True Knowledge of Self

Holy Hip-Hop -part 1

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:29 Hello, I'm Lance.
00:30 And I'm Dwayne, and welcome to another episode of TKS,
00:33 a True Knowledge of Self,
00:35 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:38 We're grateful that you have joined with us today,
00:40 and we have something in store for you.
00:43 We have been going through
00:45 a comparison of the hip-hop culture,
00:47 and the culture of Christianity,
00:49 and seeing if the principles that govern a hip-hop culture
00:53 from its pillars, to its elements,
00:55 as well as to looking at the pillars
00:57 of the Christian faith,
00:59 the things that make us Christians.
01:01 And as we compared the two,
01:03 we began to see that there's a tremendous contrast
01:05 rather than a harmony
01:06 which basically is helping us
01:08 to see thus far in all the episodes
01:09 that we've done that hip-hop culture
01:12 is something that cannot truly be endorsed
01:16 by the word of God.
01:18 Because over, and over, and over again
01:19 as we looked at its various tenets,
01:21 we looked at the pillars of love, and peace, and unity,
01:25 and safely having fun,
01:26 we looked at the various elements
01:28 from DJing breaking
01:29 and, of course, the graffiti writing,
01:32 and the MCing,
01:33 and the fifth element of so-called knowledge,
01:36 understanding, and wisdom.
01:38 And as we began to compare these principles
01:40 with the word of God,
01:41 we began to see a tremendous contrast.
01:43 And let God be true and all men liars,
01:46 the Bible lets us know this principle.
01:48 So because of this,
01:49 it is important for us to see that,
01:51 as we're studying,
01:53 there are lots of things that's happening
01:55 in this worldwide influential culture of hip-hop
01:57 that is meeting the minds of many young people
02:00 as well as old.
02:01 It has hit every area of life from the poor to the rich,
02:04 and everything in between.
02:06 And it's because of this,
02:07 that we wanted to put these programs together
02:09 to be an enlightenment to God's people,
02:10 to help us to understand the words of God,
02:13 and what God requires of us.
02:15 And we've been going through this
02:17 but today, Lance,
02:18 we have some things that we gotta cover...
02:19 Yeah. That's pretty eye-opening.
02:22 There's some things happening right now that's a bit exciting
02:25 but also can be very concerning.
02:27 And there is something happening in hip-hop culture.
02:31 We've been doing all these comparisons
02:32 and seeing that,
02:34 you know, hip-hop culture and Christian culture
02:35 do not blend at all, quite honestly.
02:37 Yet, there are many individuals that are having an experience
02:42 that sometimes you know it reminds me to a degree
02:46 of the experience of the Apostle Paul.
02:47 Now, the Apostle Paul was part of a movement
02:51 that was very much antichrist,
02:53 you know, when you look at the system of Judaism
02:56 and all of the corruptions that crept within it,
02:58 in the time of the Apostle Paul when he was Saul,
03:00 you know, he was an instrument of persecution,
03:03 he was an instrument of putting down
03:04 and all these things.
03:06 But we know the story in the Bible.
03:07 The Bible lets us know that when Paul was on Damascus road,
03:11 he had a contact with Jesus.
03:12 And as he had that contact with Christ,
03:15 his life was never the same.
03:17 There are individuals, we're discovering,
03:19 that actually are in hip-hop, that are doing things,
03:23 teaching things, demonstrating things,
03:25 exemplifying things that are against the Bible,
03:28 that are against Christianity.
03:30 Yet, many of these individuals have gotten to a place
03:33 where they are saying
03:35 they've come in contact with Jesus.
03:36 They're saying that they've come in contact
03:37 with the Lord.
03:39 And we are not individuals
03:40 that can judge these people and say,
03:41 "Oh, they're acting or they're fake."
03:43 We don't know their hearts.
03:44 So these people, we can assume are very, very sincere,
03:47 yet, they still maintain hip-hop culture.
03:50 So what we're seeing now is amalgamation taking place,
03:54 a blending of hip-hop and gospel.
03:57 And that's what we're gonna be talking about
03:59 for the next few episodes is,
04:00 you know, the concept of "Gospel Hip-hop".
04:03 Is it something that God can endorse because of the fact
04:07 that individuals are seeing hip-hop as something
04:10 that is not of God?
04:12 Well, hey, what if I can take it,
04:14 and what if I can,
04:15 you know, baptize it,
04:17 if you will with Christian lyrics
04:18 and now make it something
04:20 that would be acceptable to God?
04:21 And we're finding that
04:22 this is effecting the lives of many artists
04:24 that are, you know,
04:25 real prominent in hip-hop culture today.
04:26 And we're gonna talk about some of them.
04:28 So, you know, what are some of your thoughts on this?
04:29 You know, "Hip-hop Gospel", what does God say about it?
04:33 Is it something that God can endorse,
04:35 not, and why?
04:36 And we're gonna take a look at some of the examples
04:38 of some prominent leaders in hip-hop culture today
04:41 that are, you know, starting to accept Christ,
04:44 but yet still pushing forward hip-hop.
04:47 Can it really succeed?
04:48 Can it really work?
04:49 Absolutely not.
04:51 I mean, to put it simply,
04:52 we're gonna spend the next couple of our few episodes,
04:54 you know, dealing with this subject.
04:56 We wanna just set the tone
04:58 by just taking a look at some clips of individuals,
05:01 some prominent, some, you know,
05:02 in their prime pastor, prime what have you,
05:04 that are professing Christianity.
05:07 Professing Christianity, yet at the same time,
05:09 kind of hallmarks for hip-hop culture.
05:13 And the question has to, you know, be settled.
05:18 The question that has to be answered is,
05:20 "Can you blend the two?"
05:22 This is what you've posed, this is what I'm asking,
05:24 and we both had to go through this experience.
05:25 That's right.
05:27 Could coming out of hip-hop culture
05:28 and embracing the cross,
05:30 embracing the gospel, embracing God's word,
05:32 could we continue down the road
05:35 in embracing all the aspects of hip-hop culture
05:38 and grow as Christians, and continue to,
05:42 you know, come out of the world we're in and into, you know,
05:45 His marvelous light, out of the darkness
05:46 into His marvelous light?
05:47 And the answer, in our experience,
05:49 we saw it was clearly no.
05:51 And since that point,
05:52 we've come to see exactly why that can't be true
05:55 and that's what we'll be talking about that
05:56 in future episodes.
05:57 So what I wanna do is, you know, go into a clip.
06:01 We're gonna be looking at an individual
06:04 who had an interview by the name of Kanye West.
06:07 Most people, you know, in the world...
06:09 Anybody who is in hip-hop culture knows
06:10 who Kanye West for sure.
06:12 And he is a prominent pop figure, so it's not like,
06:14 you know, most people in a cross cultural boundaries
06:17 know who he is.
06:18 So we're gonna look at an interview
06:20 that was done from by Kanye West.
06:23 And I think this is his mother-in-law
06:25 at this point, right?
06:26 Yeah.
06:27 And so let's see what he has to say
06:29 as it relates to Christianity.
06:31 And then we're gonna talk about a little bit
06:33 'cause we got a couple more to look at as well,
06:34 so let's go to the clip.
06:35 Tell me about this bracelet you have on.
06:38 Actually, Rob gave me this.
06:40 And this is just What Would Jesus Do.
06:43 And I love that it's just such a cool...
06:46 I like that.
06:47 ..bracelet and, you know,
06:49 I'm a Christian
06:52 and I wanted to just always let people know
06:57 that that's what's on my mind,
07:00 that's...
07:01 It's important to you. Yeah.
07:03 It's important to me that, you know, that I grow,
07:07 you know, and walk,
07:12 and raise my family with Christian values.
07:18 And I don't know if it's right to say on TV but...
07:20 Yes, of course, it is.
07:22 Now when we look at a clip like this, you know,
07:25 you're saying to yourself, "He has emphatically stated,
07:27 'I am a Christian."
07:29 Yeah.
07:30 And he wants to have Christian values
07:32 brought into his home.
07:34 Yet at the same time,
07:36 he is part of a culture that is anti-Christian.
07:38 It is against the principles of Christ.
07:40 It is literally against the very words of God.
07:43 Now the question is, does he know that?
07:45 And we don't know right now.
07:46 I mean, you know, I haven't seen anyone
07:48 interview him on that level.
07:50 I'm sure there's a lot of people
07:52 that will look at this,
07:53 and lots of opinions are gonna be developed,
07:55 some good, some bad, some indifferent.
07:57 Nevertheless, we're taking what he said for face value.
08:00 There are individuals that actually can believe
08:04 they are doing the service of God
08:06 and at the same time be against God.
08:08 And that's why I preface this whole thing,
08:10 talking about Saul.
08:11 You know, Saul in his mind,
08:13 he was for God
08:15 even when he literally was ordering
08:17 Christians to be killed,
08:18 to be slaughtered, and to destroy the way of life
08:20 which was known as Christianity.
08:22 So it is possible
08:24 that individuals can be grossly deceived,
08:26 yet have very sincere motives.
08:28 And I don't have a problem
08:30 putting Kanye West in that category
08:32 based on what his own testimony is.
08:33 I can clearly see things that he does or says
08:36 that I can say, "Hey, that's not even minutely
08:38 in accordance with the word of God.
08:39 Yet, I don't know.
08:41 Are you doing it maliciously?
08:43 Are you doing it ignorantly?"
08:44 I'm not in the man's mind.
08:45 I'm not in his heart. I can't read that.
08:47 But what we're doing is looking at the broader picture.
08:50 There's a picture that is being painted to the world
08:52 and the picture that is being painted to world
08:54 is that hip-hop culture and Christianity are all right.
08:58 They can work together, it's all good.
09:01 And when programs like this come out
09:02 with such prominent figures in hip-hop,
09:05 it's having a very deceptive effect
09:07 on the millions, and millions of beholders
09:10 that are watching these types of programs
09:12 and that are followers
09:13 of a major hip-hop artist like this.
09:15 So this is why we have to address this question,
09:18 the gospel of hip-hop or hip-hop gospel,
09:21 can the two go together?
09:22 You know, what does God say about it?
09:24 And that's why we're looking at these types of clips
09:26 so that we can let the world see
09:28 that this is what's being presented right now.
09:30 And it's being presented more and more
09:32 on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
09:35 So these are some things that we have to pay
09:36 really close attention to.
09:37 Absolutely.
09:39 And we're just gonna go right into the next clip
09:40 'cause there's another artist.
09:42 I don't know if he has music out right now.
09:43 I know he was popular back in the '90s,
09:45 very popular in the '90s.
09:46 But he also has his own testimony
09:49 as it relates to Christianity.
09:50 So let's go, we're talking about Ja Rule now.
09:53 And we're gonna go ahead to that clip.
09:54 Okay.
09:55 And that moved me to say, "You know what, now I get it.
09:59 I can accept God into my life, and let him come into my life,
10:02 " because from what you're saying
10:05 and from what I see,
10:07 if I do this,
10:08 you're not asking me to make gospel records tomorrow.
10:11 It's a walk, you know, it's taking baby steps
10:15 and I get to take them steps at my own pace, you know,
10:18 I'm not saying I'm perfect, not saying I'm changed more,
10:21 but I'm making that step
10:24 and they're accepting me as I am.
10:27 And so that moved me to do that, man...
10:29 Wow, man.
10:30 Now, once again, this is situation
10:32 where we're gonna take this man at his word
10:34 that he's being sincere and genuine.
10:36 We're not gonna bash this brother at all.
10:39 The question is, if, you know,
10:40 give a little context to the statement
10:43 that he was making and how he gave his heart to the Lord
10:45 and he's, you know, making baby steps
10:46 and transitions,
10:48 he's talking about how he kind of did a church tour,
10:51 and he was reluctant to involve himself
10:54 with the church.
10:55 And as he kept visiting churches
10:57 and visiting churches,
10:59 he was having negative experiences.
11:00 And he wasn't feeling like he was part of the group,
11:04 if you will.
11:06 And so he was kind of turned off.
11:07 But he visited a church, a particular church,
11:10 I believe in New York City in Manhattan,
11:11 I believe that was like a kind of, like a,
11:15 I don't know, almost like a hip-hop church.
11:17 We're gonna look at, when I say hip-hop church,
11:19 what we mean.
11:21 But he went to a church
11:22 that was pretty much completely culturally
11:26 kind of like pop culture, you know,
11:28 quasi hip-hop culture, but it was a Christian church,
11:32 if that makes any sense.
11:33 We'll look at the examples, we'll see that clearly.
11:35 And he said when he entered that church,
11:38 he felt comfortable.
11:40 And then that led him, and he said
11:42 that the pastor came out with like a T-shirt,
11:45 and jeans, and tattoos all on him,
11:47 you know, on his arms.
11:48 And he started preaching the word and that's...
11:50 and he started to listen
11:52 because he saw other celebrities there,
11:54 he saw this, you know,
11:56 kind of a person that looks like him.
11:59 And he felt this environment that just made it, you know,
12:02 friendly and he began to attend that church,
12:04 and now he's ready to give his heart
12:06 to the Lord because of this.
12:08 Now there's nothing wrong.
12:09 Every church would be a warm atmosphere, right?
12:11 We talked about that in the previous episode
12:12 that we can't...
12:13 We gotta to take people as they are,
12:15 but that doesn't mean you can give them
12:17 the same sinful culture
12:19 that they're trying to come out of.
12:21 I remember, when I came out of the world,
12:23 I didn't wanna come into the church
12:24 and get the same thing I was getting in the world.
12:26 I mean, you want a contrast. Right.
12:28 So the issue is
12:31 not that you have individuals coming to the Lord,
12:34 that's what we want.
12:35 The question is, "What presentation
12:38 or representation of the word are they being given?"
12:39 That's right.
12:41 And are they being given this false idea
12:43 that God does not care,
12:45 that God wants you to be saved,
12:47 but He doesn't care how you live?
12:48 Right.
12:49 Or you can set the terms
12:52 rather than God setting the terms.
12:53 That was the interesting point is that
12:56 it is true that individuals grow at different paces.
13:00 That is true. Yes.
13:02 I appreciate the fact that he is saying, "Well, you know,
13:05 " he said, "They didn't ask me
13:06 to make a gospel record tomorrow,
13:08 they allowed me to grow up on my own pace, " etcetera.
13:10 There's a danger in that though
13:12 because the Bible is clear of how one comes to Christ
13:15 and what the exchange is.
13:17 The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17,
13:20 "Therefore if any man be in Christ,
13:22 he is a new creature,
13:24 old things are passed away.
13:27 Behold, all things are become new."
13:30 So the Bible teaches that when a person comes to Christ,
13:33 you're entering into a new life,
13:35 there's a lot entailed in that new life,
13:38 and you will need to grow.
13:39 And that growth is based on a lot of different variables
13:43 but there is a definite acknowledgement of old things.
13:47 And when we come to Christ,
13:48 we must allow those old things to become dead.
13:51 It has to become past.
13:53 And it is very concerning,
13:55 and we're gonna see in the real marked way,
13:57 that the churches of today are not doing the job
14:00 that Jesus has commissioned the disciples to do.
14:03 Jesus said unto the disciples
14:04 when they would set up churches,
14:06 "Go, ye, therefore and teach all nations,
14:08 baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son,
14:09 and Holy Ghost."
14:10 But then it says,
14:12 "Teaching them to observe all things
14:14 whatsoever I've commanded you."
14:16 So the Bible is very clear.
14:18 In the Book of Acts 2,
14:19 when the people heard the gospel message,
14:22 it says right there in verse 37 and 38.
14:25 "Now when they heard this,
14:27 they were pricked in their heart,
14:29 and said unto Peter
14:30 and to the rest of the apostles,
14:32 men and brethren, what shall we do?
14:34 And then Peter said unto them repent.
14:37 And be baptized every one of you
14:39 in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins,
14:41 and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."
14:44 So the Bible teaches that
14:45 when an individual comes to Christ,
14:47 when they've realized their sinfulness
14:48 and their need for the Savior,
14:50 they're saying, "What should we do?"
14:52 Peter didn't say, "Just get baptized."
14:54 He says, "You gotta repent."
14:55 And to repent is to turn away.
14:57 Well, turn away from what?
14:58 The thing that separated you from God, which is sin.
15:00 So there's a problem
15:02 that's happening in pastoral leadership,
15:04 that's happening in many churches today,
15:06 that they are making it appear as if hip-hop culture is okay.
15:11 And we're gonna see this in a, disappointingly,
15:15 and I'm just gonna say, disgustingly real manner
15:17 of what we're seeing happening in the churches today
15:20 as it relates to this concept
15:21 of holy hip-hop, hip-hop gospel,
15:23 and all these things.
15:25 And therefore, I look at people like Ja Rule.
15:27 I look at people like Kanye West
15:29 and some of them.
15:30 While many will call them victimizers,
15:32 I also believe they're victims.
15:33 I believe they have been given a false gospel.
15:36 And the Bible makes it clear that not all gospels are equal.
15:39 And if that was the case,
15:40 Paul would not have said what he said in Galatians 1.
15:43 In Galatians 1:6, the Apostle Paul says
15:46 something that caused even him to marvel.
15:48 He was in...
15:50 He was writing a letter to brethren
15:52 in the church of Galatia.
15:53 And he got wind, he heard about things
15:56 that was happening in the church,
15:57 that was causing people to come away
15:59 from the true gospel.
16:00 And here's what he said.
16:01 He said in Galatians 1:6,
16:03 "I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him
16:06 that called you into the grace of Christ
16:08 unto another gospel, which is not another,
16:11 but there be some that trouble you,
16:13 and would pervert the gospel of Christ."
16:16 There were individuals,
16:17 who has taken the pure and they were tainting it.
16:20 They were putting things in it and what happened was,
16:22 it became perverted.
16:24 And the reality of those who perverted the gospel
16:27 is spelled out in verses 8 and 9.
16:29 Paul then goes on to say, "But though we,
16:32 or an angel from heaven,
16:33 preach any other gospel unto you than
16:35 that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
16:39 As was said before, so say I now again,
16:41 if any man preach any other gospel unto you
16:44 than that ye have received, let him be accursed."
16:46 So God makes it clear that He hates perverted gospels.
16:51 And when an individual can believe,
16:53 "I can continue practicing my sin and at my own pace,
16:58 I can just, kind of, grow out of it when I will,
17:00 and still have a successful relationship
17:03 with the Lord, " that is bona fide deception.
17:05 That's like me saying that, you know,
17:07 a man can cheat on his wife and have another woman.
17:09 And then one day,
17:11 when he wants to get back with his wife,
17:12 he's gonna try to work things out with his wife
17:14 but he's still gonna hold on to the other sister
17:16 and wean himself off of her
17:18 until he's just ready to give her up one day.
17:21 Now, no woman with common sense
17:22 at least would ever agree to such an agreement
17:24 but we expect God to be dumb down to such a point
17:27 that He will agree to such an agreement.
17:28 God hates sin, it breaks up the relationship
17:30 with those whom he loved and whom he died for.
17:32 And he wants us to be separated from that
17:34 and Christ has enough power to deliver us.
17:37 We don't, but Jesus does.
17:39 But that message has to come across to these precious souls,
17:41 these brothers here to let them know,
17:43 "Guys, you can't hold on to this
17:46 and hold on to Jesus at the same time."
17:48 It does not work.
17:49 And that's the key,
17:50 it's going to lead to normally is one of two things.
17:54 Either you're gonna have an individual
17:55 who practices this kind of, you know,
17:59 circular Christianity where they're kind of,
18:01 you know, close to God, far away from God,
18:03 close to God and literally, that will create
18:05 a psychological emotional problem
18:08 where you will begin to feel guilt,
18:12 and remorse, and, you know, stress,
18:14 associated relationship with God and eventually,
18:16 you're just gonna cut it off.
18:17 You eventually gonna find yourself as quickly,
18:20 and as faithfully as you gave your heart to the Lord
18:22 and came into the church,
18:23 you'll do that on your way out the door.
18:26 Because you won't see the value,
18:27 you won't see the power.
18:29 There'll be no power in that form of Christianity
18:31 because you are trying to mingle the profane
18:34 and the sacred.
18:35 And then there's the other side of it
18:37 where you'll just become a cultural Christian,
18:39 meaning you'll hold on to some cultural norms,
18:43 you, you know, go through a ritual,
18:46 a religious ritual like baptism.
18:47 You might attend church here and there when you're able.
18:50 You might pray before you eat, you know,
18:52 you might get your kids into the church.
18:54 I mean, there's little things that you do
18:56 but it's simply just a cultural practice
18:58 just like, you know, anything else.
19:00 And again, with that form of Christianity,
19:03 there's no power.
19:04 That's right. There's no power.
19:05 And you know, it reminds me of a story
19:07 in the Book of Isaiah.
19:08 In Isaiah 3:16-26, God began to strongly rebuke
19:12 what was known as the Haughty Daughters of Zion.
19:14 They, unfortunately, were the people of God,
19:16 the women of God,
19:17 but they were more consumed with their looks in men
19:19 and all these other things
19:21 that they began to do all sorts of stuff.
19:22 They dwelt themselves up
19:24 and smother themselves with all these perfumes.
19:25 I mean, they did everything possible
19:27 to just grab a man.
19:28 And God began to give very strong rebukes
19:31 because of this vanity that they were practicing.
19:34 Well, then in Isaiah 4,
19:36 continuing from that as God was given the rebukes
19:38 in Isaiah 3, in Isaiah 4, he goes on to say,
19:41 "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man,
19:45 saying, we will eat our own bread,
19:47 and wear our own apparel,
19:49 only let us be called by thy name,
19:52 to take away our reproach."
19:54 And the same way that we can look at this literal story
19:56 of what was happening with these women,
19:57 they basically lost their senses
19:59 and they were consumed with the acquiring of men
20:02 even at the compromise of their relationship with God.
20:05 A woman can also prophetically represent a church.
20:09 It can represent people
20:10 who claim to know God and worship God.
20:13 And what God can say to us
20:14 is also the same principle He said to these woman
20:17 that there are a lot of church people,
20:20 a lot of so-called Christians at least,
20:22 that are going around saying, "You know what,
20:23 I'm gonna eat my own bread, I'm gonna do what I want,
20:26 but I still want to be called by Your right name.
20:29 I still want You to take away my reproach.
20:31 It's all right that Jesus is my Savior.
20:33 Just don't start bothering me and trying to be my Lord,
20:35 don't start telling me what to do,
20:37 when to do, and how to do."
20:38 And this is literally popular Christianity today.
20:41 So there is a lot of the nominal Christianity
20:43 as you're talking about it
20:45 where individuals wanna eat their own bread,
20:46 they wanna do their own thing
20:48 but they still wanna be called by God's name.
20:49 They still want that benefit.
20:51 And, in fact, we find that there was another artist
20:54 that we can look at very quickly.
20:56 You know, another major hip-hop artist
20:58 at one time,
21:00 and then walked away to follow Christ,
21:03 but now has come back to the hip-hop culture,
21:05 and is again getting ready to, you know,
21:07 release the albums and do all these things
21:09 in powerful way.
21:10 And not only that,
21:11 he left hip-hop to become a pastor,
21:13 I mean, he started a ministry, he had several churches,
21:16 and he was, you know, "Successful Pastor".
21:19 And then he came back to hip-hop.
21:22 And, you know, and then he went back to being a pastor.
21:25 And now, you know, officially I guess
21:27 he's rejecting the ministry
21:29 and he's now going back full time into hip-hop,
21:33 and to be a rapper.
21:34 And we're talking about Mase.
21:36 He was very popular back in the '90s with,
21:38 you know, Sean Combs whatever they call him now.
21:42 P. Diddy. Yeah, Bad Boy Records.
21:44 And he left and came back as Murda Mase
21:47 and he came back, you know, just a lot of issues.
21:49 And now he's in this interview,
21:51 fielding some of these questions
21:53 of some of his critics.
21:54 So I guess, let's go ahead
21:56 and let's take a look at this clip as well
21:57 and let's, you know, continue to build in our discussion.
21:59 How do you deal with the criticism
22:01 that people say, "You can't be a rapper,
22:03 and listen and rap about these things
22:05 and then at the same time, be a man of God,
22:07 speaking and preaching to the choir."
22:08 How do you deal with that criticism?
22:11 I don't.
22:13 I believe everybody have the right
22:14 to their own opinion.
22:16 I believe when you're a trailblazer,
22:17 you take the lashes for everybody else
22:21 to be able to do something freely.
22:23 You know, when you see things before it happens,
22:26 that's when a future belongs to you.
22:29 When you can see it, and you can go towards it,
22:31 and you can obtain it.
22:33 And now looking back, somebody say,
22:34 "Well, how can you do this and how can you do that?"
22:36 It's a real simple answer because I can.
22:39 If I couldn't, I wouldn't.
22:40 And you know what's interesting both things that you do...
22:42 And I don't mean that in arrogant way.
22:44 It's just I have the ability to do it.
22:47 I got to hold a conversation on both realms.
22:49 I think that's a testament that hip-hop artist embodies
22:55 more than just the way people will like to place us like,
22:57 you take a guy like Jay Z, he did music
23:00 but didn't he went on to be a businessman?
23:02 And people praised it even though he was a rapper,
23:05 50 Cents, went on to do stuff.
23:07 And he is a rapper and they praised him.
23:09 And Puff Daddy went on to sell liquor
23:13 and everything else and they praised it.
23:15 So why, when it comes to me,
23:17 being able to be a rapper and something else,
23:19 all of the backlash?
23:20 It's kind of ignorant.
23:22 There's kind of similarity too
23:23 between preaching and entertaining
23:25 in a weird way.
23:27 Does it ever helped you with, you know,
23:28 have your history onstage
23:30 help you become a better preacher,
23:32 giving sermons.
23:34 And the same way,
23:35 did it help you to become a better rapper
23:36 with knowing how to, you know,
23:38 take these messages and write them better?
23:39 I think for me, the reason why people get upset with me
23:43 because they don't really know me,
23:45 they have to get to know me.
23:47 Because just like you mentioned,
23:48 a preacher like,
23:50 I don't look at myself as a preacher
23:51 but that's the way people would title it
23:54 as I look at myself as a teacher.
23:56 A preacher is like a guy who yells, and moans,
23:59 and sing and I don't do that.
24:01 A teacher just comes in and say,
24:02 "A, you wanna get to B this is how you get there."
24:06 And then I'm done.
24:07 And you can do it on both ends from music to the church?
24:09 Yeah.
24:10 So this is not a situation where we're going to, again,
24:14 bash an individual.
24:15 Right.
24:16 We're gonna say this is a man,
24:18 we're gonna take him at his word,
24:19 but there's several problems with some of the conclusions
24:23 that he's drawn,
24:24 at least in this interview and statements
24:25 that he's making.
24:27 We don't have time to go back through the whole history
24:29 but, you know, several instances
24:31 in which he went into ministry,
24:33 came back into the music industry,
24:35 went back into ministry,
24:36 came back and now he's finally coming back
24:38 into the music industry.
24:39 And the questions that the interviewer is giving
24:41 are very straight forward.
24:43 I mean, what do you say about to your critics
24:45 that are criticizing this idea that you can kind of do both?
24:49 And ultimately, he says, "Listen,
24:50 I can do both because I can.
24:52 I mean, I can see the future.
24:54 I think we all should have this freedom to do
24:57 what we want to do, do what we need to do."
25:00 And it doesn't...
25:01 It's an answer
25:03 that is not based on scripture or God's word.
25:07 It's just an answer based on what you think.
25:10 And what you have concluded is right and true and just.
25:14 And so I think this is, ultimately,
25:16 where we are gonna have to give people
25:18 the benefit of the doubt
25:19 and just assume that they don't know.
25:21 Whoever was teaching them, whoever their mentors were,
25:23 whatever minister, you know,
25:25 mentored them and they didn't teach them the truth.
25:28 They just gave them, you know, man's opinion
25:31 or man's interpretation of what God says.
25:34 And that has led them to this area
25:36 where they can draw such false conclusions.
25:39 There is no situation in which a man can be both
25:43 a minister of the gospel and a gun-play,
25:47 murder-talk, you know, money, you know...
25:51 What is it that...
25:53 I don't even wanna mention some of the songs
25:54 they used to have.
25:56 But, you know, that idea that you're a gangster thug,
25:58 you know, killer and at the same time,
26:00 you're a minister.
26:02 It just can't, it doesn't mix.
26:03 I don't know, you can explain it
26:05 in whichever way you want.
26:06 So these are some of the real problems
26:08 that we have and what we're gonna do,
26:10 you know, is,
26:12 when moving forward in future episodes,
26:14 we're gonna look at how this has now bridged
26:18 into the church.
26:20 So we looked at industry heads
26:22 that have made Christian profession,
26:24 then we looked at one who was with one hand in
26:27 and one hand out both church and industry.
26:30 And now we're gonna see
26:31 what it looks like in the church.
26:33 And I think to do this thing, a real service,
26:36 we're gonna have to look at a little bit of history.
26:37 Yeah. And we're gonna look at that as well.
26:39 Where does this whole thing come from?
26:42 Where does it originate?
26:43 Because, ultimately, you have to answer the question,
26:47 do genres, do musical genres really matter?
26:50 Or is genre is completely neutral,
26:53 and whatever words are put to that music
26:54 is what is reality?
26:56 We're gonna answer those questions.
26:57 Yeah, and it has to be answered
26:59 because that is where we are today.
27:00 This is a present issue
27:02 and what is needed is present truth
27:04 to address those issues.
27:05 And thank God, the Lord has it.
27:07 You know, friends, we have gone through several video clips,
27:10 we've looked at concepts and ideas,
27:12 and we're comparing them with the word of God.
27:14 And as, you know, there's always deeper,
27:16 there's more that we can do.
27:18 And that's why we have the continuation
27:19 of our episodes where we build,
27:21 and build, and build, and build.
27:22 But I am hoping that your eyes are opening
27:25 and seeing the comparison
27:27 between hip-hop culture and Christian culture,
27:29 and seeing the efforts now of trying to blend the two.
27:33 This is not by accident,
27:35 it was something that was prophesied in principle,
27:37 and we're gonna see it unfold
27:39 more and more as we dig deeper in our further episodes.
27:42 So continue to keep studying,
27:44 continue to keep seeking the Lord,
27:46 and letting His word and His will be done
27:48 in your life rather than our own
27:50 and living by our own words.
27:52 And until then,
27:53 remember the wonderful words
27:55 which tells us, "It is the Lord that gives wisdom
27:58 and out of His mouth
28:00 comes knowledge and understanding."
28:02 God bless you.


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