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Holy Hip-Hop -part 2

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00:28 Hello, I'm Lance. And I'm Dwayne.
00:30 And welcome to another episode of TKS,
00:33 a True Knowledge of Self
00:35 where we get to know ourselves from a biblical perspective.
00:39 Today, we're going to be looking at
00:40 some incredible things from the Word of God
00:42 and also some clips
00:43 that we're going to be playing before you.
00:45 And before we get ready to jump into this
00:47 because we're going to be talking a lot
00:49 about the concept of holy hip-hop.
00:51 Is there such a thing? Is it indeed an oxymoron?
00:54 Or is it something that can actually work together
00:57 under the blessings of God.
00:59 And as we prepare to take a look at some video clips
01:02 and also to consider some points
01:05 from the Word of God,
01:06 I want to invite you to join with us
01:08 and turn your Bibles to the Book of 1 Peter 2.
01:10 I think this is a good way to set the foundation
01:12 as we prepare to go into our study today.
01:16 I want to remind you that the Bible gives
01:19 a term called church.
01:20 When you think of the church,
01:22 the Greek word for the church is Ecclesia.
01:24 It means "the called out ones".
01:26 And the question is,
01:27 what is it that we've been called out of?
01:29 Well, let's look at 1 Peter 2:9,
01:31 and let's notice what the Bible says.
01:33 It says, "But ye are a chosen generation,
01:37 a royal priesthood,
01:40 an holy nation, a peculiar people,
01:44 that you should show forth the praises of Him
01:46 who have called you out of darkness
01:50 into his marvelous light."
01:52 So notice that the Bible makes it clear
01:54 what we've been called out of.
01:55 We have been called out of darkness.
01:57 We've been called out of the darkness of sin
01:59 and worldliness,
02:00 and we've been called into God's marvelous light.
02:03 You know, when you study the Bible,
02:04 you will find that the word light is applicable
02:06 to many things.
02:07 Number one: The word light is applicable to righteousness.
02:10 We studied that in Micah 7:9.
02:13 We also know that the word light
02:15 is applicable to Jesus.
02:17 The Bible makes it clear that Jesus is the light
02:19 of the world, in John 9:5.
02:21 The Bible also tells us
02:23 that God's commandments are light in Proverbs 6:23.
02:28 And then in Psalms 119:105,
02:30 the Bible tells us that God's word is also light.
02:34 So when you think about being called out of darkness,
02:37 you're thinking about being called into the light,
02:39 being called into God's word,
02:41 being called to keep God's commandments,
02:43 being called to righteousness, being called to Christ Himself.
02:47 And when this takes place, it causes us to become
02:50 a royal priesthood,
02:52 a holy nation and a peculiar people.
02:55 Well, we're gonna take a look at some clips
02:56 as we see the amalgamations of "holy hip-hop".
03:00 And we're going to let you be a judge using the Word of God
03:02 as your instrument of judgment and we will do the same.
03:05 And we want you to take a look at this clip
03:07 and we want you to carefully see
03:09 what is taking place,
03:10 but I also want to give a disclaimer.
03:12 In order to allow the impact
03:15 of what these video clips are showing,
03:18 we have to allow some of the music
03:21 that's going to be taking place in these church forums
03:24 to play out through the screen.
03:25 Now we do want to let you know there's no profanity
03:28 or anything like that.
03:29 We would not allow that on the program.
03:31 However there is going to be music of a nature
03:34 that does connect back to hip-hop culture.
03:36 And there may be some viewers that may be sensitive to that
03:39 and we respect that,
03:40 and we want to give this disclaimer
03:42 so that this may be the time if you do not want to hear it,
03:44 you can have an option to turn it down
03:47 or what have you to make sure that it does not affect you.
03:49 But there are many who need to hear this and see this,
03:52 so they can understand the contrast
03:54 of what we're trying to present.
03:55 With that being said, let's go ahead
03:57 and let's take a look at the first clip.
03:58 Now let me share with you 'cause I know a lot of people
04:01 have joined our church since we started this.
04:04 But a few years ago we started an annual tradition
04:07 in our church that we will celebrate
04:09 every generation for our church anniversary.
04:13 Our church is a church that believes in law
04:14 but we also believe that laughter is like medicine.
04:18 And that...
04:19 If you'd shout to God,
04:21 you may have a good time all time,
04:22 we don't want to be deep.
04:23 Sometimes people are so deep, they drown.
04:25 And we were trying to bring uniqueness
04:28 to every generation.
04:30 But how can we do this in a fun way
04:32 to represent each generation but in a fun way
04:37 but yet something as non-violent,
04:40 non-profane, non-vulgar, something that's wholesome
04:45 but yet fun and still can also celebrate each other.
04:52 And we can do as a church family.
04:54 And we came up with a concept that what we do is
04:56 we would have each generation to dress in a specific color
05:00 so we can identify each generation.
05:02 And then what we'd do is we'd say,
05:05 how can we do this to let each generation rep itself?
05:09 And so we came with the idea that what we do
05:12 is we go back and get music
05:17 from each year that was unique
05:20 to that generation at this specific time.
05:24 So we find two types of songs, to genres of music.
05:29 We want to find what we call first of all a BC song
05:33 which is your Before Christ song.
05:39 So before you met Jesus, what was that BC song
05:45 that when it came on it calls you to move and sway.
05:50 "Oh that's my jam."
05:51 What was that BC back in the day?
05:53 Non-involvement, non-violent, non-profane.
05:56 Now y'all ready?
05:58 Five, four, three, two, one, let's go and do this.
06:22 Get out there when you're lonely
06:29 The warden threw a party in the county jail
06:32 The prison band was there and they began to wail
06:34 The band jumpin' and the joint began to swing
06:37 You should've heard them knocked-out jailbirds sing
06:40 Let's rock
06:42 Let's party and let's rock
06:46 Everybody in the whole cell block
06:49 Was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock
06:57 Hey,
07:00 you got to payback.
07:26 Ladies and gentlemen,
07:27 the most exciting face presently,
07:30 a pureed pie.
07:31 Let's go, eat fresh.
07:34 Eat fresh fruit.
07:37 Oh, my God Oh, my God
07:42 Oh, my God
07:43 Excuse me, knuckle friend.
07:45 Welcome to Atlanta where the players play
07:47 And we ride on them things like every day
07:50 Big beats, hit streets, see gangsters roamin
07:52 And parties don't stop 'til eight in the mo'nin
07:55 Welcome to Atlanta where the players play
07:57 And we ride on them things like every day
08:33 Wait a minute, we may not...
08:35 Y'all did get saved, right?
08:42 My blood pressure go up just watching you all.
08:45 Y'all did meet Jesus, right?
08:47 Okay.
08:48 Y'all coming back down here, amen, y'all coming back down.
08:51 If not, we're going to do all together remember,
08:54 you ought to be saying.
08:56 But you know what? Here's reality.
08:59 Here's what I learned that
09:01 just because our methods are different,
09:04 our message is the same.
09:06 It ain't about the style, it's about the savior.
09:08 And they love Jesus in their own way.
09:10 And then the same Jesus who saved us is the same Jesus
09:13 who saves them.
09:15 Let them worship and meet and celebrate Jesus in the way
09:19 that's unique to them.
09:20 They don't have to do like we do it.
09:22 Their love for Jesus is no less,
09:23 is not less than ours
09:25 even though it may be different, amen?
09:27 Different don't mean deficient.
09:29 They met Jesus and here's a song
09:30 that they can worship Jesus
09:32 and celebrate their faith through.
09:33 He turned
09:35 He turned
09:42 He turned
09:45 Everybody say he turned it
09:47 He turned it
09:49 Come on clap your hands and sing
09:50 He turned it
09:51 He turned it
09:53 He turned it
09:54 He turned it
09:56 He turned my mourning into dancing
09:58 He turned my mourning into dancing
10:04 If I talk about Jesus
10:06 So can I get some love on the radio
10:09 I just want to
10:12 Let's talk about Jesus
10:13 Let's...
10:15 Now, as we have seen this thus far,
10:16 we're seeing that here goes a church that, number one,
10:21 you know, the pastor is making a statement thinking
10:23 that this is just innocent fun
10:25 because there's no profanity or violence
10:28 and because those two elements are absent,
10:30 then it seems as if everything was okay.
10:32 And he's using Bible verses to justify
10:35 what's about to take place.
10:36 Which were out of context. Yeah.
10:37 But in addition to that he also did...
10:40 Perhaps he didn't realize that he was actually playing songs
10:42 that were songs known for promoting, you know,
10:46 premarital sex and fornication.
10:48 Just Got Paid, It's Friday Night,
10:49 these type of songs.
10:51 These songs literally were songs about having fun
10:54 and it's interesting that, you know,
10:56 it was under the concept of safely having fun,
10:58 yet there was so many things being played
11:01 that reflected back to the world.
11:04 I mean, he himself said this is your BC.
11:06 And all of this is being done in the name of having fun
11:09 and he said that, "If you're too deep,
11:10 some people are so deep that they drown."
11:12 Well, that sounds cute but the Bible says
11:13 in 1 Corinthians 2
11:15 that God actually wants His people to be deep,
11:16 to think deep and have a deep experience with the Lord
11:18 and you don't drown, you live.
11:20 Right.
11:21 And as he went through every generation,
11:22 generation after generation, you notice that the music
11:24 degraded further and further.
11:26 I mean, the nature of the music didn't change in the sense
11:30 that it was still worldly concepts,
11:32 worldly elements all throughout,
11:34 but obviously it start hitting closer and closer to home.
11:36 And there was a lot of psychological coaxing as well.
11:39 There was a lot of, "Hey, stand up,"
11:40 getting people to get involved in kind of,
11:43 degrading people that were refusing to participate
11:45 as if they're trying to be, you know, too deep as you said.
11:47 That's right.
11:49 So, you know, there are some things
11:50 that I'm sure we can comment on
11:52 but we want to go ahead and go to our next clip
11:53 because again it's just going to bring out a little bit more.
11:56 We want our viewers to see these things to understand
11:59 what's going on now not just in the world,
12:02 but we're watching how the world has crept
12:04 into the churches.
12:06 And this thing is important as well
12:07 because they're constantly going back and forth
12:10 between this idea of sacred and profane.
12:12 And they're trying to say,
12:14 they know there's a separation biblically
12:16 and they're trying to act like these things are separate,
12:18 and notice that the pastors are the ones
12:20 leading out in this process.
12:22 And so we're going to see another progress
12:24 and as you said in these clips of more pastors
12:26 going even further than this one did
12:29 in mingling the sacred and profane.
12:31 That's correct.
12:32 So let's go ahead and let's take a look
12:33 at the next clip.
12:35 Now, you ain't never going to get no pastor
12:39 who will make up his own dance in the middle of his sermon.
12:45 Be on, be on drip, drip.
12:48 Be on, be on, drip, drip.
12:50 Be on, be on, drip, drip stinky leg.
12:55 Watch this, watch it out...
12:57 And that's stinky leg,
12:58 tell them about that stinky leg, Josh.
13:00 Tell about that stinky leg...
13:01 See, pastor's stinky leg really stink.
13:04 You know, it's broken.
13:05 It had a kickstand on the side of it,
13:06 so he did the ducky,
13:09 but he ain't do the ducky right.
13:11 So come on my duckeers, come on,
13:13 I got some duckeers here that's going to teach
13:15 the pastor how to ducky.
13:17 Pastor, if you will please, please step up on stage.
13:21 Please, sir. Come this way, pastor.
13:22 Come on, Pastor, please step up on stage.
13:24 Come on, come on, come on, pastor.
13:27 Come on, pastor. Come on, come on.
13:30 That's right.
13:31 That's right. That's right.
13:34 Come on up in here. Come on, Pastor Jake.
13:36 Come on. That's all right.
13:38 Let him use you, let him use you,
13:40 let him use you.
13:41 That's right. Come on Dad.
13:42 Come on.
13:44 It's all right. It's all right.
13:45 It's all right. It's all right.
13:47 Now watch it, watch it, watch it now.
13:50 Everybody got to stand up, we got to do this together.
13:52 Together as a family, as a church family, come on.
13:54 Please pay close attention. Look, look at this.
13:56 Look at this picture right here. Look at this.
13:58 You got to pose like them, Dad. You got to pose like them.
14:00 There you go. There you go.
14:01 Oh, yes. There you go.
14:03 Now we've got to do it together.
14:06 Be on, be on, drip, drip.
14:07 Come on, everybody got to do it.
14:09 Starting all over, be on, be on, drip, drip.
14:12 Be on, be on, drip, drip.
14:15 Be on, be on, drip, drip.
14:18 Oh!
14:26 Good... Oh!
14:29 Do it.
14:46 Keep it up.
14:48 Now here's a situation where we see
14:50 a further progression of this error.
14:53 The pastor once again is leading out
14:55 and basically demonstrating to all the congregation
14:58 that this is something that God accepts
15:00 and participating in the error.
15:03 And we're going to look at this in the Bible very shortly.
15:05 But this is just not even, you know, this is not BC, AD,
15:10 there's no, you know, intro,
15:12 this is simply church honoring their pastor.
15:14 I think there's some kind of anniversary taking place
15:17 and they're literally, the pastor is up there
15:20 with dancers dancing to a worldly song
15:23 and the church is rejoicing in this.
15:25 So it's not...
15:27 if this is what's happening in church then we know
15:28 what's happening outside of church.
15:30 Sure.
15:31 And so it's not the situation
15:33 where just the presence at church makes you holy.
15:35 There has to be a corresponding lifestyle
15:36 and corresponding practice.
15:38 So we're going to look at one more clip
15:40 that kind of highlights the same situation
15:42 where you have a pastor and the church
15:43 engaging in this kind of worship setting,
15:46 and we'll talk about the issues from the Bible
15:49 that they present.
15:50 So just take a look.
16:02 The difference between hip-hop church
16:03 and regular service
16:05 is hip-hop church is Christ uncentered.
16:07 We allow people to come in
16:09 and just be who they are, be loose.
16:11 One thing that connects all people whether we're race,
16:16 religion, color, creed is music.
16:24 My name is Tykim Stallings.
16:25 I'm a youth pastor here
16:27 at Greater Hood Memorial AME Zion Church,
16:29 and I've been a part of hip-hop church
16:31 since its inception five years ago.
16:32 Mr. Kurtis Blow Walker has started hip-hop churches
16:36 all over the country.
16:39 They don't tell you that you have to sit this way
16:41 or praise God this way or sing this way
16:43 or look a certain way.
16:45 Just come the way you are.
16:46 Come as you are and worship Him how you worship Him.
16:58 So here's what we're seeing.
17:00 We have seen three videos that have shown examples
17:05 of how I believe at least a contributor
17:08 to why a Kanye West, a Ja Rule,
17:13 a Mase as well as others like DMX
17:15 and many, many hip-hop artists,
17:17 Slick Rick, a lot of individuals today
17:20 are professing Christ now.
17:21 They are saying I am a Christian,
17:23 but they're still holding their concerts,
17:24 they're still rapping, they're still doing
17:26 a lot of the things in hip-hop culture
17:28 and believe it's okay.
17:31 One of the layers of ascertaining
17:32 the cause of this is what we just saw.
17:35 We have seen three examples, all pastors,
17:38 and these are individuals who have endorsed
17:42 the idea of hip-hop being mixed with Christianity and,
17:45 "Hey, you can come as you are.
17:47 Worship God how you choose."
17:49 And I kept seeing that theme over and over and over again.
17:52 "Worship God how you choose.
17:54 You can worship God as you want.
17:56 It's okay, Christ accepts it all."
17:58 The first video clips that we were showing,
18:00 the first minister in Atlanta, he actually was showing how,
18:04 "Listen, it's not the method, it's the message."
18:09 And he kept saying it, "It's not the method,
18:11 it's the message."
18:12 So there's a picture that's being painted
18:14 even to the hip-hop artists and to those in hip-hop culture
18:18 that you can pretty much worship God as you choose
18:23 but as long as you're sincere,
18:25 I guess, and as long as Jesus' name is in it,
18:28 then it's okay.
18:30 And I believe the Bible has something
18:31 to say different about that.
18:33 And I know you have some verses that you want to share with us,
18:35 so I think it's time to really
18:36 start digging into scripture now.
18:38 All right, definitely.
18:39 We're going to go to 2 Corinthians 6 first.
18:40 Okay.
18:42 2 Corinthians 6, I'm going to start reading
18:43 from verse 14 and onward.
18:45 It says, "Be ye not unequally yoked together
18:48 with unbelievers: For what fellowship
18:51 hath righteousness with unrighteousness?
18:53 And what communion hath the light with darkness?
18:56 And what concord hath Christ with Belial?
18:59 Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?
19:03 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?
19:07 For ye are the temple of the Living God,
19:09 as God hath said,
19:11 'I will dwell in them, and walk in them,
19:13 and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
19:17 Wherefore come out from among them,
19:19 and be ye separate saith at the Lord,
19:21 and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you
19:24 and will be a father unto you,
19:26 and ye shall be my sons and daughters,
19:27 saith the Lord Almighty.
19:29 Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved,
19:33 let us cleanse ourselves
19:34 from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit
19:37 perfecting holiness in the fear of God."'
19:40 All right.
19:41 It is clear that these...
19:43 this principle here is outlined is very, very plain.
19:47 There is no mingling of the sacred and profane,
19:50 the clean and unclean, light and darkness.
19:52 You can't take things of the world,
19:55 the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes,
19:57 the pride of life and then baptize them somehow
20:00 and mingle them with the true worship of God.
20:03 And we're gonna find out very soon when we look
20:05 at our next text that God is the one who establishes
20:08 and dictates how we are to worship Him.
20:10 We don't get to tell God how,
20:11 what He has to accept, He tells us.
20:13 So I want to go to our next verse in Exodus 32.
20:17 All right. So let's turn there.
20:19 Exodus 32, and we're going to start with verse 1.
20:23 Exodus 32:1-6.
20:27 It says, "And when the people saw
20:29 that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount,
20:33 the people gathered themselves together unto Aaron,
20:35 and said unto him, up,
20:37 make us gods which shall go before us,
20:40 for as for this Moses, the man that brought us up
20:43 out of the land of Egypt,
20:44 we what not what is become of him.
20:46 And Aaron said unto them, break off the golden earrings
20:49 which are in the ears of your wives, of your sons,
20:52 and of your daughters, and bring them unto me.
20:54 And all the people break off the golden earrings
20:56 which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron.
20:59 And he received them at their hand,
21:01 and fashioned it with a graving tool,
21:03 after he had made it a molten calf: And they said,
21:07 these be thy gods, O Israel which brought thee up
21:10 out of the land of Egypt.
21:11 And when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it,
21:14 and Aaron made proclamation
21:16 and said to morrow is a feast to the Lord.
21:19 And they rose up early on the morrow,
21:22 and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings,
21:25 and the people sat down to eat and to drink,
21:28 and rose up to play."
21:31 Now when we think of this, this is a situation
21:33 in which God's people were recently delivered from Egypt.
21:38 They had spent multiple generations
21:40 in slavery and bondage stripped...
21:43 virtually stripped of all of their culture
21:45 and kind of became Egyptians for all intents and purposes.
21:50 And now that God delivers them,
21:52 you know, from Pharaoh's armies,
21:54 the plagues, and through the Red Sea,
21:55 and now is bringing them to Mt. Sinai,
21:58 He calls Moses up to the mountain
22:00 and he is going to receive this great covenant and law
22:02 to lead his people to the Promised Land.
22:05 While they are waiting for Moses,
22:06 they feel that he's gone too long.
22:08 They don't know, they think he's dead
22:10 and they don't want to be dead.
22:11 So they want gods to go before them.
22:13 And so what do they do?
22:15 They basically initiate worship that they had learned in Egypt.
22:20 And they instituted the worship of the Apis bull
22:23 which was happening in Egypt at that time and all the cults
22:26 and the sex cults involved with that worship.
22:30 And they made golden calves to go before them
22:32 to represent God.
22:34 They didn't want to worship a different God.
22:35 They made these calves to represent the true God.
22:38 And Aaron, the high priest, the man that was left in charge
22:42 of God's people led out and fashioned
22:45 and made the idol himself
22:47 and put it before the people to worship.
22:48 So then the Bible does have a history
22:51 of even ministerial leaders
22:54 that were actually in part and parcel with,
22:57 you know, the leading of the people
22:59 into these false forms of worship.
23:01 That's right.
23:03 So then that means that what we're seeing today
23:04 is simply almost like an antitype,
23:07 a revelation of what the Bible was showing us in times past.
23:10 And now it's interesting because we're going to read
23:12 a passage from Hebrews 11,
23:14 but if you continue to read in Exodus 32,
23:17 you would notice that God alerts Moses
23:21 to what's going on down at the base of the mountain.
23:23 And we're talking, we're not talking about a small group,
23:25 we're talking about, you know, roughly,
23:26 arguably two million people or more.
23:28 Right.
23:29 And God tells them to get down and you have to address this.
23:34 That's right. His anger was kindled.
23:36 God was literally willing to execute judgment
23:38 on His people at that moment.
23:40 Yep.
23:41 Moses starts to come down and his attendant Joshua
23:43 as they start to descend from the mountain,
23:44 they could start to hear this noise.
23:47 They're hearing this noise.
23:48 And Joshua thinks there's a war going on,
23:50 that there's a battle going on down there and he's like,
23:52 "Moses, we need to hurry up, there's war going.
23:54 Everybody's being attacked, we need to go down and help."
23:56 And what does Moses say?
23:58 Moses says, "No, it's not what you think.
24:01 I know exactly what that sound is."
24:03 And what he says is, what he acknowledges
24:08 is that the sound that he's hearing
24:10 is a sound of worship,
24:13 but not the worship of the true God
24:15 but false worship.
24:16 Now how on earth does Moses know
24:17 what that sound is?
24:19 What does it say in Hebrews 11?
24:20 In Hebrews 11, it says in verse 23, "By faith Moses,
24:25 when he was born was hid three months of his parents,
24:29 because they saw he was a proper child,
24:31 and they were not afraid of the king's commandment.
24:34 By faith Moses, when he was come to years,
24:37 refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter,
24:41 choosing rather to suffer affliction
24:43 with the people of God, than to enjoy
24:46 the pleasures of sin for a season.
24:49 Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches
24:52 than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect
24:55 unto the recompense of the reward.
24:57 By faith he forsook Egypt,
25:00 not fearing the wrath of the king:
25:02 for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible."
25:06 So Moses was raised in the royal court of Egypt.
25:09 That's right.
25:11 He had achieved every level of worldly success as possible.
25:14 You see in Acts 7 that it says he's a full 40 years old,
25:17 meaning, by 40, the age of maturity,
25:19 he had reached the highest attainment levels
25:21 in every area.
25:23 So he knew...
25:24 he had this exposure, but he knew
25:26 that he was raised up by God to do a mighty work.
25:29 So he forsook the royal court,
25:31 forsook the possible position in the lineage
25:35 for to take over it one day as pharaoh
25:37 and went with his people,
25:39 because he understood all that was involved in that
25:42 and that God was not pleased,
25:43 and God was going to deliver His people from that culture.
25:46 And so when he comes down the mountain,
25:48 he hears the same worship going on at the base
25:52 of that mountain that he knows
25:55 and was familiar with from Egypt.
25:56 That's right.
25:57 And the covenant of God was broken,
25:59 the people had broken the covenant
26:01 and we know what happens next.
26:03 Judgment fell upon them.
26:04 The camp was separated.
26:05 Aaron repented and came back with God and with Moses,
26:10 and the rest of those who did not repent
26:13 were executed in judgment.
26:16 That's right.
26:17 And the golden calves were broken down,
26:18 people were forced to learn the lesson that false worship
26:22 and true worship cannot mingle together.
26:24 So here we have, I mean, just example upon example
26:28 and there's more.
26:29 And, you know, in our next episode
26:30 we're just going to pick up some more on this but,
26:32 you know, there is example upon example that God
26:34 is trying to make it clear that what humanity has said
26:38 is false and what He said is true.
26:40 There is a picture that is being given to people
26:43 in the world right now that you can worship God
26:46 as you want.
26:47 You can dictate to God, this is the kind of worship
26:50 I'm going to offer you and it is acceptable.
26:53 And as a result of that, this is how
26:55 we are seeing things like the hip-hop church
26:59 or the gospel of hip-hop.
27:00 These are deceptions, these are errors that is coming
27:03 and being taught to people, even people in large places
27:07 like Kanye West, like Ja Rule, like DMX
27:10 and many, many others.
27:11 But God wants to make them as well as the many
27:14 that have been influenced by this lie free.
27:16 God wants to make even the pastors
27:18 that are teaching these things to make them free
27:21 because they are going in a path
27:22 that's going to ultimately lead to destruction
27:24 and not to life.
27:26 That's right.
27:27 Friends, we have been taking a look now at, you know,
27:28 the Word of God and we're comparing it
27:30 with the activities that we're seeing happening
27:33 in our world today.
27:34 There are many individuals that think it is okay
27:37 to blend hip-hop music and hip-hop culture
27:42 with Christianity,
27:43 but the Bible is declaring something very different.
27:46 And the challenges that we're seeing
27:47 things happening today that are very, very perplexing,
27:50 very concerning when even ministerial leadership
27:54 is now the ones endorsing it.
27:56 And unfortunately people often follow pastors
27:58 before they follow the Word.
28:00 These are things that God wants to wake us up to.
28:02 So our hope and our prayer is that you sit tight
28:05 because we've got a lot more to share with you.
28:07 And God is going to truly open our eyes
28:08 and help us behold wondrous things from His law.
28:11 Until then, remember the words of Proverbs 2:6 which tells us,
28:15 "It is the Lord that gives wisdom
28:17 and out of His mouth comes knowledge
28:20 and understanding."
28:21 God bless you.


Revised 2017-07-31