True Knowledge of Self

Traps of the Enemy - Appetite, Part 2

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:29 Hello, my name is Dwayne Lemon.
00:31 And I am Lance Wilbur.
00:32 And we'd like to welcome you
00:34 to another program on TKS, a True Knowledge of Self,
00:38 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical prospective.
00:41 We want to thank you, for joining us
00:42 and it's always a blessing to study the word of God
00:45 where we learn so much about what God wants for us.
00:48 You see, there is a great controversy
00:50 that is taking place in this world.
00:52 The great controversy started in heaven
00:54 as we studied in Revelation 12 briefly.
00:56 And we saw that the study shows
00:58 that the great controversy is between Christ and Satan.
01:01 But it went from heaven
01:03 and it transitioned to the earth.
01:05 And the Bible said, "Woe to them,
01:07 that dwell on the earth,
01:09 for the devil has come down now on to us having great wrath,
01:11 because he knows he has but a short time".
01:13 We did not choose to enlist in this world but we are in it
01:16 and the reason the reason why we are in it
01:17 is because Satan can no longer get access to God directly,
01:21 but he can still get excess to God's heart
01:24 by affecting those whom God has given His heart to,
01:27 which is you and I.
01:29 And that's the reason why
01:30 we are in the midst of this great controversy.
01:32 And God wants us to win
01:35 and that's the reason why
01:36 we have been studying the Bible,
01:38 we have been looking at various things
01:39 in the scriptures that talk about
01:41 things that have happened in the past
01:42 but how it affects us today.
01:44 You have heard Brother Lance, and my testimony
01:46 about how Lord has brought us up
01:49 in-- in the from the world, and the things of this world,
01:52 into His marvelous light of His truth,
01:54 and we were definitely affected by urban culture,
01:57 we are affected by the hip hop culture,
01:59 and there were many things that was in our lives
02:02 that at one time we thought represented righteousness,
02:04 but as we did a careful study of the word of God
02:07 and as God spoke to our hearts,
02:09 we realized that the things that we called righteous,
02:11 were the things that the Bible calls wicked.
02:13 And we realized that a change needs to take place.
02:15 And we can change ourselves,
02:17 but through a true knowledge of self,
02:19 we understand that there is one,
02:22 who can change us, and his name is Jesus.
02:24 And we have been going through the word of God
02:26 and studying all throughout history,
02:28 the ways that God has moved
02:29 in the history of His people in times past
02:31 and how God will move amidst His people today.
02:35 We were looking at the subject of Babylon,
02:37 and we were looking at how God's people Israel
02:40 were bought into captivity.
02:42 And as they were bought into the captivity,
02:44 there were methods, there were things
02:46 that Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon,
02:48 wanted to introduce to the minds of the Israelites
02:50 to take away the things that God had taught them,
02:54 the things that God had blessed them with.
02:56 And we saw that there were three things
02:57 that Nebuchadnezzar used
02:59 in initially, in the Daniel, chapter 1.
03:01 The first one was he wanted to change their education.
03:04 The second one, he wanted to also change their names.
03:07 But then we saw on the third
03:09 that he also introduced a diet to them.
03:11 And in him introducing this diet,
03:13 this was such a major issue to the Daniel
03:16 that he found himself having to openly protest against it
03:21 and refuse to partake of the kings meal,
03:23 or to drink his wine.
03:25 And yesterday, we were going over
03:26 how, you know, the appetite is something
03:30 that is very important in the eyes of God
03:32 and then in the eyes of scripture.
03:33 And we were looking at
03:35 the importance of controlling ourselves
03:36 as it relates to appetite.
03:38 In Hip-Hop culture today, in urban lifestyle,
03:40 many a times, we kind of eat what we want
03:42 and do what we want,
03:44 depending on the disciplines, there are some areas
03:46 where there's a little bit more discipline than others.
03:49 But generally speaking, in our world today,
03:51 people kind of do what they want to do,
03:53 when they want to do, how they want to do
03:55 as long as the belly growls for it.
03:56 And, therefore, we were addressing
03:58 the subject of appetite,
03:59 and we are going to continue to pick back upon this
04:01 because there is so much that the word of God,
04:03 wants to revels to us, as it relates to this subjects.
04:07 Lance, we were going over-- in our last program,
04:10 we were looking at the important
04:12 of having temperance or self control,
04:15 as it relates to the subject of the appetite.
04:17 And we were looking at some very powerful statements
04:19 from the word of God
04:20 showing that God took this so seriously
04:22 to the point that He said that,
04:24 if we did not have control over appetite,
04:27 if we were controlled by appetite,
04:29 it would be better to put a knife to our throats.
04:31 I mean, what strong language that the Bible would use
04:33 to talk about the importance of controlling appetite.
04:36 And we were looking at why.
04:38 And we saw that one of the reasons why,
04:39 one of the greats reasons why
04:41 is because we serve the law of God with our minds
04:44 and what we eat and drink directly affects our minds.
04:48 And we started to look back
04:49 from times past with Adam and Eve
04:51 and how they failed on the point of appetite,
04:54 and they failed to the test of the lust of the flesh,
04:56 the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life
04:58 and then we looked at Jesus, that second Adam.
05:01 And when Jesus came,
05:03 Jesus was also tempted on the same three points,
05:05 lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes
05:07 and pride of life
05:08 and it was all based on appetite,
05:10 but Jesus had the victory.
05:12 And you were building on that point
05:13 and we were talking about that
05:15 and you were trying to help us
05:16 see the magnitude of this challenge,
05:19 this temptation, this trial of appetite,
05:21 but how Christ got victory
05:23 and through Christ, we can get victory as well
05:25 and how the Bible shows us things
05:26 about our selves and our bodies that we need to understand.
05:29 Why don't you, you know,
05:30 continue to built on that for us?
05:32 Because I think these are very important points.
05:33 Yeah, and the Bible goes on, you know,
05:35 this is not that just something that we have a snap shot,
05:38 and it talks about appetite randomly here and there.
05:40 We built, you know, a solid case
05:43 and we saw that the Bible is giving the evidence
05:45 necessary to realize the importance of appetite.
05:49 However, the Bible continues
05:50 and going forward in the New Testimony,
05:52 I want to, you know direct our attention to a text
05:54 that kind of establishes a core principle,
05:57 as it relates to our bodies, our minds
06:00 and our own spiritual development
06:03 and spiritual health.
06:04 It is found in 1 Corinthians Chapter 6.
06:07 So I want to direct our attention there.
06:08 Now I am going to read 1 Corinthians Chapter 6
06:12 and I am going to read verses 19 and 20.
06:16 Paul, the apostle Paul is speaking here
06:18 to the church at Corinth
06:19 and we know that church of Corinth
06:21 had various problems and controversies and issues.
06:24 1 Corinthians 6:19 and 20.
06:27 It says," What?
06:29 Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost
06:33 which is in you,
06:34 which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
06:36 For ye are bought with a price.
06:39 Therefore glorify God in your body,
06:43 and in your spirit, which are God's."
06:47 It was a very interesting scene if you will where you had now
06:53 instead of only Jews, you know, cultural Jews.
06:57 Expecting the Messiah, you now had a massive amount
07:00 after the crucifixion in what we refer to
07:04 as the day of Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2,
07:06 you have a massive influx now of non Jews becoming
07:11 what we refer to now as Christians,
07:13 followers of Christ.
07:15 And as these, you know, basically heathenistic,
07:18 Greco-Roman individuals from all over the globe,
07:21 and then various other cultures now come into the "church,"
07:26 they are bringing some of their customs
07:28 and their culture into the mix.
07:31 And one of the predominant thoughts or ideologies,
07:37 world views if you will, or something called dualism,
07:40 it's a fancy word but it is very simple,
07:43 they basically thought that every thing,
07:45 you know, they believed in the spirit
07:47 and they believed in the physical,
07:49 the physical, what is referred to metaphysical,
07:51 beyond the physical, right.
07:53 And we get this from the philosophers,
07:56 Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, right.
07:58 And essentially, they looked at the spirit as completely
08:04 and 100 percent separate from the body, the physical
08:09 and that the body simply a shell
08:12 that was housing the spirit.
08:14 And as soon as the body would die,
08:16 the spirit would be released
08:17 into some other existence, you know.
08:20 And then other people,
08:22 philosophers had different thoughts
08:23 as to where you were go and what you do?
08:25 But nevertheless, in the mind set,
08:27 in this world view, everything physical,
08:30 whether that is a table,
08:31 or that's the human body was evil.
08:34 It was corrupt, it was wicked, it was perishable.
08:37 But everything spirit was eternal
08:41 and good and right and "holy"
08:44 so this concept, you know, dominated the culture,
08:49 pretty much the cultural
08:50 where all of this activity is going on,
08:52 and this influx of Christianity is taking place.
08:55 And so they are coming in, accepting Christ,
08:58 and believing somehow
09:00 that if you serve Christ with your spirit,
09:04 it doesn't matter what you do with your body.
09:06 And you know, that's interesting
09:07 because there are religious movements today
09:09 even under the title of Christianity
09:12 that had the very same view that you are sharing right now,
09:15 presently even here in 2013,
09:17 where individuals actually will think
09:20 it's not really about the physical tangible
09:23 but it's more about the spiritual "eternal."
09:25 Right.
09:27 And, so people say, "Oh, it doesn't matter,
09:29 what I do with my body, my heart is right with God"
09:30 and things like that.
09:32 Yeah, well, this concept is ancient, right.
09:34 In fact, we traced it there,
09:35 kind of back to the Garden of Eden
09:37 and that controversy there.
09:38 But nevertheless, this dominated the scene
09:42 and Paul is having to address this
09:43 in Galatia, in Corinth, in Ephesus.
09:46 The same thing is happening
09:47 because you have these large Metropolises,
09:49 these large cities like, imagine a New York
09:51 or, you know, or London, or Paris, Chicago,
09:54 these places are, you know, in existence
09:58 to a certain degree in ancient times,
10:00 in the city of Corinth, Ephesus,
10:02 these large metropolises
10:03 where people from all over the world are gathered,
10:05 commerce, money, everything is flowing there,
10:08 and these church are growing, thousands of people coming in,
10:11 thousands of people are coming in
10:13 and these compromises are being made.
10:15 And so Paul is having to hear these stories,
10:18 and then send letters to correct and address.
10:20 So he is saying here that,
10:22 "Do not you know that your body is the temple of the Holy ghost
10:25 which is in you, which is you have of God,
10:27 and you are not your own.
10:29 For you are bought with a price.
10:31 Therefore, glorify God in your body
10:33 and in your spirit, which are God's."
10:36 So he is saying, basically, because you are not your own,
10:40 you are bought with a price
10:42 and he's talking about the sacrifice that was made,
10:44 the blood of lamb through Jesus Christ
10:47 because God saved you, and redeemed you
10:49 from damnation and wickedness.
10:52 In Jeremiah 79 and all these verses we've looked at,
10:54 "You have sinned and fall short."
10:56 You are worthy of death, but the God has saved you.
10:58 He has purchased you if you will.
11:00 You are slave sold into slavery and He bought you,
11:04 and redeemed you, and restored you,
11:05 adopted you into His family.
11:07 Because He has done that, you don't have the liberty
11:13 to do whatever you want to do, with your body.
11:15 That's right. Nor your spirit.
11:17 And so he has to stress this concept
11:19 over and over again.
11:20 So what this text is saying that,
11:23 we as the followers of Christ, we have been purchased,
11:28 not just by the redemption of the Son of God,
11:32 but by creation.
11:34 God has the authority to tell us what to do
11:38 with our bodies that He has created by creation
11:41 and in a following condition because He saved us,
11:43 He has the authority to tells us,
11:45 what to do now, even now
11:47 because He has adopted us back into His family.
11:50 Now this becomes very, very important then
11:52 because a lot of people think that,
11:55 it's amazing how we can take upon the name of the God
11:58 but yet, we don't manifest
11:59 the characteristics that He expects of us.
12:01 And He also imparts power for us to live this lifestyle.
12:05 And here it is that you are introducing
12:07 to a lot of people what would be paradigm shift,
12:09 it's like, wait a minute.
12:10 You mean that, that it's not just all about "spirit"
12:14 but I need to also be mindful of my body,
12:17 and be a good stewardship, steward over my body as well.
12:21 And this is how Paul is, he is reminding them of this,
12:24 or he is informing them,
12:25 "Don't you know that your body is the temple?"
12:28 And I love how he separates, body, spirit.
12:32 And spirit. That's right. Yeah.
12:33 It's like he is not making the sound
12:34 like that they are just one, but they are separate
12:36 but, yet God expects us to stewards over both.
12:39 Now considering this on the point of appetite then,
12:42 what is God's view when it comes to
12:44 what we put inside of the temple,
12:47 the temple of our bodies?
12:48 I mean, what does God say about that
12:50 then if we go ahead and just say,
12:51 well, I'm still gonna put whatever I want in my system,
12:55 irregardless of the fact
12:56 that I realize I've been bought?
12:58 Because, think about it.
12:59 If something is bought,
13:01 that means that whoever bought is the owner,
13:02 not the item itself.
13:04 And we understand that on a temporary level.
13:06 But so it is that if we realize that
13:07 we are the purchased of the God,
13:10 we have been bought, that means
13:12 that we don't have ownership of our bodies.
13:13 Now watch this.
13:15 The same way that if I walk into a store,
13:18 and I take something.
13:20 Or let's us make it more clear.
13:21 Let's say I go into someone's home,
13:23 and they bought a vase or vase and here it is,
13:27 that you know when I go into the house,
13:29 I see that and I say I like that
13:30 and I just take it.
13:32 I am taking what someone else bought.
13:34 Now anyone with common sense would know
13:36 that's called stealing.
13:37 And the eight commandment says, "Thou shall not steal."
13:40 And to break the commandments, it is sin.
13:42 So, when an individual takes their body
13:46 which God bought and owns, and when God gives instruction
13:51 from His word to see this is how I want the body,
13:54 my temple to be taken care of.
13:56 These are the things that I don't want put in it,
13:58 these are things I do want to put in it,
14:00 so that it may function at his highest capacity.
14:03 When an individual chooses to say,
14:05 I am gonna take, Lord, what you bought,
14:08 knowing this information, if you are ignorant,
14:09 if someone don't know, God doesn't condemn them.
14:11 But if they know,
14:13 but for the mere indulgence of appetite,
14:15 I like it, I want it, so I am gonna do it any how.
14:18 When an individual does that, they have done more
14:21 than just make a bad decision that could hurt their liver,
14:24 or hurt their heart or hut some other part
14:26 of their human anatomy, they have sinned.
14:29 Because the Bible lets us know that when we take something
14:33 that has been bought by an another
14:35 and we use it for our own purposes
14:37 without the permission of the owner,
14:38 that is clearly called stealing
14:40 and it's amazing how in our eating and drinking habits,
14:44 if we do not carefully study the word,
14:47 we could be committing something
14:49 that the Bible condemns,
14:50 which is sin, and not even realize it.
14:53 And this is why, God want us to open our eyes.
14:55 This why we are going over these studies,
14:57 because a lot of people don't know this.
14:59 They don't understand this,
15:01 and again, the Bible says in John 3:19,
15:04 "This is condemnation,
15:07 that light is coming to the world
15:09 and men loved darkness, rather than light."
15:13 When light comes to us and we say, I don't want it,
15:16 because it interferes with the path of my life,
15:20 at that point Gods says, "Now condemnation comes."
15:23 But before that time comes, it is not condemnation.
15:27 If the person didn't know, then it's not condemnation,
15:30 it's education.
15:31 And I am sure that we have lots of viewers
15:33 that are hearing this and they are saying,
15:35 "I didn't know this."
15:36 And we want to assure you as our viewers
15:38 that this is not a point of condemnation to you.
15:41 This is the point of education
15:43 and education is not condemnatory,
15:44 education is wonderful.
15:46 But again, it's true education, it's a true knowledge of self,
15:49 it's true understanding of God and Jesus Christ,
15:52 whom He had sent, and God's will for our lives.
15:55 So continue to enjoy this study
15:56 because it is liberating, not enslaving.
15:59 Lance, let's go ahead and continue
16:00 because is it-- is it there something in the script
16:04 that speaks very plainly about God's attitude
16:09 towards those of us
16:10 who recognize the body as the temple,
16:12 but yet, we'll go ahead
16:14 and just indulge in whatever we want
16:15 in the name of appetite,
16:16 does the Bible speak clearly of,
16:18 well, what would happen to an individual
16:21 if we just chose to ignore the thing of God,
16:23 do what we want any how?
16:24 What is-- Does the Bible speak on this?
16:26 We are gonna go to another verse
16:28 and it's just, you know, sometimes God has given us,
16:31 you know, intellect and reasoning
16:32 and because there is only two choices, right,
16:35 life or death.
16:37 Many times, for example, in John 14:15.
16:40 Jesus says, "If you love me, keep my commandments."
16:45 Because that is true,
16:47 you know, it's the law of non contradiction.
16:49 Because that is true, the opposite is also true
16:53 and not true in the sense that, they both, you know,
16:56 contradicting each other, but they both are reality.
16:58 So Jesus says, "If you love me, keep my commandments."
17:01 Well, the opposite of that is, if you don't love me,
17:04 don't keep my commandments.
17:05 So, by one being stated, the opposite is also a reality.
17:09 So if don't love Jesus, don't keep His commandments.
17:11 But He says, but if you love me do.
17:13 So, in this, just reading, first Corinthians 6,19 and 20,
17:18 we glorify God, we are called to or commanded
17:21 if you will to glorify God and our body and our spirit.
17:24 Which are God's.
17:26 So, that means there is the potential
17:28 that we can dishonor God or not glorify God
17:30 in our body and in our spirit.
17:33 SO it's-- it's there in the text book,
17:34 we want to go to another just to show clearly
17:36 how serious God take this matter
17:38 and we are going just back to few chapters.
17:41 We are going to 1 Corinthians Chapter 3,
17:44 1 Corinthians Chapter 3,
17:47 and we are looking just at the verse 16 and 17,
17:50 1 Corinthians Chapter 3:16 and 17.
17:54 It says again, "Know ye not
17:57 that ye are the temple of God
17:59 and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
18:03 If any man defile the temple of God,
18:06 him shall God destroy;
18:09 for temple God is holy, which temple ye are.
18:14 Now some might argue, while contextually,
18:17 Paul, the apostle is talking to the church as a whole
18:21 and that is correct, but there is the concept,
18:26 you know, it's a theological concept.
18:28 I refer it to as cooperate solidarity, right.
18:31 It simply means like is like, so for example,
18:34 if I am-- if I have my family gathered.
18:37 I have four children and my wife.
18:38 I have my family gathered and I issue some kind of,
18:41 we-- we have talked about this, we have discussed it,
18:43 my wife and I, and we are now telling my children as a group,
18:47 we have them all sitting there and we are saying,
18:49 alright guys, we want you to this or that
18:52 or we don't want you to do this or that.
18:54 I am speaking to my children, but as individuals,
18:59 every single individual child
19:01 is responsible for following that instruction.
19:04 Do you understand?
19:06 So even though I am giving the commands or the instruction
19:09 to my children as whole, each individual,
19:13 it applies to each individual the same as the whole.
19:16 So in this context,
19:17 while he is speaking to the church as body,
19:21 he is-- every individual is responsible for that
19:23 which is being spoken to the congregation.
19:26 So the temple of God is the church as a whole,
19:30 the body of Christ, but each individual,
19:33 your individual body is also the temple,
19:36 the indwelling, of the Holy Spirit.
19:38 Right. Absolutely.
19:39 So this is the promise, that the Holy Spirit
19:41 doesn't just come to the church as the whole,
19:42 every individual that makes that decision
19:44 and goes through that process, that conversion,
19:47 the Holy Spirit is given to him.
19:48 That's right. He gives gifts unto men, right.
19:50 So it says here that if any man defile the temple,
19:55 as a whole or as an individual member,
19:58 him will God destroy.
20:00 And again, this destruction is not because
20:03 God is looking to punish and crush people
20:05 but God will let the natural course,
20:07 you know, play out as we discussed in many cases.
20:10 If we go against God, then this happens.
20:13 We looked in Deuteronomy 28, blessings and cursings.
20:16 If we obey, then this happens.
20:18 If we are in a right--
20:20 and we're in harmony with heaven,
20:21 then we have these blessings, if we are not in harmony
20:24 then the curses, as they're called.
20:26 Now there is a way
20:27 that the Bible expresses this very point
20:29 that I think would be worthy to read for the edification.
20:32 So that what we can really understand of this.
20:33 Proverbs Chapter 1. All right.
20:35 In Proverbs, the first chapter,
20:37 the same thought that you just expressed about,
20:40 you know, some people paint a picture of God,
20:42 that He is on a killing spree, you know.
20:44 And He loves to destroy the people,
20:45 and all these type of things
20:47 and it not that God does not destroy.
20:48 I do believe that there are definitely biblical examples
20:51 that God does destroy.
20:52 But we have to understand one of the means
20:54 of how this destruction comes
20:56 and we are gonna look at it on a more deeper level.
20:58 It says in Proverbs, the first chapter.
21:01 And here is what it says in verse 25
21:04 and I am gonna read it down a little bit
21:05 because I think it's very powerful.
21:07 Proverbs Chapter 1
21:08 and we are gonna look at verses 25,
21:11 and we are gonna ahead and take it down to verse 31.
21:14 It says, "But ye have set at nought all my counsel,
21:20 and would none of my reproof.
21:23 I also will laugh at your calamity;
21:26 I will mock when your fear cometh.
21:28 When your fear cometh as desolation,
21:29 and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind;
21:32 when distress and anguish cometh upon you,
21:34 then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer;
21:38 they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me.
21:41 For that they hated knowledge,
21:44 and did not choose the fear of the Lord.
21:47 They would none of my counsel: They despised all my reproof.
21:50 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way,
21:56 and be filled with their own devices."
22:00 And so you will find that God is saying,
22:02 I came to you to give you life,
22:04 I came to you to give you instruction,
22:07 I came to you to give you council
22:08 so that you can know how to have a happy life
22:11 here on this earth, as well as prepare
22:13 and be an instrument of preparation
22:15 for eternal life also in the earth made new.
22:18 If an individual says, I don't want this council,
22:21 I don't want these reproofs that you give us
22:23 well, then what happens is God says,
22:26 all right then, I am gonna let you
22:29 follow the path of your own decision,
22:31 but I am gonna also let you
22:32 eat the fruit of your own decision.
22:34 Right. Now a question.
22:36 Does God cut the person off
22:38 that they chose not to go against him?
22:40 No, absolutely not.
22:41 When God, God appeals to the heart
22:44 over and over and over again.
22:45 As long as there is a even a-- a small hole
22:48 in the conscience of the man,
22:50 where God see, He can reach that individual,
22:51 God's gonna go ahead and do it.
22:53 Right, so it's like, when we look at the Genesis 3,
22:55 it says, if you eat it, you are going to die.
22:58 They ate it, did not drop dead.
23:01 Because God's character that we looked at in Exodus 34
23:03 that He is merciful and gracious, longsuffering,
23:06 abundant in goodness and truth, right.
23:08 So God is constantly is trying to win and save,
23:11 even when we are rebelling, rebelling, rebelling
23:14 but people don't like this idea but there does come a time,
23:17 that if you continue, God has to say,
23:20 like He says in the book of Isaiah,
23:22 what more could I have done for my vineyard.
23:24 That's right.
23:26 So, therefore, this is what God is trying to reveal.
23:28 His heart, remember,
23:29 "I present before you life and death,
23:31 blessings and cursings, choose life."
23:33 This is Gods attitude to us.
23:35 Choose life, choose the right way, come on.
23:37 And He pulls and He draws
23:39 and He does every thing possible
23:41 to make His love and His grace known to us.
23:45 But individuals have choice and we can choose to say,
23:49 I don't want your grace, I don't want your love,
23:51 I don't your mercy.
23:52 And if an individual chooses that,
23:54 God says, I will respect your choice enough,
23:57 that I will allow you to go ahead
24:00 and see the fruit of your labors.
24:02 And you know, God is so good that,
24:03 even when in an individuals choose a foul path of life,
24:06 God will let them, fall into a pit,
24:10 the pit that they themselves walked into,
24:12 he will let them do it, but in many respects,
24:14 God will still have His mercy and grace there
24:16 that even when they fall, it's not a detrimental fall,
24:19 it not something where you can't get back up.
24:22 Gods says, all right you fell on your face now.
24:24 Now are you willing to accept me.
24:26 You know, one of the people I think about
24:27 with this is Pharaoh.
24:28 I mean, look at how much mercy
24:30 God showed to that very wicked king.
24:32 And it was as if he was just adamant.
24:35 He became I would say, pickled
24:37 in his decision, in his rebellion.
24:39 Are you talking about in the time of Moses?
24:40 Yes, this is Pharaoh in the time of Moses
24:41 and it got to a point
24:43 where there was nothing else that God could do.
24:46 Pharaoh, you must now eat of fruit of your labor.
24:49 You chose sin, Pharaoh.
24:52 I must now allow you
24:53 to receive the payment that comes with sin.
24:55 And that was death. Right.
24:56 And this, in your own story, God spoke to you and said,
24:59 "Will you listen to me now."
25:00 Thank the Lord,
25:02 that instead of me being like Pharaoh and saying, no,
25:04 I was in that limousine saying yes to God.
25:07 And it could have gotten a lot worst,
25:09 but you know what, it's still sad
25:10 because my nephew had to die
25:14 so that I may receive eternal life.
25:16 God offered eternal life to me before my nephew's death.
25:19 Had I accepted it in the times that God offered it,
25:22 I could have shared it with my nephew
25:23 and my nephew probably could have been with us today.
25:26 There are people you say, you know, listen
25:29 you know, when a person dies,
25:31 it's there time so it is what it is.
25:33 But the Bible doesn't teach that fully.
25:35 It is true Ecclesiastes 3:2, the Bible does say,
25:40 that "there is a time to live and there is a time to die."
25:43 That true.
25:44 So definitely, there is time to die
25:46 and Jesus demonstrated that.
25:47 There were many times the Jews tried to kill Jesus
25:50 but in them trying to kill Christ,
25:51 Jesus said, it is not my time and as a result of that
25:54 He could not die before His time.
25:56 So we know that the Bible does teach
25:58 that there is a time to die.
26:00 But in Ecclesiastes 7,
26:03 we also know that it says, in verse 17,
26:06 "Neither be thou foolish
26:09 for why wilt thou die before thy time?"
26:13 So you got to take balance of all scripture.
26:15 Not everyone who dies, died because it was their time.
26:18 It is possible that if we indulge in things
26:22 that are foolish, that it can cause us
26:25 to die before our time
26:27 and of course, that's gonna break
26:28 not only the heart of God,
26:29 but it breaks of all those around us who love us
26:31 and wanted us to remain with them.
26:33 And this why we are going through these councils,
26:35 this is why we are going through these scriptures
26:37 so that we can help people
26:38 see the realities that God loves us
26:41 and He wants us to follow Him in His will and His ways.
26:44 Right, and if we understand this,
26:45 we are talking about all these things
26:46 and we are talking about governess of the physical body
26:49 and the importance of it
26:50 and the connection to mental and spiritual.
26:52 And sometimes we think,
26:53 well, now, that's not important,
26:55 God is not concerned with that,
26:56 but we are not realizing that where it begins.
27:00 You know, God created the body.
27:02 So are we suggesting that God doesn't know the best way
27:05 to govern the body and to operate the body?
27:07 He has all these rules and regulations to govern,
27:10 the physical tabernacle in the wilderness,
27:11 the temple of God, the temple of Solomon,
27:14 but He doesn't have instructions
27:16 and rules to best operate
27:18 and keep our physical bodies clean
27:20 and that we are place
27:22 in which He desires to dwell in reality through His spirit.
27:25 Yeah, I mean, friends we've got into a point
27:28 where we're right at the close of our program
27:30 but we want to let you know this.
27:31 We have been studying
27:33 the importance of taking care of God's temple.
27:37 And we see that there are blessings
27:39 and there are curses.
27:41 But God always, He counts at us to choose the blessings.
27:43 We have been fairly general, but we're gonna be getting
27:45 much more detail and succinct in our next study,
27:49 so you come back and join us
27:51 and just remember Proverbs 2:6 that tells us,
27:54 "It is the Lord that gives us wisdom
27:56 and out of His mouth comes knowledge
27:58 and understanding."
27:59 God Bless you. See you next time.


Revised 2016-02-25