that scenario
23:22 we men could use repentance in.
23:25 If we'd allow God to give us the heart and mind of Christ,
23:28 we could put women,
23:29 well, everything in its proper God appointed place.
23:34 Of course, for some things that's harder than others.
23:37 Our hormones are harder because they more easily bypass
23:40 the reasoning centers of the mind.
23:43 Music is like that too and PET scans revealed
23:45 that music involves just about every part of the brain
23:49 and but it only involves the frontal lobe and cognitive
23:52 or moral center of thought if you choose to go there.
23:55 And music is probably one of the most powerful
23:58 avenues to the soul as it can make you feel in certain ways
24:02 without even choosing too.
24:04 The movie industry knows this very well.
24:06 They can have you scared
24:08 before anything bad even happens in the movie.
24:11 As a musician myself,
24:12 I'm very much aware of the controversy
24:14 that's caused every time
24:16 standards are discussed about music.
24:18 So let me bypass all that by just asking you
24:20 a few inspired questions.
24:23 And first, "Do you think God has a preference in music?"
24:27 My answer is, He's a being with thoughts and feelings
24:30 so I'd imagine He does.
24:32 And my second question is
24:33 "Do you think Satan has a preference in music?"
24:37 As a creative being with thoughts and feelings,
24:39 I'm sure He does as well.
24:41 One final question,
24:43 we've been told that in the end time
24:44 Satan will appear on earth and personating Christ.
24:48 As the masses prostrate themselves to
24:50 who they think is Christ.
24:52 I'm sure they'll sing songs of praise to him.
24:55 "And what music will Lucifer prefer
24:57 that people use to sing his praises?"
25:00 The real purpose for music is to lead
25:02 people to true worship and away from an adulatory
25:06 So if you think that choice we make in music
25:09 doesn't really matter,
25:10 if you choose to believe
25:12 that the highway to heaven is broad enough
25:14 to allow for all music to be included, think again.
25:19 This is an area in which we desperately need
25:22 the gift of repentance.
25:24 So let me finish by simply asking you to do what I'm doing,
25:28 I'm seeking to put all of my focus
25:31 on the goodness of our Sovereign God.
25:34 Then I'm asking Him to make me
25:36 feel about things the way He does.
25:38 Next I'm watching to see through His providence
25:41 through added knowledge
25:43 and through the Holy Spirit's promptings
25:45 what music God would prefer.
25:48 Then I'm choosing to embrace that music.
25:50 And so I like Him change my heart and my preferences.
25:54 If we let the Lord of all be Lord of our music choices,
25:58 I believe you'll find what I'm finding.
26:01 Music when not abused is a great blessing
26:05 because the music of heaven imparts strength and courage
26:10 which the Christian can find only at the throne of grace.
26:15 Thanks, Levi. God knows everything.
26:19 As the creator, He knows what is good for us.
26:22 He also knows what will harm us bringing sadness, pain and loss.
26:26 And that's why God gives us council,
26:29 warnings and commandments.
26:31 But what if we don't like what He likes
26:33 or what if we love what He hates.
26:37 I'm happy to report that God can change our hearts,
26:41 our right brains so that we love
26:43 what He loves and hate what He hates.
26:46 And because He is the creator,
26:48 we know that He can also recreate our hearts.
26:52 So we pray with confidence,
26:53 the same prayer as the Psalm as David.
26:57 "Create in me a clean hear, O God,
27:00 and renew a right spirit within me."
27:04 Our part is to take the time to remember His goodness.
27:08 It is His goodness that leads us to repentance.
27:12 It is our part to ask Him to bring our emotions
27:15 into conformity to His stated will,
27:18 for us to choose His will for our lives.
27:22 Then He does the hard part.
27:24 The heart part by giving us a new hearts
27:28 that we feel about things the way He does
27:31 and then from this new heart paradigm,
27:34 we turn away from sin not just outwardly,
27:37 we turn away in heart as well.
27:41 So my friend what are you going to do
27:44 with Jesus and His gift of repentance.


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