True Knowledge of Self

Traps of the Enemy - False Education, Part 1

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:29 Hello, I'm Lance Wilbut. And I'm Dwayne Lemon.
00:32 And we like to welcome you to another edition of TKS
00:35 a "True Knowledge of Self" where we get to know ourselves
00:38 from a biblical perspective.
00:40 In our last episode we looked again at Daniel
00:43 and we kind of highlighted the humility
00:46 and the spirit of Daniel and how he operated,
00:49 how he relied fully upon God and did not trust himself
00:53 or any other man for anything.
00:56 And we saw that the key really to true manhood if you will,
01:00 we looked at the biblical principle of humility
01:03 and we saw that a true man,
01:05 a righteous man puts his trust in God.
01:08 He relies completely upon God's wisdom,
01:11 God's strength and he does not rely
01:13 and subject himself to what we saw in Galatians 5
01:16 as the works of the flesh
01:18 and we highlighted this strife and this competition
01:21 and the spirit of being the bigger man
01:25 and we talked about in the hip-hop industry culture
01:27 the battling and the MC Battles
01:29 and the dance battles and the DJ battles
01:32 and so that that spirit where if my pride
01:35 or my ego gets insulted then I have to stand up
01:38 and validate myself and gain the respect
01:42 and demand the respect of my peers.
01:45 Instead we saw the--
01:46 from the biblical perspective that is the opposite.
01:48 It's the trusting in God and not trusting yourself
01:53 and understanding that we don't have the answers,
01:55 we don't have all of the wisdom and skill
01:58 to go and navigate successfully through life.
02:00 So when we experience the crisis we can trust in God,
02:04 go to God's throne petition Him.
02:06 We can seek godly counsel but the word is what determines
02:11 whether or not the counsel is sound.
02:13 So, Dwayne, I remember that we were discussing a release,
02:17 we started a discussing
02:19 by talking about your experience
02:20 in public school and the impact.
02:22 You know, as I had that experience as well,
02:24 the impact that that environment,
02:28 that setting going year after year
02:30 that the effect that it had on you
02:32 and speaking about this education,
02:34 the environment and philosophy of education
02:38 how did that impact you
02:39 and does the Bible have something to say about that.
02:41 Absolutely.
02:42 You know, it impacted me very negatively
02:44 because again there were elements
02:46 in things that I was learning that contradicted
02:49 the principles of true education.
02:51 And so was that, you know, when I went to school again
02:55 if I'm consistently reading books
02:57 and hearing through teachings and lectures
02:59 that I am the result of a freak accident.
03:03 I'm the result of a big bang,
03:04 natural selection, you know, evolution.
03:07 Than obviously that has a very detrimental effect
03:09 upon the mind of a young person
03:11 because they are basically learning at a very young age
03:14 that I don't have a purpose in life.
03:16 There is none and then it can cause me
03:18 to look to myself now to try to figure out my purpose
03:22 not understanding that when God creates
03:23 every human being that we have a purpose.
03:26 That purpose is revealed in Isaiah 43:7
03:29 when the Bible says that "I have formed you
03:31 for my glory."
03:32 So we were formed, we were brought into this world
03:34 to give God glory and that is our great purpose
03:37 but nevertheless we can manifest
03:39 that purpose in several ways.
03:41 There are different occupations and things
03:43 but all the occupations of life and all the decisions
03:46 we make in life should become a stepping stone
03:49 on how we can fulfill the ultimate purpose
03:51 which is to give God glory and we are gonna talk
03:53 about what that means practically as well.
03:55 Yeah, and that's very crucial.
03:57 So especially in the case if I'm a young man like myself,
04:00 I grew up without a father or without a consistent father
04:03 a proper role model
04:05 and really no legitimate male models
04:08 in my environment
04:10 and you are not getting it in school, you are not--
04:13 there is no identity if you will.
04:15 What you are identifying with in a school
04:19 that built upon a philosophy where you could have happened
04:23 or you could not have happened doesn't really matter,
04:25 you are here and its survival of the fittest,
04:28 its time plus matter and chance and primordial soup
04:32 and we just came about by this random act of events.
04:35 There is no sense of dignity or identity or hopefulness
04:41 because if there was no hope in my origin
04:44 then potentially there is no hope in the future,
04:47 there is no control, there is no God if you will.
04:50 And with that idea and that mindset
04:53 you are almost forced because there is a unique desire
04:55 and humanity to identify
04:57 with something greater than himself.
04:58 Right? That's right.
05:00 That you want to, you want to be a part of something,
05:02 you want to loved, you want to be able to love,
05:05 you want to feel that you are of some value
05:08 that people value you but when you are not given
05:13 as a early age all through childhood,
05:15 you are not really given a true sense
05:16 of your own identity you are almost--
05:20 I wouldn't say forced but you are left
05:21 to try to find identity in things around you.
05:25 So now that's where the entertainment kicks in
05:27 and that's where the images that come through the TV
05:30 and the movies and the music or the people on the block
05:32 or you see the drug dealer with the money
05:34 or you see the guy with the girls
05:36 or you see the athletic with all the accolades
05:38 you start to identify and want to be like that person
05:40 and essentially you want to be above that person.
05:44 So that system oh, it appears at least at this point
05:47 that that system is almost designed
05:50 or geared towards disabling you
05:55 from really obtaining that true knowledge yourself.
05:57 So there are true disadvantages but we've established the point
06:02 that the disadvantages are no excuse
06:04 to not obtain the true knowledge itself.
06:05 So talk about that and share how that works.
06:07 When I think about the Bible teaching a principle,
06:10 there is a very important principle
06:12 that comes from the word of God
06:13 that we would do well to consider
06:14 because you and I have been effected by this principle
06:17 as well as I'm sure many of our viewers have.
06:19 In 2 Corinthians 3:18
06:22 the principle that's talked through that verse
06:24 is that by beholding we become changed.
06:28 And what an individual beholds, what they see long enough
06:31 after a while it begins to form an image
06:33 within that person.
06:35 Think about it, when you look
06:36 at a lot of our urban youth today
06:38 those who have been affected by hip-hop culture
06:41 we can know that there's even
06:42 a certain kind of walk that individuals have.
06:45 You know, when a brother walks he is not just simply walking
06:47 like he is on a mission to get somewhere
06:49 but there is kind of this, this limp now
06:50 and there is this bopping when we take that walk
06:53 and we consider that the "cool walk"
06:56 but we didn't come out of our mother's womb doing that.
06:58 We watch something, we will be holding something
07:00 and by the holding we became change.
07:02 The kind of diction that I use today
07:04 when I speak this is not always what I had.
07:07 There were times where I thought that talking
07:09 and communicating was about, you know, what's up, son,
07:12 and, you know, what's going on,
07:13 kid and, you know, and all the stuff.
07:14 I mean, kid is a baby girl but now today a kid
07:17 can be another brother.
07:19 I'm calling you my son but you are not my son.
07:21 So these languages, these things that we learn
07:24 that came through the influence of hip-hop culture
07:26 that at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves,
07:28 where did I get that from.
07:30 Because we try to say it's natural
07:31 but it's not natural it's learned
07:33 just like any other behavior can be learned.
07:35 So therefore when we consider what the Bible teaches
07:38 education is very, very key.
07:40 When you think about it, when Daniel
07:42 and his companions and his people
07:44 were brought into captivity
07:46 it was interesting the first step
07:48 that Nebuchadnezzar took with them.
07:50 It's found in Daniel Chapter 1, in Daniel Chapter 1
07:53 it says right there in verse 4
07:55 when Nebuchadnezzar wanted to gather
07:57 the children together so he could begin
07:59 his the education process if you would.
08:02 You know, this is what he did.
08:03 It's found in Daniel 1:4,
08:06 it says "Children in whom was no blemish,
08:09 but well favored, and skilful in all wisdom,
08:12 and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science,
08:15 and such as had ability in them to stand in the king's palace,
08:18 and whom they might teach the learning
08:22 and the tongue of the Chaldeans."
08:26 There was an educational system
08:27 that Nebuchadnezzar wanted to introduce
08:30 to the minds of those Hebrew captives
08:32 and he wanted to do it because he wanted to take away
08:35 from their minds
08:36 what they were presently learning.
08:38 It was typical in Hebrew culture that,
08:40 you know, Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way
08:43 he should go and when he is old,
08:44 he shall not depart from it."
08:46 And so it is that these individuals
08:48 they had a knowledge of God, they had a knowledge of truth,
08:51 they had an understanding of even true education.
08:54 But Nebuchadnezzar being used by the enemy
08:57 wanted to break that down and this is one of the sources
09:00 he did so it is today we see in culture today
09:03 especially in hip-hop culture
09:05 and otherwise that there is an education.
09:07 I remember KRS-One had a song where he talked about
09:10 "You must learn"
09:12 and he was trying to introduce an education
09:15 to the mindsets of those who were beholding him
09:18 so that by the education they would come
09:20 to a higher level of understanding
09:22 or what they would call over standing.
09:23 Right. And they referred to it as a science.
09:25 You know, and they are sciences
09:27 and its facts and not theories, right.
09:29 Exactly, but when you read 1 Corinthians 1:21
09:34 the Bible shows that by the world
09:37 by wisdom or education knew not God.
09:41 So it's possible that a person can receive education
09:45 but its false education that causes us
09:48 not to come closer to God but to realize
09:51 that we are moving further away from Him.
09:53 And this is the great danger
09:54 that comes in the name of education.
09:56 This is why we want to educate our viewers to understand
10:00 that when an individual comes to you
10:02 in the name of education and even though the education
10:05 may appeal to you and it might meet a lot of your senses
10:08 we are gonna talk about that.
10:10 It does not mean that it's right.
10:12 And I'm here to let you know something
10:13 even as a black individual, an African-American
10:17 not everything from Africa is good,
10:19 not everything from any culture or country is good
10:22 and we are not to think that something is good
10:24 and holy and righteous just because it came from Egypt
10:27 or just because it came from a various point of Africa.
10:31 We have to think higher
10:32 and the higher level God wants to give us
10:34 is a Bible understanding of true education.
10:37 So this is what we are talking about, Lance.
10:39 This is the kind of thing we are trying to introduce
10:41 into the minds of our listeners.
10:42 Yeah, so I mean, just walk it down
10:44 what does the Bible have to say about education,
10:47 true education.
10:48 Well, you know, one of the things
10:49 I would like to highlight is the effect of education
10:52 through the life of Jesus.
10:54 You know, Jesus is an individual
10:55 who even various religions have a great respect for Him.
10:58 If not anything else
11:00 He was a great and wonder prophet
11:02 even though in Christianity we see Him as God in the flesh.
11:05 He came down, He was God in heaven
11:07 but of course, He came down still God
11:09 but He veiled His Godness in flesh, humanity.
11:12 Well, the reality is as when we look at Jesus
11:15 when He grew up the Bible tells us something
11:18 that is an indicator of the kind of education
11:21 He received from His parents Mary and Joseph.
11:24 The Bible says in Luke the second chapter
11:26 and I want us to look at this because this is the,
11:28 this is the principle behind this idea of true education.
11:32 We remember that we read in John 17:3 that
11:35 "This is life eternal, that they might know thee
11:38 the only true God, and Jesus Christ,
11:40 whom thou hast sent."
11:41 So know His education, true is dealing with the right
11:45 and understanding God.
11:47 When we understand God and Christ
11:49 whom He has sent it helps us to understand
11:52 these principles of true education.
11:54 I want to show the effects of this in the life
11:56 of Jesus in Luke Chapter 2.
11:58 And Luke 2:52 and here what is says.
12:02 It says this, Luke 2:52
12:06 "And Jesus increased in wisdom" or education
12:10 "and stature,
12:13 and in favor with God and man."
12:18 So we find that the education
12:20 that Jesus received from a youth
12:22 because He was still a youth at this time.
12:23 He was only 12-years-old.
12:25 So Jesus received an education from His youth
12:27 that allowed Him to grow or to develop in wisdom
12:32 so He was able to have a right understanding of God,
12:35 His character and His will and His ways
12:37 and it says in stature which means
12:39 that it was something physical in His benefits as well,
12:43 in His education and it put Him in favor with God
12:47 but also with man.
12:49 Now this becomes very powerful to me
12:50 because when my wife and I as an example,
12:54 when my wife and I got married,
12:56 I met my wife through a Bible study.
12:57 You know, when I heard this message
12:59 and I started to study the Bible I said,
13:00 man, I got to tell this everybody
13:02 and a good friend of mine told me,
13:04 hey, I'm gonna bring sister over to the Bible study
13:07 and that young lady happened to be my wife.
13:09 And here it is that, you know, we get to know each other,
13:13 we court, we get married and our plan was two years
13:19 we were going to wait before any children.
13:21 That was the plan. That's the plan.
13:22 And unfortunately two years turn to the two months
13:26 and then in two months she came to me
13:28 and said I'm pregnant
13:30 and I said, no, you're not and she said, yes, I'm.
13:33 and so we had a little five minute talk about that
13:35 but ultimately I had to accept the fact
13:36 that my bride is pregnant.
13:38 So now I'm getting launched into fatherhood
13:40 when I was just learning want it is to be a husband.
13:42 And when my wife had our first child
13:45 which was our son Jahred then next thing,
13:47 you know, six months later
13:49 she said, honey, I'm pregnant again.
13:51 And I said, are you serious?
13:53 And, you know, before you know it
13:55 she goes ahead and we have another baby
13:56 and that's when our precious little Kayla
13:59 came into the picture.
14:00 Six months later my wife says, honey, I'm pregnant again.
14:05 And I was just like, what are you doing?
14:06 You know, I mean, of course I didn't say that
14:07 but, you know, honey, I'm just--
14:09 my mind is blown, man.
14:11 I'm saying, okay, I'm already up to baby number three.
14:13 And then here it is that my, my son is born Kaleb
14:18 and then five months later my wife says, honey,
14:22 I'm pregnant and then here it is
14:25 that that's when Jada came into the picture.
14:27 So here we are now, we just got married
14:31 and now two months later she is pregnant
14:34 and it seems as if for four years straight
14:36 my wife has been pregnant.
14:37 And now here we are a family of six.
14:41 I'm thinking to myself I'm still learning
14:43 what it is to be a husband and now I got to learn
14:46 what it is to be a father times four.
14:48 So I realize that I'm gonna need some help,
14:50 I'm gonna need some assistance, some counsel, some education.
14:54 So one of the things that I discovered
14:56 was most incredible book,
14:57 it's a book written by Ellen White,
14:58 it's a book called "Child Guidance."
15:01 In this book Child Guidance it makes
15:03 a most profound statement
15:05 on to this ideology of true education.
15:07 All right. I want to read it.
15:09 It's actually the book is called, Child Guidance
15:10 that's page 293
15:13 and this is the statement that it says.
15:14 It says, "True education means
15:18 more than taking a certain courses of study.
15:23 It is broad.
15:24 It includes the harmonious development
15:27 of all the physical powers and the mental faculties.
15:32 It teaches the love and fear of God
15:35 and is a preparation for the faithful discharge
15:39 of life's duties.
15:41 Proper education includes not only mental discipline,
15:44 but that training which will secure sound morals
15:48 and correct deportment."
15:51 So when I look at this profound statement
15:54 on what it is to receive true education,
15:56 the mental, physical, spiritual development
15:59 of an individual that's how Luke 2:52
16:01 made so much sense to me and Jesus grew in wisdom
16:05 and stature and in favor with God and man.
16:10 So Jesus was not so heavenly minded
16:12 and He was no earthly good.
16:14 He was not so earthly good that He was not fulfilling
16:16 the purposes of heaven.
16:18 Through true education he was a balanced man
16:20 that was able to spiritual principles
16:22 and He was able to live them out
16:24 in the day to day life to be a very faithful servant
16:27 unto God.
16:28 And there four Jesus of course was the master servant
16:31 and He is a model for us.
16:33 And so we find that when we look at true education
16:35 this is what God wanted to introduce to us
16:38 to want to introduce to everyone
16:39 who comes into this world.
16:40 This is what Daniel had,
16:42 this is what Nebuchadnezzar wanted to take away.
16:44 Yeah, so you come out of the world,
16:48 you come now into the truth and knowledge of the truth
16:53 and you eventually get married and child after child
16:58 after child after child
17:01 and you find yourself not having any idea
17:04 what you are supposed to do
17:05 or how you are supposed to do it.
17:07 So you find this quotation and it puts you,
17:11 you know, it begins a journey for you.
17:13 Study continues and now you find biblical principles
17:17 that guides you and help you understand
17:18 not only the need for true education
17:21 but what it is and how I can apply it.
17:24 Now and we've been saying this phrase for a while
17:28 and we keep talking about coming--
17:29 I was in the world and then I came out.
17:32 I'm from the world and--
17:33 what is the--
17:34 what do we mean when we say from the world or the world?
17:36 We keep talking about the world what are we talking about?
17:38 I'm glad you asked that because we are not talking
17:40 about coming from other planets and we are not talking
17:42 about coming from a specific country
17:44 or continent or any type of location.
17:46 What we are talking about is coming out
17:47 of the certain mindset and the Bible introduces
17:50 the mindset of what constitutes this idea called "the world."
17:53 You know, you see the Bible
17:54 talk a lot about the world, the world.
17:56 James 4:4, if any man is a friend of the world
17:59 he is the enemy of God, you know, and so on.
18:01 So we do need to qualify, what is this world concept?
18:04 Well, the Bible tells us what it is.
18:06 It's in 1 John 2:15.
18:09 In 1 John 2:15 the Bible says this,
18:13 "Love not the world, neither the things
18:18 that are in the world.
18:20 If any man love the world,
18:21 the love of the Father is not in him."
18:25 Verse 16, "For all that is in the world,
18:29 the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes,
18:33 and the pride of life, is not of the Father,
18:37 but is of the world."
18:39 So when I looked at this I said, okay,
18:42 this is a threefold description
18:44 of "the world" concept or worldliness.
18:46 It's dealing with lust of the flesh,
18:49 lust of the eyes, pride of life.
18:51 Now there is no way that an individual
18:54 can look at this biblical description
18:55 and not circle it back to the influences
18:57 of hip-hop culture.
18:58 Hip-hop culture is all about the lust of the flesh
19:02 and we see that demonstrated.
19:04 There is not a hip-hop artist today
19:06 that we can see that is not revealing their flesh,
19:08 that is not demonstrating their body
19:11 and all of their particulars and they coin it.
19:13 There is even now on the internet
19:15 if individual search it out
19:16 there is actually something called hip-hop fashion.
19:19 And many of times when they talk
19:20 about hip-hop fashion when you look at the clothes
19:23 its about being sexy, its about--
19:25 its about showing, teasing,
19:27 doing something that stimulates the mind
19:29 to not focus on the things of spiritual high principles
19:31 but the focus on the flesh.
19:34 So therefore when we look at the lust
19:35 of the flesh principle we could see a perfect match
19:37 to the principles that's taught
19:39 and demonstrated in hip-hop culture.
19:41 Then in addition to that
19:42 it also says the lust of the eyes.
19:44 Now, you--
19:46 no one will do a hip-hop video hardly ever
19:50 without the bling, bling as this called.
19:53 It might even be a turn on video down
19:54 it is hard to keep it--
19:56 Are gonna know what they say now--
19:57 Yeah, you know, I don't even know what they say either,
19:59 you know, but we get the point that the flash,
20:01 you know, when you put a diamond ring on
20:03 and you put it in front of the screen
20:04 and the light shines on it
20:05 its like it goes bling, bling, you know.
20:07 Yeah, I mean, it's the idea that you have
20:09 brothers making videos and they are doing it
20:11 on label advances,
20:14 you know, some of hem, you know, a lot of them.
20:15 it's not even their money, it's an label advance
20:18 and they are renting cars for the video,
20:21 they are bringing in extras, they don't even know
20:23 what that many people.
20:24 They are bringing in all this all this stuff
20:26 and all these -- nowadays they are doing,
20:28 you know, this subtle marketing.
20:32 So they are getting sponsored by this particular label
20:35 so the label this business provides them free things.
20:38 So it's not even a real picture of their life,
20:42 it's kind of just an overblown fantasy view
20:46 but they are showing this to young people,
20:48 they are showing this to the world,
20:49 to the viewers, the consumers and the consumer now,
20:54 the eyes kick in, the lust of the eyes kicks in
20:56 and you want that, you want that,
20:58 you want to have it.
21:00 Definitely. Definitely.
21:01 And this has what happened in my life.
21:02 I mean, once I started to travel and going tour
21:04 and do music videos, making money
21:06 my pockets was like a bucket with holes in it.
21:09 I mean, it was like, as soon as the water went in
21:10 the water went out,
21:12 as soon as the money came in the money went out
21:13 because I was looking for the latest and the greatest
21:15 I wanted the nicest car, I wanted the rims,
21:17 I wanted all the different things
21:18 that was-- that I was beholding on the television.
21:21 So if I'm seeing it on TV I'm saying well,
21:23 by beholding I want that and therefore
21:26 we find that the lust of the flesh
21:28 and the lust of the eyes was also there
21:30 and we know that commingled with that
21:32 is the pride of life.
21:33 The more that I have the biggest house,
21:35 I mean, you can have two human beings.
21:37 I mean, think about it
21:39 if individuals would pause to think
21:41 they would find amazing things
21:43 that will come into their minds.
21:44 How is it that we have a world filled with poverty?
21:47 We have a world filled with all sorts of families
21:50 and individuals going through trials.
21:52 We look at these hurricanes that just took place
21:54 a few months back last year and people are still struggling
21:57 from Hurricane Sandy in New York
21:59 and other places nearby just to get heat.
22:02 But then you have individuals who will buy
22:05 multimillion dollar homes and its only one person
22:07 that lives in it but you have 15 bedrooms.
22:09 And the question is have you ever thought
22:10 that maybe those bedrooms could be dedicated
22:12 to somebody else.
22:14 But again when its all about self
22:16 and self exaltation itself
22:18 is just you are not thinking about helping
22:19 other people out on that level.
22:21 Yeah, you might drop a little change
22:22 in a plate every so often
22:23 but we know that the pride of life that's our focus.
22:25 I want the big 15, $20 million house
22:28 even though it's just me and my wife that lives in.
22:30 I want the latest and greatest cars
22:32 that cause literally the amounts
22:34 of what a house cost
22:35 but yet I want to just use it just so
22:37 I can drive a little bit here a little bit there
22:38 and I own about five of them.
22:40 Why? Because I can. That's the pride of life.
22:42 And so you find that the world this idea of worldliness,
22:48 lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes,
22:49 pride of life these are things that we see especially
22:53 through the impressions of hip-hop culture
22:56 and this is a form of education that's given to individuals
23:00 that is a very deceptive power.
23:02 And so we find that as Nebuchadnezzar
23:04 use a false education to unfit the minds of God's people
23:08 in those times we find that we seeing these demonstrations
23:12 of the principles that governed Nebuchadnezzar
23:14 even being realized through hip-hop culture today
23:18 where there is a false form of education.
23:19 You are God you can do what you want,
23:21 it's all about the lust of the flesh,
23:23 it's all about the lust of the eyes,
23:24 it's all about the pride of life
23:26 where here it is that God wanted to give
23:27 a true education to us that's designed to show us
23:30 that we need to develop mentally, physically
23:32 and spiritually not so that we can feast
23:35 and feed upon ourselves
23:36 but that we can be of greater service to God
23:39 and to our fellow men.
23:42 All right, so, you know, briefly we will continue
23:45 this discussion in the next episode
23:47 but, you know, what is the bible have to say
23:49 more about true education
23:50 and actually how do we obtain it?
23:52 Well, there are some benefits to this.
23:53 Number one, the Bible let's us know in John 17:3 that
23:58 "This is life eternal, that they might know thee
24:01 the only true God, and Jesus Christ,
24:03 whom thou hast sent."
24:04 So when I understand true education
24:06 one of the great benefits we see
24:07 right there is I get life eternal.
24:09 So that's a benefit, eternal life
24:11 when I understand God and Jesus Christ
24:13 who He has sent.
24:14 Jeremiah Chapter 9, in Jeremiah Chapter 9
24:17 the Bible also tells us something
24:18 about this wonderful knowledge and here's what it says.
24:21 In Jeremiah 9:24, 25 and it says this.
24:26 Jeremiah 9:24, 25 it says
24:32 or rather let's look at verses 23 and 24
24:34 much better, much more context.
24:36 "Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory
24:41 in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man
24:45 glory in his might, let not the rich man
24:48 glory in his riches.
24:50 But let him that glorieth glory in this,
24:54 that he understandeth and knoweth me,
24:59 that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness,
25:02 judgment, and righteousness in the earth,
25:05 for in these things I delight, saith the Lord."
25:08 So the Bible makes it clear that if we are gonna glory
25:10 we don't glory in these temple things
25:12 or we don't glory in these gifts
25:14 as if they belong to us
25:15 but we glory in the fact that we understand and know God
25:18 and that we can fulfill His will.
25:20 The way that we do this is in that principle
25:22 of Deuteronomy 4:5, 6, remember that where God says
25:26 I have given you statutes and judgments
25:28 and these things and then He says,
25:30 "Keep therefore and do them, for this is your wisdom
25:36 and your understanding in the sight of the nations."
25:39 So when I receive true education
25:41 I understand that the goal is for me to know God,
25:44 to know Jesus Christ who He has sent
25:46 so that I can develop mentally, physically and spiritually
25:50 so that I may be a faithful servant to God
25:53 and to my fellowman not fulfilling my will
25:56 but living a lit that is totally and completely
25:59 subservient to God's will.
26:01 And when I live a life like that
26:02 I understand through education,
26:04 I'm walking in the path of true education
26:06 and as a result of that I will get those benefits
26:09 that God has promised which is eternal life
26:12 that He will lift me up and He will allow me
26:15 to be a vessel in His hands
26:16 where I can be put in high places perhaps.
26:18 The Bible says
26:21 that "A man's gift will make room for him,
26:23 and put him before great men."
26:25 But that gift that God gives to us
26:27 and puts us before great men is so we can tell
26:30 those great men about the great God.
26:31 So there is no phase in life under true education
26:35 where we give glory to self.
26:37 The face is always to give glory to God
26:41 and that's the great benefit of true education
26:44 and these are the things that Nebuchadnezzar
26:46 wanted to steal away
26:48 from the minds of the Hebrew faithfuls.
26:50 So it's not just obtaining the knowledge
26:53 and the education but its applying
26:55 and living in accordance to it.
26:57 That's right.
26:58 I mean, these things that we are discussing here
27:02 are absolutely vital and if you choose
27:06 and it challenges, you know, to follow these things
27:09 and to apply them to study them out
27:11 but if you choose to do so I guarantee by the grace of God
27:16 your life will be easier.
27:19 You won't have to go through some of the trials,
27:21 and the hazards, and heartache and the crisis
27:23 that myself and Brother Dwayne had to go through.
27:27 Under that true education is the key
27:29 or true knowledge of self
27:30 and we are gonna continue to talk about
27:32 this from a biblical perspective.
27:34 So we want to thank you for joining us again at TKS
27:36 or True Knowledge of Self.
27:38 We want to encourage you to come back,
27:40 to invite a friend and we hope
27:43 that you remember
27:46 the Bible tells us that it is
27:48 "The Lord that gives wisdom and from his mouth
27:53 comes knowledge and understanding."
27:56 God bless you. Amen.


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