Thunder in the Holy Land

Baptism in a Cup

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Participants: Charles Byrd (Host), Andrea Endries, Levi Longoria, Stephen Fowler


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00:01 Just east of the old city of Jerusalem is the Kidron Valley.
00:04 At the edge of the Kidron
00:06 and progressing up to the Mount of Olives
00:08 lies the Garden of Gethsemane.
00:10 When we think of the word garden,
00:12 we often think of a bunch of flowers
00:14 or a small patch of vegetables.
00:16 But in the Middle East, garden can mean
00:18 grove or vineyard as well.
00:21 Growing in this garden were olive trees.
00:23 Gethsemane means an oil press.
00:27 Right here or within a few hundred yards of this very spot
00:31 Jesus was baptized in the same way
00:33 everyone who follows Him must be baptized.
00:40 Hey, guys, something is wrong with this report.
00:44 Jesus wasn't baptized here that was at the Jordon.
00:49 Did somebody swap my pages?
00:52 You need water for baptism.
00:55 Today's study may not cause any "Thunder in the Holy Land"
00:59 and it certainly won't cause the department of tourism to change
01:02 any of the signs directing us to Gethsemane
01:05 as the baptismal site of Jesus.
01:08 But for all those who have chosen to embrace
01:10 the wonderful love of Jesus,
01:12 I hope it will cause some serious thunder in our hearts
01:16 because Gethsemane is indeed,
01:18 the very site of Jesus' baptism in a cup.
02:15 Our study today begins with a session of worship
02:18 and then a prayer request
02:20 by two of Jesus' disciples and their mother.
02:24 "Then came to him the mother of Zebedee's children
02:27 with her sons, worshipping him,
02:29 and desiring a certain thing of him.
02:32 And he said unto her, What wilt thou?
02:34 She saith unto him, Grant that these my two sons may sit,
02:38 the one on thy right hand, and the other on my left,
02:41 in thy kingdom.
02:43 But Jesus answered and said, Ye know not what ye ask.
02:47 Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of,
02:50 and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?
02:55 They say unto him, We are able.
02:58 And he saith unto them, Ye shall drink indeed of my cup,
03:02 and be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with,
03:07 but to sit on my right hand, and on my left, is not mine to give,
03:11 but it shall be given to them
03:13 for whom it is prepared of my Father."
03:17 As we look at the words of Jesus,
03:18 He says twice that there is a baptism I am baptized with.
03:24 The tense of I am is present continuous.
03:27 Jesus is talking about a baptism that is happening now
03:31 in the present and it's on going.
03:34 Now I'm going to ask an obvious question,
03:36 but before I do we need to look at one more verse, Luke 12:50.
03:41 Here Jesus is again talking about His baptism
03:44 and notice the tense in this verse
03:46 is different from the last verse.
03:49 "But I have a baptism to be baptized with,
03:53 and how am I straitened till it be accomplished!"
03:57 To be is future tense.
03:59 So here is the expanded question.
04:02 When was Jesus baptized?
04:04 Was it at his baptism in the Jordan River
04:06 with John the Baptist, past tense?
04:09 Or was it something happening in the here
04:12 and now on a daily basis,
04:14 present continuous tense as Jesus portrayed
04:17 to James and John and their mother?
04:19 Or was it yet to be in the future as Jesus shared
04:23 with His disciples in Luke 12:50.
04:27 The answer to this question will also solve Andrea's quandary.
04:31 Let's join our reporters along the foot of the Mount of Olives
04:34 in the Kidron Valley.
04:37 Jesus clearly talked about a present tense
04:40 and a future tense baptism.
04:42 But rarely understand what He was actually getting at,
04:45 we first need to understand the meaning of the word baptized.
04:49 The word baptized comes from the Greek word baptidzo
04:52 and it means to immerse, or to submerge.
04:56 It's an industrial word used in the textile mills.
04:59 A large vat was put in place for dyeing wool or linen et cetera.
05:03 The material was then baptidzo or fully submerged
05:08 to render it a completely new color.
05:10 And perhaps the clearest example that shows
05:13 the meaning of the word baptidzo is a text
05:15 from the Greek poet and physician
05:17 Nicander who lived around 200 B.C.
05:20 It's a recipe for making of all things, pickles.
05:24 This recipe is helpful to understand baptism
05:27 because it uses the word baptidzo
05:30 and its root word bapto.
05:32 Nicander says that to make a pickle
05:34 the vegetable should first be dipped
05:36 or bapto into boiling water.
05:39 And then baptized or baptidzo in the vinegar solution.
05:43 Now both verbs concern the immersing of vegetables
05:46 in a solution, but the first is temporary.
05:50 The second the act of baptizing the vegetable
05:53 produces a permanent change whether dyeing cloth
05:57 or preserving cucumbers there's a complete change
06:01 transformation when a baptism takes place.
06:04 And so it was with Jesus at His baptism.
06:07 Well, what was baptism as defined by Jesus?
06:11 Jesus interprets the baptism He is talking about in Luke 9:23.
06:15 "And he said to them all, If any man will come after me,
06:19 let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily,
06:24 and follow me."
06:25 If there is a single truth that Jesus taught
06:27 that caused folks to reject Him as messiah this is it.
06:32 And death to self would never make Wall Street a profit.
06:35 No, and death to self has never sold well even in church.
06:41 But did others understand this teaching of Jesus?
06:45 Well, Levi, John the Baptist certainly understood.
06:48 In Luke 3:7-8 we read,
06:50 "Then said he to the multitude
06:52 that came forth to be baptized of him...
06:54 Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance."
06:58 For the masses of people that meant don't be selfish.
07:01 If you have excess share it.
07:03 That will cost you time and you will slim down your closet,
07:06 but self does not need as much as it thinks it does.
07:09 For the tax collectors, that meant
07:11 not charging more than they were supposed to.
07:13 Self doesn't need money if it means taking money
07:15 that doesn't belong to you.
07:17 For the soldiers, it meant doing violence to no man.
07:20 Telling the truth and being content with their wages.
07:23 And the Apostle Paul clearly understood what Jesus meant
07:26 when He wrote to the folks in Corinth.
07:28 Telling them that he was,
07:30 "Always bearing about in the body
07:32 the dying of the Lord Jesus,
07:34 that the life also of Jesus
07:35 might be made manifest in our body.
07:37 For we which live are always delivered unto death
07:40 for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus
07:44 might be made manifest in our mortal flesh."
07:47 What constant dying was Paul talking about?
07:49 The same dying Jesus talked about in Luke 9:23.
07:53 "Death to self and living for God."
07:56 Paul made it clear how often death to self must take place.
08:00 "I die daily. Be not deceived,
08:03 evil communications corrupt good manners."
08:06 Evil communication is not just using a curse word.
08:09 We're gonna engage in evil communication
08:11 just by saying something like I got to do what's right for me.
08:14 But Jesus our example died to self
08:16 and did what His father wanted Him to do.
08:18 He did what was right for us.
08:20 That you got to look out for number one mentality
08:23 is another evil communication that Jesus rejected.
08:26 This rejection of self, this embrace of love
08:29 which is the principle of giving what is needed most
08:32 is the cup that Jesus was talking about in Matthew 20
08:35 and it's the same baptism that Jesus was committed to.
08:38 To willingly lose one's life that is to choose death to self,
08:42 to choose Christ's will in place of your own doesn't seem normal,
08:47 but it's the only way to save your life in the end.
08:50 And this was not just a teaching of Jesus
08:53 it was the life He lived.
08:55 Okay, I think I see where this is going.
08:58 Jesus was a real person, a real human being.
09:03 He was fully man.
09:05 He had thoughts, feelings, and preferences.
09:08 He walked in our skin and thus knows our pain,
09:12 our suffering, sadness and heartache.
09:15 Through the gift of prophecy and through Revelation
09:18 Jesus knew that the Father sent Him here
09:20 to die on behalf of sinful and ungrateful man.
09:24 He knew in advance that He was going to be betrayed
09:27 by one of His own disciples.
09:29 He already knew that the rest of His disciples
09:32 would abandon Him at His arrest.
09:34 And He knew Peter would swear with an oath
09:37 that he didn't even know Him.
09:39 All of this foreknowledge brought to the heart of Jesus
09:42 great emotional pain and distress.
09:45 And as He went into the Garden of Gethsemane
09:48 He told His disciples,
09:50 "My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death,
09:55 tarry ye hear, and watch with me."
09:58 This sorrow was even unto death.
10:02 To give you a true picture of where He was emotionally,
10:05 look at Luke 22:44,
10:08 "And being in an agony He prayed more earnestly
10:12 and His sweat was as it were great drops of blood
10:16 falling down to the ground."
10:19 He wasn't just emotionally troubled, he was in agony.
10:25 Come.
10:26 Meet a man who knows your pain, heartache,
10:29 suffering, sorrows and burdens.
10:32 No matter what you've experienced by way of loss,
10:35 pain, tragedy or grief.
10:37 He has tasted it too with one important difference.
10:42 It wasn't just inflicted upon Him.
10:45 He chose to come to live for us, to die for us, by dying to self.
10:51 He chose to give up His desires,
10:54 His wishes if His Father so directed.
10:57 He didn't say I got to look out for number one or I have to do
11:01 what's right for me or I don't feel like doing that.
11:05 You see, He knows
11:07 that the only way out of this snakepit of sin called earth
11:11 is through complete and total death to self.
11:16 The symbol of baptism
11:18 is going down under the water and coming back up.
11:22 But what true baptism is, is dying to self
11:25 and letting Christ live in you and through you.
11:29 If you want to follow Jesus in that experience,
11:32 there is a prayer you must often pray.
11:35 It's the same prayer Jesus prayed
11:37 at His baptism in the garden.
11:39 You can read it in Mark 14:36.
11:42 "And He said, Abba, Father,
11:45 all things are possible unto thee,
11:48 take away this cup from me, nevertheless not what I will,
11:54 but what thou wilt."
11:56 Not what I want, but what you want, Father.
12:02 This prayer is so important
12:04 and we can see the importance of that prayer
12:07 for other people, for evil people.
12:12 But that prayer was important for Jesus too.
12:16 Jesus could have been selfish, bitter or angry.
12:20 After all, He was misunderstood and mistreated.
12:24 He was accused of being a bastard.
12:27 He was marked, flogged and finally crucified.
12:31 With all this mistreatment you can be sure
12:34 Satan was there suggesting all kinds of thoughts.
12:38 If Jesus had ever allowed those suggestions
12:40 to motivate His thoughts or feelings,
12:43 I can assure you the outcome of His life
12:46 would have been very, very different.
12:49 It is apparent that throughout His life He was always seeking
12:53 God's will, God's heart, God's thoughts to be His own.
12:58 One clear proof of that is the night on the lake.
13:02 Jesus was exhausted from a long day of selfless ministry.
13:06 So He directed His disciples to send the multitude away
13:09 and then take Him by boat to the other side of the lake.
13:13 A terrible storm came up and put their lives in jeopardy,
13:18 but Jesus slept through it.
13:20 Exhaustion will do that.
13:23 Imagine being awakened by 12 frightened,
13:26 no panic men screaming.
13:30 Don't you care that we are perishing?
13:33 Now being awakened in that manner
13:35 from such a sound sleep
13:37 I would think He would get a surge of adrenaline,
13:41 but He wakes calmly.
13:42 And with just a word rebukes the winds
13:45 and the waves and the storm melts away into a gentle calm.
13:50 "And He said unto them, why are ye so fearful?
13:54 How is it that ye have no faith?
13:57 And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another,
14:01 what manner of man is this, that even the wind
14:04 and the sea obey Him?"
14:07 Put yourself in the place of Jesus,
14:10 would you have woken up calm?
14:13 I've been there so I know I wouldn't.
14:16 How is it that Jesus could do this?
14:20 Because He was daily baptized with the spirit of repentance,
14:23 He was daily dying to self
14:25 and choosing to live in the will of His Father.
14:29 This made a difference in every part of His life,
14:33 even in the area of fear.
14:35 He woke up in peace.
14:38 How did He do that?
14:40 Well, one of my favorite authors once wrote,
14:44 "It is the love of self that destroys our peace.
14:47 While self is all alive,
14:49 we stand ready continually to guard it from mortification
14:53 and insult, but when we are dead,
14:56 and our life is hid with Christ in God,
14:59 we shall not take neglects or slights to heart.
15:03 We shall be deaf to reproach and blind to scorn and insult."
15:09 If we are living in the center of the Father's will,
15:12 nothing can happen or will happen
15:15 without His authorization.
15:17 So we never need to worry or fret.
15:20 Jesus did not, and we don't need to either
15:23 if we choose the same faith Jesus chose.
15:27 Trust is the basis for a successful love relationship
15:31 whether horizontal or vertical.
15:35 And that's why Jesus could say in John 10:17,
15:38 "Therefore doth my Father love me,
15:41 because I willingly lay down my life,
15:45 that I might take it again."
15:47 Now most of us think, His death happened at the cross
15:50 and that's partially correct.
15:53 It was played out and finished on the cross,
15:56 but the real death to self?
15:58 The real baptism in a cup happened the night before
16:03 in the Garden of Gethsemane.
16:06 The olive tree is an evergreen
16:08 that can grow 50 feet tall and with the spread of 30 feet
16:12 except for a few diseases that can take it out,
16:14 it's said that the olive tree will never die.
16:18 Its root system is robust
16:19 and is capable of regenerating the tree
16:22 even if the above ground structure is destroyed.
16:25 During the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman armies in AD 70,
16:29 the Romans cut all the trees down
16:31 around the city to help build the siege rams.
16:33 So it's unlikely that any of the trees
16:35 Jesus prayed under are still here.
16:38 But here in the Garden of Gethsemane
16:40 are some trees that may well have grown up
16:43 from the roots of those that were here then.
16:46 I wanted you to see the descendants of these trees
16:48 that witnessed the great struggle of Jesus.
16:51 Before it was right here or very near by
16:55 that Jesus was faced with a grave decision.
16:58 Would He willingly do what His Father asked of Him?
17:02 Or would He choose to follow His feelings?
17:05 And this is the same question
17:07 that we are faced with each and every day.
17:09 Will we keep the Sabbath that Jesus made for mankind?
17:12 And will we love our enemies the way that Jesus taught us to?
17:17 Will we humble our proud hearts and wash one another's feet?
17:21 Will we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness?
17:26 In this case Jesus was being asked to die for people
17:29 who didn't understand or even care.
17:33 Now His fears are awakened
17:34 by the tons of the demon's whispers.
17:37 God hates sin so much you will never be with Him again.
17:41 If you die now you may die forever,
17:44 never to be with your Father again.
17:46 These people are not worth it.
17:48 The cup begins to tremble in His hands,
17:52 so He prays harder,
17:53 "Saying. Father, if thou be willing,
17:56 remove this cup from me,
17:58 nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."
18:03 He wasn't asking Father, what is your will?
18:06 He already knew what the Father was asking of Him.
18:09 He was praying that His human heart
18:11 which cease to clammer for deliverance.
18:14 He was praying for the comfort
18:15 that comes from obedience, born of repentance.
18:19 His prayer for deliverance goes unanswered.
18:23 The silence of God is deafening.
18:26 The cup trembles in His hands.
18:28 It's a bitter cup full of the wrath that God has for sin.
18:32 A load of sin from all mankind begins to snuff out His life.
18:37 But He can't die here.
18:39 He can't die now.
18:41 That would not fulfill the prophecies.
18:44 So the Father sends an angel to strengthen Him,
18:47 thus prolonging the pain of our dear Savior.
18:52 I can see it with divine imagination
18:55 Jesus on the ground holding the baptismal cup.
18:59 And there's not enough room for self
19:01 if you have been baptized in a cup.
19:03 The self must die and be left aside.
19:07 If you would be submerged in true repentant baptism,
19:11 there's no room for self to live.
19:13 As His life begins to ebb away,
19:16 there in that darkness of the night,
19:18 a glow begins to form around the head of Jesus.
19:21 As He looks up through eyes blurred with tears,
19:25 He sees an angel on the ground there before Him.
19:28 And with purposeful intent the angel reaches out
19:32 and folding Christ weak and trembling hands,
19:36 making steady the spiritual chalice that bitter cup.
19:42 The angel looks deep into the eyes of our Savior
19:45 and says, "Drink ye all of it."
19:48 It is hard now but the bitter must come before the sweet.
19:53 There will be countless souls in heaven
19:55 who respond to your gift, your sacrifice
19:59 though all men should forsake you,
20:00 though it appears your father has forsaken you.
20:04 You are not alone, endure by faith, endure.
20:13 And that was the beginning of the miracle,
20:16 a very real miracle that can be ours as well.
20:21 I can't imagine the struggle Jesus went through
20:24 and He did it for me, He did it for you.
20:27 And a fantastic miracle occurred right here in the garden.
20:30 The Father actually granted Him His request.
20:32 Not the first one let this cup pass from me,
20:35 but the second one, not my will but thy will be done.
20:40 God anointed Jesus with the divine nature
20:42 just like He will do
20:43 for every believing repenting child of God.
20:46 He actually took Jesus' right brain,
20:48 His emotions, His heart
20:49 and changed them so that what He really wanted
20:52 was exactly what His Father wanted.
20:54 Jesus' will was swallowed up in the will of God.
20:58 There was a gift that came from the outside,
21:00 from heavenly places
21:02 into the very mind and heart of Jesus.
21:05 With three biblical proofs I can confirm
21:07 this miracle took place right here in Gethsemane.
21:10 These stories prove that Jesus experienced
21:12 true baptism and true repentance.
21:15 Torch lights could be seen coming down from Mount Zion.
21:18 A mob sent from the priests and elders with swords and clubs.
21:21 His own disciple Judas was leading them.
21:24 He led them to Jesus and he kissed Him,
21:26 defending love and friendship.
21:28 If you have ever been betrayed
21:30 then you know how repugnant that act was.
21:32 Here's the first proof recorded by Matthew.
21:35 "And Jesus said to him, 'Friend, why have you come?'"
21:39 Jesus called Judas, friend.
21:42 Not friend, but friend.
21:45 This is not natural human behavior for someone
21:47 who's being betrayed but it is divine behavior.
21:51 Jesus died to self, to human thoughts and feelings.
21:54 And now through this miracle of God
21:56 He felt about things the way His Father did
21:58 and He acted accordingly.
22:00 That is what true baptism is all about.
22:03 To love your enemy,
22:05 to speak kindly to your betrayer, that's a miracle.
22:08 The second miracle is found in John 18:10.
22:11 When Peter pulled out his sword
22:12 and cut off the high priest servant's ear.
22:14 This is the stuff that every movie is made of,
22:17 there's not an action hero, not one high drama thriller
22:20 where they don't use their strength
22:21 and power to deliver self.
22:24 But not Jesus, for Him self had already died in the garden.
22:30 "Then said Jesus unto Peter,
22:31 put up thy sword into the sheath,
22:33 the cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?"
22:37 Now it's time to go the cross to drink the bitter cup.
22:40 Instead of fighting for His own rights,
22:42 for His own life, He willingly laid it down.
22:46 That's the second miracle.
22:48 The final miracle came the next day
22:50 as they hung Him on the cross
22:51 and then gambled for His clothes.
22:53 Instead of whining, cursing or crying,
22:56 He prayed for those who were doing him wrong.
22:59 "Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them
23:02 for they know not what they do."
23:04 Praying for those who are mistreating you
23:06 is another miracle that clearly demonstrates
23:08 Jesus' baptism in the garden.
23:11 That's where He really died to self.
23:13 That's where He was baptized in a cup.
23:17 The baptismal service like marriage
23:19 is a beautiful ceremony.
23:21 I've enjoyed watching many people
23:23 throughout the years stand before the minister
23:25 and with love in their eyes and voice
23:27 to make that sound vow, "I do."
23:30 But now I'm coming to realize
23:31 that for the most part they probably didn't
23:34 fully comprehend what they were saying, yes, to.
23:37 The same was true for me
23:38 in regard to my relationship with the Lord.
23:41 At 16 years of age, I said, "I do to the Lord."
23:45 I was baptized saying,
23:47 yes, to everything I understood at that time.
23:50 That was five years ago and as I look at myself then,
23:54 I can't help but smile and shake my head at my naivety.
23:58 I had much to learn.
24:01 For example, the Bible says, we're saved by grace.
24:05 I embraced that truth without fully understanding it
24:08 and then took off down the non-denominational path.
24:11 But now I've learned that grace according to Titus 2:12,
24:16 "Teaches us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts
24:20 and to live soberly, righteously and godly in the present age."
24:26 Grace, according to all of Scripture
24:29 promises to give us the life of Jesus.
24:32 The life of death to self and the new life
24:35 that comes with the new heart, He gives to all who ask for it.
24:40 Now what does that look like in the real world?
24:43 Well, for me death to self means giving up the movies,
24:47 the television and the music
24:49 that doesn't bring me closer to Christ.
24:52 It means giving up the way I prefer to dress.
24:54 The clothing that brings me
24:56 more attention than it does my Savior.
24:58 Death to self means giving up my dream of becoming
25:01 a sought-after sports broadcaster
25:04 and replacing it with God's plan for my life.
25:07 It means giving up my focus on popularity and success
25:11 and caring more about God's goals.
25:14 And it means waking up every morning
25:16 and just asking God how He wants me to spend my day.
25:19 What He wants me to do, to say, to eat, to think, everything.
25:24 And let me tell you
25:25 Andrea Endries can be a stubborn person to kill.
25:29 But throughout the last five years
25:31 God has been guiding me through my Garden of Gethsemane.
25:35 So today, I'm choosing to enter that same experience
25:39 of Jesus at the Jordan, here in Israel.
25:42 The same baptism, the same repentance
25:45 that leads to fulfilling all righteousness,
25:49 I'm choosing death to self and the born again heart
25:53 that leads me to a new life in Christ.
25:59 Jesus' baptism at the Jordan River
26:01 was symbolic of what He did every day of His life.
26:05 He took up His cross daily.
26:07 He died to self daily
26:09 and followed the will of our Father in heaven.
26:13 The Jordan baptism was symbolic,
26:15 but in the Garden of Gethsemane it was literal.
26:19 True baptism is not a sacred right that guarantees you
26:23 a new and happy life in Christ anymore
26:26 than having a wedding ceremony guarantees you
26:28 a wonderful and happy marriage.
26:31 Baptism is a sacred ordinance
26:33 that testifies of your choice to die to self
26:36 and embrace the new life that Christ provides
26:40 through daily Bible study prayer
26:42 and sharing your faith.
26:44 For baptism to be of any value we must like Christ,
26:48 allow the Father's will to be our will,
26:51 even when He asks the hard thing.
26:54 We must embrace His gift of repentance and His new heart.
26:59 So who should be baptized?
27:02 Those who are receiving the new heart of repentance,
27:06 feeling about things the way God does
27:08 and receiving a changed life.
27:11 Those who are willing to die to self
27:13 and let Jesus live in them,
27:16 those who believe in Jesus and His doctrines
27:19 and choose to be followers
27:21 of this repentant dying to self man.
27:25 Those who wish to become part of the body of Jesus Christ,
27:30 the church and those who want to be with Christ now
27:34 and finally forever with Him in heaven.
27:38 So what about you, friend?
27:40 Would you like to follow Jesus into a new and abundant life?


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