The Midnight Cry

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00:14 Tonight, as we open Your Word,
00:18 we ask that our hearts may be open,
00:22 pray Lord that they may be soft,
00:25 they may be tender
00:28 that we may hear the voice of Your Spirit
00:32 and that as we listen to Your Spirit
00:37 that each one of us may be willing to follow.
00:41 And give us wisdom, give us understanding,
00:46 and give us faith to walk with You,
00:50 for this we ask in Christ's name, amen.
01:01 All you have to do
01:03 is ask any child,
01:08 any school children,
01:12 what the poem
01:13 that was written by Longfellow is
01:16 and just quote a few stanzas of it
01:18 that says, "Listen my children,
01:21 and you shall hear
01:23 the midnight ride of Paul Revere"
01:26 and every child recognizes that poem.
01:30 They remember the story,
01:32 how those colonists were faced with an invasion from England.
01:36 And how they had decided
01:38 that they're in the Tower of the North Church in Boston
01:44 that if the British were coming by land,
01:47 they would hang one lantern.
01:50 If the British were coming by sea,
01:53 they would hang two.
01:55 Paul Revere took a boat and rowed across the bay
02:00 over to Charleston.
02:02 And there he waited to see if that lantern would show
02:06 in the belfry of the church tower,
02:10 and sure enough at midnight
02:13 there in that tower was hanging two lanterns
02:17 saying that the British were coming by sea
02:19 and Paul Revere began his famous ride,
02:23 riding through all the towns and the villages shouting,
02:26 "Wake up, wake up, the British are coming.
02:31 Wake up."
02:32 And those men,
02:33 as they heard the cry of Paul Revere rose up,
02:36 and put their clothes on, and took their rifles,
02:39 and went out to defend the colonies,
02:41 they were called Minutemen,
02:44 and they stood for something,
02:46 and the cry went out across the whole area,
02:48 "Wake up, the British are coming."
02:52 In the Bible, it speaks of another cry,
02:57 a cry that is given to you and to me at midnight.
03:02 I want you to listen
03:04 to what the Word of God says about it,
03:05 it's found in Mark 13 Chapter
03:08 starting with verse 35 and it says,
03:10 "Watch therefore, for you do not know
03:13 when the master of the house is coming."
03:16 He said, "Listen, watch you don't know
03:20 when the master of the house is coming".
03:23 In the evening, at midnight, at the crowing of the rooster,
03:28 or in the morning.
03:29 You don't know when it's going to take place.
03:32 "Lest, coming suddenly, he find you..."
03:35 What?
03:37 "Find you sleeping."
03:38 He said, "Watch out.
03:40 Be prepared, the Master is coming back.
03:43 You don't know when it's going to be,
03:45 but He's going to come
03:46 so listen to the words of Christ Himself,"
03:48 he says.
03:50 "And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!"
03:55 Said I'm saying that to everyone, "Watch.
03:58 Be prepared."
04:00 Now, folks, this cry, that's given
04:02 where the Lord's saying,
04:03 "You don't know when this is going to happen,
04:05 you don't know
04:07 when the Master of the house is coming back,
04:08 be prepared, watch."
04:10 He is speaking to Christians, that is the call
04:15 that is being given to Christians, "Awake!
04:18 Watch!"
04:20 To those that have accepted Jesus Christ,
04:23 he's saying, "Wake up, watch!
04:25 'Cause you don't know when I'm coming back."
04:28 Oh you say, "Oh, Brother Cox,
04:31 I'm so weary of watching.
04:35 I've been watching so long, I'm tired of watching."
04:40 Remind me of the old minister I was talking to.
04:44 He said, "Oh, when I gave my heart
04:46 to the Lord Jesus Christ,
04:47 I thought I wouldn't be able to go to school.
04:50 I thought the Lord would come
04:51 before I could go away to school."
04:54 Then he said," I went away to school
04:55 and I thought
04:57 I'll never make it through school."
04:59 And he said,
05:00 "I went all the way through school."
05:01 And then he said, "When I got out of school."
05:03 I said, "Well, I won't have long
05:05 in the ministry."
05:07 And he said, "Now,
05:08 I've spent all these years in the ministry,
05:09 and I've retired, I'm so tired,
05:12 I'm so weary of watching and waiting."
05:17 The Lord said, "Be careful.
05:19 Watch out!
05:21 Don't become indifferent.
05:24 Don't say, "Well, I'm tired.
05:27 I'm just gonna go on and forget about that.
05:30 I'm going to go about life,
05:32 it's time that I do something else."
05:35 They've said that for years.
05:37 I run onto people all the time that tell me that.
05:40 They tell, "Brother Cox, we have heard this for years.
05:44 I had just become indifferent about it."
05:48 And then I run onto some people who say,
05:51 "I've been so disappointed.
05:54 So disappointed.
05:57 I didn't believe
05:58 we would ever make it into a new millennium.
06:01 Well, I thought the Lord would have come long
06:04 before now.
06:06 So disappointed that He hasn't come back.
06:10 I don't know that the Lord is going to come back."
06:14 The scripture has some special counsel to you
06:17 and to me about that.
06:19 This is what it says, 2 Peter 3:3,
06:23 "Knowing this first: that scoffers will come..."
06:27 When?
06:28 "In the last days."
06:30 He said, now know,
06:32 that scoffers are going to come in the last days.
06:35 Okay, that's the time in which you and I are living,
06:39 we'll find that out tonight.
06:41 It's going to come in the last days.
06:42 What are they scoffing about?
06:45 "And saying,
06:47 'Where is the promise of His coming?' "
06:50 They're scoffing about that, they're saying,
06:52 "Where's the promise of His coming?
06:55 Why doesn't He come back
06:58 for all things continue as they were?
07:03 Where is the promise of His coming,
07:05 for since the Father's fell asleep
07:07 all things continue as they were
07:09 from the beginning of creation.' "
07:11 Oh, he said, "So disappointed."
07:15 Dear friend, let me tell you something,
07:18 hang on,
07:19 the promises of God's Word are sure,
07:23 they do not fail, never do they fail.
07:28 The promises that He gives when He says He will come back,
07:30 indeed He will come back.
07:33 Don't go through life
07:34 and become careless about your relationship
07:38 with the Jesus Christ.
07:40 Don't become careless about your belief
07:43 and what you're holding on to.
07:46 I run to people who say, "Oh, Brother Cox,
07:48 we don't know when the Lord's coming?"
07:50 Well, it could be a thousand years from now.
07:54 We don't have any idea
07:56 when the Lord's going to come back.
07:59 Well, I want you to listen to a scripture.
08:02 This is what it tells us in 1 Thessalonians.
08:05 It speaks of Jesus' coming as some people say
08:09 as a thief in the night.
08:11 Listen,
08:13 "But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren,
08:16 you have no need that I should write to you."
08:19 Paul saying, "Now concerning the times and seasons
08:22 I really shouldn't have to write to you," okay?
08:27 "For you yourselves know perfectly
08:29 that the day of the Lord
08:30 so comes as a thief in the night."
08:35 People say, "We'll see right there."
08:36 It says that Jesus is going to come back
08:38 as a thief in the night.
08:42 Let me tell you something tonight.
08:45 If Jesus comes back as a thief in the night to you,
08:50 you're lost.
08:55 If Jesus comes back as a thief in the night to you,
09:00 you're lost.
09:02 Let's go on.
09:05 "For when they say, 'Peace and safety!'
09:07 then sudden destruction comes upon them,
09:11 as labor pains upon a pregnant woman,
09:13 they shall not escape.' "
09:15 Now, listen very carefully,
09:18 "But you, brethren..."
09:20 See, this call is to Christians.
09:23 This call is to people
09:24 that have accepted Jesus Christ.
09:26 This calls to people who believe the Word of God,
09:29 "you brethren,"
09:30 that's talking about people that have accepted Christ,
09:33 "but you brethren are not in darkness,
09:37 you're not in darkness so that this day
09:40 should overtake you as a thief."
09:42 He said, "No, you're not in darkness
09:44 that that day should come upon you as a thief.
09:46 You are all sons of the light
09:50 and sons of the day we're not of night.
09:53 We are not of night nor of darkness, "
09:56 said your sons of light
09:58 that day is not to come upon you unaware.
10:02 "Therefore, let us not sleep as others do,
10:04 but let us watch and be sober."
10:08 No, don't become careless.
10:12 The promises of God are sure.
10:15 He's coming back
10:16 just exactly like He said He would come back.
10:20 Jesus Himself gave a parable,
10:25 a parable that deals with this midnight cry,
10:29 and He speaks of some very definite things
10:31 concerning Christians today.
10:34 This is what He says,
10:36 talks about ten virgins.
10:40 Listen,
10:42 "Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins
10:47 who took their lamps went out to meet the..."
10:51 Okay, so these ten virgins,
10:53 they've gone out to meet the bridegroom.
10:58 "Now five of them were wise,
11:01 and five were foolish."
11:04 Okay.
11:07 "Those who were foolish, took their lamps
11:10 and took no oil with them."
11:12 Those were the foolish ones, okay?
11:16 "But the wise took all in their vessels
11:20 with their lamps."
11:21 So we have two groups here, they're all virgins,
11:24 they've all gone out to meet the bridegroom,
11:27 one took oil with them,
11:29 the other didn't take any oil with them.
11:32 Now while the bridegroom was delayed,
11:35 they all slumbered and slept.
11:40 All of them, church members,
11:42 they all slumbered and slept.
11:46 I'm afraid we've been doing a little bit of that.
11:50 Slumbering and sleeping, okay?
11:52 But the cry is given.
11:56 "And at midnight,
11:59 at midnight a cry was heard."
12:02 That means right down into end, midnight,
12:05 there means the darkest hour of this earth's history,
12:09 the cry is given,
12:10 "Behold, the bridegroom comes,"
12:15 heard, "Behold, the bridegroom is coming,
12:18 go out to meet him."
12:21 That was the cry that was given.
12:25 "Then all those virgins rose, trimmed their lamps."
12:29 All of them rose and trimmed their lamps.
12:32 "And the foolish said to the wise,
12:34 'Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.' "
12:38 They said,
12:39 "Give us some of your oil, our lamps are going out.
12:43 We didn't bring any oil with us."
12:48 "But the wise answered, saying,
12:49 'No, lest there should not be enough for us and you.' "
12:53 They said, "If we give you oil, we won't have enough."
12:58 "But go rather to those
12:59 who sell, and buy for yourselves.
13:04 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came,
13:08 and those who were ready
13:13 went in with him to the wedding,
13:15 and the door was shut."
13:20 While those five were out looking for oil,
13:23 the bridegroom came, and those five wise went in,
13:28 and the door was shut.
13:30 Now listen very carefully to what the scripture says here
13:34 because what I'm going to read to you now
13:36 is most important.
13:40 "Afterwards the other virgins came also saying,
13:43 'Lord, Lord, open to us!' "
13:46 They got the oil, they went back,
13:48 they knocked on the door,
13:49 they said, "Lord, open the door to us!"
13:55 "And he answered and said, 'Assuredly, I say to you,
13:58 I do not know you.
14:04 I do not know you.' "
14:07 Terrible.
14:09 Terrible.
14:10 They didn't make it in.
14:12 He said, "I don't know you.
14:14 I don't know who you are."
14:18 "Watch therefore
14:20 for you know neither day nor the hour
14:23 in which the Son of Man is coming."
14:26 God says, "Watch, you don't know
14:28 when the Son of Man is coming.
14:30 The call has come if you're not ready,
14:33 if you don't have the oil,
14:36 you're not going to be able to go in
14:37 and the door will be shut and He'll say,
14:39 "I don't know you."
14:41 Those wise virgins,
14:44 they went in, the foolish didn't.
14:47 Now there's some things
14:49 that you need to know about these virgins.
14:52 Let's look at what it tells us about these ten virgins.
14:59 One, they all accepted the truth of God's Word,
15:04 all of them.
15:06 I mean they're all church members.
15:09 They're all followers.
15:12 They're all believers.
15:13 They all accept the truth of God's Word.
15:16 All ten virgins, okay?
15:19 This call, I'm talking about right now, folks,
15:22 is to Christians,
15:23 it's the people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ.
15:26 These all ten are followers of Jesus Christ.
15:30 Secondly, all ten of them are advocates of the truth.
15:35 If you were to ask any one of them,
15:37 they would have told you, "Yes, this is what we believe.
15:40 This is what we stand for."
15:42 They all were advocates of the truth of God's Word.
15:47 Thirdly, they all are attracted to those who believe the truth.
15:52 They all, 10 of them are there.
15:54 They're church members, they're the people,
15:57 different ones that serve in the church,
15:59 they could be ones that sing in the choir,
16:02 they're attracted each other, they like to go to church,
16:08 that's these ten virgins.
16:12 Now let's take a look at the facts.
16:15 The facts are that five of them
16:20 were wise,
16:22 they had oil and they went in.
16:26 Five were foolish,
16:29 they didn't take any oil with them.
16:31 You see, "Without the Spirit of God,
16:35 a knowledge of His truth is of no avail."
16:41 Oh, I know lots of people
16:44 who read the Word of God
16:46 and it doesn't do them any good.
16:50 You see without the Spirit of God,
16:54 a knowledge of the Word of God won't do you any good.
16:59 I know people that believe,
17:02 but they don't have any of the oil.
17:05 You see the oil represents the Holy Spirit,
17:08 and unless the Holy Spirit is there to touch your heart
17:12 and to work on your heart, it won't do you any good.
17:16 And those five foolish virgins,
17:19 they didn't take any oil with them,
17:21 they were lacking the Spirit of God.
17:24 So what happened?
17:27 Here's the terrible facts.
17:31 The five foolish, the door was shut
17:34 and He said to them what?
17:37 "I do not know you. I don't know you."
17:40 You see 50% of them didn't make it.
17:46 Fifty percent of them
17:49 didn't make it into the kingdom of God.
17:52 Is it possible?
17:53 Is it possible to know all this and be lost
17:57 to miss eternal life?
18:00 Is it possible that a person could accept the truths of God?
18:04 Could be an advocate of the truth?
18:06 Could enjoy going to church and miss heaven?
18:10 Is that possible?
18:15 Well, there's several places in scripture
18:18 that gives us a good idea.
18:21 Listen to what it says here in Matthew 7:22,
18:27 "Many will say to Me in that day,
18:30 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name,
18:35 cast out demons in Your name,
18:37 and done many wonders in Your name?' "
18:40 Now these are people that have cast out demons.
18:44 They have prophesied in the name of the Lord.
18:48 There are certainly people that would advocate the truth,
18:51 would they not?
18:53 And listen to what He says to them,
18:57 "And then I will declare to them..."
19:00 What?
19:02 "I never knew you.' "
19:03 Same thing that he told those five foolish virgins,
19:07 "I don't know you."
19:12 Here these people had prophesied in His name,
19:14 cast out demons, and He says, "Sorry, I don't know you.
19:19 Depart from Me you who practice lawlessness.
19:23 I don't know who you are."
19:27 In fact,
19:29 Jesus told of an experience that He had.
19:33 He told of a young man,
19:35 a rich young ruler
19:39 that came to see Him.
19:42 If you remember that experience,
19:44 it goes like this.
19:47 "And behold, one came and said to Him, 'Good Master,
19:52 what good thing shall I do
19:54 that I may have eternal life?' "
19:58 Said, "Good Master, tell me what good thing I must do
20:02 to have eternal life?"
20:08 In Matthew 19, he goes on and he says,
20:10 "So He said to him, 'Why do you call Me good?
20:15 No one is good but One, that is, God."
20:18 Jesus said, "Why are you calling Me good?"
20:21 Now, what Jesus
20:22 was trying to get out of that young man
20:24 was him to acknowledge that He was the Savior.
20:28 That's why he said, "Why do you call Me good?"
20:31 But listen to this what Jesus says to him now,
20:36 "But if you want to enter into life,
20:38 keep the commandments."
20:41 He said, "Oh, if you want to enter into life,
20:44 if you want to have eternal life,
20:46 keep the commandments."
20:50 "The young man said to Him,
20:52 'All these things I have kept from my youth.
20:57 What do I still lack?' "
21:01 I mean here is a young man
21:03 that from his youth has kept the commandments of God
21:06 and by the way I can read to you
21:07 in one of the other gospels where it says that,
21:10 "When Jesus looked upon this young man,
21:12 He loved him."
21:13 So this young man is not lying.
21:16 He's telling the truth.
21:19 And he said
21:20 all this I have done from my youth,
21:22 what do I still lack?
21:27 And Jesus said to him, "If you want to be perfect,
21:31 go, sell what you have and give to the poor."
21:36 Say "If you want to be perfect,
21:39 go, sell what you have and give it to the poor,
21:43 and you will have treasure in heaven,
21:46 and come and follow Me."
21:51 Do you catch the significance there?
21:56 You catch the significance come and what?
21:59 Follow me.
22:00 You see there's a difference there
22:02 between I do not know you and follow me.
22:07 He's saying,
22:08 "If you want to get into eternal life,
22:10 sell what you have, give it to the poor,
22:12 come and follow Me, walk with Me,
22:15 come and be with me, get acquainted with Me,
22:18 spend time with Me, learn to know Me.
22:21 That's what He's saying to this young man.
22:26 So what about today?
22:29 What does the scripture say that the conditions are today?
22:33 Where do you and I stand?
22:36 As far as the scripture is concerned,
22:39 it says, "In the last days
22:43 perilous times will come."
22:47 2 Timothy Chapter 3,
22:50 "For men will be lovers of themselves.
22:56 Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,
22:59 having a form of godliness
23:04 but denying its power."
23:08 Having a form of godliness, go to church.
23:11 Yes.
23:13 But don't know anything
23:15 about the power of the Holy Spirit.
23:20 You see, having a form of godliness,
23:23 but no relationship with Jesus Christ,
23:29 this is what the call is to the church,
23:32 to those who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ,
23:35 to those that today say,
23:37 "I'm a Christian," God is saying,
23:39 "Wake up. Wake up.
23:43 Come to know Me, get acquainted with Me,
23:47 have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, "
23:49 that is the call that He is given
23:53 in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ.
23:56 That's what He's saying to you and to me, "Get ready,
23:59 I'm coming back.
24:00 Come to know Me as a personal Savior."
24:03 Jesus told
24:07 many, many parables.
24:10 Tonight, I'd like to tell you a modern-day parable
24:14 that might illustrate
24:15 what I'm trying to tell you tonight.
24:19 We'll call the parable, the night I was too busy, okay?
24:25 It was on a Saturday night.
24:28 And I had just sat down
24:31 or the man who just sat down
24:34 to watch an episode
24:37 on television.
24:40 Had sat down and he watched the first segment of it.
24:45 And when the commercial break came,
24:48 he went to the kitchen and got him a piece of cake
24:51 and a glass of milk,
24:53 and came in and watched the second episode
24:56 or the second part of it,
25:01 of Lethal Weapon.
25:03 Hey, watching the Lethal Weapon.
25:05 And then when the next commercial break came,
25:08 he decided to have another piece of cake,
25:11 went in to watch the last episode
25:14 of Lethal Weapon,
25:15 this is the most interesting part
25:18 because this is when Danny Glover
25:20 and Mel Gibson are about to capture the enemy.
25:25 And right in the very heart of that episode,
25:29 down the stairs came his little sister yelling,
25:33 "Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming."
25:36 And he said, "Be quiet.
25:39 I'm watching Lethal Weapon."
25:42 And she said, "No, Jesus is coming.
25:44 I've seen Him."
25:46 And he said, "Be quiet."
25:48 She said, "No, I need to go out and meet Him.
25:51 You need to come with me.
25:53 Jesus is coming."
25:54 And he said, "I'll go ahead and go on.
25:56 I'll be out in a minute."
26:00 Strange that Jesus would come
26:02 right at the very end of Lethal Weapon
26:06 and spoil the very hope, last part of it.
26:11 And right in the midst of that dynamic part
26:14 when everything is happening,
26:16 they decided to take a commercial break.
26:21 And he said, "Well,
26:22 while we're having a commercial break,
26:24 I'll go out and meet Jesus."
26:26 Probably can say in five minutes
26:28 everything I have to say.
26:31 And so he goes out, opens the door,
26:33 and everything's dark.
26:35 And he said, "Terrible.
26:39 Why would He come?
26:41 Why would He come
26:42 very in the last part of Lethal Weapon
26:45 and not even say hi.
26:49 He said, "Oh well, it's dark,
26:52 I'll go in, and get some root beer and popcorn,
26:55 and enjoy an evening of watching TV."
27:00 Are you understanding what I'm talking about?
27:05 You see, He said, "I don't know you.
27:10 I don't know who you are."
27:13 Concerning the coming of Jesus Christ,
27:15 it says that if you and I are going to enter into life,
27:19 this is what we must do.
27:22 "And this is eternal life, this is eternal life
27:27 that they may know you
27:29 the only true God in Jesus Christ
27:32 whom you have sent.
27:34 This is eternal life that they may know you."
27:39 If you want to enter into life, dear friends,
27:42 then you have to become acquainted with Jesus Christ.
27:46 You're not going to have eternal life if you don't.
27:49 Going to church won't get it done.
27:52 You can go to church and not know Jesus Christ.
27:56 It's even possible for you to read the Word of God
27:59 and not know Jesus Christ.
28:02 You've got to know Him.
28:03 Who is this Jesus Christ?
28:08 Who is He that I need to know.
28:12 And tonight, for this first part
28:15 I've talked to those that are Christians,
28:18 those of you who go to church.
28:20 I'd like to take a little time to talk to those of you
28:23 who may not know Jesus Christ as your Savior.
28:26 Who is He?
28:28 God up in heaven, the Father.
28:31 This is what He said about Him.
28:33 "And suddenly a voice came from heaven saying,
28:36 'This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.' "
28:42 God the Father said,
28:44 "This is my beloved Son."
28:48 That's who He is.
28:50 He is the Son of God.
28:52 There is no one else.
28:55 He is the only one that is the Son of God.
28:59 John the Baptist,
29:01 as he stood there on the banks of the Jordan River,
29:04 and Jesus come walking down the Jordan River,
29:07 John said this about Him,
29:09 and the next day John saw Jesus coming toward Him
29:12 and he said here in John 1:29, "Behold! The Lamb of God
29:17 who takes away the sins of the world!"
29:19 John said, "He is the Lamb of God."
29:23 That means, dear friends, tonight,
29:25 no matter who you are,
29:26 Jesus Christ was the sacrifice for your sins.
29:31 He died for you.
29:33 He paid the price
29:34 that you rightfully owe, He paid.
29:38 He is the Lamb of God
29:39 that takes away the sins of the world,
29:42 that's what John the Baptist said about Him.
29:45 Peter, when Peter was asked who he was?
29:50 "Simon Peter answered and said,
29:52 'You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."
29:56 They asked him, "Who is He?"
29:59 Peter said, "He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God."
30:04 Tonight, if you don't know Him,
30:10 then tonight He is the Savior, the Son of God.
30:15 When Jesus spoke about who He was,
30:19 Jesus said this, "Jesus spoke to them again,
30:23 saying,
30:25 'I am the light of the world.' "
30:29 Jesus said, "I am the light of the world.
30:32 He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness
30:36 but have the light of life."
30:39 Oh, He said, "I'm the light of the world.
30:41 That person that comes to Me
30:43 will not walk in darkness."
30:47 Now, won't walk in darkness.
30:51 In the scripture, it gives you an insight
30:56 to what Jesus Christ will do for you tonight.
31:01 What is the light?
31:03 What is the light that Jesus Christ gives?
31:07 Acts 26:18,
31:10 "To open their eyes,
31:14 in order to turn them from darkness to light,
31:16 and from the power of Satan to God,
31:19 that they may receive forgiveness of sins
31:22 and the inheritance among those
31:24 who are sanctified by faith."
31:26 So it says the first thing that Christ does
31:29 is He opens your eyes.
31:32 You see, dear friend,
31:33 you can't see if your eyes are shut.
31:38 Then I run on to a lot of people
31:40 that won't open their eyes, their eyes are shut.
31:44 And the Lord Jesus Christ wants to open your eyes tonight
31:48 so you can see.
31:50 I got on the plane, sat down, and this fellow came in
31:55 and sat down beside me, he was very talkative.
31:58 And as we were flying,
32:00 he began to tell me about a book
32:02 he had just bought at the bookstore,
32:04 told me it was a best-seller,
32:06 and how it was recommended so high,
32:09 and how anxious he was to read it.
32:11 Now the book was not very big,
32:12 just kind of a thin little book.
32:14 And the name of the book was "Who Moved My Cheese?"
32:18 That was the name of the book, "Who Moved My Cheese?"
32:20 And so as we flew, he read this little book,
32:24 and when he finished it, he began to rave,
32:27 "What a marvelous book it was," and then he looked at me,
32:30 and he said, "Would you like to read it?"
32:32 And I said, "Sure, I'd like to read it."
32:34 So he handed it to me,
32:35 and so as we flew along, I read the little book.
32:38 What the book is about
32:39 is not being afraid to move out of your comfort zone.
32:43 That's what it's about.
32:45 Not being afraid to change.
32:48 Not being afraid to look at new things
32:50 and to accept changes that take place.
32:53 That's what the little book is all about.
32:55 And I enjoyed it. It was a great little book.
32:57 When I finished reading it,
32:59 I told him how much I enjoyed the little book,
33:01 how much I appreciated him letting me read it.
33:03 Then I decided in my own mind
33:06 that I'd see how much good it had done.
33:09 So I said to him, I said, "You know,
33:11 I have a little book that I just finished reading
33:15 that really is a fabulous little book it's called,
33:17 "Almost Home," and it's on Bible prophecy,
33:21 and it kind of tells us where we are today,
33:23 and I thought you might like to read it."
33:26 And I pulled it out of my briefcase,
33:29 and he took it, and he said
33:30 what did you say it was about?
33:32 And I said, "Oh, it's about Bible Prophecy."
33:36 And he handed it back to me and said, "No, thank you."
33:39 Now you see, dear friend,
33:41 it didn't get him out of his comfort zone.
33:43 You see, if your eyes are closed, you can't see.
33:48 So Jesus Christ comes to open your eyes.
33:53 And when your eyes are open,
33:56 something marvelously begins to happen
33:58 because it says,
34:00 "In order to turn them from darkness to light,
34:05 you see, you've got to open your eyes
34:07 to know that you're in darkness."
34:11 If you keep your eyes closed all the time,
34:13 you don't know
34:15 whether there's light or there's darkness.
34:16 Your eyes are shut.
34:18 But when you open your eyes,
34:19 you can tell whether you're in darkness
34:21 or whether you're in light.
34:22 And Jesus said, "Listen, I've come to open your eyes
34:25 so that you will turn from darkness to light."
34:28 That's what Jesus Christ is going to do for you.
34:31 I can tell you tonight,
34:33 if you have never known Jesus Christ
34:36 as your personal Savior,
34:38 when you accept Him, dear friends,
34:42 how He brings in the light
34:43 and how everything looks different.
34:47 I mean, He changes things.
34:49 And things that you once loved,
34:53 all of a sudden they aren't near
34:55 as attractive to you.
34:56 And some of those things that you didn't care about,
35:00 all of a sudden you enjoy.
35:02 He changes you, makes you different
35:05 so that you enjoy the light, brings that to you,
35:09 dear friend.
35:10 It can only be experienced.
35:14 Sorry, I can tell you about it,
35:19 but you can only know about it by experience.
35:23 If you're going to set back and say, "Well, I don't know, "
35:29 you never experience it.
35:31 But when you give your heart to the Lord
35:33 and you experience it,
35:35 what a change comes over your life.
35:37 And then He said,
35:39 "To turn them from darkness to light,
35:41 and from the power of Satan to God
35:47 that they may receive the forgiveness of sins
35:49 and the inheritance among those
35:51 who are sanctified by faith in Me."
35:53 It says that He turned you from darkness to light
35:58 that you might receive what?
36:01 The forgiveness of sin.
36:05 He says, "Listen, I'll take you just like you are.
36:09 I'll accept you just like you are.
36:14 Welcome you into my family.
36:16 I'll forgive you of all your sins."
36:20 Dear friend, let me tell you tonight.
36:23 I don't care how dark your sins may be.
36:27 The Bible says that
36:28 He will forgive all manner of sin.
36:33 Listen,
36:36 1 John 1:9,
36:38 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to..."
36:41 What?
36:43 "Forgive us our sins and to cleanse us
36:45 from all unrighteousness."
36:48 What does that mean?
36:50 It says that if you and I come to Him
36:52 and we confess our sins, He is faithful
36:58 and just to forgive us of our sins, He's faithful.
37:01 That means that heaven is open for business
37:05 24 hours a day.
37:09 It means that you can come to Him any time
37:13 and if you confess your sins, He'll forgive you.
37:16 And it says that He is faithful and just, that means that
37:19 He won't treat me one way and you another way.
37:22 If He'll forgive me of my sins, He'll forgive you of your sins.
37:28 That's what it means that our sins can be forgiven.
37:33 He will do that
37:35 for you and for me.
37:39 Ephesians 1:7,
37:41 "In Him we have redemption through His blood,
37:44 the forgiveness of sins,
37:46 according to the riches of His grace."
37:50 It says that the blood of Jesus Christ
37:53 cleanses us from all sin.
37:59 The blood of Jesus Christ
38:00 cleanses us from all sin.
38:05 So tonight,
38:08 it doesn't make any difference,
38:11 how dark your past may have been,
38:15 it doesn't make any difference, dear friend,
38:17 how terrible your sins may have been,
38:21 the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin.
38:27 There is no sin that He won't cleanse.
38:32 You see, I have at home,
38:34 in my laundry room some spot remover,
38:39 some of it says, "Super spot remover."
38:43 But none of it ever seems to do a very good job.
38:48 But let me tell you, the blood of Jesus Christ
38:51 cleanses all sin.
38:55 Not any sin that it won't cleanse.
38:57 And then it says,
38:59 "The forgiveness of sins
39:01 according to the riches of His grace."
39:06 Marvelous.
39:08 The riches of His grace.
39:11 This fellow had a dream.
39:15 He dreamed he went to heaven.
39:19 When he got to heaven,
39:20 he was met by Peter at Peter's gate,
39:25 and Peter welcomed him to heaven,
39:29 and they had a nice talk,
39:30 and then Peter as they were talking
39:32 said to him said, "Well,
39:34 if you want to come on inside,
39:35 you have to have a hundred points."
39:39 And the fellow said, "Well,
39:42 how do I go about getting a hundred points?"
39:45 And Peter said, "Well, what have you done?"
39:49 Oh, he said, "I've lived a good life."
39:52 He said, "I have a family.
39:54 I've tried to be a good husband.
39:57 I've tried to be a good father.
39:58 I've tried to do good things in the community.
40:01 I've lived a good life.
40:02 I've gone to church.
40:03 I've been very supportive in the community.
40:06 I've done a lot of good things."
40:09 And Peter said, "Well, okay.
40:11 That's worth a point."
40:13 He said, "Worth what?"
40:16 He said, "Oh, that's worth the point."
40:17 He said, "You mean my whole life,
40:20 everything that I did is only worth one point?
40:24 That's all?"
40:25 And Peter said, "Don't you have anything else?"
40:30 He said, "Well, yeah, when I died,
40:34 he said I left
40:36 a large amount of money to the church."
40:39 He said, "All the things that I have saved,
40:41 I left to the church to forward the gospel
40:44 and to help the poor."
40:45 He said, "I gave all that to the church."
40:49 Peter said, "Well, yeah."
40:50 He said, "That's worth another point."
40:53 He said, "You mean all that I've done all my life,
40:58 and all the things that I saved,
41:01 and everything that I gave to the church,
41:02 that's only worth two points?"
41:07 Peter said, "That's right."
41:10 He said, "There's no way on earth
41:13 I'll get in there except by the grace of God."
41:16 Peter said, "That's worth a hundred points."
41:19 Now, dear friend, that's the way it works.
41:22 It's by the grace of God.
41:25 You see, it's not because you're worth it,
41:29 it's not because you did something
41:31 that makes you worth it,
41:33 it's not because you're intelligent,
41:36 it's not because you are good looking,
41:39 it's not because of what you've done,
41:41 it's because of Jesus Christ,
41:45 because of Him that He died for you,
41:48 and by His grace
41:51 He takes His blood
41:53 and He cleanses you from all sin.
41:55 That is because of what
41:57 Jesus Christ did for you and for me
42:00 and, dear friend, that is why it is so absolutely vital
42:04 that you know Him.
42:07 And see, if you don't know Him,
42:08 He can't do anything for you.
42:11 You can go to church, but, dear friends,
42:13 if you don't know Him,
42:15 if you don't have a relationship with Him,
42:18 when that time comes, He'll have to say, "Sorry,
42:22 I don't know you. I don't know."
42:26 Very important to open the eyes of the blind
42:32 to turn them from darkness to light,
42:36 from the power of Satan to God,
42:40 "That they may receive the forgiveness of sins
42:42 and inheritance among those
42:43 who are sanctified by faith in Me."
42:47 Sanctified by what?
42:51 Sanctified means change in your life.
42:54 That means what the Lord Jesus Christ does for you.
42:57 How are we sanctified?
43:00 By faith. Get it clear, folks.
43:03 You're sanctified by faith.
43:05 1 John 5:4.
43:08 "For whatever is born of God overcomes the world.
43:12 And this is the victory that overcomes the world,
43:15 our faith."
43:18 Ever read the story of Abraham of old?
43:22 Came out one evening, looked up in the sky,
43:26 and God said,
43:27 "Abraham, you ought to tidy the place up here
43:30 because there couldn't be a baby born."
43:33 Abraham said, "Good Lord, who's going to have a baby,
43:36 Lot's wife or one of the servants?"
43:39 God said, "No, Abraham,
43:40 your wife Sarah is going to have a baby."
43:43 In fact, Abraham, I'm going to give you a son,
43:46 and your offspring will be like the stars of the heaven,
43:49 and like the sands of the sea.
43:50 And Abraham said, "Oh, Lord, that's wonderful, wonderful,
43:55 that You're going to give us a baby.
43:56 I've always wanted a son."
43:58 And he went running home and he said,
44:00 "Sarah, Sarah, guess what?
44:02 We're going to have a baby."
44:04 She said, "We are?"
44:07 She said, "Abraham, you've forgotten something.
44:10 You've forgotten
44:13 that I am 65 years old.
44:18 You're 75 years old.
44:21 I'm past the time of life to have a child.
44:23 I can't have a child."
44:27 And Abraham said,
44:28 "Sarah, I wasn't hearing things."
44:32 And, you know, every time
44:35 they got around that's all Abraham could talk about
44:38 was having another baby, having a baby, having a baby.
44:42 So Sarah got tired of talking about it.
44:45 Year after year passed, no baby.
44:48 And finally, Sarah said,
44:51 "Abraham, why don't you take my handmaiden Hagar
44:53 and have a son by her."
44:55 And so Abraham took Hagar, and had a son by her.
44:57 And God said,
44:59 "Abraham, I didn't say a word about Hagar.
45:02 I said Sarah was going to have a son."
45:06 Now,
45:09 25 years passed, folks.
45:13 Twenty five years passed
45:16 and here Christ comes talking to Abraham,
45:21 told him he's going to have a son
45:24 and it says, "Abraham's now 100 years old.
45:27 Sarah, she's 90."
45:30 And when He said,
45:31 "Abraham, you're going to have a son."
45:32 Abraham just fell on the ground and started laughing
45:36 said, "You've waited too long."
45:38 Sarah, she was listening at it in the tent
45:40 and she started laughing.
45:42 You'd laugh too, if some sister here
45:45 stood up 90 years old and told us she was pregnant.
45:48 You'd all say, "Oh, she's senile."
45:50 That's what you do.
45:53 But, folks, have you ever considered
45:55 how embarrassing that was, huh?
45:58 Because Abraham and Sarah, they traveled,
46:02 they were kind of nomads.
46:05 And when God told him, He's going to give him son,
46:07 He changed their names,
46:08 He changed Abram's name to Abraham,
46:10 from Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah.
46:13 Do you know what those names meant?
46:16 Abraham means father of nations,
46:20 Sarah means mother of nations.
46:23 And so here they come walking up to this village
46:25 and as they did back in here,
46:27 then all the elders are setting out
46:29 in the front of the village, and they say,
46:31 "Welcome to our village." And Abraham said, "Thank you."
46:33 And they said, "What's your name?"
46:35 He said, "Oh, my name is father of nations."
46:38 They said, "Your wife?"
46:40 "Oh, this is my wife, mother of nations."
46:41 "Well, how many children do you have?"
46:43 "We don't have any."
46:45 Terrible.
46:48 "Why?
46:49 Why would God wait 25 years?"
46:57 So waiting so that Abraham would get so old
47:01 that he couldn't reproduce,
47:05 said Abraham since you wouldn't listen,
47:08 "I'll just wait you out and when you're so old
47:10 you can't reproduce, then I'll give you a son."
47:13 Listen, that's what it says in Romans.
47:15 Romans Chapter 4.
47:16 "Not being weak in faith,
47:18 he did not consider his own body,
47:20 already..."
47:22 What?
47:23 "Dead."
47:25 That meant he couldn't reproduce.
47:26 Since he was about a 100 years old
47:28 and the deadness of Sarah's womb.
47:32 "He did not waver at the promise of God
47:34 through unbelief,
47:35 but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God.
47:39 And being fully convinced of what He had promised
47:41 He was also able to perform."
47:43 Listen, folks, "Therefore, it was accounted to him for..."
47:47 What?
47:48 "Righteousness."
47:50 By faith Abraham hung on that was counted to him
47:53 as righteousness.
47:55 It is our faith that overcomes the world.
47:59 Hang on, Jesus Christ
48:03 will do wonderful things for you.
48:06 How can I find direction from our life?
48:10 Let me tell you quickly,
48:11 how you can find direction for your life?
48:15 You see, there's some people that make decisions,
48:20 they think they're the right decisions,
48:24 but they're the wrong ones and they lead to death.
48:30 Proverbs 14:12, "There is a way that seems right to a man,
48:35 but its end is the way of death."
48:38 You see, I can't trust my own ability.
48:44 I can't do that, dear friend.
48:45 And if tonight,
48:47 you're trusting your own ability,
48:48 you're on dangerous ground.
48:52 Proverbs 3:5,
48:54 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
48:58 and lean not to your own understanding."
49:03 Don't put your trust in your ability,
49:05 put your trust in the Word of God,
49:08 don't lean on your own ability.
49:10 "In all your ways acknowledge Him,
49:13 and He will direct your paths."
49:17 So if you want to know what's the right way,
49:20 then, dear friend, get out that Bible, read it,
49:23 commit your life to the Lord Jesus Christ,
49:26 and read it
49:27 to have a personal relationship with Him,
49:30 read it to understand and listen to His voice
49:33 as He speaks to you,
49:34 it will change your life and make you different.
49:38 Jesus Christ is saying
49:40 that He is the way.
49:44 "Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.
49:48 No one comes to the Father except through Me."
49:53 If you want eternal life, Jesus Christ is the way.
49:58 Now, where are we
50:02 in the stream of time?
50:05 Where do we stand?
50:07 It says, "That the cry is given at midnight."
50:11 That's what it says.
50:14 "And at midnight a cry was heard:
50:16 'Behold, the bridegroom is coming,
50:19 go out to meet him!' "
50:22 The Bible gives you two indicators of helping
50:25 you know where you are in the stream of time.
50:28 Those two indicators are these.
50:31 One, it's the prophetic timeline.
50:36 That's what prophecy is for.
50:38 Prophecy is given to help you and I know
50:41 where we are in the stream of time.
50:43 That's why God gives prophecy.
50:46 The other is signs of Christ's return.
50:50 For instance, in Matthew the 24th chapter,
50:53 Jesus Christ Himself gave 17 signs of His coming.
50:59 Of those 17 signs, 16 have been fulfilled.
51:04 Can I trust these two indicators
51:09 to tell me where I am in the stream of time?
51:11 Listen, this is what the Bible tells you.
51:14 2 Peter 1:19, "We have the..."
51:17 What?
51:18 "We have the prophetic word confirmed,
51:21 which you do well to heed
51:22 as a light that shines in a dark place,
51:26 until the day dawns
51:27 and the morning star rises in your heart."
51:30 So he said, "If anything is sure,
51:32 it's the prophetic word."
51:35 You can trust it.
51:37 So starting tomorrow night,
51:39 we're going to begin to take the prophecies,
51:41 and take them step by step,
51:43 and we'll bring them right on down to the time
51:46 in which you and I are living.
51:49 Concerning the signs,
51:52 Jesus said, "So you also when you see all these things,
51:55 you see all these things, all these signs,
51:58 know that it is near at the door."
52:03 So those are indicators that help you and I know
52:06 where we are today.
52:07 What is the danger today?
52:10 What's the danger for you and for me, today?
52:14 This is the danger.
52:18 "But take heed to yourselves,
52:20 lest your heart be weighed down with carousing,
52:23 and drunkenness, and the cares of this life,
52:28 that that day come upon you unexpectedly."
52:32 That's the danger.
52:34 The danger that we have today
52:36 is that the coming of Jesus Christ
52:38 will come upon you unexpectedly.
52:42 Being so involved with the things of this life,
52:45 so concerned with making a living,
52:48 so concerned with taking care of the things of this life
52:51 that I miss eternal life.
52:56 Jesus made a comparison to it
53:00 and He said, "But as the days of Noah were,
53:04 so also will the coming of the Son of Man be."
53:07 He said in essence, like the days of Noah.
53:10 So will the days of the Son of Man be?
53:13 Let's see what the days of Noah were like?
53:17 "For as the days before the flood,
53:18 they were eating and drinking,
53:20 marrying and giving in marriage."
53:22 That meant they were going on about life as usual,
53:25 they were eating drinking,
53:26 marrying and giving in marriage.
53:28 Not really very concerned about really what was taking place,
53:32 "until the day that Noah entered the ark."
53:36 Okay.
53:38 So they were just going on about life as usual.
53:40 Now listen, I want you to listen very carefully
53:43 to the next words.
53:47 "And did not know..."
53:51 Terrible words.
53:53 "And did not know until the flood came
53:55 and took them all away.
53:57 So also will the coming of the Son of Man be."
54:01 Didn't know till the flood came,
54:06 took them all away.
54:08 So will the coming of the Son of Man be?
54:15 Sometimes in our schedule,
54:21 it's regular hectic,
54:23 sometimes we have to go for months,
54:27 even years without vacations.
54:30 And for the last couple years it's been that way,
54:33 just constantly from one meeting to another.
54:37 And here about a year ago now,
54:41 we received an invitation
54:42 to speak at a convention in Sacramento.
54:46 And so since we hadn't had a break,
54:49 Gordon and Donna Klein that work with me.
54:52 And I decided that we would catch a plane
54:55 and fly up to Seattle.
54:58 And there in Seattle, we would take the clipper ship
55:02 from Seattle over to Victoria,
55:05 and we would spend a couple days
55:07 just sightseeing and relaxing in Victoria,
55:10 go out to the Butchart Gardens,
55:12 and just enjoy the scenery and relax a little bit,
55:17 and then we would come back,
55:19 take the clipper back to Seattle,
55:22 spend the night there,
55:23 spend the day in Seattle sightseeing,
55:27 and then catch the Amtrak train that night,
55:31 get us a berth and sleep overnight,
55:35 and get up and be in Sacramento the next morning,
55:38 that was our plan.
55:40 So we did, we flew up to Seattle,
55:42 caught the clipper, went to Victoria,
55:44 enjoyed two wonderful days in Victoria
55:47 just looking at the scenery and enjoying the area.
55:50 I caught the clipper back to Seattle and spent the night.
55:53 The next morning I got up, we weren't rushed.
55:57 I had a very leisure breakfast, enjoyed it very much.
56:02 And then went up to the room
56:04 and spent some time just reading and praying
56:07 with no schedule or anything,
56:10 just enjoying, spending time with the Lord.
56:13 And then when I had finished my devotions,
56:16 I said to Gordon and Donna,
56:18 I said, "Well, let's go
56:20 look at some things here in Seattle."
56:22 But I said, "You know,
56:23 I don't want
56:25 to lug this suitcase around all day."
56:28 And I had this big suitcase.
56:30 And I said,
56:31 "I just don't want to lug it around all that day."
56:33 You reckon I could call Amtrak
56:35 and see if they'd let me check it in early.
56:38 So I called up Amtrak and I told them I said,
56:40 "I have a train to catch with you this evening
56:44 and I'm here in Seattle,
56:46 I don't want to lug this all day.
56:49 I'm wondering if you'd let me check it in early?"
56:51 They said, "Sure Mr. Cox, you can check it in early."
56:54 They said, "What's the number of your train?"
56:56 And I said the number of the train
56:58 I'm catching is this number and it leaves tonight at 9:45.
57:02 And there was silence on the other end.
57:05 And the man spoke up and said,
57:06 "Mr. Cox,
57:08 your train leaves at 9:45 this morning."
57:12 That was 9:40, folks.
57:16 Only by the grace of God, did we make that train.
57:21 But I hope you're getting my point,
57:23 did not know,
57:26 did not know
57:28 until all of a sudden there it was.
57:31 So the scripture says,
57:33 "Will the coming of the Son of Man be?"
57:36 Tonight, I want to ask you,
57:40 "Are you ready for Jesus to come?
57:43 Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ?"
57:46 Can you look into His face and say,
57:49 "This is my God."


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