Thunder in the Holy Land

Unmasking The Antichrist

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Participants: Charles Byrd (Host), Andrea Endries, Levi Longoria, Carl Preval


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00:02 Recently I went to the World Wide Web
00:04 and typed the word "Antichrist" into the google search engine.
00:07 In 0.3 seconds, it shoot, it came back
00:10 with 16,700,000 locations,
00:14 URLs that offered me information on this provocative topic.
00:19 Now, we could spend years
00:22 considering the opinions of hundreds and hundreds
00:25 of antichrist commentators or fictional writers
00:28 or for the truth we can go to the same source
00:31 that Jesus used, even recommended,
00:34 and get the truth straight from this tested
00:36 and proven prophetic source, the book of Daniel.
00:41 Stay tuned as this investigation unpacks
00:44 these impending prophesies about the antichrist that are causing
00:48 thunder everywhere including the holy land.
01:44 Man of sin, sea beast, little horn,
01:49 and the son of perdition, these are all names
01:53 associated with the antichrist and his identifying number 666.
02:00 Individually these titles leave us with a sketchy picture
02:03 and many unanswered questions.
02:06 But when we combine what Daniel taught
02:08 with the writings of the apocalyptic author
02:11 of Revelation as well as the Jewish rabbi Paul,
02:15 the questions and uncertainty evaporate
02:18 like the morning mist on a sunny day.
02:21 Watch carefully as the prophetic gift unmasks the antichrist
02:26 and exposes his plans to usurp the worship
02:29 and allegiance of God's children.
02:32 I am excited about this study, Charles,
02:34 because biblical prophesy is such an unerring guide.
02:38 God clearly knows in advance what's gonna happen.
02:43 So as we carefully study this prophesy
02:45 and compare it with history no one need be left in doubt
02:49 as to the identity of the antichrist.
02:52 So, let's dig in.
02:54 We've already encountered the prophesies in Daniel
02:57 in our very first study called talking stones.
03:00 To date the book of Daniel had a staggering 100% success rate
03:05 therefore these prophesies have proven themselves trustworthy.
03:10 So to begin unraveling this antichrist mystery
03:13 let's open our bible to Daniel 7.
03:15 In Daniel 7 the prophet received another vision
03:19 that paralleled Daniel 2.
03:21 And here the prophet enlarges on the predictions of Daniel 2
03:25 and opens to us the antichrist power.
03:28 Andrea, why don't you read that for us?
03:31 Sure. "I saw in my vision by night, and, behold,
03:36 the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.
03:40 And four great beasts came up from the sea,
03:43 diverse one from another."
03:45 In this passage we see not different metals
03:48 like we did in Daniel 2 but different beasts.
03:52 Now, by letting scripture interpret--
03:54 scripture we learn the beasts are kingdoms.
03:57 In fact, these four beasts
03:59 are the same succession of kingdoms
04:02 we found in Daniel 2 but with much greater detail.
04:06 The lion, like the head of gold represents Babylon.
04:10 The bear, like the chests and arms of silver
04:13 symbolizes Medo-Persia.
04:15 The four winged leopard like beast represented Greece
04:19 with the swiftly conquering Alexander the great.
04:22 Now, pay special attention
04:24 because what we're going to discover
04:26 is the antichrist power is in fact in the lineage
04:29 of the forth beast power or kingdom and namely Rome.
04:34 Let's take a look at this final beast or kingdom
04:37 Daniel describes here in verse 7.
04:40 "After this I saw in the night visions,
04:42 and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible,
04:46 and strong exceedingly.
04:48 And it had great iron teeth.
04:50 It devoured and brake in pieces,
04:52 and stamped the residue with the feet of it.
04:54 And it was diverse from all the beasts
04:57 that were before it and it had ten horns."
05:01 Living on the backside of this prophesy we know
05:04 that the kingdom which followed Greece was,
05:06 according to historian like Edward Gibbon,
05:09 the iron monarchy of Rome.
05:12 Notice, the iron teeth of this beast
05:14 parallels Daniel 2's image.
05:17 Interestingly enough the Roman kingdom was noted
05:20 for their usage of iron weapons and daily utensils.
05:24 In fact, it's conservatively estimated
05:26 that the Roman empire was producing
05:29 82,500 tons of iron per year
05:32 while China was producing only 5,000 tons.
05:36 After Daniel walks through the timeline
05:38 of hundreds of years and predicts the ruling kingdoms
05:41 he goes on to address the antichrist.
05:44 Carl is standing by to examine the characteristics,
05:47 the identifying marks inspiration has assigned
05:49 to the arch enemy of God so that we will not be deceived.
05:54 Thanks Andrea.
05:56 Daniel first mixed mention of the antichrist figures
05:59 starting in Daniel 7:8 when he speaks of the little horn.
06:04 "I considered the horns, and, behold,
06:06 there came up among them another little horn,
06:10 before whom there were three of the first horns
06:12 plucked up by the roots.
06:14 And, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man,
06:19 and a mouth speaking great things."
06:22 Now to describe to anyone
06:24 or anything the title of little horn
06:27 or antichrist is a very serious accusation.
06:31 So we need to go over every details Daniel gives
06:34 to make sure we are making a correct identification.
06:39 Let's began at Daniel 7:8 as we search out
06:42 the identifying marks god has given us in Scripture.
06:46 First it tells us that it was a little horn
06:49 that came up among the other horns.
06:53 But what do these horns symbolize or mean?
06:57 Daniel 7:24 tells us they are the ten kings
07:00 of the divided Roman Empire.
07:03 History records that the Roman Empire
07:06 and its world dominating state lasted from 168 BC to 476 AD.
07:13 But just as portended by the ten horns
07:16 Rome lost its world dominance to the ten pagan tribes.
07:21 There were the Alamanni, the Visigoths, Franks,
07:25 Anglo-Saxons, the Burgundians, Ostrogoths, Suevi,
07:31 the Lombards, Vandals and the Heruli.
07:35 So somewhere among these ten kingdoms
07:38 arises another little horn,
07:41 but it will be a smaller nation or kingdom.
07:45 In addition, the little horn comes up among the ten horns
07:49 which gives us two more clues.
07:51 One is that the antichrist power must arise sometime after
07:55 Rome has been divided into its ten parts.
07:59 The Roman Empire had lost its supremacy by 476 AD.
08:04 Therefore the antichrist power must arise sometime after 476.
08:10 Also it must come up in the midst of the ten divisions.
08:14 Another clue we can gather from this verse
08:16 is that when the little horn comes to power it plucks up
08:20 or rather uproots three horns or kingdoms.
08:24 This characteristic is seen again in Daniel 7:24
08:28 when it says the power will subdue
08:30 or conquer three kings or kingdoms.
08:34 The next identifying mark of who this antichrist power is
08:38 comes from Daniel 7:21, 25.
08:44 Daniel 7:21 reveals that the same horn
08:46 will make war with the saints and prevail against them.
08:51 Now, look at this amazing detail.
08:55 Verse 25 says it will dominate God's people
08:57 as a persecuting power for a specific period,
09:01 a time, times, and dividing of time.
09:06 And time is prophetic language for 1 year.
09:10 So a time is 1 year, times is 2 years,
09:16 and a dividing of time is 1/2 year.
09:20 Prediction number 5 of the antichrist power
09:24 makes it clear that God's true people would be
09:26 under the proverbial thumb of the little horn
09:29 for a specified amount of time,
09:32 3 1/2 prophetic years
09:35 or 1260 prophetic days
09:38 or 1260 literal years.
09:44 So our fifth sign is the antichrist power
09:48 will now only be destructive during its onset,
09:51 its reign or existence will bring persecution
09:55 against the people of God for 1,260 years.
10:01 These five clues leave us with the fairly detailed list
10:05 of the identifying marks of this antichrist power.
10:09 This would be sufficient, but God is not finished.
10:14 Indeed there is more, Carl.
10:16 Remember we've said in this series,
10:18 when it comes to prophesy the more details you put into it
10:22 the less likely it is to come true.
10:26 Well, it's also true that the more details
10:28 you put into prophesy the easier it is
10:31 to find its fulfillment if it exists.
10:34 So God in love for His people gives even more details.
10:39 If we look at Daniel 7:24 we find
10:42 that the little horn will not be a typical empire.
10:46 "He shall be diverse from the first,
10:48 and he shall subdue three kings."
10:51 So this power will be different
10:53 or diverse from the other ten kingdoms.
10:56 This distinction will be so marked,
10:58 so unusual that it cannot be missed.
11:01 And perhaps part of that distinction
11:03 is found in Daniel 7:8.
11:05 It says this empire will have eyes and a mouth
11:09 like a man who speaks great things.
11:13 This is an important detail because now the little horn
11:17 or antichrist power is not only distinguish
11:20 by the time period in which it rose
11:23 or by being a dominant power,
11:26 its leader or representative is specifically noted.
11:30 This suggests the man leading this power,
11:32 or at least this position of leadership,
11:35 will be of great significance.
11:38 In Daniel 7:25 the Bible reveals some qualities
11:42 that distinguish this prominent man.
11:45 "He shall speak great words against the most High,
11:48 and shall wear out the saints of the most High,
11:50 and think to change times and laws."
11:54 The speaking great word against the most High
11:57 is enlarged in Revelation 13:5 as speaking blasphemies.
12:02 Now the Bible clearly defines the blasphemy
12:04 as claiming as an earthly being
12:07 the prerogatives that belong to God alone
12:10 like the right and ability to forgive sins
12:13 or even calling oneself God on earth.
12:18 Sign number eight then is this little horn,
12:21 antichrist power will be a blasphemous power
12:24 seeking to put himself in the place of God.
12:27 Notice also that this man will not only blaspheme God,
12:32 he will also think to change times and laws.
12:37 What times and laws will this antichrist power try to change?
12:42 The original wording here reveals
12:44 that this blaspheming power will think to change
12:47 the times and laws of God.
12:50 God's law is the Ten Commandments
12:53 and the only law that speaks specifically
12:55 about time is the forth commandment.
12:58 This command talks about the period of time
13:01 God set apart to rest
13:02 and fellowship with all of mankind,
13:06 a time that also establishes Him as the creator of all things.
13:12 He calls it the Sabbath and tells us
13:15 that it is the seventh day of the week.
13:17 Could there be-- would there be anyone,
13:19 any government, or church that would actually think
13:23 they could change God's immutable law?
13:26 God's prophetic word warns us there will be just such a power
13:31 and that is the ninth sign presented in Daniel's prophesy.
13:36 These clues are so remarkably detailed
13:39 that any encyclopedia set should have
13:41 this history recorded, if it exists.
13:45 Well, those are God's clues.
13:48 Its now time to head to our history books to find out
13:51 if these very detailed prophesies have
13:53 a singular counterpart in history.
13:57 With help from the prophetic book of Daniel
13:59 we're able to make out the defining characteristics
14:02 of God's enemy in these last days.
14:06 Though this drama is played out in human history,
14:09 the real enemy behind this power is Satan himself.
14:13 A little back story, when Lucifer was in heaven
14:16 he became jealous of God's power and throne.
14:19 And he began to covet the worship
14:21 that was due only to God.
14:23 We see his desire for worship clearest
14:26 with the insane act of tempting the creator himself
14:30 to bow down at his feet in worship.
14:33 "All these things will I give you,
14:35 if you will fall down and worship me,"
14:39 Lucifer said to Jesus.
14:41 Satan's greatest desire
14:43 is to have a world that follows him.
14:45 So let's see if history proves God's predictions true.
14:49 Does this enemy of God actually have a movement
14:52 on this earth fulfilling all of Daniel's predictions?
14:56 Let's use, as a template,
14:58 these identifying marks foretold by God.
15:01 Let's lay them over any government,
15:03 church, or organization to see
15:05 if there is a match with this prophetic description.
15:09 What we quickly discover is there is only one fit.
15:13 And that organization boldly calls itself
15:16 the universal mother church.
15:20 That's true, Charles.
15:21 Historically there is only one government,
15:24 only one church, only organization that fulfils
15:27 all these divinely foretold identifying marks.
15:31 Check it out, Daniel tells us that antichrist
15:35 will be a little kingdom arising after the fall of Rome
15:38 and amongst the other horns or kingdoms
15:41 while uprooting three of them.
15:44 Located within the city of Rome and right at the center
15:47 of the old Roman Empire is Vatican City,
15:51 the smallest self governing independent state
15:54 in Europe and in the world.
15:56 A 0.2 square miles and with the population
15:59 of just over 800 souls,
16:01 and the Vatican is the world's smallest state
16:05 with its own post office issuing postage and police force.
16:09 History also records that in 476 AD, Odoacer,
16:14 king of the Heruli deposed Romulus Augustulus,
16:18 the last Western Roman Emperor.
16:21 So, by 476 AD the fragmentation
16:24 of the Western Roman Empire
16:25 into the ten kingdoms was complete.
16:28 During this time the Roman Catholic Church
16:31 was also becoming established.
16:33 While coming to power, the Papacy did uproot
16:36 three of the ten kingdoms, the Heruli,
16:39 the Vandals, and the Ostrogoths.
16:41 These three Arian kingdoms were a threat
16:44 to the supremacy of the bishop of Rome,
16:46 later known as the Pope.
16:49 It's of great significance that in 533 AD
16:53 Byzantine Emperor Justinian proclaimed a decree
16:57 which recognized the pope headship
16:59 over all the churches, east and west.
17:03 With the overthrow of the Ostrogoths
17:04 the remaining threat to the supremacy of the Pope
17:07 ended thus bringing into effect Justinian's decree
17:12 making the bishop of Rome supreme.
17:15 Indeed.
17:16 History faithfully records the Papacy directly fulfils
17:19 the first four identifying marks.
17:22 A small kingdom.
17:24 Coming into power after the fall of Rome.
17:28 And appearing among the ten tribes.
17:31 And finally, uprooting three of them.
17:36 Fascinating, but what about the other identifiers?
17:41 This antichrist power would be diverse
17:43 or uniquely different from the other ten kingdoms.
17:47 It would have a man at its head
17:49 and this man would speak blasphemies.
17:53 Again, we consult our history books.
17:56 Is the Papacy a uniquely different sort of kingdom?
18:00 Absolutely, unlike the other ten kingdoms
18:03 this little horn kingdom was and is indeed diverse
18:06 and uniquely different
18:08 in that it is simultaneously both a diplomatic state
18:12 and a religion or church.
18:14 The bishop of Rome is both Monarch of a sovereign nation
18:18 and also Pope of a world wide church.
18:22 Starting with Ronald Regan in 1984,
18:26 every US president has sent an ambassador to the Holy See.
18:30 The US has never assigned an ambassador
18:33 to the Southern Baptist Convention
18:35 or the Lutheran Senate.
18:37 No ambassadors are assigned
18:39 to the Sikhs or Hindus or Muslims.
18:43 The little horn is definitely unique.
18:47 Next, the claim that the pope or pontiff sits as the successor
18:53 to the Saint Peter forever establishes
18:56 the little horn power with the eyes and mouth of a man
19:00 while it is not necessarily the man himself
19:03 who is the antichrist but rather the position.
19:07 This position fulfils the word of God in 1 John 2:18
19:12 which informs us there would be many antichrist.
19:16 We've already established that the Bible defines
19:19 blasphemy as claming the ability to forgive sins
19:23 and also claiming to be God.
19:25 According to the "Catechism of Trent,"
19:28 page 115, "Sins can be forgiven
19:31 only through the sacraments when duly administered."
19:35 Or said another way, this church teaches
19:39 that the only way to be forgiven of your sins
19:42 is in the confessional by a priest of a catholic church.
19:46 This concept taken to its extreme is found
19:49 on page 27 of "The Dignity and Duties of the Priest."
19:55 "And God Himself is obliged to abide
19:57 by the judgment of His priest,
20:00 and either not to pardon or to pardon,
20:03 according as the priests refuse or give absolution."
20:08 And Pope Leo XII said,
20:10 "We hold upon this earth the place of God almighty."
20:16 And Innocent III has written,
20:19 "Indeed, it is not too much to say
20:20 that in view of the sublimity of their offices
20:24 the priests are so many gods."
20:27 This antichrist power does indeed speak blasphemies.
20:32 The anti and antichrists doesn't just mean
20:36 against or in opposition,
20:39 it can also mean "in the place of."
20:42 God has warned us in this prophesy of a power
20:46 that would seek to be in the place of God.
20:49 And that has certainly come true in the Papacy.
20:55 Two more important signs that are fulfilled the Papacy.
20:59 "He will think to change times and laws
21:03 and he will war against God's people."
21:07 The text is clear, "He shall think to change times and laws."
21:13 If He thinks he can but God said through Psalmist,
21:17 "My covenant will I not break,
21:20 nor alter the thing that is gone out if my lips."
21:25 God spoke the Ten Commandments
21:27 with His own lips from Mount Sinai.
21:29 He cannot alter it and be true to Himself.
21:33 Jesus died on cavalry because God cannot change His law.
21:39 But the antichrist says,
21:41 "The Pope is of so great authority and power,
21:44 that he is able to modify, declare,
21:46 or interpret even divine laws.
21:50 The Pope can modify divine law, since his power is not of man,
21:55 but of God, and he acts as vicegerent of God on earth"
22:01 Does the Papacy really mean that?
22:03 Absolutely.
22:05 Listen to this from the "Roman Catholic confessions
22:08 for Protestant Oath," Article IV.
22:11 "We confess that whatever new thing the Pope ordains,
22:15 whether it be in Scriptures or not in Scripture,
22:19 and whatever he commands is true, divine and salvific.
22:25 And therefore ought to be held by Lay People
22:28 in greater esteem than the living God."
22:32 So it should be no surprise to us
22:34 that the Catholic Catechism
22:35 removes the third of the Ten Commandments entirely
22:39 and changes the fourth.
22:41 Reading now directly from the Convert's Catholic Catechism.
22:45 Question, which is the Sabbath day?
22:49 Answer, Saturday is the Sabbath day.
22:52 Then why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
22:56 We observe Sunday instead of Saturday
22:59 because the Catholic Church in the council of Laodicea,
23:03 AD 335, transferred the solemnity
23:06 from Saturday to Sunday.
23:09 The Papacy takes full responsibility
23:12 for the change of the seventh day Sabbath
23:14 to the first say of the week or Sunday.
23:17 It appears the Roman Catholic Church
23:19 with the Pope speaking great words
23:22 against the most high has most defiantly thought seriously
23:26 of changing God's time and law.
23:29 In fact, the Reverend Keenan writes,
23:32 "Had the church not such power, she could not have done that
23:36 in which all modern religionists agree with her.
23:39 She could not have substituted the observance of Sunday,
23:43 the first day of the week,
23:45 for the observance of Saturday, the seventh day.
23:48 A change for which there is no Scriptural authority."
23:52 So this little horn power has indeed fulfilled this prophesy
23:57 by thinking to change God's law.
24:00 But there has always been a group of people
24:03 who worship only the creator on the day of His choosing,
24:08 who put God first, who put His commands
24:10 above that of any church or government.
24:14 Unfortunately that commitment to say yes to god
24:16 with all their known choices has put them
24:19 in direct conflict with the antichrist.
24:23 Prophesy tells us he would war against those true
24:27 and obedient followers of God for 1,260 years.
24:32 During the dark ages the Papal See slaughtered
24:36 between 40 and 80 million people
24:39 simply because they would not bow in obedience
24:42 to the dictates of the bishop of Rome.
24:45 This persecution of God's people went on for 1,260 years,
24:51 from 538 to 1798 when Napoleons general
24:55 gave a deadly wound to the Papacy.
24:59 So the Roman Catholic Church does indeed fit
25:03 all the identifying marks God predicted in advance
25:06 regarding the antichrist power.
25:09 The historian W.E.H. Lecky writes,
25:12 "That the Church of Rome has shed
25:13 more innocent blood than any other institution
25:16 that has ever existed among mankind,
25:19 will be questioned by no Protestant
25:21 who has a competent knowledge of history."
25:25 While most of the world was drinking
25:27 from fountain of man made doctrine and dogma,
25:30 God's true believers were showing their principle love
25:33 by obeying the doctrine of Jesus.
25:38 "If you love me," Jesus said, "keep my commandments.
25:43 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love."
25:49 Love is obedience.
25:52 In the Book of Revelation chapter 13:18
25:55 our savior gave us one more identifying mark
25:58 of this antichrist power by telling us
26:00 he has a number, 666.
26:05 The man is not some mystical figure living in the shadows.
26:09 He is clearly identified in scripture and history.
26:13 God invites us to know, "Here is wisdom.
26:17 Let him that have understanding,
26:19 count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.
26:23 And his number is Six hundred threescore and six."
26:29 In the Roman language certain letters have numeric value.
26:33 What many people may not know
26:35 is that the antichrist power has taken on an official title
26:39 and placed it upon the special
26:42 Triple Crown worn by the pontiff.
26:45 That title is "Vicarius Filii Dei."
26:49 It is Latin for vicar
26:52 or representative of the son of God.
26:55 The Roman numerals of this official
26:57 self anointed title equal 666.
27:03 God doesn't want anyone to die, to suffer eternal loss.
27:07 In love he has given us a powerful prophetic warning.
27:11 He is clearly identified who the beast,
27:14 the little horn, the antichrist is.
27:16 And now He's asking each of us to make a choice,
27:21 "And I heard another voice from heaven,
27:23 saying, 'Come out of her, my people,
27:26 that ye be not partakers of her sins,
27:29 and that ye receive not of her plagues.'"
27:33 Jesus loves you, loves you enough to warn you
27:38 of the antichrist and his doctrines.
27:41 Won't you answer the call of the one
27:42 who gave His all for you?


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