Thunder in the Holy Land

The Great Comeback

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Participants: Charles Byrd (Host), Levi Longoria, Andrea Endries, Carl Preval


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00:01 We all like comeback stories of people
00:03 on the brink of defeat at some level,
00:05 but against all odds, naysayers
00:08 and in the face of all their fears they press through.
00:12 The annals of history have recorded many such stories
00:16 in war, in sports, and in politics.
00:20 There are also some examples in sacred history
00:24 like that of Moses or a personal favorite Joseph.
00:29 These comeback stories inspire us
00:31 to dig deeper in the face of our own setbacks.
00:36 But no comeback story has ever had a more profound
00:38 and long-term impact on society
00:41 than one that hasn't even happened yet.
00:44 I can hear some of you saying,
00:46 "Charles, you have to have a come back
00:48 to have a comeback story."
00:50 And I know that is usually the case,
00:53 but in this instance, it is one prophesied by Jesus
00:56 while staring right into the face of apparent defeat.
01:01 Jesus was on trial before the Sanhedrin.
01:04 And the high priest asked Jesus,
01:06 "If He was the Son of God?"
01:09 Jesus said to him, "You have said so.
01:13 But I tell you, hereafter you will see
01:15 the Son of man seated at the right hand of Power,
01:19 and coming on the clouds of heaven."
01:22 Before nightfall Jesus, the one who claim to be the Son of God,
01:28 the one many recognized as a prophet,
01:31 great in word indeed would be dead from crucifixion.
01:35 Did somebody say comeback?
02:30 By all appearances Jesus ended as a failure.
02:34 His own people put Him through a shame trial
02:37 and insisted the Romans crucify Him.
02:40 He died a humiliating death
02:43 and was placed in a borrowed tomb.
02:45 It was over.
02:47 His own disciples were so afraid of the Jewish leaders.
02:50 They were hiding out in a borrowed room
02:52 on some narrow street in Jerusalem.
02:56 But the crucifixion and its aftermath
02:58 just puts this prophecy of Jesus
03:01 in Matthew 26:64 in a starker context.
03:05 "I tell you, hereafter you will see
03:08 the Son of man seated at the right hand of Power,
03:12 and coming on the clouds of heaven."
03:16 That prophecy which caused so much Thunder in the Holy Land
03:20 is still changing the course of history.
03:23 It's changing how people live their lives,
03:25 how they spend their time and their money
03:28 even in the face of defeat or certain death.
03:32 Today we're going to look carefully
03:34 at the teachings of Jesus
03:35 regarding His great comeback or the second coming.
03:39 The thousand years or the millennium
03:41 and His final plans for planet earth.
03:45 Join us as we examine the prophecies
03:47 and promises of Jesus' second coming in the thousand years.
03:53 Thanks, Charles.
03:54 I love this topic because it truly parks our minds
03:58 in the right place on the sure word of prophecy.
04:02 Peter, an ardent disciple and follower of Jesus said
04:06 that prophecy is better,
04:07 is more reliable than an eyewitness account.
04:12 So here is one of the reliable prophecies of Jesus
04:15 in John 14:2-3 regarding the second coming.
04:19 "In my Father's house are many mansions,
04:23 if it were not so, I would have told you.
04:26 I go to prepare a place for you.
04:29 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
04:31 I will come again, and receive you unto myself,
04:35 that where I am, there ye may be also."
04:40 There you have it.
04:42 And Jesus said He is coming again.
04:45 But it senses as a prophetic and still in the future.
04:49 How can I be sure this prophecy,
04:51 this promise of Jesus is true?
04:55 Because of two reasons.
04:56 First, He made other promises that have been proven true.
05:01 For example, consider John 8:32,
05:05 "You will know the truth,
05:07 and the truth shall make you free."
05:11 And what was he talking about?
05:13 And Jesus knew that the word, the Bible was truth.
05:17 And the word of truth shows us the path to freedom.
05:21 And since the word is living and powerful,
05:23 it can change our lives now for the better.
05:27 He is delivering me from temptations,
05:29 from my lust and pride that lead me away from Jesus.
05:34 And He'll do it for you too.
05:36 I'm just like any other person.
05:38 I also have hard temptations,
05:40 but through the promises of His word
05:43 I'm gaining victories
05:44 and embracing the freedom from my own self.
05:49 Sin is loosing its dominating power in my experience.
05:53 The second reason I can believe
05:55 the prophecy of Jesus' second coming
05:57 is because of confirmed prophecy.
06:00 Jesus first coming was predicted thousands of years in advance.
06:04 Since these prophecies came true,
06:06 I can rest with confidence on the prophecies
06:09 that predict the second coming like, the one in Daniel 2.
06:13 The promise of His second coming
06:15 was also predicted over five thousand years ago
06:18 by the antediluvian prophet Enoch.
06:21 And this second coming is the blessed hope
06:24 that keeps His followers pressing on with confidence.
06:29 Well, that makes things clear, Levi.
06:31 Prophecy and personal experience can assure us
06:34 that the promise of Jesus to come again will happen.
06:38 Of course, anytime you believe in something
06:40 that hasn't happened yet, there must be some faith,
06:44 but again this is not blind faith,
06:47 it is a faith based on a large body of evidence.
06:51 So standing on the evidence of fulfilled prophecy,
06:53 we look into the future and ask how will Jesus return?
06:58 What does prophecy and the words of Jesus
07:00 teach about His second coming?
07:03 Let's start with a prophecy given by two angles
07:05 who appeared as men to the disciples of Jesus
07:08 as they watched Jesus go back into heaven.
07:11 The angles said, "Ye men of Galilee,
07:14 why stand ye gazing up into heaven?
07:17 This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven,
07:21 shall so come in like manner
07:23 as ye have seen him go into heaven."
07:26 Standing there on the backside of the Mount of Olives,
07:28 a literal physical Jesus went into heaven,
07:32 so we can be assured that the second coming of Jesus
07:35 will be a literal, personal return.
07:38 That is what the angels said.
07:40 Now we're going to look directly
07:42 at the teachings of Jesus Himself
07:44 regarding His imminent return.
07:46 First, we'll turn to Matthew 24:27
07:49 in describing His return Jesus said,
07:52 "For as the lightning cometh out of the east,
07:55 and shineth even unto the west,
07:57 so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."
08:01 If you've ever driven across the great plain states
08:04 and follow the thunder storm for several hours
08:06 where the lightening is going across the sky
08:09 then there is one thing, you know,
08:11 the second coming of Jesus will definitely be visible.
08:15 In fact, Revelation 1:7
08:17 further refines our understanding when it says,
08:20 "Behold, he cometh with clouds,
08:23 and every eye shall see him."
08:25 It will indeed be very visible for everyone.
08:30 Now let's look at Matthew 24:31,
08:33 "And he shall send his angels
08:35 with a great sound of a trumpet."
08:37 And the Apostle Paul adds.
08:39 "For the Lord Himself
08:41 shall descend from heaven with a shout,
08:43 with the voice of the archangel,
08:45 and with the trump of God."
08:48 Shouting and loud trumpets
08:50 don't make us think of some quiet secret event, do they?
08:55 The doctrine of Jesus
08:56 makes it clear that the second coming
08:58 will be audible and it will be loud.
09:02 Loud enough to wake the dead, literally.
09:06 Though we could look at many more verses
09:08 regarding how Jesus will return.
09:10 Let's consider just one more.
09:12 It's found in Matthew 16:27.
09:15 "For the Son of man
09:17 shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels
09:20 and then he shall reward every man according to his works."
09:25 Now we can use the word glory
09:27 and we can talk about lightening,
09:30 but I want you to really grasp this.
09:32 When an angel came to call Christ from the grave,
09:35 Matthew records that,
09:37 "His countenance was like lightning,
09:39 and his raiment white as snow."
09:42 And just from the glory of this born angel,
09:45 what happened to the whole platoon of Roman guards
09:48 who were supposed to be guarding a dead man.
09:50 "And for fear of him the keepers did shake,
09:54 and became as dead men."
09:57 Now imagine Jesus coming with the glory of the father
10:00 and add to that His own glory.
10:03 And then add to that
10:04 the glory of the countless throng of angels
10:06 who are attending Him.
10:08 So be assured,
10:09 the second coming of Christ will be glorious,
10:12 beyond any words we could use to describe it.
10:17 Thanks, Andria.
10:18 We now understand clearly from God's word
10:20 and the teaching of Jesus, how He will return.
10:24 It will be a literal, visible, audible, and glorious return.
10:29 But do you know why He is going to return?
10:32 Because He wants to be with His children,
10:35 He wants to be with you and me.
10:38 In fact, what Jesus taught in John 5
10:41 reveals the defining act of the second coming.
10:45 "Marvel not at this for the hour is coming,
10:48 in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,
10:52 and shall come forth, they that have done good,
10:55 unto the resurrection of life and they that have done evil,
10:59 unto the resurrection of damnation."
11:02 This is the teaching of Jesus.
11:06 That is why the Jewish rabbi Paul also taught,
11:09 "For the Lord himself
11:11 shall descend from heaven with a shout,
11:13 with the voice of the archangel,
11:15 and with the trump of God
11:17 and the dead in Christ shall rise first."
11:22 This is a wonderful and powerful truth.
11:25 This doctrine definitely moulds the life of a Christian.
11:29 It modifies his or her thinking.
11:32 At the funeral of the loved one,
11:34 we share tears of sadness,
11:36 we grieve the lost,
11:38 but we don't sorrow as do others who have no hope
11:42 because death is not the end, it's just a sleep
11:46 according to at least 50 passages in the Bible.
11:50 So the dead sleep until that resurrection.
11:55 You know, in the second coming
11:56 each person who is saved will be raised to life
11:59 and will get a new and glorious. What?
12:04 Check it out in Philippians 3:21.
12:07 "Our vile bodies will be changed,
12:10 will receive a new and glorious body."
12:13 No more defects, no more aches or pains,
12:16 no more glasses, stints,
12:19 artificial joints or prosthetics.
12:22 Yes, the defining act of the second coming
12:26 is the resurrection and the restoration.
12:31 Thanks, Carl.
12:33 And praise God for the hope of the resurrection.
12:36 But I want us to go back to John 5 for a moment
12:39 because Jesus said something interesting
12:41 when He talked about the resurrection.
12:44 In verse 28 Jesus taught that,
12:46 "All that are in their graves
12:48 will hear his voice and come out,
12:51 they that have done good unto the resurrection of life,
12:55 and they that have done evil,
12:57 unto the resurrection of damnation."
13:00 Notice here that there are two resurrections.
13:03 The first is the resurrection of life.
13:06 The second is the resurrection of damnation.
13:11 Now if all I had to go on was what Jesus said in John 5,
13:14 I would assume that these two resurrections
13:17 happen at the same time,
13:19 but Jesus gave His disciple, John a revelation of more truth.
13:23 He actually tells us
13:25 there is some time between these two resurrections.
13:28 Would you like to know how much time there is between them?
13:32 Then check out Revelation 20:4-5
13:36 "And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them,
13:39 and judgment was given unto them,
13:41 and I saw the souls of them
13:43 that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus,
13:46 and for the word of God,
13:47 and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image,
13:51 neither had received his mark
13:53 upon their foreheads, or in their hands
13:56 and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
14:00 But the rest of the dead lived not again
14:03 until the thousand years were finished."
14:06 Here is the thousand years that is talked about quite a bit.
14:10 Unfortunately, it is misunderstood by many,
14:12 but this is not so hard to understand
14:14 if we let the Bible interpret itself.
14:17 From scripture, we can know when the thousand years began,
14:21 what will happen during this millennium,
14:23 and then what happens at the end of the thousand years.
14:27 Levi is standing by to share
14:29 what starts the one thousand years.
14:32 Thanks, Charles.
14:34 God is so good to leave for us His prophetic word
14:37 and I'm convinced that we are living
14:40 in the last days of earth's history.
14:43 But somewhere between the last days and eternity,
14:46 there's--as you just pointed out, a thousand years.
14:51 As we've already learned this millennium
14:53 starts with what the Bible calls the first resurrection
14:57 and ends with another resurrection.
15:00 Now unfortunately in just 30 minutes
15:03 we don't have time to dig deep into this part of our topic,
15:07 but we've made our millennium chart available at a website
15:10 along with one on the rapture
15:12 and on the signs of Jesus' coming.
15:14 These PDF files are free.
15:16 So download yours today at QLP.TV.
15:21 So what starts the millennium?
15:24 The return of Jesus.
15:26 Jesus said, "When He comes
15:28 all the tribes of the earth will mourn
15:30 when they see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven."
15:35 But what's bad news for many
15:37 will be great news for those who love Him.
15:41 When Jesus comes again,
15:42 all the righteous people who died in Christ
15:45 will be raised from the dead.
15:48 Just think of it.
15:49 Every spouse, friend and anything risen
15:52 with immortal bodies never to die again.
15:56 What a joy?
15:58 And when Jesus comes again,
16:00 all the believers who haven't died
16:02 will also be caught up with those who have been resurrected
16:06 to meet Jesus in the air.
16:09 And Jesus said, "He would send His angels
16:12 with a great sound of a trumpet,
16:14 and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds,
16:18 from one end of heaven to the other.
16:21 None who loves God will be left behind."
16:25 And Jesus also taught the wicked would be slain
16:29 by the fiery brightness of His coming.
16:32 And next, Jesus said in Revelation 6
16:35 that a great earthquake,
16:36 greater than the Richter scale can measure
16:39 will leave earth desolate.
16:41 And the prophet Jeremiah also describes
16:43 his time with these words.
16:46 "I beheld the earth, it was without form, and void,
16:50 and the heavens had no light, the mountains trembled,
16:54 and all the hills moved lightly.
16:57 I beheld, and, lo, there was no man,
17:00 and all the cities were broken down
17:02 at the presence of the Lord,
17:04 and by his fierce anger."
17:07 And the final event that ushers in the thousand years
17:11 is the binding of Satan.
17:14 "And I saw an angel come down from heaven,
17:17 and he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent,
17:20 which is the Devil, and Satan,
17:23 and bound him a thousand years."
17:26 What will bind Satan is not a literal chain made of iron,
17:31 but a chain of circumstances.
17:33 Here are those links.
17:35 First, none of God's people are here to tempt and harass.
17:41 All the wicked people are dead.
17:43 The earth is left completely desolate.
17:47 And he and his angels that chose to follow him
17:50 will have nothing to do for a thousand years except
17:54 to sit and to think of the consequences
17:56 of their choice to rebel against a God of love.
18:02 Thanks, Levi.
18:03 So now we know the events that start the millennium.
18:07 Let's examine briefly
18:08 what is happening during the thousand years.
18:11 Again, right from the teaching of Jesus.
18:14 We learned first that the righteous
18:16 including those who come up in the first resurrection
18:19 will live and reign with Christ for thousand years.
18:23 According to Revelation 15,
18:26 this privilege of being one of the saved is reserved
18:29 for those who have gotten the victory over the beast,
18:32 over his image and over his mark
18:35 and over the number of his name.
18:38 These are the ones who have said,
18:40 "Yes, to Jesus with all their known choices."
18:45 And what are the righteous doing in heaven
18:48 during the thousand years?
18:50 This to me is perhaps one of the most amazing things.
18:54 They're sitting in judgment.
18:56 They're asking all the hard questions.
18:59 Why isn't my pastor here or why didn't my wife make it
19:04 or why can't Lucifer still be saved?
19:07 They'll be sitting in judgment on all the decisions
19:10 God made during the pre-advent judgment
19:13 or the judgment that is going on right now.
19:16 This is widely important how you see
19:19 when we look at what's coming at the end of the millennium.
19:23 Well, all of this is going on
19:25 the wicked those who were lost remain dead
19:28 and unburied across the planet.
19:32 A planet which is now a black cinder,
19:35 dark and cold, void of all human life.
19:40 This is Satan's minions with nothing to do
19:43 for a thousand years, but sit and think
19:46 since they will not be a lord of the planet.
19:50 I'm sure having nothing to do will be terribly hard
19:54 for one who has worked so hard for thousands of years,
19:58 seeking to destroy all the goodness of God
20:01 in the lives of His creation.
20:05 Neat insights, Carl.
20:06 Now let's see what Jesus taught
20:08 about the end of the one thousand years.
20:10 First, we find Jesus coming back to earth once again,
20:14 only this time it will be with all the saints
20:16 who have been with Him in heaven
20:18 and they watch as the Holy City,
20:20 the new Jerusalem also comes to planet earth
20:23 landing right here on the Mount of Olives.
20:26 At that time, every person
20:28 who has ever lived who joins Satan in rebellion
20:32 will be raised to life by the power of God.
20:36 Just imagine for a moment, every person
20:38 who has ever lived from the days of Adam to the present,
20:42 all alive at the same time.
20:47 Suddenly the chain of circumstances
20:49 that has kept Satan bound is loosed.
20:52 There are people to deceive again, so he goes to work.
20:56 First, I'm sure, he convinces all the people
20:58 that He raised them to life
21:00 then He tells them that they are the majority
21:04 that the Holy City cannot withstand their united attack
21:07 and so the prince of darkness leads
21:09 this massive humanity to attack the new Jerusalem.
21:13 The City of God in His redeemed.
21:16 But this onset is interrupted by God's final judgment.
21:20 Suddenly, every person
21:22 that is in the vast rebellious throng stops.
21:26 Their whole life plays out in review like,
21:29 some giant big screen panorama in the heavens.
21:33 They see their whole life.
21:35 All of the times God tried to lead them to repentance,
21:39 to happiness, to obedience.
21:41 They see their rebellious hearts for what they are.
21:46 Link and gratitude in the face of His matchless love.
21:50 Suddenly, over here someone drops their knees
21:55 and then over here another
21:58 and then another until one by one
22:01 every knee bows and every tongue confesses that God was fair.
22:08 They may not love Him, but they are compelled to admit
22:12 He sure did His best to save them.
22:16 Now they realize they are all lost.
22:19 A will of anguish and anger
22:21 is heard across the dome of the heavens
22:23 as God brings to bear the final phase of His judgment.
22:28 Fire comes down from God out of heaven
22:30 just as they did on Sodom and Gomorrah
22:32 and devour that vast rebellious angry and bitter army.
22:38 Now remember when Carl told us that the saints
22:41 would sit in judgment during the millennium,
22:43 that during this time all of the redeemed
22:45 who are allowed to ask all the hard questions
22:48 to essentially put God on trial
22:50 to see of all of his decisions were fair and just.
22:54 Here is why that process is so important.
22:57 When God destroys all sin and every sinner,
23:00 there will not be one person in the ranks of the redeemed
23:04 who will question whether God is fair or just.
23:07 Everyone will be completely satisfied.
23:10 In fact, the prophecy of Jesus tells us
23:13 that we will give God praise for judging righteously.
23:17 The great controversy will be ended.
23:20 Sin and sinners will be no more.
23:23 The entire universe will be cleaned.
23:27 One pose of harmony and gladness will beat through
23:30 the vast creation from Him who created all
23:33 will flow life and light and gladness
23:36 throughout the rounds of illimitable space.
23:39 From the minutes atom to the greatest worlds, all things,
23:44 animate and inanimate in their un-shadowed beauty
23:47 and perfect joy will declare that God is love.
23:53 And then we will watch God recreate the earth
23:57 restoring it to its Edenic beauty.
24:02 Thanks, Andrea.
24:04 I'm convinced that great comeback is not far away.
24:08 Why?
24:09 Again, because of prophecy.
24:12 In Matthew 24, "As Jesus sat up on the Mount of Olives,
24:16 the disciples came unto Him privately saying,
24:19 'Tell us, what shall be the sign of thy coming
24:23 and of the end of the world?'
24:26 In this study we only have time to consider one of the signs
24:29 that is being fulfilled right now.
24:31 You can download a free PDF document
24:34 with a more comprehensive list of the signs at QLP.TV.
24:39 For now Matthew 24:7 tells us,
24:42 "There shall be famines, and pestilences,
24:46 and earthquakes, in divers places."
24:49 Now some might say, "These things have always happened."
24:53 True, very true.
24:55 But Paul reminded the folks in Thessalonica
24:58 that the coming of Jesus would be as travail upon a woman.
25:03 This word travail comes from the Greek word Odin,
25:07 and it means, the pain of childbirth or birth pangs.
25:12 Birth pangs starts small
25:14 and gradually grow in frequency and intensity.
25:18 So let's compare Jesus prophecy regarding famines,
25:21 pestilences, and earthquakes
25:23 with the few statistics regarding natural disasters.
25:27 Each line on this natural disaster chart
25:30 represents one decade of reported disasters.
25:34 Tell me, if what you are looking at.
25:36 Right now does it resemble birth pangs.
25:40 Do you see the changes in frequency?
25:43 Absolutely. And intensity.
25:47 Just listen to the nightly news covering events
25:50 like the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami that swept away
25:53 230,000 people in 14 countries.
25:57 Inundating coastal communities with waves up to 98 feet high.
26:01 Watch the evening news regarding hurricanes like,
26:04 Katrina and Sandy with costs in the hundreds of billions.
26:09 So look at the chart one more time and ask yourself,
26:12 do I see a fulfillment here in the prophecies of Jesus?
26:18 I sure, see it.
26:19 Folks, Jesus is coming back
26:21 and there are many fulfilled prophecies in this book
26:25 should compel us to take seriously
26:27 this great truth taught by Jesus Himself.
26:31 It sure was a focal point for all the disciples of Jesus.
26:35 In fact, the second coming is mentioned over 60 times
26:38 by all nine of the New Testament authors.
26:42 Perhaps this is why over 50% of the earth's inhabitance
26:46 hanged so much of their hope on a comeback,
26:49 but still hasn't happened.
26:51 A comeback that will change everything.
26:55 So let me finish by asking you this question.
26:59 Do you love this good news?
27:01 Do you love the truth of His great comeback?
27:05 If you do then pay special attention
27:08 to this promise that Paul wrote to Timothy.
27:12 "Henceforth there is laid up a crown of righteousness,
27:15 which the Lord shall give me at that day,
27:18 and not to me only,
27:20 but unto all them also that love his appearing."
27:26 You too can embrace this blessed hope.
27:29 You too can choose to love this good news of His soon return
27:34 when all that's wrong will be made right.


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