True Knowledge of Self

Babylon Is Fallen, Part 4

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:28 Hello. My name is Dwayne Lemon.
00:31 And I'm Lance Wilbur.
00:32 And we'd like to welcome you to another episode of TKS,
00:36 a True Knowledge of Self,
00:37 where we get to know ourselves from the biblical perspective.
00:41 We want to welcome you to our program
00:42 as we are going to pick up
00:45 where we left off from our last program,
00:46 where we were looking at Daniel in Babylon.
00:49 And we were noticing that there were some parallels
00:52 to the experience of Daniel in Babylon
00:55 and what we see taking place in our urban communities today
00:58 and we even saw some things
00:59 as it pertains to the effects and influences
01:02 of the hip hop culture
01:03 and how it very much ties into some of the influences
01:06 that even Babylon was displaying
01:08 during the days of Daniel.
01:10 We notice something very powerful about Daniel.
01:12 Daniel was one that was a young man.
01:14 He was used powerfully by God
01:16 and he was very faithful, very temperate.
01:19 He was a man of priority.
01:20 And this was in Daniel as a youth.
01:23 And so it is that we saw that this is something
01:25 God wants to put into the hearts
01:27 of His young people today,
01:28 even young people who are in disadvantaged situations.
01:31 Daniel was a slave.
01:33 And yet, Daniel was still able
01:35 to demonstrate faithfulness to God.
01:37 And so it is that youth today in urban communities,
01:40 where there's a lot of disadvantages around us,
01:42 we find also that that is not an excuse for us
01:45 to have to give in to the traps
01:47 and the tricks of the devil
01:49 and to have to surrender
01:50 to the popular things that are around us.
01:52 And so we find that there were these beautiful parallels
01:55 that were shown through Daniel as he exercise wisdom.
01:58 And in Daniel Chapter 1,
01:59 specifically versus 17 through 20,
02:02 we saw that Daniel was one
02:04 who was willing to stand for His God
02:06 and God certainly stood up for him.
02:07 And as a result of that Daniel was faithful
02:10 and he was mightily used and God blessed him with wisdom
02:13 because Daniel was obedient to the will of God.
02:16 But we also find that
02:17 there's another aspect of wisdom
02:19 that we wanted to introduce
02:20 because we believe that this is gonna be very effective
02:23 in the hearts of those today in our urban societies,
02:26 those who are going through the various trials
02:28 and tribulations of urban life,
02:30 but also, even those who sometimes feel the pull
02:34 of the hip hop and RnB culture
02:35 and how it pulls them to say well, here is the solution
02:39 where we have seen already in previous programs,
02:41 it's not really a solution at all.
02:42 And therefore, we're gonna look at some practical lessons
02:45 from the story of Daniel and his use of wisdom
02:49 and how it helped him to overcome the nets
02:52 that were around him
02:53 and surrounding him to entrap him.
02:56 Lance, once again, we're here
02:57 and we have another opportunity to go ahead
02:59 and dig deeper into the word of God
03:01 so we can see how God can speak to us
03:03 and teach us from old lessons powerful present truths
03:07 that we can practice today in our daily lives.
03:09 And we saw Daniel exercising wisdom,
03:12 as you were explaining in our last program,
03:14 where we were seeing how he was obedient.
03:16 He followed what God said and God blessed him.
03:19 But there's another dynamic of wisdom
03:21 that I believe you wanted to share with us
03:23 that is still found in the Book of Daniel.
03:25 But instead of Daniel 1,
03:26 we're kind of transitioning to Daniel 2.
03:28 Yes.
03:29 So as soon as we see the story
03:32 that we talked about in Daniel Chapter 1
03:33 and then we see the reward that God gives to Daniel
03:36 and his associates for taking that stand,
03:39 God honors them and gives them skill
03:40 and understanding and wisdom, and all visions and dreams.
03:45 All of a sudden now we see Nebuchadnezzar in Chapter 2,
03:48 the king, the ruler, the strongest,
03:51 the mightiest ruler on the planet at this time,
03:53 having a dream.
03:55 And we're gonna kind of get a snapshot of that,
03:57 starting in, reading from Daniel Chapter 2
04:00 and we're gonna read all the way from versus 1 to 11.
04:04 And I'm gonna read
04:05 and then we'll talk about a little bit
04:07 to give everyone an understanding
04:08 of what we're gonna be dealing with today.
04:10 Wonderful.
04:11 Daniel Chapter 2
04:13 and we're reading all the way from verse 1 through verse 11.
04:18 "And in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar,
04:22 Nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams,
04:24 where with his spirit was troubled,
04:26 and his sleep brake from him.
04:28 Then the king commanded to call the magicians,
04:31 and the astrologers, and the sorcerers,
04:33 and the Chaldeans,
04:34 for to shew the king his dreams.
04:37 So they came and stood before the king.
04:40 And the king said unto them, I have dreamed a dream,
04:43 and my spirit was troubled to know the dream.
04:46 Then spake the Chaldeans to the king in Syriack,
04:48 O king, live for ever: tell thy servants the dream,
04:51 and we will shew the interpretation.
04:54 The king answered and said to the Chaldeans,
04:57 The thing is gone from me:
04:58 if ye will not make known unto me the dream,
05:00 with the interpretation thereof,
05:02 ye shall be cut in pieces,
05:04 and your houses shall be made a dunghill.
05:07 But if ye shew the dream, and the interpretation thereof,
05:10 ye shall receive of me gifts and rewards and great honor:
05:13 therefore shew me the dream, and the interpretation thereof.
05:17 They answered again and said,
05:19 Let the king tell his servants the dream,
05:21 and we will shew the interpretation of it.
05:24 The king answered and said,
05:25 I know of certainty that ye would gain the time,
05:29 because ye see the thing is gone from me.
05:31 But if ye will not make known unto me the dream,
05:34 there is but one decree for you:
05:36 for ye have prepared lying
05:38 and corrupt words to speak before me,
05:40 till the time be changed: therefore tell me the dream,
05:44 and I shall know
05:45 that ye can shew me the interpretation thereof.
05:49 The Chaldeans answered before the king, and said,
05:51 There is not a man upon the earth
05:52 that can shew the king's matter:
05:55 therefore there is no king, lord, nor ruler,
05:58 that asked such things at any magician,
06:00 or astrologer, or Chaldean.
06:02 And it is a rare thing that the king requireth,
06:04 and there is none other
06:06 that can shew it before the king,
06:08 except the gods, whose dwelling is not with flesh."
06:13 Now there's a lot to talk about.
06:15 Oh, yeah.
06:16 Nebuchadnezzar has a dream.
06:18 This dream, perhaps reoccurring,
06:20 gets to the point where he can't sleep at night.
06:23 But the problem is, as many of us have experienced,
06:26 when we have dreams sometimes, we know we had a dream.
06:29 We know that it was vivid and we can almost believe that
06:32 we experienced it
06:34 but we can't remember all the details,
06:36 we can't quite explain it to another person.
06:38 So Nebuchadnezzar finds himself in a similar situation.
06:41 So he has the dream, he can't remember it.
06:44 But he desperately is impressed
06:46 that he needs to know what it means.
06:48 It's causing him to lose sleep literally,
06:51 he's having anxiety attacks perhaps.
06:55 So he calls in all of his counsel,
06:57 all of his counselors, his cabinet,
06:59 his wise men, his astrologers, the magicians
07:02 or whatever you want to call them,
07:03 he calls them in and says,
07:05 "I need you to tell me this dream
07:06 and give me the interpretation."
07:09 And they want no part of it.
07:11 They're trying to buy time, they are saying,
07:12 "Well, just tell us what the dream was."
07:14 And they can come up,
07:15 they can manufacture an interpretation,
07:17 just like these guys, you know, I know,
07:18 I remember years ago they used to have shows
07:20 with the psychics on the show.
07:23 And they were just kind of pull,
07:24 they were masters at kind of pulling facts
07:26 and information out of people.
07:28 And then they could craft a story
07:30 and it would kind of impress the people
07:33 and they say, "They must be talking to spirits."
07:34 Right.
07:37 This impossible task
07:39 according to the wise men and the astrologers,
07:41 they said, this is ridiculous.
07:43 They didn't say quite like that
07:44 but they were being very careful
07:45 because the king warned
07:47 that if they don't tell him the dream,
07:48 and the interpretation, they're gonna die.
07:49 That's right. Automatically.
07:51 So they're again, just saying,
07:52 "Please, nobody has asked anything like this of any man.
07:56 It's impossible for us to tell you the dream
07:58 and the interpretation.
07:59 We need you to tell the dream
08:00 and then we can give you the interpretation.
08:02 There's no nobody that knows this information,
08:03 except the gods that are not with us."
08:06 That's right.
08:07 And it's amazing because we find,
08:09 as we get ready to progress throughout this chapter,
08:12 we've seen that once again,
08:14 it's not just simply the wise men,
08:18 the so-called wise men and astrologers
08:20 and all these servants of the king
08:22 that are incapable of providing an answer
08:25 and not able to teach or explain the dream.
08:28 But it's interesting
08:30 that when Nebuchadnezzar made it clear,
08:32 if you don't do it, here's the consequence,
08:34 which of course was death.
08:35 But we find that that death was not something
08:37 that was just going to come to all of the magicians
08:41 and astrologers,
08:42 it also was gonna fall upon somebody else.
08:44 And I want us to talk about that
08:46 because we're gonna see how this all can tie back into
08:48 how we see society
08:49 and things happening in our world even today.
08:51 So we're gonna go on and look at
08:54 some more versus in Daniel Chapter 2.
08:55 Oh, yeah.
08:57 And we're gonna understand that because Daniel
09:01 and his three associates were now included,
09:04 remember, they passed the examination,
09:06 they went through the university
09:07 and they became part of this cabinet,
09:09 they became part of the counselors of the king,
09:12 the wise men if you will, they became part of that group.
09:15 So now they are included in this death decree
09:18 that the king levies against the wise men of Babylon.
09:20 And so I want to go down to verse 12,
09:24 and it kind of summarizes what the king was dealing with.
09:27 So Daniel Chapter 2 and looking at verse 12.
09:30 It says, "For this cause
09:32 the king was angry and very furious,
09:35 and commanded to destroy all the wise men of Babylon."
09:41 And verse 13 says, "And the decree went forth
09:43 that the wise men should be slain;
09:45 and they sought Daniel and his fellows to be slain."
09:50 So Daniel gets the knock at the door if you will.
09:53 Yup.
09:54 And it's somebody there to arrest and kill him
09:57 and execute him.
09:59 He has no idea what's happening.
10:00 That's right.
10:01 And, you know, because perhaps at this point
10:03 he's a junior member of this counsel.
10:05 Right.
10:06 And all of that, the experts
10:08 and those with longevity in the counsel
10:10 are called to the king,
10:12 his highest advisors
10:13 and these young men who just came out of training,
10:17 you know, are not included in that elite group.
10:19 But they get a knock on the door
10:20 and now they are destined to be killed.
10:26 That's right.
10:27 So Daniel intervenes, he tries to buy time
10:30 and he's given some leeway.
10:33 He tells the king, you know, he's asking what happened.
10:35 He had a relationship with the man
10:37 who came to arrest and have him executed.
10:41 And he begins to dialogue with that man
10:43 and it gets him to buy time.
10:45 He goes to the king and says, just give us time
10:47 and we will give the dream and the interpretation.
10:50 We'll figure out what's happening.
10:51 Now here's something that-- cause what we want to do
10:53 is we want to pull something out of this right now
10:55 because one of the things I've learnt about the gospel,
10:57 one of the things I've learned about studying the Bible,
11:01 growing up, you know,
11:02 especially when I'm, entrenched
11:04 in something that to me is powerful,
11:07 hip hop music, hip hop culture is very powerful.
11:09 It's attracted, it's magnetic, right.
11:11 So what happens is
11:13 you get used to feeling and sensing power.
11:16 When you hear the music and the thump of the beat
11:18 and what you, that's the feeling of power.
11:20 When you watch somebody and they're rhyming
11:22 and they're able to take words
11:23 from right to the left and connect it,
11:25 that's powerful.
11:26 And it's a power that a person can experience.
11:29 And that's one of the reasons
11:30 why hip hop culture is so magnetic.
11:31 It's because there's a power that's involved in it.
11:34 The question is whether it's a power of good or evil.
11:36 Yes. But nevertheless, it is power.
11:38 When it comes to the gospel,
11:40 the gospel, remember Romans 1:16?
11:42 "For I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ
11:44 for it is the power of God."
11:46 God wanted the gospel to be more than lip service.
11:50 So therefore, God always wanted
11:52 in the expressions of gospel truth
11:54 that there's a practicality,
11:55 there's something that I can practice
11:57 from all these theoretical teachings.
11:59 So when we are going through this,
12:00 we're always looking for that practical application,
12:03 practical application, how can I live this experience
12:05 that I'm reading about in the Bible.
12:07 Because once we can do that, we can experience that power
12:10 and we'll find that that power is greater
12:12 than the previous power.
12:14 So it is that when you look at Daniel,
12:16 when you look at verses 17 and 18,
12:18 and you see how Daniel responded,
12:21 I'm, when I read the Bible, my imagination runs.
12:24 I start to think like what was that like.
12:26 Somebody, when he comes to your door
12:28 and says, "Look, there's been a decree
12:30 given to all of the wise men
12:32 as the result of the not answering
12:33 the king's request and they got to die
12:34 and you're one of them."
12:36 Now in the natural world, I'm thinking that
12:39 if someone had somebody knock on their door like that,
12:42 out of nowhere,
12:43 you'll probably gonna respond something to, "What?"
12:45 Yeah, fear.
12:46 Yeah, this fear and shocking everything else
12:49 but here goes Daniel,
12:50 it would seem as if he's almost calm, cool and collected.
12:52 Yeah.
12:54 And Daniel has a confidence in the God in which he serves
12:57 and while he's given this most incredible decree information
13:01 that I'm about to die,
13:03 he says, "Tell the king that give me a little bit of time."
13:06 Yeah, yeah.
13:07 You know, I mean, there's a confidence
13:09 and this confidence
13:11 had to be developed before the crisis.
13:14 Yeah.
13:15 That-- that was a crisis moment.
13:16 I mean-- It didn't just pop up.
13:18 Yeah, you know,
13:19 when someone just comes to and tells you,
13:21 "Listen, you got to die,"
13:22 you know, "under the decree of a king."
13:23 So it's not like you can appeal to a court or anybody else,
13:26 the king says you got to die.
13:27 And Daniel had a previous experience before the crisis
13:32 that enabled him to remain hopeful and trustful.
13:35 This is a lesson for our viewers.
13:37 We want our viewers to understand,
13:39 you can't wait and keep putting off God
13:42 and putting off His will and putting off His ways
13:44 and then when the crisis of life comes,
13:46 you try to just go ahead and get some last minute faith
13:48 and last minute righteousness.
13:50 That's not God's plan.
13:52 And therefore, God is trying to teach us
13:54 through this lesson,
13:55 when you have a precious experience with me,
13:58 it can prepare you for those unfortunate,
14:01 you know unexpected crisis that can come in your life
14:04 that you can still remain faithful and hopeful
14:06 even in the midst of a crisis coming right to you.
14:08 That's right. That's a very important lesson.
14:10 Absolutely.
14:11 And so the reaction now, what would be the reaction
14:14 and we see the conversation,
14:17 he gathers information to figure out what's going on
14:19 and the as you said in verses 17 and 18,
14:22 we see his response.
14:23 So we get a practical glimpse
14:25 of what he did in order to obtain
14:28 what he promised to the king.
14:30 I think it's worth reading.
14:31 Yeah. Absolutely.
14:32 So Daniel Chapter 2, looking at verses 17 and 18.
14:36 It says, " Then Daniel went to his house,
14:40 and made the thing known to Hananiah, Mishael,
14:43 and Azariah, his companions:
14:45 That they would desire
14:46 mercies of the God of heaven concerning this secret,
14:51 that Daniel and his fellows should not perish
14:53 with the rest of the wise men of Babylon."
14:57 So they don't try to manufacture an answer,
15:00 they don't any--
15:01 they actually go to the throne of God if you will,
15:05 and enquire of God, who is the one
15:07 who gave them wisdom in the first place,
15:09 who is the one that reminded them.
15:11 So Daniel, in his minds knew of the promises of scriptures.
15:15 In other words, he was the student of the Bible
15:18 prior to the crisis as we talked about.
15:20 For example, he knew such things
15:22 that we'd be talking about in certain passages
15:24 that we'd looking at in a brief moment.
15:26 The promises of God and the guarantee,
15:29 if God is the source of wisdom,
15:31 if God is the source of knowledge,
15:32 if God is the one that takes care of His people
15:34 and He's above every king
15:37 and knows the end from the beginning,
15:38 then God certainly can answer this request,
15:41 if it's according to His will,
15:42 He can answer the request of His faithful servants.
15:45 Because they know that they are in a right relation with Him,
15:47 they know they haven't compromised.
15:49 So they are asking God to do what He's promised to do.
15:52 So I want to skip down again
15:54 and look at the results of this intersession
15:58 as they go to the throne of God together as brethren.
16:01 They go and petition God for an answer,
16:04 to reveal this secret if you will, to them.
16:07 And looking at verse 20, Daniel 2:20.
16:12 It says, "Daniel answered and said,
16:14 Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever:
16:20 for wisdom and might are his:
16:22 And he changeth the times and the seasons:
16:25 he removeth kings, and setteth up kings:
16:28 he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them
16:32 that know understanding:
16:34 He revealeth the deep and secret things:
16:37 he knoweth what is in the darkness,
16:39 and the light dwelleth with him.
16:41 I thank thee, and praise thee, O thou God of my fathers,
16:45 who hast given me wisdom and might,
16:48 and hast made known unto me now what we desired of thee:
16:52 for thou hast now made known
16:55 unto us the king's matter."
16:59 So they petitioned God,
17:01 however long it took, we don't know.
17:03 But God gives them the dream.
17:04 He gives Daniel the dream.
17:06 He gives him the interpretation.
17:07 He gives him the answer.
17:08 And he honors God and praises God
17:11 for granting him his petition.
17:14 In other words, Daniel did not practice
17:16 the so-called ideology of knowledge of self.
17:19 Daniel did not look to himself to say,
17:20 I know the answer."
17:22 In fact, it gets even sweeter
17:23 because when we look at the way
17:25 Daniel eventually goes before the king,
17:27 there's something that Daniel says
17:28 that quite honestly if we carefully at his example,
17:32 you see in most religions,
17:35 Daniel is a well respected prophet.
17:38 Daniel is one whom individuals has acknowledged
17:40 as one who has been led by God,
17:42 one who was moving under the power of God,
17:44 and certainly was a servant of God.
17:46 So when we look at Daniel,
17:47 this is something that speaks to,
17:49 you know, several of our viewers
17:50 where we can see that
17:52 there's something we can pull out from this
17:54 as a lesson for us.
17:55 Hip hop culture teaches about knowledge of self.
17:58 I got the knowledge. It's in me because I'm god.
17:59 It's in my "bloodline."
18:01 But nevertheless, Daniel,
18:03 we see that that's the last thing
18:04 that he was approaching this situation with.
18:06 He wasn't looking to himself.
18:07 He goes to God and says,
18:09 "Lord, You are the one who has the wisdom,
18:10 You are the one who has the answers
18:12 and I'm coming to You because I need You to give it to me.
18:14 So once again,
18:16 he's looking at an outside source of himself,
18:18 recognizing his own frailty and therefore,
18:22 he says something before the king
18:23 that is absolutely incredible in verses 24 through 28.
18:27 I mean, break that down for us.
18:29 So Daniel Chapter 2:24-28.
18:32 It says, "Therefore Daniel went in unto Arioch,
18:38 whom the king had ordained
18:39 to destroy the wise men of Babylon:
18:41 he went and said thus unto him;
18:43 Destroy not the wise men of Babylon:
18:45 bring me in before the king,
18:47 and I will shew unto the king the interpretation.
18:50 Then Arioch brought in Daniel before the king in haste,
18:53 and said thus unto him,
18:55 I have found a man of the captives of Judah,
18:57 that will make known unto the king the interpretation.
19:00 The king answered and said to Daniel,
19:03 whose name was Belteshazzar,
19:05 art thou able to make known unto me the dream
19:07 which I have seen, and the interpretation thereof?
19:10 Daniel answered in the presence of the king, and said,
19:13 The secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men,
19:16 the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers,
19:18 shew unto the king;
19:20 But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets,
19:25 and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar
19:28 what shall be in the latter days.
19:31 Thy dream, and the visions of thy head
19:33 upon thy bed, are these."
19:37 So he goes in, he tells the man that was ordained
19:41 and sent to kill him and execute.
19:43 He says, "Listen, I have an answer.
19:44 Go and tell the king, 'I have the dream
19:45 and the interpretation.'
19:47 "He rushes to the king he tells him
19:48 and Nebuchadnezzar was shocked.
19:51 He says, "Do you have an answer?"
19:52 Daniel is like I don't have an answer.
19:55 A matter of fact and there's an answer
19:56 that none of your men could manufacture,
19:59 the soothsayers, the magicians, the Chaldeans.
20:02 He says, "But there is a God in heaven
20:04 that revealeth secrets."
20:06 So he highlights the fact, again, it's not him.
20:08 He directs the attention of the mind,
20:11 even of the strongest
20:12 and the most reputable man on the planet at the time,
20:16 he directs him to the God of heaven.
20:19 That's right.
20:20 And this where it gets sweet
20:22 because Daniel is demonstrating the very principle
20:26 of why God has put this whole program together.
20:28 God wants to help, wants people to understand
20:30 that there's a knowledge of self deception
20:34 that is going throughout.
20:35 The hip hop and RnB culture
20:36 is one of the greatest reporters of this deception.
20:38 Because it teaches knowledge of self,
20:40 individuals, you are god, you have it within you.
20:44 But it goes broader even beyond hip hop
20:46 because we know that ultimately, this is new age.
20:48 I mean, new age and the new age movement,
20:50 all of it is just calling individuals
20:52 to recognize "spirituality"
20:55 where ultimately they are the ones
20:57 that determine what is true.
20:58 There is no outside source. They are the sources.
21:00 Yeah, everything is relative. That's right.
21:02 Everything is relative, nothing's absolute.
21:04 And therefore, we see that this deception is affecting
21:07 in the world and in society today
21:10 but it's especially affecting the kind of society
21:13 that we have come from, the urban society,
21:15 understanding what's going in the hip hop
21:16 and RnB culture
21:18 and this deception of knowledge of self,
21:20 in comparison to a true knowledge of self.
21:23 Daniel had a true knowledge of self.
21:24 Daniel was able to see,
21:26 "Look, I don't have the answers.
21:27 I do not have the wisdom in me naturally
21:30 to go ahead and deal with these problems."
21:32 Especially when you are dealing with crisis.
21:34 And he didn't hesitate.
21:35 It was a natural, it was natural for him
21:37 to have confidence in God
21:39 and then go and make the petition.
21:40 And was Daniel still a man?
21:42 Absolutely. Absolutely.
21:44 So it's not a sacrifice of manliness.
21:46 It's not a sacrifice of masculinity
21:49 when an individual recognizes his weaknesses.
21:52 It's a blessing when a person can recognize
21:54 where they are weak and to say, "Look, I don't have the answer.
21:57 I don't have the solutions.
21:58 But there's a God who has the answers.
22:00 There's a God who has the solutions
22:01 and He is certainly not me.
22:03 He is outside of me.
22:04 His name is the Father
22:06 and He has revealed His will to us
22:08 through His Son, Jesus Christ."
22:09 That's right.
22:11 And therefore, when I get to know God,
22:12 and Jesus Christ whom He had sent,
22:13 I get the benefits that God promises to give,
22:16 including wisdom and so on.
22:18 So we're seeing that it's not, it was not just,
22:23 you know, the fact that Daniel knew what God said
22:25 and was obedient that made him very powerful.
22:29 But in addition to that, this other dynamical wisdom
22:32 that you're bringing out to us,
22:33 is that Daniel understood his weaknesses.
22:36 He understood the true knowledge of himself
22:39 that I don't have the answers, I can't solve this problem
22:42 but there's a God in heaven who can.
22:43 And I will submit myself to Him
22:46 and His will so that I may know
22:49 what He would have me to do
22:50 and God once again rewarded him.
22:53 Not just simply with skill and understanding,
22:55 but even with the interpretation of the dreams
22:57 which it was impossible for anyone else to conjure up.
23:00 Yeah.
23:02 And so like I highlighted earlier,
23:04 Daniel had to have had this understanding
23:07 prior to the crisis.
23:09 He was prepared to meet the crisis in his natural life.
23:12 So he remembered some of the promises
23:14 and I want to look at a couple of them.
23:15 For example, in Job 23.
23:18 In Job 23, again, in the Old Testament,
23:20 this is something that he had full knowledge of
23:22 as a young Hebrew boy,
23:24 a royalty, he'd been raised in the truth
23:27 back in Israel before the exile.
23:29 So in Job Chapter 12, Job Chapter 12
23:34 and we're looking at verse 13, Job 12:13.
23:40 It says, "With Him is wisdom and strength,"
23:43 talking about God,
23:44 "He hath counsel and understanding."
23:47 So he understood the wisdom, the strength, the counsel,
23:50 the understanding is with God and not with man.
23:53 So he petitioned God
23:54 knowing that that's where he can get the answer.
23:56 He had full confidence in that regard.
23:58 He had full confidence
23:59 in what God said He is and what He possess.
24:02 He trusted that
24:03 and he almost not put God to the test,
24:06 but he petitioned God based on God's reputation of Himself.
24:10 You know, it's funny, man.
24:11 I remember when I was in Queens, New York,
24:13 Jamaica Queens
24:14 and there was a area in Jamaica Queens
24:17 called the, the store called the Colosseum.
24:20 And you know,
24:22 it was where everybody went to get their sneakers,
24:23 their shirts, and everything else
24:25 and in this area in Jamaica Queens,
24:26 they had lots and lots of stores.
24:29 I remember one of the stores was called Modells.
24:31 And we were going to Modells and this is another place
24:33 where you can get your sneakers and different things
24:35 and, you know, I'm regular urban youth kid.
24:37 I'm looking for the latest sneakers,
24:38 the best, the stone washed pants,
24:41 you know, all these things.
24:43 You know, hey, this is what was popular back then.
24:45 I mean, I wouldn't wear it now, but you know, you get my point.
24:47 I remember. Anyhow.
24:48 So here it is that I'm in Modells
24:51 and I remember there was a guy
24:53 who got a little upset with me and my mother.
24:56 My whole family, we were all together,
24:58 well, not my whole family but my mother,
24:59 my father and myself, we were together
25:01 and this man got a little bothered
25:03 with me and my mother.
25:04 And when he got a little bothered
25:06 with me and my mother,
25:08 it got to a point where it really got,
25:09 he got agitated and it got to the point
25:11 that my father had to step in.
25:14 And when dad stepped in, it was amazing
25:17 how there was a comfort.
25:18 There was a complete, total confidence that I had
25:22 that because dad has stepped in,
25:25 this business is about to be handled.
25:26 Yeah, yeah.
25:27 And you know, I didn't waver,
25:29 not one bit of thinking oh, would dad lose?
25:31 I mean, I knew once dad stepped in, it's over.
25:33 This man better submit, you know.
25:35 And so it is that Daniel,
25:37 he has this confidence in his Father.
25:39 He knows in my Father is contained
25:41 wisdom, strength, and understanding.
25:44 So if I need wisdom, strength or understanding,
25:47 I'm going to my Father.
25:48 And as I go to my Father, He will impart it unto me.
25:51 And the Bible lets us know
25:52 as assurance today to us as Christians
25:54 that when we run into the trials of life,
25:55 when we run into the challenges of life,
25:57 that "we can do all things through Christ,
26:00 who strengthens us" as well.
26:03 So it's a powerful benefit. Yeah.
26:04 And in another place in Proverbs 11:2,
26:07 another thing that could have come
26:08 to Daniel's remembrance in this time of crisis.
26:11 Proverbs 11:2.
26:13 It says, "When pride cometh, then cometh shame:
26:17 But with the lowly is wisdom."
26:20 So that meekness,
26:22 that humble spirit that Daniel possess,
26:24 knowing that he doesn't have it,
26:25 but that God does,
26:27 is exactly what's needed to, for a man to be elevated,
26:30 for a man to be honored by God.
26:32 It's not the pride that I can do it,
26:34 I have the answer, I got this.
26:37 That's where the fall comes. That's right.
26:39 That's where shame comes. That's where you get exposed.
26:41 Like the wise men, who tried to come
26:43 and sweet-talked the king, they got exposed
26:45 and they were about to lose their lives.
26:47 That's right.
26:48 And this is the point that God wants to bring to us,
26:50 a true knowledge of self,
26:52 recognizing that I don't have the answers.
26:55 I don't have the wisdom, I don't have the solutions
26:58 but God does.
26:59 And therefore, when we submit ourselves,
27:01 we don't have to submit to the impressing powers
27:04 that are around us.
27:06 And I want to say this to our viewers
27:07 that always remember, you don't have to submit
27:10 to the powers that are around us.
27:12 When something is exposed and we discover that
27:14 it is anti-God and anti-Christ,
27:16 anti-Bible, anti-productivity,
27:19 then we can submit our will to God
27:21 and say, Lord, show me a new way.
27:22 Give me a new way. Give me wisdom.
27:25 And as God imparts it to us, He's gonna show us
27:27 how to walk in that wisdom
27:30 as God Himself is in that wisdom
27:31 and he will bless us beyond our expectations.
27:34 We want to thank you all for joining with us today.
27:36 This was a powerful study,
27:37 once again, of understanding a true knowledge of self.
27:41 May God continue to bless you.
27:43 We pray that you'll get your Bibles out
27:44 and study to show yourselves approved unto Him
27:46 and learn of Him.
27:48 And you will find that He will bless you
27:49 beyond your expectations.
27:51 Well, our time is up
27:52 and always remember Proverbs 2:6
27:55 that "it is the Lord that gives us wisdom
27:57 and out of His mouth
27:58 comes knowledge and understanding."


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