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True Pillars -part 2

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00:29 Hi, I'm Lance. And I'm Dwayne.
00:31 And welcome to another episode of TKS,
00:34 a True Knowledge of Self,
00:36 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:40 In our last episode, we were studying the word of God.
00:43 And we were looking at the very pillars
00:46 of what constitutes the Christian lifestyle.
00:49 And this was important because we're talking a lot
00:51 about hip-hop culture which also has pillars.
00:54 And we looked at some of those pillars
00:55 and we'll be building on them even more
00:57 in up and coming episodes.
00:58 And we were trying to see, do they blend together
01:00 or is there a contrast?
01:02 And thus far, we are seeing
01:03 there is a tremendous contrast between the two.
01:06 Yet, so many Christians
01:09 are also engrossed in hip-hop culture.
01:12 And it's for these reasons that God has allowed us
01:13 to put forth these episodes where we can really study,
01:16 take a fair look at it
01:17 and let the word of God get the final say.
01:20 Thus far, we looked at four powerful pillars
01:23 as it relates to the Christian faith.
01:25 And we were looking at it from the Book of 2 Peter Chapter 1
01:27 and we started right there from verse 4 and onward.
01:30 And we saw that there were
01:32 four very important foundational pillars
01:35 to the Christian faith, one beginning with Faith.
01:38 The second was Virtue.
01:40 The third was Knowledge,
01:42 and then the fourth was Temperance.
01:44 And these are experiences
01:45 that the Lord wants to bring us in
01:47 and the beautiful part of all of this
01:49 is that He holds Himself responsible
01:52 to help us develop these things.
01:54 This is one of the comforts of Christianity.
01:56 It is not something that we have to conjure up ourselves
01:59 or accomplish by ourselves.
02:01 Christ is our aid, He is our help.
02:03 His spirit is there to empower us,
02:05 to lead us, to teach us, to guide us, and instruct us
02:08 so that we don't fail
02:09 and ultimately God's word can be fulfilled now unto Him
02:13 that is able to keep me from falling
02:15 and to present you faultless
02:16 before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.
02:19 We are very grateful for these precious promises.
02:22 And now, what we're going to do
02:23 is we're going to build on the remaining pillars
02:26 that we have not reviewed thus far.
02:27 So, Lance, I'm excited.
02:29 It looks like God is,
02:31 is speaking to your heart and mine
02:32 as He is speaking to the several viewers
02:34 that are watching.
02:35 And I believe that the Lord is really helping us
02:37 to get settled into His truth,
02:39 both intellectually and spiritually
02:41 so that by His grace, we cannot be moved.
02:42 That's right
02:44 So now we're looking at some of these pillars here
02:45 and we looked at the first four
02:47 but there's more to even continue.
02:48 So you take us over, man, and help us to see
02:51 what are the remaining pillars
02:52 and how can we bring this into our daily experience.
02:55 So the next step in the ladder is patience.
02:59 I mean, that is something that we don't really think about
03:02 as being supernatural, but many of us,
03:04 I'm sure have gone through experiences
03:06 where they require a supernatural, you know,
03:09 other worldly patience to get through and to deal with.
03:13 So we're going to, again, go through some Bible verses
03:15 'cause we're trying to figure out
03:17 what does the Bible say,
03:18 how does the Bible define these principles that is laying out?
03:22 So I'm going to start in Revelation Chapter 14
03:24 or Revelation 12 for that matter.
03:26 So we're looking at Revelation 12
03:27 and see how the Bible deals with this subject of patience.
03:31 Revelation 12 in verse 17.
03:32 Now, Revelation 12 is really dealing with this...
03:36 I know in previous episodes,
03:38 we talked about The Great Controversy.
03:41 You know, the war that started in Heaven
03:42 and the fall of Lucifer from Heaven to this Earth,
03:46 then becoming Satan
03:47 and the Accuser of the Brethren,
03:49 and the Devil, the Adversary.
03:50 And we saw that he eventually took that war
03:56 to the earth against God but through his created beings.
04:01 And so Revelation 12 is dealing with that context
04:03 and in verse 17 of Revelation Chapter 12, it says thus,
04:08 it says, "And the dragon..."
04:10 which is Satan in according to verse 9.
04:12 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman.
04:15 And went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
04:19 which keep the commandments of God,
04:21 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
04:23 Now, we're talking about patience,
04:24 so what does that have to do with patience?
04:26 Well, if we go forward a couple of chapters
04:28 and look at Revelation Chapter 14.
04:31 In Revelation Chapter 14 it says here in verse 12,
04:36 it says, "Here is the patience of the saints:
04:39 Here are they that keep the commandments of God
04:41 and the faith of Jesus."
04:43 So we see that the patience of the saints
04:45 is communicated as those that keep the commandments of God
04:47 and have the testimony or the faith of Jesus.
04:50 And now, when we talk about Peter's ladder here
04:53 and we talked about the Faith,
04:54 and the Virtue, and the Knowledge,
04:55 and the Temperance and now the Patience.
04:57 We realize that patience is one of the identifying marks
05:02 of God's people essentially.
05:04 So, you know, there's more verses we're gonna look at,
05:06 but it's interesting that the Bible
05:08 goes out of its way to note and repeat
05:11 the characteristics of those
05:14 that are standing ultimately in the Last Days
05:16 and kind of standing against
05:19 the warfare of Satan against God's remnant
05:23 or His last remaining people on the earth before He comes.
05:26 So look at Revelation Chapter 2.
05:29 And we're going to turn to Revelation 2
05:31 and seek to understand this further.
05:34 It says Revelation Chapter...
05:35 in Revelation 2 in verse 10, it says,
05:38 "Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer:
05:41 Behold, the Devil shall cast some of you into prison,
05:45 that he may be tried,
05:47 and ye shall have tribulation ten days:
05:50 Be thou faithful unto death,
05:53 and I will give you a crown of life."
05:55 Now, this idea... Remember, the faith of Jesus.
05:58 Well, what was Jesus?
05:59 Jesus was faithful unto death, even the death of the cross,
06:02 as the Bible says.
06:04 So he endured great affliction and trial.
06:07 Essentially, he was the object of Satan's wrath,
06:10 the wrath that we read there it means his anger,
06:12 his intense murderous rage, right?
06:16 So Jesus was the object of that rage
06:19 while he was walking the earth.
06:21 And ultimately Satan tried to kill him literally.
06:25 And he thought that, you know,
06:26 the suffering that he would put on them
06:28 and the cross experience was Satan
06:31 somehow getting a victory, getting an upper hand,
06:33 winning a battle, if you will.
06:34 We know that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day
06:37 and that was the victory.
06:39 That, that completely solidified, if you will,
06:42 that process of Jesus dying on the cross
06:45 and raising from death unto life
06:47 was that kind of the nail in the coffin,
06:50 if you will, for Satan's whole agenda.
06:53 But when Jesus ascended, Satan eventually turned his...
07:00 to inflict his wrath and that new object
07:02 became God's people, okay?
07:05 And God's people now, just like Christ,
07:08 as Christ said, for example in John 15.
07:11 He says, "If the world hates me,
07:12 it's going to hate you as well."
07:14 You know, you'll be hated by all nations for my name sake.
07:17 So now, God's people become the object of Satan's wrath.
07:21 And they now find themselves enduring the same trials
07:24 and afflictions of Christ
07:25 and the tribulation that Jesus went through.
07:27 And now, he's saying to his people,
07:29 "As I did be thou faithful into death.
07:32 And now shall have and receive a crown of life."
07:35 And essentially this is what he's talking about.
07:36 Here is the patience of the saints.
07:39 Patience is really endurance.
07:42 The ability to supernaturally to endure trial, persecution,
07:46 oppression that is coming from Satan,
07:48 from a supernatural force.
07:50 A greater supernatural force is willing to protect you
07:53 and willing to save you and deliver you,
07:55 even though you might have to go through this present danger
07:58 and present suffering.
07:59 I see so many parallels.
08:01 I mean, I can see a lot of lessons even that,
08:03 that comes from this.
08:05 Again, patience.
08:08 Another term for patience is if
08:09 we were to actually define the word "patience,"
08:11 it's also longsuffering.
08:13 You know, being able to suffer long to endure, right?
08:16 And when you look at this, this,
08:18 this speaks volumes to our society today.
08:22 What are some of the reasons
08:23 why God encourages us to be patient?
08:25 One of the first reasons why is 'cause He says, well,
08:27 first of all vengeance is Mine.
08:29 The Lord says, "I'll take care of everything."
08:31 So God is saying, you can be patient,
08:33 because you don't have to lose your patience
08:35 and take control of the circumstance,
08:37 because I'm going to be able to take care of it myself.
08:40 I am going to take vengeance.
08:41 "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord."
08:43 The guilty, will suffer sooner or later.
08:46 So, one of the things that can enable us to be patient
08:49 is that very fact that we can trust
08:52 God is going to do this.
08:53 God is going to handle these things in life that happens
08:56 that causes me sometimes to lose my patience.
08:59 If ever there was a time for a message like that is right now
09:01 because there is a lot of, as you stated, social unrest.
09:05 There's a lot of things happening right now
09:07 that does not look fair.
09:08 There are judicial systems
09:10 that are being put in questions.
09:11 There are police officers that are being put in question.
09:13 There are civilians that are being put in question.
09:16 And it seems like everybody is in a state of unrest
09:18 and we're losing patience
09:20 in trying to handle situations ourselves.
09:22 And we're not necessarily saying,
09:24 "God, what have you told us to do?
09:27 Or how to respond to the crisis we're in right now?"
09:29 And one of them is to be patient,
09:33 to be longsuffering.
09:34 In the midst of crisis and trial,
09:36 do not lose your Christianity.
09:39 Maintain your Christ likeness
09:42 in the midst of whatever trial or tribulation
09:43 you are going through.
09:45 So, oppression and persecution and injustice
09:47 is not an excuse to abandon morality.
09:50 Correct.
09:51 And this is a message
09:53 that is needed right now, today,
09:55 because individuals are losing their patience.
09:57 And I understand the frustration of the patience
09:59 because it's never a good thing
10:01 to see injustice take place on either side.
10:03 We have police officers right now,
10:05 they're looking at themselves as victims.
10:06 We have civilians right now
10:08 that are looking at themselves as victims.
10:09 And both of them are in such a perplexed situation,
10:12 they're responding to it but the response is,
10:15 many a times, is not the counsel
10:17 that God is giving from His words.
10:19 And as a result of that,
10:21 we are allowing the flesh to lead us.
10:22 And we have to be careful.
10:24 It's funny enough,
10:25 and we're going to talk about this in another episode.
10:26 We see that even in the midst
10:28 of this social unrest right now,
10:29 they are hip-hop icons
10:31 and individuals that are kind of putting themselves
10:34 in the forefront to try to be the leaders
10:36 and to lead people and to guide them
10:38 but we're understanding
10:39 there's a deeper picture going on in the backdrop.
10:41 And when we start talking about Bible prophecy,
10:43 this thing is going to come together really powerfully.
10:45 So I'm grateful for the way that we're studying something
10:48 as simple as patience
10:50 and being able to see how necessary it is.
10:52 And it must be applied in our lives even unto death,
10:56 as Christ did when he walked on this earth.
10:59 Very, very important point. I appreciate it.
11:01 So, let's go on and I want to look at Matthew 10 and 22.
11:04 We are still talking about patience,
11:06 an essential step in this Peter's ladder
11:09 that we've been talking about.
11:10 Matthew 10 and verse 22 says the following.
11:14 And we said this, but I want to read it here.
11:17 It says, "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.
11:21 But he that endureth to the end shall be saved."
11:24 Sensible again, reiterated.
11:27 Endurance, patience, longsuffering as you said.
11:30 Hebrew 6:12.
11:33 Hebrews 6:12.
11:36 We turn there and read it.
11:38 Hebrews 6:12, it says,
11:42 "That ye be not slothful,
11:45 but followers of them who through faith and patience
11:49 inherit the promises."
11:50 So, remember we talked about
11:54 faith there previously in Hebrew 11?
11:57 And the idea that faith translates into action
11:59 and that essentially is how men are able to access
12:03 the grace of God and the salvation of God.
12:06 But it says here now, that the faith and patience
12:10 was what allowed individuals in the past
12:14 to inherit the promises of God.
12:17 So God is putting forth these promises.
12:19 Again, we have to choose whether or not
12:21 we're going to subscribe and follow them.
12:23 Not just intellectually, but at this level
12:26 that is going to actually dictate and influence
12:29 and command our actions and our behavior.
12:32 And if we do this and exhibit these things,
12:34 we, like others in the past,
12:36 other faithful individuals in the past,
12:38 we will inherit the promises.
12:40 Now, let's look at James.
12:42 James 1 and 12.
12:45 It says, "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation.
12:50 For when he is tried,
12:53 he shall receive the crown of life,
12:55 which the Lord hath promised to them that love Him."
12:59 So again, endurance, inheriting the promises.
13:02 Now we know it's salvation, the crown of life.
13:04 Enduring to the end, the same shall be saved.
13:06 And it says again, "That there's a blessing
13:09 to the man that endureth temptation."
13:13 Those that are able, supernaturally to receive
13:17 what God is offering
13:19 and withstands the advances
13:22 in the offensive force
13:24 of Satan's wrath will be rewarded.
13:28 God is going to repay.
13:30 God is going to recompense.
13:31 God is going to have vengeance.
13:33 It's not in, it's not our responsibility
13:37 to take it into our own hands in exact justice.
13:41 It's not in our, it's not our responsibility.
13:43 So we have to be willing to acknowledge that,
13:45 accept that
13:47 and see that God's wisdom must have a solution,
13:50 it must provide a solution through a different avenue,
13:53 a different means by which we can obtain this.
13:55 Now, so that individuals who may be viewing
13:57 do not see this position
13:59 we're taking in an extreme fashion.
14:01 We are not saying that we do not respond
14:04 to social injustice or things of that nature,
14:08 that we should just simply sit back
14:10 and let evil just ride
14:11 and have its course simply because, you know,
14:14 we are to exercise patience that God will take care of it.
14:17 What we are saying is that, God has given us a methodology
14:21 of how to approach social injustice.
14:23 But it was always in the context
14:25 of the Great Controversy.
14:26 It was always in the context of the war
14:29 between Christ and Satan over the mind of men
14:32 and dealing with the issue of sin versus righteousness.
14:36 We again, I stated before,
14:37 and I think it's worthy to state again.
14:39 An individual cannot legislate evil.
14:41 You cannot put together enough laws to stop evil.
14:45 Evil just constantly keeps
14:46 coming up in new manifestations.
14:48 Years and years and years ago,
14:50 individuals would use sticks and stones,
14:51 today they use guns.
14:53 And now they're using lasers and also...
14:55 I mean, it's just new manifestations
14:57 of the same issue, which is violence,
14:59 violence in the heart.
15:00 So what Christ wants us to understand is that
15:02 our battle is against sin,
15:04 our battle is against the issue of sin
15:06 and dealing with that.
15:08 And that's how Jesus worked.
15:09 He didn't allow himself to get caught up
15:10 into the political games and all these things like
15:12 we see a lot of people doing today.
15:14 But he dealt with the issue of sin in the human heart.
15:16 And this is when an individual was truly delivered
15:19 from all these evils.
15:21 But if we just simply, you know, doing other things,
15:24 it may not meet the goal and we constantly see that.
15:27 So we're not negating the fact
15:28 that we have to address social injustice.
15:30 We're saying it needs to be addressed in the context
15:32 of the Great Controversy.
15:33 It's an issue of sin, and that's our fight,
15:35 that is our issue.
15:36 We must go territory after territory
15:38 and make aggressive warfare against soul destroying sins
15:42 that are taking place in our world today.
15:44 And so, when we talk about the steps again,
15:47 we've got to go to the next step,
15:48 and it's equally important.
15:50 These steps are not
15:51 one is better than the other or this or that.
15:53 They're all equally valuable
15:55 and equally important and equally essential.
15:57 And it's not like He gives you one
15:59 and He doesn't give you the other.
16:00 Or you got to...
16:02 He gives you one, you got to work towards the other.
16:03 He's willing to give you all if you receive by faith,
16:06 all right?
16:08 So, we talked about Faith, and Virtue,
16:11 and Knowledge and Temperance, and Patience.
16:13 And now we're going to talk about the next step,
16:15 which is Godliness.
16:16 And so, I'm going to look at Leviticus 19.
16:20 We're going back to an important place
16:24 in the Old Testament in Leviticus 19
16:27 and the second verse.
16:30 Leviticus 19 and the second verse.
16:35 And it says the following.
16:38 Leviticus 19 and verse 2.
16:43 All right.
16:46 It says, "Speak unto all the congregation
16:50 of the children of Israel, and say unto them.
16:54 Ye shall be holy, for I, the Lord, your God, am Holy."
16:59 That's a revolutionary concept.
17:01 This is something in the theological world
17:04 that we call, "corporate solidarity".
17:06 The idea that like is like.
17:08 So if God is Holy, then His people are to be holy.
17:13 And that's just the way it is
17:14 because God is going to take care of His people.
17:17 God is going to give something to His people.
17:19 He's going to give them something that
17:20 they cannot generate themselves.
17:22 He's going to cover them with His garment
17:24 and take away their filthy garment.
17:26 They are going to become sons and daughters of God.
17:29 And as His children,
17:30 they're going to reflect their parent, all right?
17:32 So, God is Holy, so His people must be holy.
17:36 And this is reiterated, 1 Peter Chapter 1.
17:40 1 Peter 1.
17:43 And it kind of quotes from the same passage.
17:47 And we'll look at it this way.
17:49 1 Peter 1:15 and 16.
17:53 It says, "But as He which hath called you is holy,
17:58 so be ye holy in all manner of conversation.
18:02 Because it is written, be ye holy, for I am Holy."
18:06 So when we talk about godliness,
18:08 we're talking about holiness, right?
18:10 And we're talking about holiness,
18:12 we're talking about God and His people being both holy.
18:18 In other words, when God looks at us,
18:21 He should see Himself
18:23 and not because we've done anything good,
18:25 not because we deserve it,
18:29 but because if we access the grace that God is offering
18:34 and He forgives us of our sins
18:35 and cleanses us from all unrighteousness,
18:37 so it essentially makes us righteous.
18:38 If He does that, then when He looks at us,
18:41 He sees Himself
18:42 because He clothed us, He filled us,
18:45 He baptized us, He did all of these things.
18:48 And He changed us, transformed us,
18:50 so He looks at us
18:51 and it's like He's looking in a mirror.
18:53 And that's what really God is looking for.
18:55 He's not looking for us, He's looking for Himself in us.
19:01 And when He sees that, He says, "Here are my children.
19:05 I am Holy, my children are holy."
19:07 And He's the one that makes all of it happen.
19:10 So it says,
19:14 that in 1 Corinthians 1:30.
19:19 It says, "But of him are ye in Christ Jesus,
19:23 who of God is made unto us Wisdom,
19:26 and Righteousness and Sanctification
19:29 and Redemption."
19:30 So Jesus Christ now, the Son of God,
19:34 is the embodiment of all of these attributes
19:37 and all of these virtues.
19:38 And He is the one that is to us,
19:43 Wisdom, Righteousness,
19:45 Sanctification, and Redemption.
19:47 So the godliness that we need, the godliness that God says
19:50 we are to be, the holiness that we are to be,
19:53 that we are to have, is only accessible
19:55 and only embodied
19:57 and only realized in Jesus Christ.
19:59 And as we accept Him and accept His merits,
20:03 then we can be that which God said
20:05 and originally actually designed us to be.
20:07 And this is important because
20:09 when we think about why hasn't Jesus come back yet?
20:12 You know, when you think about
20:13 how many people you may have seen
20:14 in your youth that have said,
20:17 "The Lord is coming,
20:19 the world is coming to an end, etcetera."
20:20 And I remember seeing that when I was four years old,
20:23 I'm 42 years old now,
20:24 and I still have not seen the Lord come yet so,
20:27 someone could fall into a state of disbelief
20:30 as a result of this.
20:31 But we don't understand what God is trying to do.
20:33 What God is trying to do is produce
20:36 a character within us that is just like His.
20:39 This is how the world got started with man
20:41 and this is how the world must end
20:42 when it comes to those
20:43 whom He's going to bring home with Him.
20:45 It was because of Lucifer becoming unlike him
20:48 that he earned the name Satan, which means adversary.
20:51 He earned the name Devil, which means slanderer.
20:53 And God does not want to bring another adversary, enemy,
20:56 or slanderer into His house.
20:58 So the reason why the Lord has not come back yet
21:00 is because He still doesn't see the character reflected.
21:03 He is waiting with longing desire
21:06 to see the character of Christ
21:07 perfectly reproduced in His people.
21:09 And when this happens, He will come.
21:11 So, godliness is very much high upon the ladder
21:13 but nevertheless it's there.
21:15 And we can obtain it through Christ
21:17 and His power enabling us, as we talked about,
21:21 to accomplish anything that He has called us to do.
21:23 That's right.
21:24 So eight steps, we're moving on to the next one.
21:26 so far we have Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance
21:31 Temperance Patience
21:32 Patience, Godliness and now, Brotherly Kindness.
21:36 So this is something that humanity struggles with.
21:41 And this is why, in my estimation
21:42 why it's so high on the ladder, if you will...
21:44 That's right.
21:46 Is because it can only be done
21:48 by possessing those things that preceded.
21:52 So let's look at John 15, Brotherly Kindness.
21:55 I mean, it is as simple as the phrase communicates.
21:59 John 15 and we're reading 13 to 15.
22:03 It says, "Greater love hath no man than this,
22:06 that a man lay down his life for his friends.
22:10 Ye are my friends, if you do whatsoever I command you.
22:13 Henceforth I call you not servants,
22:15 for the servant knoweth not what his Lord doeth,
22:18 but I have called you friends.
22:20 For all things that I have heard of my Father,
22:22 I have made known unto you."
22:24 So, how is brotherly kindness, you know, in its truest sense,
22:29 in its essence, how is that exhibited?
22:32 Laying down your life for your friends.
22:37 That's a tall order. It is.
22:39 And look at John 13.
22:41 John 13:34 and 35.
22:43 John 13:34 and 35 says this,
22:46 "A new commandment I give unto you that,
22:49 ye love one another as I have loved you,
22:52 that He also love one another.
22:55 By this shall all men know that you are My disciples,
22:59 if ye have love one to another."
23:02 Brotherly Kindness.
23:04 This is actually now,
23:05 from the words of Jesus Himself,
23:07 is the way that people will know
23:10 if you are one of My disciples.
23:11 This is how men will know
23:14 if you are one of My sons or daughters.
23:16 So, this idea of, you know,
23:21 Peter's ladder, these pillars,
23:23 if you will, we're talking about the Faith,
23:25 and the Virtue, and the Knowledge,
23:27 and the Patience, and the Temperance
23:30 and the Patience, and Godliness,
23:33 Brotherly Kindness...
23:36 It leads us naturally into the final in the eighth,
23:42 you know, leg of the ladder.
23:45 And it is charity, right?
23:48 It says, "charity," which means love, right?
23:50 Charity means love.
23:53 Love is so vitally sensual and important.
23:57 Essentially, the central pillar of God's government,
24:00 that we're going have to dedicate
24:02 an entire episode to this subject.
24:04 Love happens to be also one of those pillars
24:07 that hip-hop articulates and highlights
24:10 in that peace, love, unity, safely having fun.
24:14 And I believe that the love
24:17 that the Bible is going to talk about
24:19 and the love that hip-hop is talking about
24:21 are going to be completely opposite things.
24:24 Yeah. And these is one of the...
24:25 This is one of the most abused terms
24:28 in the human language today is the word, "love."
24:31 I mean, we can say we love somebody
24:32 and then I'll follow up, follow through,
24:35 can absolutely contradict what we just said.
24:37 And that's, that's where we are today
24:39 and that's the reason why love does need to be qualified.
24:43 You know, we're talking about pillars
24:45 because we need to set a foundation because, again,
24:48 "With all thy getting get understanding."
24:49 We want to know how do we walk
24:51 in the experience of these things
24:52 but at the same time, there is a power out there
24:55 that is seeking to contrast what God has stated.
24:58 And one of the terms they're using is the very thing
25:01 that is foundational
25:02 to God and His government, which is love.
25:04 So, there needs to be an exposure,
25:07 there needs to be a clear line divided showing
25:10 what is love from the biblical context
25:14 and then how does that compare to the love
25:16 that is being purported throughout hip-hop culture.
25:19 And we have to see those lines clearly
25:21 and then we have to make a choice.
25:22 That's right, and I have to, you know,
25:24 give a little foreshadowing, you know, a little teaser.
25:28 One is very deep and one is very shallow.
25:31 That is correct.
25:32 I mean, one is extremely deep and limitless.
25:35 And one is very surface and superficial and shallow.
25:38 Yeah.
25:39 And once we start peeling things back
25:41 and understand that, really, we don't want superficial.
25:47 We don't want something that's only going to go so far
25:50 because we need something greater,
25:51 we need something that's going to solve life's problems.
25:53 We need something that's going to correct situations.
25:56 And well, we're not saying
25:59 is we're trying to fix all worldly systems.
26:02 That's not we're talking about.
26:03 We're talking about a situation that is so critical
26:07 that God is going to have to step in Himself
26:10 and literally recreate the whole thing
26:14 in order for it to be set up properly.
26:16 That's right.
26:17 We're not looking to change this system.
26:19 We're looking for this system to eventually expire
26:24 and be replaced by God system.
26:26 And only those who endure to the end will be saved.
26:28 So, you know, this is,
26:30 when we talk about these principles,
26:32 we want to promote
26:34 and we want to kind of instill principles
26:38 that are going to lead to true knowledge itself.
26:44 Amen, amen.
26:45 Well, once again we have been very blessed in our studies
26:49 and we have gotten through
26:50 seven of those very precious pillars
26:52 that really constitutes what it is to be a Christian
26:56 and to live a life according to the principles of Christ.
27:00 And I believe that as we, day-by-day,
27:02 put into practice what we have learned...
27:04 There's a beautiful term that I'd like to share with you all,
27:07 that is a term called, "Experimental Religion."
27:10 And what that simply means is,
27:11 taking the words of God as you see them.
27:14 And then once you understand them.
27:16 Seek to apply it.
27:18 Seek to apply it in your life.
27:19 How can I apply Faith or Virtue or, you know,
27:22 Temperance, and Knowledge
27:24 and all of these other wonderful things?
27:25 And you will see that it is through experimental religion
27:28 that it becomes real to you.
27:29 Because a gospel that is not practical
27:32 quite honestly is a worthless gospel.
27:34 And this is what we need to look at
27:36 when we think about the true gospel,
27:38 and we also think about the gospel of hip-hop.
27:41 We have to make that comparison
27:42 and let the word of God be true
27:44 and let every other man be a liar.
27:46 And therefore, I want to encourage you
27:47 to keep studying to show yourselves approved unto God.
27:50 Share with a friend what you've been learning.
27:52 Go ahead and dig deeper and deeper.
27:55 And my hope and prayer is that the next time we come
27:57 that you will join us and until then,
28:00 remember the blessed words of Proverbs 2:6,
28:03 which tells us,
28:04 "It is the Lord that giveth wisdom,
28:07 and out of his mouth comes knowledge
28:09 and understanding."
28:11 God bless you.


Revised 2016-03-28