Thunder in the Holy Land

The Day Love Thundered

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Participants: Charles Byrd (Host), Andrea Endries, Levi Longoria, Stephen Fowler


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00:07 There's a mountain considered sacred in Jewish history
00:11 but it seems we've lost its coordinates.
00:14 Some say it's in the Sinai Peninsula.
00:18 Others have come to believe
00:20 that it's in the desert of Saudi Arabia.
00:23 Wherever it is, inspiration tells us that
00:26 this mountain is the backdrop for the day love thundered.
00:32 The book of Exodus is such an exciting book in the Bible
00:35 because it reveals the deity who is a personal God.
00:39 One who cares about His creation.
00:42 One who's interested in their personal lives and happiness.
00:47 Exodus presents a God who actually talks with people,
00:51 not only with one exalted person but millions of people.
00:55 Indeed it was the very purpose of God
00:58 for all the people to hear His voice and know Him.
01:03 "And the Lord said unto Moses, Lo, I come unto thee
01:06 in a thick cloud that the people may hear
01:10 when I speak and believe."
01:14 God shows this mountain as His podium
01:17 and the surrounding desert plain as His amphitheater.
01:21 And the thunder from this momentous event
01:23 still wraps our world in His embrace.
02:21 The disciple John, the only disciple
02:24 that did not die a martyr's death,
02:26 declared in 1 John 4:8, "God is love."
02:32 God is love and all He does is motivated by love,
02:36 a love for the lost and dying.
02:39 "Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love.
02:43 Therefore, with lovingkindness have I drawn thee."
02:48 That desert mountain is important,
02:50 not so much for where it is but for what happened there.
02:54 I believe this is the place love thundered.
02:59 Thanks, Charles.
03:01 Thunder in the Holy land has been and continues to be
03:04 a study about the teachings and life of Jesus.
03:08 Many people who take the name of Christ,
03:10 Christian, have been lead to believe
03:13 that the commandments given by Jehovah
03:15 at Mount Sinai were done away with at the cross
03:18 and are no longer binding for New Testament believers.
03:22 However, to come to that conclusion
03:24 one must turn a blind eye to the clear
03:27 and direct doctrines and teachings of Christ.
03:31 So what did Jesus teach about the law?
03:34 Let's check it out in Matthew 5:17, 18.
03:37 "Think not that I am come to destroy
03:40 the law, or the prophets.
03:42 I am not come to destroy but to fulfil.
03:46 For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass,
03:49 one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass
03:53 from the law, till all be fulfilled."
03:57 A simple bit of scientific observation should lead us
04:01 to determine that heaven and earth are still here.
04:04 Our conclusion then must be that the law still here,
04:07 valid and important in the mind of Jesus.
04:11 But in these verses Jesus used the words
04:13 "fulfil" and "fulfilled."
04:17 That's the apparent escape clause and some of you
04:19 feel jealous in god's love
04:21 from their present religious experience.
04:23 They claim that Christ fulfilled the law
04:26 when He died on the cross.
04:28 However, complete reading of the Bible
04:30 including the writings of the Apostle Paul
04:33 indicate something very different.
04:36 For the purpose of Jesus coming and dying on the cross
04:39 wasn't merely to do something for us
04:42 that we couldn't do for ourselves
04:44 keeping the law but He also came to show us
04:47 the way it could be done in us.
04:50 Notice carefully the teachings of Paul
04:53 to the New Testament believers
04:54 that New Dispensation believers in Romans 8: 3, 4.
05:19 Notice that Paul fully intended
05:21 the law to also be fulfilled in us.
05:24 It seems strange to get rid of something you intend
05:26 to have played out in the lives of your followers.
05:29 The law given to God's chosen people
05:32 at the foot of Mount Sinai was a good thing.
05:35 It guided the people into the way of life.
05:38 In fact, apart from the folks in Rome
05:40 that the law was holy and the commandment
05:43 was holy and just and good.
05:47 On the same note, Paul wrote to Timothy these words,
05:50 "We know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully."
05:55 At the foot of Mount Sinai God gave the people
05:57 a good law written in stone to guide them into a good place.
06:02 And Jesus clearly wants that law to be fulfilled in us.
06:08 You're right, Levi.
06:10 The eternal nature of God's law is clearly laid out
06:12 in the words of Jesus in Luke 16:17.
06:15 "It is easier for heaven and earth to pass,
06:18 than one tittle of the law to fail."
06:20 And there's a reason you can't get rid of God's law
06:23 because if you did, you'd also get rid of His love.
06:26 In fact, one experience Jesus had with the lawyer
06:29 points out what the heart of the law really is.
06:32 This lawyer actually used a question, tempting Him.
06:35 You can read about it in Matthew 22:36.
06:38 "Teacher," the lawyer asked,
06:39 "which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"
06:42 Out of 613 laws in the Torah,
06:45 what law could Jesus possibly choose as the most important?
07:05 These important words of Christ reveal the bedrock,
07:08 the cornerstone of His divine moral law
07:11 and all prophetic utterance, love.
07:15 If we dismiss God's law, de facto dismissing His love.
07:19 For Jesus said in verse 40.
07:25 Did you know that the Ten Commandments
07:26 were divided into two parts or divisions?
07:29 In these two parts are the two laws
07:31 that Jesus said were the greatest laws.
07:33 In the first four commandments of the Decalogue
07:35 referred to are vertical relationship with God Himself.
07:38 And these four laws rest on the first and great commandment,
07:41 that is to love God with all our hearts.
07:44 The last six commandments of the moral law
07:46 are horizontal or laws dealing
07:48 with our relationships with one another.
07:50 These commandments are rooted in the second commandment
07:53 that says, "We should love our neighbors as ourselves."
07:57 Jesus fully endorsed the law and he made it the bases
08:00 of our love relationship with divinity in John 15:10.
08:11 Jesus saw the moral law as a guide for all mankind.
08:14 For He said in Matthew 4:4.
08:23 It was this law that proceeded from His mouth on Mount Sinai.
08:26 And it was this law that guided Christ
08:28 while living as a man here on earth.
08:39 The doctrine of Jesus clearly establishes the moral law.
08:42 And He states that He obeyed it.
08:44 And Jesus clearly taught that if we want to remain
08:46 under the shadow of His love,
08:48 we must keep His commandments also.
08:51 It is this law that prepares us for successful living here
08:54 and for living in heaven at last.
08:56 Heaven and earth were still here,
08:58 fully functioning and so is his immutable law.
09:03 That's true, Stephen.
09:04 God's law is immutable.
09:07 Immutable means unchanging over time or unable to be changed.
09:11 There are some things that can't change.
09:14 For example, it's true that you can't live without blood.
09:19 This is an immutable fact.
09:22 Another parallel doctrine of Jesus was
09:24 that He and the Father are one.
09:27 Jesus told Philip that to see Him was to see the Father.
09:32 They are the same.
09:34 Did you know the same is true regarding God and His law?
09:38 God and His law are also insufferable.
09:41 If you want to know what God is like,
09:44 you need to know His law.
09:46 They are the same.
09:48 You see, to know the law is to know God.
09:52 It is the written version of His character.
09:56 Now that took a little cross-referencing.
09:58 But to make sure this point is crystal clear,
10:01 let's consider one of the teachings
10:03 of Jesus from Revelation 12:17.
10:06 This verse describes a people
10:08 from the new dispensation in conflict with Satan.
10:12 In this battle they are not wearing uniforms.
10:15 So let's look carefully at the distinguishing
10:17 mark of God's true followers.
10:33 If the moral law was done away with
10:35 because it cannot be kept then why would God's remnant people,
10:39 the one Satan hates and wars against in these last days,
10:43 be keeping the law?
10:46 God's law is indeed unchangeable and eternal.
10:52 It's true, Andrea.
10:53 God's moral law is still as eternal
10:56 and unchangeable as it was the day
10:58 He thundered those words from Mount Sinai.
11:02 So why is it that so many churches
11:05 and pastors preach and teach that the law was eliminated?
11:09 The answer to that question is simple.
11:12 They misinterpret Colossians 2:14.
11:15 But you don't need a degree to understand this verse.
11:18 If you allow the Bible to interpret itself,
11:22 careful study reveals that though the Jews
11:24 used one word "law," in their mind it had different meanings.
11:29 It could mean the moral law, the Ten Commandments,
11:32 or it could mean laws regarding our health.
11:35 There was also a division of law just for social issues.
11:39 And then there were the ceremonial laws
11:42 dealing with the temple and worship.
11:45 In many cases only context will tell you
11:48 which law is being referred to since they all use the word law.
11:54 Without understanding, let's take a look at this verse
11:57 that is so often employed to push
12:00 the moral law out of the Christian experience.
12:03 Colossians 2:14 says.
12:15 Now remember, a text without a context is a pretext.
12:20 The broader context of Jesus' life tells us
12:24 that He was very supportive of the moral law.
12:27 This larger context is not lost
12:30 or broken at all in the writings of Paul.
12:33 If you look again at the verse in Colossians,
12:36 you will find the Ten Commandments even mentioned.
12:39 The verse says.
12:52 If you compare scripture with scripture,
12:54 you'll discover that there was a law
12:56 mentioned in Deuteronomy 31: 24 and 26.
13:00 That contains the key elements
13:01 that are mentioned in Colossians 2:14.
13:05 These elements are, one, "handwriting"
13:08 and two, "against us."
13:11 Now let's look at Deuteronomy 31.
13:22 Notice this law was not written with the finger of God
13:25 on stone but was the handwriting of Moses in a book.
13:30 Then Moses told the Levites.
13:42 Notice this verse calls at law but this law was not put
13:46 inside the ark with the Ten Commandments
13:48 but in the side of or beside the ark.
13:52 And this law was a witness against the people.
13:56 The law that was nailed to the cross in Colossians
13:59 was the law contained in ordinances,
14:03 not the moral law which had been written with the finger of God.
14:08 So if the law Paul is talking about
14:11 was not the moral law but the ordinances,
14:14 what law was it that was nailed to the cross?
14:18 To discover that we need to look at the context
14:21 and let's start at Colossians 2:16,
14:24 "Let no man therefore judge you in meat,"
14:27 which were offerings, "or in drink,"
14:30 which were also offerings, "or in respect of an holyday,"
14:34 or holydays, "or of the new moon,"
14:37 these were Jewish festivals,
14:39 "or of the ceremonial Sabbath days,"
14:41 like Passover, etc.
14:43 These items in verse 16,
14:46 "which are a shadow of things to come,"
14:49 are all descriptions of the ceremonial law.
14:53 You see, the ceremonial laws
14:54 were a shadow of things to come, namely, Christ.
14:59 That's why it was nailed to the cross because
15:02 everything about the sanctuary service represented Christ.
15:06 He was the Lamb, the sacrifice that was nailed to the cross.
15:11 So the ceremonial laws were taken
15:13 out of the way but not the moral law.
15:18 That's right, Charles.
15:20 All this discussion about the law
15:21 being done away with and has, in fact,
15:23 hurt the cause of Christ, His church and our communities.
15:28 God intends for His church to be a standard
15:30 that defends against the lawlessness of the world.
15:34 And the dismissal of God's moral law is partly
15:37 responsible for our social state of lawlessness.
15:40 It is, in fact, a lie palmed off
15:43 on us by the enemy of our souls.
15:46 God gave us a law.
15:48 It is still in force and important for our lives today.
15:51 And God himself told us why His law
15:54 is important for us in Deuteronomy 6.
16:13 God didn't give us a law just to be arbitrary.
16:16 He gave us the law for our good and good is important.
16:21 The assumption that the law is important is a safe one
16:25 because God Himself spoke it and wrote it down.
16:29 And since He tells us it's for our good,
16:31 now let's take a few moments to know
16:33 some of the good things that result from embracing
16:36 the law with an obedient heart.
16:39 The first is predictability.
16:42 Each of us enjoys a certain amount of spontaneity
16:45 and that's just fine.
16:46 But suppose the law of gravity was intermittent
16:49 and sometimes you woke up in the morning
16:51 on the ceiling rather than in bed,
16:55 without gravity we might spin off into space.
16:58 But just knowing that gravity
17:00 will always keep our car on the road,
17:02 that our drink of water will always stay in its glass,
17:05 makes life predictable and safe.
17:09 In the same way, God is predictable.
17:11 God and His law both operate on love,
17:16 on the principle of giving what is needed most.
17:20 That's a constant.
17:21 "For I am the Lord, I change not."
17:25 That's why His compassion never fails
17:28 and that's why our relationship with Him is predictable.
17:33 The next good thing the law provides to those
17:35 who are true in heart is education.
17:38 According to the Apostle Paul, the law teaches us
17:41 where the line is between what is good and what is sin.
17:46 And notice Paul's quoting from number 10
17:48 of the Ten Commandments to make this point.
17:51 To the mind of this follower of Christ,
17:54 the moral law is still valid and in force.
17:58 Another thing the law provides
18:00 that most people never think about is happiness.
18:04 Sin always causes death and separation,
18:08 both of which do nothing towards promoting
18:10 our happiness and peace.
18:13 But obedience to the law makes for happiness.
18:16 The wise man said, "he that keepeth the law, happy is he."
18:21 And Jesus was absolutely clear that happiness comes from doing
18:26 what He told us to, obeying His law of love.
18:31 The fourth thing the law provides is freedom.
18:34 Only in obedience to God's law do we find true liberty.
18:38 Freedom is most clearly seen in the power that God gives us
18:42 to do the right thing under every circumstance.
18:46 The next thing the law provides is proof.
18:50 Obedience to God's law is the proof that we love Him.
18:54 Many are fluent in lip service but doing what God says
18:59 proves our loyalty and our love.
19:02 And one more thing the law brings to the table
19:04 by way of blessing, the law is a change agent.
19:09 There's a great principle that says,
19:11 "by beholding we become changed."
19:14 When we look to the study,
19:16 predictable principles of the law of God asking
19:19 His will to be our will, we become like Him.
19:24 And so that's only six things
19:26 that the law brings to the table.
19:27 The six wonderful things we obtain
19:30 only through obedience to God's moral law.
19:34 And speaking of obedience to the lawly life,
19:37 there is one law that Jesus spoke of
19:38 that truly has relevance for every culture.
19:41 I think God actually placed it as part of our DNA.
19:44 That law is the golden rule found in Matthew 7:12.
19:49 The golden rule says,
19:50 "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
19:53 But did you know that Jesus taught
19:55 that the "do" is defined by His law.
19:58 Check it out.
20:07 You don't want people lie to you don't lie to them.
20:10 That's the ninth commandment.
20:11 You don't want people to steal your things then don't steal.
20:14 That's the eighth commandment.
20:16 You don't want your spouse cheating
20:17 on you then don't commit adultery.
20:19 That's the seventh commandment.
20:21 You see, obedience to the law makes life safe,
20:24 predictable, and happy.
20:27 God's great principles are not merely
20:29 embodied in the Ten Commandments.
20:31 They are ultimately exemplified in the life of Christ.
20:34 It is His life of obedience to the law that becomes a mirror,
20:37 but how a mirror revealing the truth about our lives.
20:42 We don't just ask the question, what would Jesus do?
20:45 We ask the question, what did Jesus do?
20:48 What did He teach? What does He ask of us?
20:52 And one more thing about the "do" in the moral law
20:55 and the golden rule, it really is important to Jesus.
20:58 In fact, Jesus said,
21:00 "it determines where we spend eternity."
21:11 Now don't misunderstand what Jesus is saying here.
21:14 He's not saying that if you obey good enough
21:16 you have the right to heaven.
21:17 You and I have already sinned and the wages to sin is death.
21:20 And no amount of obedience will cancel that death.
21:23 We need Jesus' perfect obedience to the law
21:26 and His death on the cross to atone for our sins.
21:29 But now that He's paid the price,
21:32 Jesus wants us to live perfect lives.
21:35 New Testament doctrine clearly indicates
21:37 that the intention now is that the law will be fulfilled in us.
21:41 In fact, the new covenant is not
21:44 that the law's done away with, but that His moral law
21:47 will be written on our hearts.
21:51 You're right, Stephen.
21:52 We are not saved because we keep the law
21:54 but we can't be saved without keeping it.
21:57 On this Jesus is clear.
22:00 Again from Matthew 7:21.
22:12 The words "not" and "but" highlight the strong contrast
22:16 between the mere talker and the actual doer of God's will.
22:20 Mere profession is worthless.
22:23 He who pretends to know God and yet disobeys
22:25 His commandments is a liar.
22:28 For the New Testament believer the teaching of Jesus is clear
22:32 and that was the same teaching learned
22:34 and taught by Jesus' disciples.
23:03 And how did Jesus walk?
23:05 Here is how He walked in His own words.
23:08 John 15:10.
23:15 Based on that example, He says to each of us.
23:30 There's no lasting and eternal joy
23:33 outside total and complete obedience to God.
23:36 Not here nor in paradise.
23:39 Heaven wouldn't be heaven if the law was not embraced.
23:43 It wouldn't be safe.
23:45 That was why Satan could no longer stay there.
23:48 His lies were changing the atmosphere from one of peace
23:51 and joy to anxiety and confusion.
23:55 Interesting options.
23:57 Peace and joy or anxiety and confusion.
24:00 Seems like a simple choice.
24:03 And it is simple but because of the evilness
24:05 of our hearts it's not always easy.
24:08 That is, it's not easy unless you love God.
24:13 It's not easy unless you are experiencing
24:16 the gift of repentance.
24:18 So let's review.
24:20 First we learned that God is love.
24:25 And based on that solid foundational principle,
24:28 Jesus taught all law and all prophecy
24:31 is built on, is founded on love.
24:36 We also learned that God as well as his moral law are eternal.
24:41 Those laws He spoke to all
24:43 His chosen people at the foot of Mount Sinai.
24:47 And the teachings of Jesus are absolutely clear
24:51 that God's moral law cannot be changed.
24:55 And it is also the doctrine of Jesus
24:57 that if we would accept His offer to be His chosen people,
25:02 then that law is still binding on us as well.
25:06 That is, if we wish to abide in His love.
25:11 Some 3,500 years ago love thundered a law
25:15 from Mount Sinai that was designed by God to protect us,
25:19 to guide us, to make us safe and happy.
25:23 Every problem, every experience by man
25:26 is a direct result of someone breaking that law.
25:30 If Jesus is Lord that is our duty to accept
25:34 His life changing grace and so be obedient to His law of love.
25:40 This law cannot be changed.
25:42 And there's biblical proof that this law cannot be changed.
25:47 Come with me to another mountain where love thundered.
25:50 Not in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.
25:53 This is Mount Calvary, right here in Israel.
25:57 On this Mount our God
25:59 and Savior said, "I love you this much."
26:03 It was not the nail that held him there.
26:06 It was love and that love prayed for you.
26:17 He prayed for you.
26:19 If you would embraced that love,
26:21 that love that would leave the glory of heaven to die
26:25 in your behalf then embrace the teachings of Jesus.
26:29 "If you love me," Jesus said, "keep my commandments."
26:35 And His commandments are not burdensome.
26:38 There are lots of people who say,
26:40 "I love Jesus" but there is only
26:43 one way to know if you love Jesus.
26:47 1 John 5:2 says.
27:03 Jesus' teachings are clear.
27:06 If you want to enter into eternal life
27:08 you must keep the commandments.
27:10 If you find that you've been disobedient to His love
27:14 then ask Him for a new heart, a repentant heart.
27:18 And then say yes to Him with all your known choices.
28:07 Jesus taught that if we are not actively gathering souls
28:10 into the kingdom of heaven then we are actively scattering.
28:15 I'd like you to join us in causing some positive thunder
28:18 by deliberately giving Bible studies,
28:20 by sharing the teachings of our friend and Savior Jesus.
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