True Knowledge of Self

Babylon Is Fallen, Part 1

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:30 Hello, I'm Lance Wilbur.
00:31 And I'm Dwayne Lemon.
00:33 And we like to welcome you again to another program of TKS
00:36 the True Knowledge of Self,
00:38 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:41 Now those of you who've been following along
00:43 with a series in our last episode,
00:46 we identify the biblical gospel
00:49 and we contrasted that with the other gospel
00:51 as many other gospels
00:52 but what is the Bible have to say about itself
00:54 and regards to the gospel.
00:57 And so as we identified the gospel,
00:59 we saw that it was a message
01:01 that was designed to be preached to all nations.
01:05 And we saw that the result
01:08 or the fruit of the deliverance of that message,
01:11 specifically that first second and third angel's message
01:15 as highlighted in Revelation 14
01:17 produced a world ready for harvest.
01:23 In other words as was highlighted
01:26 the harvest is the end of the world.
01:28 So this message that goes out
01:30 produces a crop that needs to be harvested.
01:34 And we'll be talking more about that in future programs.
01:39 But I want to ask now, Dwayne, the question.
01:44 When we're talking about the gospel
01:47 and even some of the-- the apprehension
01:51 that exist out there in the street
01:52 in the hi-hop culture in many other places.
01:55 If the gospel is so simple
01:57 and the Bible outlines and defines what the gospel is,
02:00 why is there so many different versions
02:03 if you will in different churches.
02:06 Why not one unified movement, one unified body?
02:12 And if there is one church
02:15 if you will like a modern day Israel,
02:17 a spiritual Israel then what of the other people
02:21 that are not a part or members of that modern days.
02:25 We're all members of this particular church
02:27 or that particular church,
02:28 what if the other individuals?
02:29 Well, one of the things we have to keep in mind
02:32 is that Jesus made it very, very clear
02:35 that he has sheep that are all over.
02:39 The Bible tells us that Jesus said,
02:41 many sheep I have which are not of this fold,
02:43 but he says, but I'm calling them
02:44 and I'm gonna bring them together
02:45 that they may form one fold.
02:46 You'll find this in John 10:16,
02:49 so we know that the Bible definitely
02:51 acknowledges that God has people in several places.
02:54 I firmly believe that in various religious
02:57 organizations and different places through out the world
03:00 even though we are not holistically in agreement,
03:03 theologically there are some people
03:05 that are living up to the light of what they know to be right.
03:08 And biblically in the eyes of God he says,
03:11 they are my people.
03:12 This is why the Bible talks about you know Babylon,
03:15 even the second angels message.
03:16 Babylon has fallen, has fallen
03:18 but when the second angels messages repeated
03:20 in Revelation the 18:1-5,
03:23 God says come out of her my people.
03:26 Yes, and that's what I just want to highlight
03:27 for myself and for you as well.
03:29 Yeah.
03:30 And when I'm out there on the block,
03:31 you know beating people down and selling crack.
03:34 Nobody's looking at me and saying
03:35 oh, there is one of God's children.
03:37 Right.
03:38 And he's gonna call them out and bring them into his folds.
03:42 sometimes we have that same idea
03:43 and that same misconception
03:45 that oh, because that person is like that right now
03:48 God is not working in their life.
03:50 They won't hear the voice of God.
03:51 Thank God, God did not look at me like that.
03:54 Thank God, He didn't look at you like that.
03:55 And we dare not look at people like that.
03:57 We don't look at people and deal with them
03:58 where they are now we look at them
04:00 at what they can become through Christ.
04:01 Right.
04:02 And that's how God saw me and saw you
04:04 but I will say that not all churches are right.
04:07 I have to say that not all churches,
04:09 not all religious organizations are right.
04:11 Even the churches that profess to say, we are--
04:13 teaching the gospel and so on.
04:16 There is one gospel that is designed
04:18 to bring about the harvest to bring an end to sin
04:22 and to the problems in this world.
04:23 And that gospel is held under the Three Angels Messages
04:27 found in Revelation 14.
04:29 So therefore while we do want to let people know that,
04:32 hey, you know we are not going around
04:35 condemning individuals or what have you.
04:37 We are paying attention to the religious institutions
04:39 that are out there.
04:40 And not all of them are teaching God's word.
04:43 They are not being faithful to God's word.
04:45 Jesus wants us to overcome this thing called sin
04:48 and the reason why is because in Isaiah 59: 2 it says,
04:53 "But your iniquities have separated
04:56 between you and your God,
04:57 and your sins have hid his face from you,
05:00 that he will not hear."
05:01 You know, you and I here right now
05:03 and our brides are not with us.
05:05 We know we love our wives and one of the things
05:07 that I love is to behold my wife face to face.
05:10 I like text messaging and you know
05:12 all of the nice ways to communicate
05:13 but there is nothing like beholding
05:15 your bride face to face
05:17 and communing with her and expressing your love.
05:19 So it is that God he has a bride,
05:21 it's his people here in this church in this world.
05:24 And God is saying I want to behold my bride face to face
05:27 but it was sin that cause me turn His face.
05:30 So when God through the gospel,
05:33 through the righteousness of Christ,
05:34 when He is able to help us overcome these things
05:38 then God now knows he can once again
05:41 have that face to face communing.
05:43 And therefore God gives a message to his people
05:46 that are design to bring and experience
05:49 that will bring about that harvest.
05:52 And this is very, very, key with God.
05:54 And I got to tell you the truth, Lance.
05:56 I mean, my heart goes out to those hip hop culture,
05:59 we know that a lot them.
06:01 You hear the testimonies over and over again,
06:03 I'm remember Kanye West, he was giving a testimony
06:06 about how he grew up in the church environment.
06:09 And he grew up hearing about Christianity,
06:12 clearly that's not what he's about today
06:14 and that's his choice but at the same time
06:17 it could be that Kanye West as well as many others
06:20 who are affected and infected by hip hop culture
06:23 have been exposed to something
06:25 that may Christianity look ugly.
06:28 All right, a misrepresentation.
06:29 It's a misrepresentation.
06:31 I'll give you an example in Romans 1:16 the Bible says,
06:37 " For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ:
06:41 for it is the power of God unto salvation
06:46 and it belong both to every one that believeth;
06:48 to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."
06:50 Now when I think about that,
06:51 that means that the gospel is more than lip service.
06:54 The gospel is not about what you can just
06:56 preach or teach or talk anybody can do that.
06:58 And truth and I say this not insult but donkeys can talk.
07:01 Yeah.
07:02 You know the Bible give us
07:03 an example of that would bail 'em.
07:04 So it's not about talking and just preaching a message.
07:07 The question is are you experiencing the power
07:09 that the message was designed to give.
07:11 Is that power being demonstrated
07:13 in your day to day life.
07:15 How is it that a minister can-- can preach from a pulpit
07:18 but then he's found later on smoking?
07:20 How is it that-- well, go ahead.
07:21 Yeah, and that would-- that reminds me
07:22 of as you have a story in-- you know portion of your story
07:28 of how you came to the knowledge of the truth
07:31 that you know-- where you experienced that first hand.
07:33 That's correct.
07:34 I mean, here it is I'm in a church environment
07:36 and I'm supposedly around you know
07:40 incredible amount of holiness.
07:42 And I'm coming straight off the world,
07:43 straight offthe you know hip hop and R&B industry.
07:46 And I'm now coming into church,
07:48 I'm being told that all I have to do
07:49 is speak in languages that even I can't understand--
07:52 and supposedly that means
07:53 that I'm filled with the Holy Spirit.
07:55 Well, I'm thinking okay, fine, well, one day
07:58 I find myself in an experience into Pentecostal Church
08:01 where I'm now speaking in tongue
08:03 as they understand it,
08:04 I know biblically that-- that's not correct today.
08:07 But nevertheless at that time I didn't know that,
08:09 so after I had that experience, I go outside.
08:13 And when I go outside, I'm honestly trying to figure out
08:15 what is happening because--
08:17 Outside of the church.
08:18 Outside of the church, literally
08:19 I'm standing outside of the doors of the church.
08:21 And I'm confused because I'm thinking
08:23 what just happened to me?
08:24 You know, and 'cause something took over.
08:27 It wasn't something that I invited
08:28 or wanted but it took over.
08:30 That's something that you were mocking prior too.
08:32 Yeah, I mean, I was thinking that
08:33 this thing is not real anyhow.
08:35 It's not gonna really affect me, but I was wrong.
08:37 It was real. And when eventually I'm outside.
08:41 I'm trying to figure out what-- what just happened to me.
08:44 Shortly after that there were two people
08:45 who came outside and these were two individuals
08:48 who're also speaking in tongue were supposed to be filled
08:51 with the Holy Spirit and the list goes on.
08:53 But when they came outside they were talking about
08:55 how they were gonna practice fornication that night.
08:58 Now obviously that was confusing to me
09:00 because here it is that I know now
09:02 that the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 4:3
09:05 that God's will is for us to be sanctified
09:08 and that we should flee from fornication.
09:11 But here it is they were ready to plan
09:12 and approach fornication to make it even worse.
09:15 Another person he comes outside and he is,
09:18 you know another person that was speaking in tongues,
09:21 supposedly filled with the Holy Spirit.
09:23 He comes outside and then instead of him
09:26 taking his Bible out of his pocket,
09:27 he took cigarettes out of it.
09:29 And he obviously lit it up and was smoking it right there
09:31 on the front porch of the church.
09:33 So I'm thinking to myself now, 1 Corinthians 3: 17
09:37 tells us that if any man defiles the temple,
09:40 the body that God will destroy that person.
09:43 So God obviously takes seriously
09:45 how we take care of our bodies
09:46 and anybody knows that smoking is bad.
09:48 So I'm seeing these things.
09:49 They don't make sense, it's a contradiction.
09:52 And it was to the point that quite honestly,
09:54 I got really, really turned off with it.
09:56 Finally a guy comes outside,
09:58 this was the crowning act for me.
10:00 Guy comes outside again, he was one of the people
10:03 that was speaking in tongue, he comes outside
10:05 and he starts cursing and swearing.
10:07 He starts using all the same what I call Egyptian language
10:10 that I know I was using
10:11 when I was in my little Egypt experience.
10:13 And you know as he is cursing and swearing
10:16 even though I didn't know the Bible very well.
10:18 I do remember the story of Matthew 26,
10:21 where it shows that Peter was told my Jesus,
10:24 he's gonna deny him three times.
10:26 And then here it is that when the people
10:27 came to Peter in Matthew 26, the first time they came
10:30 they weren't you the follower of Christ?
10:32 Peter says, not me.
10:33 Second time not me, third time, they say wait a minute.
10:37 We know you are a follower of Christ and they said,
10:39 it was because of the way you speak.
10:41 Can you imagine that?
10:42 Peter was found guilty for being
10:44 a Christian by the way he talked.
10:46 I vow to God that we can find people guilty
10:48 for being followers of Christ, today by the way we talk.
10:50 Exactly.
10:51 But nevertheless Peter wanted to prove
10:54 that he was not connected to Jesus Christ
10:56 and that he didn't know Him.
10:57 And because they speech as the identifying mark
11:00 Peter choose to use speech to demonstrate
11:04 I don't know Christ.
11:05 And the speech that peter choose to use,
11:07 is he began to curse and to swear.
11:10 When an individual curses and swears they testify
11:12 that they are disconnected from Christ at that moment.
11:15 And so it is that I'm looking at this and I'm turned off.
11:18 I believe that many individuals in hip hop
11:21 and R&B culture are exposed to the many hypocrisies
11:25 that many of us you and I have been exposed to as well
11:28 that turned us off from Christianity.
11:29 So therefore my heart goes out to them
11:31 that they do or they saw you know,
11:33 the hypocrisies the contradictions and so on.
11:36 But like any other person,
11:38 you're supposed to study to show yourself prudent to God.
11:40 You are not supposed to let people be a chief example
11:43 that's why Christ came.
11:44 He's our chief example
11:45 and when I look at the character of Christ,
11:46 I see that He is all together lovely.
11:49 So I was confused,
11:51 I was finding myself in a state of confusion
11:54 but thank the Lord through understanding God
11:56 and His will it brought me out of that state.
11:58 Now God prophetically told us
12:00 that Babylon is a place of confusion.
12:03 Yes.
12:04 Babylon is a place that clearly
12:06 was not for God and for His standards.
12:08 And even anciently Israel,
12:10 they found themselves encountering Babylon
12:12 and I believe that there are some things
12:14 about the experiences of Israel as they encountered Babylon.
12:18 That we're gonna find is an amazing parallelism
12:21 between what we're seeing today amongst God's people
12:24 as we are encountering
12:25 the influences of Babylon today.
12:27 So I love it if you can help, you know, build on that idea
12:30 so that way we can see what God has to unfold
12:32 in our program a little but further.
12:34 And yeah, absolutely we're gonna have to go
12:36 again back to the Bible.
12:37 And it shows us that there was some--
12:39 something that happened.
12:40 Something went wrong and Israel eventually found itself
12:43 in confusion or literally exiled in Babylon.
12:47 So I want to start with Numbers 22
12:51 and in the Book of Numbers 22, I'm going to look at verse 12
12:56 and the background to the story is Balaam,
13:01 the children of Israel still wandering in the wilderness,
13:03 and he's preparing after the 40 years
13:05 to enter into the Promise Land,
13:07 and obviously the locals didn't approve.
13:11 And they wanted somehow to derail
13:14 the exploits of the Israelites and not disallow them
13:18 from coming in successfully and inhabiting the Canaan land.
13:22 So a local came basically hired
13:25 a prophet to come and curse Israel,
13:28 so that they would not succeed in their endeavors.
13:31 This prophet had a relationship with God,
13:33 He had a past experience with the true God,
13:35 the God of Heaven the God of Israel
13:38 And he had to admit at a certain point
13:40 even though he agreed to the financial exchange--
13:43 he took the job if you will
13:45 but after many, many efforts he had to agree.
13:48 And it's kind of highlighted here in Numbers 22:12
13:54 It says, " And God said unto Balaam,
13:56 Thou shalt not go with them,
13:59 Meaning those who hired him to curse Israel.
14:02 "Thou shalt not go with them,
14:04 Thou shalt not curse the people for they are blessed."
14:09 And it's very clear and we're gonna deal
14:11 with this kind of subject of blessing and cursing.
14:14 God will not allow the people
14:18 that have a right relationship with Him to be cursed.
14:22 God will not allow the curse
14:24 to fall upon those who follow Him.
14:27 Now that does not mean the God--
14:29 that God's people won't experience hardship
14:31 or trial or apparent suffering or experience bad circumstances
14:36 because we know that our primary example
14:38 Jesus Christ went through those things on our behalf.
14:40 That's right.
14:41 And he says also in John 15
14:42 that a servant is not greater than his master.
14:45 The world hated me, it's gonna hate you also.
14:47 So that we should not expect anything less
14:50 from the world than Christ received.
14:52 So it's not talking about that but it's talking about
14:54 God allowing you to not succeed.
14:58 Biblical success as is defined in Joshua 1
15:01 true success in following God faithfully
15:04 God will reward our efforts eventually
15:06 in due time in His timing.
15:08 But we see here
15:09 that as individuals want to curse God's people,
15:12 God is not going to allow them to be cursed
15:14 because they are blessed.
15:16 They have his favor.
15:17 Now if we go also now because there was a point
15:20 in other words when God's people were blessed
15:22 and he would not allow a curse to fall upon them.
15:24 He would not allow them
15:25 to be taken into exile into a frown nation.
15:28 Something happened, so as we look at what happened?
15:31 We're gonna kind of trace through history briefly
15:34 what could have been
15:35 or what the Bible reveals is the reason why.
15:38 And you know I find this to be interesting
15:40 because in kind of builds on the idea founded
15:43 Proverb 14:34 that it says, " Righteousness exalts a nation,
15:48 But sin is a reproach to any people."
15:51 Yes.
15:52 So therefore when God's people
15:55 are hidden in Christ there righteousness,
15:57 of course I'm making this a modern application
15:59 that we know that even though
16:02 the powers of sin will attack us.
16:03 They won't over come us.
16:05 We have that victory that same way
16:06 that power of the enemy wanted to attack Israel
16:09 but it wouldn't overcome them.
16:10 Right.
16:11 Because God's favorite was upon them.
16:13 It is a very powerful principle that we ought to keep in minde
16:15 as individuals, as well as a collective body--
16:18 Yes, and we're going now to 1 Samuel 8,
16:21 and again another background.
16:22 God's people enter into the Promise Land
16:24 and God sets up what He anoints judges
16:27 to kind of-- co rule with God.
16:30 God is the ruler, He is the king if you will
16:32 and He sets up and anoint to judge us
16:35 and prophets to co rule or to--
16:39 to co administer the nation with him.
16:43 Eventually there's a problem
16:45 and the people want to be like everyone else around.
16:51 And Samuel goes to great lands to warn them against the evils
16:57 that will result from choosing a man to rule over them as king
17:02 rather than the God of heavens rule over them as king.
17:04 So on 1 Samuel 8 we picked that up
17:06 and Samuel is pleading with the people
17:08 'cause the people comes to Samuel
17:09 as the judge and the prophet
17:11 is the co ruler with the God over the nation of Israel.
17:14 And they come to him and say, you know what?
17:16 We want a king just like all the other nations are.
17:17 We want to be like everybody else around this.
17:20 And Samuel is giving the warnings--
17:21 giving the warnings please don't do this.
17:23 This is a bad decision.
17:24 Don't do this, evil will come about.
17:27 Their final assessment or their final request
17:29 in verse 20 is or I'll start from verse 19.
17:33 1 Samuel 8: 19-20
17:36 " Nevertheless the people refused to obey
17:40 the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay;
17:43 but we will have a king over us;
17:46 That we also may be like all the nations;
17:49 and that our king may judge us,
17:51 and go out before us, and fight our battles."
17:53 So they say, we don't care
17:54 we're just talking about Samuel.
17:55 We hear your warnings
17:57 but you know what we'd rather have a king.
17:58 We will have a king in fact and we're gonna get it
18:01 whether you like it or not.
18:02 And whether God essentially whether God likes it or not.
18:05 So we know that God harken on to their voice
18:08 because he actually warned all the way through Moses
18:11 that the nation, the people of Israel
18:13 eventually will gonna ask for a king.
18:15 And if they ask for a king don't refuse them.
18:17 Give them what they want and this is sometimes--
18:19 some confusion here
18:20 because sometimes we complain and blame things on God.
18:25 The course that our life takes
18:26 or certain circumstances we blame on God
18:29 when the reason why we're in that situation
18:31 is because we choose against God.
18:33 And instead of God forcing us to do robots
18:36 and forcing us to comply.
18:38 He allows us to make the decision
18:40 and choose what to do.
18:41 And at sometimes it's a bad decision
18:43 and we have to deal with the consequences.
18:46 God is still there willing to help
18:47 and to save to the outermost but sometimes our choices,
18:50 our bad choices leave us
18:52 in a undesirable predicament to say the least.
18:56 So going now in 1 Samuel fast forwarding
19:00 they got the king, they got their king.
19:02 Right, and we know that
19:03 their first king of Israel was Saul, Saul the Benjamite.
19:07 And in 1 Samuel 12:19
19:11 it shows something very interesting.
19:15 It says, " All the people said unto Samuel,
19:20 Pray for thy servants unto the Lord thy God,
19:23 that we die not: for we have added
19:26 unto all our sins this evil, to ask us a king."
19:32 So now they see some of the warnings,
19:34 that Samuel was giving that God was giving through the prophet.
19:37 They see some of these things coming to pass
19:40 and now they're saying, oh, please God, have mercy on us.
19:44 Because not only have we done all these wicked things
19:46 but on top of that we've asked for a king other than you.
19:50 And so they came to an understanding at that point
19:53 that they made the wrong decision
19:55 but lo and behold they now perpetuate that wickedness
20:00 and this becomes almost institutionalized.
20:02 So this becomes a problem instead of one man sinning
20:05 or one man in his family sinning and going against God
20:08 or maybe one tribe going against God.
20:11 Now we're getting to the point where in an entire nation
20:13 is institutionalizing rebellion against God
20:16 and choosing something else
20:17 or choosing a man over God Himself.
20:21 Now this also is kind of brought into view
20:26 in the Book of Deuteronomy.
20:27 Because when we go back as I said,
20:29 Moses was given the warning
20:33 that the people would ask for a king.
20:35 And there's also a kind of in the Book of Deuteronomy,
20:38 we understand that its collection of sermons
20:42 that were given by Moses at the end of his life
20:45 because he knew he was going to die
20:47 before entering the Promise Land.
20:48 Joshua was reading to assume leadership,
20:51 so Moses is kind of trying to summarize
20:54 the entire covenant all of God's commandments.
20:57 All of God's instructions and His past experiences
21:00 with his people and his deliverance
21:01 from Egypt in bondage.
21:03 He's summarizing that in this Book of Deuteronomy,
21:06 so in Deuteronomy 28 he kind of bring
21:09 everything into a climax if you will
21:11 and there is a whole entire chapter
21:14 dedicated to blessings and cursing
21:17 dedicated to the result of what following God will yield.
21:22 And also the result of what disobeying
21:25 over bending against God will yield.
21:26 And it's very, very compelling and interesting
21:29 and we're looking at Deuteronomy 28.
21:31 Now you know, one of the things
21:32 that I like about this study that we're doing right now
21:34 is even though we're looking at past experiences.
21:38 You know, we're looking at Israel of old
21:40 and the decisions they made
21:42 all of these different problems
21:43 that they have gone through and so on.
21:45 I believe the relevance of it
21:46 is when you consider in 1 Corinthians 10,
21:50 from verses 1-10 it goes through the history of Israel.
21:53 It literally talks about the bad decisions they made
21:55 and all these other problems that came
21:57 as a result of their decisions.
21:59 But by time you get to verse 11
22:01 of that same Book and same chapter of 1 Corinthians 10,
22:04 it says "All these things happened unto them
22:07 the Israelites, for ensamples."
22:10 That word ensamples means types.
22:11 And every type has to have anti-type.
22:14 It says all these things happened unto them
22:17 for ensamples.
22:18 And they are written for our admonition
22:21 upon whom the ends of the world are come.
22:24 Yeah.
22:25 So when we look at Israel and we look at their choices,
22:29 their behaviors and so on think about it.
22:32 Israel was given a culture, they were given a lifestyle
22:36 but the problem was, they weren't content with it.
22:38 And therefore as a result of their lack of contentment,
22:41 they looked at the other nations around them
22:42 and they said, we want to be like them.
22:44 Do we see those same mistakes happening today?
22:47 People have been given something
22:49 from God is called the Bible.
22:51 God has given us His word, He's given us instruction
22:54 but we don't want that. We say, no I want other things.
22:56 I want to be like what I see on TV and the list goes on.
22:59 And then what happens is
23:00 we find ourselves reaping the whirlwind
23:02 as we're about to find out Israel, reap the whirlwind.
23:05 So here it is that we're seeing a parallel again
23:07 because these things had happened unto them with types
23:10 that were gonna happen to those
23:13 who profess to follow God, but were also living
23:15 in the times of the end of the world.
23:17 So really what we're reading is not necessarily
23:20 just past truth it's actually present truth.
23:22 Yes.
23:23 We're reading things about how
23:25 what we've seen Israel have done in times past.
23:27 We're seeing that wow, we're repeating
23:29 the same mistakes of Israel even today.
23:32 And here it is that now in Deuteronomy 28,
23:34 you got to show us.
23:35 Here's the end result
23:37 of what ended up happening to Israel
23:39 as a result of this continual rebellion
23:42 against God in His will in His ways.
23:44 Absolutely, so when you consider Deuteronomy 28,
23:48 verses 1 all the way through 14
23:52 are dealing with the blessings that will come upon the nation,
23:58 every individual, every industry,
24:00 the economy, absolutely everything.
24:03 Remember when God bless us,
24:04 He bless us in total and-- and he gives
24:07 a complete restoration like we talked about.
24:10 So God says, if you follow me
24:11 and we are in a right relationship
24:13 and you follow my instruction.
24:16 True knowledge of self if you will
24:18 then all of these blessings are come upon you.
24:22 But verses 15, all the way down and to verse 68
24:28 are dealing with their curses
24:29 that will come, if they rebel.
24:32 So there's a very real cost for going against God
24:36 and you know, we're just gonna kind of get a snapshot
24:39 in verses 47-52 as Deuteronomy 28,
24:44 starting with verse 47 going all the way down to 52 it says,
24:48 "Because thou servedst not the Lord thy God
24:50 with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart,
24:53 for the abundance of all things;
24:54 Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies
24:58 which the Lord shall send against thee,
25:00 in hunger, and in thirst,
25:02 and in nakedness, and in want of all things:
25:05 and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck,
25:08 until he have destroyed thee.
25:11 The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from far,
25:15 from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth;
25:19 a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand;
25:23 A nation of fierce countenance,
25:25 which shall not regard the person of the old,
25:27 nor shew favour to the young:
25:29 And he shall eat the fruit of thy cattle,
25:32 and the fruit of thy land, until thou be destroyed:
25:35 which also shall not leave thee either corn, wine,
25:39 or oil, or the increase of thy kine,
25:42 or flocks of thy sheep, until he have destroyed thee.
25:46 And he shall besiege thee in all thy gates,
25:48 until thy high and fenced walls come down,
25:51 wherein thou trustedst, throughout all thy land:
25:54 and he shall besiege thee in all thy gates
25:56 throughout all thy land,
25:57 which the Lord thy God hath given thee."
26:01 If four shadows
26:02 that if this institutionalize rebellion comes
26:05 and continues generation after generation,
26:08 God will send foreign nation from a far off
26:11 whose language you don't even understand or speak.
26:13 And they will come upon you like the eagle,
26:15 like a bird of prey and swoop down upon you
26:18 and completely wipe you out and take you away.
26:21 And we're warned that as Israel,
26:24 as this happened to Israel in the past.
26:27 We're warned that these are in for our admonition,
26:29 our benefits.
26:30 They're examples for us
26:31 to watch and follow so we don't repeat
26:33 the past failures of God's people.
26:35 And that's the key is that we don't repeat it.
26:38 We have to get ourselves to a point to realize
26:40 that you know in New York they have the subway.
26:44 And the subway have something called the third rail
26:46 and the third rail is where they carry
26:47 current of electricity that helps that train run
26:50 so that it can do what it has to do.
26:52 So it is that there was a time
26:54 when some touched the third rail
26:55 and unfortunately they died.
26:57 Well, they're some who didn't believe
26:59 that they third rail could do such a damage to an individual.
27:02 But here's the point, I can't-- I may not believe it
27:05 but there's one of two ways I can find out if it's true.
27:07 I can find out by experience
27:10 or I can find out by someone else's experience
27:12 and I've realized that the wisest way to do that
27:14 is not for me to experience it
27:16 but to find out through someone else experience.
27:19 Just one of the reasons why the Bible was written,
27:20 it shows the experiences of the failures
27:24 but it also shows the experience
27:25 of the successful and it shows us how to walk
27:27 into the a path of the successful.
27:30 You know folks we're so glad that you joined us today,
27:32 we're grateful that we got a chance once again to see
27:35 and behold history to see how Israel
27:38 made certain mistakes in times past
27:40 but how it is also designed for our learning.
27:43 It's for us to understand that we will make the same mistakes.
27:50 We want to thank you for joining us
27:51 and always remember Proverbs 2:6
27:53 that tells us it is the Lord that gives wisdom
27:55 and out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.
27:59 See you next time.


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