True Knowledge of Self

Ascertaining The Cause, Part 2

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:30 Hello, I'm Lance Wilbur.
00:31 And I'm Dwayne Lemon.
00:33 And we like to welcome you again to TKS,
00:36 a True Knowledge of Self where we get to know ourselves
00:39 from a biblical perspective.
00:42 In our last episode,
00:44 we dealt with a vitally important subject,
00:46 we identified the cause.
00:48 We're talking about problems, we're talking about war,
00:51 we're talking about all of these issues.
00:53 What does the Bible say about the root cause?
00:56 We identified the root cause as sin,
00:58 and we saw that the sin
01:00 that was created in the heart of Lucifer
01:03 who God created, who fell from heaven
01:05 and became the devil and Satan, transferred to the earth,
01:08 and we saw that story outline in Genesis Chapter 3
01:12 and in Genesis 3,
01:13 we see that man now violates the instruction,
01:18 the explicit law of God, and they enter into sin,
01:23 and we saw that the Bible also highlights the fact
01:25 that the wages of sin is death.
01:27 It shows us that all have sinned
01:29 and fall short of the glory of God
01:31 and in contrast to this, we saw that God has a standard.
01:35 And God's standard is the standard
01:37 that He has created us to live by,
01:40 the standard that He desires us to achieve
01:44 and live out in our daily lives,
01:46 yet we saw that there's a gap, obviously,
01:50 that the heart is deceitfully or desperately wicked,
01:53 is deceitful above all things and God has a solution,
01:57 every problem that God highlights,
01:59 He creates a solution.
02:01 So we saw in the Bible that the Gospel,
02:04 the knowledge of God and His character
02:06 and the character of Jesus Christ is eternal life
02:10 in this Gospel is the way that we might escape
02:13 from the bondage and slavery of sin,
02:16 supernatural power that God desires to give us
02:19 so that we can be a like Him as he originally intended.
02:22 Now, Dwayne, we're back again
02:25 and we're talking about this important subject.
02:27 We ended our last discussion with the question,
02:30 which gospel?
02:31 And we can identify that we saw in Matthew 24:14, that,
02:35 "This gospel of the King
02:37 will be preached in all the world
02:38 and then shall the end come for witness
02:40 and then shall the end come."
02:42 But which gospel? There is many gospels are they.
02:44 We talked about the fact
02:45 that KRS One authored the gospel of hip-hop,
02:48 a 600-page book that he made for the temple of hip-hop,
02:52 moving forward believing
02:54 that this is going to be the scriptures
02:56 moving forward with this so-called
02:58 Divine Movement of Hip Hop.
03:01 But we're going to talk about which Gospel is correct,
03:05 but I want to also back up because we identified clearly
03:08 that the Biblical definition for sin
03:11 is the transgression of the law
03:13 or the breaking of the law or lawlessness
03:15 according to 1 John 3:4,
03:18 and we show that that law
03:20 was not the ceremonial law, not the Levitical laws.
03:24 The law were the Ten Commandments,
03:26 and we saw that in the book of James,
03:27 and we saw that if we are guilty of breaking one,
03:31 we're guilty of them all, right?
03:33 That's right.
03:34 And some people argue that the law was a Jewish law,
03:39 in other words, it was given by Moses
03:40 on Mount Sinai to the Jewish nation
03:43 and that it doesn't apply to us
03:45 or doesn't apply to Adam and Eve
03:48 even over Lucifer.
03:50 What law did they break?
03:51 They've sinned...Lucifer sinned in heaven and he fell.
03:54 Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden.
03:56 There was no Jewish nation.
03:57 There was no Moses giving the Ten Commandments.
03:59 So which law were they breaking?
04:01 Well, you know, I mean,
04:03 one of the things that I like to do is
04:04 to help encourage people to think through
04:07 either they believe systems, their statements
04:10 and of course, think through the scriptures.
04:11 You know, God is a God who encourages us to think,
04:14 that's why he says in Isaiah 1:18,
04:16 "Come now, let us reason together and think."
04:19 And when we begin to think and consider,
04:21 the things of God,
04:23 the thing that we would look to and say,
04:25 "Well, first of all, if supposedly,
04:27 the Ten Commandments found its origin
04:29 in Mount Sinai, then someone would have to ask the question,
04:33 then how could Moses tell the children of Israel
04:36 in Exodus 16 which is before Mount Sinai,
04:39 before you know,
04:40 the repetition of the Ten Commandments,
04:43 Moses was still telling the children of Israel
04:45 that they have to keep God's law, God's commandments
04:48 and then, he specifically highlighted the Sabbath
04:50 which is the Fourth Commandment of the Ten.
04:52 So we find that, obviously,
04:53 the Ten Commandments must have existed
04:55 before Mount Sinai
04:57 because clearly Moses encourages them
04:59 to be prepared to keep the fourth.
05:01 But then, even going beyond that,
05:03 when you look at Romans 4:15,
05:06 it's a principle, the Bible says,
05:08 "Where there is no law, there is no transgression."
05:14 So there is no sin when there is no law.
05:16 So if we believe that sin took place
05:18 before there was ever a Jewish person
05:20 who walked on this earth,
05:21 then we must accept that there was law.
05:23 A good example of that is Cain.
05:25 Cain killed his brother Abel.
05:28 He violated the Sixth Commandment,
05:30 "Thou shalt not kill."
05:31 God clearly show that he was displeased
05:33 and that Cain sinned.
05:35 Well, we didn't see anything before.
05:38 I mean, this is Genesis Chapter 4.
05:40 But before Genesis 4, we don't hear anything about,
05:42 "Thou shalt not kill."
05:44 So was God unjust. No, He was not unjust.
05:46 It's just that the law was audible.
05:47 It was something that God was presenting to His people,
05:50 the same way the Bible.
05:51 You know, it had a period of time
05:52 that it didn't exist
05:54 because God was audibly speaking His words
05:56 and so Cain knew that killing was wrong
05:58 and that's why God was just when he said,
06:00 "Cain, here's your results for it."
06:02 But you can go back even to heaven
06:04 because we know that Lucifer sinned.
06:06 He sinned against God.
06:08 The question is, is there a law there?
06:10 Well, yes, there is because the Bible says
06:12 in Psalms 103:20.
06:14 In Psalms 103:20, and I want to read this one
06:18 because this is very powerful it says,
06:20 in Psalms 103:20,
06:21 "Bless the Lord.
06:23 Ye his angels, that excel and strength,
06:27 that do his commandments,
06:31 harkening unto the voice of His word."
06:33 Now, if angels were able to do or to keep
06:36 or perform God's commandments
06:38 that means that God must have had Commandments
06:40 in existence for angels to follow it.
06:43 So when... All you gotta do is.
06:44 You know, you carefully go through the Bible,
06:46 you can see that God's commandments
06:47 always existed from way back in Heaven with the angels
06:50 down here on this earth in the times
06:52 of Adam and Eve and the patriarchs
06:54 and also in our day to day.
06:57 So it's fairly clear and again with a careful study
07:01 and a careful review and apparent contradiction
07:04 or an apparent indiscrepancy is clear...
07:05 That's right. Yep. In the Bible.
07:07 Alright, so, we talked again about the problems,
07:09 and we saw that those problems that originated in heaven
07:12 translated now to earth
07:14 affected every aspect of humanity.
07:16 Every relationship broken, a man's environment,
07:19 his relationship with the environment broken,
07:22 health degrades and the wages of sin is death
07:26 and the degrading of the human body
07:27 and the human mind,
07:29 and we saw that man's occupation
07:30 and with the curse
07:32 or the natural result of man's transgression
07:35 where now he had to work extremely hard
07:40 to garner the things that God provided for him
07:42 in comparative ease in the Garden of Eden.
07:46 Now, this... by the sweat of his brow,
07:48 he was to obtain the food and the necessary things.
07:50 So we saw those things
07:52 and again, we answer the question
07:54 by saying the Gospel is the solution,
07:56 and the question now remains which gospel?
07:58 Are there other gospels that are not compatible
08:01 with the gospel of scripture
08:02 and I think you have some insight there
08:03 from scripture to help us.
08:05 You know, I believe with all of my heart
08:07 that when we read Matthew the 24 Chapter,
08:09 it was not by accident that Jesus did not say,
08:13 "And a gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
08:17 in all the world for witness unto all nations
08:18 and then the end shall come."
08:20 I believe that Jesus specifically said this
08:23 and the reason why is He was being specific
08:25 because, I believe, Jesus in insight knew
08:28 that other times were going to come
08:30 where false gospels would be presented.
08:32 The Bible actually highlights this,
08:34 it's found in the book of Galatians Chapter 1.
08:36 And I want to read this because I believe this worthy
08:38 to note to ourselves and also to our viewers
08:42 to understand that in Galatians the 1 chapter,
08:45 Paul is at the Church of Galatia.
08:47 He is working amongst the brethren.
08:49 But there were some problems that took place in the Galatia
08:51 to the point that God through inspiration saw it necessary
08:54 for it to be documented in the Bible.
08:56 It is found in Galatians Chapter 1,
08:58 and I'm going to read from verses 6-9.
08:59 Okay.
09:01 In Galatians Chapter 1, we're looking at verses 6-9,
09:04 here's what Paul was noticing
09:05 because there were Judaizers,
09:07 people who were trying to get all the new believing
09:10 Christians in Galatia, they were trying to get them
09:13 to follow a bunch of rules and things that God number one:
09:18 Did not ever prescribe as well as things
09:20 that God once prescribe, but were no longer necessary.
09:23 So mandatory things to make them
09:26 virtually become Jews, cultural Jews first--
09:29 Yes.
09:30 Then to go on except the Gospel.
09:32 Exactly and these things started
09:33 to come amongst the new believing gentiles
09:35 to the point that it created a lot of confusion.
09:36 So therefore, God had this addressed
09:39 by Brother Paul
09:40 here in Galatians 1 starting at verse 6.
09:42 Here's what it says,
09:44 I "Marvel that you are so soon removed from him
09:47 that called you into the grace of Christ
09:49 unto another gospel: Which is not another:
09:53 But there be some that trouble you
09:55 and would pervert the gospel of Christ.
09:58 But though we, or an angel from heaven,
10:01 preach any other gospel unto you
10:03 than that which we have preached unto you,
10:06 let him be accursed.
10:08 As we said before, so say I now again.
10:11 If any man preach any other gospel unto you
10:12 than that ye have received let him be accursed."
10:17 You know, every time I read these verses,
10:19 I cannot help but to get an old-time
10:21 flashback in my mind.
10:22 My father, you know, he is sleeping right now
10:25 in the grave, but I remember a time
10:27 when dad was around my brothers and I
10:29 and dad was a very tall man, broad shoulders, strong,
10:32 his stature, he was strong
10:34 and dad was not the kind of father
10:36 that you wanted to cross.
10:37 He will let you know that he is not pleased with you
10:39 and the wrath shall come.
10:42 And you know, dad was a person that
10:44 if he told us to do something, he would mean it.
10:47 In other words, if he said,
10:48 "Dwayne, I want you to go ahead and clean up your room."
10:50 I would say, "Yes dad, I'll go ahead and do that,"
10:52 but then there were times that my father would say,
10:54 "Dwayne," and he called me again
10:55 and I'll say, "Yes sir,"
10:57 and he would repeat himself and say,
10:59 "Now, I want you to clean up your room,
11:01 and I want it done by the time I get home."
11:04 Dad was trying to impress on my heart
11:06 and my siblings hearts
11:07 that, "I mean what I'm telling you
11:09 and if you don't do what I'm telling you
11:11 judgment lay at the door."
11:13 You know, so I find it interesting that
11:16 when I read these verses in verse 8,
11:18 Paul is showing God's displeasure
11:21 of perverted gospels.
11:22 Paul says, it doesn't matter if myself
11:25 or even an angel from heaven were to come,
11:27 if anybody gives you another gospel
11:30 than that which you have received,
11:33 Paul says, "Let him be accursed,"
11:34 and then in verse 9,
11:36 Paul has to repeat himself and therefore,
11:38 God is trying to impress on our hearts
11:40 how much he is not pleased with perverted gospels.
11:45 Now, when I look at this, this again reminds me,
11:47 this is why Jesus said,
11:49 "There must be a specific this Gospel,
11:52 not any gospel, but this gospel of the kingdom
11:55 must be preached in all the world for witness
11:57 unto all nations and then the end shall come."
11:59 So I believe this Biblical evidence
12:01 that shows that there are other so-called good news messages
12:05 that even existed in the days of the Apostles,
12:07 and I can guarantee you it exist today.
12:09 Absolutely.
12:10 And so, considering the fact now that the Bible highlights
12:13 that there are counterfeits--
12:15 Yeah.
12:16 Does the Bible then go on to give specific examples
12:18 where Satan, the deceiver, you know, the arch enemy of God
12:21 has manifested these counterfeits,
12:24 demonstrated clear examples
12:26 where counterfeits are matched up
12:29 against God's truth, there is genuine truth.
12:31 Absolutely.
12:33 I mean when you think about it, Satan to a very large degree,
12:35 he functions like the mafia.
12:37 You know, you remember back in the days
12:39 we used to watch all these gangster movies
12:40 and, you know, you watch how the Mafia would function.
12:43 And the Mafia function in a way where if they could not get
12:46 the person they wanted, the target,
12:48 they would get those whom they love.
12:50 And so it is that Satan, he's kicked out of heaven,
12:53 you know, this is where we started
12:54 a whole program with Revelation 12.
12:56 There is a war in heaven, but eventually, he gets ousted,
12:58 him and his followers, and he is cast on the earth.
13:02 Satan cannot touch God any more,
13:04 but he can touch those who God's heart
13:06 is indissolubly linked to, you and me.
13:10 So therefore, Satan knows if I afflict them
13:13 then I afflict God.
13:15 And as a result of that,
13:17 Satan's plan is still to get back at God,
13:20 that's the focus of the great controversy,
13:23 but he's gotten us in the middle of it now
13:25 because he knows how much God loves us
13:27 and how God allowed his own Son to die that we may live.
13:30 So he comes now, and he consistently tries
13:33 to work through people
13:35 and produce his character through them
13:37 so that he can get back at God.
13:40 An example of this is in Egypt.
13:41 You remember that Pharaoh, he was against God.
13:44 Pharaoh is a human being that God loved.
13:46 Pharaoh is a human being that was only brought
13:48 into this world as a result of God's love.
13:50 But Pharaoh because he had
13:51 the same free will like Lucifer had,
13:54 Pharaoh chose to go into the wrong paths
13:56 and so it is that now, we're at a point where Moses,
13:59 God's servant, is before Pharaoh.
14:01 Moses says, "Let my people go."
14:04 Pharaoh says, "Who is the Lord. I'm not going to do that."
14:06 And you know the story.
14:08 The Bible shows that there was a test that was done.
14:10 Both of them threw down their staffs.
14:13 Moses' staff under the power of God
14:16 turned into a serpent.
14:18 Satan wanted to counterfeit God's work
14:22 by working through Pharaoh
14:24 and when his magicians threw down their serpents,
14:27 their staffs also appeared...
14:29 Their staffs also appeared as serpents.
14:32 So we find that Satan was trying to counterfeit
14:34 that same power of God.
14:35 There's a point that's even more forceful.
14:38 In 2 Corinthians, the 11 Chapter,
14:41 notice this one, this one is worthy to read.
14:43 In 2 Corinthians, Chapter 11,
14:45 the Bible says in verse 14 and 15,
14:47 very solemn statements.
14:49 It says, "And no marvel,
14:52 for Satan himself is transformed
14:56 into an angel of light.
14:58 Therefore, it is no great thing
15:00 if his ministers also be transformed
15:04 as the ministers of righteousness:
15:07 Whose end shall be according to their works."
15:11 So the label of righteousness or the label of light
15:15 is not enough.
15:16 It's not enough. Right.
15:18 So when the warnings are given, here's the overarching theme,
15:22 if someone preaches another gospel,
15:24 whether it be us or an angel from heaven
15:27 that you have not received,
15:29 which we have not presented to you,
15:31 let them be accursed.
15:32 And then it now goes on to give specific examples
15:35 where individuals were say in satanic agencies
15:38 and where he's going to even press the envelope
15:39 even further and transform himself
15:42 into an angel of light or minister of righteousness,
15:45 and we see now a specific example
15:46 where this counterfeit
15:48 will try to pawn itself off as genuine, as truth.
15:52 Now, you alluded to something earlier,
15:54 and I want you to expound on that.
15:56 If the counterfeit existed,
15:59 he...Satan presented it all the way back in heaven.
16:01 That's right.
16:03 The counterfeit manifested itself
16:04 in the beginning with Adam and Eve
16:05 and went on to manifest itself
16:07 as you just highlighted in Egypt
16:08 with Pharaoh against Moses and Aaron.
16:11 And it goes on even now into the future as a warning
16:14 that there is going to come a time
16:16 when the arch deceiver himself
16:19 will try to represent heaven and try to lead you astray
16:23 through his representation of this other gospel.
16:27 So if that happened then,
16:29 we're warned that it's going to happen in the future.
16:31 How is it happening today,
16:32 specifically in the context of hip-hop culture
16:35 where we've been talking about?
16:36 How do we see the Gospel against this counterfeit?
16:39 You know, it's a good question.
16:41 I think this is a good time to probably pause
16:42 and make this very point clear.
16:44 The same way that you can have
16:47 a bad organization or bad institution,
16:51 but you can still have good people in it.
16:52 You can still have people who are genuine people, right?
16:55 We want to acknowledge that on our program
16:57 to make it clear that, listen,
16:58 we're not saying that everybody
17:00 or every individual
17:01 that is involved in hip-hop culture
17:03 is an evil person...
17:05 Persons to damnation.
17:07 Yeah, we're not going there.
17:09 What we're dealing with is,
17:10 we're dealing with the institution
17:11 and the philosophies that are connected
17:13 to hip-hop culture, that are deceptive,
17:16 that are devilishly,
17:17 that are destructive and deceptive,
17:19 and these are the things that we want to highlight
17:21 because as an example, if we look at our screen,
17:23 we're going to see that there's going to be a parallel
17:25 that's going to be brought up
17:26 and the parallel is going to show on one point this,
17:28 when we consider Satan's activities,
17:31 one: We know that Satan,
17:33 he cast doubt on God's character.
17:35 Okay.
17:36 That was one of the ways that he was able to deceive
17:38 those third of an angels
17:39 and get them to join allegiance with him.
17:42 When you look at hip-hop today, hip-hop culture,
17:44 it also casts doubt on God's character.
17:47 It questions who is God?
17:48 A question is does he really have authority?
17:51 Why should I even listen to him rather than listen to myself?
17:54 So we see a parallel in principle,
17:56 Satan cast doubt on God's character,
17:58 hip-hop culture casts doubt on God's character,
18:00 the God of the Bible.
18:02 Then, Satan, he also cast doubt on God's government.
18:07 Satan was saying that God is not just.
18:09 God presents laws and things that people cannot follow
18:11 or perform or do faithfully.
18:13 So it is in hip-hop culture,
18:15 it also casts doubt on God's government.
18:17 Why should we follow that?
18:19 Who says that's a superior rules?
18:20 Who says that's what we should follow?
18:22 Same principle.
18:24 Satan exalted himself above God to the point that he said
18:27 he himself is God.
18:29 We find also in hip-hop culture
18:31 that through the teachings of knowledge of self,
18:33 it teaches that we are God.
18:35 We are above the things that God has expressed
18:38 through his words.
18:39 Finally, it says Satan used music
18:42 as a medium to indoctrinate and that's very powerful.
18:45 Satan used music,
18:47 and we're going to see this especially
18:48 when we start doing our studies on Babylon,
18:51 and we're going to see that Satan always use music.
18:52 He was a very musical creature
18:54 because we were told in Ezekiel 28
18:55 that he had pipes inside of him.
18:57 So therefore, he was able to make melodious sound.
19:00 So it is that hip-hop uses music
19:02 as a medium to indoctrinate.
19:05 So we see the parallels that they're there,
19:07 the counterfeit work of the enemy,
19:09 we see those same things
19:10 manifested through the works of Satan,
19:12 now unfortunately,
19:13 through hip-hop culture from a philosophy
19:16 and now even a religious standpoint.
19:18 Yeah.
19:19 You know, as a bonafide religion that,
19:21 you know, purports itself
19:23 as such is not kind of a subtle,
19:27 it's out in the open,
19:28 and it's an aggressive and as militant
19:30 and they seek to proselytize and evangelize,
19:33 If you will.
19:35 Now considering all these things,
19:39 we still have to answer the question, which gospel?
19:41 And how can we essentially know from a biblical perspective
19:46 which Gospel or what is the...
19:49 how do we identify the Gospel in scripture?
19:51 Now, this is a good question
19:52 because it is true we have to know how can I identify it.
19:57 Now, there's many ways that we can expound
19:59 on throughout our program,
20:00 and we will from several programs
20:02 in the very near future that we will do,
20:04 but I believe that there's a very
20:06 simple succinct way
20:07 that we can do it even in the few moments
20:09 that we have remaining.
20:10 Here's a good example, Jesus often taught that,
20:14 "By their fruit, you shall know them."
20:16 In other words, you don't know an apple tree
20:18 until you see apples grow off of it.
20:19 You don't know a peach tree
20:21 until you see peaches grow off of it,
20:22 and you don't know a cherry tree,
20:24 until you cherries grow off it.
20:25 That's the easiest way to say,
20:26 "Oh, that's what kind of fruit that is
20:28 or that's what kind of tree that is,"
20:29 so it is that with the Gospel, the Gospel is something
20:32 that should bear a certain kind of fruit.
20:34 So that way I can say, "That's the right gospel."
20:37 The fruit is found in Matthew 24:14.
20:41 The Bible says, "And this gospel of the kingdom
20:44 shall be preached in all the world for witness
20:46 unto all nations, and then, "that word "then,"
20:50 the words that come after then
20:52 is telling us here is the fruit of that word,
20:54 here is the result.
20:56 It says, "and then, the end shall come."
20:59 So whatever gospel message that the Bible reveals
21:04 that is designed to bring about the end,
21:07 that's the gospel that Jesus was talking about,
21:11 that's the gospel that is trustworthy,
21:14 that has power to bring an end to sin
21:16 and an end to the problems of life.
21:18 Therefore, all we've got to do is start scanning
21:20 through the Bible, where do we find such a gospel?
21:22 Is there anything spoken of in the Bible
21:24 that preaches this or teaches this?
21:26 And there is, it is found in Revelation the 14 Chapter.
21:30 In Revelation the 14 Chapter, I want you to notice
21:33 what John the Revelator says.
21:34 He says, "It was such profound language
21:36 that it need not be that anyone mistakes it."
21:39 It says in Revelation 14 starting at verse 6,
21:42 John the Revelator says, "And I saw
21:44 another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
21:46 having the everlasting Gospel
21:49 to preach under them that dwell on the earth.
21:51 And to every nation,
21:52 and kindred, and tongue, and people.
21:55 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God,
21:57 and give glory to Him:
21:59 For the hour of his the judgment is come:
22:01 And worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea.
22:03 And the fountains of waters
22:05 and there followed another angel,
22:06 saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
22:10 because she made all nations drink of the wine
22:11 of the wrath of her fornication.
22:13 And the third angel followed them,
22:15 saying with a loud voice.
22:17 If any man worship the beast and his image,
22:19 and receive his mark in his forehead,
22:21 or in his hand.
22:22 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God
22:26 which is poured out without mixture
22:27 into the cup of his indignation:
22:29 And he shall be tormented with fire
22:31 and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels,
22:33 and in the presence of the lamb:
22:35 And the smoke of their torment ascended
22:37 the center thought forever and ever:
22:39 And they have no rest day or night,
22:40 who worship the beast and his image.
22:42 And whosoever receive it the mark of his name.
22:44 Here is the patience of the saints:
22:47 Here are they that keep the commandments of God,
22:49 and have the faith of Jesus Christ."
22:52 Now John the Revelator is seeing something
22:55 that is to be proclaimed in the future.
22:57 Angels he sees going around preaching the Gospel.
23:00 In Galatians 4:14,
23:03 Paul says that he was received as an angel.
23:07 So therefore, angels do not always have
23:08 to be an actual celestial intangible
23:12 type of spiritual being...
23:13 But in fact, the Greek word for Angle means messenger.
23:16 Exactly, so John sees messengers
23:18 and is only one group of messengers
23:19 that we see were committed the Gospel to
23:21 and that was human beings.
23:22 So therefore, we find that John sees messengers
23:25 that are going all throughout the world
23:27 and they are preaching
23:28 this three angels Gospel message,
23:31 that's very clear,
23:32 but the question still remains, what's the fruit?
23:35 Because even though John sees these three angels
23:38 that are going around, these messages,
23:39 this everlasting Gospel, the question is,
23:42 what is the fruit of this?
23:45 You know, we still don't see that yet,
23:46 but that's why we need verses 14 and 15.
23:48 In the very same chapter of Revelation 14:14 and 15,
23:54 we see the fruit of giving
23:56 the three angels message everlasting Gospel.
23:59 Notice verse 14, "And I looked, and behold a white cloud.
24:04 And upon the cloud one sat like onto the Son of man,
24:09 having on his head a golden crown.
24:10 And in his hand a sharp sickle.
24:12 And another angel came out of the temple,
24:15 crying with a loud voice to him the start of the cloud,
24:18 thrust in thy sickle, and reap:
24:21 For the time is come for the to reap:
24:23 For the harvest of the earth is ripe."
24:27 And so we find that after the three angels' messages
24:31 of the everlasting Gospel is given to every nation,
24:33 kindred, tongue, and people, the Bible says,
24:36 it brings about harvest time.
24:39 That's clear.
24:40 Now, my question is, what is harvest time?
24:45 Because whatever harvest time is that's going to help me know
24:48 if this three angels' everlasting Gospel message
24:50 is truly a fit for the fruit that's connected
24:53 to what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 24.
24:56 Does the Bible have an answer?
24:57 The Bible definitely has an answer.
24:59 Matthew Chapter 13. All right.
25:00 In Matthew the 13 Chapter, notice what the Bible says
25:04 in verse 39, Jesus says, unfolding this parable
25:08 that He talked about the wheat and the tears,
25:10 and I wish we can go to that parable,
25:12 that parable is powerful.
25:13 But nevertheless, Jesus is unfolding the meaning
25:16 of what all these symbols were, He saw wheat, He saw tears,
25:20 He saw harvest, He saw these different things.
25:23 What does it mean?
25:24 Well, the Bible says in Matthew 13:39,
25:27 notice what it says here,
25:29 it says, "The field is the world:
25:32 The good seed are the children of the kingdom,
25:35 but the tears are the children of the wicked one:"
25:38 And I apologize, that was verse 38.
25:39 But in verse 39, it says,
25:41 "The enemy that sowed them is the devil,
25:45 the harvest is the end of the world,
25:50 and the reapers are the angels."
25:52 So here it is that think about it,
25:55 Jesus said, "And this Gospel of the kingdom
26:00 shall be preached in all the world for a witness
26:02 unto all nations and the fruit.
26:04 Then the end shall come."
26:07 We're on a quest, and we're looking
26:08 which Gospel is it?
26:09 Because it's lots of gospels being present,
26:11 there's a gospel of hip-hop, there's a gospel of this,
26:12 there's gospel of that.
26:14 How do we know was the right one?
26:15 Well, Paul showed us that they were false gospels
26:17 even in his day, perverted Gospels,
26:20 and they're definitely perverted Gospels in our day.
26:22 We go down through history, and we now identify
26:25 that the way we can know is that the Bible shows us
26:28 that John saw that there is an everlasting Gospel
26:31 as revealed through three angels' messages,
26:34 and the effect or the fruit of this Gospel
26:37 is that when it is given
26:39 to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people,
26:42 the Bible says, "It brings about harvest time."
26:45 What is harvest time?
26:46 The end of the world, perfect match,
26:50 and therefore, is the three angels' messages
26:52 that makes up this Gospel that by the grace of God,
26:55 if we receive this thing in our hearts,
26:58 we can see sin come to an end
27:01 which means problems come to an end
27:03 and which means that Jesus is joy like never before
27:07 will remain in us and our joy will be full.
27:10 I mean that's absolutely amazing.
27:12 And the Bible is its own interpreter.
27:17 That's right.
27:18 So we have questions and these questions
27:20 that we've thought about in our past,
27:21 that we still consider today and meditate upon
27:23 and there's questions that you have
27:25 and the Bible is providing
27:27 tangible practical literal answers.
27:30 So I think, we at least scratched the surface,
27:33 we identified which Gospel is the Biblical Gospel
27:36 and now, we want to go back
27:38 and look at what the Bible has to say about Babylon.
27:41 Is Babylon fallen? And why is it fallen?
27:43 We saw it in the three angels' messages there.
27:46 You're going to have to tune in
27:47 to hear about this in our next episode,
27:50 and we want to invite you to come back and remind you,
27:53 Proverbs 2:6, it says,
27:56 "The Lord gives wisdom and out of His mouth
27:58 comes knowledge and understanding."


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