True Knowledge of Self

Counter Pillar: Safely Having Fun -part 1

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:29 Hello, I'm Lance. And I'm Dwayne.
00:30 And welcome to another episode of TKS,
00:33 a True Knowledge of Self
00:35 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:39 We have been going over several points
00:41 as it relates to the cornerstones,
00:43 the pillars of hip-hop culture
00:46 and then doing a comparison
00:48 of how it looks towards the Christian culture
00:51 or the Christian pillars of the faith.
00:53 And what we've been seeing is a contrast
00:56 rather than a union.
00:57 And one of the things we've been looking at
00:59 over the past few episodes or a few of the things
01:01 was the various corners as mentioned
01:04 by the very thought leaders of hip-hop culture
01:06 which are love, peace, and unity.
01:10 These are the things that we have been reviewing.
01:11 And in our last episode, we talked a lot about unity,
01:15 false forms of unity
01:17 but then, of course, the true forms,
01:18 the biblical forms.
01:20 And as we looked at it, we studied Acts 2 and Acts 4
01:23 and we saw the blessed fruit
01:25 that comes from those who have received
01:27 God's Spirit of truth
01:29 and are enabled to have true unity
01:32 one with another
01:33 and therefore give a true demonstration
01:35 of what it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
01:37 Well, we are now at the point where today,
01:39 we're going to be talking about that fourth pillar
01:42 or the fourth cornerstone
01:44 that was mentioned in hip-hop culture
01:46 which was none other than safely having fun.
01:50 So, Lance, we're gonna be talking about
01:51 this safely having fun
01:53 because, you know, we know the word fun
01:54 is not something mentioned in the Bible,
01:56 yet, there's lots of words
01:58 that are not mentioned in the Bible
01:59 but the principles are there.
02:01 And when somebody thinks of safely having fun,
02:03 would you say that's a good term
02:04 or a bad term?
02:06 It's a good term. Yeah, it's a good term.
02:07 You know, there's nothing wrong with safely having fun
02:11 and growing up, both of us, in hip-hop culture
02:14 and participating whether it be an Mcing like yourself
02:16 or dancing like myself,
02:18 there were different ways that we would,
02:20 you know, demonstrate
02:21 how we understood safely having fun.
02:23 And I did look it up and I know you did as well.
02:25 We were trying to, you know, I believe that it's important
02:28 for our viewers
02:30 that they understand
02:31 what's coming from the horse's mouth if you will.
02:35 So we looked online,
02:36 we checked and looked at all sorts of resources to say,
02:39 "How do they define safely having fun, "
02:41 because that's a very, very broad term,
02:44 it can easily be privately interpreted.
02:47 And we didn't want to do that
02:48 but we couldn't really find anything
02:50 but when we refer back to our own experiences,
02:52 you know, growing up in hip-hop culture,
02:54 there were some things that we did understand
02:56 as far as safely having fun.
02:57 So what would you say in your understanding
03:00 from the perspective of hip-hop culture
03:03 constitutes safely having fun?
03:05 I mean, I'm gonna just only use my experience pretty much.
03:08 I think a lot of these things what we've been finding
03:11 is that the statements are very veiled.
03:14 Meaning, they're good statements on the surface
03:16 but if you really do some investigation
03:18 and, you know, probe a little bit,
03:19 you'll find out that it's kind of loose, you know,
03:23 you know, do whatever you want,
03:25 you know, do what you like as long as everybody's okay.
03:28 And so for me, I mean, when you talk about having fun,
03:32 you're talking about partying, you're talking about,
03:36 you know, concerts, performances,
03:39 you know, I was doing MC things.
03:41 So doing a show, the after parties,
03:44 you know, all these kind of things,
03:45 that was the idea of having fun.
03:47 You know, get-togethers in the house
03:49 and it's obviously drinking, smoking,
03:52 you know, girls, all kinds of stuff going on, music.
03:55 So, you know, that's the kind of,
03:58 you know, "innocent form of having fun,"
04:02 but you know what goes down at those things,
04:04 you know, what happens and what transpires.
04:06 And then there's the more, you know, devious elements.
04:10 I mean, I used to do a lot of stuff for fun
04:12 that was straight criminal behavior.
04:14 Yes.
04:15 I mean, you know, I used to beat people up for fun
04:17 and steal stuff for fun,
04:18 and do things that were completely,
04:20 you know, ignorant, violent,
04:23 filled with anger, and wrath, and destruction.
04:26 And sometimes,
04:27 I did it for no other reason than just to have fun.
04:29 Yeah.
04:31 And that was kind of,
04:32 you know, I don't know if I could say
04:34 it was applauded but it was recognized.
04:37 You had value points,
04:38 you know, if you're gonna be out in the streets
04:40 and have a reputation in the streets,
04:43 if you do that kind of stuff for fun,
04:45 it gives you, you know, credibility,
04:47 it gives you status, it gives you, you know, this,
04:51 you know, reputation if you will
04:53 that you want to have,
04:55 if you're going to be doing certain things
04:56 and operating at a higher level in that culture.
04:59 Well, I'll put it to you this way.
05:00 When I think about some of the things
05:03 that many of the,
05:05 well, not even thought leaders but even some of just,
05:07 maybe they weren't a thought leader
05:09 but nevertheless they were an influential participant
05:11 in hip-hop culture,
05:13 you know, some of the rappers and whatnot,
05:14 they did put forth an effort
05:17 to kind of help us understand
05:19 a little bit better safely having fun
05:20 as I think about it.
05:22 An example, KRS-One, stop the violence.
05:25 You know, he was right there in the front,
05:27 brought a whole bunch of rappers together
05:30 when they talked about self-destruction.
05:32 And everybody was coming together,
05:34 talking about the importance of nonviolence.
05:37 So I would definitely think that
05:38 when they think of safely having fun,
05:40 it's in these gatherings like you said,
05:42 concerts, house parties or whatever it may be
05:45 and coming together without violence.
05:48 You know, so that would probably
05:49 be a safe interpretation
05:50 of what it means to safely have fun.
05:53 Coming together and enjoying yourself
05:56 but without violence,
05:57 so that may be one aspect of safely having fun.
06:00 Another one, there were times when, you know, teen pregnancy,
06:04 sexually transmitted diseases were at in incredible rise
06:07 and they're still on the rise.
06:08 But I remember, there were some hip-hop artists
06:11 that would come out and say,
06:12 "Hey, listen, you got to practice safe sex."
06:15 Or then they would promote,
06:17 you know, the usage of condoms or some other type of thing
06:20 that could be used to make sure
06:21 that someone does not catch a disease
06:24 or, of course, impregnate someone at,
06:27 you know, at a young age or what have you.
06:28 So again, safely having fun might be,
06:32 not that you stop fornication,
06:34 but more so that you just practice it
06:37 without suffering the disease.
06:40 And I see the smirk in your face
06:41 and I got the same smirk
06:43 because we know that, you know, that concept is quite worldly.
06:46 But nevertheless
06:47 this is how people think it's okay.
06:49 And even certain individuals
06:51 that we're gonna show later on practice Christianity,
06:54 but yet they still are hip-hop artists.
06:56 And yet, they will call themselves Christians
06:58 but they will definitely practice fornication
07:00 amongst other things.
07:02 That has to be addressed but we will,
07:03 I know in some future episodes.
07:05 Also drinking. Yeah.
07:07 We know that in every party like you said,
07:09 there's going to be a lot of drinking, alcohol,
07:11 and things of that nature.
07:13 When you can't go to a club,
07:14 you cannot go even to a house party
07:16 nine times out of ten
07:18 where there, alcohol is not present.
07:20 And if it's not present, there's somebody
07:21 who had definitely has it in their pocket
07:23 and will walk up to that fruit punch and spike it.
07:25 So, you know, alcohol is something there
07:27 so you had a hip-hop artist that would come out and say,
07:30 you know, you got to don't drink and drive
07:32 or, you know, just have a little moderation
07:35 but don't take too much.
07:36 So I would think
07:38 that this is what is considered
07:41 in the mind of the thought leaders
07:43 when they develop these cornerstones
07:45 of safely having fun.
07:47 You can still go ahead and do a lot of these things
07:49 but you got to do it in moderation
07:50 or do it with some type of protective measures, et cetera
07:55 or like we said, you know, don't fight,
07:58 don't get caught up
07:59 because I remember going to parties
08:00 and I do remember, one night, I remember,
08:03 I was talking to Mom and Dad, and I told them,
08:05 I said, "I'm gonna go to a party tonight."
08:07 I'm gonna go to, you know, the Knights of Columbus
08:09 or whatever place I was going to go to.
08:11 And when I wanted to go there,
08:13 Mom and Dad said, "Sure, you can go."
08:16 And then my friends came to pick me up
08:17 and all of a sudden, they changed their minds.
08:19 They were just like, "Oh, you can't go."
08:20 And I was like, "What! You said..."
08:23 And they were like, "You can't go."
08:25 And I remember calling my friends and say,
08:26 "Listen, my mother and father said I can't go
08:28 so I can't go."
08:29 But then I called them back and said,
08:30 "Listen, they go to bed at about 11 o'clock.
08:33 Pull the car up in front of the house at 12,
08:34 I will be outside.
08:36 And I was ready to do some dirty work
08:37 and I was ready to literally sneak out the house.
08:39 And for some reason,
08:40 Mom and Dad stayed up late that night
08:42 all the way till 1, 2 o'clock in the morning.
08:44 And I had to call my friends and say,
08:45 "Listen, just forget it, I'm not going."
08:47 Yeah. So they went to the party.
08:48 Following day comes along and when I went to see them,
08:51 I was like, "Man, how was the party?"
08:53 They were like, "Terrible!"
08:54 And I was like, "What! What happened?"
08:56 And they said, "A fight broke out,
08:59 guy pulled out a gun, started shooting,
09:00 you know, one guy got literally shot
09:02 from four different angles,
09:04 you know, and was killed,
09:05 and it was just a horrible bloody night."
09:08 And I'm looking back at that now
09:10 and I'm saying, "Well, thank God
09:11 that He was protecting me.
09:13 He, you know, He allowed circumstances to take place
09:15 to spare my life
09:17 because the Lord knew that even though I was living
09:19 absolutely rebellious lifestyle,
09:21 one day this hardheaded boy is going to be my servant.
09:23 And I praise God for that. I'm thankful.
09:25 And that reminds me of a similar story.
09:27 I got a couple actually,
09:29 but one in particular of those instances.
09:31 After I started, you know, researching
09:34 and studying religion and things,
09:35 but I was still out on the street
09:36 and still heavily in hip-hop, there was a party.
09:40 And you know, it was really,
09:42 you know, like one of my friends
09:44 invited us to the party,
09:46 wasn't too sure about it but we came anyway.
09:48 And when we got there,
09:49 you know, the party was real, you know, dead.
09:52 It was kind of, you know, we were just like,
09:53 "Well, we can go sit at home.
09:55 This is not really a party."
09:56 So we want to go have some fun,
09:58 this is not fun, we want to leave.
10:00 And I'm telling my friend.
10:01 I'm like, "Hey," you know, come on, man, let's go,
10:03 there's nothing happening here."
10:04 And he's like, "Nah, nah, I want to stay.
10:06 I want to stay."
10:07 And so after a while at back and forth
10:09 and nothing's happening.
10:10 He's like, "Come on, give it, like you know, some time.
10:11 You know, he's going to pick up."
10:13 Nothing ever happened
10:14 so eventually me and one of my friends left.
10:15 And we left my other friend and he wanted to stay there.
10:18 And as soon as we left, literally maybe,
10:21 you know, within an hour after we left the party,
10:25 another you know, associate from,
10:29 you know, the area came to the party
10:33 and confronted my friend.
10:35 And they got in a little argument
10:37 and he brought his brother,
10:39 the guy that came to confront my friend,
10:41 he brought his brother.
10:42 And the brother pulled a gun,
10:44 you know, right on him in the middle of the party.
10:47 And the owner or somebody that was close,
10:51 you know, it was a house party
10:52 and so somebody stepped in
10:53 and say, "Hey, what's going on?"
10:55 And he just started firing.
10:56 And you know, guy got shot.
10:59 People got, you know, some straight bullets and all that.
11:01 But if I was still there,
11:04 and somebody is coming in and confronting my friend,
11:08 that's going to be me,
11:09 that's gonna be me stepping in, you know, got shot in the face.
11:12 So you know, those kind of things where God,
11:16 you know, kind of ruined my night,
11:18 you know, going to a party, no, it's not,
11:20 you know, and the whole motivation,
11:22 we're just having fun.
11:23 Again that we talked about that selfishness
11:24 and self-indulgence.
11:26 And so I'm going to talk about
11:27 because we're going to get into some of the,
11:28 more of the contradictions later on.
11:30 And so there's another story I want to reserve to later
11:33 because when I started going through that transition,
11:36 when I started to understand that the lifestyle I was living
11:39 was destructive,
11:41 I didn't quite understand Christian culture.
11:43 I wasn't a Christian
11:45 but I was going in that direction.
11:46 And finally, when I accepted the gospel,
11:49 I still kind of held on to the street
11:52 because I met people in the church
11:54 that would live in the whole hip-hop street life.
11:56 So I still kind of that, you know, dabbled with it.
11:59 And so I want to tell that story a little later on,
12:02 but, you know, when we talk about safely having fun
12:06 and we're really talking about,
12:08 you know, another word that we use is recreation.
12:11 There are principles that are there
12:14 that guidelines that the Bible gives.
12:16 While it doesn't mention the word fun,
12:18 there are principles that it gives for recreation,
12:20 for things that, you know, leisure activity if you will.
12:23 So what are some of the principles
12:26 that the Bible outlines,
12:28 you know, what do you think is important for us to know
12:30 when we're discussing to safely having fun?
12:32 And this is a good question
12:33 because I can remember even when I started to embrace,
12:37 like we talked about the violence
12:39 and stuff that happened at parties.
12:40 But I remember going to a lot of parties
12:42 where there was a very heavy emphasis,
12:45 no drinking,
12:47 you know, guys,
12:48 we just want to have a good time tonight and whatever...
12:50 Yeah, and pat downs.
12:52 I used to do, yeah, I used to do pat downs,
12:54 you know, I was only you know, 15, 16
12:57 but I would always be.
12:58 So I would always get, you know, "Hey, you want to,
13:01 you know, be the bouncer it was a house party
13:03 and you get, you know, free drinks, free entrance.
13:05 So sometimes I would do it.
13:08 Whether it's a house party
13:09 or you know a professional venue,
13:11 people are getting patted down.
13:12 So there is the idea
13:14 that we don't want this to happen
13:16 but you're kind of setting the stage anyway.
13:18 Well, that's the point
13:19 because I can still remember going to those parties
13:21 where there was deliberate effort to say,
13:24 "We just want to have a good fun night tonight."
13:26 And those nights still turned out
13:28 into nights of violence,
13:29 nights of lewdness,
13:31 nights of, you know, foul practices,
13:33 nights of day's practices, you know.
13:35 So the very things that were trying to,
13:38 they were trying to hold that day,
13:40 it was not successful.
13:41 And we still see this happening today
13:43 because there are still lots of parties and concerts
13:45 and things happening all over the world
13:47 where unfortunately
13:48 safety is still an issue, you know.
13:51 So because of that again,
13:52 we have to go to scripture to say,
13:54 well, what's God's concept of safely having fun?"
14:00 What's God's concept?"
14:01 A word synonymous to fun would be enjoyment.
14:03 And God has no problem with His people enjoying,
14:07 you know, these are terms
14:08 that you can even find in scripture
14:10 of enjoying the fruit of your labor
14:12 or enjoying certain things
14:14 that God has given us the privilege to enjoy,
14:16 you know, so God is not against enjoyment
14:18 but the question is how.
14:20 So now we're going to look at recreation
14:21 from a Christian standpoint
14:23 which is the biblical standpoint.
14:25 And we're gonna again see
14:26 that there are some differences.
14:28 An example, Romans 14.
14:30 All right.
14:31 If we go to Romans 14:22 and 23, here's a principle.
14:36 And this is what we're doing, we're looking at principles
14:38 because, you know, the Bible is filled
14:40 with accounts of stories of things
14:42 that happened for real in people's lives.
14:44 But in those stories, we can also pull principles
14:47 that we can make applicable to our day.
14:49 It's kind of like somebody saying,
14:52 "Is God for smoking weed, or is He against it?"
14:54 Well, if you search the Bible just for what it says,
14:57 you're not going to find weed in the Bible,
14:59 you're not going to find that
15:00 but you can find principles that says
15:04 1 Corinthians 3:15-17 where the Bible says,
15:06 "Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost
15:08 and whosoever destroys God's temple,
15:12 God Himself will destroy it." Right.
15:14 So God makes it clear,
15:15 He expects us to take care of our bodies.
15:17 And when I test marijuana, when I test weed,
15:19 I don't care how much they boast
15:21 that it's a natural plant,
15:22 the problem is when you light a fire to it,
15:24 it becomes a toxin.
15:25 And then it goes in our system and it produces toxicity
15:28 within our system which can manifest itself
15:30 in several ways even all the way up to cancer.
15:33 So I can take that principle now
15:35 and I can look at the smoking indulgence of weed
15:38 and say, "No, I am not going to let this
15:40 be part of my recreation."
15:42 Well, we're going to look at a principle
15:44 from the Book of Romans 14.
15:46 Paul was dealing with individuals
15:47 who were consuming foods
15:49 and judging others over these issues
15:51 and what have you,
15:52 but then he closes on something in verses 22 and 23 like this.
15:56 He says, "Has thou faith?
15:58 Have it to thyself before God.
16:01 Happy is he that condemneth not himself
16:04 in that thing which he allows.
16:07 And he that doubteth is damned if he eat,
16:10 because he eateth not of faith,
16:11 for whatsoever is not of faith is sin."
16:15 The principle that Paul is bringing out here
16:17 is that if you are doing something
16:20 that you know is violating your conscience,
16:23 then Paul is saying then you ought not do it
16:26 because you are sinning against yourself,
16:27 and you are sinning against God who stimulated your conscience.
16:31 And if you could, I just didn't wanna interject.
16:33 Sure.
16:34 It reminds me of a story that you've told me before,
16:36 if you could do without mentioning names
16:38 where a particular artist was witnessing something
16:42 that was violating their conscience
16:43 and they were in tears because of it.
16:44 Oh, yes.
16:46 I was in London
16:47 and this is when I was dancing
16:49 and there was a particular artist
16:51 that, you know, she was absolutely exploding
16:55 in the entertainment industry, specially the R&B industry.
16:59 And she was a very sweet young lady
17:01 and I was one of her dancers and choreographers.
17:03 And when we were in London,
17:05 she was working with another artist
17:07 that was also very famous.
17:09 And I remember that the really famous artist was on stage,
17:15 singing one of his songs that was like,
17:16 they call it a love song but it really was a lust song.
17:19 And as he was singing this,
17:21 he acted out the words of the song
17:24 on one of the female dancers.
17:26 So when the artist that I was working for,
17:30 when she saw that,
17:32 she was running back to the room
17:34 where we all were
17:35 and she was just crying and crying and crying.
17:39 And we were like, "What's wrong?
17:40 What's wrong?"
17:41 And she said, "I can't believe
17:43 that a woman would degrade herself like that
17:47 and allow some man to rub on her
17:50 and do all these things to her and all these things."
17:52 And you know, and she was a Christian.
17:53 She actually professed that very clearly,
17:56 her mother was a manager
17:57 and her mother was professing Christianity.
17:59 And, you know, she was insulted
18:03 by what she saw.
18:04 The sad thing though is that as she got more famous
18:09 and began to really "blow up" in the entertainment industry,
18:13 the very things
18:15 that she's found to be so degrading at one stage,
18:17 it is apparent that her own conscience
18:19 had become violated
18:20 because now she was doing those very same things
18:22 in her other music videos.
18:24 So people violate their conscience all the time.
18:27 There are things that you know in your mind, "This is wrong.
18:30 God says this is wrong."
18:32 But you know what, everybody else is doing it
18:35 and this is something that "is for enjoyment or fun",
18:38 so let me go ahead and violate my conscience and do it anyhow.
18:41 Yeah, you get desensitized.
18:43 That's right, and you can get desensitized.
18:45 That's real.
18:46 So because of that, the Bible says
18:48 if you know that it is wrong
18:51 and your conscience is convinced that
18:53 this is something that is not right,
18:55 then you should not participate in it.
18:57 So this is one application that we can look at now
18:59 when it comes to the idea of safely having fun.
19:02 Whatever you're going to call fun,
19:04 whatever you want to call entertainment or enjoyment,
19:07 the question is, is this something
19:10 that you know is wrong
19:12 but you're going to go ahead and do it anyhow?
19:13 And I have a question here.
19:16 Where does that information come from?
19:18 In other words, where does the idea
19:21 that this is wrong or that,
19:23 you know, how do I even get the impulse
19:25 that thought in the mind that, "Man, this is wrong,"
19:28 and the thing that we call conscience,
19:30 where does that conviction come from?
19:31 Perfect.
19:33 That is going to come
19:34 from an understanding of God and His word
19:36 if you're going to do it right.
19:37 And the reason why that's important
19:39 is because the Bible makes something clear in Matthew 7.
19:41 It was a very interesting statement Jesus said.
19:43 Jesus says, "A day is going to come
19:44 that many are going to say, 'Lord, Lord unto Him.'
19:47 And they're going to act like they know Him
19:48 but Jesus in the end is going to say,
19:50 'Depart from Me, you workers of iniquity.
19:52 I know you not."'
19:53 Well, what was the reason why?
19:54 In Matthew 7:21, it tells us very clearly.
19:58 In fact, I think I should go ahead and read it.
19:59 All right. It says in Matthew 7:21.
20:02 These are the words of Christ and this is an important point.
20:05 It says not everyone that saith unto me,
20:08 Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven,
20:10 but he that doeth the will of My Father
20:14 which is in heaven."
20:15 So notice that, what Christ wants
20:18 is for individuals to understand the Father's will.
20:21 And then once we understand the Father's will
20:23 and comply with the Father's will,
20:25 those are the ones who actually make it to heaven,
20:27 when there's going to be a lot of professors that don't.
20:29 Well, what is God's will?
20:32 1 Thessalonians 4:3.
20:34 The Bible says, "This is the will of God,
20:38 even your sanctification."
20:40 So God wants us to be sanctified
20:44 which is to be holy,
20:45 to be holy people as He is holy.
20:47 Well, how am I sanctified?
20:50 John 17:17, "Sanctify them through thy truth,
20:55 thy word is truth."
20:58 So if I want to live a life
21:00 where I don't violate my conscience
21:03 based on the principles of life that God has given to me,
21:06 I can only find that out through the study of His word
21:08 and through the application of His word.
21:10 So this is how that information can come to us
21:13 that we can know, truly right from wrong,
21:15 and then be able to follow what's right.
21:17 And I think, there's another layer to that as well
21:20 because we remember times in our lives
21:22 where we had no knowledge of the Word of God
21:25 and yet we knew that this was wrong.
21:29 Without anybody...
21:30 In my upbringing, there was no church,
21:32 there's no prayer, there's no,
21:34 you know, moral guidelines per se.
21:36 But yet, there were things that I did,
21:38 you know, I quit drinking alcohol
21:40 before I ever studied the Bible
21:42 because I knew there was something about it
21:44 that I knew I had to stop.
21:45 You know, I quit smoking weed before I started,
21:47 I quit smoking cigarettes
21:48 before I ever knew
21:50 that my body was a temple of the Holy Spirit.
21:51 So you know, some of these things that come,
21:54 you know, how does that work?
21:56 Because there's clearly some moral,
21:59 you know, guidelines that are almost downloaded to humanity
22:04 without cultural, you know, input.
22:07 And so, you know, talk about that a little bit?
22:09 So when you're saying...
22:10 I want to make sure I understand the question.
22:12 So when you're saying,
22:13 like from an impulsive standpoint, like...
22:15 Just the idea that this is wrong
22:17 even though I have no knowledge of God's Word.
22:20 Something in my brain says, "Don't do this or refrain,
22:23 this is wrong."
22:25 Well, there are ways that that can happen.
22:26 There is an account in the Bible in Romans 2
22:28 where the Apostle Paul
22:30 was doing a little bit of comparative
22:32 between his Jewish brothers and the gentiles.
22:34 And the Jewish brothers were actually judging the gentiles.
22:37 They were actually putting them down and saying,
22:38 "Oh, they are heathens," and all these other things.
22:41 And then Paul, kind of, reasons with them on that.
22:43 In fact, Paul you know, I would pretty much say
22:45 Paul was giving them a spanking.
22:46 I mean, Paul was literally rebuking his own brothers
22:49 and saying, "How could you have this attitude
22:50 towards the gentile believers?"
22:52 And he's now imparting education,
22:54 he's making them think which is always wonderful.
22:57 Yeah. And here's some things he says.
22:59 Paul says, "For not the hearers of the law,"
23:02 this is Romans 2:13 by the way,
23:04 "For not the hearers of the law are just before God
23:07 but the doers of the law shall be justified.
23:09 For when the gentiles which have not the law,
23:13 do by nature the things contained in the law,
23:18 these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves
23:22 which show the work of the law written in their hearts,
23:26 their conscience also bearing witness,
23:29 and their thoughts the mean while accusing
23:32 or else excusing one another."
23:34 So the Bible is actually showing that
23:36 God has ways of impressing upon the heart,
23:40 right from wrong, even to individuals
23:42 that may not have been exposed to scripture yet.
23:44 They may not have been exposed to the word yet.
23:47 And that's why... And I remember this.
23:48 You mentioned a really powerful point.
23:51 You said desensitizing.
23:52 That's a good point because I can remember
23:55 the first time I saw someone get shot.
23:58 And when I saw somebody get shot,
24:00 I couldn't sleep for a period of nights.
24:02 I mean, it messed with my head
24:04 because there was something in me,
24:06 even though I grew up in a fairly irreligious home.
24:08 My mother, you know,
24:09 she was the daughter of a Methodist pastor
24:11 but she didn't really bring a lot of religion in the home.
24:14 She just tried to bring good virtues.
24:16 Dad was definitely not religious at all.
24:18 But in either case, I didn't grow up in a church,
24:21 really understanding the commandments
24:22 or any of these things.
24:24 We didn't study the Bible, we didn't have worship,
24:25 we didn't go to church.
24:27 But yet, when I saw that person get shot
24:31 and you see him laying dead stiff
24:34 with a bullet hole in his eye,
24:35 when I saw that, that messed with my head.
24:37 I mean, I was hurt by what I saw.
24:40 There was something in my mind that said, "This is wrong.
24:43 This is wrong, killing people is wrong."
24:46 And this is before I understood "Thou shalt not kill."
24:49 But if I keep watching the bloodshed,
24:51 if I keep seeing more and more people get shot,
24:53 after a while, that's exactly what happened.
24:55 I go to a party, somebody gets gunned down
24:57 and I look at it and say, "Oh, man, that's messed up.
25:00 Guys, let's go get something to eat..."
25:01 And you're ready to just keep it moving or going on.
25:03 And that is the desensitization process.
25:06 But here it is that Romans 2 is telling us,
25:08 God has a way of impressing the principles of His law
25:11 and reaching our hearts and helping us see
25:15 that even though
25:16 I wasn't necessarily taught that it was wrong,
25:18 God is teaching me through this experience.
25:22 And that reminds me of a verse
25:24 if you can read it for us in John 16.
25:26 Yes.
25:27 Because God is informing humanity
25:30 even if they don't fully understand His Word.
25:32 In other words, He's drawing men to Himself,
25:34 He's drawing men to His Word.
25:36 But it talks about the role
25:38 that the Holy Ghost plays
25:40 in giving this conviction, this conscience,
25:43 this idea of morality.
25:44 That's right, it is found in John 16.
25:46 And we're gonna look at verses 7 and onward.
25:49 It says, "Nevertheless I tell you the truth.
25:52 It is expedient for you that I go away.
25:54 For if I go not away,
25:56 the Comforter will not come unto you.
25:58 But if I depart, I will send Him unto you.
26:01 And when He is come,
26:03 He will reprove the world of sin
26:06 and of righteousness and of judgment."
26:10 The Spirit of God is working upon the heart
26:13 and impressing upon the heart,
26:15 right from wrong, leading us to Christ.
26:18 And then ultimately
26:19 when we get the revelation of Christ,
26:21 we now can study the Word and go deeper
26:22 and receive what God wants to give.
26:24 These are the things that the Lord wants to teach us.
26:26 Well, I know that we've gotten to a point, my friends,
26:28 where we're studying the Word of God,
26:30 we're looking at what God says.
26:32 We are trying to compare
26:35 the open idea of safely having fun
26:37 was left to our own interpretation
26:39 versus the concept of God's Word
26:42 that literally does not give us open or private interpretation
26:45 but God is expressing His will.
26:47 We just looked at one principle which is simply this.
26:51 If you know,
26:53 if somehow you have been convicted of things
26:55 that you can see are wrong
26:58 and you can clearly say, "I know that this is wrong.
27:00 I know this is not right,"
27:02 then you and I have a responsibility
27:05 to not violate our conscience
27:07 and simply go ahead and do that entertaining thing
27:09 whatever it may be.
27:10 God says we need to make sure that we can always consider
27:15 what He has been impressing on our hearts,
27:17 and certainly revealed through His Word
27:19 of what constitutes right and wrong.
27:21 And then when we go out even for "enjoyment",
27:25 we are to make sure
27:26 that whatever enjoyment we get involved in,
27:28 that it must not violate that principle
27:31 that we have been taught.
27:33 Do not violate your conscience.
27:35 This is just one example among several,
27:37 and we just got started on this.
27:39 I can't wait till our next episode
27:40 where we're going to dig even deeper
27:42 into some more principles
27:44 of what God gives of true recreation
27:48 versus wreck the creation.
27:50 So until then, just continue to tell a friend,
27:52 continue to study,
27:53 continue to pray and seek the Lord's will.
27:55 And until that time we see you again,
27:57 and remember the words of Proverbs 2:6 which tells us,
28:01 "It is the Lord that gives us wisdom
28:04 and out of his mouth
28:06 comes knowledge and understanding."
28:08 God bless you.


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