True Knowledge of Self

Bible Prophecy -part 1

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Participants: Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur


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00:28 Hello. I'm Lance.
00:29 And I'm Dwayne and welcome to another episode of TKS,
00:33 "A True Knowledge of Self," where we get to know ourselves
00:36 from biblical perspective.
00:38 We have been going through
00:39 so much over these past few episodes,
00:42 really looking into the question
00:44 of Hip-hop culture, Christian culture,
00:47 can they mix or can they not.
00:49 And we've discovered from the word of God
00:51 that they cannot mix.
00:53 We have looked carefully at the Bible.
00:55 And just to imagine our programs
00:57 are approximately 30 minutes,
00:58 but there's hours and hours of more study,
01:01 deep study that as we go through this,
01:03 we would see these points even with the greater clarity
01:05 than what we've already seen.
01:07 But even in these short period of time,
01:09 the Lord has blessed us and saturated us with His word
01:12 and with the power of His Spirit
01:13 that we're able to see,
01:15 what He requires of His people and what we have,
01:19 the privilege of serving in honoring and doing unto Him
01:22 and giving glory to His name.
01:24 It is because of this, Lance, that you know,
01:27 the question sooner or later has to come in why,
01:29 I mean, we we've been talking
01:31 so much as it relates to hip hop culture
01:34 and we've talked about it from so many angles,
01:37 from the music to the lifestyle,
01:39 various points of expression, looking into its origins,
01:42 its history and how it's being played out today.
01:46 We looked at of course, many of the major artists,
01:48 the thought leaders, and what they are sharing,
01:50 we've played clips and videos
01:52 and, you know, all of this incredible,
01:55 massive amount of effort has been put forth
01:57 simply to make people aware
02:00 of the truth of what's going on behind hip hop culture
02:03 and comparing that with biblical culture,
02:06 and seeing that God is calling us into this light,
02:08 into this marvelous light
02:10 and He wants us to walk in His path of righteousness.
02:12 Sooner or later the question has to come, why.
02:15 Why do we dedicate so much time to this?
02:17 Why do we-- are we trying to make hip hop
02:20 the public enemy number one
02:22 and the greatest enemy in the world or something?
02:25 Why has there been so much focus on hip hop
02:28 and looking back at all of these biblical principles?
02:32 What's the reason?
02:33 I mean, the reason is simple.
02:36 There's a war going on.
02:38 And God has a plan for this world.
02:43 When we looked a while back
02:45 at the original creation of man in Genesis Chapter 1
02:49 and we're going to consider verses 26 and 27,
02:53 we understand that God created man.
02:55 And it says specifically that He created man in His image
02:59 after his likeness.
03:01 So God created man perfect.
03:04 There was no sin.
03:05 There was no death. There was no sickness.
03:07 There was no heartache.
03:08 There was no controversy of any kind on the earth.
03:12 Man was made perfect.
03:14 But something happened.
03:16 In Genesis Chapter three,
03:17 we're introduced to the serpent.
03:19 And we see that the serpent was able to deceive Eve
03:23 into indulging in the lust of the flesh,
03:26 the lust of the eyes and the pride of life and eat,
03:29 she ate the fruit from the tree that God commanded not to--
03:32 for man not to eat.
03:34 When she did that she committed sin.
03:37 We know in 1 John 3:4, there it says,
03:38 "sin is the transgression of the law."
03:40 God commanded that it should not be eaten.
03:42 They broke God's law, God's command if you will.
03:46 When this took place, she then went,
03:48 the Bible says that she gave to Adam
03:51 and he took and ate.
03:53 Adam at this point had not sinned.
03:55 Adam was the, although God created male and female,
03:59 God created man first
04:01 and so man essentially was
04:03 and as the Bible puts it in the Gospel of John I believe,
04:09 oh, no, excuse me, in the Gospel of Luke,
04:12 when he goes through the lineage of Christ.
04:14 It show-- it calls Adam the son of God.
04:16 That's right.
04:18 So Adam was the Son of God and from Adam God made Eve.
04:23 Yeah.
04:24 And so when Eve sinned,
04:26 Adam still had a decision to make,
04:28 whether or not he was going to go
04:30 against the explicit word of God
04:33 for the sake of the love that he had for his--
04:35 and the devotion that he had to his wife
04:37 and eat the fruit that God committed not to eat,
04:40 or take a stand on principle and obey the word of God
04:44 and let God judge and determine
04:47 what's going to happen to his dear wife.
04:49 We know the story, we know that Adam took,
04:51 and the Bible says, "And he did eat."
04:53 When he ate, sin came upon this world.
04:57 Sin came upon every aspect of this world,
04:59 whether it be the environment or the animal creation,
05:02 or the human species.
05:04 Everything was tainted now by sin and as God said,
05:09 "In the day that thou eatest thereof,
05:10 thou shall surely die."
05:12 The lie I was given that Satan said that,
05:14 "Thou shall not surely die, for God doth know
05:17 that when you eat thereof, you shall be as gods,
05:19 knowing good and evil."
05:20 And so there was some idea that was injected by Satan.
05:23 Number one, a lie
05:25 and number two, he gave the impression
05:28 that if men were to sin,
05:30 they would somehow be better off.
05:32 They would somehow achieve a higher plane of existence
05:35 by going against the express command of God.
05:38 So we know that according to the Bible that
05:40 "All have sinned," Romans 3:23,
05:42 "and fall short of the glory of God."
05:44 We know in Roman 6 that "The wages of sin is death."
05:48 But then it says, "But" in Roman 6:23.
05:50 It says, "But the gift of God is eternal life
05:54 through Jesus Christ our Lord."
05:56 So when we go back to Genesis 3,
05:57 we see almost immediately in verse 15,
06:00 when God comes to investigate what has taken place
06:03 and He's calling and looking for Adam,
06:05 Adam has to admit that he was afraid.
06:07 He was afraid of his creator now.
06:09 There had been a separation.
06:10 When we looked at Isaiah 59:1-2,
06:12 we saw that sin created separation
06:15 between man and his Creator.
06:17 So now because Adam sinned, he was separated from God
06:20 and so when God comes to visit,
06:22 as they had become acquainted to visit
06:24 and spend this time together,
06:25 now Adam was running.
06:27 Eve was running. They were hiding themselves.
06:29 And the answer that Adam gave to God
06:32 when, "Why were you hiding?
06:35 Where are you?"
06:36 He said I was hiding because I was naked and afraid.
06:42 And for some reason, and we know the reason,
06:44 we've articulated this,
06:46 we discussed this in a previous episode,
06:47 when man sinned,
06:49 he lost the covering that God gave him.
06:51 That's right. He found himself to be naked.
06:52 The Bible talks about the shame of nakedness,
06:54 for example, in and of Revelation Chapter 3.
06:57 So man sinned and there was an immediate consequence,
07:02 an immediate, immediate evidence was presented
07:04 that man had sinned.
07:06 He was stripped of that
07:07 which God originally created in him and with him.
07:12 The-- that association of the presence of God
07:16 and the perfection that God had made
07:18 this image of God in man had now been disrupted by sin.
07:22 But only--so immediately
07:24 when judgments begin to fall on Adam and Eve
07:25 and the serpent for that matter,
07:27 God gives the invitation as I said in 3, Genesis 3:15,
07:31 the promise of a Redeemer, the promise of a Savior,
07:35 the promise that God had a solution
07:36 for the sin or problem,
07:38 and although man now that he sinned,
07:39 will begin to degrade environment,
07:41 the whole entire earth is going-- beginning to fall
07:44 under the pressure of sin, man will die.
07:46 But God has made provision
07:49 so that man might live
07:50 if he chooses to do so by faith.
07:52 And we know that famous verse in John 3:16
07:56 that highlights the fact that God sent His son,
08:00 because "He's so loved the world
08:02 that He sent His only begotten Son
08:04 that whosoever believeth in Him
08:06 might not perish but have everlasting life."
08:09 And Jesus now is the word made flesh.
08:12 Jesus is the monogenes, as I said the only begotten,
08:15 one of the same kind,
08:17 He now is the Son of God
08:19 that is coming and putting on human flesh
08:21 to live a life of overcoming
08:24 versus a life of sin and failure,
08:26 as Adam and every human being
08:28 and every man did from that point forward.
08:31 Man was in need of a Savior and God made provision
08:34 for that through the sending of His Son,
08:36 the life, the death, the resurrection
08:39 in the ministry of Jesus Christ.
08:41 So the question that comes now,
08:43 because this took place,
08:45 we were introduced to the serpent in Genesis 3.
08:48 that deceived the woman, who then gave to... Adam.
08:51 And he ate. Sin comes into the world.
08:53 God makes provision by the Redeemer
08:56 which is Jesus Christ
08:58 and yet, the question still-- it still begs the question why.
09:02 In other words,
09:03 I made the statement at the beginning
09:05 that we're in a war.
09:06 Why are we even talking about hip hop culture
09:08 in this and that?
09:09 Because we are engaged in a warfare.
09:12 There is a battle going on over every individual human mind.
09:16 And the question is worship.
09:17 Who are you going to worship?
09:19 Are you going to accept the invitation
09:20 that God is giving
09:22 or you going to reject it and choose to follow Satan?
09:24 Are you going to become a servant of God
09:26 or a servant of the enemy?
09:28 Are you going to live according to the hope that is within us
09:33 or you going to live a life
09:34 that is reflective of the God that you serve
09:36 or are you going to suffer the consequences
09:39 of living a life of the God who,
09:43 you know, "God of this world,"
09:47 in Satan and suffer the results and the consequences of that.
09:51 So the question that I asked you is why?
09:54 What happened?
09:55 How did-- where did this begin
09:56 and how did the earth get involved,
09:58 aside from the things that we've read thus far,
10:01 what are we dealing with?
10:02 What are we living--
10:04 at what situation are we living in right now
10:05 if we call it a war?
10:06 How does that all work and what is that--
10:08 what decisions is that leave us to make?
10:10 Well, I think if anybody is sensible,
10:14 it leaves one decision, which is to survive,
10:16 which is to pass, you know.
10:18 If you know you're in a war, you don't plan to lose,
10:20 you plan to win.
10:21 So the question would be like you said how.
10:23 Well, in Revelation 12 the Bible shows us.
10:26 It was in Revelation the 12th Chapter,
10:27 that it kind of speaks to several points
10:29 that you made.
10:31 And a little bit more in fact,
10:32 and in Revelation the 12th Chapter
10:34 here's what the Bible says.
10:35 And this is important because we're going to take a look now
10:38 at Bible prophecy and kind of tie everything back in together
10:42 to give strong foundation,
10:45 we've already set the foundation earlier,
10:47 but to just continue to strengthen their foundation
10:50 through these prophetic utterances.
10:51 The Bible says in Revelation 12:7,
10:54 "And there was war in heaven.
10:56 Michael and his angels fought against the dragon.
10:58 And the dragon fought
10:59 and his angels and prevailed not.
11:01 Neither was their place found any more in heaven.
11:04 And the great dragon was cast out
11:06 that old serpent called The Devil and Satan
11:08 which deceived the whole world.
11:09 He was cast out into the earth.
11:11 And his angels were cast out with him."
11:14 So the Bible makes it clear that there was a war
11:16 between Michael and the dragon.
11:19 where the Bible tells us clearly
11:20 that the dragon is none other than Satan.
11:22 But when you look at you know, verse 7 when it says, Michael,
11:26 sometimes people think well, that's just another angel
11:28 because of other texts of Scripture
11:30 you read in the book of Judah.
11:31 It talks about Michael the archangel.
11:33 And when you think of an archangel,
11:36 a lot of times what people don't know is that
11:38 arch means ruler in the Greeks or arch ruler, angel.
11:42 So he's-- Michael is actually the ruler of the angels.
11:45 He's not just another angel.
11:47 He's the one that rules over the angels.
11:49 When you think about that connecting it with Hebrews 1:6,
11:53 speaking of Jesus, it says,
11:55 let all the angels bow down and worship him.
11:57 So the angels was bowing down to their ruler,
12:00 which was none other than Jesus.
12:02 In fact, the word Michael,
12:03 Mike in the Hebrew means one who is like El, means God.
12:06 So when you think of Michael,
12:08 you're thinking one who is just like God.
12:09 And as you stated in monogenes in John 3:16 the word begotten,
12:14 it actually mean is the only one like me.
12:17 So Christ is that one that is like God.
12:20 So this is none other than a war
12:21 that was between Christ and Satan.
12:24 Satan lost this battle. He was kicked out.
12:26 But the Bible says that he landed somewhere in verse 12.
12:29 In verse 12 it says, "Therefore rejoice ye heavens,
12:32 and ye that dwell in them.
12:34 Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea.
12:37 For the devil is come down into you, having great wrath,
12:40 because he knows that he has but a short time."
12:43 It is one thing to be in a fight.
12:45 It is another thing to be in a fight
12:47 and your really wondering why am I in this fight.
12:49 You know, I remember going to school
12:51 and there would be times that a fight would get started.
12:53 And I'm thinking to myself,
12:55 "Why did you hit me" Why did you fight me?
12:56 I didn't even do anything to you."
12:58 You know, you feel innocent.
13:00 You feel like "Why are you coming after me?
13:02 Well, here it is, the Bible's talking about a real story,
13:04 a story that is still being played out today.
13:07 The dragon was cast out from heaven.
13:09 He lost that battle.
13:11 But the war continues now on earth.
13:14 And the war is still between Christ and Satan.
13:16 But you and I and humanity has fallen in the middle,
13:20 because God has made a decision to do something special.
13:23 He wanted to save us, as you stated in Genesis 3.
13:26 So when you think about Satan attacking God's people,
13:29 the question really is why.
13:31 We didn't go around one day saying I want to fight Satan.
13:34 Nobody said that.
13:35 But yet, he's still attacking us.
13:37 And the question is why.
13:38 And the answer is very simple.
13:40 In Revelation 12, the war was between Christ and Satan.
13:44 That's who the war was against.
13:46 So Satan wanted to hurt God.
13:49 He couldn't any further
13:50 once he got removed from heaven directly.
13:52 So now he does something else.
13:54 In the book of Isaiah,
13:56 I want us to see something in Chapter 63.
13:58 It's very powerful. All right.
14:00 In Isaiah the 63 Chapter,
14:02 I want you to notice what the Bible says is,
14:04 we're going to consider verses 8-9.
14:07 Isaiah 63:8-9.
14:10 Why does Satan make such pain staking effort
14:15 to try to attack the people of God?
14:18 It says.
14:19 "For he said, surely they are my people,
14:22 children that will not lie.
14:23 So He was their Savior.
14:26 In all their affliction, He was afflicted.
14:32 And the angel of His presence saved them.
14:34 In His love and in His pity He redeemed them
14:36 and He bare them and carried them all the days of old."
14:39 Notice this.
14:40 It says that in verse 8, it says, "For he says,
14:42 surely they are my people, children that will not lie.
14:45 So He was their Savior
14:47 and then in all their affliction."
14:49 The "Their" is referring to the people.
14:51 "In all their affliction," it says, "He was afflicted."
14:55 That's talking about God.
14:56 Every time Satan hurts us, it hurts Christ.
15:01 Yes.
15:02 He knows that the problem is humanity doesn't,
15:04 when we think of sin,
15:06 we think about the pain we're suffering with.
15:08 We think about the problems we're suffering from.
15:11 But very rarely does one consider
15:13 how does sin hurt God.
15:16 How did it affect him?
15:17 Were we the only ones who lost something
15:19 when we sinned against God and He turned His face from us?
15:22 Or did it break God's heart
15:24 that He had to turn His face from us.
15:26 And this is what the Bible is showing us
15:27 is that the war is still between Christ and Satan.
15:30 But the reason Satan comes after us
15:32 is because he knows when he hurts us, he hurts God.
15:36 I remember I was reading
15:38 in a little book called "Counsels on Stewardship."
15:40 Page 136 and it stated the only satisfaction
15:44 that Satan takes in playing the game of life
15:48 over human souls is the satisfaction
15:51 that comes when he hurts the heart of Christ.
15:54 All that Satan wants to do is bring pain to the heart of God.
15:58 But he knows he can't get God directly.
16:01 So he functions kind of like the mafia,
16:03 when the mafia cannot get you, they get those whom you love.
16:06 And God so loved us that he gave the best of Himself.
16:09 He gave the best. He gave His Son.
16:11 So that testifies of God's love.
16:13 So Satan knows whenever he hurts us, he's hurting God.
16:16 So victory over sin becomes absolutely the mandatory
16:20 for the people of God,
16:21 not just for our own sake but for Christ's sake.
16:25 So the question again is, how, what's God's plan.
16:29 And the plan is found Back in Revelation.
16:33 I deliberately skipped over Revelation 12:11,
16:35 but now it's time to look at it.
16:37 In Revelation 12th chapter, you'll see in the 11th verse,
16:40 that here's what the Bible says.
16:42 It says, "And they overcame him
16:47 by the blood of the Lamb
16:49 and by the word of their testimony
16:52 and they love not their lives unto the death."
16:56 So God says I have a plan.
16:58 This plan is a plan to help bring man into an experience
17:02 with himself that we can have victory over sin,
17:06 complete total victory over sin.
17:09 Not this concept that the world teaches
17:11 that you do most right in a little wrong
17:13 and you're still all right.
17:14 God says no.
17:16 My plan is I want to clean man up from all sin.
17:18 It can only happen through the blood.
17:19 In 1 John 1:7, the Bible says
17:22 "The blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin."
17:25 So God wants to bring us into an experience
17:27 that is not natural.
17:29 It's supernatural.
17:30 It's something that only He can accomplish.
17:32 But He requires our cooperation.
17:34 But what does this mean.
17:35 This means then that if God is gonna work through a people
17:39 that He wants to bring in harmony,
17:42 and in union with Himself,
17:44 then that means
17:46 that it is going to invoke the wrath of Satan,
17:49 to the point that is spelled out clearly
17:52 in Revelation 12 still, verse 17.
17:55 The Bible says in Revelation 12:17
17:57 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman."
18:01 A woman in Bible prophecy
18:03 often is referred to as a church,
18:05 a body of people.
18:06 It says, "And Dragon was wroth with the woman
18:08 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed
18:11 which keep the commandments of God
18:14 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
18:17 Satan is not angry with every religious body.
18:19 He's not angry with a lot of these religious bodies
18:22 in our world today because many of the religious bodies
18:24 in our world today
18:26 are actually teaching the tactics
18:27 in the areas of Satan.
18:29 And one of these movements in this world,
18:32 one of them is hip hop culture.
18:35 Hip hop culture is something that is designed,
18:37 as we have studied all throughout these sessions,
18:39 it is designed to keep people in a state of sin,
18:43 in a state of self righteousness
18:45 rather than true biblical righteousness.
18:48 It's for this reason
18:49 that we had to address the culture of hip hop,
18:51 and we had to really to let our viewers get a chance to see
18:55 what it really is because it's part of Satan's plan
19:00 to keep us from keeping the commandments of God.
19:02 It's part of Satan's plan to keep us distracted
19:05 and in a state of sin, so that when Christ comes,
19:09 we will not be saved.
19:10 How do I know that?
19:12 Matthew 1:21.
19:13 The Bible says in Matthew 1:21.
19:15 "And they shall call His name Jesus.
19:18 For He shall save His people from their sins."
19:22 Not in their sins.
19:23 So Satan is deceiving people.
19:25 You can still have a lot of sin in your life.
19:27 I mean, again, I got to be honest with you.
19:29 Like I said I'm offended as a son of God,
19:32 as a child of God,
19:33 I'm offended that ministers can know this is evil,
19:37 this is wrong, this is your B.C.,
19:39 this is before, you were converted.
19:41 And you were listening to this worldly stuff
19:43 and here it is
19:44 that now I'm going to let you play it in the sanctuary.
19:47 I'm going to let you dance and have your party
19:49 like the Israelites in Exodus 32
19:52 and bring in Egyptian worship.
19:54 We're going to let you do that
19:55 and if anybody speaks against it,
19:57 he says, "Oh, they are just deep people
20:00 and you can get so deep you can drown."
20:02 I mean, this is-- it is a horrific thing to think
20:05 that this is how intelligent ministers
20:08 can actually speak to the congregations
20:09 and what's even more frightening
20:11 is that the congregation keeps saying "amen,
20:13 " when they should be saying, "oh, no."
20:14 So God really needs to have a people
20:17 that's going to sound the alarm and say, "Folks, wake up.
20:20 There's a plan that Satan has to keep you down.
20:23 But thank God there's a plan
20:24 where the Lord wants to lift you up,
20:25 ultimately high enough that you can go home with him.
20:27 So Satan started a war and that war began in heaven.
20:32 Satan was now cast out to the earth
20:34 and he's now engaging in that warfare.
20:37 And his focus and attention is based--
20:40 is focused on God's people,
20:41 those who keep the commandments of God
20:43 and have the faith of Jesus, the testimony of Jesus
20:45 or the spirit that gives prophecy
20:47 as a says later on in Revelation 19:10.
20:51 Yeah.
20:52 And we know that he's doing this
20:54 because as we looked at in Isaiah 63,
20:57 that by hurting God's people, he hurts God
21:00 and that's really what he's trying to do.
21:01 That's what he's doing.
21:02 And so when we look at these things
21:04 and we see that this, this effort
21:06 to constantly lower the standard
21:09 and force God to accept things that we dictate to him,
21:14 that we say well, it makes us feel good,
21:17 it's fun for us,
21:18 we want it, so therefore, God you have to accept it.
21:21 This is a little misguided.
21:22 The fact that the ministers are leading out
21:24 in this is even more alarming.
21:26 And then, even though we can make a statement,
21:29 and we can all agree
21:30 that we cannot sit there and endorse a musical genre
21:33 and say well, this music is wrong
21:36 and if you listen to this genre,
21:38 this is the only good and right music.
21:41 We're not saying that.
21:42 However, I think it is very clear
21:44 and you can draw very intelligent
21:46 and logical conclusions
21:48 by seeing that there are certain genres
21:51 that are built and premised on going against God,
21:56 exhortation of self,
21:57 the same principles of Satan's government.
21:59 The antithesis of love, anti-Christ.
22:02 And if that culture in that whole entire genre
22:05 is dedicated to that,
22:07 it's very difficult to all of a sudden baptize it
22:11 and make it okay just by changing the words
22:14 or just by changing the venue
22:16 or just by changing the packaging.
22:17 The message is important.
22:19 The method is equally important.
22:22 So it's very disturbing to say the least
22:26 when we have modern schools of interpretation and thought
22:30 that begin to teach human beings
22:33 that they are free now to just--
22:35 and choose any musical genre that they like
22:39 as long as the words are appropriate,
22:41 because they're dismissing the efficacy of the music
22:44 and the impact that it has
22:45 psychologically, physiologically
22:48 and they're disregarding its origins.
22:51 I do believe that just because something is from somewhere
22:55 doesn't mean that it's innately evil.
22:57 Jesus came from Nazareth
22:58 and the statement was made there
23:00 and I believe John Chapter 1 that
23:04 "Can any good thing come from Nazareth?"
23:07 And the answer is yes.
23:09 Jesus came from Nazareth.
23:12 So there is a idea out there, you know,
23:15 and philosophy called a genetic fallacy,
23:17 meaning of came from somewhere doesn't mean that it's evil.
23:20 That's okay. That's fine.
23:22 But we not-- we're only not just looking at origins,
23:24 we're also looking at the fruit.
23:26 We're also looking at the ideology
23:28 and when you take those two things,
23:30 when you take the fruit and the origins
23:32 and put them together to analyze
23:34 and draw a conclusion and make a determination,
23:36 you have to be able to make a sound judgment there
23:39 that's rooted in the Bible and guided by the Bible
23:41 because what's the worst thing that can happen?
23:43 If I choose to refrain from hip hop music or rap music
23:48 or any other form of RnB or jazz or what have you,
23:51 if I choose to not listen through it
23:53 because I see that the guidelines and Scripture
23:56 are governing me and telling me that I need to be cautious,
24:00 and I need to-- that is a hazard,
24:02 what's the worst that can happen if I refrain?
24:04 Nothing, I mean, in no way am I going to be injured.
24:07 However, if I disregard the caution by God
24:11 and I disregard some of the principles
24:13 that He outlines and I indulge in these things,
24:15 then I am, there's a dramatic risk.
24:18 I am risking the fact that I am absolutely positively wrong.
24:22 And that I allowed my feelings or sentiments
24:24 or the false teachings of others
24:25 to consume form of culture and music and expression
24:30 that is drawing me and pulling me away from God
24:33 because it's rooted in sin verses being safe.
24:37 Erring on the side of caution as I said
24:39 and using the word of God to give me guidance,
24:43 so that I don't find myself making that risk.
24:47 So then when we look at hip hop culture,
24:50 if we were to take those three points you just made,
24:52 you know, origin ideology and fruit,
24:54 when we look at the origin, you know,
24:56 when you think of hip hop music,
24:58 it is an amalgamation of several forms of music
25:01 that the -- some of the highest thought leaders
25:04 on Blues, jazz and etc.
25:07 are making it clear that
25:09 these songs were birthed out of things
25:11 that were a mixture of Satan or the devil
25:15 and also things of God or angels.
25:18 I mean, they're admitting this.
25:20 These are the great leaders today in these forms of music.
25:23 And here it is when you think of hip hop music
25:25 and hip hop culture, it is, when you connect the origins,
25:29 from an origin standpoint, we can see error.
25:32 Then from an ideology standpoint,
25:34 well, we looked at it.
25:36 We looked at the pillars, we looked at you know,
25:38 love, unity, peace, safely having fun.
25:42 We looked at those. We analyzed them.
25:44 We see again, they're open ended.
25:46 They're left for private interpretation.
25:48 It allows you to make the ultimate decision.
25:50 Some of the greatest thought leaders are making it clear.
25:52 We are metaphysical beings
25:55 and we can ascend to other existences
25:57 and it's not that there's a God in the sky,
26:00 but this more so that He's in you.
26:02 So again, that's era from an ideology.
26:04 And then fruit.
26:06 When you look at fruit, it's pulling,
26:08 pulling people away from Christ,
26:10 away from the Bible
26:12 and there are some who are even in,
26:13 even though they're still a minority,
26:15 there are some even in hip hop culture.
26:17 But what they're doing
26:18 is they're like the mix multitude.
26:19 They're actually instruments creating more confusion
26:23 than making the truth more straight,
26:25 because now people like the Kanye West
26:27 and the Ja Rule and the many others,
26:29 they're making it seem as if it's okay to cuss, swear
26:34 and to do a lot of these things that I'm doing
26:36 and I know God is still with me, He's still, you know,
26:40 all right with me and He can even bless what I'm doing.
26:43 And these are deceptions.
26:44 And that is the fruit of their work.
26:47 So when you look at hip hop culture in a whole
26:48 from origin to ideology to fruit,
26:50 we can see in consistency on every level.
26:53 It's for this reason that there has to be a body of Christians,
26:57 a body of believers that has to rise up
26:59 and speak against this to say,
27:01 "Brethren, this is part of Satan's plan to deceive us,
27:03 distract us
27:05 and to take our minds off of Christ
27:06 and away from God's heart.
27:08 And this is not what the Lord wants."
27:10 Friends, we've been looking at some really powerful points
27:14 and we're going to entertain,
27:16 you know, a powerful solution
27:18 that God has given in up and coming episodes.
27:21 And I want you to pay attention to the things
27:22 that the Lord is going to teach us from His word.
27:24 And I hope you take heed
27:26 to the things that Christ has already shared with us
27:28 from His word.
27:30 God loves us.
27:31 His desire is to save us.
27:34 And it's not enough to say I'm saved,
27:35 sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and fire baptize
27:38 and use all these phraseologies
27:40 and yet, we do not have its experience
27:43 in our day to day living.
27:45 And God wants to let us be Christians in our hearts.
27:48 So we're gonna talk about that in up and coming episodes
27:51 and we just want you to stay tuned to that
27:53 and tell a friend always to join in.
27:55 And until the next time, we are privileged to meet.
27:58 Remember those wonderful words of Proverbs 2:6,
28:01 which tells us, "It is the Lord that gives wisdom
28:03 and out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding."
28:07 God bless you.


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