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Counter Pillar: Love -part 3

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:29 Hello, I'm Lance. And I'm Dwayne.
00:31 And you are here with us at another episode of TKS,
00:35 "A True Knowledge of Self",
00:36 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:40 We were privileged in going over the Word of God
00:42 and being able to look at some of the realities
00:44 that are happening right now,
00:45 as it pertains to the hip-hop culture
00:48 and doing a comparison to the Christian culture
00:51 and trying to see, do they blend or do they not.
00:55 There is a reason for this.
00:56 There are many today
00:58 that are trying to make all sorts of amalgamations,
01:00 trying to blend things together and develop good.
01:05 But the problem is that
01:06 when things are tested by scripture,
01:09 which is the duty of the Christian
01:10 to prove all things
01:12 and to live by every word
01:13 that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
01:15 We begin to see that a lot of things
01:17 that even Christians have embraced,
01:19 even Christianity has embraced.
01:21 We find that there are contradictions,
01:24 there are living hypocrisies, and there are inconstancies,
01:27 and as a result of that
01:29 the will of God cannot be accomplished,
01:31 which we have established in previous episodes,
01:33 which is putting that robe back on humanity.
01:36 Once again, man coming in right union with God
01:39 and experiencing righteousness, which can only come by faith.
01:43 It is because of this that we had to look
01:44 at the lifestyles of the world today
01:46 and there is nothing
01:47 that has affected this world like the culture of hip-hop.
01:51 Hip-hop is incredible as it relates to its power
01:53 and influence in the world.
01:55 And though there be many people who believe in it, exercise it,
01:58 practice it, advocate it, etc.,
02:00 though they may be doing it even innocently,
02:03 it has to be looked upon from the biblical lens and see,
02:06 is there consistency or inconsistency.
02:09 We've been seeing consistent inconsistency thus far.
02:12 We have been looking clearly at the Word of God,
02:14 we looked especially at a clip where one of the great teachers
02:19 and thought leaders in hip-hop culture,
02:21 KRS-One stated the very four key elements,
02:25 cornerstones or pillars of the hip-hop culture,
02:28 which was love, peace, unity, and safely having fun.
02:31 And we have been really looking at love
02:32 because love, quite honestly is inexhaustible,
02:36 because God is love and God is inexhaustible.
02:39 And we have been looking at it and doing some comparatives
02:41 and in our previous episode we looked at, you know,
02:45 some of the thought leaders
02:46 from Russell Simmons to Afrika Bambaataa
02:48 and things that they have shared
02:50 that unfortunately does not gel with some of the things
02:54 we are seeing from the Word of God.
02:55 We are seeing that love is something
02:57 that causes us to take stance against things
03:02 that even though it may make us uncomfortable,
03:04 we have to be willing to take that stand
03:06 because of those whom we love.
03:08 And we saw through those clips, Lance, that, you know,
03:11 some of these things were not consistent,
03:13 we were looking at it and trying to figure out,
03:15 okay, how can we say we love somebody
03:19 and at the same time we will not correct them
03:21 when they are worthy of correction,
03:23 which was admitted by both of the two individuals
03:26 that we just looked at,
03:27 Russell Simmons and Afrika Bambaataa,
03:29 where they are saying, "Hey, you know,
03:31 though these things may very well be wrong or evil,"
03:34 you know, "I'm not gonna go ahead and say,
03:36 "Let's get rid of it,
03:37 let's stop it or speak against it."
03:39 Yeah.
03:40 "Yet when other things take place in our world,
03:43 the hip-hop community knows how to come together
03:45 and speak against it, call it wrong and call it evil,
03:48 and all these other things,
03:49 but they don't seem to want to do it
03:50 when it comes close to home.
03:52 At least this is what is seeming
03:54 to be the reality thus far.
03:55 It's because of this that
03:57 I believe we cannot count
03:59 on human manufactured ideas of what constitutes love
04:03 even as taught through hip-hop culture
04:05 and we need to get a real picture,
04:07 what really is love?
04:09 How does it really work?
04:10 How can I make it applicable in my life
04:12 and in my circumstances,
04:14 whether I'm in the hood or I'm in a palace?
04:16 How can I make it real for me? Right.
04:18 And so, I have some verses that I want to talk about,
04:21 but I think you have a verse there available
04:25 that kind of just walks us through, you know,
04:27 that was referred to in the Bible
04:29 as the love chapter.
04:30 That's right.
04:31 That kind of just highlights what love is
04:33 and if you read that for us,
04:34 then we are gonna go ahead
04:36 and walk through some other principles.
04:37 Well, then that would be my pleasure.
04:38 So here it is that we're looking
04:40 at a chapter in the Bible
04:41 that has been known
04:43 throughout theological realms
04:44 and Christianity generally,
04:45 as the love chapter,
04:47 which is found in 1 Corinthians 13.
04:48 Because I am reading from a King James version,
04:50 we are gonna see that word "charity" constantly come up,
04:53 but this is the word agape in the Greek,
04:55 which really deals with the Godly love.
04:57 Yeah.
04:58 So, it says in 1 Corinthians 13:1,
05:01 "Though I speak with the tongues
05:02 of men and of angels,
05:04 and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass,
05:08 or a tinkling cymbal.
05:10 And though I have the gift of prophecy,
05:12 and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge.
05:16 And though I have all faith,
05:17 so that I could remove mountains,
05:18 and have not charity, I am nothing.
05:21 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor,
05:24 and though I give my body to be burned,
05:26 and have not charity,
05:28 it profiteth me nothing.
05:29 Charity suffereth long, and is kind.
05:32 Charity envieth not.
05:34 Charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
05:38 it doth not behave itself unseemly,
05:41 it seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked,
05:45 thinketh no evil.
05:47 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.
05:51 Beareth all things, believeth all things,
05:54 hopeth all things, endureth all things.
05:57 Charity never faileth:
06:00 but whether there be prophecies,
06:02 they shall fail, whether there be tongues,
06:03 they shall cease.
06:05 Whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.
06:08 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
06:11 But when that which is perfect is come,
06:13 then that which is in part shall be done away.
06:16 When I was a child, I speak as a child,
06:17 I understood as a child, and I thought as a child:
06:20 but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
06:22 For now we see through a glass, darkly,
06:24 but then face to face: now I know in part,
06:27 but then shall I know even as also I am known.
06:30 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three,
06:34 but the greatest of these is charity."
06:37 Amen. Amen.
06:39 So we're seeing a situation, you know,
06:41 the whole context of Corinthians
06:42 is really dealing with knowledge, wisdom
06:45 and essentially it identifies wisdom as being Christ Himself.
06:49 We saw in 1 Corinthians 1:24 that,
06:53 "Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God."
06:56 That's right.
06:58 So, really that childish thing
06:59 that is being put away is ignorance.
07:02 It's ignorance. Powerful. Yes, sir.
07:03 It's a lack of the true knowledge and wisdom
07:04 that leads to reality that God is, that Christ is,
07:09 as it says in 1 Corinthians 1:30 that,
07:11 "He was made unto us wisdom, and righteousness,
07:15 and sanctification, and redemption."
07:17 So another thing that the Bible stresses is,
07:20 it identifies the fact that love is not an emotion
07:25 that you hear a lot about feeling,
07:26 I want to feel the love, I don't feel the love.
07:30 They are looking for this kind of emotional response
07:33 and this emotional fulfillment,
07:35 which God does provide emotional fulfillment.
07:37 It's not that that is completely negated.
07:39 It's just that love is a principle,
07:41 it transcends emotion.
07:43 That's right.
07:44 So when we talk about love,
07:45 there is much more to say about it,
07:47 I want to turn to a Bible verse,
07:48 but I know that you have something else
07:50 that you want to share.
07:51 Yeah, I mean, when I look at this concept
07:53 of what's coming out in 1 Corinthians 13,
07:55 it really does hone in on like what you said,
07:57 it really is functional of a principle
08:00 rather than simply an emotional stimuli,
08:02 some type of feeling we have here or there.
08:04 And I was reading one day a book called,
08:06 "Acts of the Apostles,"
08:08 and it says something very powerful
08:10 commenting on this 1 Corinthians 13 passage
08:14 and dealing with, you know, the love chapter,
08:16 and I just thought it was so profound that I said,
08:17 "We have to read this."
08:18 And it's in Acts of the Apostles, page 318,
08:21 and here is what it says,
08:23 "No matter how high the profession,
08:26 he whose heart is not filled with love for God
08:29 and his fellowmen is not a true disciple of Christ.
08:33 Though he should possess great faith
08:36 and have power even to work miracles,
08:39 yet without love his faith would be worthless.
08:43 He might display great liberality,
08:45 but should he, from some other motive
08:48 than genuine love,
08:49 bestow all his goods to feed the poor,
08:53 the act would not commend him to the favor of God.
08:56 In his zeal he might even meet a martyr's death,
08:59 yet if not actuated by love,
09:02 he would be regarded by God
09:04 as a deluded enthusiast or an ambitious hypocrite."
09:09 My brother, that is profound. Absolutely.
09:12 And this is why love is worthy of study.
09:15 We have to be able to say, "Lord, I need Your love,
09:18 not my human manufactured love."
09:21 "Not my love with all of its incredible human limitations,
09:24 and acceptances, and all these other things."
09:27 We need a love that is born of heaven.
09:29 And God wants to give it to us.
09:31 He is willing to give it to us
09:32 through the medium of His spirit
09:34 and thank the Lord, the Bible says in Luke 11:13,
09:36 "If you want the Spirit of God, you can ask for Him."
09:38 Yeah.
09:39 So that we can literally say,
09:41 "Lord, I don't have Your love
09:42 but I'm asking You to put that love in my heart."
09:43 But it does require that element
09:45 that we've been talking about in previous episodes,
09:47 which is submission.
09:48 You got to be willing to submit to God
09:51 and then you can have power to resist the devil
09:53 that he may flee from us as James 4 tells us.
09:56 So this is a very, very important part of our study,
09:58 where we are really dealing with now,
10:00 you know, love, what is it?
10:01 How does it work?
10:03 How can I make it real for my life
10:04 and my circumstance?
10:05 And I hope that this is gonna
10:07 be an absolute blessing to our viewers
10:09 as I'm sure it's gonna be a blessing
10:10 even to us just to rehearse it.
10:11 Right, and just to mention as well is that
10:13 love requires constant scrutiny and accountability.
10:18 And that is the responsibility that we have.
10:21 And that is really how you maintain
10:24 the love for the community,
10:27 the love for your brothers and sisters,
10:29 the love for your family is what your motivation, your,
10:33 what you are doing
10:34 and how you are expressing "love"
10:37 has to constantly be scrutinized
10:39 and you have to be constantly held accountable.
10:41 And if there is nobody in the hip-hop culture for example
10:45 or many that are not willing to scrutinize,
10:50 to hold accountable within their own ranks,
10:52 then you know,
10:54 you have to question the love principle there.
10:56 Is it a principle or it's just something that is fleeting?
10:58 Absolutely.
11:00 So, let's look at Hebrews 12, and in Hebrews 12:2,
11:04 it kind of highlights
11:05 what we've been talking about the idea
11:06 that love is not simply an emotional stimulus.
11:11 It is a principle that transcends emotion.
11:14 So in Hebrews 12:2, it says,
11:18 "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.
11:24 Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross,
11:29 despising the shame, and is set down
11:31 at the right hand of the throne of God."
11:34 Now the question here and we're gonna look at this,
11:36 but what is it that motivated His action?
11:40 What is it that moved Him to express this great,
11:44 immeasurable love?
11:47 And it says here that,
11:48 "The joy that was set before Him,"
11:51 because of that, "He endured the cross,
11:53 despising the shame."
11:54 That's right. So, what was it?
11:56 And if we go to Luke 15, we'll see what that joy was.
12:00 What was it that was motivating Christ
12:02 to go against every single human impulse.
12:05 Every natural earthly, psychological,
12:08 emotional impulse was don't do this,
12:10 at all cost.
12:11 Protect yourself, you know, we're kind of wired,
12:15 because of sin we are wired for self preservation.
12:18 Yes. Right?
12:19 So, what was it that motivated Christ,
12:20 Luke 15:7, I believe.
12:23 We're gonna read Luke 15 and...
12:27 All right.
12:28 Luke 15:7, it says,
12:31 "I say unto you,
12:33 that likewise joy shall be in heaven
12:37 over one sinner that repenteth,
12:40 more than over ninety and nine just persons,
12:42 which need no repentance."
12:44 Amen.
12:46 The salvation of even one individual soul
12:50 brings immeasurable joy in heaven.
12:53 That's right.
12:55 So, Jesus' motivation for laying down His life
12:58 for His friends was going...
13:01 was there even if it was just one person
13:03 who is gonna positively respond.
13:04 Even if there was just one person to be saved,
13:06 He would have done it.
13:07 That's right.
13:09 He would have endured the cross despising the shame,
13:10 that's love.
13:12 And we're saying it and it's easy to kind of say it
13:15 and I'm not even gonna suggest that we really understand
13:17 how deep that is,
13:19 and how strong and powerful that is.
13:21 But nevertheless, we have the testimony of the scripture
13:24 that shows us clearly that the motivation,
13:27 the expression of love was not necessarily in a sentiment,
13:33 it was in an action.
13:34 That's right.
13:36 It was in a principle
13:37 that was exercised that went against
13:40 every single natural impulse.
13:43 And so love has to be the fact that God is love
13:46 and if that is in us,
13:47 then we have to be willing also
13:49 to endure whatever might come
13:51 to endure that cross, to despise the shame,
13:53 to be willing to do whatever it takes
13:55 even if it's just for one person,
13:56 even if it could mean the salvation
13:58 and the saving of one person.
14:00 And this is a kind of love that is very, very selfless.
14:04 Yes.
14:05 This is something 'cause if you read the account in Matthew 26,
14:08 Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane,
14:10 Luke 22 also brings this out,
14:12 He's in the Garden of Gethsemane
14:13 and He is saying,
14:15 "Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me."
14:18 Jesus had to drink a cup
14:19 and that cup was filled with a very wrath of God.
14:21 Jesus was taking on the punishment
14:24 that should come to sinners
14:25 and He was willing to let this punishment fall on Himself.
14:29 You know, when a man dies today,
14:30 he can die but he's only bearing his issues,
14:33 what his challenges were.
14:35 Christ was taking on the sins of humanity.
14:37 2 Corinthians 5:21, tells us that,
14:41 "He became sin for us."
14:44 It's like literally sinners' past, sinners' present,
14:47 sinners' future, all was weighing on Christ
14:50 in the Garden of Gethsemane.
14:52 And this why it caused Him to sweat so much
14:54 that it literally popped His blood vessels
14:56 and blood was being mingled with the sweat.
14:58 He was dealing with the weight of the sins of the world,
15:02 strange enough, not His own.
15:04 So this is incredible because this is a love that,
15:06 like you stated, you stated it perfectly,
15:08 we're gonna spend eternity
15:10 seeking to understand such a love.
15:12 That you would be willing to step down from absolute glory,
15:16 absolute beauty,
15:18 looking your father face-to-face
15:21 and enjoying the beauty of angels and holiness,
15:24 and He came down to a sin cursed earth,
15:27 clothed yourself with human flesh,
15:30 human nature,
15:31 and went through all the trials of life,
15:33 and went through temptations far worse
15:35 than we ever could have faced,
15:36 and ridicule, put down, etc.,
15:38 and then to have all of the sinners' sins
15:42 laid upon you.
15:45 We don't understand that,
15:46 our minds are way too limited to understand
15:49 what Christ was going through at Calvary and He said,
15:52 "I did all of this that
15:54 even if one person would accept it,
15:56 it was worth it."
15:57 Man, this is a selfless kind of love
16:00 that we would do well to consider often
16:03 is to think on Calvary and to understand
16:06 what Christ did that we may be saved.
16:09 And to appreciate and to cherish
16:10 the plan of salvation
16:12 rather than to shun it, and joke about it,
16:14 and jest upon it, as many do
16:18 even in positions of thought leadership in hip-hop culture.
16:21 It is so incredibly insulting.
16:23 And this is why Christians need to take a stand and to say,
16:27 "Listen, what's being taught
16:29 through hip-hop culture is error.
16:30 It is something that is dangerous."
16:32 Jesus said, "If you're not with Me,
16:33 you are against Me."
16:35 And therefore I'm not here to try to put, you know,
16:37 hip-hop culture in a neutral position.
16:39 There is no neutral, either you are for or you're against.
16:41 And everything that is being purported
16:43 through hip-hop culture
16:45 is against Christianity,
16:47 which is against Christ,
16:48 which is against the Word of God,
16:50 which is against God.
16:52 And this has to be taught,
16:53 it has to be made plain
16:55 and God's people need to come out of it
16:56 and into His marvelous light
16:58 and really understand
16:59 what it means to bear the cross.
17:01 To be able to say,
17:02 "Listen, if Jesus kept the view in front of Him,
17:06 the goal, even when He didn't feel to do it,
17:10 the view and the goal of what this process would accomplish
17:14 is greater than my feelings right now."
17:16 Yeah. And that's how love works.
17:18 And this is something we can take in our lives, if I,
17:21 you know, if I got to change my diet,
17:22 I can literally learn a lesson from the cross.
17:24 I can say, "Man, you know what?
17:26 I've been saying for a long time,
17:28 I need to eat better to have greater health."
17:29 But every time I see that food object,
17:31 it just pulls me and I just give in,
17:33 but what if I could remember a lesson from the cross.
17:35 Christ says, "It was the joy that was set before me
17:38 that I endured this."
17:39 What if you had the joy of your health set before you,
17:42 kept that in your vision
17:43 when you start practicing your dietary restrictions.
17:46 If you keep that joy set before you,
17:48 it helps better enable you to not give in
17:51 to the call of appetite or the god belly.
17:53 We can literally take principles from the cross
17:55 and make it practical in our own lives.
17:57 And this is a demonstration of the love of God
18:00 and this is how we can show forth our love back to God
18:03 and to our fellowmen.
18:04 Right.
18:06 So love goes deeper, I mean, it's clear that
18:08 love does not glory in itself,
18:09 in other words, love is not competitive.
18:11 In Philippians 2:3-4,
18:15 it says something very powerful.
18:17 It says, "Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded,
18:22 having the same love,
18:24 being of one accord, of one mind.
18:26 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory,
18:30 but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other
18:33 better than themselves."
18:35 So, we see here, you know,
18:38 if we thought of just life in general, I mean,
18:40 almost every single culture is rooted in competitive,
18:45 you know, behavior
18:46 and if we just think of hip-hop, I mean,
18:49 I don't know how many,
18:50 when I was in the culture and I was MCing,
18:53 I don't know how many battles I had.
18:55 I don't know how many battles as a dancer that you had.
18:57 But that is the...
18:58 that is one of the fundamental aspects
19:01 and elements there that it's really me against you.
19:04 Who's better? I'm better.
19:06 And that is encouraged, that in fact is cheered
19:08 and revered whether it's over,
19:10 you know, how many record sales,
19:12 how many units you move, how many downloads you had,
19:14 how many views you had on YouTube or you know,
19:18 somebody on the street corner with no money
19:20 and how many battles he won and how many, you know,
19:22 punch lines he had.
19:23 So this idea of competition
19:25 is contradicting love, you know,
19:29 and we know that whether it's on the basketball court
19:31 or what have you, often times this turns to violence.
19:34 It can.
19:35 This friendly, friendly competition
19:37 can quickly turn to violence
19:39 and that's just part of the culture,
19:41 that's just part of life, you know,
19:42 we are gonna have some of that and some of this,
19:44 we just need to have a balance.
19:45 And if we were to take the Word of God
19:46 just for what it says,
19:48 it says, "In lowliness of mind let each esteem others
19:53 better than themselves."
19:55 How can you do that and engage in an activity
19:58 where my goal is to demonstrate I'm better than you.
20:01 Exactly. It's literally impossible.
20:05 Yeah. It's a contradiction.
20:06 So when we are looking at the Word of God
20:08 and we are looking at the love of God,
20:10 we are seeing something very profound,
20:12 because I know you just read verses 3 and 4,
20:14 but if we were to go further in verse 5,
20:16 Paul is really trying to just summarize his point.
20:18 He is saying, "Do you know what I'm really trying to say?"
20:20 Verse 5, "Let this mind be in you,
20:21 which was also in Christ Jesus."
20:23 That's right.
20:24 You want to know the mind of Christ?
20:25 Let me show you the mind of Christ.
20:27 Who thought it not robbery to be equal with God.
20:29 But He humbled Himself, became obedient unto death,
20:33 etc., this is the demonstration,
20:36 the character, the example that Christ wanted us to have.
20:39 Not to be busy trying to battle each other
20:41 and I'm trying to beat you or beat me,
20:43 because my human nature doesn't like to be defeated.
20:45 No.
20:46 So even though I can be like, "Good, good one there,
20:48 you've got me, you've got me."
20:50 A lot of times there is something
20:51 in my heart that says,
20:52 "I can't believe this brother beat me, man, if it...
20:54 You know what?
20:55 In fact, if I could, I'd probably
20:57 knock him out right now
20:58 but I know there's so many people looking."
20:59 I mean, these things going on in the heart
21:01 that can come out eventually in the character,
21:03 and this is how a lot of those fights
21:05 break out at different, you know,
21:06 sports arenas or some of the, you know,
21:09 the house parties, and the clubs,
21:10 and everything, where all these battles
21:12 and this competing and trying to beat each other
21:15 when if we follow the biblical blueprint,
21:17 we wouldn't have to deal with this.
21:18 Let each esteem others better than themselves
21:21 in lowliness of mind
21:23 and looking not out for yourself
21:26 but looking out for others, that was what verse 4 said.
21:28 That's right.
21:29 So, if we follow this principle,
21:31 this is a demonstration of love.
21:33 Yeah.
21:35 So, if we, you know, we've talked about this before,
21:38 but Jesus put it very simply in John 14:15, it says,
21:41 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
21:43 Now this opens another dynamic of love that, you know,
21:48 as it relates to the human response,
21:50 how are we to response in love?
21:51 We understand that we're supposed
21:53 to lay down our lives for our brethren,
21:54 we understand but when Jesus says,
21:56 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
21:58 Love now takes on another aspect,
22:01 another dimension, and another layer.
22:03 So I want to turn to 1 John 2
22:05 and really walk through a principle here.
22:07 We've looked at some of these verses before,
22:09 but when we look at 'em again,
22:11 we're gonna look at 'em through this lens,
22:12 so 1 John 2 and I'm looking at verses 3-6,
22:16 it says here that,
22:20 "And hereby we do know that we know Him,
22:22 if we keep His commandments.
22:24 He that saith, I know Him,
22:26 and keepeth not His commandments,
22:27 is a liar,
22:29 and the truth is not in him.
22:30 But who so keepeth His word,
22:32 in Him verily is the love of God perfected.
22:35 Hereby know we that we are in Him."
22:38 And we stressed this before but again the fact that
22:41 love can be demonstrated, love can be witnessed.
22:44 That's right.
22:45 And in this case, is witnessed through obedience
22:47 and obedience to none other but God.
22:49 Obedience to His commandments
22:51 is an indication that love is present,
22:54 the love of God is present in the human heart.
22:56 Now it goes further in 1 John 3:16
22:59 as we read before and we'll stress it again.
23:02 "Hereby perceive we the love of God,
23:04 because He laid down His life for us.
23:06 And we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren."
23:08 So love is demonstrated through action,
23:11 so we understand and we see the proof
23:14 and the evidence of love in that,
23:17 "Christ laid down His life for us."
23:18 Yes.
23:20 So, we had to demonstrate that in the same fashion
23:21 but notice, it goes further in 1 John 4,
23:24 1 John 4:8-9, it says,
23:28 "He that loveth not knoweth not God,
23:31 for God is love.
23:33 In this was manifested the love of God toward us,
23:36 because that God sent His only begotten Son into the world,
23:40 that we might live through Him."
23:42 So God, the Father,
23:44 demonstrated His love by action.
23:46 He didn't just say it,
23:48 He didn't just mention it or feel it,
23:49 He demonstrated His love by sending His Son,
23:52 and His Son demonstrated His love
23:54 by laying down His life.
23:56 We are supposed to demonstrate love by laying down our lives
23:58 and keeping His commandments.
24:00 Now if we really were to carefully consider this,
24:03 again these principles
24:05 will need to be reflected in the heart
24:08 of God's people today, you know,
24:11 even in the most trying circumstances.
24:13 I'm gonna use the social issues right now.
24:15 Again, right now we believe that,
24:19 there are many rather,
24:20 I'm not gonna include myself in this on this point,
24:22 but there are many who believe
24:24 that the police officers are the enemy.
24:27 And therefore, there's a lot of things happening on that end.
24:29 Some of the police officers, they believe some of these
24:30 civilians are the enemies
24:32 and there is a lot of unrest happening in society right now.
24:36 Well, what does the Bible teach?
24:38 Christ, God the Father loved humanity enough
24:41 that He was willing to let the only one that was like Him,
24:44 come to save these individuals,
24:46 yet these individuals were enemies.
24:49 You see, when we read Romans 5 in the previous episode,
24:51 it says, "God commendeth His love toward us,
24:53 that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us,"
24:56 that was Romans 5:8.
24:57 Literally, if you go to Romans 5:10,
24:59 it actually says in verse 10, "While we were yet enemies,
25:03 Christ came and died for us."
25:04 So Jesus was demonstrating a love
25:07 for enemies and the question is,
25:11 what happens to your love or your love principle
25:14 that you function by
25:15 when you come in contact with somebody
25:17 that you can deem in your mind a bonafide enemy?
25:20 Jesus' love was consistent to the point
25:22 that even one day when Pilate says,
25:24 "All right, what do you want me to do?
25:25 I got one man, Barabbas and I got Jesus,
25:27 what do you want me to do?"
25:29 They said, "We want Barabbas to be free,
25:31 and we want you to crucify Christ."
25:32 He said, "Why?"
25:34 They said, "We just want Him crucified,"
25:35 and they yelled even louder and Pilate said,
25:37 "Look, I, my hands are innocent,
25:39 this man, my hands are clean,
25:41 this man is innocent,
25:43 I have nothing to do with this just person,
25:44 I'm gonna let you go ahead and do what you want,
25:46 but I believe He is all right."
25:47 And after He said that, the people responded,
25:50 "Let His blood be on us and on our children,"
25:54 and these are people that Jesus blessed.
25:57 Christ gets on the cross
25:59 and He looks at these people
26:00 who are speaking so intelligently,
26:02 I mean, they are making it clear,
26:03 "This is what I want, this is how we want it," etc.,
26:06 and lo and behold, Jesus says, "Father, forgive them.
26:11 They actually don't know what they are doing."
26:13 I wonder if this attitude can be towards many of these
26:16 individuals who are functioning like enemies right now.
26:19 Do we have this attitude?
26:20 Literally, I mean, these are things
26:22 that we have to reconcile with
26:24 is even when someone behaves like an enemy,
26:27 does that now give me license
26:29 to let emotion take over my principle of love?
26:34 And this is why this has been a very, very deep study
26:36 and you know, I know that the Lord has blessed
26:38 and you know, I appreciate you sharing these verses
26:41 and I believe that God just wants to make this thing plain
26:43 that love is about obedience.
26:46 It's about following God first and foremost,
26:48 loving your fellowmen consistently even
26:50 when they act ungodly towards you,
26:53 being willing to lay down your life
26:55 even for individuals if necessary
26:57 that they may receive the everlasting gospel
27:00 which is the wonderful, simplified a life's problems.
27:02 These are beautiful principles.
27:04 This is a balance of true love
27:07 that comes from the heart of God.
27:10 We really want to praise the Lord for just the things
27:12 that we were able to study,
27:13 I believe that it was imperative
27:15 that we could receive a true knowledge of God
27:18 which gives us a true knowledge of self
27:20 and helps us to see our need for Christ
27:23 that our lives may be surrendered unto Him
27:25 in such a way
27:26 that we can live like Jesus lived on this earth,
27:28 and we can live by that love principle that always says,
27:32 "Not my will but thy will be done."
27:36 Until the next time, we want to go ahead and encourage you to,
27:38 please, meditate on these things,
27:40 study to show yourself approved,
27:42 pay attention to these words and ask God through His Spirit
27:45 to settle these truths home in your heart,
27:47 and then share with somebody else,
27:49 and see what it does in their lives,
27:50 and watch how you and them will be encouraged together.
27:54 Until the next time we come together,
27:56 please remember that wonderful text of scripture
27:58 in Proverbs 2:6, which tells us,
28:01 "It is the Lord that giveth wisdom
28:04 and out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding."
28:08 God bless you.


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