True Knowledge of Self

Lance Wilbur Testimony, Part 2

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon (Host), Lance Wilbur


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00:29 Hello. My name is Dwayne Lemon.
00:31 And I'm Lance Wilbur.
00:33 And we want to welcome you to a True Knowledge of Self
00:36 where we get a knowledge of ourselves
00:39 from a biblical perspective.
00:41 We want to welcome you all and thank you for joining us.
00:43 Today we are going to be continuing
00:45 from where we left off in this incredible testimony
00:47 as we were listening to Brother Lance share with us
00:50 how God was leading in his life
00:52 and we see that he's gone through several experiences
00:54 and it was quite incredible to see how he was ingrained
00:58 and deeply into the hip-hop culture,
01:01 especially the intellectual aspect,
01:04 which is really different
01:05 from a lot of what other people look for.
01:07 Most people think just about the fun aspect,
01:09 and I'm sure he did have fun, is that right?
01:10 Absolutely. Oh, yes.
01:12 But nevertheless we also know that there is another side
01:15 that Lance was talking about this
01:17 when he was interviewing myself,
01:18 but he is now going through this in his own experience,
01:21 where he was talking about the intelligence
01:23 in all of these things that also
01:25 is a strong influential power
01:27 coming from the hip-hop and R&B culture.
01:29 We saw that Lance grew up in a home
01:31 where dad was not around often
01:33 and mother was there struggling,
01:34 trying to do what she could to rear him up
01:37 and his little brother,
01:38 and we also saw that television
01:39 and the basic street lifestyle was there pulling at him,
01:43 grabbing at him and just consistently
01:45 trying to draw him into their mold
01:46 and we saw that he was starting to be formed in that mold,
01:49 little by little, even to the point
01:51 that he found himself to being the reflector
01:52 of other men's thoughts
01:54 and presenting a lot of philosophies and ideas,
01:57 rejecting religion, and the list goes on
02:00 and we want to pick right back up on that,
02:01 Lance, and I want us to go ahead
02:03 and continue talking with our viewers
02:05 and just getting an idea,
02:07 here you are at this stage, you're a teenager,
02:09 you're a young man,
02:10 and you're going through these experiences
02:12 where right now religion is definitely a turnoff
02:15 especially as it related to Christianity.
02:17 Yeah.
02:18 But then also, you are finding yourself more so with the,
02:21 you know, Five-Percent Movement
02:22 and just looking at what's coming in through that,
02:25 all the influences, the culture,
02:26 the lifestyle, was there anything else
02:29 that was also a grab in your mind in a positive way
02:33 that was pulling you
02:34 while you were also engrossed in this hip-hop lifestyle.
02:36 Oh, yeah, absolutely.
02:38 I mean, I was really into the sports, like I said,
02:42 I was always big, I was a three-sport athlete,
02:44 so even from a little kid, I was too big for Pop Warner,
02:48 but I played.
02:49 There was other football leagues,
02:50 so I'm playing football, I'm playing baseball,
02:53 I'm playing basketball.
02:54 And as I started to get older, into my teenage years,
02:57 I'm getter taller and, you know,
03:00 slimming down and growing taller.
03:02 So I began to gravitate towards basketball
03:06 just because, you know, it was just more appealing.
03:10 Baseball became increasingly boring
03:13 and is not compatible with,
03:15 you know, doing what I was doing,
03:17 living a lifestyle I was living,
03:19 and then going and sitting out you know playing outfield
03:21 or first base for two hours in 95-degree heat.
03:27 So you know, I'm at apex of my baseball career,
03:30 I do tournaments in Canada,
03:31 you know pitching and, you know,
03:34 it was good but it wasn't like basketball.
03:37 Football was good
03:39 but I didn't like to destroy my body in practice
03:42 and have these people yelling at you
03:44 and you play 12 games a season
03:45 or what have you in high school.
03:47 So I was recruited in those regards
03:50 for high school athletics
03:51 where basketball became my passion,
03:53 basketball became what I did, and I didn't really pick it up
03:56 until, you know, maybe 10 or 11 years old.
03:58 But once I started picking it up
04:00 and getting serious with basketball,
04:03 I quickly excelled too.
04:05 I was playing in varsity in my freshman year,
04:08 in high school,
04:10 and that obviously continued to the point
04:12 where as early as 10th grade,
04:15 I'm getting invitations, you know,
04:17 letters to, hey we appreciate.
04:20 Now, I hated school.
04:22 I hated reading and I hated school,
04:24 so I did not participate in class.
04:26 I skipped school, I skipped class.
04:28 I was pretty much left to myself to get myself up
04:32 into school everyday.
04:33 So school was just a mess for me,
04:36 but I would get letters from, you know, D1 school saying,
04:39 "Oh, we value your B plus average,
04:42 your grade point average, and we can't wait to..."
04:45 And all these enticing letters, you know, Syracuse, and Miami,
04:49 and Fordham, Rutgers, Washington, and you know,
04:54 several other local schools,
04:55 and I was getting those letters in 10th grade.
04:59 When I moved to another city, I started, the coach, you know,
05:02 he was the...
05:04 At that time I think he had the record for winning as coach
05:06 in high school basketball
05:08 and he started coming to me and say,
05:11 "Hey, you know, we are thinking about sending you to this camp.
05:15 Don't worry about the payment, you know we'll take care of it,
05:17 oh, shoes, you know, different little things,
05:20 incentives to play, you know, summer league,
05:22 and I'm telling you, I'm a poor student.
05:27 I didn't go to school, rarely.
05:29 I didn't do homework, I didn't do,
05:31 but they are giving me all these incentives
05:33 to do these things.
05:34 So I enjoyed it, I pursued it,
05:37 but at the same time I did not appreciate
05:41 the whole culture of athletics
05:43 and kind of the clique mentality
05:46 and everybody happened to ingratiate themselves
05:48 to the coach and kind of be at the certain functions
05:51 and I just, I didn't want anything to do with that
05:54 and I was completely against it.
05:56 Now, I didn't get a chance to share this in my testimony,
05:59 but we're going to talk about this in later episodes as well.
06:02 There were two influences that were working in my life
06:05 when I was really into the hip-hop culture.
06:07 Obviously, hip-hop was one of them,
06:08 but the other one was martial arts.
06:10 I was really, really heavy into martial arts
06:11 and when I was doing martial arts,
06:13 I found that I had to get to a point to make a choice,
06:16 which one am I really going to pursue fully.
06:18 Right.
06:19 Martial arts or...
06:21 and I love both of them.
06:22 Now I can phase out of that for myself
06:24 but I'm curious for you, you're in basketball,
06:26 did you see that the two were blending,
06:28 hip-hop culture and what you are trying to do
06:30 and holding the lines
06:31 and keeping it in its purest state
06:33 with the underground movement and then, of course,
06:35 you are also now pretty much pursuing
06:37 like a basketball career.
06:38 Did you find that they blended
06:40 or did you find that they were at variance one
06:42 with the other and you had to make a choice.
06:44 Yeah. Definitely I had to make a choice.
06:45 Again, elite athletics,
06:47 when you want to go to that next level,
06:49 where that's all you're going to live, eat, sleep,
06:51 breathe.
06:52 When you go to that level, smoking cigarettes,
06:56 smoking weed every day,
06:58 drinking alcohol every day is not compatible
07:01 with elite athletics.
07:03 It's a lifestyle and am I going to go to practice
07:07 for three hours after school and do double sessions?
07:09 Am I going to do winter league and summer league and,
07:13 go to camps and all that,
07:14 or am I going to continue my lifestyle
07:16 and pursue the hip-hop and, you know,
07:19 do the shows and do the battles and be where I need to be.
07:22 And now there is another, you know,
07:25 key dynamic in this whole thing.
07:28 I'm having a child.
07:30 And my girlfriend at the time, she gets pregnant.
07:33 So as I am going in now to make a decision.
07:36 Am I going to go to college or not?
07:39 Am I going to go and try to see how this is going to play out?
07:41 Because I can still play basketball
07:43 and kind of do the MC thing
07:45 and go to college and still float,
07:47 but, you know, get through because of the basketball,
07:49 and she comes into my life, my oldest daughter,
07:52 and she is born right there at 17,
07:55 pregnant at 16 and then 17 she is born.
07:58 So I made the decision.
08:00 If I go to school, there is absolutely no way
08:04 I'm going to even consider my girlfriend or my daughter
08:08 back in Massachusetts.
08:10 I'm going to go away,
08:11 I was thinking leaning towards Miami
08:14 or even, you know, Fordham Ruggers, New York area,
08:17 New York tri-state area being away.
08:20 So I said, I have to do the responsible thing
08:23 even though as an irresponsible corrupt individual,
08:27 I have to do a responsible thing
08:28 and stay close to my daughter.
08:30 And street life, to me at that time,
08:33 was way more important than, you know, organized athletics,
08:37 because I can still play basketball
08:39 on the street level,
08:40 still do tournaments, still do summer leagues,
08:43 and get the accolades in that respect,
08:44 keep my craft in that respect
08:46 and still excel and pursue my hip-hop career.
08:50 Now, I'm curious because the same way
08:52 when I saw those women lined up in the hotel room
08:57 and, you know, I said to myself,
08:59 this looks wrong, there was something
09:01 that was in my head
09:03 that instilled that that was wrong
09:04 when there was a lot of people around me
09:06 that felt that was right.
09:07 Here you are, you are a teenager,
09:09 and you are at the height of two areas,
09:11 one in the experience of hip-hop culture
09:13 and the underground but then also athletics,
09:16 but yet there is a principle that's in your head that says,
09:19 all right, I got my girlfriend pregnant,
09:22 we are about to have this baby, I need to be responsible.
09:25 Now I would imagine
09:27 the majority of brothers around you
09:28 during that time were not thinking like that
09:30 as it relates to when they get women pregnant.
09:32 A lot of times, they are telling them to go
09:33 to the abortion clinic, you know, whatever.
09:35 You didn't do this.
09:37 Where do you think that came from?
09:39 I've no idea.
09:40 I know now, but I had no idea then.
09:43 There were strange things like that all the time,
09:45 like you could be so corrupt that you'd beat somebody down
09:49 in the street over anything, a sandwich, it could be...
09:54 I was in situations
09:55 where I would commit random acts of violence
09:58 just because I was upset at some other person
10:00 that had nothing to do with.
10:02 I would just randomly pick somebody
10:03 and, you know, beat them down for no reason
10:06 that no interaction with them.
10:09 So I would do that and feel no way about it.
10:12 No problems, no second thoughts, no regrets,
10:15 and you know laugh five minutes later
10:17 and joke two minutes later,
10:20 but then there were other situations
10:22 where I had this severe moral,
10:25 you know, unction to do the right thing
10:27 and these standards to make right decisions,
10:31 "Hey, don't do that, that's a wrong move,
10:34 you know, do it like this."
10:35 So I knew God was watching over me
10:38 and He was taking care of me
10:39 and instructing me even in my ignorance,
10:41 but I didn't attributed to God at that point.
10:43 I just considered it myself, making right decisions
10:46 and doing what I felt was right at the time.
10:48 Now, when you look at the Gospel of John,
10:50 it does tell us that there is a time that comes
10:52 where the Spirit of God is with us
10:54 and then eventually in us.
10:57 I'm sure at this stage in your life, obviously,
10:59 the Spirit of God may not have been in you
11:00 but He was with you, He was guiding you
11:02 and trying to lead you
11:03 to right decisions, right paths,
11:05 and I'm sure that we understand today
11:06 that that was the Lord that was leading for you
11:08 to do something good or responsible.
11:10 But my question is was there anything
11:12 even in the books of intelligence
11:13 or anything like that that comes out,
11:15 because there is sometimes with people who,
11:18 they look at hip-hop culture,
11:19 and they say everything about it is wicked,
11:22 there is no good principles that can come out of it,
11:25 but then you have others who say, well, no,
11:26 there are some good principles and, therefore,
11:28 they try to elevate it from that standpoint.
11:30 I mean, was that a reality in your life
11:31 with some of the things
11:32 you were exposed to from listening
11:34 because I know you weren't reading it
11:35 but from listening.
11:36 Yeah.
11:38 I mean, really the turning point for me
11:39 was I'm contemplating,
11:42 I always refer to it as a midlife crisis.
11:45 Fifteen years old midlife crisis.
11:48 I'm pretty much sick and tired of the trappings,
11:53 you know, the girls, the drugs, the money, the violence,
11:57 you know, all of those things.
12:00 I didn't have any fulfillment.
12:01 I did it, and the fulfillment almost expired
12:04 as soon as the act was completed,
12:07 and I got sick and tired of the same crew,
12:09 the same people hanging around,
12:11 doing the same thing everyday.
12:12 It just became, you know, I was sick and tired.
12:15 I just didn't like it.
12:16 So I'm frustrated there and I remember
12:19 even as a little child, I didn't know who God was,
12:21 I didn't know Christianity like that,
12:22 but I would curse God out.
12:24 In my mind, God was like a genie.
12:26 I would pray and say some magic words,
12:28 or say something and say, "Hey, God, give me this."
12:31 And if it didn't materialize instantly,
12:33 I would literally curse God out, you know, audibly.
12:37 And I didn't understand what I was doing,
12:39 but that's the way I viewed it.
12:40 So now at 15 I'm having these questions.
12:44 What is my purpose?
12:45 What is the point of human existence?
12:50 You know, why, the universe, what is it?
12:53 Is there a God? Is there not a God.
12:55 So I'm having these questions in my mind
12:57 and a voice came into my head
13:00 and said explicitly, interrupted me,
13:02 and said if you want answers, go and read.
13:06 If you want answers, go and read.
13:09 Something that I hated to do.
13:10 I thought it was for certain sort of people
13:13 that was below me and it was unnecessary for me,
13:16 I had the knowledge that I needed.
13:17 But I took the challenge,
13:19 again, I took it as a challenge.
13:20 If you want answers, go read.
13:22 I literally got up at that moment,
13:24 I got up and went to the high school library
13:26 at the high school
13:28 I was attending at that time and I got out some books.
13:31 I got out, I think, four books or five.
13:33 I got a book on Shamanism,
13:37 I got a book on Egyptology,
13:40 I got a book on philosophy,
13:42 a big giant college textbook on philosophy,
13:45 and I got a book on Mars,
13:48 aliens and stuff of the red planet.
13:50 Got you.
13:51 So I literally took the challenge.
13:53 If you want answers, go read, I said,
13:55 no problem I'm going to go read
13:56 and I started to read and study religions
13:59 and that led me on a journey that,
14:01 you know, brought me to where I am today.
14:04 Very interesting.
14:05 So you are on the journey now
14:06 and you are reading all these books now.
14:09 One thing I would think is
14:10 none of these books are in agreement
14:11 with each other.
14:13 You know, Egyptology one moment,
14:14 then you got another book talking about Mars and aliens,
14:17 and then you have another book
14:18 that talks about various philosophies
14:20 that can come from Chinese culture,
14:21 otherwise, and not necessarily Egypt.
14:23 So you're filling your head with knowledge
14:26 and you're gaining all this information
14:29 but it's possible, I mean, did you notice contradictions?
14:31 Absolutely.
14:32 The way that I rationalized it
14:36 was that there was truth in everything
14:41 and my job is just to find the truth in everything
14:45 and bring it together and make my own truth.
14:47 Now, is there a type of movement,
14:50 religious structure or anything like that
14:52 that exists today
14:53 which just kind of brings about those same principles,
14:55 you think where it's kind of like
14:57 find the truth in just about anything
14:59 and try to amalgamate it and bring out there.
15:00 Yeah.
15:02 I mean, in my opinion it's plenty,
15:03 I mean, I think even some Christians do that,
15:05 Muslims do that,
15:07 where they say you know what, "Yeah, that's true
15:08 but I think this is also true."
15:10 New age movement,
15:11 like we talked about, the Five-Percent Nation
15:13 and in fact, how I across the Five-Percent Nation,
15:17 I said, I had the early exposure with the individual
15:19 that came from Brooklyn
15:21 but he wasn't really building like that.
15:23 He wasn't really always trying to convert people.
15:26 He just mentioned that
15:27 he was associated with the Five-Percent Nation.
15:30 But a friend, a close friend,
15:32 you know, I call it a close friend
15:34 'cause somebody in my crew at this time,
15:36 his mother was actually one of the earths,
15:39 you know she was part of the Nation,
15:41 and she had all of the books.
15:43 She had the 120 lessons, pre-mathematics,
15:46 you know, the demonology,
15:48 she had all of the necessary literature
15:52 to prepare for examination
15:54 to enter the Five-Percent Nation.
15:57 And so what I told myself is I'm pretty much convinced
16:01 that the Five-Percent Nation is where I want to be,
16:04 because I saw it as supreme
16:07 in the sense that it had some kind of explanation
16:11 for all the contradictions and discrepancies,
16:13 and it propped up the individual
16:16 as the sole controller
16:17 and the authority, the God, the final law,
16:21 and the final verdict in all decisions.
16:23 I don't have to consult a book.
16:25 I decide on the spot and my decision is law
16:28 and my decision is right.
16:30 So whether that means I have to cut somebody down
16:32 or that means I have to do this on the side
16:35 or that means I have to think this way
16:36 or say this or say that
16:38 it is based on my own interpretation
16:40 and my own understanding.
16:42 So I told myself, I'm going to become a Five-Percenter
16:46 but before I do that, I have to read the Quran.
16:50 I have to approach the Quran and study it
16:54 and then if my mind is still settled,
16:58 then go in to study my lessons and go through the process.
17:02 So I began that journey
17:05 and I found myself going through,
17:08 you know, 30 books, 40 books, going to the point now
17:12 where I studied New Age, I studied Buddhism,
17:14 and Shamanism, and Shintoism,
17:16 and read books on all these various religions,
17:18 some more than others, never reading the Bible.
17:22 But now I found myself studying the Quran
17:24 and to me this is the final transition
17:27 into where I feel that I need to be.
17:29 Now, there are people who use as almost a bragging point
17:34 or a point of merit
17:35 that I have read X amount of books,
17:37 I understand X amount of languages,
17:39 I've been exposed to X amount of religions,
17:41 therefore, I'm now an authority on spirituality.
17:44 That's right.
17:45 What's your thoughts on that?
17:47 On those people today or my thoughts back then?
17:49 Your thoughts on people today.
17:51 I'm curious about that.
17:52 Well, it goes down to the root of corruption in humanity
17:57 is selfishness, you know, self-exaltation,
18:00 the idea that "I" am the one that determines
18:04 what's right and wrong,
18:06 and the idea that there is nobody above me,
18:08 and there is no standard that is set
18:10 outside of the standards that I set.
18:13 The idea of God that has a law, that has a way,
18:17 that has a standard and that...
18:21 that not demands but deserves my worship
18:26 and reverence and respect.
18:27 I'm the person that should obtain the reverence
18:30 and the respect based on my standards
18:32 and what I say is right.
18:33 So to me it's, it's kind of a copout in a sense,
18:40 because anything, anytime you are challenged,
18:43 you can simply, you know, step away from that standard
18:45 or that principle or that philosophy
18:48 and just kind of spin it into something else.
18:50 You can never corner me because I can just...
18:54 Oh, well, if I don't, oh, you don't like that,
18:55 then I can just become this
18:56 and I can become that and I say,
18:58 well, yeah, that's right in this situation but is wrong.
19:00 You know, so I'm kind like a chameleon,
19:03 I'm never really settled into something,
19:05 what I'm really settled in is to myself.
19:07 So truth becomes relative in that absolute.
19:09 Truth becomes relative and there is no absolute
19:11 and that becomes...
19:13 It has a crippling effect.
19:15 And I think, I've seen it in my own life
19:18 and I think other people have experienced it as well.
19:21 So with that understanding,
19:24 where was the breaking
19:27 transitioning paradigm shift point in your life
19:30 where these understandings you have today
19:33 became real to you back then.
19:34 You're reading all these books,
19:36 now you're going through the Quran,
19:37 and you are going through the height of heights
19:38 as you put it,
19:40 but yet you understand today that
19:41 this was leading on a downward spiral.
19:43 What was it that broke
19:46 this thought process in your mind
19:47 and put you on the shift now
19:49 to the understanding you have today?
19:50 Right.
19:52 So when I got that original challenge,
19:53 if you want answers, go and read.
19:54 I now became conscious if you will of this outside,
19:58 kind of, call it a third eye,
20:01 you know, this special wisdom that would come to you,
20:03 revelations if you will,
20:06 so I was kind of conscious of that,
20:08 you know, and I studied meditation,
20:09 and I was always constantly
20:11 trying to follow all these principles
20:13 and kind of, again, make my own truth
20:14 based on the things that I would pick
20:16 and grab from other sources.
20:19 Eventually, a friend's, or before that even happened,
20:24 I visited my family down south
20:26 and my sister was talking about,
20:27 oh, I'm saved, I'm saved, I'm saved.
20:29 And I didn't know what she was talking about,
20:30 it was nonsense to me.
20:32 But she gave me a book, she put a book in my hand.
20:33 It's "Knowing God's Plan for Your Life".
20:35 It was just a small little book talking about,
20:37 we're all running the race and the Book of Romans
20:41 and the different aspects of Paul's epistles
20:44 and I read it and, you know, just took it.
20:47 Through the course of this reading,
20:49 I also came across other books.
20:51 I was visiting a friend at his apartment
20:53 and he had a book on the counter
20:55 called Illuminati 666
20:58 and this book basically went through the history
21:00 of paganism and showed how...
21:03 Kind of the biblical war that we're talking about,
21:05 the Great Controversy and Bible Prophecy,
21:07 Daniel, Revelation,
21:08 and kind of broke all those things down.
21:09 I took that in as truth.
21:13 That book appealed to me
21:14 because it had that seal of the United States,
21:18 the pyramid with the eye on top,
21:19 that's on the dollar bill, it had that on the cover.
21:22 I had read another book
21:23 my girlfriend who is my wife now,
21:25 her cousin came from LA to visit
21:27 and he brought this book called the "New World Order"
21:29 and it had that same symbol, so I read that book.
21:31 When I saw the other book with the same symbol,
21:32 I said, man, I got to read that book.
21:35 Another instance, I'm building,
21:37 you know, we are talking, building these concepts
21:39 and going in deep, doing the science
21:42 and mathematics with two of my friends.
21:44 We were staying up all night talking and talking nonsense,
21:47 and eventually I break off from the conversation,
21:50 go into the closet in my mother's house,
21:52 in her hallway there is this closet.
21:54 I opened the closet,
21:55 there is a box of books on the floor.
21:58 I get that box and it looks interesting.
22:00 It has these books in there with interesting titles
22:03 and I bring it back to my couple of friends there
22:05 and we're all excited,
22:07 we're like, man, look at this book,
22:08 I'm going to take this one, I'm going to that one.
22:10 Both of those brothers got locked up, disappeared
22:12 and I ended up with the book called "Acts of the Apostles"
22:14 that walks through the Books of Acts
22:17 and the experience of the apostles of Jesus Christ
22:20 after His death and crucifixion.
22:23 I read through that book
22:25 and applied it to my "knowledge".
22:29 Eventually, as you know, time passes,
22:32 and me and my friend are coming out of the mall,
22:35 we are complaining about haircuts.
22:37 He was from New York, Bushwick area, Brooklyn
22:41 and I was coming from the Boston area.
22:43 We are in this other city now and there is no barber shops.
22:46 There is one barber shop that's no good,
22:47 we get into house cuts,
22:49 taking a train two hours to go get a haircut
22:51 and we're complaining,
22:53 we're just talking nonsense, complaining, joking.
22:56 We get in the car
22:58 and in the car there is a flyer.
23:00 And the flyer, normally trash,
23:02 we read the flyer and it says...
23:04 now open, the Armatree's barber shop,
23:06 $5 off the first haircut.
23:08 It was right down the block from the mall we were at
23:10 and we're amazed, we're like, well, let's go check it out.
23:13 There is a coupon
23:14 and it's right down the street so we go,
23:17 we meet the barber, the owner, he is cool.
23:21 It's literally about three blocks from the job
23:23 that we had at the time, the place we were working.
23:25 So I found myself now going to this barber's shop
23:28 you know once, twice, three times a week
23:31 either to get a haircut
23:32 or just, you know, just to talk, just to hang out.
23:35 As that continues,
23:37 we start getting in these religious battles,
23:39 like these heated almost fistfight religious battles
23:42 and my friend is siding with the barber and the owner.
23:47 I cannot understand.
23:49 It makes me furious
23:51 and they are talking this Bible...
23:53 They're talking about Bible Christianity,
23:55 they don't understand.
23:56 I'm telling them, hey, the Bible is half truth,
23:57 it was corrupted.
23:59 You know, Jesus is not God, He shouldn't be worshipped.
24:01 He is the example of humanity
24:04 but He was there to tell us that God is in us.
24:07 And this is my whole perspective,
24:08 and I'm trying to embarrass these, these...
24:11 Guy's talking about Christianity.
24:12 All of a sudden, remember a brother
24:14 that I'm running the streets with,
24:15 doing all kinds of dirt,
24:17 all of a sudden he is talking Bible,
24:18 and I don't understand it, doesn't make sense.
24:20 So this went on for several months.
24:22 Eventually the barber comes up to me one day,
24:23 I'm sitting in the shop, and he says,
24:25 "Hey, I got a pastor coming through
24:27 and he is going to give some Bible studies."
24:29 I was excited because in my mind
24:32 I'm like bring the pastor through,
24:33 I will cut him down
24:34 just like I've been cutting you guys down
24:36 and embarrassing you this whole time.
24:38 You know in the Five-Percent Nation,
24:40 they call it cutting hairs, chopping necks,
24:43 you know, we embarrass weak Christians
24:45 and use their own stuff against them.
24:48 So I sat there and waited, closed the shop.
24:52 There was about 25 of us or so, sitting in this group
24:55 and having a Bible study.
24:56 I had never even heard of the concept.
24:58 I never studied the Bible, I read a couple,
25:00 you know, read Revelation, Ezekiel,
25:01 some prophecies, never studied it.
25:04 We go through these studies
25:05 and it's the authority of God's word
25:07 on one side of this piece of paper
25:08 and the other side is talking about Daniel 2
25:11 and the image of Nebuchadnezzar
25:13 that we're going to be talking about.
25:14 And in fact, these are things that I read
25:16 and accepted as truth in some of these random books
25:19 I found along the way and now I'm 60 books in
25:22 and I accepted these things as truth,
25:24 and I'm seeing them for the first time
25:25 actually in the Bible.
25:27 I was astonished,
25:28 I kept my mouth shut the whole time.
25:30 I went at the end of the study,
25:32 I asked the pastor, "Hey, you got any more of those."
25:34 He gave me a stack of studies, 31 lessons,
25:36 he gave me a Bible and a retractable pencil.
25:39 I lost my job, I got sick, lost my job.
25:42 Everyday I did those studies.
25:44 I woke up 8 and just did those studies.
25:46 I did them through once 31 lessons,
25:47 again a second time, a half way to third
25:50 and I was absolutely settled in my mind.
25:52 All of the contradictions,
25:54 all of the writings about Jesus from the New Ages,
25:57 from the Muslims, from the Quran, from the NOY,
26:00 from the Five-Percenters
26:02 saying that Jesus did this,
26:03 oh, He didn't die on the cross, He did...
26:04 All of the contradictions that they claimed
26:06 were completely dismantled.
26:08 The Bible didn't contradict itself.
26:09 All of the talk wasn't true.
26:12 The Bible establishes its own authority
26:14 and it explains everything clearly
26:17 and my mind was made up
26:18 and I come to find out
26:20 that the pastor was Seventh-Day Adventist,
26:22 come to find out
26:23 that the barber was Seventh-day Adventist,
26:26 my boy that I was running the streets
26:27 was Seventh-day Adventist,
26:28 a girl that I was working was Seventh-day Adventist,
26:30 all of these Adventists,
26:32 the books in my mother's house Seventh-day Adventist books
26:35 left there by somebody that lived in my house,
26:38 a friend and he moved away,
26:40 he's trying to get with the girl,
26:41 and he started going to this church, got baptized,
26:44 they gave him a gift,
26:45 he left the books when he moved out.
26:47 The friend that I was building with that I got locked up,
26:49 he was Seventh-day Adventist.
26:50 All these people making drug transactions
26:53 with, suppliers, Seventh-day Adventist.
26:56 So I found myself now a Seventh-day Adventist,
27:01 and to me it was the truth
27:03 and there was no way anybody could budge me out of it
27:06 because I had gone through that journey.
27:08 That was my mindset then
27:10 and essentially is my mindset now.
27:12 But I don't think I am as militant as I once was.
27:15 And you know what?
27:16 I look forward to talking more
27:18 when we get into some of those polishing effects
27:20 that God does in a person's life
27:23 because as you said militant,
27:24 so it is that I remembered being very militant as well.
27:27 But we are grateful for the way God works in our lives
27:29 and I really appreciate you sharing the things
27:31 that you shared with us, brother,
27:33 and I trust that to our viewers that this is something
27:35 that I would trust would pose a powerful blessing to you all.
27:39 I really want to thank you all for joining with us today.
27:41 Lance, I want to thank you
27:42 for sharing with us your testimony,
27:44 and I hope that this has overcoming power to all of us
27:47 that's going to be able to help us
27:49 to know how we can have victory in our own lives.
27:52 Until the next time,
27:53 join with us on the next episode
27:54 and remember Proverbs 2:6,
27:57 "It is God that gives wisdom
27:59 and out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding."


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