True Knowledge of Self

Traps of the Enemy - Appetite, Part 5

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:29 Hello, my name is Dwayne Lemon. And I'm Lance Wilbur.
00:32 And we like to welcome you to another program on TKS,
00:35 a True Knowledge of Self,
00:37 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:40 We have been going into the Word of God
00:42 from our last program, where we were looking
00:44 at some of the things
00:46 that individuals can read in the scripture.
00:48 And sometimes, it appears as if it may say
00:52 something different from the teachings
00:54 that has been shared on some of our programs.
00:56 Especially, since we've been focusing quite a bit
00:59 on the role of appetite and how it affects us,
01:02 not just physically,
01:03 but also mentally and spiritually.
01:06 And as a result of that,
01:07 this becomes a very serious subject
01:09 and it's a serious subject to God
01:11 and we've demonstrated that
01:12 through the scanning through of His Word
01:14 but we also want to share these things with you in a way
01:17 that by God's grace it can be clear.
01:19 Therefore, we wanted to consider
01:20 some of the questions
01:22 that typically come in people's minds,
01:23 when it comes to what does the Bible say
01:26 about the Book of Acts 10,
01:29 where there's a story about things
01:31 that were once known to be unclean
01:33 but now God cleaned them up.
01:35 So, okay.
01:36 It's okay to eat today, and it's all right
01:37 and you know, and we have this kind of verses
01:39 that can appear on the surface.
01:42 It can appear as if it's a contradiction.
01:45 It can appear as if something has been phased out,
01:47 where something new has come in.
01:49 But this is why the Bible never,
01:51 you know the Word of God has never encouraged us
01:53 to read the scriptures.
01:54 It says in 2 Timothy, 2:15, "Study to show thy self,
01:58 approved unto God that we can be workman
02:00 that need not be ashamed,
02:02 rightly dividing the word of truth."
02:06 And the method that God gives us to do that
02:09 is a method of line upon line,
02:11 preset upon preset, here a little, there a little.
02:14 Letting the Bible interpret itself
02:17 and therefore, we've been looking at
02:18 what the Bible has to say on these various subjects
02:21 as it relates to appetite,
02:22 how does it affect us, how does it affect us
02:24 in our urban communities?
02:25 How does it affect those of us who have been influenced
02:27 by the things that we call pleasure
02:29 in the name of hip-hop and R&B culture?
02:31 'Cause eating and drinking is definitely part of it.
02:33 We're going to be touching on eating today
02:35 but also drinking too, and we're going to look at that
02:37 and how it correlates to the experiences
02:39 that we have in our day-to-day lives
02:41 in urban society.
02:42 Lance, we were right there at Acts 10, I mean I could,
02:46 I can imagine our viewers like at the edge of their seat,
02:49 just getting ready to fall off because we really left them
02:51 on a cliffhanger.
02:52 We left them right there, where you were going through
02:54 the story of Acts 10 and you were,
02:57 we were addressing the question of
02:59 "Are there examples in the Bible
03:02 where God may have referred to a food item
03:06 as unclean in times past,
03:08 but then later on at some point in time
03:10 God suddenly cleaned it up?"
03:12 And Acts 10 is one of those pivotal chapters in the Bible
03:15 that individual say, "Yes, see here,
03:17 it's right here, God,
03:18 the things that were once unclean,
03:20 now they're clean."
03:21 Yeah.
03:22 And you were going through this passage of scripture
03:24 this chapter to kind of help us understand
03:27 what's going on in the Book of Acts 10?
03:29 What's the story drop behind it?
03:30 And then of course going through the verses carefully.
03:33 Now when you were doing it beforehand,
03:36 you were, you know, you were going through it
03:38 but we were moving a little quickly
03:39 'cause I know we were reaching towards the end of our program
03:41 and it might be worth it to just review
03:44 a little more slowly Acts 10, and we'll go through
03:47 some of those verses to carefully look
03:49 at what was happening in the experience of Cornelius
03:52 and Peter, the vision, the things that were unclean,
03:55 and what God called clean and, of course, what it means today?
03:58 So why don't you go ahead and build with us on that?
04:00 Again we're looking at Acts 10 and I'm just going to,
04:04 you know, walk through and paint the picture,
04:06 you can follow along there.
04:08 I'm not going to read every single verse.
04:09 Right.
04:10 I'll just kind of highlight what's happening.
04:12 So this is post crucifixion, the apostles have received,
04:17 and the followers of Christ have received the Holy Spirit,
04:20 3,000 were baptized, 5,000 were baptized.
04:23 The message is going out to the world,
04:25 both to Jew and non-Jew.
04:28 All right, now, what had been entrenched
04:31 in the minds of the Israelites, not through the Bible
04:34 but through corrupt leadership and it's still through
04:38 the various alternative writings,
04:40 the Talmud, the Mishnah,
04:42 where they had kind of enacted these rigorous fanatical,
04:47 if you will laws and kind of made that elevated
04:51 that above the Bible to a certain extent.
04:53 That's where the Rabbis were trained through the Talmud,
04:56 and that became the law.
04:57 The Pharisees and you can consider the scribes
05:00 and the Pharisees.
05:01 They were of that group.
05:03 And it was clearly taught from a little child
05:07 that although in the Bible, God says that His people
05:09 were to be the lights to the gentiles.
05:12 They were to be His witnesses.
05:14 He called, He raised them up for His glory
05:17 and He designed them to give them the truth,
05:20 only so that they could live it and give it to the world.
05:24 That's right.
05:26 He chose to partner with humanity with this people
05:30 that he called from nowhere,
05:31 this obscure tribe of wandering individuals.
05:35 And He chose them and wanted to elevate them
05:36 above every nation on the earth,
05:38 not for their own prestige and pride,
05:41 but so they could carry the gospel to the world.
05:43 Right.
05:44 The message of salvation to the world,
05:46 even in Old Testament times, right?
05:50 They had taken this now
05:51 and twisted it to protect the truth.
05:55 And keep it from defilement and keep it from infection
05:59 from other tribes.
06:00 So they began to literally categorize
06:04 non-Jews as unclean.
06:08 And so they would be in the same category
06:10 as the pig, or as the camel, or as the dog,
06:15 that not only if I ate it,
06:16 it would make me unclean, it would defile me,
06:18 but if I even touched it
06:20 or even sat down and ate with it,
06:21 or I went into its house any, shook hands with it,
06:24 any interaction whatsoever, even walked the same path,
06:27 it got to that extent.
06:29 They were treated like dogs and like unclean animals.
06:33 And they even referred to them as such.
06:35 So they had gotten into this, this mindset
06:39 and institutionalized rebellion if you will and corruption,
06:43 and Peter is affected by this.
06:45 And some of the rest of the apostles are affected
06:47 by this idea that, well,
06:50 if a non-Jew wants to follow Christ,
06:54 don't they have to become circumcised?
06:56 Don't they have to follow the laws,
06:58 and all the laws like they had understood it,
07:00 as taught from the Pharisees?
07:02 Don't they have to follow all these things
07:03 in order to be part of our fellowship?
07:05 And it got to the point where Peter,
07:08 he as a faithful Jew of the time,
07:11 he would not share space with the Roman.
07:13 Romans were the apex of apostate
07:16 and wickedness, apostasy, and wickedness,
07:20 and evil in regards to humanity,
07:22 because they were the imperial force
07:23 that was occupying Israel.
07:25 They believed that they were the persecuting power
07:28 or the prophesied and that the Messiah
07:29 was going to come out and wipe out the Romans.
07:32 So at the same time as Peter is kind of harboring
07:36 and perpetuating this misconception
07:39 in his own life,
07:40 you have an individual Cornelius,
07:43 and Cornelius is a Roman officer,
07:45 a centurion, a highly ranking Roman officer in the military.
07:49 And he actually has a relationship with God.
07:52 He has accepted the teachings of the Bible
07:54 through the Israelites.
07:56 And he's taught his household to do the same.
07:59 And he's there praying, he is going to his worship
08:01 however that was.
08:02 An angel, God sends a messenger to him.
08:05 And tells him, "You need to go
08:08 and send for a man named Peter."
08:10 And by the way, this man named Peter
08:11 is in this particular city.
08:13 He's in this particular house.
08:14 He's on this street, gives him the address
08:16 and to go find him.
08:17 This is whose house he's staying at
08:19 and this is the street it's on in the city.
08:21 So he immediately sends his servants
08:23 to go bring this man Peter because God has said,
08:26 you need to bring Peter here to deliver a certain message.
08:29 He has a message for you in your home.
08:31 So at this time as the messengers are on route
08:35 to find Peter and bring him back to Cornelius's home.
08:38 Peter is meditating and having worship,
08:42 if you will, and God sends a vision to Peter.
08:46 And this vision is a curtain or sheet comes and falls
08:51 and comes, descends out of heaven
08:53 and on the sheet are unclean animals.
08:55 You know the snakes, and the rodents,
08:57 and the bugs and creeping things,
08:58 all manner of unclean animals
09:01 like is described in Leviticus 11.
09:04 So all the unclean animals are coming down in this sheet
09:07 and a voice from heaven,
09:08 as Peter is looking at these things
09:09 and probably disgusted, right?
09:11 And afraid that he's going to be defiled.
09:13 A voice comes from heaven and says
09:15 "Arise, Peter, kill and eat."
09:18 And Peter immediately says
09:20 "Not so, I'm not going to do that,
09:21 I've never even eaten any of these things,
09:24 not even touched them."
09:25 And then the voice from heaven says
09:27 "What God has cleansed that call not thou common."
09:30 Don't call that common.
09:32 He says, "I've never eaten anything common or unclean."
09:34 He says, "What God has cleansed,
09:36 don't refer to as common or unclean."
09:38 And he said it three times, the Bible says.
09:41 And then he says
09:42 that at the tail end of this exchange,
09:44 the voice from heaven says,
09:46 "Listen, there's going to be men
09:47 coming to knock at the door, they're downstairs right now."
09:50 And they've come and they're going to ask you
09:52 to go with them.
09:53 I want you to go down and go with them,
09:55 nothing doubting.
09:57 Don't doubt it, for I've sent them.
09:59 So Peter now is just seeing this vision
10:01 and literally, you know the knocks at the door.
10:04 And he has to go down
10:06 and he has to go with these men.
10:07 You know potentially these non-Jewish men
10:09 to a Romans officer's house.
10:12 He gets to the house and as he shares
10:16 this exchange now with Cornelius.
10:18 He eventually tells him the story of the gospel.
10:21 Cornelius and his whole entire household are baptized
10:23 and filled with the Holy Spirit.
10:25 The same way that the Jewish apostles
10:27 and the Jewish followers of Christ,
10:28 the 120 in that upper room, about 120 in the upper room
10:33 in Acts 2 were filled with the Holy Ghost.
10:36 Now this Roman, this gentile is filled with the Holy Ghost
10:41 in all of his house.
10:42 And Peter summarizes this vision and the experience,
10:48 and the lesson that God was teaching him
10:50 through the vision with the unclean animals.
10:52 And he summarizes it in verse 28.
10:54 So I want to read from Acts 10:28 to show
10:58 what the Bible says, what Peter says of himself
11:00 was the meaning of the vision.
11:02 Okay. All Right?
11:03 So Acts 10:28, it says, "And he said unto them..."
11:10 Peter is speaking now
11:11 to the gentiles of Cornelius' home.
11:15 "And he said unto to them, he know how that it is unlaw
11:19 and unlawful thing for a man that is a Jew to keep company,
11:23 or to come unto one of another nation.
11:27 But God hath showed me that I should not call
11:31 any man common or unclean."
11:36 I mean, it's mind-boggling.
11:37 When I first read this for the very first time,
11:39 my mind was astounded.
11:40 Oh, yeah.
11:41 So the vision of all the unclean animals
11:43 literally didn't represent unclean animals
11:46 and creepy things.
11:47 It literally represented non-Jews.
11:51 And Peter understood this. He got the lesson.
11:54 And he said, God has showed me in that vision
11:57 that I am not to call, you know,
11:59 it's, number one it's unlawful.
12:00 You know that is unlawful for a Jew to enter into a house
12:04 or to share space with a non-Jew,
12:06 but God has showed me that I should not call
12:08 any man common or unclean.
12:12 This is what Acts 10 is talking about.
12:15 It's not talking about, it's now God has cleansed
12:18 unclean animals, he was talking about Peter,
12:21 you need to let go of this bigotry.
12:23 You need to let go of your racism.
12:25 And you need to carry this message to the gentiles.
12:28 And I need to show you this vision to let you know
12:31 that I have blessed the gentiles.
12:34 I have cleansed the gentiles and it's now time for them
12:37 to receive the light of the gospel.
12:40 Well, you know, I see two lessons coming out of it.
12:42 Number one, I see the clarification on
12:45 what we were going to call the argument.
12:46 The argument is, well, you're showing me
12:49 from the Bible that there's all these unclean animals
12:52 that God says we're not supposed to eat.
12:54 So the first one is, well,
12:56 this pertains only to Jewish people.
12:57 Yeah.
12:59 Well, then we go ahead and say, "Well, how could that be?"
13:00 When we look at Genesis 7 and we see it very clearly,
13:03 that before there was ever a Jewish person
13:04 who walked on this earth, there animals were
13:06 still designated as clean and unclean.
13:08 Right.
13:10 So therefore, it is not a Jewish teaching.
13:12 It was a teaching for humanity
13:14 that there are animals that are clean,
13:15 there are animals that are unclean.
13:16 Why did they go into the ark?
13:18 Because there were no garbage can systems
13:20 or anything like that
13:21 and God knew that once this whole flood situation
13:23 was going to be over, eventually,
13:26 when mankind begins to populate or repopulate the earth,
13:29 there's going to be waste.
13:30 There's going to be, you know,
13:32 the natural things that make up life.
13:33 And therefore, they were the scavengers of the land,
13:35 the scavengers of the sea,
13:36 the scavengers that fly through the air.
13:38 And these were the instruments. These were the garbage cans.
13:40 And therefore, it was a necessity
13:43 for these animals to be preserved
13:45 and that's why God had them to go into the ark,
13:46 not for them to be eaten.
13:48 Right.
13:49 Well, here it is, now we fast forward
13:51 all the way down to the time of Acts 10.
13:52 And we see, yes, Peter did have a vision
13:54 and yes, God did definitely use
13:56 unclean animals to represent something.
13:59 And he says, "Go ahead and eat."
14:01 Peter says, "No, never eat anything common or unclean."
14:04 God says, "Don't call anything that I have cleansed."
14:08 Now see, that's key. Yeah.
14:10 In 1 John 1:7, it says that
14:14 "The blood of Christ cleanses us from our sins."
14:17 Yeah.
14:19 That is the story of redemption,
14:21 and that's why I mention in times past,
14:24 show me one verse in the Bible
14:25 where God came to redeem animals.
14:28 You don't see that in the scripture.
14:30 You see that God came to redeem people.
14:32 The blood of Christ was spilt, so that man may be
14:36 cleansed from his sins and be reunited with God.
14:39 And this is why it would be ludicrous to think
14:42 that in Acts 10 that God suddenly wanted
14:46 to clean up animals that were once unclean,
14:49 for what purpose?
14:50 So that our bellies that growl for it can be satisfied?
14:52 Right.
14:53 God forbid, that is not,
14:55 that is not faithful study of the scripture.
14:57 And that's why I said before, we have to go back
15:00 to a faithful study of the scripture.
15:02 How to study the Bible?
15:04 This is why I appreciate when you give the backdrop.
15:06 You give the story,
15:07 you're not making this stuff up.
15:08 It's in the Bible and when we understand that,
15:11 that's not... We can look at it sensibly.
15:13 You know God believes in that.
15:15 That's why He says in Isaiah 1:18,
15:16 "Let us reason together."
15:18 God says in Proverbs 23:1, He says,
15:21 "When you sit to eat with the king,
15:23 consider diligently what is set before you."
15:25 God believes in us using our brains,
15:27 that's why He gave it to us.
15:29 He wants us to think and to reason and to consider.
15:32 When we consider Acts 10, there is no way
15:36 that a faithful student of the scripture,
15:38 I believe can honestly look at that whole chapter,
15:43 follow the storyline and conclude
15:45 especially after reading verse 28,
15:48 where Peter literally is using the very words from the vision.
15:52 God hath shown me that I should not call any man,
15:56 not an animal, man common or unclean.
15:59 I mean, it's very, very clear.
16:01 Right, now is it possible 'cause I know in my experience,
16:03 I saw things from the Bible that even though
16:07 intellectually I said, "Well, yes this is what it,
16:10 yes, this is true.
16:11 This is what it is."
16:12 But I wasn't already to follow it.
16:14 Oh, yes. I wasn't ready to live it out.
16:15 And you know one of the great reasons for that
16:16 is because we have something that is called tradition.
16:20 And tradition is very, very strong.
16:23 The reason we know is strong is because
16:24 Jesus was killed because of it.
16:26 Jesus was breaking the traditions of
16:29 what was being done amidst the Jewish nation
16:31 and this infuriated the Pharisees to the point
16:34 that they literally said "We must kill him."
16:36 They killed the embodiment of truth in the name of truth.
16:39 Yeah.
16:40 That's how powerful tradition is.
16:41 So we find that because of tradition if I grew up
16:44 with a certain kind of religious influence
16:46 or if I grew up with certain kinds of habits.
16:49 When someone introduces something
16:51 that's literally going to cause a change
16:53 or a shift to take away that habit
16:55 or that religious tradition that I've been holding
16:57 all these years, it's very difficult for people
17:01 and they need the grace of God.
17:02 And this is why again,
17:03 I love the way we're approaching this
17:05 because this is not an issue of condemnation.
17:07 Yeah. This is an issue of education.
17:08 Yeah.
17:10 And we are educating people so that they may understand
17:13 that this is what God says, this is what He requires
17:17 but then of course there's always implementation,
17:19 you know, I have to apply this now.
17:20 Yeah.
17:21 And when I apply this teaching in my life,
17:25 I need power and I thank God that the Bible says,
17:28 "The gospel is God's power."
17:31 God can come in our hearts and through the power of choice
17:35 and the indwelling of the Spirit of God,
17:37 I can make a decision and choose to follow the path
17:41 of the Lord, even though it causes a change
17:44 in my tradition or my lifestyle.
17:46 Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 15, He said,
17:48 "In vain they do worship Me, teaching for doctrines
17:52 the commandments of men."
17:54 Right.
17:55 We must cease to be reflectors of other men's thoughts,
17:57 now we must reflect the thoughts of Christ.
18:00 Right, and so and we have to understand,
18:01 we're not just talking about willpower here.
18:04 No.
18:05 And we'll be talking in future episodes
18:06 about righteousness by faith.
18:08 That's right. What that really means.
18:09 Yes, sir.
18:10 We're not talking about I,
18:12 there's plenty of individuals out there
18:13 with extreme discipline.
18:14 Oh, yeah.
18:16 Extreme discipline and they could say, you know,
18:17 Jesus' encounter with the rich young ruler.
18:19 He says, "Listen, I've kept all the commandments
18:21 from my youth.
18:22 What else do I have to do?"
18:23 You know, in other words, what else I have to do
18:25 to be a part of your group or to inherit eternal life?
18:28 And Jesus said, "All right, sell everything that you have
18:32 and give to the poor," and the man walked away.
18:37 He wasn't prepared to do that.
18:39 So it's not about me...
18:41 My will power helping me to discipline myself
18:44 through this to obtain something.
18:46 That which we obtain the gift of God
18:48 is through Jesus Christ.
18:49 Yes.
18:50 We don't work ourselves up to receive these gifts,
18:53 but once we receive it and as we receive it,
18:56 God continually wants to bless us.
18:59 That's right. He wants to strengthen us.
19:00 He wants to increase our borders.
19:02 He wants to develop us and allow us to grow.
19:05 And this knowledge is progressive,
19:07 but as we continue to walk with God,
19:09 he's going to educate us,
19:11 educate us, teach us and teach us.
19:13 And then say, "By the way even though,
19:14 I'm introducing this new concept
19:16 and I do require you to follow this light
19:18 that I now have revealed to you,
19:20 I have done it already and I'm going to give you
19:23 the power to follow where you're not on your own."
19:24 That's right.
19:26 Now, you know, I like to express
19:28 what God wants to accomplish in us
19:30 to really give us a true knowledge of self,
19:32 help us understand the difference
19:33 between knowledge of self which is me.
19:35 I'm the God, I'm the one that can do it,
19:37 in comparison to true knowledge of self
19:38 which recognizes Lord, I see what You're calling me to do
19:41 but I can't do it without You.
19:43 I don't have that strength, I need You.
19:45 Now think about this.
19:46 I'm gonna throw a scenario at you.
19:47 Imagine this, there's a family, the family is made up
19:51 of a husband, wife and two children.
19:53 And they love each other.
19:54 They love each other, they have beautiful communion.
19:56 They've been married for years.
19:57 A time eventually comes
19:59 where one of the spouses commit adultery.
20:03 Now it's a bad thing. Yeah.
20:04 And when the spouse commits adultery,
20:06 they leave the home and they go ahead
20:07 and move with the other partner
20:09 and they live this adulterous life.
20:11 So the other spouse now is left home with the children,
20:14 broken home, sad situation.
20:16 Eventually, the spouse who went away
20:19 committing adultery realizes what I've done is wrong.
20:23 I've allowed my home to get broken.
20:25 I've ruined the hearts of my spouse and my children.
20:28 You know what? I need to get things right.
20:31 And they go back to the home now.
20:34 And they go back to the home and they ask that spouse
20:35 to say, "Listen, I realize what I did was wrong,
20:37 can you please forgive me and can we please try
20:40 to rebuild our marriage?"
20:41 Now, let's say the spouse who was faithful
20:47 is willing to rebuild the marriage
20:49 with the offending spouse, right?
20:52 Imagine this and I want you to imagine this,
20:54 let's do a little role play on this.
20:55 Let's say you're the offended spouse.
20:57 Yeah.
20:58 And let's say I'm the one
20:59 who committed this adultery, right?
21:01 Okay. Now watch this.
21:02 Let's say, I'm coming to you and I'm saying,
21:04 "Oh, please forgive me so and so forth,"
21:06 and let's say you are willing to forgive, right?
21:08 Okay.
21:09 What if I said or the spouse says
21:11 something like this "Wonderful!
21:14 Thank you so much for being willing to forgive me.
21:16 Here's what we're going to do,
21:17 because we have a basement in our house.
21:19 I'm going to go ahead and take the person
21:21 that I was committing adultery with
21:22 and I'm going to let them live in our house with us,
21:24 and they're going to go ahead
21:25 and stay downstairs in the basement.
21:27 And what I'm going to do is,
21:28 I'm going to spend four days a week with you
21:30 but I'm going to spend three days a week
21:32 with the other person
21:33 because you know it would be devastating
21:35 if I just ended the relationship cold turkey.
21:37 So I just want to wean them off of the relationship."
21:39 Yeah.
21:40 Now, would you agree to an arrangement like that?
21:41 Absolutely not. Absolutely not! All right.
21:43 Scenario number two, I come to you again and I say,
21:46 okay, fine four days,
21:48 maybe I was being a little overzealous.
21:49 I'll tell you what?
21:51 I'll give you five days a week, five days a week.
21:54 Perfect marriage, happy marriage
21:55 and so on and so forth,
21:57 but then two days a week with the other party,
22:00 just so they can be weaned off of the relationship.
22:03 Would you accept that?
22:04 You're crazy. Okay.
22:05 How about this one?
22:07 Last scenario six days, 21 hours.
22:13 Total relationship.
22:14 Happiness joy and everything else,
22:17 but just three hours a week with the other party.
22:22 Would you agree to that? You're out of your mind.
22:23 Okay. So it's consistent.
22:26 Now would you agree that the only thing
22:28 that would be going on through your mind
22:29 is something to this effect.
22:31 If there is any hope of you
22:34 and your spouse having a reunion,
22:37 it has to be all or nothing, would you agree?
22:41 Yes. Okay, I would think so.
22:43 I would imagine our view is that you probably would be
22:44 saying the same thing.
22:46 You'd be saying, you know, what?
22:47 If there's any hope to rebuild this relationship,
22:49 it's going to have to be all or nothing.
22:53 Now watch this.
22:56 The problem is that God looks at things the same way
23:02 but people still have yet to understand that.
23:05 There are many individuals today who are trying
23:07 to build a relationship or walk with God.
23:10 But they're trying to negotiate it
23:11 on their own terms.
23:13 Some of them are saying to the Lord four days a week,
23:15 I'll be all about holiness and righteousness
23:17 and all sorts of good things, but three days a week
23:19 I want to indulge in my darling sins.
23:21 Right.
23:22 I want to go ahead and play with my sins,
23:23 and God says, "No way."
23:25 Then there are some who say, "Okay, Lord,
23:27 how about five days a week?
23:28 I'll go ahead and I'll do everything you want,
23:30 I'll pray, I'll study, I'll fast,
23:31 I'll do all these things
23:33 but two days a week my darling sin.
23:35 I must indulge and spend some time in it."
23:37 You know what God says, "Never work."
23:40 Some of us go back "Oh, Lord, six days, 21 hours,
23:42 come on, Lord, I'm giving you the majority of me,
23:44 just give me three hours
23:47 that I can just indulge in what I want to do."
23:50 And God says, "Dear child, you don't understand."
23:53 God's will is that when He sent Jesus
23:56 to this earth, the Bible says that when Jesus came,
23:59 He wanted to save man from sin, and the blood of Christ
24:04 cleanses us from all sin, not most sin,
24:08 not a majority of sin but all sin.
24:11 This is what God wants to accomplish
24:13 in the life of mankind and this can only come
24:15 through the righteousness of Christ.
24:17 So individual will look at their lives and they say,
24:19 "Well, I do most things right.
24:20 I have certain disciplines
24:21 but they have those areas in their lives
24:23 where they're still indulging in things
24:25 that are antichrist, anti-bible
24:27 and in truth anti-eternal life."
24:30 And therefore, God is trying
24:31 to impress upon the heart to say,
24:33 "Listen, if you want to really understand
24:35 what it is to be like Me, you must give Me all of you.
24:39 My son, give me thine heart,
24:42 and let thine eyes observe my ways."
24:44 This is the message of God.
24:45 This is what He's trying to bring across to us
24:48 and this is why we cannot piecemeal the gospel.
24:51 We cannot piecemeal and we decide to say
24:54 what is bad, what is good, what is acceptable,
24:57 what is not acceptable.
24:59 We must come like how Jesus came to the Father.
25:01 Yes.
25:03 Jesus when He came to this earth,
25:04 even though He was God, veiled in flesh.
25:08 Jesus made a statement that is very powerful,
25:09 and it's found in the Book of John 5.
25:11 In John 5, I want you to notice what the Bible says
25:14 as we consider John 5:30.
25:17 The Bible says in John 5 and we're looking at verse 30,
25:22 here's what it says, Jesus, when he came to this earth...
25:25 It says in verse 30,
25:27 "I can of my own self do nothing,
25:31 as I hear, I judge, and my judgment is just,
25:36 because I seek not my own will,
25:39 but the will of the Father which hath sent me."
25:42 You know when a person calls himself a Christian,
25:45 that means that they are to be followers of Christ,
25:48 followers of Christ example.
25:50 The way Jesus walked on this earth, Jesus said,
25:53 "I can do nothing of My own self."
25:56 In and of myself, I can't do anything.
25:58 I have to go to My Father
26:00 and He's the one that empowers and enables.
26:02 And therefore, He said and therefore I'm not here
26:05 to do what I want, He says,
26:06 "I'm here to do what My Father wants."
26:08 And this is why this principle of Christianity
26:11 is always at variance
26:12 with the principles of knowledge of self,
26:14 and the principles of hip-hop culture
26:16 because hip-hop culture to a very large degree
26:18 is about what I want?
26:19 Yeah. How I want it?
26:20 When I wanted, and it's all good
26:22 because there is no absolute truth.
26:24 There's only truth depending on what I feel and what I say.
26:27 And God is trying to make plain to us
26:29 that when we follow the Word, stick to the Word,
26:32 do what the Word of God says, live by the Word.
26:35 This becomes not only a blessing,
26:37 it also is our safeguard.
26:38 Yes.
26:39 And it's designed to help us through these trials of life
26:42 where we find ourselves in realms of confusion.
26:44 So even though we're addressing this point here in Acts 10,
26:46 there's a larger lesson.
26:48 The lesson is, we must stick to the Word of God.
26:51 We must allow the Word of God to be that guide for us,
26:53 to help us know and understand what is truth,
26:56 and then we must walk in the light of that truth
26:58 as Christ is in that light and that truth.
27:00 I mean, this is absolutely...
27:01 Again, even though I know these things,
27:03 it's still elicit response is absolutely amazing.
27:07 Yeah.
27:09 And we'd like to let our viewers know
27:12 that we're going deeper into this subject.
27:15 We've talked a lot about appetite and eating,
27:18 it's because we do a lot of it.
27:19 And we also need to talk about drinking.
27:21 There's some things that we put into our bodies
27:23 outside of the explicit food around that are destroying
27:28 our communities and destroying us
27:30 from top to bottom.
27:32 I want to encourage you to join us again
27:34 and we thank you for viewing TKS,
27:37 a True Knowledge of Self, invite a friend,
27:40 send in your questions.
27:41 And we want to remind you of what the Bible says
27:44 in Proverbs 2:6,
27:47 "It is the Lord who gives wisdom
27:52 and out of His mouth comes knowledge
27:55 and understanding."
27:56 God bless you, and thank you for joining us.


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