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Participants: Charles Byrd (Host), Andrea Endries, Levi Longoria, Shalom David, Stephen Fowler


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00:01 A platoon of new recruits pile off the bus
00:03 and loosely line up.
00:05 The drill sergeant starts in complaining
00:08 that he hasn't even been given men to work with.
00:12 "You think you're something" he shouts.
00:14 "But you're nothing, nothing,
00:16 absolutely nothing and I'm in charge."
00:20 "Big deal," says the recruit at the end of the line.
00:23 "So you're in charge of nothing."
00:26 I've heard it said that if Jesus is not Lord of all,
00:30 then He's not Lord at all.
00:33 The Lordship of Christ is in fact
00:35 the crucible issue for Christianity today.
00:38 Was Jesus really Emmanuel, God with us?
00:43 And if He is God, then is He Lord of all?
00:48 One of the doctrines of Jesus that caused
00:50 a great deal of political thunder was this.
00:53 "The Son of man is Lord - even of the Sabbath day."
00:59 What most people don't realize is that
01:02 that claim is more than a claim of Lordship over our hearts.
01:06 It's also a claim of Lordship of our time.
02:02 There really is little value in being in charge of,
02:05 well, nothing.
02:08 It really makes no sense to say you're a parent
02:10 when you have no children.
02:12 Or to say you're the boss when you have no employees.
02:16 In Matthew 12:8, Jesus claimed
02:19 to be Lord of something, the Sabbath.
02:23 But if there's no Sabbath, He would be Lord of nothing,
02:27 instead of Lord of something.
02:29 So what is this teaching of Jesus
02:32 that caused such a commotion?
02:33 What is this Sabbath?
02:35 This 1/7th in time that Jesus said He was Lord of.
02:40 Stephen is standing by to help us answer this question.
02:44 Thanks, Charles.
02:46 I'm standing on the Mount of Olives
02:47 just east of Jerusalem to show you
02:49 how far a Sabbath day's journey is.
02:51 It was permissible to walk from Jerusalem to here
02:53 and still keep the Sabbath holy.
02:55 Originally, a Sabbath's journey was just 2,000 cubits.
02:59 But over time, it was modified to 4,000 cubits or about 1 mile.
03:04 While the concept about Sabbath day's journey
03:06 is mentioned in Acts 1:12,
03:08 it's not a commandment of scripture,
03:10 but an added oral law of the Rabbis or the Mishnah.
03:14 Even in Christ's day, the laws regarding Sabbath
03:17 had been expanded.
03:19 The Sabbath had become a burden instead of a blessing.
03:22 Man's addition of legalistic rules
03:24 regarding the Sabbath has clouded the fact
03:26 that the Sabbath is really an issue of time.
03:29 We live in time.
03:30 Time is represented all around us.
03:32 From grandfather clocks to iPhones,
03:35 wristwatches, and timers,
03:36 from timeouts to on time, it's everywhere.
03:40 Time is, in fact, a created construct.
03:43 It's the arena in which
03:45 the game of life is played out and experienced.
03:48 Time is there just like air, lived in and experienced,
03:51 though not always in the forefront of our consciousness.
03:55 I'd like to share a thought with you.
03:56 For some, this may be a new thought,
03:59 but the God of all creation, the God who organized
04:02 the immensely complex language of DNA,
04:05 the God who sent His Son to this planet to live for us,
04:09 to die for us, wants to spend time with you.
04:12 In fact, the creator of all things
04:15 set aside a certain time each week
04:16 for intimate communion and fellowship.
04:19 This time is set more surely than a doctor's appointment,
04:22 the work schedule, or even a family vacation.
04:25 It's called Sabbath.
04:27 Some people have been misinformed
04:29 about this time God set aside.
04:31 They've been told that the Sabbath is made for the Jews.
04:34 I hear that all the time,
04:35 but it couldn't be further from the truth.
04:37 To get this story straight,
04:39 one need merely look at the Book of Genesis.
04:42 Man was created on the sixth day of creation.
04:45 The inspired author of Genesis goes on to tell us
04:48 in Chapter 2:3 that on the seventh day,
04:51 God created the Sabbath,
04:53 a space of time to be used for rest.
04:57 Okay, now don't miss this.
04:58 If you drew a timeline of creation,
05:00 Adam and Eve were created sometime
05:03 during what we now call Friday.
05:04 A few hours later at sunset,
05:06 God invites Adam and Eve to rest.
05:09 Rest? Rest from what?
05:11 They're not even 24 hours old.
05:13 So you know they're not at all tired.
05:15 But Adam and Eve weren't being asked to rest from anything.
05:19 They were being asked to rest in something.
05:22 They were being invited to rest
05:24 in the finished work of God's creation.
05:27 And how many Jews were in the Garden of Eden
05:29 at the beginning of the world?
05:31 None. Really, check it out.
05:34 The Sabbath was given to perfect people
05:36 in a perfect world with no taint of sin.
05:38 The weekly Sabbath was not a type
05:41 or a shadow of things to come,
05:43 but a living memorial of time
05:45 in honor of God's creative power.
05:48 Genesis 2:2, 3 tells us.
05:51 "And on the seventh day God ended His work
05:53 which He had made and He rested on the seventh day
05:56 from all His work which He had made.
05:58 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it,
06:01 because that in it He had rested
06:03 from all His work which God created and made."
06:07 It's important here to notice that after creating for 7 days,
06:10 the very first thing God ever made holy,
06:13 the very first thing He ever sanctified was time.
06:17 He called it Sabbath.
06:20 Some have suggested that the Sabbath
06:22 was just a time for God to rest, as stated here in Genesis.
06:25 But to come to that limited conclusion,
06:28 you must ignore the plain words of Jesus.
06:32 That's so true, Stephen.
06:34 And Jesus Himself stated why He created the Sabbath.
06:37 You'll find that in Mark Chapter 2.
06:39 Jesus was walking with His disciples
06:42 through a grain field one Sabbath afternoon.
06:46 His disciples were hungry,
06:48 so they took some grain in their hands.
06:51 They brushed the husks off and they ate it.
06:54 This greatly troubled the Pharisees
06:56 not because the disciples were stealing for its permissible
06:59 according to God's law to eat, to satisfy one's hungry.
07:03 But to the Pharisees the disciples were harvesting
07:05 on Sabbath which was work.
07:08 And working on Sabbath is unlawful.
07:11 The Jewish leaders had taken the law and made it an idol.
07:15 And they accused Jesus of breaking the very law
07:19 that He had given to Moses.
07:21 And here is where Jesus doctrines, His teachings
07:24 create a great deal of thunder in the Holy Land.
07:28 He claimed to be the Lord, the Creator of the Sabbath.
07:32 And then Jesus says,
07:35 about the day that He created back in Genesis,
07:37 "The Sabbath was made for man,
07:40 and not man for the Sabbath."
07:43 Now don't miss this.
07:44 The Sabbath was not merely for God to rest
07:47 and the Sabbath was not made for the Jews.
07:51 Jesus taught it's a doctrine of Christ
07:54 that the Sabbath was made for mankind, all of us,
07:59 prefect people, as well as sinners.
08:01 Unfortunately, traditions had grown up
08:04 around the Sabbath that made it a burden, even a curse.
08:07 But Jesus, who is the Lord of the Sabbath,
08:10 came to put His law back in its proper place.
08:14 You see, the Sabbath is not some burden to be borne.
08:18 It's not a penance inflicted upon us to create holiness.
08:22 The Sabbath is God's gift
08:24 of His personal presence to all mankind.
08:28 Even Moses knew this.
08:30 When God sent him to Egypt
08:32 to deliver the Israelites from bondage,
08:34 the very first thing He did was to insist
08:37 that they stop working on Sabbath.
08:40 Moses reminded the children of Israel
08:42 that this was God's Holy Time; time set aside to rest.
08:46 Rest from their slave labor? No.
08:50 They were to rest in His delivering power
08:53 and His awesome might.
08:54 God's people again began keeping the Sabbath
08:59 before they even left Egypt and went to Sinai.
09:02 This is why Pharaoh began to complain.
09:04 Exodus 5:5 says, "And Pharaoh said,
09:07 Behold, the people of the land are now many,
09:10 and you Moses and Aaron
09:12 make them rest from their burdens."
09:14 The word rest here in Hebrew, the word Shabath or Sabbath.
09:19 At this point, the people hadn't even gotten to Mount Sinai.
09:23 The Ten Commandments had not yet been written in stone.
09:26 But God's people in very generation have known
09:29 that God desires to spend intimate and special time
09:33 each week with His children.
09:34 This is why God gave His people the Sabbath back in Eden.
09:38 And this is why the Lord of the Sabbath
09:40 wrote with His own finger this command in stone.
09:43 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."
09:47 The command begins with the word remember,
09:49 because they already knew about the Sabbath.
09:52 This is a gift of time.
09:53 God wants to use this time to fellowship with us,
09:56 to commune with us in a special way.
09:59 It's His purpose to use this time
10:01 to bring restoration in our lives, to our homes.
10:04 He wants to use this time to heal marriages,
10:07 to bless our communities.
10:10 That's good news, Levi.
10:12 But two questions here beg to be asked.
10:15 First, the Jews here in Israel keep Saturday as the Sabbath.
10:19 But how do we know that Saturday
10:21 is the correct day for the Sabbath?
10:24 Maybe the weekly cycle has been changed or lost track of.
10:28 How can we know that God's Sabbath
10:30 is not Friday or Sunday or Tuesday?
10:33 To help me nail this down, I've asked Shalom David,
10:36 a Jew, who pastors here in the Jerusalem
10:38 how we can know that our present Saturday
10:41 is the Sabbath of Jesus.
10:43 Well, first you need to understand that
10:45 history is written to give us continuity with the past.
10:49 In Exodus Chapter 16, we're told
10:51 that God gave the people bread to eat.
10:53 Most people have heard the story about their manna.
10:56 But when you carefully read the entire Chapter of Exodus 16,
11:00 you discover that God was testing them
11:02 through this process.
11:04 The manna God sent from Heaven
11:05 would only fall for 6 days, Sunday through Friday.
11:09 Each day, the children of Israel
11:11 were to gather one omer or about 3½ liter for each man.
11:16 If they gather more than the amount
11:18 and try to keep it overnight,
11:20 it would spoil before the next day.
11:23 On the seventh day, the Sabbath,
11:25 no manna would fall so that people
11:27 were commanded together two omers on Friday.
11:30 But the extra omer of manna gathered on the preparation day
11:34 was miraculously preserved
11:36 and was good to eat on the Sabbath.
11:38 If this happened just one day or a month or two perhaps
11:42 that would be miracle enough.
11:45 But this went on for 40 years.
11:48 52 times every year God showed the people
11:51 by miraculous means what day was His Sabbath.
11:55 2,080 times God made clear
11:58 when He wanted to spend time with His people.
12:02 So how would that show us today
12:04 that this Saturday, now kept as Sabbath,
12:06 was the same Saturday Sabbath of the Exodus?
12:09 Because in the 12th Chapter at the beginning
12:11 of the Exodus journey into the wilderness,
12:14 God gave them a new calendar
12:16 which has been continuously observed
12:18 in the Jewish community to this very day.
12:21 There is absolutely no question
12:23 that this Saturday on your calendar
12:25 is the same Sabbath of the Jewish calendar
12:28 from the Exodus to this very day.
12:30 Okay, our Saturday
12:33 is the Sabbath of the Old Testament.
12:36 So here's the second question,
12:37 there is extensive tradition in the Christian world today
12:41 that the Sabbath was to be done away with
12:43 in the new dispensation.
12:45 Did Jesus really expect
12:47 Christian people in the new dispensation
12:49 to keep Saturday as a holy day?
12:52 Look, Jesus was a prophet. Was He not?
12:55 He predicted the destruction of Jerusalem
12:58 by the Romans in AD 70.
13:00 This would not happen for 40 years into the future.
13:03 In preparing His people for those terrible trying times,
13:07 He told them to pray.
13:09 "Pray ye that your flight be not in the winter,
13:13 neither on the Sabbath day."
13:16 So if Jesus had no intention of His disciples
13:19 keeping the Sabbath 40 years into the future,
13:21 then why would He tell His disciples to pray
13:23 that they would not have to flee on the Sabbath?
13:26 Exactly. That is precisely the point.
13:28 Using the manna, God was testing the people,
13:31 would they let Him be their God
13:33 or would they make gods of their own reason.
13:36 And He is still testing us to this very point today.
13:40 What do we do with the God of creation
13:43 with Jesus and His Sabbath?
13:46 Stephen, Levi, and Andrea have helped us understand
13:49 the history of the Sabbath, this time He made holy,
13:54 this time He wants to spend with us.
13:57 Time is one of the seven fundamental physical quantities
14:01 in the international system of units.
14:03 The great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton believed that
14:06 time is part of the fundamental structure of the universe,
14:10 a dimension in which events occur in sequence.
14:15 According to the author of Genesis,
14:16 time is marked and measured by heavenly bodies.
14:20 Days, months, and years are all determined
14:24 by the rotations and circuits of the earth and moon
14:27 in their journey through space.
14:30 The daily cycle is predicated upon
14:32 one earth rotation on its axis.
14:35 A monthly cycle is determined
14:37 by the sequence of the moon waxing and waning.
14:40 The yearly cycle happens when our blue orb
14:43 makes another circuit around the sun.
14:47 But can you tell me why we have a 7-day week?
14:50 It doesn't fit nicely into any planetary structure or pattern.
14:55 There is only one reason for a 7-day week, just one
15:00 because God in 6 literal days created our world.
15:05 That's the reason He gives in the Decalogue.
15:08 He created everything and then on the seventh day, He rested.
15:13 He paused to spend time
15:15 with His newest masterpiece, His intelligent creation.
15:19 And from that time to the present,
15:22 the weekly cycle has been made up of 7 consecutive days.
15:27 From that time to the present, God has set aside a Sabbath,
15:32 this weekly 24-hour period
15:34 to spend with those who love Him.
15:37 This time retunes us.
15:39 It balances our spirits and opens the door
15:42 of relationship between the creator and His creation.
15:47 This gift of time was a blessing
15:50 to perfect people in a perfect world.
15:52 And it's still a blessing today
15:55 for those who choose to spend it with Him.
15:58 Claudie English is God's friend.
16:02 It's a simple, uncomplicated relationship,
16:05 but it wasn't always that way.
16:07 In all his first 20 years, Claudie had nothing do with God.
16:11 He didn't have anything against religion.
16:13 He simply had no exposure to it.
16:16 But one night, Claudie saw some activity at the sports arena,
16:20 thought there might be a wrestling match.
16:22 What he ended up attending for the next 5 or 6 nights
16:26 was some meetings about Jesus and the Bible.
16:30 Though he hadn't learned much,
16:31 he was baptized following those meetings.
16:34 And in his heart, a single-minded flame of resolve
16:37 that was never to be extinguished
16:39 had been kindled in the deepest core of his being.
16:42 No matter what, he was going to be faithful to God.
16:47 He didn't know how. He just knew he would.
16:50 The second thing he knew about religion
16:52 was that from now on he would be going to church
16:55 on Saturday, the Sabbath of the Bible.
17:00 Shortly, after I was baptized, I was drafting into the army.
17:06 I thought, "Well, that will interfere with my Sabbath,
17:10 but I'm gonna keep the Sabbath regardless."
17:12 And keep the Sabbath, Claudie did.
17:15 From Sunday on Friday, till Sunday on Saturday,
17:17 he disqualified himself from the army
17:19 by not showing up for roll calls.
17:22 In an uncompromising way, Claudie had determined that
17:25 that time belonged to his creator.
17:29 I made them a good soldier for 6 days a week,
17:33 but the seventh day wasn't theirs.
17:36 It belonged to the Lord. And I served Him that day.
17:42 Claudie was deployed to the front lines in Korea
17:45 and assigned to the Medic corps
17:46 driving into no man's land to pick up the wounded.
17:49 After receiving his orders,
17:51 he gave the officers, God's orders.
17:55 I explained to them, just before they left me,
17:59 I said, "I want ya'll to send me relief up here,
18:03 2 hours before sun down every Friday evening.
18:06 I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
18:09 and that's the Sabbath."
18:12 Even without a replacement, Claudie prayerfully,
18:15 but deliberately walked off the front lines
18:18 though he could have faced
18:19 a court martial or a firing squad.
18:21 Claudie says that he left God to take care of things.
18:25 The whole time that I was there,
18:28 I never had any problem at all with the Sabbath.
18:32 The Sabbath day really means a lot to me.
18:36 It means more to me than anything else.
18:39 The reason for that is because I love the Lord
18:42 and I want to place Him in the things
18:45 that I do and say every day.
18:48 Pavel Goia was born in communist Romania in 1964.
18:53 Ceausescu's regime didn't take well to Christians
18:56 who put God and His Sabbath above the state.
19:00 But Pavo was raised by godly parents
19:03 who taught him to pray and obey
19:05 a living God who looks after His children.
19:09 I was 17 when I decided to start a business, glass business.
19:14 And it was a co-op where the government
19:17 would get 65% of your net clean profit.
19:20 And you'd get just 35%. And it was going pretty well.
19:25 When the President asked me to work on Sabbath,
19:27 I did explain that I cannot because of my faith.
19:30 And he made fun. He said, "There's no God.
19:33 In this country, we don't believe in God."
19:36 And he said, "I would like to see God."
19:38 Well, I went back and talked to him.
19:41 And I told him, "I cannot come.
19:42 I would be willing to work a lot more."
19:44 He said, "No, you will come."
19:47 That Sabbath I didn't go to work for sure.
19:49 And the boss took full advantage of the situation
19:52 and delivered glass that had been improperly stored outside.
19:56 That glass was virtually welded together
19:59 and the crate was totally rotten.
20:02 So he said, "You have two options.
20:04 You come to work on Sabbath
20:06 and I'll forgive you or if not, you pay for it.
20:08 And if you cannot pay, you go to prison."
20:10 Well, I prayed about it and talked to him again.
20:13 And I said, "Let me bring this glass
20:15 back to the store house, to the warehouse.
20:19 And I will double my work and double the profit you have
20:22 and if you're not happy, we talk then.
20:24 And he smiled and he said,
20:26 "You cannot transport this glass because this is rotten.
20:30 The boxes, the crates are rotten.
20:33 You don't know what you talk about.
20:35 And if you try to transport it, you will break it,
20:37 and then you do have to pay for it."
20:39 And I said, "What do you lose?"
20:40 And he says, "Yeah, somebody needs to pay for this.
20:43 I guess, I don't lose anything.
20:45 If you break it, you pay.
20:46 If you don't break it, you work.
20:48 Yeah, do that."
20:49 So I hired a driver with a truck that had a crane.
20:51 And when he came and saw the boxes, rotten boxes,
20:56 he refused to do it because he was afraid,
20:58 he would be responsible if they break,
21:00 and sure they would break.
21:02 So I had to write a paper and sign that
21:04 I will take full responsibility if something happens,
21:07 so he will not have to pay for it.
21:08 Well, the boxes, each box would be about 18 meters tall,
21:15 22 meters wide or long, 22 to 24 sheets of glass,
21:20 each one 4 millimeters, all together
21:23 an average of more or less 4,000 pounds a box.
21:28 The box would have some wood shoulders here and here
21:34 that you put the cables around and hook it,
21:36 lift it in the air, and then load it in the truck.
21:40 Well, when the driver put the hooks
21:44 around the shoulders and lift it,
21:47 the box, the first one
21:49 when it was high enough when he did the rotation,
21:52 the bottom of the box broke because it was totally rotten,
21:56 the finger could go to the wood.
21:59 And all that glass fell from the box.
22:03 So in that instant, the glass stopped in the air
22:07 and the box was over moving slowly in the wind.
22:11 And there was nothing under the glass, nothing over.
22:15 The driver asked me, "What should we do?"
22:17 I said, "I don't know, just lower the box back."
22:20 So as he was lowering the box, the box was moving.
22:23 He asked me to hold it.
22:24 I caught the bottom of the box, kept it still.
22:27 And as the box was coming down, it got to the glass
22:30 and the glass started to get inside
22:32 until the whole glass got all together inside.
22:36 And he lowered it down to the ground.
22:39 And then he put cables around.
22:41 And I remember the President came to me.
22:44 He was pale. He was afraid.
22:46 And he said, "I want you to go.
22:50 You don't have to pay. You don't have to go to prison.
22:53 You don't have to work on Sabbath.
22:54 I just want you to go away from this place.
22:56 Move, move, and don't curse me or my family. Just go.
23:01 We don't want you close around.
23:02 We just-- please stay away from us."
23:04 Sabbath is a clear command from God.
23:08 And if we choose to obey in faith,
23:10 He can use that for His honor and for His glory.
23:14 In every religion, men revere something,
23:18 shrines, cities, even people.
23:24 They kiss holy land.
23:26 They immerse themselves in holy water.
23:30 Their ears clutch the syllables of holy men.
23:34 Tangibles, touchables,
23:37 holy things that they can see, revere, feel.
23:42 In Genesis, however, the first thing declared holy
23:45 is not a hill, a shrine, or a place,
23:49 but a block of time, the seventh day,
23:52 "Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it."
23:57 The word sanctified is translated from
24:00 the "Hebrew as Qadash, which means sanctify, hallow,
24:06 or to set apart for holy use.
24:10 Though creation dealt with the heavens,
24:12 the earth, the birds, the sea,
24:14 and the beasts of the earth,
24:16 all things of space, it was time not space
24:20 that God first pronounced blessed and holy.
24:24 And this action makes sense because besides space,
24:27 time is the dimension in which God's creation,
24:30 the heavens, the earth, the birds, the sea,
24:33 and the beasts of the earth exist.
24:36 Also, if God had made one specific place holy,
24:40 a hill, a spring, a city,
24:42 not all people would have easy access to it.
24:45 They would have to travel to worship there.
24:48 But time comes to us instead of us going to it.
24:52 Once a week, at 1,000 miles per hour,
24:55 the approximate speed at which the earth rotates on its axis,
24:59 the Sabbath circles the globe,
25:02 arriving on one sun down, leaving on the next.
25:06 The seventh day washes over the planet
25:08 each week like a huge cleansing wave.
25:11 We never have to seek it, the day always finds us.
25:15 Meanwhile, holy cities can be burned.
25:19 Holy people can be killed. Holy shrines can be looted.
25:23 But time is beyond fire and knife,
25:26 no man can touch much less destroy it.
25:29 Therefore, by making a special time holy,
25:33 God has made the Sabbath invincible,
25:36 placing it in an element
25:37 that transcends any devices of mankind.
25:41 Armies can sack cities, rulers can ban pilgrimages,
25:46 but no military tank, no swirl of ink
25:49 can keep away the seventh day.
25:52 We can no more stop the Sabbath than we can the sun rise.
25:56 God protected this memorial from the objects of space,
26:00 which are vulnerable to man
26:02 by placing it in time, which is not.
26:06 Finally, men can avoid holy things.
26:09 They can hide from objects, people, places,
26:11 but they cannot flee from time.
26:15 We can ignore it. Be ignorant of it, hate it.
26:19 But the Sabbath always comes and nothing, no one can stop it.
26:25 Skipping over it, no man yet beyond
26:27 the destructive grasp of all, the Sabbath stands
26:31 as the universal yet invincible
26:33 memorial of God's work in making mankind.
26:37 Framed in time, the most basic element of God's creation,
26:42 the Sabbath more than any other biblical symbol,
26:45 points us to the essence of our existence,
26:49 that we are the handy work of God.
26:53 Thus as the prime symbol of our roots,
26:56 the Sabbath tells us also who we are,
26:59 why we are and where we are going,
27:02 all in a mere 24 hours.
27:06 So is Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath or Lord of nothing?
27:12 Is He Lord of your life?
27:15 You can't say, yes, He is the Lord of my life,
27:18 if He's not Lord of your 1/7th in time.
27:22 Will you spend that time with Him?
27:25 He's waiting to spend each Sabbath with you.


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