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Counter Pillar: Love -part 1

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:30 Hello, I'm Dwayne.
00:31 And I'm Lance, and we like to welcome you
00:33 to another episode of TKS, a True Knowledge of Self,
00:36 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:40 Now, in today's episode, we're going to be dealing
00:42 with the foundational principle of God's government.
00:46 However, as we've been discussing
00:48 and contrasting the principles of hip-hop culture
00:50 with the principles of Christian culture,
00:52 we want to make note of where we are thus far.
00:56 We looked at a passage in scripture 2 Peter 1:4-7.
01:01 And we looked at what we referred to as Peter's ladder.
01:03 In Peter's ladder there are approximately eight steps,
01:06 eight rounds, and they are as follows,
01:08 Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance, Patience,
01:12 Godliness, and Brotherly Kindness and lastly Love.
01:17 What we're going to refer to often
01:18 as the foundation of God's government
01:20 and the foundation of Christian living in lifestyle.
01:24 Now, we're going to start with a clip in just a brief moment
01:28 because we've been talking a lot about individuals
01:31 and the thought leaders and the ideologues in hip-hop
01:34 and how they are representing the culture to the masses.
01:40 And we mentioned an individual by the name of KRS-One
01:43 and we're going to look at a clip
01:45 in which he outlines the very things
01:48 we've been discussing and highlighting,
01:50 so, you can see it firsthand.
01:51 This is in reference-- the scene is a tribute
01:56 that was done to Afrika Bambaataa
01:58 who is referred to as the godfather of hip-hop.
02:02 And KRS-One is introducing him.
02:04 We mentioned it before, but we want to show you the clip
02:05 because we want to hear these things firsthand.
02:08 So let's go to the clip.
02:11 KRS-One.
02:15 Home rap, original rap.
02:21 Some people believe
02:22 that hip-hop and rap music are the same.
02:25 They are not.
02:27 Rap is something we do.
02:29 Hip-hop...
02:32 is something we live.
02:34 And the living of hip-hop encourages our community
02:37 to seek peace, love, unity, and safely having fun.
02:43 These principles are the cornerstones
02:46 of our international hip-hop culture.
02:49 I am honored tonight to pay tribute
02:53 to the godfather of hip-hop Afrika Bambaataa.
02:57 Afrika Bambaataa speaks to the streets,
03:00 because he came from the streets.
03:03 Down with the Black Spades of the Bronx,
03:05 he rose from sickness, hatred, ignorance, and poverty
03:09 to become hip-hop's leading voice
03:12 for health, love, awareness and wealth.
03:15 Afrika Bambaataa's work to preserve
03:18 and unify hip-hop has influenced my work
03:22 with Stop the Violence Movement
03:24 as well as the Temple of Hip-Hop.
03:27 Our work to preserve and decriminalize
03:30 hip-hop's public image continues.
03:32 He is the keeper of peace and culture.
03:37 I say, "I am hip-hop.
03:39 This man is hip-hop culture.
03:43 This is the story of Afrika Bambaataa.
03:47 Now, Dwayne, there's a lot in there
03:50 that can be discussed,
03:51 but we want to just focus on his declaration
03:55 if you will of those cornerstones
03:57 of what you called the international hip-hop culture
03:59 is that peace, love, unity and safely having fun, right.
04:04 He referred to Bambaataa as the godfather of hip-hop.
04:06 He referred to him as the keeper
04:07 of peace and culture.
04:09 And so, this is not something that, you know,
04:13 we're just making up, this is not something
04:15 that we may be focusing on too much
04:17 and putting too much emphasis on.
04:18 This is, these are fundamental principles of hip-hop.
04:22 And when we look at that,
04:24 notice that the love element
04:28 really is what kind of holds everything together.
04:31 We're going to talk more about the other side
04:33 where the knowledge, wisdom and over standing,
04:36 we'll get into that later.
04:37 But the love is what they are professing.
04:42 And obviously, this love will produce
04:44 unity and peace and all these things,
04:46 but we know that as we looked at Peter's ladder,
04:51 love is also highlighted.
04:52 That's right.
04:54 And love is also considered the foundation of Christian
04:57 the true culture, the Biblical culture.
04:59 But also the question remains,
05:02 because they're going to say love,
05:03 we're going to say love, the Bible says love.
05:05 Everybody saying love and talking about
05:07 peace and love and unity.
05:08 But really, if we're going to take it,
05:10 you know and deal with love first.
05:12 What is love?
05:14 And this is a good question
05:15 because we are living in a society today,
05:19 where a lot of words, a lot of terminologies
05:23 are absolutely open to private interpretation.
05:27 An individual can literally say he loves his wife.
05:30 But if she does not prepare his food for him
05:32 in a timely manner, he can beat her.
05:34 But at the same time, he will still tell her
05:36 that he loves her.
05:37 An individual can say that they love their brothers.
05:40 But once that brother does something
05:42 that crosses their temper,
05:44 they can put forth an act of violence,
05:46 yet say they still love that person.
05:48 Love is an incredibly beautiful word
05:50 that is birthed from the heart of God,
05:52 but at the same time it is something
05:55 that unfortunately is being used
05:57 in a very perverse manner.
05:58 So, when somebody listens to, you know, KRS-One and he says,
06:02 "Hey, here are the cornerstones of hip-hop culture,
06:05 love, peace, unity, safely having fun."
06:08 Well, these terms in and of themselves
06:10 are absolutely innocent and beautiful,
06:11 they're beautiful, who doesn't want love,
06:13 peace, unity and to safely have fun.
06:16 The problem is who interprets that
06:19 as it relates to application.
06:21 How do I apply these principles?
06:23 What really is love as you're asking?
06:25 So, we have to now see where the line is drawn
06:28 between open interpretation verses biblical interpretation.
06:32 So, when we look at the idea of what is love
06:35 or the question of what is love?
06:36 The answer is very simple,
06:38 and it's found in the Book of 1 John Chapter 4.
06:40 So, when we go to the book of I John Chapter 4,
06:42 the Bible tells us what is love very clearly.
06:45 It doesn't ask the question in such a manner
06:47 but it definitely tells us what it is nevertheless.
06:51 It's in 1 John Chapter 4 that it states in verse 8.
06:55 The Bible says, "He that loveth not knoweth not God,
07:00 for God is love."
07:03 Yes
07:04 Literally God considers Himself the embodiment of love.
07:09 And therefore the same way, that God has no beginning,
07:12 love has no beginning.
07:13 Love has existed as long as God has existed
07:16 which is basically throughout all eternity.
07:19 And, because of this fact when an individual
07:22 wants to understand love, we can't go to humanity,
07:25 because humanity is very fickle.
07:26 There's lots of different interpretation and applications.
07:29 But I'm thankful that the Bible lets us know
07:31 that God says in Malachi 3:6.
07:33 "I am the Lord and I change not."
07:35 So, God is consistent.
07:37 And that's what we need in our world.
07:38 That's what I believe we need in our lives, in our homes
07:40 is we need more consistency.
07:42 And God is the foundation of consistency
07:44 in all aspects of godly virtue.
07:47 We're talking about love and the answer to the question
07:50 of what is love is God Himself.
07:52 God says, "You want to know what love is?
07:53 You take a real close look at me.
07:55 You look at my character."
07:56 In fact, one day Moses, he said,
08:00 "Lord, I beseech thee, show me Your glory."
08:02 I want to see your glory. And this is in Exodus 33:18.
08:06 Well, in verse 19 God responds by saying,
08:09 "I'll show you my goodness and I'll proclaim my name."
08:12 And then in Exodus 34:5-7, the Bible goes on to say that
08:17 "God came down in the midst of the cloud
08:19 and stood with him Moses there and said,
08:22 'The Lord, the Lord God."
08:24 ' And then he goes through this incredible list.
08:26 He says, merciful, gracious, longsuffering,
08:30 abundant in goodness and truth,
08:31 keeping mercy for thousands,
08:33 forgiving iniquity in transgression and sin.
08:35 And that will by no means clearing the guilty,
08:37 visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children
08:39 unto the third and fourth generation.
08:41 God literally revealed His character.
08:44 All of these virtues that we just looked at
08:46 is basically a conglomerate of this one word called love.
08:50 So, when you think of love, we have to look at God,
08:53 and God wanted it like that.
08:54 He purposed it to be like that, because the Lord knew
08:57 that there was going to be a perversion
08:59 of this beautiful principle called love.
09:02 So, the answer to the question is simple.
09:04 What is love? God is love.
09:06 Yes, yes.
09:07 So, that is very, very simple
09:11 and very, very clear and very, very practical.
09:14 What we have to do now is kind of,
09:15 you know, flesh that out of way.
09:17 Because we did look at brotherly kindness
09:19 for example yesterday and we saw that
09:21 brotherly kindness, it was literally showing love
09:25 to those around us to fellow humanity,
09:28 and in fact to the extent of laying down
09:30 our lives for our friends, right?
09:33 So, let's take this principle of God being love,
09:38 the embodiment of love, the eternal principle of love.
09:43 And you know, make this practical.
09:45 How then does love apply to, you know, humanity?
09:49 How are we supposed to respond to this reality
09:51 that God is love?
09:52 Now, I believe this is a very powerful question
09:54 especially as we are doing a contrast
09:57 between hip-hop culture,
10:00 and also looking at Christian culture,
10:02 and seeing do they blend
10:03 or are they adverse one to another?
10:05 Yeah
10:06 And, you will see that, I did a research,
10:08 I literally started to look up everything
10:10 that has ever been stated
10:13 as relates to hip-hop culture's interpretation of love.
10:17 I mean, I Googled, I Yahooed,
10:18 I mean we did all sorts of research
10:21 just to look to see,
10:22 do they have a definite statement on what love is?
10:25 And what was interesting is the answer was no.
10:27 There was no statement that was a definite statement
10:31 made by hip-hop culture by which it can say,
10:34 "Well, this is what love is."
10:35 Now, that already is problematic
10:38 because you cannot say, a cornerstone of a movement
10:42 is something called love, but yet you don't define
10:44 what it is unless it's deliberate.
10:47 Meaning, I am allowed to interpret love the way I want,
10:52 you are allowed to interpret love the way you want.
10:55 And we can both be right
10:56 even though we might contradict each other.
10:58 Yes. Well, that's called confusion.
10:59 And the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 14:33, it say,
11:04 "God is not the author of confusion
11:06 but of peace as in all churches."
11:07 So, God's desire is not for confusion,
11:10 there is an institute of confusion
11:12 that exists today called Babylon.
11:14 And the Bible makes it clear,
11:15 Babylon was birthed from Genesis 11,
11:17 a place of confusion and it is interesting
11:21 that even hip-hop culture and I'm not saying
11:23 hip-hop culture is Babylon.
11:24 But I am saying that it is demonstrating
11:26 a characteristic of Babylon which is confusion
11:30 and not being definite
11:31 on something they claim is a cornerstone.
11:34 That's problematic.
11:35 Now, God, He says, listen I'm going to show you
11:37 what love is, and I'm going to show you as clear as day.
11:39 And then I may even show you how to apply it.
11:41 And this is found in the book of,
11:43 the most perhaps popular Bible verse
11:45 of all of Christianity no matter
11:48 what the denomination is and that is John 3:16.
11:51 You want to know what love is.
11:53 The Bible tells us clearly in John 3:16.
11:55 It says, "For God so loved the world,
11:59 that He gave His only begotten Son
12:02 that whosoever believeth in Him
12:04 should not perish, but have everlasting life."
12:07 I mentioned in a previous episode
12:08 something very important, because we got to understand
12:10 the magnitude of love.
12:12 God says, "I gave My Son so that sinners not saints,
12:17 but sinners can have an opportunity
12:20 to have salvation if they accept
12:22 the atonement that was given through My Son."
12:24 Well, when you look at that word begotten,
12:27 in that Greek language begotten means,
12:29 the only one of its kind.
12:32 In other words, God's love was so strong for men,
12:35 He was willing to give His best.
12:38 He didn't give His worst, He didn't give His mediocre,
12:40 He gave His absolute best, His prized possession if you will.
12:44 And He was willing to say,
12:46 "I'm going to let go off my best.
12:47 And I'm going to go ahead and let my best come down
12:50 and die the death you're supposed to die,
12:53 so, that you can have the life He was supposed to have."
12:56 It spelled out real nice in Romans 5:2
12:58 and I want to bring that one out.
12:59 In Romans the 5th Chapter,
13:01 the Bible continues to build on this.
13:03 So, when I think of an application of love,
13:05 I'm looking at it here.
13:06 The Bible says in Romans 5:8.
13:09 "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that,
13:14 while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
13:17 I mean, He was willing to literally lose out
13:20 and give up His life for sinners.
13:24 People who were living a wicked lifestyle,
13:27 knowing that the majority are not going to accept it,
13:32 yet He was still willing to do it.
13:34 And the reason why is because in Luke 15:7.
13:37 It says, "All heaven rejoices even over one sinner
13:40 that repents."
13:42 So, in the mind of Christ, He says,
13:43 if even one person accepts what I've done,
13:44 it was worth it to do it.
13:46 So, when I think of what is love or an application of love,
13:48 it is in the idea of giving in the spirit of sacrifice
13:54 for the salvation of individuals
13:57 who don't deserve it.
13:59 So, it's not, it's not negotiable.
14:01 In other words, God is not in a situation
14:04 where He is saying, "I am love
14:05 and yet I am not willing to go this far,
14:07 there's a line, there's a limitations to my love."
14:10 There are no limitations.
14:11 There are no situations in which God is going to say,
14:14 I don't love. That's right.
14:15 Because God loves, there are things as we,
14:17 you know, eventually going to get to that God hates.
14:21 Oh, yeah.
14:22 There are things that God hates.
14:23 So, a principle, a character does not mean
14:26 that there aren't things that are contrary to that,
14:27 that can't co-exist with it.
14:29 And that's something also
14:30 that we're going to bring out later on,
14:32 there is no yin yang principle from a biblical perspective.
14:36 There is no coexistence, co,
14:39 you know, eternal existence
14:40 of bad and good, light and darkness.
14:43 God is light.
14:45 And there is no darkness in Him.
14:46 No darkness, that's it.
14:48 So, there's no living contradiction.
14:49 Right.
14:51 So, you can't go on later on and say,
14:53 "Oh well, all of us are going to constantly have
14:55 this living contradiction good and bad, evil."
14:58 And that's going to go on for eternity, that's not the case.
14:59 Now, is there an example you know, a practical example
15:02 that we can look at from the Bible
15:04 that kind of articulate this principle.
15:06 We see that God so loved that He gave.
15:08 And we say well, that's you know,
15:10 easy for God to do as God.
15:12 How does that translate to us, now living in this world?
15:16 Well, I'm going to make it even more practical
15:18 because I'm going to connect some of these points
15:19 that we're going to look at through Scripture.
15:21 And I'm going to connect it
15:22 to some even the social injustices
15:24 that we see happening today.
15:26 And some of the things happening
15:27 in our world at large
15:28 that really need to be addressed.
15:30 So, here it is that when we think of love,
15:32 there's no way, you can get away from the cross of Calvary.
15:35 Because, this is literally the clearest picture
15:38 and demonstration of God's love for humanity.
15:40 Loving people who are unlovable,
15:42 loving people who are unworthy of that love,
15:44 but that love supersedes where the person is now,
15:48 but is still demonstrated toward them
15:50 for what they can be if that love is received.
15:53 This is something that God
15:54 was trying to introduce to our minds.
15:55 But then after Christ left this example for humanity.
16:00 Notice what he says in 1 John 3:16,
16:03 it's very interesting text because sometimes we say,
16:05 "Well, thank God, Jesus laid down His life
16:07 that others may be saved and appreciate that."
16:11 But I know that that's not where God,
16:12 what God wants me to do.
16:14 But if you look at 1 John 3:16 the Bible says,
16:17 "Hereby perceive we the love of God."
16:20 It says, "Because he laid down his life for us
16:24 and when we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren."
16:30 So, God actually says,
16:32 "The story of Christ on Calvary
16:35 was not just the story of what Christ did for us."
16:39 But it actually was a lesson book
16:41 of what he want's us to be willing to do for humanity.
16:45 And it's not that we die for people's sin.
16:48 Christ already did that, He's the Lamb of God
16:49 that takes away the sin of the world.
16:51 But now, we must be willing to go and tell that story
16:54 even if it did mean possibly the peril of my own life.
16:58 Now, watch this, I'm gonna show you something here,
17:01 and this is going to have to be contrasted
17:03 with some things we see happening in hip-hop culture
17:05 that I have to confess is absolutely disappointing.
17:08 When you and I consider the book of 2 Samuel Chapter 12,
17:11 I want you to watch this.
17:13 This is now, taking this counsel of 1 John 3:16
17:18 where it talks about we must love to the point
17:21 that we're willing to lay down our lives
17:22 even for the brethren.
17:24 Well, I want you to take a look at this.
17:25 In the Book of 2 Samuel,
17:27 we're going to look at Chapter 12.
17:29 And I want you to see something the Bible says,
17:31 as we consider verses 1 to 7.
17:34 This is the story of Nathan going to David.
17:36 David, the king has made
17:39 a horrific and very sinful decision
17:41 which was to sleep with another man's wife
17:44 and ultimately to have him killed.
17:47 So, he committed adultery and murder.
17:48 Well, Nathan, the prophet now is inspired by God
17:52 to give a message to David.
17:54 Nathan had to understand, what I'm about to do.
17:57 If David chose to be an ungodly king,
18:01 he could literally have my head for this.
18:03 Nathan had to love David enough to tell David the truth,
18:06 even though he knew
18:08 this would be at the peril of my own life.
18:09 And so, the Bible says a 2 Samuel 12:1-7.
18:13 "And the Lord sent Nathan unto David.
18:15 And he came unto him, and said unto him,
18:17 There were two men in one city,
18:19 the one rich, and the other poor.
18:21 The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds:
18:23 But the poor man had nothing,
18:24 save one little ewe lamb,
18:26 which he had bought and nourished up:
18:28 and it grew up together with him,
18:29 and with his children,
18:31 it did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup,
18:34 and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter.
18:37 And there came a traveler unto the rich man,
18:39 and he spared to take of his own flock
18:41 and of his own herd,
18:43 to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him,
18:46 but took the poor man's lamb,
18:48 and dressed it for the man that was come to him.
18:51 And David's anger was greatly kindled against the man,
18:54 and he said to Nathan, As the Lord liveth,
18:57 the man that hath done this thing
18:59 shall surely die:
19:00 And he shall restore the lamb four fold,
19:02 because he did this thing, and because he had no pity.
19:06 And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man.
19:11 Thus saith the Lord God of Israel,
19:13 I anointed thee king over Israel,
19:15 and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul,
19:17 And I gave thee thy master's house,
19:18 and thy master's wives into thy bosom,
19:20 and gave thee the house of Israel
19:22 and of the house of Judah,
19:24 and if that had been too little,
19:26 I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things.
19:29 Wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the Lord,
19:32 to do evil in his sight?
19:34 Thou hast killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword,
19:36 and hast taken his wife to be thy wife,
19:38 and hast slain him with the sword
19:40 of the children of Ammon.
19:42 Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thine house,
19:46 because thou hast despised me,
19:48 and hast taken the wife of Uriah
19:49 the Hittite to be thy wife."
19:51 Nathan had to literally show David his hypocrisy.
19:54 Nathan had to go to the king who was anointed by God.
19:57 And he had to go to him and love him enough,
19:59 to give him God's message.
20:00 And to say, "David, you are a sinner.
20:02 You have done wrong."
20:04 Now, this could have cost him his life.
20:05 But love caused him not to consider that.
20:08 Love moved the fear,
20:09 and caused him to tell the truth,
20:11 even though it could be at the peril of his own life.
20:13 Now, here's what's interesting.
20:15 Nathan did not die as a result of giving this message.
20:18 What happen? David was humbled.
20:20 And David was willing to receive the message.
20:22 And as David said,
20:23 "Fourfold this man should be punished."
20:25 Davis household fourfold was punished.
20:27 And he lost his children.
20:29 But here's what's interesting.
20:32 While this story kind of ends good as it relates to the one
20:35 who had to bear the news of pointing out sin
20:38 and calling it by its right name.
20:40 There's another story in the Bible
20:42 where it didn't work out that way.
20:43 And this one is in Mark the 6th Chapter,
20:45 it's just verses 17 and 18.
20:47 But, this one is now the story of John the Baptist.
20:50 John the Baptist,
20:51 he knew that the king was living in a sinful life
20:55 because he took his brother's wife which is called adultery.
20:59 And John the Baptist had to love the king enough
21:03 to tell him the truth,
21:04 even if it meant the peril of his own life.
21:07 And here it is that John's love was so powerful,
21:09 that he told the king the truth.
21:11 And the story goes like this
21:12 as it relates to what happened next.
21:15 It says in Mark 6:17, 18.
21:18 It says, "For Herod himself have sent forth
21:21 and laid hold upon John
21:22 and bound him in prison for Herodias' sake,
21:25 his brother Philip's wife: For he had married her.
21:28 For John had said unto Herod,
21:29 it is not lawful for thee to have thy brother's wife."
21:33 John pointed out to a king that he was living in sin.
21:38 And it did cost him his life,
21:39 because John the Baptist was beheaded.
21:41 But that did not stop John from telling the truth.
21:44 John had to be able to take a stand
21:46 because that's what love does.
21:48 Love causes you to not consider your own self.
21:51 Not to consider your money, your income.
21:54 Not to consider even your own life.
21:56 You got to love people enough to tell them the truth,
21:58 because it's not just the example of Nathan,
22:00 it's not just the example of John the Baptist,
22:02 it was none other than the example of Jesus.
22:05 And how do we see this?
22:06 John the 7th Chapter.
22:08 This is an aspect of Jesus
22:09 that a lot of people don't consider
22:11 but it's the truth anyhow.
22:12 And the Bible says in John Chapter 7
22:14 when Jesus was talking with his brothers,
22:15 and they were encouraging him to go to the feast
22:17 and Jesus answered by saying in verse 6.
22:20 "Then said Jesus unto them, my time is not yet come:
22:23 But your time is always ready.
22:26 The world cannot hate you:
22:28 But me it hateth, because I testify of it,
22:32 that the works thereof are evil."
22:35 Jesus had a ministry, not a moment,
22:39 a ministry of pointing out evil.
22:43 Calling people and telling them what sin was
22:46 and making it plain
22:48 and loving them enough to do it,
22:49 even though He knew it's gonna put me on cross,
22:51 but this what love is.
22:53 So, love is not emotion,
22:56 love is not something that can be here and then be gone.
22:58 Love is a principle. That's right.
23:00 It's an eternal principle.
23:01 Now, we know God is love.
23:03 And we see an example of human beings living on the earth,
23:06 exhibiting this godly divine supernatural love.
23:10 The question is, we know that is not in us,
23:13 it doesn't come naturally.
23:14 So, where does it come from? How do we get it?
23:17 Well, that love has to come
23:19 from none other than God Himself.
23:21 And the reason we know, this is because
23:23 in Romans the 5th Chapter, here's what the Bible says.
23:26 In Romans Chapter 5,
23:28 I want you to see what the text says now
23:29 as we consider verses 1 to 5.
23:32 it says, "Therefore being justified by faith,
23:35 we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:
23:39 By whom also we have access by faith
23:41 into this grace wherein we stand.
23:43 And rejoice in hope of the glory of God
23:46 and not only so, but we glory in tribulations also:
23:49 knowing that tribulation work is patience:
23:51 And patience, experience.
23:53 And experience, hope:
23:54 and hope make it not ashame,
23:56 because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts
24:01 by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us."
24:04 I can't love independent of God.
24:08 It's impossible.
24:09 If God is saying, listen,
24:11 "I am love, I am the embodiment of love.
24:13 If you want to love you got to come to me,
24:16 because I'm the source of it."
24:17 It's kind of like somebody saying,
24:19 "I want to, I want to give somebody an Apple product,
24:21 I want to give somebody an Android product."
24:23 We're going to have to go to Apple to get that product.
24:25 You gonna have to go to
24:27 wherever the Android products are made to get that product.
24:29 You've got to go to the source, the source supplies you
24:32 and then you're able to take the supply
24:34 and give it to whomever you choose.
24:35 So, it is with God, God says listen, "I am love.
24:38 You can't love outside of me.
24:41 You can act it out.
24:42 You can maybe do some portions of it.
24:45 But you will sooner or later find out its limitations."
24:50 So, God makes it clear.
24:51 I am love and the only way
24:53 that you can have the kind of love
24:55 that I'm talking about, you got to come to me,
24:57 and through my spirit,
24:58 I'm going to put it within your heart.
25:00 Right, so, even though it is going to be put in us,
25:04 we don't look inside in order to get it.
25:07 We have to go get it from God and he will put it in us,
25:09 but it's not innately intrinsically inside of us.
25:12 That's correct. And that is the point.
25:14 If you and I are going to tell somebody
25:16 that the cornerstone of hip-hop culture
25:20 or any culture or any movement,
25:22 and one of those cornerstones
25:24 is this beautiful foundation of love.
25:26 Then the question is, well, how do people get this?
25:28 How do they conjure it up?
25:30 Because it is not something that is natural within us,
25:32 it is not innately within us.
25:35 In fact, we studied in Jeremiah 17
25:37 that the Bible makes it clear.
25:39 It tells us that our hearts are deceitful above all things
25:42 and desperately wicked, who can know it?
25:44 Jeremiah 13:23,
25:46 "Can the Ethiopian change a skin.
25:48 Can the leopard change a spot?
25:49 Well, how then can you do good
25:51 when you're accustomed to doing evil."
25:53 So, we have a nature that is anti-God.
25:56 We naturally do not want to do what God says.
26:00 We naturally cannot keep God's law.
26:02 And Romans the 8th Chapter spells it out,
26:04 "The carnal mind is at enmity with God
26:07 and cannot honor Him or His law."
26:09 And enmity means hatred.
26:11 So, what is natural is that we have a hatred for God.
26:13 So, that means what is natural that we have a hatred for love.
26:16 We have a natural hatred for love,
26:18 true love, biblical love.
26:20 But we can take it, we can pervert it,
26:22 and we can twist it,
26:24 and make it our own interpretation,
26:26 and then exercise it the way we want to.
26:28 Right. And that is always destructive.
26:31 I mean, it's absolutely always destructive.
26:32 When we take something that God has created for our good
26:36 and we pervert it, you know,
26:37 change that which is true into that
26:39 which is not true perversion.
26:41 When we pervert it, it always leads to destruction.
26:44 It always leads to breaking down.
26:46 So, if you know, they're looking
26:48 if hip-hop is looking to be the solution to the disunity.
26:52 That being the solution to the violence,
26:54 to stop the violence,
26:55 it's completely unable to do so,
26:58 in fact, it contributes to the violence,
27:01 it contributes to the degradation of society,
27:03 because it's taking something that God has made
27:05 and perverting it and using it only in human power.
27:09 So, I want to encourage you
27:12 to come back for our next episode,
27:14 because we're going to continue
27:16 to flesh out this principle of love,
27:19 the foundation of God's government,
27:21 the foundation of all truth and reality.
27:24 And you know,
27:26 purportedly the foundation of hip-hop culture as well.
27:30 We have to see something
27:32 that is going to actually effect change,
27:35 lasting change, real change in the human heart.
27:38 If our hearts are not changed,
27:41 then it's going to be impossible for us to go
27:43 and change the communities in this world that we live in.
27:46 We know that God has a solution for all of our problems.
27:49 And I want to remind you to bring a friend, return,
27:53 and be enriched by what had God has in store for us
27:56 and remember as Proverbs 2:6 says,
28:00 "It is the Lord that gives wisdom.
28:03 And out of his mouth
28:05 comes knowledge and understanding."
28:08 God bless, and I hope to see you again.


Revised 2016-03-28