True Knowledge of Self

True Knowledge of Self vs Knowledge of Self

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:29 Hello, I'm Dwayne. And I'm Lance.
00:31 And we'd like to welcome you to another episode of TKS,
00:34 A True Knowledge of Self,
00:36 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:39 Now we're gonna have
00:40 a very exciting discussion right now.
00:42 And we're gonna be kind of contrasting
00:44 true knowledge of self versus
00:46 this idea in hip-hop culture of knowledge of self.
00:49 And so we're gonna kind of look
00:51 at what we refer to as the Great Controversy theme
00:54 and our desperate need to know ourselves
00:57 as God had originally intended.
01:00 And then, we're gonna contrast that
01:02 and look at this false concept of knowledge of self
01:05 as presented by hip-hop Culture.
01:07 So, Dwayne, when we think about these things
01:11 why is knowledge of self so important anyway?
01:14 Well, I think the best way to approach it
01:16 would be to look at it from a biblical perspective
01:18 because that's the emphasis of our program anyhow.
01:21 And if you were to consider even creation,
01:23 when God made not only the heavens and the earth
01:26 but he made the angels.
01:28 The Bible says something very specific
01:29 that we would do well to consider.
01:31 He says in Colossians 1 and this is in verse 16,
01:34 speaking about Jesus.
01:36 It says, "For by him were all things created,
01:39 that are in heaven, and that are in earth,
01:41 visible and invisible
01:43 whether they be thrones, or dominions,
01:45 or principalities, or powers,
01:47 all things were created by Him, and for Him."
01:50 So when you think about that, angels were even made by God,
01:54 but also for God to glorify Him,
01:57 to honor Him, to worship Him.
01:59 Well, the Bible makes it clear that there was an angel
02:02 by the name of Lucifer, and that angel or in fact,
02:04 he was of course, Lucifer the Light Bearer,
02:07 but eventually he became known as another being.
02:09 And Lucifer the Light Bearer was made by God to glorify God.
02:14 Yet, Lucifer,
02:16 according to the testimony of scripture,
02:18 lost a knowledge of himself and the reason we know that
02:21 is because when you get to Isaiah 14
02:24 the Bible says something about the condition of Lucifer,
02:27 something that happened to him.
02:28 And it says, in verse 12,
02:30 "How art thou fallen from heaven,
02:32 O Lucifer, son of the morning!
02:34 How art thou cut down to the ground
02:36 which didst weaken the nations!
02:38 For thou hast said in thine heart,
02:40 I will ascend into heaven.
02:42 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.
02:45 I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation,
02:48 in the sides of the north.
02:49 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
02:52 I will be like the most high."
02:56 It was when Lucifer lost a knowledge of himself,
02:59 where his position was, why he was created,
03:02 his purpose in creation,
03:03 that he actually thought
03:04 that he could supersede the Creator himself.
03:06 That's right.
03:07 He lost the knowledge of himself,
03:08 and as a result of that he exalted himself.
03:11 And the Bible says, as a result of this
03:13 a war started in heaven.
03:14 Well, the problem is that
03:16 though the war started in heaven,
03:17 it landed on earth, according to Revelation 12:12.
03:20 All right.
03:21 So because of this fact,
03:23 Satan has waged war still against God,
03:25 but he is using humanity as the medium,
03:28 he is using us as the means to hurt God now.
03:30 So when humanity fell into the sin trap,
03:33 then something happened to us.
03:34 We live our live, though, as if our DNA changed.
03:37 And so we were created
03:38 in the image of God in His likeness,
03:40 but now we were made in the likeness of men,
03:42 and along with that was a sinful nature.
03:45 All right.
03:46 Well, the Bible speaks about this in Jeremiah 17:9,
03:49 and it says,
03:50 "That the heart" talking about the condition of man.
03:53 "The heart is deceitful above all things,
03:56 and desperately wicked, who can know it?"
03:59 This is the true condition of man.
04:01 This is what man needs right now,
04:03 they need a true knowledge of self
04:05 to understand that naturally I am wicked,
04:07 I am antichrist, I am against God,
04:09 and I'm certainly not godly.
04:11 And this is why
04:12 a true knowledge of self is important
04:15 so that we can understand we have fallen,
04:17 we have a fallen nature, and we need help.
04:20 So man can't be trusted on his own?
04:22 He cannot be trusted on his own.
04:23 He can't trust anything of, in and of himself.
04:26 So if man can't be trusted,
04:28 then what was the original plan in other words
04:30 what had God originally designed
04:32 and intended?
04:33 That is a excellent question.
04:34 I mean, if you go way back to the beginning of time,
04:37 in Genesis 1:26
04:38 the Bible tells us very clear God's intent and purpose
04:42 when he made mankind.
04:43 The Bible says, "God made man in His image,
04:46 and in his likeness."
04:48 Man was called to reflect the image of God.
04:51 He was called to reflect the character of God.
04:53 And this was supposed to be brought forth
04:56 all throughout the planet earth
04:58 and throughout all of the creation
04:59 that would come through the earth,
05:01 and Man was to have dominion
05:02 over the creatures of the earth.
05:03 So God had a beautiful plan that was in the beginning,
05:06 He was able to create man to reflect his image,
05:09 but the problem is,
05:10 is that when man fell into sin,
05:13 as I stated, it caused a shift.
05:14 An example,
05:16 if we were to look at Genesis 5,
05:17 this is often 'cause you know,
05:19 I remember a time
05:20 I used to tell people this to say,
05:21 "Don't you know that you were created
05:23 in the image of God?"
05:24 And, you know, you say that to people,
05:25 but if the truth be told
05:28 we were created in the image of God
05:31 but something happened in history
05:33 that caused man to lose much of that image.
05:36 And as a result of that something else took place,
05:38 it's in Genesis 5.
05:40 It says right there in verses 1-3,
05:42 "This is the book of the generations of Adam.
05:45 In the day that God created man,
05:47 in the likeness of God made he him,
05:49 male and female created he them,
05:51 and blessed them, and called their name Adam,
05:53 in the day when they were created.
05:55 And Adam lived 130 years.
05:57 And begat a son in His own likeness,
06:01 after His image, and called his name Seth."
06:05 Once man fell into sin,
06:06 it was as if a literal DNA change took place.
06:09 So we were no longer
06:11 just directly and most emphatically
06:13 reflecting the image and likeness of God.
06:15 Now we're reflecting the image and likeness of Adam
06:18 with a fallen nature and, therefore, we need help.
06:21 This was not God's original plan.
06:23 When God made us in His image,
06:25 He wanted us to reflect that image.
06:27 And in Psalms 1-4 verses 1-2,
06:30 the Bible says something beautiful,
06:31 it says that
06:33 "God covers himself with light as with a garment."
06:37 God actually when He made men,
06:38 He wanted us to be light bearers,
06:40 He wanted us to be the ones to spread his light of love,
06:43 hope and righteousness, all throughout the world,
06:45 that was his original plan.
06:46 So when God made man in His image,
06:48 if God covers Himself with light,
06:50 then man was also to be covered with light.
06:52 Right.
06:54 Now there is a very specific function of light.
06:56 In Ephesians 5:13 the Bible says,
07:00 "Whatsoever makes manifest is light."
07:04 In other words, that's the purpose of light.
07:05 Light is designed to make something manifest,
07:08 to make something known.
07:09 So when God made man in His image,
07:11 and His likeness,
07:13 He covered man with the same light
07:14 that He had upon Himself,
07:15 and He wanted man to reflect that light
07:17 all throughout the world, to make something known.
07:20 The question is what?
07:21 What was it that the God wanted man
07:23 to make known all throughout the world?
07:25 It's found in the book of Micah chapter 7:9,
07:29 in Micah 7:9 it says,
07:31 "I will bear the indignation of the Lord
07:33 because I have sinned against Him."
07:34 And then it says,
07:36 "And then He will plead my cause,
07:37 before me, and present judgment."
07:39 And then it goes on to tell us,
07:41 "He will bring me forth to the light,
07:44 and I shall behold his righteousness."
07:48 Right. Righteousness. There you go.
07:49 So the light, the light that God wanted
07:51 to be emanated throughout the world
07:53 was none other than the light of His righteousness.
07:55 God covers Himself with light as with a garment.
07:58 God covers Himself with righteousness
08:00 as a garment.
08:01 When God made man, He covered man with light.
08:03 He covered man
08:05 with righteousness as a garment.
08:07 And God wanted that righteousness to shine
08:09 all throughout planet earth.
08:11 And this was God's plan in the beginning for man.
08:13 So God wanted to give man what He had?
08:17 That's right.
08:18 Man was made in His image, then what happened?
08:22 I mean basically we're in a situation
08:24 where we looked at Jeremiah 17:9,
08:26 and we see, "That the heart is deceitful above all things
08:29 and desperately wicked."
08:30 We see the corruption now that we're facing
08:32 and this deception, if you will,
08:34 that we know ourselves when we really don't
08:36 because we don't understand God original plan.
08:37 That's right.
08:39 So what happened, why the change, what happened?
08:40 Well, if you go back to Genesis 3
08:42 the Bible speaks on this.
08:44 Because what you see happening in Genesis 3,
08:46 you can literally see happening in our society today.
08:49 I mean, it is absolutely parallel.
08:51 When God made Adam and Eve,
08:53 you remember in Genesis 2, actually,
08:55 I'll go there first.
08:56 In Genesis 2:25,
08:57 it says something pretty powerful.
08:59 It says, "And they were both naked,
09:01 the man and his wife, and were not ashamed".
09:05 Now I don't know if people understand this,
09:06 but this is actually a very strange statement
09:09 when it comes to scripture.
09:10 Because for someone to be naked and not ashamed is not normal.
09:14 Right.
09:16 You know, in our day and age today,
09:17 you know, if you're naked that's a shameful thing.
09:19 And even in the Bible when the Bible talked about
09:21 those who are inflicted with the disease of Laodicea,
09:24 it says in Revelation 3:18 when it talks about
09:26 the beautiful natural remedies of God,
09:28 it talks about,
09:30 "I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire,
09:32 that thou mayest be rich, and white raiment,
09:35 that thou mayest be clothed,
09:36 and that the shame of thy nakedness
09:38 do not appear."
09:40 So shame and nakedness normally go together.
09:42 But here, before sin touched this planet,
09:44 it literally says,
09:45 "That man was naked and not ashamed."
09:47 He had a covering,
09:48 and we just found out what the covering was.
09:50 It was God's light.
09:51 'Cause remember, God covers Himself like a garment,
09:53 man was covered with light like a garment,
09:55 that light was God's righteousness,
09:57 but when man chose to sin,
10:00 we got to pay attention to the text.
10:02 All right.
10:03 In Genesis 3, now, it says right there in verse 6,
10:06 "And when the woman saw
10:08 that the tree was good for food,
10:09 and that it was pleasant to the eyes,
10:11 and a tree to be desired to make one wise,
10:14 she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat,
10:17 and gave also unto her husband with her,
10:19 and he did eat."
10:20 Verse 7, is key,
10:22 "And the eyes of them both were opened,
10:24 and they knew that they were naked,
10:27 and they sewed fig leaves together,
10:29 and made themselves aprons."
10:31 So here it is that the Bible is literally showing
10:34 that in the beginning of time,
10:36 man when he was in right standing with God,
10:38 he could be naked before God
10:39 and not ashamed because he has the right covering.
10:41 It's kind of like you and I,
10:42 we're on a televised program right now,
10:45 and if the truth be told, we are both naked.
10:48 But we're not ashamed of it
10:49 because we have a covering called clothing,
10:51 the clothing covers our nakedness
10:52 it's the same principle.
10:54 Adam and Eve they were naked,
10:55 but they were not ashamed because they had a covering,
10:57 it was God's righteousness.
10:58 When they fell into sin they lost the covering,
11:02 that's what the Bible's saying, now the eyes are open,
11:04 they lost the covering, they lost God's righteousness.
11:06 Sin can remove God's righteousness.
11:09 Yep.
11:11 And as a result of this, now Adam and Eve,
11:13 they see their nakedness but they do something
11:15 that was absolutely unwise,
11:17 and humanity today is doing something
11:21 that is absolutely unwise.
11:23 Adam tried to cover himself.
11:26 He made something called aprons.
11:28 These aprons were obviously insufficient
11:31 in covering his nakedness because even after he made it,
11:34 and put it on,
11:35 what does it says in Genesis 3:10?
11:37 It says in Genesis 3:10,
11:39 after God was calling for Adam and looking for him it says,
11:42 "And he said,
11:43 I heard thy voice in the garden,
11:46 and I was afraid
11:48 because I was naked and I hid myself."
11:51 Even when Adam and Eve had on a new garment,
11:54 if you will, it was still not sufficient
11:56 because God later on in verse 21 of Genesis 3
11:59 had to make a new clothing for them.
12:01 It says, "Unto Adam and also to his wife
12:03 did the Lord God make coats of skins,
12:05 and clothed them" all over again.
12:06 The apron was insufficient.
12:09 Now if the first garment Adam and Eve had
12:11 was a garment of righteousness,
12:13 then when they made this second garment,
12:16 that they were trying to cover themselves with,
12:18 this is obviously a garment
12:19 that is demonstrative of self-righteousness.
12:21 Self-righteousness.
12:23 A man trying to cover his own nakedness
12:24 in and of his own merits,
12:26 and this is something that obviously
12:28 is unacceptable with God.
12:30 God cannot accept it.
12:31 And a true knowledge of self, helps me, helps you,
12:35 helps everyone, to understand
12:37 in and of myself there is nothing I can do
12:40 or ever will do
12:41 that can make me righteous with God.
12:43 Righteousness starts with God,
12:45 righteousness is maintained with God,
12:47 and righteousness finishes with God.
12:49 So, what we're looking at is a situation
12:52 where true knowledge of self the object is God?
12:56 That's right.
12:58 Everything originates from Him, and everything that we have,
13:01 comes from Him and everything that we have, we owe to Him.
13:04 That's right.
13:05 Knowledge of self,
13:07 as is presented in hip-hop culture,
13:08 and we're talking about that,
13:09 you know, more later on, in future episodes.
13:11 But knowledge of self in an earthly sense, is self,
13:17 you know, we become the objects.
13:19 That's right.
13:20 So we become the dictators,
13:21 we become the origins of truth in what righteousness is.
13:25 And it's extremely deceptive as we looked at in the Bible.
13:29 So now that we're talking about this righteousness
13:32 and what God is presenting, what's the Bible is presenting,
13:36 what is righteousness?
13:38 Well, as we prepare to go ahead and answer that question,
13:41 I want us to consider this.
13:43 If we would have tried to take
13:44 these little points of scripture
13:45 that we put together thus far,
13:48 the plan of salvation, that the Bible presents,
13:51 is a plan where God is seeking to help man
13:54 put his clothes back on.
13:55 All right.
13:57 You know, if I could put in real layman's terms,
13:58 that this is what God is doing right now.
14:00 He's on a mission to help man get his clothes back on.
14:02 Because man started
14:05 with the right clothing but man, unfortunately,
14:07 is wearing the wrong clothing today.
14:08 And that wrong clothing
14:10 is what we can simply term Adam's apron.
14:12 Any time an individual tries to make themselves righteous
14:16 or in right standing with God
14:17 because of some deed that they do,
14:20 or because of some concept that they conjecture,
14:22 or anything like that
14:24 these are all various forms of self-righteousness.
14:26 I can make myself in right standing,
14:28 with God and man,
14:29 independent of God, independent of His word,
14:31 independent of His ways.
14:32 All of this represents Adam's apron.
14:35 God's plan is to get that apron off of us,
14:37 and to clothe us,
14:38 He wants to re-clothe us with His righteousness.
14:41 So when we think about what really is righteousness,
14:44 it is something that man cannot answer himself,
14:46 God has to answer that question.
14:48 And it requires a spirit and mind of humility
14:52 that one can be able to say, "All right.
14:53 I don't have the answers, God has the answers,
14:56 and it causes me to submit
14:58 and surrender my thoughts and my processes,
15:01 and let God's will be done."
15:03 Because Proverbs 14:12 tells us,
15:05 clear as day,
15:06 "There is a way that seems right unto a man."
15:10 I can take the word right and put righteous there.
15:12 There is a way that seems righteous unto a man,
15:15 but the end, thereof, are the ways of death.
15:18 And the Bible didn't say it once it said it twice.
15:19 Proverbs 14:12,
15:21 "There is a way that seems right unto a man,
15:22 but the end here of are the ways of death."
15:24 Proverbs 16:25, "There is a way that seems right unto a man,
15:27 but the end there of are the ways of death."
15:29 God literally had to repeat Himself
15:30 to try to get us to understand
15:32 I know what I'm talking about and I mean what I say.
15:34 So true knowledge of self is really,
15:36 we're really talking about total dependence?
15:38 That's right.
15:40 Whereas, the self righteousness in this worldly knowledge
15:43 of self is really this independence?
15:45 That's correct.
15:46 And so we have to be afraid of total dependence on God,
15:50 and all of His ways, and all of His word,
15:52 and all of His righteousness.
15:54 So again we need to understand what is righteousness is,
15:56 so, you know, break that down.
15:57 Absolutely.
15:59 Now, if we go to Psalms 1:19,
16:00 Jesus said a statement a long time ago
16:02 that I believe is still relevant
16:03 to the people of God today.
16:05 In Psalms 119:172,
16:07 the Bible tells us clear as day what is righteousness.
16:11 And this is imperative for anybody
16:12 who really wants true righteousness.
16:14 But you have to have a true knowledge of self
16:16 to see your need for righteousness.
16:17 All right, So in Psalms 119:172 the Bible clearly says,
16:23 "My tongue shall speak of thy word,
16:26 for all thy commandments are righteousness."
16:31 So when we think about what is righteousness,
16:34 it's not enough to say, right doing.
16:35 And the reason why is because
16:38 who says what you're doing is right.
16:39 Exactly.
16:40 A man can literally walk up to another man take a gun
16:42 and kill him and say,
16:43 "What I did was right, I had to do it."
16:45 A person can go to a store, steal food, and say,
16:48 "I did, what I did was right, I had to do it."
16:51 People can rationalize
16:52 and that's the world we live in right now.
16:53 People can rationalize almost every wicked deed.
16:56 We are living in a time of Isaiah 5:20.
17:00 "Woe unto those who call good evil,
17:02 and evil good."
17:03 Today there's evil things that's happening
17:05 and people have the nerve to call it good.
17:06 There are things that good things are happening,
17:08 and people have the nerve to call it evil.
17:10 Our minds are exceptionally frail,
17:13 and again, when we have a true knowledge of self,
17:15 we understand
17:16 I can't even determine what's right or wrong.
17:18 Right. So we have to let God do it.
17:20 And when God does it through His word,
17:22 He says, "All my commandments,
17:24 all my commandments are righteousness."
17:27 So when I think of what is righteousness,
17:30 I can sum it up
17:31 in God's commandments, specifically,
17:34 these Ten Commandments.
17:35 This is why Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
17:38 makes it blazingly clear,
17:40 "Fear God and keep His commandments
17:43 for this is the whole duty of man".
17:46 So God wants to make it clear, listen, my understanding,
17:50 my concept of righteousness
17:52 is encased in these blessed principles
17:56 that we call the Ten Commandments
17:57 that has been given unto man
17:59 that is our whole entire duty to follow.
18:01 If we follow these principles,
18:03 we would find ourselves in a much better position
18:06 than we see ourselves in today.
18:07 So in a sense, the commandments of the God,
18:11 now clearly defined as His righteousness,
18:14 or our righteousness,
18:15 then the commandments of God
18:18 ultimately a reflection of his character?
18:20 That is correct. Think about it.
18:22 When you go to the Book of Romans 7,
18:25 the Bible says in Romans 7 right there in verse 7.
18:29 Paul makes it clear, I like to read it, in fact.
18:31 I think it's important to look at it.
18:32 Well look at Romans 7:7, and then Romans 7:12.
18:34 Okay.
18:35 In Romans 7:7 the Bible says,
18:39 "What shall we say, then? Is the law sin?
18:42 God Forbid.
18:43 Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law,
18:45 for I had not known lust,
18:47 except the law had said, thou shalt not covet."
18:49 And then when you go down to verse 12 it says,
18:50 "Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy,
18:54 and just, and good."
18:56 Now literally each phase of what the Bible
18:59 just called God's commandments is literally in, as you said,
19:03 a definition on inscription of His character.
19:06 God is just, Deuteronomy 32:4, God is good, Matthew 19:17,
19:11 God is just, Deuteronomy 32 again
19:14 and James 2 as well.
19:15 So God is just, God is good, God is holy.
19:19 1 Peter, 1:15-16.
19:20 So if God is all of these things
19:22 or since God is all these things
19:24 and the commandments are all these things,
19:26 clearly the Ten Commandments
19:28 are therefore a transcript of God's character,
19:30 which it was Adam and Eve's job to bear,
19:34 to shine, all throughout the world.
19:36 And so now, if that's very clear,
19:39 so God's character and His commandments
19:43 are essentially one and the same,
19:45 and His righteousness is essentially
19:48 one and the same.
19:49 So if God's character is holy,
19:51 and just, and good,
19:53 and his commandments are holy, and just, and good,
19:54 then righteousness is holy, and just, and good.
19:58 And, therefore,
20:00 a human being cannot produce inherently righteousness,
20:05 and justice, and holiness, and goodness.
20:07 So that's the ultimate question is,
20:09 can we make ourselves righteous?
20:11 Well, the truth of the matter is that we can.
20:13 In fact, when you look at Romans 3, right?
20:15 If you look at Romans the 3 chapter
20:17 you will notice in the 10 verse,
20:19 it says, "As it is written,
20:22 there is none righteous, no, not one."
20:25 The Bible says, in verse 23 that "All have sinned,"
20:30 all have fallen into unrighteousness,
20:32 "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."
20:35 And I remember this growing up in hip-hop culture,
20:37 I was of somebody who was taught that I am a God.
20:41 I was taught that there are lots of things
20:42 that I can do that is godly
20:44 in a demonstration of a godlike character.
20:46 But when I compare it
20:47 to God's law especially magnified,
20:50 I saw incredible contradiction.
20:52 God's law says,
20:54 "Thou shalt not commit adultery."
20:56 Which means be loyal, remain faithful,
20:59 and here it is that in hip-hop culture
21:01 that as I experienced it,
21:02 I was told that having sex with somebody
21:04 that's not my wife is perfectly all right.
21:06 In fact, that's demonstrated in hip-hop culture today.
21:09 The biggest names in hip-hop today all of them,
21:12 advocate fornication,
21:14 1 Thessalonians 4:3 is a clear text it says,
21:17 very clearly, "This is the will of God,
21:19 even your sanctification
21:21 that you might flee fornication."
21:23 But yet in hip-hop culture it is often made known
21:25 that it's all right to fornicate.
21:27 You don't have to be married to one person
21:29 and commit your life to them all your life,
21:31 etcetera, you can go ahead
21:32 and as long as you care about the person and don't...
21:35 Once you can make up
21:36 your own rules, and close the book,
21:39 then we're like the people in the Book of Judges,
21:41 everybody does what's right in their own eyes,
21:44 but the problem
21:45 is there's not a true knowledge of self.
21:47 Our hearts are deceitful, we can't trust ourselves,
21:50 we are bent on making
21:51 the wrong decisions over, and over, and over again,
21:54 and I believe almost anyone
21:55 that takes a faithful look at their own lives
21:57 can see the truth of the Bible in their own reality.
21:59 Making decisions you look back at it and you say,
22:01 "Man, I wish, I never made that decision,
22:03 I really deceived myself."
22:04 But the Bible already told us that a true knowledge of self
22:07 helps me see how messed up I am,
22:10 that I can go to someone who's not missed up,
22:12 that he can clean me up.
22:13 Right.
22:14 But if I'm stuck
22:16 in the "Knowledge of self that I am God,
22:17 and I am the supreme being and I'm the one
22:20 that has the knowledge wisdom
22:22 and the so-called overstanding",
22:23 then I'm not gonna go ahead and go to
22:26 this one and only God, and submit myself to him,
22:28 and let not my will,
22:30 but His be done even if it means
22:32 I must be faithful unto death.
22:33 I'm not gonna let those things be a reality for them.
22:36 So this is the deception of knowledge of self
22:38 in comparison to the reality and the truth
22:40 of true knowledge of self.
22:42 So we can't get our own righteousness,
22:46 we need to get it from God, so the question,
22:48 the next question is, "How do we get it?"
22:49 How do we get it?
22:51 Well, let's consider what the Bible says.
22:52 If we were to look right back at Romans 3,
22:55 just consider verse 22, I think it's very clear.
22:58 In Romans the 3:22,
23:02 how then do we get righteousness,
23:04 considering that we need it,
23:05 it was God's original plan we fell from it,
23:08 we've tried to establish our own,
23:10 we have failed miserably.
23:12 And now we are at a point, where we're seeing,
23:14 "Lord, okay, how then do I get what you want me to get?"
23:17 The Bible says, in Romans 3:22,
23:20 "Even the righteousness of God
23:22 which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all
23:28 and upon all them that believe, for there is no difference."
23:33 So the Bible makes it clear that righteousness can come
23:35 to a man today,
23:37 but it can only come by faith,
23:39 and it has to come by faith of Jesus Christ.
23:42 This is why Christianity is the solution.
23:45 We know that
23:47 they are perversions to Christianity.
23:48 I mean, I'm a black man and there are people
23:49 who literally will say that there are things
23:51 that are "Black"
23:52 that I can look back, and say, excuse me, I'm not like that.
23:55 You know, there are things that we are told a way a person
23:58 talks, dresses, acts, and they'll say,
24:00 "Oh, he's talking, or addressing,
24:01 or acting like a black man."
24:02 I'm like, "Excuse me, I'm a black man,
24:04 and I don't talk, dress, or act like that"
24:05 so I find that to be disrespectful,
24:07 in fact insulting.
24:08 Well, there's a lot of disrespect
24:09 and insult given to Christianity.
24:11 You often hear the story,
24:12 even told many a times to hip-hop culture,
24:15 it was the Christians
24:17 that enslaved the Africans, and etcetera.
24:18 I can guarantee you
24:20 those people were not Christians.
24:21 You know, they were putting up a front
24:22 they were a bunch of actors.
24:24 But they were not Christians.
24:25 True biblical Christianity is the solution
24:29 on how mankind can receive righteousness,
24:32 but it's only gonna come by faith
24:34 in that man, name Jesus Christ.
24:37 All right, so essentially
24:39 we're kind of unwrapping some deeper layers here.
24:43 Essentially then the gospel
24:46 or Jesus Christ is the central theme,
24:49 this idea of salvation
24:50 is the central theme of the Bible,
24:52 or the central theme of everything?
24:53 That's correct.
24:55 I love a statement that I read in the book Education.
24:56 In the book Education it was on page 125
24:59 that it made a very profound statement.
25:01 I'm gonna read it. Okay.
25:02 It states, "The central theme of the Bible,
25:06 the theme about which every other
25:09 in the whole book clusters is the redemption plan,
25:13 the restoration in the human soul
25:15 of the image of God.
25:16 From the first intimation of hope
25:18 in the sentence pronounced in Eden
25:20 to that last glorious promise of the Revelation,
25:23 they shall see His face,
25:24 and His name shall be in their foreheads,
25:26 the burden of every book and every passage of the Bible
25:30 is the unfolding of this wondrous theme.
25:33 Man's uplifting, the power of God,
25:36 which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
25:40 So this is the theme of the Bible.
25:43 This is the emphasis of scripture.
25:45 This is why our Lord Jesus has admonished us,
25:48 don't live by bread alone but live by every word
25:52 that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
25:55 So since this is the goal,
25:59 it was imperative
26:00 that God would then create a lifestyle,
26:04 a way to live so that we aren't simply left with all of these,
26:08 you know, precious truths in this reality
26:10 that's presented to us,
26:12 and then all the sudden we just got to figure it out.
26:14 You know, how do we walk, talk, eat,
26:16 dress because it is important so,
26:17 you know, by definition when we talk about culture,
26:20 it's essentially how humans live.
26:23 That's right.
26:24 You know, everything that they do is part of culture,
26:27 so God is going to then give a culture.
26:31 He's not going to just leave us cultureless.
26:34 That's right.
26:36 So we're not coming into a situation
26:37 where we're saying,
26:38 culture is not important,
26:40 culture is essential and it's vitally important,
26:42 but culture is dictated and it's a reality
26:44 that was given us by God himself.
26:46 That's correct.
26:48 So we're gonna be talking about this culture of Christianity,
26:51 and we're gonna be moving forward
26:53 and contrasting that with the hip-hop culture.
26:55 That's right.
26:56 Because we have to realize, and we have to understand that,
27:01 just because it's rich, and it's cultured,
27:04 and it's powerful, and it affects people,
27:06 and it changes lives, doesn't mean it's right.
27:08 That's right.
27:10 And that's what we have to be able to differentiate.
27:12 God has given a superior culture
27:14 and we have to acknowledge that.
27:16 So when we come back in our next episode,
27:19 we're gonna be talking about
27:21 more of this knowledge of self versus
27:22 true knowledge of self.
27:23 We're going to look at hip-hop culture
27:25 because myself and Dwayne came up
27:27 in hip-hop culture,
27:28 we valued it we thought it was the most important thing
27:31 on the planet to represent, and to demonstrate,
27:34 and to exemplify.
27:35 And we're gonna talk about that.
27:38 So I want to encourage you to join us again
27:40 in our next episode,
27:42 and I also want you to always remember,
27:44 as it is written in Proverbs Chapter 2:6,
27:48 "It is the Lord that gives wisdom
27:51 and out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding."
27:55 I can't wait to see you again.
27:56 And as we continue next time, we want you to be enriched,
28:01 and obtain a true knowledge of self.


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